God of War glitch FAQ
v. 4.7 completed 2. 9. 2014

Compiled by AKheon, found out by countless people.
See the end of file for more information.

0. Contents:

0. Contents
1. Introduction & version history
2. Abbrevations & glossary
3. General gameplay glitches
      A. Jumping Tricks
         - including high & long jumps, etc.
      B. Regen Magic
      C. Water glitches
         - including swimming glitch
      D. Angled surface glitches
      E. Misc. glitches
      F. Eye/Feather glitches
      G. Menu glitches
      H. Move / Weapon / Magic info & glitches
        1. Blades of Chaos
        2. Blade of Artemis
        3. Poseidon's Rage
        4. Medusa's Gaze
        5. Zeus' Fury
        6. Army of Hades
      I. Enemy glitches
         - including infinite red orbs
4. Glitch playthrough (level-specific glitches)
5. Misc. info and some listings
6. Credits, legal information, contact info, etc.

1. Introduction + version history

Q: Why write a glitch FAQ?

A: Because this game has loads of glitches and other interesting stuff of which
to tell about.

In speedrunning terms, God of War could be said to be "broken". You can skip
entire levels in it and accomplish other unusual feats like skip getting all
other magics and weapons than the trusty Blades of Chaos you start with. While
the speed trophy for this game wants you to complete it under 5 hours, it's
possible to complete it in under 1 hour... if you know what to do.

Even beside that, God of War is mechanically a bit... quirky and there are
many glitches in it. Some are random and a plain annoyance while some are
useful for exploits. Doesn't hurt to know about them in the process.

About the content...

I'm purposefully loose in what data is allowed in and what is not, simply
because the definition of a "glitch" is not a clear-cut one. So, rather than
just programming errors, this guide pretty much lists and discusses anything
interesting, random, rare or "unintended by the game developers"-grade
phenomena inside the game. Also some small stuff that most people never notice
during a normal playthrough. So hopefully you'll find something to enjoy here.

Version history:

v. 4.7 (2. 9. 2014)
- small updates around the file.
  File size: 243kb.

v. 4.6 (14. 6. 2014)
- some more useful updates around the file.
  File size: 235kb.

v. 4.5 (7. 6. 2014)
- another big update!
- wrote a new intro.
- abridged the version history.
- revised a lot of text.
- added time tags to video links.
- fixed broken video links.
- added an easter egg or two.
  File size: 223kb.

v. 4.1 (24. 9. 2013)

- some small updates around the file. Credits to Wulf2k9 for most of it.
  File size: 208kb.

v. 4.0 (30. 1. 2012)

- a major re-write, at last! Should read a lot better now, and a lot of faulty
  info was corrected.
- added plenty of new skips
- added some video links
       File size: 206kb.

v. 3.7 (25. 9. 2010)

- added stuff (reader suggestions)
- fixed some layout and spelling errors
       File size: 162kb.

v. 3.6 (28. 11. 2009)

- finished listing save points
- added upgrading glitches
- corrected text here and there
- hopefully this thing won't have to be updated for a while now.
       File size: 161kb.


v. 1.0. (23. 3. 2008)

- Listed the general gameplay glitches
- First version
        File size: 29kb.

What to do for the next versions:

- Some videos could be upgraded
- Finish the listings
- Add very detailed info on game mechanics (again courtesy of GMG)

2. Abbreviations & glossary

Abbreviations: (the most common ones)

GoW = God of War
GoWII = God of War II

BoC = Blades of Chaos
BoA = Blade of Artemis
PR = Poseidon's Rage
MG = Medusa's Gaze
RotG = Rage of the Gods
...and so on for the most important gear or attacks.

HP = Hit point

GMG = GodModeGOD
§ = 'note to self', something to be tested or modified later.

FMV = full-motion video. Means those pre-rendered cutscenes around the game.

RTA = Real-Time Attack. A term for a speed run which is timed in real time,
  in comparison to timing a run from in-game time.

c: = credits to


I-frames (a.k.a. invulnerability or invincibility frames, etc.) =
  A short period of time during some moves when Kratos is invincible. Attacks
  pass through him and he won't get any damage either. In this game Poseidon's
  Rage or the basic roll are two examples of a move that have i-frames to them.

Launch =
  An attack with which you launch enemies in air. For example, BoC's Ascension.

Lift-up =
  Lifting Kratos up in air during a launch.

Bounce =
  Some attacks make the enemy bounce a bit after a successful hit. For example,
  the last hit of Apollo's Offensive.

Knockback =
  Some attacks throw the enemy backwards. Can be done in air too.

Downed =
  An enemy which has fallen on its back/on the ground.

Tricking =
  A little more esoteric term that in this FAQ refers to manipulating enemy
  behaviour by either using scenery (for example hanging on ledges) or switching
  weapons repeatedly. Enemies seem to lose their will to fight when you do this.

Cancelling =
  Cancelling a move strategically with another move. For example, cancelling
  BoA's slow finishers by blocking or rolling gives you an advantage in combat.

False grab =
  Hitting an enemy with a grab when it won't work. Kratos will fumble backwards
  if you do this. Normally it's useless, but sometimes it can be used to
  manipulate enemy behavious (e.g. Gorgons).

Minigame-grabbable =
  Some enemies can only be grabbed when they have 'O' (a circle) above their
  head, so this is the term for such an enemy.

Grab select =
  After a grab the player can decide what happens next, e.g. after grabbing most
  legionnaire types.

Sweet spot =
  A place in the game area to which your enemies are blind or impaired to. Used
  to gain advantage in combat.

Out of bounds =
  Anywhere outside the intended game area.

Plume/Valor/Spirit/Might =
  Names for the finishers for Kratos' basic combos. Read the full names of
  attacks (to know which term refers to which) from the game's menu.

Fastest known speed records of God of War 1?

Vipeazone Style from China recently made a segmented Easy-mode, Tycoonius-run
with the final time of 49 minutes 58 seconds. The full run isn't viewable
anywhere, as far as I know, but there is a narrated compilation of all the used
skips and speed strategies here:


The playing seems very high quality. The absolute newest skips are missing, but
they are not a big time loss.

No one has ran single segment or RTA in God of War thus far... has they?

3. General gameplay glitches

A. Jumping tricks

There are ways to jump far longer or higher than the game intends you to.
A step-by-step "tutorial" to the subject matter.

Fact 1: Kratos can jump a max of 2 times in a row.
Fact 2: Any attack or move that causes Kratos to leave ground constitutes as a

- "High Jump"

So, you're going to have to make the best out of two jumps. The first move in
a high jump should generally be an ascension (or, "lift-up"), an attack which
enables Kratos to rise high up in air, since it gives you the highest height
gain possible with only one "jump".

After having ascended you still have your second jump to use, but you first must
do a normal attack, L1-attack or a grab while in air. You keep falling down
during this time, reducing your potential for height... A semi-high jump is
possible, but we can do much better.

Example: a lift-up, air square attack, jump.

Fact 3: Poseidon's Rage resets Kratos' falling momentum.

- "PR High Jump" (c: satvara)

Doing Poseidon's Rage right after the lift-up allows Kratos to lose less height
during the follow-up attacks. This gives you important extra height needed for
a classic high jump.

Example: a lift-up, PR, air square attack, jump.

This is a handy jump that's quick to perform and allows you to grab on to ledges
at the end of it. For some reason the world of God of War is ripe with invisible
ledges, so that's a bonus...

After getting Lv. 3 Blades, air Cyclone of Chaos can be used instead of air
square attack for getting a slightly higher jump.

Fact 4: Air momentum is important. You get extra momentum to an air attack if
        you do it as soon as possible after a jump.

This is used in both long jumping and the Apollo's high jump. Speaking of which:

- "Apollo's High Jump" (AHJ) (c: AKheon)

Example: a lift-up, PR, air square attack, jump, *instantly* L1 + X

If you do it correctly, you see Kratos flail himself way up during Apollo's
Offensive. This is enough to pass over many obstacles in this game, and it's
especially useful in areas where there are no ledges Kratos can grab on to.
Rarely Kratos can also pass through ceilings using AO, so there's little not
to like in this move.

Video demonstration:
1, kevbew63's vid

Fact 5: Most Blades of Chaos' moves have a low withstanding to the game's
        gravity, unlike *drum roll* the Blade of Artemis.

With BoA you can keep on rising indefinitely by doing its normal air attacks
with PRs in between. Good for as long as you have magic at your disposal.

- "Blade of Artemis High Jump" (BoA high jump)

Example: a BoA lift-up, square, square, circle, PR, square, square, circle...

You move both forward and upward at a pretty fast pace during the jump, making
BoA the best tool for the longest and highest of jumps.

But there are a few drawbacks to BoA high jumping as well. One is that you can't
jump after BoA air attacks, making your high jumps less flexible to control.
BoA also doesn't have any snazzy jump finishers like Hermes Stomp or Apollo's
Offensive... But there is a remedy to this.

There's a thing called the BoC + BoA fuse glitch, and doing it in air you can
mix things up further. First, with BoA equipped, do a Gorgon Blast (needs Lv. 2
Medusa's Gaze) or Zeus' Fury bolt in air, then enter blocking stance. Follow it
up by doing a L1-attack. If the glitch works, you see Kratos doing BoC moves
despite BoA being equipped, and now you have more flexibility in finishing your
BoA high jump.

For a longer jump, PR Lv. 1 is recommended. It doesn't cost as much magic as the
higher level PRs. Not to mention with higher level PRs there is a glitch where
the PR animation randomly cuts short when wielding BoA - and if you're relying
on regen magic, that can't happen during a jump.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid of various BoA jumping skips around the game:
2, AKheon's vid of a fuse BoA jump:

Fact 6: Your air momentum worsens every second as you're in air. It's a race
        against clock to stay in air!

- "BoA Flash Jump" (c: AKheon)

There's an alternative approach to BoA high jumping that prefers to use a
shorter version of the BoA air combo to make better use of your air momentum.
Also, Gorgon Flash should be used in this jump variation instead of PR because
Flash resolves faster while still being aerodynamically very friendly.

If you need at any point, you can reset your air momentum by using PR instead
of a Flash. Also, using the fuse glitch you can get good air momentum by using
double jump in the middle of your air combo. It's a varied, very powerful jump,
and it's only drawback is that it's costly - magic-intensive, and you also need
to upgrade Medusa's Gaze for it to work optimally.

This is also a way to do a good high jump without having to rely on PR,
especially combined with "lenient air momentum" (read more below).

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

- Carried over air attack momentum: (a.k.a. "Lenient Air Momentum", LAM)
  (c: AKheon)

If an air attacks cancels out by touching ground or water, a certain slowdown
from the attack carries on to normal movement time, causing Kratos to move and
jump as if slightly suspended. This is especially noticeable after longer
(L1+something) attacks or magics. While normally a nuisance since it happens by
accident and slows Kratos down, it can also be used for better high jumps.

You see, during the suspended time, you have a more lenient air momentum and
rise higher doing jumping attacks. Getting higher in a jump is always a good
thing (if you hadn't learnt that already from the above chapters). Unfortunately
lenient air momentum disappears if you do ascension, reducing the true potential
of this technique if you only have Blades of Chaos available.

The best Blades-only high jump application with LAM is this: do Falling Helios
twice. Kratos rises nearly as high as with a normal ascension, and you can use
your 2nd jump instantly afterwards. So this is another variation that allows you
to do high jump that isn't reliant on PR... although rather pricy since you need
Lvl. 4 Blades to do it.

After you get Blade of Artemis, it's a different story altogether. You get a
massive height boost to BoA's attacks and greatly increase the usefulness and
speed of BoA high jumps with lenient air momentum. Starting lenient air momentum
with BoA works a bit differently, though. Either use "fuse glitch" (more about
it in the section about BoA) or interrupt air AoH by landing on ground.

- "Air Grab high jump"

Finally, here's a small extra high jump that is done by first lifting up both
you and a certain type of enemy in air. To be precise, the enemy has to be a
mini-game grabbable legionnaire with a circle just appearing over its heads, a
gorgon or a centaur. Then, after doing a succesful air grab to them, you can
follow up with a jump. This may not be higher than a normal high jump, but at
least it needs no magic.

- "Long Jump"

For a long jump, i.e. a jump that aims to have as much horizontal reach as
possible, your options are more limited.

- First and foremost hint is to jump from grabbing a ledge, if possible. This
  gives you full speed and a good air momentum from the start of the jump.
- As mentioned, do attacks as quick as possible after jumps to get more
  momentum. A necessity for the longest of jumps.
- Lenient Air Momentum can also be used for long jumps.
- Apollo's Offensive is surprisingly good for moving long ways in air.
- Hermes Stomp is a decent finisher for a long jump in some cases.
- If you need more height, high and long jump techniques can be combined, but
  using a normal ascension is not recommended because you have an awful forward
  momentum afterwards.

The classic long jump can reach surprisingly far, but it's not easy to do.
(discoverer: Satvara)

Example: ledge jump, *instantly* square, (optional square), jump, *instantly*
         square, (optional square)...

The BoA high jumps also work for getting you forward in air, but they eat a
lot of magic. Fortunately there's regen magic in this game... but more about
that later.

Another way to go forward in air - although magic-costly, is to repeatedly do
AO and PR in air. You'll run out of magic eventually even with regen magic, but
while doing this motion you keep moving in air while descending only slightly.
You can keep doing Lv. 2 PR for a longer time before running out of magic since
it has a longer animation and it allows magic to regen back easier during the
jump. However, you also lose more height per casting when using PR lv. 2.
So it's a double-edged sword...

- "Rage of the Gods jump" or "Enemy attack momentum jump" (c: tyrhhjy)

A nifty way for flying long horizontal distances is to get hit by enemy attacks
while airborne and Rage active. Kratos gets a huge speed boost to his jump
without becoming knocked down, and as a result flies away a long distance.
Could come in handy in some specific circumstance.

This doesn't work with all attacks of all enemies. For example, you can't do
this glitch with Legionnaires.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

- "Infinite Jump"

What about a bona fide infinite jump? Does this game have one? The answer is...

Yes! But only using Dairy Bastard, because you need magic to keep the jump
going, and you will eventually run out without infinite magic.

There exist a few air moves in the game that help Kratos rise up in air when you
do them. Simply do those and reset your air momentum in between with PR. That's
your very basic infinite jump.

For example: Falling Helios, PR, Falling Helios, PR...

This infinite jump is slow and ineffective though. You're recommended to use BoA
for a serious attempt at infinite jumping instead.

For example: air square-square-circle combo, PR, air square-square-circle combo

Swimming in air is also a decent alternative to infinite jumping techniques...
but there's more about that somewhere below.

That's pretty much all about jumps in this game so far. You may've noticed that
most of them guzzle magic like there's no tomorrow. But there's a fix for that:

B. Regen magic (c: Satvara)

After you've defeated Medusa and the Medusa's Gaze-tutorial begins, Kratos gains
regen magic: now his magic slowly regenerates over time all the time.

During normal completion Kratos would lose regen magic immediately after he
has shattered enough minotaurs... but the room you're in is not escape proof,
and by leaving there early you get to keep regen magic until the end of the game
instead. A must-have for a speedrun.

For escaping the room you need either Lv. 2 Blades (for AO high jump) or PR.
By doing high jump in front of the doorway of the room you'll hit an invisible
ledge that you can stand on. Do another high jump from there, and you'll get on
top of the room. There isn't much floor there, but just do a double jump ahead
to avoid falling out of bounds... and you're set.

Be thankful that we no longer have to do regen magic the old way. It involved
doing a high jump to get back on the higher ground where you entered the room
from. Then, you had to jump over the wall and inch your way to the next area
while half out of bounds... that was very precise and not very fun stuff. You
can see the original version below as well, if you're curious.

Video demonstrations:
1, easy regen magic by KewBew63:
2, satvara's original video about regen magic:

C. Water glitches:

"THE swimming glitch"

In God of War, you can take swimming with you wherever you want by touching
water surface and going out of bounds. Or the other way around. At some places
it's easier to do, at other places almost impossible. But the results are always
impressive, being able to plow through the skies as if it was water, exploring
the levels the way you never could before.

But what would an otherwise game breaking glitch be without crippling
disadvantages? A lot better, some would say. Here are the reasons why this
glitch can leave one disappointed:

Reason 1. You typically need Poseidon's Trident to make use of this glitch. The
reason you need it is because you can't dive beneath water surface without it,
and there really isn't much to do if you're stuck on water surface level. Not
to mention that water surface itself is treacherous, sending Kratos screaming
into the skies if you do the mistake of swimming off its edge. Yes, Kratos
rises up uncontrollably and infinitely... this should be avoided, if possible.

There is water in almost all levels in the game, but the nasty requirement of
Trident prevents you from starting swimming glitch before Challenge of Poseidon.
For the most part anyway.

(But... and this is a nice "but"... there's an alternative way you can use to
escape water surface, and that is to get pushed below the water surface by
collision. It's not possible anywhere except the most opportune places, like a
certain spot at Port of Athens, but now it's possible to do large skips using
swimming glitch in early parts of the game too. Good!)

Reason 2. Even aside the requirement of the Trident, there are only a select
amount of places in the game where you can start the swimming glitch. First of
all, not all that looks like water is actually water surface in this game. Some
is just graphical effect that does not do anything for you. Secondly, once
you've found a decent body of water, it's often not easy (or even possible) to
touch it while out of bounds. For example, the circular pool at Challenge of
Hades can't be used to start air swimming because the collision around the water
surface keeps pushing you in-bounds when you come closer.

Reason 3. You can't operate switches or open gates or push anything. This will
prevent your progress at some points in the game, most egregiously at the end
of the game: if you're still swimming when you reach Pandora's Box, you'll get
stuck. Otherwise some new cool sequence breaks would've been possible.

Reason 4. You can't stop swimming when you want. You're restricted to finding
another water surface to touch or you'll have to swim eternally. What torment!

Well, if you get stonefrozen while swimming and fall on top of a staircase, you
lose swimming and may survive. That's the only other known way to stop swimming
in this game, so your options are few.

Reason 5. The camera angles are hideous. At some points you have no way to see
where you are going. If you enter Select-menu, the game will update the camera
but that doesn't always help, or if you're too far out of bounds, work.

Reason 6. You are completely powerless. You can't block or attack. Grabbing
enemies causes a fine cloud of blood to appear, but nothing else happens. Not
being able to kill anything also prevents your progress in some parts of the

Reason 7. Cutting too much corners makes you skip loading triggers, getting you
even more stuck.

Random notes:
- You can open up chests and kick open doors while swimming.
- Unlike in God of War II or III, Kratos' swimming always looks normal in this
  game. Strange poses do not become stuck on him, nor does his animation turn
  idle when the game is loading new areas.
- The state of air swimmingness will stay on if you save, which means that you
  can get completely stuck in the game if you're careless with this.

For an interesting piece of history, and some useful data on the glitch too,
there's a separate Swimming Glitch FAQ I wrote that is readable here:


Video demonstrations:
1, swimming at Challenge of Hades:
2, swimming at Challenge of Atlas:
3, how swimming glitch is used in a speedrun, at Port of Athens:

"The opposite of swimming glitch"

Predictably, much like how you can swim above where there's no water, you can
run where there's supposedly no air. You just have to avoid touching the water's
surface when descending down to an area where you'd normally swim. You can do
this f.e. passing through a wall.

The uses for this are pretty limited. The underwater passages were not
designed for normal type of movement, and you quickly encounter many problems
when trying to move there normally. The floors are unstable and Kratos can
actually get stuck to the floor. Most of the swimming areas require Kratos to
move long distances upwards, which is impossible without regen or infinite magic
and a lot of time. Thirdly, you can't operate underwater switches as landlubber
Kratos - either the prompts aren't there or you lose control of Kratos after
having used the switch. Either way, it's a no-go.

"Glitched jump out of water - A.K.A. "Uber jump" or "XXL jump"."

Normally the game will not let you cancel a dash jump out of water into anything
else. However, if Kratos enters water in a specific way it becomes possible,
allowing you to do bigger jumps than normally possible (c: GMG).

- If Kratos enters water doing a normal jump into a dive, he can't do any sort
of high jumps out of the water afterwards.
- If he enters any other way (apart from running/walking) he is able to cancel
to a normal jump (but without double jump, reducing potential jump height).
- If he runs/walks into water, he can do the highest of all jumps: "Uber jump"
or "XXL jump", etc.

The glitched effect is only seen if you do Icarus Lift right as you leave
the water. This kind of jump effectively also works as a 'dash', breaking walls
or stonefrozen enemies if you happen to hit them.

For another type of glitched jump, look lower for a section on Rush glitches.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's video
2, usage in a speedrun: (courtesy of Satvara)

"Strange things of dying in water"

If you die and then drop down into water, Kratos' stance is an idle, strange
one, as if someone stuck a huge stick up his ass. You can also have Kratos
completely freeze up in a stance, such as "jumping out of the water" but
with him not actually leaving the water. You can even achieve the "riding on
a BoC-sled"-effect from GoWII with Cyclone of Chaos!

Some of the horizontal momentum Kratos had before hitting the water will keep
moving his corpse. It seemed to me that the momentum shown no signs of
slowing down, unlike when he's alive. Very high speeds can be achieved with
this, it's just a shame it's useless. It seems to vary a lot by the attack you
die by and what position Kratos was in.

"Underwater rush glitches and glitched momentum jumps"

There's a tactic to speed swimming movement in this game using rushes and grabs
in a correct way. Firstly, you can interrupt an underwater rush with a grab,
making Kratos halt momentarily (for the grab's duration), but then he will
continue the dash at full speed, and a little longer than usual, even. You can
do this several times in a row during the dash, but the effect becomes weaker
the longer the dash progresses.

You can also cancel out of the rush charging animation by doing a grab. During
the grab Kratos continues charging like normal, and if you let go of R1 during
it, the rush activates instantly after the grab ends. So, the fastest rushing
motion involves always cancelling a rush with a grab... you get full speed and
it looks like Kratos barely charges dashes at all.

Doing this movement with upwards or downwards dash completely glitches things
up - this behaviour was first noted by GMG. The interrupted boost momentum will
start exponentially increasing, at first making Kratos do extremely long dashes
(during which you can barely control him) with exaggerated, hyperactive hand
motions. Continuing doing it, eventually Kratos' animation goes completely
motionless while the dash continues. This is a good sign that you should be
careful now, because doing this glitch any more will first cause a huge slowdown
to the game - you should end the glitch now by touching either water surface or
ground - and maybe even crash it eventually.

Things become interesting if you charge up this "glitch momentum" for about
5 charges (the limit before the game starts slowing down) and then find a water
surface against which to do a last rush + grab. Kratos uses the accumulated
momentum in the ensuing jump, making him fly at great speeds... at worst letting
him fly through walls while at it. Even at small charge amounts the jump will
look quite impressive, so try it out if you want.

Random notes about the glitched momentum jumps:
- touching angled surface can throw Kratos upwards during the jump.
- touching normal ground during the jump will cancel the momentum in some cases.
- doing ground actions like opening chests cancels the glitch momentum.
- glitch momentum also won't carry over a checkpoint retry.

Video demonstration:
1, most of the glitches from above:

"Passing through water surface"

You can pass through water surface using Lenient Air Momentum. Do LAM at some
place where there's a low ceiling above and water underneath. Then do Apollo's
Offensive... instead of stopping at water surface, Kratos falls straight through

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

"Other minor water glitches & tricks (some written text courtesy of GMG)"

- If you grab enemies while swimming, they will bleed heavily but receive no
damage. This is only possible during swimming out of bounds.

- Lure? - When skimming water, beasts don't generally attack unless they can
see through tricking. But when slightly underwater, they keep attacking often
enough as if you are on the ground. (you need to be near)

- Splash - upward grabs at the surface cause a landing splash.

- Crushing - When using Rush you can crush breakable walls/objects. When you
leap out of the water using a Ascending Dash, the dive retains the properties
of the rush itself so it can break walls/objects OUTSIDE the water.

- Slope flicker - on a slope between standing and skimming Kratos will alternate
between swimming and standing. Whipping out Zf/Medusa will change the effect
slightly as will blocking. It is also altered by having Artemis out instead.

- Slope Rush - Rush into a slope for a brief run.

- Fast skim - rush then ascend to the surface.

- Still one small discovery to add to the pile: if you start grabbing a ledge
while ascending to the surface, Kratos will grab the ledge, but whenever
directing away from it, he will turn 180 degrees and hang on nothing. Just a
graphical glitch.

- As a passing mention: blood effects are the same underwater as they are on
the ground. Looks cheap.

Video demonstration:
1, about half of the mentioned tricks in this video:

D. Angled surface glitches:

By angled (or "crooked") surface, I mean a special type of collision surface
which makes Kratos slide down when he's on it. It doesn't count as normal floor,
as touching it doesn't reset your jump counter, and it also reacts in different
ways if you block or attempt to roll while touching it.


When on a crooked surface, if you try to block, roll, enter a magic stance
or do a grab, Kratos will not fall down as helplessly as usual, but instead
will either remain where he is or move to some direction, depending on your
momentum. Effects also vary depending on how angled the crooked surface is.

This glitch can be abused to move over areas with a lot of crooked surface.
If you got a lot of momentum, Kratos' speed is also irrationally high and the
movement looks completely strange. Gain momentum by doing a well-timed Hermes
Stomp or a grab (or other attacks).

Like mentioned, Kratos' jump counter will not reset when he lands, for example,
limiting somewhat what you can do. You also can't move in other ways than what
I just listed.

Video demonstrations:
1, an outdated strategy, but still, it's gliding at it's finest:

"Poseidon jump" (c: AKheon)

When on a crooked surface, if you do PR, you may encounter this glitch. Kratos
will do the PR as he always does. Afterwards he enters a short, unique animation
where he sort of lands on the ground but immune to the effects of the crooked
surface below his feet. During this time the jump counter resets (as the game
thinks you're back on the ground again) and you can jump two times more before
again exhausting yourself. If you try to run in any direction before jumping,
you will cancel out of this state, so be careful.

As foreshadowed, this unique animation does not always follow PR. Sometimes PR
just cancels out and nothing interesting happens. Remain vigilant and cast PR
again before you are dropped off the crooked surface. Sometimes the PR will
not cancel out, but nothing interesting still happens. Be prepared with lots
of magic for this one.

Being able to jump in the middle of a crooked surface increases your
capabilities by a fair amount. If only there were more long stretches
of crooked surface in this game...

Video demonstration:
1, a recent new sequence break by satvara that uses this trick:

"Stance flicker"

If you're right at the edge of a crooked surface and blocking, rolling, in
a magic stance or doing Hermes Stomp, Kratos will not fall down but will
stay on the surface edge and try to do whatever the button press denotes,
but failing each time because the game thinks he's constantly starting to
fall down. The action starts anew and it gets canceled again. Kratos flickers
strangely and makes noises.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (glitches & observations II):

E. Misc glitches

"Music glitch"

This glitch is not possible with every copy of GoW. I'm not sure if it depends
on different regions or versions or what. It might be even rarer than that.

Basically, the Rings of Pandora background music will stick whenever you visit
that place. It will not end when it should but instead plays alongside with
the other musics of the area where you move in. This causes your PS2 additional
strain and everything loads much slower. The glitch sometimes fixes itself, but
usually if you want to get rid of it you have to restart your entire console.

The only useful thing this is for is doing a couple of skips: you are able to
get past some obstacles before they load and show up. Well, that's something,
at least.

For more information, you can read a full-fledged Music glitch FAQ here:

Video demonstration:
1, basic overview of the music glitch by AKheon:
2, one of the skips possible with this trick:

"A few words about skipping loading triggers"

The game loads its areas mostly in realtime. When Kratos steps to a certain
trigger in the level, the next area begins to load. By skipping one of these
triggers you will not be able to proceed (in most cases), but instead are
confronted with emptiness where the next section should begin. You can skip
these either accidentally or, if you know about them, purposefully.

At least in one spot of the game skipping a loading trigger saves a
considerable amount of time, and it is at the Gates of Athens, where you can
enter the gate without loading its innards, enabling you to skip all the
obstacles you would otherwise have to clear. But all this can cause problems
to new gamers who accidentally skip some crucial trigger somewhere (though
unlikely). If something like this happens to you, now you know why.

Video demonstration:
1, an old Gates of Athens skip:

"Black-out time exploit" (c: AKheon)

You know when the game is loading, but you can already start moving although the
screen is still black? Let's call this time "black-out time". You most often see
it when loading a game from the main menu, but you can artificially create it
by upgrading Blades and then retrying. So what makes it so interesting?

During black-out time, Kratos can pass through any triggers in the game world
without them activating! It's a cheap way to get past some fights without them
starting, for example, if there's a checkpoint right before where the fight is.
Just upgrade Blades, retry, then quickly roll past the trigger before gameplay
starts as normal. It's as if the fight never existed.

The biggest increase in black-out time comes from upgrading Lv. 1 Blades to
lv. 2 Blades, likely because you get Rage of the Gods and the game has to
load some extra data pertaining to it. None of the other upgrades give you any
black-out time, which is too bad.

Another way to create black-out time is to become checkpointed in air. If you
now retry the checkpoint, the screen stays black until Kratos' feet hit the
ground. You can cast PR to stay in air for an even longer time, thus extending
the black-out time, but this has its limits, and the maximum time for the air
black-out time seems to be around 1.3 secs. Still, this version of black-out
time seems fairly difficult to utilize well since you have to stay in air and
Kratos isn't that mobile in air in this game.

Air black-out time can overlap with upgrade black-out time to a degree. But
still, your best chances for actually using this trick for good is by sticking
with load game black-out time or upgrading black-out time.

Here's a list of what gives you black-out time and how much. Note that these
times can vary for unknown reasons.

Loading a save from main menu =           roughly 2 secs.
Upgrading Lv. 1 Blades to Lv. 2 Blades =         1.2 secs.
Any other Blades upgrade =                      0.9 secs.
Checkpointed in air =                       varies a lot.

The bad part is that the power of this trick is directly tied to the locations
of checkpoints and save points in the game. In some instances you can manipulate
where checkpoints appear, giving some leeway, but save points are pretty much
fixed and you just have to accept it... at least until a glitch is found where
you can save wherever you want. That would be quite convenient!

To elaborate, it's possible to move many common checkpoints around the levels
by being in air while hitting them. This way you delay them activating until
Kratos hits ground again. With long jump techniques, you can move checkpoints
closer to triggers that can be skipped with black-out time...

Other notes:

- Aside cutscene and other event triggers, you can also go past death collision
and some map transitions during black-out time.

- If you retry a checkpoint from far away to your last checkpointed location,
the game is forced to load longer than usual when retrying... but it isn't
black-out time and you can't move during it.

- Apparently there are some differences between game versions where checkpoints
are moved around or save points disabled at certain places... this means that
different game versions have unique skips with black-out time.

- At least on PS3, the Music glitch doesn't help with the black-out time length.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid of skipping the first Cerberus fight using this trick:
2, AKheon's vid of glitching at Pandora's Guardian using this trick:

"Petrification glitches"

- If Kratos becomes petrified while swimming glitch is on, he will become
crushed upon landing on the ground, even if he is as close to ground level as
possible. However, if there are stairs or other angled surface below him, he may
survive occasionally.

- If Kratos is stonefrozen and falls out of bounds, he will never die from the
death zone below. However, break free from the stoneform, and then you'll die
like normal again.

- Enemies still target Kratos if he was stonefrozen and shattered by a Gorgon,
and you can hear him grunt if he is hit.

- Kratos can still examine prompts after being shattered.

- Arrows don't always crush petrified Kratos.

- An extremely rare glitch concerning retrying with petrified Kratos can leave
him in a slow-moving state (according to GMG about 30 times slower) after having
retried. Getting petrified and breaking out was the only way to fix it.

- As Kratos becomes petrified, enemies take a momentary break from attacking.
This is the same in GoWII too.

- Depending on the enemy and the area, sometimes freezing enemies en masse can
cause enemies to unexist. One of the best spots for this is the Pandora's Temple
lobby battle with the wraiths.

- If Kratos becomes petrified on top of a ladder or some other special surface,
he will become petrified in such a way he can never break out! Would this work
on your enemies as well?

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid of the two topmost entries:
2, Wulf2k9's vid of enemies unexisting as they're petrified:
3, brandedartist's vid of Kratos stonefrozen on top of a ladder:

"Death glitch"

Sometimes Kratos can continue living even after his death - he moves in the
background as the screen slowly turns red and the game over screen appears like
normal. This glitch can be unstably reproduced, but as of now no use has been
found for it.

Wulf2k9's new info revealed that the death glitch happens - at least sometimes -
as a result of Kratos having less than 1 but more than 0 health after getting
damaged. You see, having health drop below 1 means that you get the death
screen. But you only get Kratos' death animation at 0 health. Therefore, having
health between 0 and 1 makes you retain movement although you get a game over

Random facts:
- During the time you get to control Kratos, the game considers him having very
  little health left, and the slightest of damages will cause him to re-die.
- You can do this in water too.
- Saving while dead will yield you an alive Kratos with very little health left.
  Apparently checkpoints save Kratos' health as a whole number, rounding up,
  which means that you'll be back to 1 health after retry.
- Untested: dying and activating an FMV.
- Untested: dying and activating a checkpoint (not possible?).

It's also possible to cheat death by gaining a Gorgon Eye upgrade at the same
time Kratos buys the farm. This way he physically dies, emitting the death grunt
and landing on his back, but the death screen itself becomes skipped. So you
can continue playing as dead, or at least "paralyzed" Kratos. Too bad you're
now stuck since you lack control of him, and there is no known way to get his
back on his feet.

Video demonstration:
1, a collection of a few death glitches (by AKheon):
2, cheating death with a Gorgon Eye upgrade (by AKheon):

"Checkpoint glitches & observations"

When retrying from a checkpoint, all the game conditions do not revert back
to what they used to be. The game simplifies things and cuts some corners,
enabling some slightly interesting stuff to happen. Morsels of data follow:

- Some visual effects (like blood) or sounds are still around after retrying.

- Enemies' vertical locations are reverted back.

- Enemies' current animations and poses aren't reverted back exactly. This can
  cause small graphical glitches for enemies wielding weapons or trying to
  counterattack (especially if you had checkpointed them in air).

- Game remembers if enemies are petrified, and how long their petrification
  timer is. There are small issues with this, though. Sometimes enemies may
  lose their petrification on a retry before gaining it back on another retry.

- Game remembers if enemies are dying, but not at what point their death
  animation is. This allows you to do an infinite orb glitch...

- Kratos' vertical height is stored in the memory, so you can actually save
  in air. Saving in air makes the screen remain black a little longer than
  normal when loading, and during this time Kratos falls down, so you almost
  never actually see him respawn in air. Also, doing high jumps after having
  saved in air won't work - in fact, you have no jumps remaining at all if you
  respawn in air.

- Kratos' hitbox is his old one maybe one frame after retry? This can cause him
  to slide away from walls if you had saved next to one if you were doing
  certain moves like Hermes Stomp while retrying. Or, well, it's hard to
  pinpoint exactly what mechanism is at work here...

- Game does remember if Kratos was swimming or not.

- Game always reverts Kratos back to wielding Blades.

- Game remembers if time is stopped (as in during cutscenes).

- It is possible for Kratos to become checkpointed in a situation from which he
can't escape without death, e.g. when falling into a chasm. This can happen in
GoWII too.

- You can become checkpointed while standing on poles or hanging on ladders.

- You can save a little outside a save point by doing a roll or a Hermes Rush
and pressing R2 at the last moment before exiting the save point range.

- Athena's Rage of the Gods-dialogue clip when you upgrade Blades to Lv. 2
continues playing if you retry from checkpoint. You can overlap it who knows
how many times by upgrading, then quickly retrying, then upgrading again...
also, it's interesting how the sound actually continues playing in the main
friggin' menu if you choose to quit game during it.

- You can buffer the press of X-button over a checkpoint retry. Probably not
useful in any way, but just to get it out there.

- For some reason the game sometimes takes a really long time loading the last
checkpoint if you had created the checkpoint while interrupting a swimrush
charge with a grab.

- If you choose to save extremely quickly after retrying from a checkpoint, the
save screen may end up completely black. You can hear the selector move if you
press directional keys, but whether it should be on 'yes' or 'no', the game
chooses 'yes'. Then things return to normal.

- And just to note: whenever you retry, the game clock reverts back too. Good
for speedrunning if you're going by in-game time.

"Game freezes"

They're everywhere in this game. I've seen it happen at loading screens, boss
fights, before cutscenes, before loading a game, etc. and the reasons are
unknown. Your likelihood of encountering one may increase if your game has
scratches in it.

"Disc tray glitch" (c: AKheon)

Originally discovered while playing God of War 2. It was found to be in this
game too, though in a less use-able form. Also, this has only been tried on PS2.

The glitch is basically that gameplay continues beneath the disc tray complaint
message instead of being paused. In God of War II it has the questionable use
of stopping in-game timer entirely, if you care for such a thing, albeit at
the price of losing visibility and being able to access menus at all.

In GoW 1 the glitch isn't as easy to start. The only place I've noted it works
is Aegean Sea, at the very start of the game. Sometimes opening disc tray after
having retried from the first checkpoint the glitch starts and you can continue
playing with the disc tray message blocking your screen.

However, Tyrhhjy suggested that in GoW 1 the in-game timer does not actually
stop during the glitch, which of course would render it useless for its already
dubious purpose.

Tyrhhjy also suggested that this glitch can be done right before FMVs.
(however, unverified) §

"Loud sounds"

One thing that's bothered me for a long time in this game is that some of the
audio clips (like comments made by Gods as you gain new powers) are always at
full volume even if you had changed audio volume from the Options-menu.
Guess it can't be helped...

F. Eye/Feather glitches

"Lag created by second phase of upgrade animation"

Strange things can happen in the menus if you use them during the time you see
Kratos' health/magic bar grow larger. This is because the process of upgrade
will not stop during the time you are in the menus. It creates something I tend
to call 'lag', though it is not exactly lag. Here is a list of symptoms...

--- In the start menu:

+ the most obvious effect: as the background process ends, you can't switch
  pages in the menu with L1 and R1 any longer (until you leave menu, etc.)

+ you can continue funneling orbs even in the window that is shown right after
  having upgraded something. This can cause "fake upgrades" (a completely empty
  upgrade window is shown as the background process ends). Pressing up or down,
  you can also upgrade something else while the previous one's improvements list
  is still showing. It has no other effects than the wrong magic flashes
  afterwards. You can even make it seem like you upgraded a locked magic.

--- In the select menu:

+ as the background effect ends, cursor placement is frozen in any sub-menu. If
  you were in the main menu,  no effect is shown. Basically, this "frozen"
  effect means that all of a sudden the game put the cursor back in the main
  menu, while the graphics still show the sub-menu. You can press up/down and
  hear cursor movement - you can't see its position since the wrong window is
  active. Pressing X will cause the prompt from main menu to begin, wherever
  the cursor was and no matter in what menu you were. If you end up in the same
  sub-menu you left from, small graphical glitches occur. Otherwise, the menu
  changes like expected (but it looks weird).

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

"Infinite Eye/Feather animation"

During the screen which informs you you have collected enough Gorgon Eyes/
Phoenix Feathers to upgrade, if you press start or select so that you enter
the menu RIGHT as the little Eye/Feather-animation starts to roll, it will
remain looping infinitely. So watch out for this.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations I):

"Eye/Feather message + save prompt glitch"

Not an Eye/Feather message glitch, but related and caused by it.

In at least one place of the game, it's possible to delay save menu with a
correctly timed E/F message. The save menu also carries over checkpoint retry,
which is odd: after retry you get to a graphic-less version of the menu, and
you also might not be able to choose 'yes' or 'no', getting stuck in the menu
for an eternity. (I think it depends on whether you had activated the save menu
on your game session before doing this.) If you save and retry, nothing too
interesting happens: the chest you just opened is now closed and in effect you
never got the GE/PF.

The save prompt can carry on to New Game, or so I've gathered, but unfortunately
it will always crash the game (right before first gameplay starts). I've tried
to carry it over to Character Graveyard and CotG, but to no avail.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

"Doing other stuff as you get an Eye/Feather upgrade"

You have little time after opening an upgrade chest before the actual upgrading
window sets in. Could it be possible to do something interesting during that
time? Well, the answer is...

The most interesting outcome is probably dying right before a health upgrade
comes up. This causes Kratos to survive having lost all his health, but he
remains dead and totally immobile on the ground. Enemies aren't interested
in him any longer, and you just get stuck doing this.

It's possible to drop down a chasm. Kratos can't die as long as the upgrading
window is open. So you can fall much deeper into chasms than normal, and...
that's pretty much what you can do with it.

If you pick up a foe with grab select while the upgrade window appears, Kratos
is prevented from doing anything with the grab and it automatically fails.

If you activate a new checkpoint while time is frozen (like always while the
Eye/Feather upgrade is taking place), upon retry Kratos is frozen and nothing
can help him. You have to quit the game to continue.

So, what happens if you don't have any magic and then get a magic upgrade?
It's possible to collect some Phoenix Feathers and upgrade your magic without
even having a magic bar. What happens? Well, the upgrading starts... and then
you get a magic bar, but not the upgrade. Oh well.

Video demonstration:
1, dying before a health or magic upgrade by AKheon:
2, getting a magic upgrade before you have a magic bar by vipeazone style:

G. Menu glitches

"Various menu glitches"

If you press Start or Select the instant the "You Are Dead"-screen appears,
the other button of those two is disabled after retry. The glitch fixes itself
after you've visited Start- or Select-menus once successfully. It seems this can
also happen if you press Start or Select the instant an FMV begins.

In the start menu, if you press 'up' and simultaneously press L1 or R1, the
following screens will have some entrancing graphical glitches. If you go to
the screen where Gorgon Eyes and such is listed, the icons are out of place
until you move the cursor. In the case of magic and weapon menu, every icon
is empty until you leave the screen or upgrade something. Every magic and
weapon is also listed as Lv. 1, even if they weren't. Also, the game may
target some other magic than the one right at the bottom.

This glitch goes slightly further than this. First of all, by pressing both
R1, L1 and up/down in the 'items' menu, you can get the items change
descriptions even more quickly and obviously. Second of all, if you happen
to upgrade a weapon/magic, then access the weapons/magic screen in the glitch
mode, you will see a glitch item that is 1 orb away from being upgraded, and
which you can never activate.

If you move the cursor in a certain way (too fast, while selecting something,
e.g. I'm not sure of the exact mechanism) the texts in the menus may overlap.
This is really quite rare, and completely useless to boot.

Here's a rather new find: you know those 'yes'/'no' prompts every now and then,
like when the game asks if you want to pick something up? If you visit menu
when such a prompt is visible, you expand your list of choices from 2 to 5!
Too bad that these new choices seem to be but glitched versions of 'no', with
game time staying freezed afterwards (retry is the only true option.)

Hey, it looks like we can do a PS3-exclusive graphical menu glitch now! Choose
to load from last checkpoint and instantly go to the PS3-menu. The game is
forced into the select-menu as usual, but this time it is completely black
until you press some button.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid of the start-menu glitches:
2, AKheon's vid of the 'yes'/'no' prompt glitch:

"Tutorial message and prompt glitches"

There are different kind of tutorial messages in the game. Some freeze game
time while some are more subtle, allowing Kratos to move while they are visible
on the screen. Let's call the latter ones "fluid" tutorial messages, shall we?

When you have a fluid tutorial message on your screen, you are able to buffer
some other prompts to happen multiple times. For example, starting to examine
the cabin door at Aegean Sea when the climbing combat tutorial is shown. You
can buffer up to four cabin door messages to show in a row by spamming R2 near
the door. However, it seems that not all prompts can be buffered repeatedly -
for example, talking to Athena statue doesn't seem to become buffered multiple
times. It would be cool to see if you could buffer multiple item pick-up
prompts using this trick, but it remains to be seen if it is even possible to
try out anywhere in the game... fluid tutorial messages are pretty scarce.

Going into a cutscene while a fluid tutorial message is already showing causes
nothing interesting to happen. The tutorial message just stays there until its
timer runs out and disappears and the cutscene works like normal.

When you first upgrade the Blades to Lvl. 2, you get a tutorial message about
using Rage of the Gods. You can queue this message with other in-game messages
or even cutscenes if you upgrade your Blades at some inconvenient time. I think
you can get even 4 messages queued in a row doing this... it's not very useful,

It's possible to get the "You Are Dead"-screen the next frame after having
upgraded and exited the menu. In this case the tutorial message is cancelled.

You are sometimes able to examine a prompt (like a locked door) and then move
to a cutscene while the prompt is still active. This is especially easy using
swimming glitch, since swim dash moves you a very long distance during the time
the examination message is showing and time is "stopped". This can cause an
unique glitch effect if you happen to activate a checkpoint while the message
is showing, since the game will remember that time is stopped over a checkpoint.
After retry, Kratos is immobile, and the message is gone... you have no way to
regain control, and must quit and reload.

The prompts of Architect's trap designs are unique in their two-part nature.
First there's the image close-up for a few seconds after which you get the
actual message. If you dash into the cutscene at the door during the close-up
part, the timed message is saved by the checkpoint... each time you retry, you
get the message to show in the middle of the door cutscene. Closing the message
now makes the door cutscene itself cancel out much earlier than it should. Wish
you could do this at other cutscenes during the game, would create some nice

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid of the above

H. Move / Weapon / Magic info and glitches

"General moves"

- The hit counter is suspended during rolls. So for creating the longest combos,
you gain advantage by rolling until you can get another hit in.

- Rolls have a small period of i-frames to them, allowing you to roll through
enemy attacks without Kratos getting hurt at all.

- Blocking in air causes Kratos to fall down quicker. This trick can be used for
interesting juggling combos, such as this one with BoC (at least lvl. 2):

L1+X, (block in air until ground), L1+X. (gratz GMG)

- Sometimes pressing X after air attacks can make Kratos fall down very quickly
instead of doing a jump.

- If you attack or block during a jump, Kratos will land with a heavy stomp,
unlike normal. This slows you down a little. However, there's about 1 frame
before the stomp when you can cancel it by doing something else, like another
jump. Might be useful to know for a TAS.

- Using any magic or throws which enable you to target things, you can see
currently spawning enemies as targets way before they can actually be damaged
in any way.

"Something extra about lenient air momentum"

The L1+something moves work a little strangely during lenient air momentum. At
the end of them, Kratos can do a glitchy extra jump for some reason, amounting
to a total of three jumps (record for any God of War). It's not very useful
since this extra jump doesn't have much momentum, but pretty cool to note.

It can also be noted that lenient air momentum carries over to ladders,
shimmying on ledges and ropes, looking slightly odd. You can also do a
strange airwalking by spamming Medusa's Gaze off a ledge when Kratos has some
lenient air momentum in store.

Another thing, Kratos can pass through any rising floor while LAM is in effect.
Too bad there isn't that much of rising floor in the game... mainly a few
elevators and such.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid ("triple jump and other oddities")
2, AKheon's vid of passing through rising floor with LAM:

"Climbing wall glitches"

- While Kratos is climbing a wall, he can insta-kill enemies that are nearby on
the ground by grabbing them. Pretty unfair.

- If ground enemies get hit by an enemy that Kratos is grabbing while on the
wall, they suffer quite an immense knockback, a sight to behold.

- If the collisions around the climbing zone are even slightly unstable (and
they usually are), Kratos can jump towards them and for a moment cast magic.
You know it becomes possible when the magic icon at the upper left corner
flashes to active, even if only momentarily. The timing is pretty precise, but
you can easily try it over and over again until you finally get it. Be warned
that Kratos may fall off the climbing wall after casting the magic.

"Rope glitches"

If you flail for momentum while on a swinging rope moving towards an obstacle
(easy place to try this out: at the barricades before Athens Town Square),
Kratos will stop moving but the momentum nonetheless gathers as if no obstacle
was there. It doesn't look good.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations I):

There's a way to cast magic on ropes and gain advantage in long rope sections!
Note that this strategy is not risk-free, but it's fun to use for speeding
things up.

Here's how to do it: let go of the rope and cast magic, for example Gorgon
Flash works wonders... then do Apollo's Offensive as quickly as possible.
Kratos will hopefully get high enough from AO that he grabs the rope again,
allowing you to continue on your way without falling down.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Read about a strange way to get Kratos stuck with ropes from the Hermes Stomp-
section below.

Due to cramped spaces or other reasons, grabs enemies do on Kratos on rope can
glitch up strangely. There's more about this in the general enemy glitches.

"Rage of the Gods"

You can abuse enemy attack momentum to do long jumps if you have RotG on. First,
get hit by an attack that has lots of vertical strength (while in air), then
jump again before hitting ground. Thanks to Tyrhhjy for this.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

- During Rage of the Gods, if you try to cancel into Ascension from roll
(keeping triangle held down), the move self-cancels strangely. (gratz GMG)

- During RotG, your grab turns much faster to spam than normal. However, a grab
that follows a roll is still the same old slow grab normal Kratos does.

- During RotG, the counter Hades' Reverse can be used, but none of its

- During RotG, Kratos never does his heavy landing animation, as in after doing
an air attack for example. This increases your general maneuverability, and it
also allows you to go crazy with Hermes Stomp, being able to spam it super fast.
Hold R1 down and tap X and watch Kratos go.

- After having Lv. 2 or more MG, shooting Gorgon Blast and then holding down L2
as Kratos falls down causes a glitch. After landing Kratos should automatically
whip out MG again, but in this case he won't. He stays in the idle pose instead,
but any additional button press cause him to take out MG.

- If you upgrade Blades during RotG, the color of your weapons will revert from
blue back to the more commonly seen fiery red. This also happens if you start
RotG while the game is still in black-out mode (from having loaded a game).

"Upgrading glitches"

At its basic form: if you upgrade a magic while you're using it, it cancels out
or at the very least its effects disappear. This also happens for a short moment
if you retry after having upgraded the magic and try to cast the magic. The
effects of particular magics are listed below in the magic-specific sections.

Well, BoC and BoA have their own effects too, but only in conjunction with
checkpoint retrying. When upgrading BoC and retrying, you create "black-out 
time" which allows some exploits. There was its own section for it above. BoA
upgrading and retrying may cause BoA to disappear momentarily once the gameplay
has resumed.

Also, whenever upgrading something, don't tap X, or there's a chance you'll
crash the game.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

1. Blades of Chaos

Kratos' iconic weapon, the Blades of Chaos. You start with them.

- Upgrading them and retrying causes some extra black-out time to the loading
screen. This is actually a time-saving exploit, since you can pass through
cutscene triggers during the black-out time. There's more about this above,
in its own section.

- It takes over a minute to upgrade the Blades from Lv. 1 to Lv. 5! That's how
slow the orb funneling speed is in this game, and it's also something to
consider in a speed run going for real time.

- Plumes that get canceled before impact at a certain moment in time create the
explosion but do no damage.

- The Might of Hercules ender hit can do up to 4 hits. This makes it worthwhile
to use, even though a single hit isn't very strong. Also notice that it's
possible to do the ender without a long combo beforehand by doing a simple
square, square, SQUARE (pressing down).

Also, some comboing combinations using Might of Hercules has Kratos whipping
out Medusa's Gaze for a few frames for absolutely no reason - even if he hasn't
picked up the magic yet.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations 12):

- Orion's Harpoon, when done on enemies that are just low enough, will only hit
but not throw them.

- While you can grab enemies through wall, Orion's Harpoon can't contact through
a wall.

- Apollo's Ascension (L1+X) is a very similar move to normal ascension on the
surface, but they do have their differences. AO is faster and has a different
arc from normal ascension: while doing it, Kratos moves slowly forward in air.
But as a drawback, he also rises a little less high. The best part about AO is
that it doesn't need any space on the ground to do it, making it perfect for
doing launches from risky places like right next to chasms.

- Apollo's Offensive (air L1+X) is a very convenient move for high/long jumping
applications, as was detailed above. You can also pass through water surface
with it... or ceiling occasionally... no wonder they removed it from GoW II.

- Rising Helios (L1+triangle) is actually a ground-based move and Kratos does
not rise in air while doing it. Pretty disappointing.

- Falling Helios (L1+triangle) is one of the few moves in the game with which
you can do infinite jump with. But you probably knew that already.

- Hermes Rush (R1) is an interesting move during Kratos becomes slightly more
thin and long than usual. This allows you to shift your way into some cramped
spaces and leverage yourself out of bounds by turning slightly.

Video demonstration:
1, skipping Pandora's front yard with this (Satvara's vid):

An own section dedicated to Hermes Stomp:

Hermes Stomp (air R1) goes right through some larger enemies such as cyclops.
Sometimes you can clip through walls using Hermes Stomp as well! What a handy

"Rope + L1-move + HS = trouble"

If you pass a rope while doing a L1 + something move (e.g. Apollo's Offensive)
and at its end perform the Hermes Stomp, a glitch happens. The game thinks
Kratos is on the rope while Stomp's animation transports him away. This state
has no movement checks, so Kratos is eternally stuck in a silly position.

During this time, your enemies will register Kratos as both ground and rope
target. F.e. legionnaires will attempt to jump on a rope even if Kratos is on
the ground right next to them. However, at another location a gorgon actually
attacked Kratos who was stuck, inadvertently releasing him!

To be honest, this can happen without an L1-move too. For example, if you're
unlucky when an enemy attacks you - you fall down from the rope but get stuck.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations pt. 8):

Later I noticed that this trick works with balancing beams as well. Kratos can
turn after reaching the final pose (after HS), but nothing else. By turning at
correct times, you can hit nearby enemies! You are still, after all, in the
middle of Hermes Stomp's attack part. If you get stonefrozen like this, you
can't break out for some reason.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations pt. 13):

"Moving Pandora's Box with Hermes Stomp"

You can move the Box around before the elevator has descended using well-placed
Hermes Stomps. Why? Hard to guess. This account becomes even more bewildering
once you discover that this is not possible at the bottom of the elevator any

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations pt. 11):

2. Blade of Artemis

A secondary weapon you get at the beginning of Challenge of Atlas. A huge blade
emitting an eerie purple glow.

Unlike any other weapon in the first three games, Blade of Artemis doesn't have
a grab. Instead, it has another normal attack for circle. This can lead to
mix-ups when attacking enemies that have a mini-game circle above their heads...
there's its own section about the glitches this causes below.

You also can't block in air when wielding BoA.

While you can switch weapons from BoC and BoA with a bulky animation on ground
or in air, you can't switch back from BoA to BoC in air... except there's a
glitch that emulates this effect (the fusing glitch).

"Fusing BoA and BoC"

You can "fuse" BoA and BoC temporarily, so that both of them are visible
at the same time. This is mostly just a graphical effect, with no influence on
the damage Kratos does for example. The easiest method to achieve this effect
is to do either Zeus' Fury or Medusa Flash in the air with BoA equipped.
Right during the magic animation, press down L1 and keep it down. That's it at
its simplest. Doing L1+something specials will yield interesting sights...
Basically, Kratos does the BoC special but having BoA out, with some BoC effects
thrown on top.

Another way to do this is through a glitch grabbing attempt with BoA. You need
to have a creature with 'grab select', like a basic legionnaire. After having
grabbed the enemy, let the grab time out while holding block. After the enemy
has freed himself, Kratos is in the fuse-mode, ready to kick ass with two
weapons at once. (well, it really isn't all that special...)

This state will last only as long as you have the L1-button down, don't cast
magics or get damaged. Other than the L1 + (something) moves, you can also
do weapon switching and Hermes Stomp without losing this effect. The last one
is actually something very useful, because Hermes Stomp adds much length to
your jumps, and it is normally unavailable during a BoA long jump. You can
really mix things up during high jumps as well.

An interesting thing to note is that during this kind of fuse long jump
you may have a momentum glitch with normal jumps: the jump is at full speed,
as if Kratos was running at full speed before jumping. This is useful too.

Video demonstration:
1, a BoA and BoC fuse long jump:

- If you try to do the BoA circle attack after a forward roll, you only hear the
sound but no attack happens. This doesn't happen with side or backwards roll,
oddly enough...

- If you do an ascension that hits a low ceiling and after that fall down a
chasm, Kratos will stop in air as a part of his ascension animation for a moment
as if landing on ground. Then he resumes falling.

- The air triangle attack typically takes a long time to charge before Kratos
finally slam downs his sword, but if the move follows weapon change or any of
the magics it resolves quick instead.

- In rare circumstances doing the air triangle attack can lead to Kratos falling
through ground... Architect's Tomb entrance has one spot where it happens.

- I hear that the air triangle move of BoA deals 0 damage to enemies if it hits.

- If you're casting Lv. 2 or Lv. 3 PR in air with BoA equipped, the PR animation
randomly cuts short for no reason, reducing the damage potential of your magic
in the process.

- If you switch weapons quickly enough, the BoA flash effect is not always seen.

- The BoA glow is not seen in some areas.

- An useless trick: when loading the game, after passing the point where Kratos
can be controlled while the screen is still dark, switch weapons to BoA and
start running. When the graphics show up, Kratos will run as if holding Blades
of Chaos, but with BoA in his hands. (c: GMG)

"Homerun and its variations" (c: GMG)

Using double lauches with Blade of Artemis, your enemies can be sent extremely
high up in the air or bounced around the place in unusual ways. It's an exploit
of sort, only possible thanks to BoA's strange attack properties.

There are three main variations of it, Spike, Punt and Homerun, dubbed neatly
after sports terms by this trick's discoverer, GMG.

Obviously, if a foe can't be launched none of this works.

1. Homerun is a BoA launch followed by another BoA launch. First launch takes
enemy skyward. Second causes a knockback and a launch, causing the enemy to fly,
as has been suitably put, "up and away." You can use it to get enemies over
invisible boundaries and into chasms.

2. Spike, an "elevated knockback", is using BoA's air triangle attack on a
launched enemy. Will not clear invisible walls. Can cause a bounce + Knockback
effect if enemy hits solid ground. It works well for transporting single enemies
to fixed directions.

3. Punt is a launch after a bounce. This move strangely makes enemies ignore any
invisible walls around the arena, causing them to fly to their deaths with
surprising ease.

More exceptions/glitches:
- If you were wondering what would happen if you did a triple BoA launch, well,
  nothing too interesting happens. The exploit doesn't give more unusual extra
  height after the second launch.
- As mentioned, these attacks don't work well against Satyrs, other than Punt.
  This is because they have a strange 'aerial recovery' which stops the launch
  in its tracks. Spike doesn't always fail but isn't reliable either.
- A Cerberus Breeder, when launched with a Spike, will look like its merely
  gliding in the air without worries. This is because it has no particular
  response animation for the type of attack it is hit with.

Video demonstration:
1, GMG's and Shinobier's instructional video:

"Strange death delay"

As you know, enemies killed with BoA have a special death animation in which
they usually split in half or lose some critical body part in a gory fashion.

Instead of instantly falling apart, your enemies will in some circumstances
remain alive for up to several seconds before BoA's special death animation
kicks in. During this time, they will continue to attack Kratos like normal.

May happen if:
- Finishing move has a special property like 'launch' or 'knockback'
- If Kratos finishes using magic while BoA is equipped.

Does not happen if:
- Enemy is airborne or downed

Also, for no logical reason, all the enemies Kratos kills with magic during
when BoA is equipped get slashed to bits just as if he attacked them
physically. EXP bonus from BoA's long combos is also granted. None of this
will happen if an enemy is airborne or downed, though.

"Glitched circle action"

BoA has no throwing/grabbing option, only BoC has. The game gets confused on
this once in a while, and when around mini-game grabbable enemies (with the
circle hovering over their heads), doing a circle attack may cause a glitch to

A list of different outcomes:

1, The most likely one: enemy will be grabbed instead of a circle attack.
   Kratos' weapon switches automatically back to BoA afterwards.
2, Kratos will fumble backwards as always when a grab attempt fails. Enemy
   may or may not die afterwards. This is just a normal 'false grab', activating
   in the conditions any false grab would.
3, The circle attack deals its damage to the enemy first, and it's enough for
   the enemy to die. Kratos will grab at nothing afterwards.
4, Kratos will do the grab animation on nothingness, a failure. (needs other
   external factors to work, e.g. large height differences on the ground.)
   This is basically just a normal failed grab of this sort.

GMG insists on me noting the fact that Kratos may seem to slide towards the
enemy before/during this grab if the enemy has moved away from him after
the attack.

"Artemis tricking" (c: GMG?)

Switching weapons quickly enough, you can make all local enemies forget
attacking you, with only a few exceptions.

Doesn't work on:
- Boss enemies
- Archers of any type
- Minotaur Hammer Grunts and Minotaur Warriors will not stop functioning
  completely. They will switch doing their shockwave-attacks and only them.

Same rules apply for hanging on ledges ("ledge tricking") too.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

"Small cutscene loophole" (c: tyrhhjy)

If you jump and do some BoA air attack right before falling into an in-game
cutscene, you'll notice that Kratos takes a step forward after landing. Yes, for
some reason this sequence of moves gives Kratos a frame or two inside the
cutscene when he can still do stuff... limited to moving mostly, but he can also
activate nearby prompts.

This actually serves as a time saving strategy before going to Cliffs of
Madness, since you can activate the elevator leading there during Athena's
ramblings. Maybe other spots also exist in the game where this trick could come
in handy.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid of the aforementioned skip

"Air rolls"

In most circumstances, trying to do a roll off a ledge ends the roll
immediately. However, if you block with BoA and do a roll off a ledge, the roll
goes on as if Kratos was on ground - although affected by gravity.

Using Lenient Air Momentum now, you create the illusion of genuine air rolls.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

3. Poseidon's Rage

A classic magic from the series in its most overpowered incarnation. Kratos
hops a little in air and a massive circle of lightning starts frying anyone in
the blast radius. You get it from Poseidon near the end of the Aegean Sea.

- Poseidon's Rage lvl. 1 normally always does a fixed amount of hits. But for
reasons unknown, it can sometimes hit more times than it should. Pressing other
buttons than circle during the casting may be the catalyst.

- The hit counter is suspended during the time Poseidon's Rage is cast.

- Once you upgrade PR, its radius increases and you can also tap circle to add
hits during the magic.

- If you upgrade PR while the lightning effect is visible, the magic just cuts
short, whether on air or on ground.

- PR is a very useful tool for high jumps and also allows an exploit on angled
surface known as "Poseidon's Jump". For these reasons it's usually not skipped
in a speedrun, although the possibility for skipping it exists... If we had a
way to do enough skips later on in the run without PR, then skipping PR would be
a realistic alternative, but as of now it would just waste more time than it
would save.

4. Medusa's Gaze

The first incarnation of what would become a stable in the God of War-series,
a some sort of way to turn your enemies into stone, usually a severed head from
a celebrity Gorgon from Greek mythology. You get this magic from Aphrodite at
the Gates of Athens.

- Different enemies stonefreeze at different rates. Once an enemy freezes, their
stoneform has its own HP, usually much less than the normal HP, and depleting
that makes the enemy shatter. Basically a quick K.O. that grants you some extra
red orbs as well in the process, and the most handy way to deal with many enemy
types in the game.

- Medusa's Gaze doesn't work against Gorgons in this game. Or civilians.

- Gorgon Torrent will cost less magic as you upgrade MG higher.

- Freezing beams are not visibly obstructed by walls, but you still can't freeze
anything through a wall.

- The normal orb bonus for crushing foes is "Crushed!" that gives you +15 orbs.
However, there's a separate bonus for crushing flying enemies, "Ruined!", that
gives you a hefty +30 orbs instead.

- Gorgon Flash is the Lvl. 2 attack in Medusa's Gaze.

- You can shoot both Gorgon Torrent and Gorgon Flash at the same time! Not sure
if it increases the effectiveness, though...

- Kratos uses Gorgon Flash in air automatically if you use Medusa's Gaze in air.

- If you spam Gorgon Flash in air fast enough, every other blast will not be

- You can continue spamming Gorgon Flash even after your magic has ran out if
you just had enough magic for the first Flash.

- Gorgon Flash and Rage effects remain briefly even over checkpoint retry.

- Gorgon Rage seems to hit a max. of 9 targets with one blast, and it won't hit
anything that is below Kratos' own level.

- If you upgrade this magic while in the Medusa's Gaze stance, the head
disappears from Kratos' hands. He does a sort of glitched Gorgon Flash motion
before going very stiff. You can still turn around in the magic stance like
normal, but it looks silly, and you can't use any other Medusa's Gaze attacks
than Gorgon Rage until you let go of L2, at which point the glitch fixes itself.

- In air, Kratos does an useless, invisible shot of Gorgon Flash instead.

- If you start using Medusa's Gaze during game load black-out time, the stance
you enter is completely immobile - you can't turn in it.

"Gorgon Rage glitch & related material"

You can use stonefreezing to drop Kratos' family off the map in the penultimate
fight of the game. It's a bizarre glitch that is not perfectly understood as of
yet, but it was first noticed to happen after doing Gorgon Rage to freeze a
batch of Kratos clones and then hugging the family. The family moves as Kratos
grabs them, sliding to some side in a bit uncontrollable way. If you have regen
or infinite magic, you can repeat the procedure until the family falls down.
(discovery: AKheon @ 2008 winter)

Later on (at 2009) Manu918 devised a method to move Kratos' family that only
uses Gorgon Torrent. Apparently the most important thing is that plenty of
targets are stonefrozen roughly at the same time, then Kratos' family is hugged.
Wonder what is up with this glitch, and (you may now wonder) does it work on
other circle mini-game prompts in the game?

Well, it is still not conclusive what this glitch can and what it can't do, and
in what different ways it can be used, but hopefully research will continue...
Not to mention Kratos' family is a very unique prompt. There are no comparable
places elsewhere in the game, so it's possible that this glitch only does
anything in the penultimate fight.

However, using Gorgon Rage does have an unique effect elsewhere, and that is
at the infamous sex mini-game. After the Rage animation passses, the minigame
starts on its own accord without a separate grab animation at all. The camera
angle changes and the small urn either wobbles or stays put. Kratos stays
unoccupied the whole time. Nothing else happens, or so it seems.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid of dropping Kratos' family into outer space:
2, another vid, showing the sex mini-game glitch as well:
3, manu918's vid of using only Gorgon Torrent to move the family:

5. Zeus' Fury

A projectile-type attack given to you by Zeus at Rooftops of Athens.

- The longest range attack Kratos gets in this game.

- If you spam Zeus' Fury bolts in air fast enough, some blasts may become

- If you upgrade this magic while in its stance, the lightning effects disappear
from Kratos' hands and he can't shoot any bolts. The glitch fixes itself once
you let go of L2.

- In air, Kratos shoots one invisible bolt of ZF instead.

- A charged Zeus' Fury shot costs more magic than normal. But you can create a
charged shot as long as you have enough magic for a normal ZF shot, which is a
small advantage.

- If you shoot Zeus' Fury from far enough away, your enemies do not think to
block the shots. An useful fighting exploit in some cases.

6. Army of Hades

The last magic Kratos gets in this game, from Hades at the end of his Challenge.

- Casting it in air, it's easy to accidentally cancel the magic by landing on
ground too early with Kratos. Fortunately you don't lose magic until the actual
souls fly out and the effect begins, so you don't lose anything this way. Not
to mention the ensuing slowdown is the biggest in the game, helping with
"Lenient Air Momentum" if you know how to harness it.

- The AoH souls remain around Kratos even over FMVs and changing areas. This
exploit allows you to take the souls to Ares 3, for example, where it's not
possible to cast magic...

- The souls cease to target or attack anything whenever time is stopped (for
example during a cutscene).

- Using Army of Hades on stonefrozen enemies will reduce their actual HP, not
their stone form's HP. This means that you can get the minigame circle appear
on these creatures. You can't do the minigame while they're stoned, though...

- Upgrading AoH while the magic is on causes the effect to end and all the souls
instantly disappear.

- If you upgrade Blades and AoH and then retry and attempt to cast AoH, the game
will likely crash.

I. Enemy glitches:

"Enemy out of bounds"

The game has set strict limits for your enemies to wander, for various level
design reasons. Some of these limits are extremely obvious and exploitable.
F.e. getting on a ladder can cause every enemy in the room to forget your
presence. And when leaving an area, the enemies often act as if there was an
invisible wall separating them from Kratos (which, code-wise, may very well
be close to truth), and they will not follow him to wherever the path next

Rarely the game allows you to send an enemy outside of his regular bounds,
causing the A.I. to go wild. They run against walls, hoping to get back to
the correct area, in vain. Depending on how some areas are loaded and drawn,
you may encounter a phenomena of invible enemies during this kind of out of
bounds moment. You can hear the enemies, but can only see or damage them from
certain parts of the room. It's funny to look and listen at, and it can
sometimes be useful too. Air throwing or just launching enemies to strange
places can get this to work - though be warned that it's very rare.

Credits go to the Max Upgrade Guide at GameFAQs, that's where I first heard
about this glitch. Check it out for more detailed info.

Infinite orb fountain v3 is possible utilizing out of bounds limits, albeit in
a more limited form than it was in GoW II. Read the below section for more info.

Video demonstrations:
1, invisible minotaur at Rooftops of Athens:

"Infinite red orbs"

The death animation of your enemies can get stuck in a loop where the enemy
will give up their red orbs over and over again. It is caused by the animation
interrupting and resetting right after the orbs fly free but before the
animation naturally ends. This can happen f.e. if the enemy falls on some
strange piece of collision which can't accomodate its death throes, like a
crooked surface or a ladder. 

The best enemy to do this with is the harpy: they're small and weak,
they fly, they have a quick, stable death animation. I've never seen a large
enemy get fountained. Once a minotaur bounced strangely from a wall and it
gave two times the orbs, but that was hardly a fountain of any kind.

The best known places where this works are the infamous Challenge of Atlas
ladder, and the statue room at Temple of the Oracle.

There exist other type of infinite orb glitches too. The one GMG refers to
as infinite orb v3 is basically causing an enemy repeatedly to un-exist while
it is dying. It doesn't seem to work with all enemies. Maybe we will see a video
of it eventually.

Video demonstration:
1, Challenge of Atlas ladder fountain (video by Joker060606):
2, Temple of the Oracle fountain (by AKheon):

"Generally about enemies"

- Many enemies can be air grabbed again and again until they die. A big
weakness. In a similar way, many enemies can be Orion's Harpooned to death
by just repeating the move indefinitely. The particular weaknesses of each
enemy is listed at the enemy-specific section.

- During grappling or rope sections, your enemies can do a very glitched
looking grab on Kratos. Because of lack of space, their animation becomes
juxtaposed somewhere away from Kratos and they may seem as if they're climbing
a ladder. If the grab ends against Kratos's favor, the enemy might disappear
for no reason afterwards.

- No one knows why or how, but some legionnaires with a circle looming above
their heads will remain impossible to grab (causing "false grabs" of sort) with
the exception that Kratos will not get shunned back when he attempts to grab
them. This means the false grab can be spammed and it looks strange, to say the

- Enemies' attacks stun other enemies but will not do any damage... with the
exception of stonefrozen enemies, who can shatter accidentally by friendly fire.

- If too many enemies (over two at once?) are shattered simultaneously not all
of them give you red orbs.

- Flying enemies sometimes do not fall down when stonefrozen.

- Some enemies can be attacked for extra hits even after they're dead (before
they disappear).

- During a grappling section, if a legionnaire is in air (e.g. while jumping
between chasms), he can be launched very high in air with any move that hits
several times in a quick succession (Poseidon's Rage, Cyclone of Chaos).

"General grab and throw glitches"

- Doing throws over uneven surface will usually cause both Kratos and his
enemy to rise up in air for the throw's duration. If the height difference
between Kratos and enemy is too big, the grab cancels out disappointingly.
Sometimes Kratos acts out the grab/finishing move without actually holding
the enemy, e.g. trying to rip head off nothingness while the gorgon is
frolicking somewhere nearby.

- The enemies can interrupt Kratos' grabs even while they technically shouldn't
be able to. It's all a bit unstable. Sometimes Kratos does not suffer any harm
from attacks during a grab, sometimes he will. Arrows are something that very
commonly interrupt him.

- At least in a few spots during the game, grabbing a spawning legionnaire will
cause another legionnaire in the room slide long ways away - try it for example
after getting Poseidon's Rage and enemies appear. I wonder what causes it...

- GMG says that after having grabbed an archer and doing the 360 degree toss to
it, a cursed legionnaire grabbed Kratos. Strangely, Kratos dropped the archer
and began grabbing the healthy legionnaire instead (who was instantly brought
down to 'O'.)

"Shoddy A.I."

- In some corridors, you may find one of your enemies walking plainly against
a wall, usually towards where Kratos is. I've seen this happen in at least 3
different locations, though always with those legionnaire-types.

- In Challenge of Atlas your enemies (Fallen Legionnaires) will try to climb
a normal ladder to get to you. Unfortunately their behaviour has a loophole in
it and they get stuck in the middle if you quickly change elevation. If you try
to climb the ladder again, they turn normal.

"Artemis tricking in practice"

You can fool some of the enemy A.I. with jumps and air attacks (easiest with
Blade of Artemis) or rapid weapon switching. The rapid weapon switching is
actually something very useful. Doing it fast enough causes all of your enemies
to simply stop attacking. It doesn't work on archers or bosses, though.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Enemy-specific glitches (and additional info):

Thanks go to GMG for most of this stuff. Entries with no important info to
mention are omitted.

-- Undead Archer --

- Subject to Infinite Air Grab and Orion's Harpoon.

- Is not fooled by BoA or ledge tricking.

-- Cursed Archer --

- Subject to Infinite Air Grab and Orion's Harpoon.

- Is not fooled by BoA or ledge tricking.

- The area effect from explosive arrows can't be blocked.

- Melee-counter version of their arrow will not explode, but if it misses, it
makes the sound of an explosive arrow.

- They will never melee-counter as long as an unexploded explosive arrow is
sizzling in the vicinity.

- Rarely, deflected explosive arrows do not explode.

- If an explosive arrow hits and shatters something petrified, the arrow sticks
in mid-air until it explodes.

- In unknown circumstances an arrow can get stuck in mid-air, still "mobile",
turning towards Kratos if he's moving around it.

- Arrows have a tendency to break all sorts of grab moves which would otherwise
be unbreakable.

-- Hades Archer --

- Subject to Infinite Air Grab and Orion's Harpoon.

- Is not fooled by BoA or ledge tricking.

- Basically just a Cursed Archer with a triple arrow shot.

-- Centaur --

- Subject to Infinite Air Grab.

- Glitch "O" when grabs are interrupted *it's fake/a trap*

- Their shockwave's range is larger than the effect would show.

- Their arrows make it very easy for them to drop Kratos out of air.

- Sometimes, after they've loaded an arrow but haven't used it for some reason,
the arrow stays in their hand for some time and looks uncouth. This extends
to even them physically attacking Kratos with an arrow loaded and flashing.

(This is what GMG had to say about this matter: "The 'arrow in hand' thing
may not be a glitch but rather an augment to their physical strikes. If it
is a glitch, it is a blessing because it makes it obvious they CANNOT use
their Stomp (Shockwave) while it is out like that.")

- If their death grab gets interrupted, they'll instantly grow back a new pair
of legs and continue attacking you.

-- Cerberus Breeder --

- Subject to Infinite Air Grab.

- Occassional failure to fire during its 3x fireball attack.

-- Cerberus Offspring --

- Subject to Infinite Air Grab and OH.

- They can do glitch growths even after their deaths.

- OH will sometimes fail for no reason (maybe because of the small size?)

- Grabs will also sometimes fail for no reason.

-- Cyclops Enforcer --

- Just the furthest half of the spinning ball attack hits. You can stand in the
rope or back half without taking a hit.

- Just walking *slowly* around it counter-clockwise is sufficient to avoid all
hits (perhaps not the rush though).

-- Cyclops Brute --

- Grabs don't always connect when they should.

-- Cyclops Desert King --

- Doesn't have a 'Brutal/Ruthless Kill bonus'.

-- Gorgon --

- Subject to Infinite Air Grab and Orion's Harpoon.

- Chance for air grab high jump. (read more in the section of high jumps)

-- Medusa --

- Has 10000 HP, which is a lot. The mini-game needed to dispose of her becomes
available a lot sooner, and the player is expected to deal with her that way.

- Harpy --

- Subject to Infinite Air Grab and Orion's Harpoon, as are all other harpies.

- Subject to orb fountain glitches, as are all other harpies.

-- Undead Legionnaire --

- There are countless of glitches ready for these guys, mainly because they
appear at so many different circumstances (e.g. ropes and grapple sections too)
and places. Almost all have already been mentioned at the above sections.

-- Cursed Legionnaire --

- Some of them can not be minigamed - the circle does not appear above their

- Rarely these enemies can be infinitely Orion's Harpooned, allowing you to do
a 1000 hit combo with ease.

- Can climb ladders, though not very well. In the places they do it, they tend
to get stuck and their A.I. won't work very well.

- If two of them are very close on a rope, a kick hits both.

- The legionnaire is invincible for a moment when the mini-game circle is about
to appear. I hear you can throw the Legionnaire even through water surface at
this time without it dying.

- Subject to air grab high jump when "O" is about to appear.

-- Magic Legionnaire --

- These are the Legionnaire-type enemies with shields on them. Just to note,
any explosive move will destroy their shields, including Rising Helios and
Lance of the Furies. The sole exception to this rule is the Blades' plume or
Spirit attack during Rage of the Gods (which is a glitch).

- While they are airborne, downed or spawning, their shields do not stop hits.
Physical hits at any such point make it possible to do a grab through their

- Throws towards Magic Legionnaires can either cause a knockback or be
deflected. GMG theorizes knockback occurs more often if the opponent is right
in front of the throw.

- Some of them can be grabbed like normal despite they have their shields in
some slightly special conditions, e.g. having taken a thrown legionnaire to
their face or possibly just having got damaged enough. This kind of grab is
glitched-up, causing Kratos to slide erratically across the playing field for
short ways. With this movement you can f.e. hit the spike crushers at Temple
of the Eye through a solid wall. Also, if you choose to throw your enemy
somewhere, its graphics will twitch a bit, and in some cases it will even die
before it is thrown.

- Some RotG BoC attacks act like their shield isn't there, as does AoH.

- You don't have a way to get past their shields with only BoA.

- Charged Zf bolts' area blast can hit them even with their shield intact, but
it does no damage.

- If a Magic Legionnaire has lost its shield, and is then petrified (but manages
to break free), it may start acting as if it had a shield again.

- If one dies with its shield intact, the lone shield can stay a while after
the legionnaire's corpse has disappeared.

-- Legionnaire Captain --

- Would otherwise be subject to Infinite Air Grab (and possibly Infinite OH),
but their minigame prompts mess the whole thing up.

- They have a strange tendency to block Zf bolts while downed, as if their guard
was up.

- "It REGENERATES 10HP everytimes you let it recover from "O"." - GMG

-- Minotaur Grunt --

- Subject to Infinite Air Grab.

- If you do a mini-game to it that cuts off in the middle (because of height
difference for example), its axe may disappear permanently. Just a graphical

-- Minotaur Hammer Grunt --

- Subject to Infinite Air Grab.

- Uses the shockwave attack when you are abusing the ledge.

-- Minotaur Warrior --

- Subject to Infinite Air Grab.

- Uses the shockwave attack if you try ledge tricking.

-- Minotaur Tormentor --

- Subject to Infinite Air Grab.

- BoA Homerun trick "Punt" typically (if done fast) will send them the opposite
direction that is desired.

- Artemis often cannot block their shoulder rush unless your guard was up early.

-- Satyr --

- I hear air grabs done to them actually deal no damage for some reason.

- BoA Homerun trick "Spike" causes an unusual knockback/bounce effect to Satyrs.
Very useful in Challenge of the Gods 10.

- Their "aerial recovery" allows immunity from "Homerun" but not "Punt". (read
more in the section about BoA glitches.)

-- Temple Siren --

- Subject to Infinite Air Grab and Orion's Harpoon.

- If petrified when dizzy, the Siren goes into wandering mode again but her
health doesn't regenerate - the mini-game circle will remain over her head
indefinitely. Now OH and air grabs won't connect to her for some reason, and
juggles won't work either.

If the Siren has 19 HP left, normally grabbing her causes the non-fatal grab
animation and leaves her with 9 HP, preventing the possibility of doing a grab
finisher to her. If grabbed at 18-11 HP, the Siren just glitch dies instead.
If grabbed at 10 HP or less, the non-fatal grab is skipped and a finisher is
used instead.

-- Desert Siren --

- They die when petrified 3 times in a quick succession.

- They have 10000 HP, which is a lot. In fact, even their petrified state has
10000 HP! The mini-game needed to dispose of them becomes available a lot
sooner, and the players are expected to deal with them that way.

-- Wraith of Athens --

- Subject to Infinite Orion's Harpoon.

- Kratos' grab can launch several Wraiths in the air when it resolves.

-- Desert Wraith --

- Subject to Infinite Orion's Harpoon.

- Their air grab sometimes breaks for no apparent reason.

- If you keep trying to petrify a group of Wraiths, eventually they may start
unexisting. They don't die - they just disappear.

Video demonstration:
1, Wulf2k9's vid of disappearing Wraiths:

-- Pandora's Guardian --

See the level-specific glitches further down for mentions of his two big

-- Evil Kratos, Agony --

- The Kratos clone with Zeus' Fury.

- Agony only attacks Kratos but because of the line of fire, he may hit the
family accidentally. Though his bolts are relatively weak, they can devastate
by breaking your control of the fight.

- Agony kills don't count towards the kill count in the Kratos clone fight.

-- Evil Kratos, Remorse --

- The Kratos clone with Blades of Chaos. They can also grab Kratos.

-- Evil Kratos, Regret --

- The Kratos clone with Blade of Artemis. For some reason they can also do the
special attacks only Blade of the Gods has!

-- Ares --

See the level-by-level specifics for the final boss fight.

4. Glitch playthrough (level-specific glitches)

Different categories are these:

- Sequence break: skipping a portion of the game by any legit means.
- Collision flaw: a non-sequence break breach or glitch in the collisions.
- Out of bounds: an alternative term for a collision flaw, allows going OoB.
- Trigger skip: may range from loading triggers to door triggers to more.
- A.I. glitch: includes blind spots and other level-specific oddities.
- Camera glitch: usually harmless, not that common.
- Other: glitches of some other type, usually small and harmless.
- Strategy: some pointers for battles, etc. Not necessarily glitches.
- Random: just some small piece of interesting info, not a glitch.
- Various: something that has several kinds of categories in them.


Other: If you press up or down at some frame before the main menu has loaded
and appeared, the text of "new game" is smudged under "load game". This effect
disappears once you choose to do anything in the menu.

Other: If you open disc tray during the opening sequences, you might get small
graphical glitches, such as the cutscene continuing playing with the "disc tray
is open" error message. Don't try it at home, it isn't very interesting.

Aegean Sea:

Strategy: Enemies are reluctant to approach or attack if Kratos goes into the
upper-left corner of the first room (past the floor entrance).

Random: The FMV of the floor entrance opening and new enemies flooding out will
not happen if Kratos stands on it.

Other: it's possible to go out of bounds from the second room in the game (by
trying to jump back in where you dropped down from) if you have Lv. 2 Blades.
But it's unlikely you can do anything useful with this info...

Other: Mini-game glitches

If you attack the first Hydra head at a wrong time when its health is depleted,
it will not become stunned. Instead, it revives and goes back to normal as soon
as the tutorial message telling you about mini-games is closed. I hear this can
happen the other way around too, so that the Hydra goes into mini-game stun
right as it should normally regain consciousness.

Another mini-game glitch is that if your minigaming grab contacts with Hydra
right before the tutorial message about the minigame comes up, and you fail the
mini-game, Hydra is then suspectible to become stunned again with just one hit.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid of the one-hit Hydra stun

Strategy: It is possible to damage kill the first Hydra head. You need to either
do tons of damage to it during the time it is stunned before it revives - you
pretty much need Easy-mode and a bonus costume for this to be possible - or use
the first mini-game glitch mentioned above to slowly chip away at Hydra's health
until you finally are able to damage kill it.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid of a rare God-mode damage kill

Collision flaw: inside Hydra

"Not sure if it's known, but it's possible to breach the wall of collision
infront of this Hydra, I once did it by accident. I quickly rolled to the
barrels & the Hydra smashed me into them, Kratos was flung awkwardly and I
ended up underneath the Hydra, with the camera inside its body. At the time I
tried to go up the stairs to reach the balance beam, but I just ended up back
in front of the Hydra. I should have tried to high jump to the beams. Might be
worth exploring this?" - Findlestick

Other / speed strat?: there's a small invisible ledge almost beneath the
doorway that leads to the next map. You can clear the balancing beam section
over shallow water by swimming under the exit, then grabbing the ledge and
from there jumping on the balancing beams. It's unknown if this is actually
faster than doing this section using the beams.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Other: "Petrifying the Harpies and the Archers on the Ship causes them to
un-exist immediately after getting petrified. Course, you need a cheat to have
MG on the ship >__>." - Demonic Phoenix

Swimming glitch: only possible with cheats so far, but for the sake of
completion, here is some swimming glitch exploration from Aegean Sea. If you
have the Trident and the capability to infinite jump, you can start swimming
glitch from the puddle in the same room where there's the self-caged man who
you can talk to.

To note, if you complete Aegean Sea while swimming, you'll get stuck soon after
when reaching Port of Athens because you can't leave the ship innards while

video demonstration:
1, Wulf2k9's vid of Aegean Sea swimming exploration

Random: in case you were curious, if you work hard enough for it, you can get
Lv. 2 Blades as early as at the chest before 2nd Hydra with Tycoonius-costume.

Camera glitch: After kicking the door open to the second Hydra's room, start
walking towards the door and progress onward slowly. The camera will eventually
forcefully turn around while the rest of the scenery disappears for an instant.

Trigger skip: Skippable door trigger before second Hydra

If you run by the left-hand wall into the large area with harpies and
eventually the second Hydra head, the red wall which would enclose the
only exit does not activate - you avoid the door trigger. This has no use
unless you want to play around with the second Hydra head by leaving the fight
prematurely. It just keeps attacking as if Kratos was near it...

Sequence break: skipping second Hydra

A long rumored skip, but it's true... you can skip the second Hydra. First,
open one of the compartments for chests at the back of the arena. Jump inside
and be ready to jump and block a Harpy when one is starting to attack you.
This occasionally causes the Harpy to end up on the above level, to the wrong
side of the railing. Then, get out of the compartment, lift-up and try to grab
the harpy. The grab will cut off because of the collision in the way, but
instantly jump and try to grab the Harpy again. You'll gain enough height to
get over the railing here.

This is not a difficult skip, even. Just takes a bit of luck to do it fast.
Also, you'll miss out on the orbs that Hydra 2 would drop, so consider that

An alternative way to skip this boss exists, but it requires you to enter the
tight space between the rightmost chest and the wall, which is no trivial task
(unless you have Lv. 2 Blades and Hermes Rush). After that, attempt to do
sideways rolls against the chest to have Kratos start flicker oddly and slowly
sink inside ground. Eventually he falls through to the water tunnel beneath.
(c: satvara)

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid of the first method:
2, satvara's vid of the second method:

Collision flaw: Entering the second Hydra

If you roll just the right moment towards the spot where the Hydra appears,
and somehow manage to stay in that area after it has emerged (e.g. by jumping 
in air at a correct time), you've entered the second Hydra. You're inside its
collisions. Unfortunately this is useless, because it can still attack you
from where you are. You can't skip the fight itself because the hole in the
floor is purely cosmetic until the creature is gone.

The easiest way to try this out is retrying again and again from the pre-fight

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations pt. 6)

Other: at rare instances the second Hydra emerges from the ground too early and
the game still has some harpies and sailors running around during the boss
fight. They unload maybe 15 seconds into the encounter, but still pretty cool.

Video demonstration
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations pt. 14)

Other: Small glitch at the short grapple section after second hydra

If you move/jump towards the right side of the wall while grappling, you may
activate this glitch. Whenever you press down, Kratos turns 180 degrees around
and climbs with his back against the wall. It's just a graphical glitch.

While you're at this grapple section, try to grab the legionnaires on top of the
ship while grappling. You get a glitched grab move.

"Shipwrecked Vessel" - save point

Other: box spawning oddities

You can destroy the box with your own hands and be a witness to how a new one
miraculously appears each time.

- The box will try to slide away from Kratos's position, if you're in the spot
  where it is spawning.
- It's possible for you to enter the box. R2'ing it now will cause Kratos to
  move away from the box for about one boxes length, strangely. I'm not sure
  if Kratos could continue holding on to the box like this (in a glitched way)
  since the message interrupts your grab hold.
- A box can spawn slightly inside the ground. It automatically breaks shortly.

Other: occasionally the tutorial message of examining the box doesn't come.
This may have to do something with Kratos' turning while examining it, but it's
too hard to control to be a speed strat.

Sequence break: skip block pushing

This skip appears to only be possible on the PS3 HD Collection. Do a basic high
jump and grab at the climbing wall, where you'd normally get using the box. As
simple as that?

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

A.I. glitch: Archers at the box moving "puzzle"

If, after activating the cutscene where the archers are threatening the ship
crew, you leave the area and go back where you met the first Hydra head and then
come back, the archers aren't shooting at all anymore. GMG reports that their
A.I. is completely shut off, making them non-reactive to anything done to them.

Sequence break: Skipping PR and big Hydra boss (discoverer: Satvara)

Climb the large mast. At the top, use the balance beam to go to the left some
way and then jump down. If you're precise enough, you'll fall out of bounds to
the left of the door that leads you to the captain's quarters. From there you
can move outside bounds and completely bypass the locked door and the Hydra
along with it.

By itself this skip saves a little under 6 minutes in real time (compared to a
perfect speed run that uses most advanced tactics). However, it's still
under question whether you should skip PR in the long run since PR is such a
powerful tool for both sequence breaking and damage dealing. Would you lose the
gained time later on in a run if you skip PR? This is a topic that deserves a
closer inspection...

You can also do a long jump from the other side of the mast where there's the
red orbs chest with Lv. 2 Blades. This is a slower alternative, but might be
easier to do since you fall slower and see what you are doing better.

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's original vid:
2, AKheon's vid of jumping from the other side:

"The Hydra Attacks" - save point

Wasted potential: there's a moveable checkpoint right before the Big Hydra
fight. Unfortunately you can't move the checkpoint past a certain height on the
climbing wall - if you could, you could skip the intro with black-out time.

It's unknown if you could use load game black-out time to skip this cutscene.
But even if you could, it would be very difficult... and probably pointless
because you probably couldn't finish the Hydra fight like that.

Other: Big Hydra disappears

If you have Lv. 2 Blades and use Apollo's Ascension high jump to reach the
climbing wall from higher than you should be able to, you skip a trigger that
would make the Big Hydra load. You can fight the small Hydras as usual, but
nothing special happens after climbing the mast. You have to go back and hit
the missing loading trigger to bring Big Hydra into the fray as well.

Another thing the skipped trigger did was to block access to the lower parts
of the ship. So, since you didn't hit the trigger, you are able to return to
the place you got PR from during the Hydra fight. Parts of the small Hydra
heads are protruding through the ceiling, and you can try to fight them from
here if you want. Be warned that they can still hit you, though, despite you
being far under them.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Graphical: the Hydra health bars are prone to strange glitches. They overlap
any messages you may get, looking messy. Also, if you go into menus with a
message active, the Hydra health bars will carry on into the menus too!

Sequence break: Skipping the small Hydra heads

It's possible to climb up to the big Hydra without bothering with the two
smaller heads. How? The theory is that it's got something to do with going
close to the heads at first and then going further away, messing their A.I.
momentarily so that they don't knock you off the mast as you're climbing it.
It's easiest to try this out with just one head pinned to the ground, but a
real lucky guy can fool both of the heads at the same time and save a lot of
time in the process.

There exists another, less luck-reliant way of getting to the top, but it takes
magic. Do a sideways ascension against the ropes followed by PR. The Hydras will
now try to knock you down, but they will only manage to interrupt your PR, and
at this point you can continue climbing up the ropes. For some reason it's
critical that you do the ascension sideways and not straight towards the ropes
or else the Hydras will notice Kratos much more often when he tries to climb
to the top and knock him off regardless. (c: Tyrhhjy)

Tyrhhjy also said something about a high jump variation that works without PR,
which is theoretically faster (and obviously less magic-costly) than using PR.
But currently there is no video of this trick, and it remains something of a

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's video of skipping Hydra heads without PR high jump:
2, Satvara's vid of skipping heads with PR high jump:
3, the antiquated first version, skipping one Hydra head:

Camera glitch: camera focuses on a small Hydra head

When a small Hydra head dies, the camera concentrates on it for a moment. By
doing unknown things there and then, the camera will not depart from the dead
head's front and return to Kratos. This is completely harmless, only happened
to me once - while doing an infinite jump and being quite far away from the
dying head.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations pt. 6):

Collision flaw: the falling platforms during the big Hydra fight

If you're on one while one rises, you can easily drop through it. Also,
you can manage to have one fall on you. Both of these instances are useless,
just simple lapses in collision.

Other: Getting stuck inside the grapple wall

This is completely useless, but at least unique. Jump to the grapple wall, then
embrace either side of it (so that Kratos looks like he's preparing to jump).
Then do a grab or strong hit, etc. If the small Hydra's "knocking Kratos off
the mast"-attack hits Kratos at a correct time, he will get stuck torso halfway
inside the ropes.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid:

Strategy: Small Hydra's swipe move will not reach between the 12 and 3 o'clock
position, leaving a big opening. (GMG's tip)

Other: Tendency to freeze during the big/any Hydra fight

It's happened to me once or twice, and I've heard several other people complain
about this too. The screen goes black but you still see the boss health meter at
the screen's lower half. The music continues playing, but nothing you do will
evoke a reaction in the game. You must restart if this happens.

Speed strategy: if you retry after reaching the Big Hydra, it skips bellowing
at Kratos and goes straight to attacking him instead, saving a few secs.

Speed strategy: Satvara deviced a damage dealing strategy so efficient the
minigames happen almost back to back (for God mode, undoubtetly works even
better on lesser modes).

Better description of this trick wouldn't hurt... §

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Other: it's possible to damage kill Big Hydra, at least on easy/tycoonius and
using Rage of the Gods. This causes it to go straight into the last mini-game
stun, after which the fight is over with Hydra's head stuck in the mast. A lot
of time is saved in the process!

Other: it's possible to bring Big Hydra into the last minigame in a slightly
glitched manner, so that any additional attacks reset the pre-minigame animation
where the Hydra lowers its head, causing it to start over each time. There isn't
much info on how this glitch gets started, but once it happened after doing an
air attack to Hydra as it did its mast chomping attack.

Random: Moving/attacking inside Hydra's mouth cavity will cause blood spatters.

Sequence break: you can skip getting the key from the Fisherman and thus skip
a little navigation and two cutscenes. Just have to visit inside Hydra's throat
to hit a loading trigger and then do a long jump to the exit rope - you probably
needs Lv. 2 Blades for this. Unfortunately there's still the matter of the
locked door when you return to the main ship... you have to go around it the
same way you'd skip PR and Hydra during a run. All this should have a little
bit of time in the end, although it makes things more complicated. Mostly worth
it when going for real time?

Wasted glitch potential: it seems impossible to skip the cutscene that follows
after Kratos has got the Cabin key. The event triggers extend as if to form
a box around him. Exiting the area straight down (using a floor breach under the
fallen mast) can at best skip the cutscene, but you won't win any time either.

1, AKheon's vid of the breach

Speed strategy: You can unlock the cabin door at the same time you get the
prompt to do so. This saves a couple of seconds.

Port of Athens

Other: sex-mini game glitch

If you try to grab the women from the top left part of the bed, the mini-game
glitches strangely with camera zooming in like it normally does, but with
Kratos completely unattended. Same thing can happen if you utilize Gorgon Rage
in this place, next to the bed. If the mini-game is re-activated during this
camera zoom, it works like normally though the urn moves at wrong times.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's short clip of glitching the mini-game with Gorgon Rage:

Random: the dialogues of the two women talking are not available while Kratos
is on the bed. Talking to either of them while jumping on to the bed causes
the clips to cut short, strangely.

"Port of Athens" - save point

Wasted potential: you can do an ascension up the ladder if you position Kratos
correctly, but it might not save any time.

Sequence break: Wall breach at the ship

The two maps - the innards of the ship Kratos starts from after Aegean Sea and
the Port of Athens - are connected a bit loosely. By moving and jumping against
the wall to the right of where the top end of the ladder is, you can get through
and fall to the ocean bottom. Doing a Hermes Stomp is helpful. This trick can be
used in a speedrun for a few seconds win. (c: Satvara)

"Another thing to note is that it's much easier to get underwater at the Port
of Athens if you're hanging onto a ledge when the checkpoint hits, then just
restart from checkpoint. It'll bring you to ground level under the boat without
having to dodge the ladder's teleport hitbox." - Wulf2k9

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's original video:
2, Satvara's updated video with checkpoint retry:

Other: Swimming glitch from Port of Athens

In a very game-breaking twist, you can perform functional swimming glitch here,
at Port of Athens. This allows you to swim past practically all obstacles until
the Desert of Lost Souls. Unfortunately, doing this you miss the opportunity for
getting regen magic... so it's a double-edged sword.

Ok, so you don't necessarily have to skip regen magic as well. If you so desire,
you can end swimmingness inside the Medusa-room by getting stonefrozen on some
angled surface (the stairs might work for this purpose). This way you can get
regen magic and go on, but lose a little time since you then have to skip Gates
of Athens like usual.

Drop out of bounds using the wall breach detailed above and get behind the map.
Carefully, as the ocean floor will end eventually, making Kratos fall down.
From behind the map, make your way to the main pathway of the Port, to the area
front of the ship from where you started from. There's a small wooden pathway
near the water surface, so target that with an ascension. Beneath, there's some
collision you can use to push Kratos under water surface, starting proper
swimming glitch although you don't have the Trident.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Other: a glitched legionnaire, subject to an infinite Orion's Harpoon combo

Somewhere in Port of Athens' recesses there's a legionnaire who will not die
from Orion's Harpoon. You can keep doing the attack over and over again as
long as you like, even make an extremely long combo slowly but surely.
(c: Shinobier?)

Note that the glitched legionnaire will not appear unless you kill the first
bunch of legionnaires that try to attack you in the area.

Video demonstration:
1, Shinobier's video:

Other: you can use high jump to get to the area with the Phoenix Feather
faster than normal.

Video demonstration:
1, vipeazone style's vid:

Other: it's possible to send legionnaires under the water surface here with
relative ease. If they fall down from air at the same time they become mini-game
grabbable, they won't die but instead fall through water surface. So try things
out with air grabs over water and see what happens. (c: GMG)

Wasted potential: for now there is no way to skip the three Minotaurs fight
unless swimming glitch is active. For some reason the Minotaur FMV even refuses
to become skipped via black-out glitch.

Speed strategy: air grabs are particularly deadly against minotaurs. Unless
playing under special conditions, like using damage bonus costumes, spamming
air grabs is likely the fastest way to deal with this fight.

Other: the red border which would disappear after beating the minotaurs will
not do it on the Port of Athens-side until you unload the area and return.

Gates of Athens

Random: the broken gate can't be examined until you view the intro cutscene
to this area.

Collision flaw: An exploitable chasm during the 3 cyclops fight

The chasm at the left side of the field is dangerous to the cyclops. Lure them
right next to it, then run towards them (or attack them when they're facing
you). They will stumble backwards and fall.

Also, by simply running towards the wall near where the grass grows you can
drop the third one before it can even rise up. (c: AKheon)

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (more skips & tricks):

Sequence break: getting onto the balcony early

Get on the balcony early! This allows you to skip the cyclops fight and a
little navigation before reaching the Medusa-room.

You can high jump on top of the rightmost broken statue near the broken gate.
The top of the statue has angled collision, preventing you from staying on top
of it, but using Poseidon's Rage you can make the game momentarily think Kratos
is on normal ground instead, allowing you to do new jumps and get higher. A
couple of rounds of careful jumping and Poseidon's Rage later, you're high
enough to grab the side of the platform above. (c: Satvara)

Start by doing a high jump (with PR) towards the middle-right part of the
statue. Jump to get a little further up, then PR as you're landing on the
statue. Hopefully the correct effect took place and Kratos is now able to do
two more jumps while on the statue. So jump and quickly steer towards the right,
but at the end of the jump try to make Kratos face towards left again. You
should try to land somewhere a little to the left of the diagonal "seam" moving
up the statue. PR again. To get the effect happen again is more difficult this
time around, and if it doesn't work, it's most likely your positioning that's
faulty. After that, you should be able to do a double jump and grab the ledge
of the balcony in front of you.

Using this route may very well be faster than going by the Medusa room, even if
you now need to backtrack to Medusa room from the balcony. The bad part is how
precise this trick is, and what makes it especially precarious is that you don't
have regen magic yet, making it a necessity you don't fail in the trick at all.
Fortunately the last checkpoint isn't far away, but still.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Wasted potential: there's some preventive collision in front of the ladder that
leads to the other ballista until you've pushed down the statue, making it
impossible to high jump there early.

Other: losing control of buttons

"I found this "handicap glitch" after the part where you fight Cyclops for the
first time. I can't remember what exactly I did wrong, but I just couldn't open
any of the chests. In fact, in this part if you go near the gate and press R2
it says something like "there is a bridge on other side". But whenever I pressed
R2 all I heard was the sound you get when you try to powerup abilities you
haven't unlocked yet.

...once I reloaded the nearest save it went fine. just in case it matters, I did
try to death bounce one of the undead soldiers in the area behind the wall
crack and water, where you get first gorgon's eye [or was it phoenix feather,
can't recall]" - the_requiem

Speed strat: The ledge on the right side of the large box room can be rolled
over. It's faster than shimmying.

Sequence break: In the same room, don't break any of the boxes but the leftmost.
Then do a high jump on it.

Sequence break: Skipping a small cutscene with pure speed

Right as you enter the room where you acquire Medusa's Gaze, you activate a
cutscene in which the camera pans through the whole room. But if you're quick
enough, you can get past the trigger before it even loads.

Aside the trigger, the game also conjures a collision box to the room entrance.
You can get over the collision box with some high jumps, but it's too slow
and wouldn't be worth it any longer.

Video demonstration:
1, Wulf2k9's vid

Sequence break: skipping Medusa with pure speed

The barrier of Afrodite's head can be passed before it loads if you do this area
super quick. This way you won't get Medusa's Head or regen magic, though. Music
glitch will make it easier to see this effect since it slows down loading speed.

Video demonstration:
1, Tyrhhjy's vid:
       temporarily unavailable.

Random: Defeating Medusa with pure damage

The actual HP value Medusa has is 10.000, which is extremely high. To activate
the minigame you need a lot less, and that's what virtually every player does
during their playthroughs. If you exceed the 10.000 damage limit, Medusa dies
by herself, and the game doesn't consider it a victory. If you don't know how
to escape the room, you will get stuck there.

Various: Regen magic and sequence break

Medusa room. This is the infamous room where you will gain regen magic. If you
escape at the correct time, you get to keep it too!

First, kill Medusa. Then, after the minotaurs spawn, Kratos has regen magic.
Now, at any circumstance do not kill enough minotaurs by shattering them.
Instead, high jump over the door where Aphrodite's face is, and follow that up
with another high jump to get on top of the room's walls. From there, just
double jump towards the background to reach the next corridor, and voila.

If you use Apollo's Offensive tactfully, you can get out of the room without
even having to use PR and saving a little bit of time.

The original method of getting regen magic involved doing a high jump on top
of the box near where you came from, jumping over another wall to go out of
bounds and traversing out of bounds far enough to finally go around Aphrodite's
face blockage. This was pretty hard, since jumping outside bounds is a pretty
unforgiving task in God of War.

Original discoverer: Satvara. However, Kewbew63 (and f.e. Zalo159 at the same
time, independently of each other) discovered the easier way out.

Video demonstration:
1, Kewbew63's example of the easier method:
2, Satvara's original video:

Strategy: getting early red orbs.

While fighting the minotaurs in the Medusa room, you have regen magic and an
infinite stream of enemies. You can build up a combo to 1000 quite easily as
many times you want and rack up massive bonuses. Thanks go to keltin_2002's
Max Upgrade FAQ for this nice idea. (check it out for a more detailed strategy)

Other: I've heard that the minotaur shattering event may glitch up if you
freeze the minotaurs using MG lv. 2 or 3 moves. The event doesn't end like it
should, and you just get stuck (until you escape the room via the roof).
However, this hasn't been tested yet. §

Sequence break: skip the rest of Gates of Athens (c: satvara)

After the Medusa room, get on top of the high platform which holds one chest.
Get on top of the chest and do a high jump against the right-hand wall - if
correctly performed, Kratos will grab an invisible ledge near the ceiling. Then
jump towards the set of ladder up ahead. If you were high enough, you missed a
loading trigger, and the outside areas will never load until you retrace your
steps and touch the trigger. Normally this would be a bad thing, but in this
case you can proceed to do a major sequence break and drop down beyond the
broken gate using a series of blind jumps.

(instructions taken from Wulf2k9's video below)

- You have to go out of bounds from the unloaded area, head back towards the
hallway, then jump on top of the arch.
- You have to do a double jump now. Hold the stick up and left. This will get
you onto the second arch.
- Another double jump. Now hold the stick up.
- After that hold left until you start falling, then immediately hold right
and do Hermes Stomp.

An alternative way, maybe easier for some people, is to use lenient air momentum
(LAM) to buff your jumping capabilities and just do one big jump to cross from
the corridor you go out of bounds from to the tunnel below. Keep the exterior
areas unloaded as in the classic variation. Then go out of bounds but stay close
to the corridor you came from. Run to the left for about two and a half steps.
Do LAM with Apollo's Offensive. Start steering diagonally to left and up for
less than a second to get some momentum, then do four AO's, then jump and do
five AO's, all the while steering to that direction. The angle of your jump is
the most critical part, and it's easy to mess up the jump if you get a slightly
wrong angle. So, while you avoid having to do blind platforming, this variation
is not entirely foolproof either. (c: AKheon)

Video demonstrations:
1, AKheon's vid of how to keep the exterior area unloaded:
2, Wulf2k9's demonstration of the skip itself:
3, AKheon's vid of the LAM-variation of the skip:

"Fortress of Athens" - save point

Speed strategy: from the balcony with the climbing wall behind you, you can
reach the statue you will later push down quite fast using a jump shortcut.
Do a small long jump on top of the statue's head, and from there do a double
jump more to the right and back to reach the walkway. This is not difficult to
do at all, although the camera may be disorienting at first. Doing this skips
the entire climbing section. (c: satvara)

Video demonstration:
1, Kewbew's vid of the speed strategy:

Sequence break: Alternative way of skipping Gates of Athens

A slower but easier method of skipping a big portion of Gates of Athens. After
reaching the other end of the climbing wall, you can see an opening in the side
of the gate to your right. That's where you'd later shoot some rope through, but
even now you can use the hole to go inside.

The entire floor near the hole is so-called angled surface. Do a long jump to
reach the angled surface and then use your Gliding skills to move upwards the
collision. Do a "Poseidon's Jump" every now and then to make the process easier
for yourself. Eventually you'll pass through. Now you're inside the Gates while
the inside of the Gate is still mostly unloaded. You can pass through to reach
the exit early... although like in all other versions of this skip, you must
backtrack a bit to hit the loading trigger for the next area, which is upstairs
close to the ladder in front of the door that is banged at. (c: AKheon)

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Sequence break: if you are swimming, you can swim around the first Oracle
cutscene, saving over 30 seconds the cutscene normally takes. Fortunately you
don't skip any critical loading triggers doing this.

"Athens Battleground" - save point

Road to Athens

Sequence break: Passing the pile of rubble

You know the rubble that appears after a short real-time scene where Ares'
fireball destroys a building? It's an obstacle that's pretty high and has some
angled surface on the top, making Kratos slide away if he tries to jump up it.
However, the angled surface can be used to your advantage too... Start doing
Apollo's Offensive (with a good air momentum) repeatedly, and you should slide
up the angled surface instead of sliding down. With a good positioning, you
should be able to get over the obstacle like this.

At first this skip was made using PR, but Satvara devised this more optimized
method of going past it. PR can still be used to make the trick easier.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid
2, AKheon's vid of an outdated strategy that uses PR:

Other: "On the road to Athens there is an invisible archer by a tree that
also is invincible and at random intervals will attack Kratos." - Riningan

Oh, he also specified that its near the first bend of the road. I haven't
personally seen one, but I'll keep an eye out next playthrough.

Other: The best place in the game to witness the rope momentum glitch. Don't
break the middle barricade, so that you can boost towards it with a rope to a
very lousy effect.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations pt. 1):

Speed strat: Instead of using ropes to cross the chasm after the barricades,
you can do a high jump. It skips the tutorial message that you get if you touch
the rope, saving some real time, at least.

Athens Town Square

Other: the water puddle at the bottom of the stairs is actual water surface.
If you could reach the water from out of bounds and start swimming in it, you
could use the edges of the pool to push you through the water surface and start
a real swimming glitch... if only.

Fight skip: Skipping the cyclops fight

There's an invisible ledge to the left before the cyclops fight and you can
reach it by doing a high jump. By going over there you skip activating the
cyclops fight, and for some reason this makes the Greek House liable to remain
unloaded too. But it's been proven with swimming glitch that you can actually
skip this fight and have the Greek House load normally.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid:

Sequence break: Skipping most of the Athens Town Square

You can reach the balcony with several chests from the large yard by doing a
variation of high jump, "Apollo's High Jump". From there you can just proceed
to Temple of Oracle without doing anything to the "suicide lady" or even
visiting Rooftops of Athens. (c: AKheon)

To speed this variation up, there exists a precise clip through the bridge
railing that you can take advantage of with Hermes Stomp. So, grab the ledge of
the bridge, go a little to right, climb up, do a small hop and HS, that might

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (more skips & tricks II):
2, satvara's video of the HS extra time save:

Other: "Suicide lady" mechanics

In several places the game uses "prop" characters with which you can only
interact in a very limited number of ways. JFCalibur88 has made a cool video
showcasing the mechanisms of the lady here, and a couple of glitches too.

Video demonstration:
1, JFcalibur88's video:

Wasted potential: you can't go around the trigger that makes the lady run away
from you at the balcony because there is a fat sheet of invisible wall in the
way of the next platform until you hit the trigger. Can't just jump there early.

"Athens Town Square" - save point

Sequence break: so, you played through the Greek house and made your way to the
high balcony. Good! It's possible to do a sequence break that skips Rooftops of
Athens from this place as well by doing a long jump to the bridge connecting
Rooftops and the next area. The wooden pole in the middle is there, although
still invisible at this stage. (c: Satvara, later Kewbev63)

Video demonstration:
1, easiest way of doing the skip from the balcony (Kewbev63's video):

Wasted potential: Can't access Rooftops of Athens the wrong way

If you get to the bridge early, you can use the elevator that leads you back up
to the Rooftops, but during the trip something will always go wrong. Kratos will
proceed to fall down to his death after some strange camera angles.

Doing this with swimming glitch reveals what really happens: Kratos actually
spawns a few meters below the elevator for some reason. Not an issue for
swimming Kratos. After riding the elevator back and trying again, things work
out like normal from thereon. But this still means that you can't access the
Rooftops from the wrong direction without swimming or some manner of infinite
jump at your disposal.

Strategy: The first Magic Legionnaires you encounter inside the Greek house have
very little moving room before they consider themselves out of bounds. Sweet
spots are easy to find and abuse.

Strategy: If you don't kill any enemies on your revisit to the Greek house, only
1 of the 4 archers in the final stretch of the area appear.

Random: Athens Town Square civilians

They are like headless chickens. They sometimes appear in clusters, running
against a wall or a corner at the exactly same direction. They can't be beamed
stonefrozen, I wonder why.

Sequence break: getting to the tunnel early

You can do an "Apollo's High Jump" from on top of the balcony to go over the
wall, and from out of bounds carefully jump to the Tunnel Passage without having
to use the trap door to get there. However, you still need to pick up the key or
the Tunnel won't load.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid of this and other shenaningas:

Random: you can grab a ledge on the pathway leading to the hatch and move
under the wooden bridge on either side of it. Looks silly, that's all.

"Tunnel Passage" - save point

Wasted potential?: from tests, it's hard to access Rooftops from the direction
of the tunnel with swimming glitch on. The loading trigger is inside the
corridor (before the last gate) where it can be theoretically hit while
swimming, but not easy. Should be tested again at some point. §

Rooftops of Athens

Speed strategy: You can skip the short tutorial about climbing by jumping to
the other side of the vines right before the spot where the tutorial begins.

Wasted potential: it's possible to go past the Wraiths intro FMV with black-out
time, but doing is not useful since the next area won't load that way. However,
it looks interesting how there is a rampaging Ares quite close amidst unloaded
blackness as you are hanging onto the vine pillars...

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Fight skip: after the Wraith intro FMV, if you're quick enough you can just
roll past the red fight barrier before it forms. (discoverer: satvara?)

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid (at about 02:00)

Camera flaw: before the vine jump section with four archers, if you jump heavily
to the right, you may activate a strange camera angle which shows the whole area
from a far-away isometric angle. Most of the objects in the area are not drawn
with this view, and it looks a bit strange.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations pt. 2):

"Treasure Room" - save point

Sequence break: you can get inside the Zeus' Fury room early, skipping the
entire ballista pushing part! From Treasure Room, climb up the ladder. Now some
enemies should approach Kratos and the camera will change. Do a double jump,
grabbing the roof's southern ledge. Inch your way to as right on the ledge as
you can before falling down, then do a basic long jump (use air square attacks
in between your double jump). You should fall down on some invisble collision.
Following that to the right, you'll eventually fall down inside the Zeus' Fury
room. (c: satvara)

It's not properly loaded at first, and touching the lightning icon in front of
the exit does nothing. But if you roll a little down the corridor and return,
things should load like normal... voila, Zeus' Fury early.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid:

Other: if you drag the ballista towards some of the urns, it will freak out
and zip long distances.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations pt. 14)

Strategy: You can defeat the archers on the ceiling without Zeus' Fury with PR.
(thanks for Riningan to reminding me on this)

Sequence break/other: sparing the cowardly soldier (c: satvara)

You can long jump over the chasm that has the cowardly soldier refusing to pull
the switch. First grab the ledge opposite to the large chasm you're supposed to
cross to get a better starting momentum. Then jump, instantly afterwards do
Apollo's Offensive x2, then a normal square attack, then another jump that is
followed by another Apollo's Offensive. That should be enough.

So, what to do on the other side? Well, you spared the poor sod's life for now.
In theory this also means that it's possible to skip Zeus' Fury, even if you
decided to play through this area and not skip it altogether using the Town
Square skip. Pretty neat.

The soldier can be hit with most of your attacks, prompting him to die and the
door to collapse as if you had shot him with a Zeus' Fury bolt like intended.
Unfortunately if Kratos is in front of the gate, he too will get slaughtered by
this mysterious invisible force, although it can also be blocked. The soldier
can't be stonefrozen or grabbed, but otherwise anything works.

As for the closed gate, it is fortunately brittle and breaks if you just keep
attacking it. It's much tougher than other breakable walls, but it's no
surprise: you were never supposed to break it by hand like this anyway.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid:

Other: the corner of water as you're heading towards the elevator is real
water surface. It remains to be seen if this knowledge can be put to use...

Other: you can roll off the elevator button very precisely to activate it but
not be on it when it starts descending. This doesn't signify anything, though,
Kratos gets safely to his destination anyway.

Semi-wasted potential: the puddles after you get out of the elevator are not
real water surface.

"Return to Town Square" - save point
note: this save point only appears after you return from the rooftops.

Temple of the Oracle

Wasted potential: the trigger for the video clip where Oracle is being dragged
away by Harpies at the Temple's yard seems not possible to be skipped. The
trigger is high enough that you can't get past it even with Apollo's High Jump.

Fight skip: you can skip the Harpy + Gorgons fight and the following scene by
jumping over the red barrier with a high jump.

Semi-wasted potential: the water in the courtyard is not actually water.

"Temple of the Oracle" - save point

Easter egg: by activating three hidden R2-prompts in the yard of the Temple,
you get a message saying "Surrender Kratos" on the sky. A video probably
explains it the best...

Video demonstration:
1, SirRaven's video

Random: Strange collision at the yard area

You may haven't noticed, but you can get on top of the pillar sections from
the right side of the yard where there is a chest. Do a high jump and you
grab a ledge. No use has been found for this area, but still...

Sequence break: skipping Harpies

The video clip of Harpies emerging inside the Temple of the Oracle can be
skipped with upgrading black-out time. While skipping the actual 14 seconds
long video, this also makes Harpies to never appear inside the temple in the
first place, possibly making any jump antics in the temple easier. But at the
same time, you lose the chance to farm Harpies for orbs, so it has its goods
and its bads.

You can complete the statue puzzle without any Harpies around. After putting
the statue in its place, it starts shaking (and you hear Harpy sounds) even
though there are no Harpies in existence in the vicinity!

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Various: Harpy glitches/tricks

Inside the temple harpies will spawn infinitely. While one might think that
them stopping giving orbs is a glitch, it isn't. It is a mechanism implemented
by the game designers to prevent too much orb farming.

If you put a statue in front of the hole they come from you can control their
spawning rate/formation. You can f.e. get them all to spawn at once, which
looks creepy in all its symmetricity. Note that if you start stone beaming
them now you will not get all the orbs you should: simultaneous shattered
enemies do not yield more orbs than just one or two shattered.

There's a very good way to get orbs in this place, and it is going to the
entrance stairway and waiting for the harpies to gather in front of you. Then,
shoot them to death with Medusa's Gaze very gently. Try to save your magic in
the process. The shatter death bonus is more than enough to get you large
amounts of orbs in no time, and this can be repeated as long as your magic
lasts. (~best success with regen magic enabled, of course)

One harpy will always get "stuck" hovering over one of the fountains if you
hang around that area a bit.

If you want, take a go at creating your very own harpy orb fountain with the
statues here. Note: as far as infinite/large amounts of orbs go, the above tip
about shooting them with MG from the entrance is easier and faster to do.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid about an own harpy orb fountain:

Sequence break: Skip past the puzzle

You can do a series of jumps at the top floor using the breaking poles and
reach the next area without pushing either of the statues. It is not easy
to do because of the chandelier collisions which usually block Kratos if he
jumps too high, but with correct timing you'll make it. (c: ballofsnow?)

You can also just use the normal pathway through this area quite easily, even
with the harpies around, if you got regen magic. Just jump and cast PR every
time you hear a harpy screech (indicating an attack). You're basically immune
to their attacks this way.

Video demonstration:
1, Wulf2k9's video of the original skip method:

Sequence break: Faster puzzle skip

By doing Apollo's High Jump from on top of the fountain near the room's
entrance, you can reach the poles at the top and as such you can jump your
way to the room's exit even faster. (c: Satvara)

Some pointers regarding this jump:
- "I'll never get across with all these harpies attacking."
- you need to start your jump from the very edge of the platform.
- use L1+X, Apollo's Ascension for this jump because of its better arc.
- Steer AA to the correct direction.
- instead of holding down R2 to do PR, do PR manually at the height of
  Apollo's Ascension. This way you squeeze in a little more reach than normal.
- the timing of your second jump is crucial.
- don't do Apollo's Offensive instantly after your second jump. Instead, wait
  a little to get some more reach from your jump, that's the only way to get
  far enough to hit the pole.
- it's a very precise jump, but it is possible to do it.
- to make the jump easier, you can repeat AO and PR a few times to inch slightly
  closer to the poles before making the 2nd jump.

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's original vid:
2, Wulf2k9's vid of the easier (yet slower) variation:

"Path to the Oracle" - save point

Collision flaw: Strange pushable pillar collision

Unlike with most other pushable objects, the two pillars inside the Oracle's
Temple's yard do not move away if Kratos jams himself between them and the wall.
This means that you can create your own cramped spaces that let you breach a
wall... in theory. But in practice only two of the railings can be breached
using the pillars for help. Also, after out of bounds, navigation from there to
anywhere else is extremely difficult due to awful camera angles or unstable
floor collision, so there's really not much you can do with this.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid - "food for thought"
2, Wulf2k9's extra out of bounds exploration:

Other: you can trigger the scene showing you the vines and talk to Oracle at
the same time. This causes the camera to slightly glitch up, but nothing else
in particular happens.

Wasted potential: it would've been interesting to see what would happen if
you activated the second part of Oracle rescuing (where the timer activates)
and then left this area. But that's probably not possible to do... not even
while swimming, because you have to be climbing the vines in order to start
the timer, and you can't do that while swimming.

Other: Oracle voice glitch

If you save Oracle before activating the second part minigame (in which the
countdown starts), you hear her shouts echoing in the area even after she's
safely on the ground.

Random: Why Oracle shouted so loudly?

Because the rope she was clinging on to was insubstantial, that's why. Try to
grab it with Kratos if you want to see for yourself.

Video demonstration:
1, or see this video if you're in a hurry:

Sequence break: Skipping saving Oracle altogether

Discovered by some unknown means by Satvara, this highly esoteric wall breach
enables you to get past the locked door (with the Oracle insignia on it) through
the small pillars on the side of it. Apparently, three well-placed Hermes Stomps
is all it takes...

Some extra info. You see the formation of four pillars? Go near the lower-right
of them, and from there start doing HS diagonally towards the northern side of
the gate. Eventually you should be able to breach into the gate's north side.
Now, carefully walk further in to get closer to the door itself. Eventually
there's some collision that you simply can't walk past, so you have to do
another HS. At this point it's very easy to jump back out, so try to be careful.
You have to aim just slightly towards the door. You'll know you made it if you
see Kratos stand close to the door (close enough you see the R2-prompt) but
still out of bounds. From there just carefully jump around the door, and you're
set. Oh, and the Oracle? She'll be fine. Take my word for it.

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's video:

Sequence break: Skipping saving Oracle altogether - the slower version:

For 99% of people who can't do the above, there exists another sequence break
with which you can skip the timed section altogether. Get those two pillars on
top of each other, and get 'em almost directly under the spot the Oracle's
hanging from. Jump on top of the pillars and then do the highest possible normal
high jump, Apollo's High Jump. The game considers you having visited close
enough to Oracle for the game to continue with the cutscene of Kratos rescuing
Oracle... and that's it.

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's/Kewbev63's video:

Other: the timer during the Oracle section keeps running even when time is
stopped (as in during the tutorial message you get right at the start of the
vines section). So, waiting long enough you can die in the tutorial message,
but it's unfortunately pretty pointless.

Other / wasted potential: the water surface in the middle of the yard and in the
small torch-lit pool is real. To the right of the small bridge it's not. From
testing, even if you could start swimming here, it doesn't seem like you can go
beneath water surface using the rocks or other collision nearby. I even tried to
use the pushable pillars as aid, but it didn't work.

"Suicide Bluffs" - save point

Collision flaw: Holes in collision at this area

If you do Hermes Stomp to the uneven walls at the upper parts of the Bluffs
Kratos may drop through them to his death. I know at least 3 spots where this

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations pt. 3):

Trigger skip: Entrance to sewer stairs trigger skip

Sometimes the game will not transport Kratos to the next map (Sewers) as he
reaches the doorway. This causes him to run to a strange dead end. Kratos will
transport like normal if you move backwards a bit. This will especially happen
if you approach the Sewer entrance too quickly.

Speed strat: After entering Sewers, you can high jump to the ledge above the
doorway and from there jump down to the sewers to skip going down the stairs.

Swimming glitch: yes, a rarity, but you can do functional swimming glitch even
before getting Poseidon's Trident. Jump above the doorway before descending down
the stairs and carefully jump near the bottom of the stairs. There's lots of
water around, and you should be able to hit it quite easily. Then swim inside
bounds and try to swim up the stairs. Kratos will suddenly disappear under the
surface, and he is now free to dive and control his movement without the fear of
being shot into the skies (like usually is with swimming glitch at this state).

You can go swimming in any of the earlier areas of the game and explore them
to your heart's content. You can also try to progress forward in the game, but
you'll finally get stuck at the Desert because there's the Siren fight there
that you can't beat while swimming.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Random: You can use high jump to reach the platforms near the ceilings you
couldn't normally reach.

Collision flaw: When at the area with two cyclops, do a high jump towards the
waterfall and grab its ledge. That area is somehow flawed, with Kratos starting
to flicker strangely. (well, such behavior is not too uncommon here, actually).

Strategy: By jumping onto the ladders of the area, your enemies will instantly
forget your presence.

Other: One of the Legionnaires is subject to being infinitely Orion's Harpooned,
like the one at docks. I have no further info on this matter, though.

Random: If you try to return to the sewers after visiting the ground level,
there's an owl symbol blocking the path and you hear the Oracle say the same
line she says after you've rescued her and talk to her (basically the
instructions to Kratos on what to do next).

"Athens Battleground" - save point
note: effectively a different save point than the other Athens Battleground

Desert of Lost Souls

Other: if you skip the initial cutscene at the Desert by swimming over it, the
Sirens do not appear in the level. This makes the intro scene of the Sirens look
rather strange.

Also, if you skip the first cutscene, then approach it from the wrong side at
the same time you talk to the Athena statue... after the FMV you hear Athena
say the same thing multiple times at once instead of just once. A big whoop.
Your last checkpoint also glitches up: if you retry, the time is frozen (as if
you were talking to Athena) and Kratos is absolutely stuck forever.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid of the 2nd paragraph things:

Strategy: Defeating first Siren easily

They are very vulnerable to stoning, dying after 3 times. In fact, the first
Siren can be destroyed during her introduction cutscene by just petrifying her
repeatedly. Easy!

Wulf2k9 also has this to say: "The AI of the first desert siren will break
after restarting from checkpoint, if she's evading when it saves. She'll respond
to direct attacks, but will never wander and can be plumed to death."

Video demonstration:
1, Wulf2k9's video of the petrification tactic

Other: If you go far enough from a Siren and wait a bit, it goes back to its
'wandering' mode, singing and moving aimlessly.

Other: The three Sirens you're supposed to defeat have 10000HP, which is a lot.
You only need to trickle about 125HP away to activate the minigame which kills
them automatically, and that's what most people instinctively do in their games.
If you do away all of their 10000HP they die like normal, and the gate gets one
more soul in it like it should.

Sequence break: Skipping all Sirens + puzzle

Find the entrance to the temple area. Go to the left for a bit, so that the
structure ends and you face a wall of sand. With a well-placed Hermes Rush
you clip right through the wall/floor and drop into the temple. Very
convenient! (c: satvara)

As a bonus you can also skip opening the next door if you take care to fall
on the conveyor belt below while still out of bounds. There's a thin stretch
of land that you must traverse on (perfectly angled rolls work) until you reach
the area below the door. From there, just high jump up to get behind the door
without opening it, saving a few seconds more.

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's vid of the skip:
2, Satvara's vid of the extra timesave:

"Desert of Lost Souls" - save point

Sequence break: Skipping the conveyor belt with a high jump

You can high jump your way to the next area very easily without needing the
box for extra height. Original discoverer was GMG with his PR-less high jump,
but it became easier to do with higher jumps later.

Sequence break: Skipping blowing the first horn

Do an Apollo's High Jump on top of one of the upper pedestals. Then jump around
the sandstorm to the other side!

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's demonstration:

Wasted potential: the mandatory Siren fight before blowing the second horn makes
it currently impossible to get to Pandora's Temple with swimming glitch on.

Also, before you ask, the cutscene in which the horn disappears has a very
aggressive trigger to it, activating from pretty far away no matter what
direction Kratos approaches it. And even if you could bypass it, you probably
wouldn't be able to blow the horn. So... how to get rid of a bunch of Sirens
while swimming...?

Temple of Pandora

"Pandora's Bridge" - save point

Scene skip: there's a small scene showing you the area as you approach the yard
of the temple, but you can jump over it using a high jump.

You can also skip it by upgrading Blades and retrying, then quickly rolling
through the trigger before it loads. It's slightly faster, if set-up right.

Fun fact: if you now visit the corpse guy and then activate this scene, you
sometimes see two corpse guys at the same time at the corpse pile!

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid of the second method

Sequence break: By utilizing Hermes Rush, you can wedge Kratos through a wall
behind the health chest left of the large gate. This allows you to skip some
cutscenes and a fight, so it's a fast, useful trick to know. (c: satvara)

There's also an alternative, slower way that doesn't require you to have
upgraded Blades at all. Do an ascension on top of the chest facing right and
hold block as you fall down. This way Kratos ends up behind the chest. Then,
after landing quickly aim Medusa's Gaze behind you, and you should pop through
the wall and get inside the corridor early. (c: Wulf2k9)

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's cool video:
2, Wulf2k9's video of the latter method:

Other: Oddities in moving corpse's behaviour

First of all: if you access his platform from the wrong direction, the cutscene
where Kratos and him talk will not load and he just continues doing whatever he
was doing normally. During this time his collision is such you can jump on him
and let him move you around.

Secondly: I don't know how it happens, probably after unexpected routes Kratos
can take during this level. The corpse person completely disappears from the
level and you can't proceed. This can also happen with discs with loading

Other: Cutscene black-out glitch

As you approach the corpse person the correct route, once you get close enough,
the screen blackens. If you now hastily move away from the platform you're on,
the cutscene will never start and you keep the black screen eternally.
Basically, it makes progress pretty much impossible... and it carries over a
save too, so you can ruin your file by doing this.

Video demonstration:
1, "way to fuck up your GoW save!"

Random: Strange thing with the harpies

You see the harpy bringing in corpses near the corpse person's den? You can jump
on it with a high jump and let it carry you off to distant lands. Well, not-so-
distant anyhow. The journey cuts out untimely as the harpy disappears and Kratos
falls down to a chasm.

Random: During when a corpse is dropped in the fire, other graphical effects
(such as Kratos' blades during an air Cyclone of Chaos) may behave erratically.

Sweet spot: during the fight against the two Cyclops, you can stay relatively
safe by hugging close to the left side of the gate front. From there it's easy
to blast away at the foes with Medusa's Gaze and then shatter them with
Poseidon's Rage (hope you have regen magic, though).

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Sequence break: skip Pandora's Temple's gate and lobby

You can jump over the gate that you'd have to rotate the crank to open. Pretty
simple, and doesn't save much time in the end.

However, from on top of the gate you can follow things up with another skip,
and that is that you can jump straight inside the rings from here, skipping
the Entrance and its battle and scenes altogether. You can also jump directly
to the Inner Rings using this route by using the collision of the statues that
you find inside the large hall. (credits: satvara)

Get to the left side of the gate, then do one Apollo's Ascension to get over a
not too high wall in the way. Now you should be outside bounds and roughly as
far as left and to the back of the gate as possible. Then, do a long jump
forward - it helps if you use "lenient air momentum" and Apollo's Offensive two
times before jumping straight forward. If you see Kratos slip inside the lobby
at any point, then you were not left enough. Try to stay out of bounds.

Anyway, Kratos will grab a ledge of the invisible platform - actually one of the
statues inside the lobby. Climb on top of it. From there, you can walk about 2,5
steps forward before the platform ends, so be careful. Stay within the limits of
the platform and do a small ALJ ahead of you to land on another invisible
platform. This platform is slightly smaller than the first one, and the jump to
the third platform ahead is more difficult. Satvara's original tactic
intentionally jumps down to hang on from a ledge of the 2nd platform to be able
to do an easier long jump, but lenient air momentum is again an option.

From there on there looks to be more floor. Another long jump is required at the
end in order to get Kratos land inside the Inner instead of the Outer Ring...
perhaps better instructions will follow one day. §

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Rings of Pandora

"Temple of the Crystal Eye" - save point
note: hereafter this location is abbreviated as TotE

Other: swimming glitch at the Rings before getting Trident (c: satvara)

A combination of glitches allowed this to become possible. First, you have to
use gliding to move up the large statue at the center of the Rings, eventually
falling inside it to the innermost ring. Then you got to use the water surface
breaching trick to fall all the way inside and be able to open the doorway of
the ring. Finally, jump back up to the water surface at the ceiling of the
innermost ring to activate swimming. The ceiling of the ring is such that it
pushes Kratos beneath the water surface, allowing you to take the swimming
glitch with you (even without Trident).

You can do this as early as when you first arrive at Pandora's Temple if you
used the other tricks above (getting to inner rings early).

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Sequence break: Skipping 90% of Challenge of Atlas

Satvara outwitted this section of the game. It's possible to get to the end
corridor of Challenge of Atlas from the Temple of the Eye and fetch the skull
from there, skipping most of the Challenge.

First you need to do a high jump against the edge of the moving crusher. Hope
you hadn't turned those things off yet... There's a ledge on the side of the
crusher, so get Kratos to grab it. Keep moving to the left while hanging onto it
to have the wall suck Kratos in. This doesn't have a 100% success chance. I
think the most important thing that determines your success is your position on
the ledge, and also that you keep moving to the left while hanging. Sometimes it
may help to push to left in fast intermittent spurts rather than all the time.
It also doesn't hurt to adjust your timing so that you grab the crusher's ledge
rather early, before it starts to retract.

Now you're out of bounds for a short moment. Do a droopy double jump towards the
camera and to the left, enough to land on the pool's floor, but remaining out of
bounds. Then you have to blindly move to get closer to the CoA corridor without
ending up inside the pool or falling out of bounds.

The corridor itself seems too high to reach with just a basic high jump, but if
you aim for the spot beneath the CoA door, the floor is low enough there that
you can hit it and gain some precious extra jumps for pulling through. Remember
to finish this high jump with Apollo's Offensive for that precious extra height.

Then move through the hallway to get to the ladder there. Now another high jump
is needed because the top of the ladder is blocked off (you never moved the
coffin off the ladder, remember?). Again using Apollo's Offensive with a good
enough air momentum, you actually pass through the coffin and can finish the
level in record time.

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's original vid:
2, AKheon's tutorial of the trick:

Other: if you do the above skip, some enemies will spawn into the TotE corridor
even though the crushers are still working. They can get hit by the crushers
too, although it looks like they don't get much damage from them in comparison
to Kratos.

Especially interesting results after CoP, since the enemies are shielded. They
get hit by the crushers despite the shield, and sometimes go into a strange
looking reaction animation - during which they can be grabbed and thrown.

Fight "skip": Legionnaire fights in TotE

After completing CoA or CoP, you'll have to fight some Legionnaires when trying
to leave TotE. However, if you save at TotE and quickly roll out of there during
the black-out time, you skip having to fight them.

However, the thing with the Legionnaire fight is that they are never really
skipped: they are only postponed. The next time you return to the area, the
fight trigger is still there. Eventually many fight triggers overlap and the
enemies from all the fights spawn at once. Well, I suppose it's more time
efficient to fight all the enemies at once rather than fight small separate
groups, so in that way this can save time...

This particular way of skipping the fight trigger relies on saving and loading
the game, so it's not useful outside a segmented run. Depending on your route,
though, the Legionnaire fight can become postponed otherwise too.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Wasted potential: after having pulled the switch to stop the crushers, you can
bypass the cutscene that starts as you exit by using black-out time. However,
it's useless as you need the cutscene to open up the handles for the Eye device.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Collision flaw: The crusher traps inside TotE can hit Kratos even after they're
disabled in some circumstances/randomly. Especially if you Hermes Rush towards

Other: Access unloaded outer areas

By completing Challenge of Poseidon before Challenge of Atlas, the small door
that would close when you leave the temple will not close. Now you have three
entrances from the outermost ring: to the inner ring, to TotE or Challenge of
Atlas. The use of this is the following: if you change areas and return to the
TotE entrance, its innards are mostly unloaded. You can activate the eye machine
or do swimming glitch through the half-unloaded pool. If you turn the wheel you
can also get Challenge of Atlas to appear unloaded, though this isn't useful.

NOTE: Satvara has reported that whenever entering or exiting the glitched TotE,
the formation of the rings resets. Unfortunately it seems that the beam of light
you can send from TotE must physically touch the crystal at the other end for
something to happen (e.g. any closed doorways are counted for). Satvara also
found a way to the unloaded TotE in normal game conditions. (see second vid.)

Well, the second vid is unavailable at the moment. From what I recall, it
involved walking on the wall of the inner ring and doing a long jump from on
top of there over the outer ring wall to land inside the unloaded TotE.

Video demonstration:
1, Swimming through Challenge of Atlas, utilizes this trick:
2, Satvara's demonstration (currently unavailable):

Collision flaw: Getting to Challenge of Hades prematurely

From the higher area (from where you enter Challenge of Poseidon) you can reach
Challenge of Hades' waterway easily by doing a few jumps. First jump on top of
the inner wall. You can stand on top of it and walk around the Rings like this,
to an extent. In a certain spot very close by, you'll find some shoddy collision
in the floor and you'll fall through. This is your chance to hit the underwater
passage into CoH.

Unfortunately you can't pass Challenge of Hades without the Poseidon's Trident,
so as of yet doing this isn't too useful.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid that shows getting to the waterway early (among other things)

Sequence break: getting to the ladder leading to CoP quickly

In a normal game you'd have to go around to the stairs, then jump on top of the
rolling stone object, balance on top of it, then jump on the ladder. However,
you can reach the ladder by doing a simple high jump from the ground level.

Another way of quickly dealing with this part is from behind the rolling stone:
by a correctly placed Hermes Stomp you will land on top of the stone naturally.

Yet another method is to do a BoA ascension when the crusher is rolling towards
Kratos. Continuing with the BoA air combo should let Kratos land on the crusher
quite comfily and go on from there.

Video demonstration:
1, Wulf2k9's vid of the last method:

Other: after the ladder cinematic Kratos' position is moved forcefully, even if
you were not on or even near the ladder.

Other: I've heard a glitch being reported in which the red boundaries will not
drop even after all Magic Legionnaires have been killed when fighting them in
the TotE corridor. The game does not register final kill? In any case, rare.

Tyrhhjy also said that this can happen at the very last Legionnaire appearance,
when you are supposed to combine the Eye crystal parts, claiming that it is
because of approaching the barrier too quickly (before finishing the first
batch of enemies).

Challenge of Atlas

Sequence break: Skipping Blade of Artemis

By doing a Hermes Rush to the right-hand wall of the BoA corridor and pressing
L1 the instant Kratos seems to 'rise' up the wall, you start gliding. With this
movement you go right past BoA without getting it. (c: AKheon)

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (at the beginning):

"Challenge of Atlas" - save point

Sequence break: skipping Shields and the saw room in CoA (c: satvara)

With strategic high jumps and loading trigger manipulating you can pass through
this challenge without doing any of the puzzles.

To skip directly past the shield door, first go to the corridor leading up to
it to load the next area. Then, backtract to the stairs leading up in the main
area and do a BoA high jump from on top of the chest. Not too high, just enough
to get over the wall and drop down on floor while out of bounds. From there you
can either jump into the saw room, which is forward and pretty close by...
pretty simple. Or you can remain out of bounds and do a series of jumps leading
you directly past the closed door you'd normally have to open using the two
switches amidst the moving saws. That also saves time, but increases the
difficulty level of the skip.

For skipping the entire saw room, it is recommended to walk a little to the left
of the chest you do the high jump from to switch the camera angle to a more
suitable one for traversing out of bounds. Then, instead of jumping from inside
the wall, walk down and left and you'll fall to some floor out of bounds. Now
you can start the jump - but beware, start the jump from too right and you'll
hit some invisible wall in front of you.

After starting the jump, all graphics go black, but try to align Kratos a little
to the right of the chest you see in the distance and you should hit some floor
while still remaining out of bounds. This is difficult, though. I prefer doing
a lenient air momentum-jump with BoA instead. This way you can get across in
just one fell swoop and do not have to platform blind.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid showing the gist of it (slightly outdated):
2, satvara's vid of skipping the saws altogether:

Strategy: The ladder inside the area where you get after completing the block
puzzle is a one you can do A.I. glitches with. Climb on the ladder, wait for
your enemy to climb after you. Then jump off: they get stuck.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations pt. 4):

Sequence break: You can get to Shield of Zeus extremely quickly by doing a high
jump from right in front of the rotating wall. Aim so that you can grab a ledge
at the end of the jump and climb to the 2nd floor, and that's it, you're there.
Discoverer: GMG (one of the few skips possible with the PR-less high jump).

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Random: Shield of Zeus' and Hades' prompts are pretty unique somehow. If you
glitch the 'Yes' / 'No' selector by going to a menu and then pick a glitched
third option, Kratos doesn't freeze - instead game continues as if you had said

A.I. Flaw: If you get stonefrozen in front of the shield door and examine it
just once, all enemies in the area forget your presence and you are not in
danger of being shattered after that.

Random: you can keep examining the shield door prompt even after you've become

Sequence break: You can get to Hades' Shield extremely quickly by doing a long
jump when descending on the rope. (c: satvara)

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Sequence break: you can skip the rope section that leads to Hades' Shield with
a BoA high / long jump as well. You can use the pillars in the forefront as
floor to land on, speeding up the jumping process. But this is still not as
just doing a long jump from the rope.

Video demonstration:
1, Wulf2k9's vid

Other: you can examine Shield of Hades and roll backwards to get out of the
corridor of doom before it encloses and you're in danger of becoming smushed.
What follows is that the crusher slowly makes its way to the other end of the
corridor and then you become checkpointed. You can either return to the upper
level the way you came or high jump on top of the crusher and make your way
to the normal exit of the area to see all the legionnaires stuck in a cramped
space between the crusher and the red barrier that never dissipated. Pretty

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Other: the Gorgons can rarely follow you past the shield door, only to become
unloaded in a moment's time. You could probably use this unloading limit for
infinite red orbs, although the glitch can be difficult to perform with gorgons.

"The Path to Atlas" - save point

Random: Kratos can 'ride' on saws for extremely quick movement... probably
not controllable.

Other: THE famous spot for infinite orbs

Yes, you've seen it a million times already, the most popular spot for garnering
a full set of orbs: the ladder at Challenge of Atlas. Instead of repeating what
has been said already, I implore you to read an earlier section of this guide,
the one about infinite mana orb glitch. (or do a search on Youtube)

Strategy: in the collapsing floor fight, you don't actually even have to fight
any enemies to win. Just make sure to start a BoA long jump right before the
floor collapses beneath you. As the enemies fall down to their deaths, the red
barrier in front of the switch dissipates and then you can reach it. Could be
worth a try if you're desperate.

"The Cliffs of Atlas" - save point
note: this one spawns only after you've got the Atlas Handle.

Speed strat: you can save a little bit of time while on the ledge leading to
the Atlas statue room by jumping the rest of the way after passing the middle.

Sequence break: leave the Atlas room early

Eventually you get into the room where there's the large Atlas statue. You can
quickly get to the upper level by going near the exit door and doing a regular
PR high jump against it - Kratos can grab a ledge above it. From there, double
jump to get to the balcony to the left of you. Then, you can BoA high jump to
get over the walls and just get the heck out of this place.

For the second jump, you can do it with just Blades as well. AHJ that ends with
Hermes Stomp should do it.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Strategy: There are three different places in the room with the Atlas statue
where you can trick enemies' attacks by examining R2-prompts at a correct time.
The prompts are the handle-less crank, the Atlas statue and the large door that
is broken later. Useful for combat, as enemies' attacks will pass right through
you when you examine any prompts (credits to GMG for the original write-up).

"NOTE: Using the above is super sweet. I’d advise it be tried by all for the
sake of a good time. ~ Just wait until their attack ends and they’ll stand
still…or wait for an opening large enough to interrupt their attack. Whatever.
Do what works and have fun." - GMG

Other: Atlas switch glitch

If you activate the Atlas rock pusher mechanism switch twice in a row quickly,
the switch will eternally get stuck to the 'on' position, and you can't use it

Other: Graphical glitch while picking up the Architect's Son's skull

If you stand at the edge of the coffin and not on top of it, Kratos will grab
at nothingness and tear away a piece of nothingness to use as a skull.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations pt. 4)

Random: speed idea for a RTA-run

No matter if you complete CoA via the shortcut that skips most of it or by
actually going through the Challenge, you get a two minute long FMV in the
corridor leading back to TotE that you'd rather avoid in an RTA. Not to mention
that opening the door back to TotE causes a small cutscene, after which there
is a fight in the long corridor. Well, you could skip all of the above by...
going out of CoA via the entrance!

There is actually only one thing really blocking this route, and it is the
Shield door which is really difficult to bypass from the wrong direction if you
hadn't opened it up earlier. If there was a way to get back to the main area
easily after getting the Skull, this could be an alternative route to consider.

Challenge of Poseidon

"Poseidon's Challenge" - save point

Sequence break: You can skip the Cerberi fight by BoA high jumping over the red
wall at the other end of the arena.

It's also possible (and faster) to use checkpoint black-out time to skip the
fight trigger, skipping the entire Cerberi intro scene as a bonus.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid of using black-out to skip the fight

Sequence break: You avoid the fight with cyclops and moving the big block around
by just running past them. And the archers too. Slightly suicidal on higher

Sequence break: You can skip the fight before the turning room by doing a BoA
high jump over the red wall. You need to squeeze Kratos right between the wall
and the ceiling, but it can be done with correct timing.

Or, you could just do Hermes Rush towards the red barrier. There's a very small
collision flaw in it that allows Kratos to slip through. (c: satvara)

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's vid of the faster way:

Save point - Sacrifice of Poseidon
note: this is a NTSC-only save point. Why? No idea...

Sequence break: in the NTSC-version, you can use the nearby save point and
create black-out time to get past the cage showing cutscene.

Video demonstration:
1, Wulf2k9's video

Sequence break: Quickly getting the cage down

The cage inside of which is the object of sacrificial (a human in some versions,
an undead Legionnaire in others) is lowerable by two ways: one is by turning the
crank, one is by jumping right next to it to an invisible platform up high and
pushing it to the ground. Just an odd/clever piece of level design. The latter
method also skips the FMV that follows having lowered the cage. (c: GMG?)

Video demonstration:
1, Kevbew63's demonstration:

Other: the sound of the caged Legionnaire can be a lot louder than other SFX.

Sequence break: the sacrifice sequence in its whole can be skipped by doing an
arduous BoA jump. First over the wall at the last room's south side, then just
long jumping (with assumedly BoA) outside walls to the other side of the sealed
door. Regen/infinite magic is needed.

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's vid:

"Poseidon's Chamber" - save point

Other: reverse CoP playthrough (c: AKheon / satvara)

Entering the Chamber, if you do a high jump at a correct time you get over the
trigger that closes the door behind you, allowing you to fetch the Trident and
then return back the way you came. This route is not faster than just doing
the rest of the challenge normally, but it's something interesting to consider.

The biggest problem of this route is the rotating room, which takes ages to run
its course. Also, if you had skipped any fights at the beginning of the
challenge, now you have to skip them again!

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Random: You can climb ladders from "the wrong direction", behind them, in
Poseidon's Chamber.

Sequence break: You can skip unfolding the stairway of Poseidon's Chamber by
doing a high enough BoA high jump. Viable with regen magic and no upgrades. It
turns even faster if you use fuse glitch to do a normal jump as the last thing:
there's a ledge you can grab.

Perhaps in tool-assisted conditions the may be another option for skipping it:
doing a super jump out of the water. You get really high and far, but it's too
difficult to control in real time.

Speed strat / wasted potential: You will skip the swimming tutorial if you don't
jump into the water pools of Poseidon's Chamber. But obviously, you have no
choice in the matter unless you plan on escaping the Chamber with a high jump.

Sequence break: Skipping things with swimming glitch

You can swim out through the walls in at least two different places in the
upcoming underwater section. The fastest currently known method is at the Nyad
you see floating in the middle of the room. There's a well-lit ceiling window
right above her. You have to move against the window or dash so that Kratos
slightly clips inside the wall. You'll see him enter the ceiling next to the
window, but he still can't escape. Then, move to the front of the window
carefully and dash upwards. Kratos may escape doing this. (c: satvara)

The original, easier method of leaving the underwater hallway is before the
first insta-death trap. Wiggle against the ceiling right in front of the
entrance, and eventually you should pass through. Discoverer: (among alleged
others) Euqununique.

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's vid of the new method:
2, Satvara's speedrun demonstration of the old method:

Other: You can activate "reverse swimming glitch" in the corridor which is
not completely submerged right before the spiked corridor. Try dashing to the
roof at different places and it might happen. It's not useful, though, but
just to mention it. I first saw this in a Youtube-video that I can't seem to
find nowadays any more.

Other: Insta-death trap glitch

The corridor with the whirling array of all sorts of blades and spikes will
not always kill Kratos instantly when it closes shut. He might get stuck in
there for a longer time, losing his life little by little. You get to see the
buzzsaw animation right to the end, and it is not a pretty sight - it goes
nowhere, the saws just freeze strangely and look messed up.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid (minor glitches & observations pt. 5):

"Flooded Passage" - save point

Other: Moving metal slab/grating corridor glitch (discoverer: AKheon)

You know the part where there's a long sideways corridor and these strange
slabs of metal that run through it periodically? You're supposed to go to left,
but going to right is actually more useful. This is because you get two of the
slabs appear at the same time, causing the trap to lose its lethality and turn
into a fast method of transportation. The glitched doubleslab will drop Kratos
off at the left end of the corridor, right next to the exit. Very convenient.

NOTE: This will only happen if your position is as low as possible.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid:

"Amphitrite's Temple" - save point

Collision flaw: Passing elevator's ceiling

The underwater elevator at the end of CoP will suck Kratos in through the
ceiling if you're close enough or swim upwards. It looks a bit strange but
does nothing harmful. However, if you do the same thing downwards, you CAN
actually get outside boundaries.. (not useful on this occasion, though)

Out of bounds: rarely you can go out of bounds from the corridor that leads you
back to the Temple of the Eye if you swim aiming downwards around the place.
If this could be done reliably, it could lead to some useful strategies...

Other: An event glitch if returning to Challenge of Poseidon

The elevator you used at the end of the Challenge works the other way around
too, so you can return to CoP afterwards. But after you swim out of the elevator
at its upper end and then try to re-enter it, it disappears to thin air and you
have to go pull the nearby switch to get it up and working again.

Challenge of Hades

Sequence break: You can skip the short in-game cutscene showing the large hall
by doing a high jump at a correct spot (the rightmost edge of the step with the
omega symbol). (c: satvara)

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's demo:

Wasted potential: it's not possible to simply go past the big door and go fetch
the next skull: nothing is loaded beyond the doorway until you've beaten
Pandora's Guardian. Also, while you can reach the boss wheel early, it can't be
activated until you've hit the respective triggers in CoH upstairs.

"The Hall of Hades" - save point

Sequence break: Do a high jump to the balcony where there's the button for
bringing up Hades Statue. You can grab its ledge, easy deal. (c: satvara)

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Wasted potential: you can get to the bottom of the blood pool without swimming
by using the water surface breaching trick. On PS3, Kratos is able to pull the
switch that's there even like that, although he gets stuck afterwards, rendering
this trick pretty useless. On PS2, the switch pulling animation doesn't even
get a chance to begin as it interrupts instantly, so it won't work there either.

Strategy: For the (nowadays) optional centaur sacrifice, a great sweet spot is
right in the blood pool. Your enemies will ignore you if you jump in. Coming
from the pool, you can also hang out at the edges of the pool without the
enemies being able to notice you.

Sequence break: If you nonetheless wish to pass by the lower regions, you can
use this hole in the wall to skip the 'kill all enemies'-segment.

Video demonstration:
1, video by ballofsnow (a GOW speedrun pioneer)

Speed strat: if you're extremely precise, you may try to roll off the button
at the same time the statue becomes active. It causes the next cutscene's camera
to glitch (it shows Kratos instead of the statue) and you also get a head start
to your next destination.

Speed strat: You can use the floor pool to do a water high jump (a.k.a XXL jump,
uber jump, etc.) up to the statue.

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's demonstration

"The Chamber of Hades" - save point
note: only spawns after having activated Hades statue's light

Other: If you have both the centaur fight and Hades statue activated at the
same time (possible with sequence breaks), the game starts lagging moderately
and some camera angles are screwed up because of the statue. Don't want to
think about what would happen with music glitch on top of the whole thing...

Sequence break: skip everything until Blades of Hades (c: satvara)

So, the corridor with the balls of fire is open before you. Doing a few
strategic high jumps, you can skip everything from here until Blades of Hades!

You have to move in the corridor past the 2nd door to hit a loading trigger.
I recommend a movement tactic of rollrush that is turned into timed quick
rolls whenever you need to abuse i-frames to go past the damaging balls. When
the last ball rolls through Kratos you may even use weapon switch i-frames for
extra speed and style points.

After that, turn to the left and BoA high jump over the wall. Using LAM is too
much of a hassle with the fiery balls running past all the time, so you should
start the jump with a basic Ascension. Use fuse glitch to do your double jump
in the middle of the high jump to save time and ensure you don't run out of
magic during the jump (which may very well happen with a classic BoA jump).

There are a few meters of floor out of bounds floor adjacent to the corridor,
so don't fall off it. Now you're supposed to go back to the direction where you
came from, although there is a dead end room in the way. You have to go around
it using either an Apollo's long jump or a BoA long jump. Don't get too close to
the dead end room at any point or you may accidentally slip inside it, or even
in a less severe case ruin your camera angle. For an easier time, use a BoA
long jump.

Continue to the direction the corridor started from until you get close to the
first dead end room. Now you should do a BoA long jump to the left. If you
start the jump from too close to the 2nd dead end room, you get a bad camera
angle, but this is not too hard to avoid. Use your usual BoA long jumping
tactics like substituting a PR here and there with a Gorgon Flash, and also
remember the existence of the fuse glitch. If you haven't upgraded MG, a classic
BoA jump also suffices, but it's a bit slower to do. You should land in the
circular room and from there can continue on your way to Blades of Hades.

Since you came to the circular room from a strange direction, you also skipped
a trigger that would start a fight here, so that saves some extra time as well.

1, satvara's original video:
2, AKheon's demo of the trick using newer tactics:

Sequence break: Rope crossing tricks

There is this large chasm with a rope running over it. In the background there
are several archers which kill Kratos in just one arrow by plummeting him into
the lava below if he tries to cross the rope before dealing with them. Getting
across without having to bother with the archers constitutes as a quick rope

A trick Satvara found for doing this was to activate RotG while crossing. This
makes the arrows largely harmless to Kratos, increasing your chance of success
thousandfoldly. However, RotG doesn't last long enough for a completely safe
passage, making this a fast, yet still somewhat risky method.

While on rope, it is not possible to use, say, magics. However, it is possible
for Kratos to drop down from the rope, do a magic, and then grab the rope again
with the usage of L1+X. This allows to attack enemies with more efficiency while
on the rope and you will get further on before RotG runs out. The trick itself
is slightly tricky, especially if used with Gorgon Flash with its wonky aiming,
and as such it is still risky. (c: AKheon)

Satvara later devised a few safer methods of getting past this part. All involve
BoA long jumping. First is a legit skip in itself that skips the rope crossing
entirely, although it's not super fast. First you have to skip the minotaurs by
high jumping over the red barrier on the way to the archers. Then another high
jump is needed to go out of bounds at the left end of the archer platform.
Finally, once out of bounds, you can reach the circular room with a BoA long
jump. The best thing with this approach is that it's practically risk-free.

A faster variation is doing a BoA jump from the rope platform, but inching away
from archers enough as to completely make their platform become unloaded. Kratos
can move forward quite a bit without the risk of arrows. At the middle way
Kratos should get back to the rope and deal the rest of it using RotG.

Video demonstrations:
1, AKheon's vid of crossing the rope using RotG and magic
2, satvara's vid of the rope crossing skip using the archers' platform
3, satvara's vid of the semi-safe BoA tactic at the rope

"Blades of Hades" - save point

Random: Amusing oneself with heights

As you know, during CoH when you're at the upper parts of the chamber, Kratos
will emit a shout when he passes a certain point when falling down. If you're
swimming in air, you can safely reach the trigger where he switches animation
and starts shouting. Basically, he starts flailing his arms and legs and
screams, nothing happens. Then he does it again, and again and again...

NOTE: during my first playthrough I thought Kratos was so tough a guy he never
ever screams, not even as he dies. Well, this place is an exception...

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Sequence break: Skip most of CoH's upper level by doing a high jump under the
rope used to slide to the balcony where there's the Boss Wheel. (c: AKheon)

Video demonstration:
1, Kewbew's handy demonstration:

Trigger skip: saving at the The Hall of Hades-save, then loading game from the
main menu and rolling quickly, you can bypass the trigger at the boss room
doorway during black-out time.

As a result of having skipped the trigger, the room exits never close down,
allowing you to escape before the boss fight starts. If you leave back to the
Rings of Pandora and return, the boss fight triggers have all unloaded, and
you're stuck in the game. (Well, you can still fix things by accessing the
sealed off CoH - this can be done by trying to get in it from the wrong
direction - and going all the way through it again. Fortunately this time
the Challenge is nearly empty since you already completed it once. After
passing through Blades of Hades again, you get back to the boss wheel. It can't
be turned again, but that doesn't matter - the correct triggers now exist once
again and the boss fight can start when you go back to the boss room.)

Another result is that the cutscene trigger still exists during the boss fight
itself. You can activate the cutscene at a wrong time and create a new
checkpoint during the boss fight, something not normally possible. Unfortunately
this can't be used to your advantage since the boss always heals to full HP if
you retry from checkpoint, and the boss A.I. doesn't become glitched either,
even if you try things like checkpointing while the boss was stunned.

The trigger disappears after the boss fight, and after having fetched the skull
from upstairs, all the doorways become sealed nonetheless.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Trigger skip: if you manipulate where Kratos becomes checkpointed after the
doorway cutscene, you can end up close enough to the boss FMV trigger that you
can skip that one too using black-out time. Beyond the trigger there is just a
big invisible wall, though. Nothing to get excited about, I guess...

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Pandora's Guardian

A.I. glitch: Blind spot Pandora's Guardian has

If you stand at a correct spot during the boss fight, your opponent will get
stuck doing something useless. Basically, get to the higher area where there's
the switch to shoot logs at the Guardian. Stand at the forefront of the higher
platform, find the line which marks the half-way point of it, and stand just
slightly to the right of the line. Now the boss is mostly powerless against
Kratos. (c: GMG)

Video demonstration:
1, GMG's demonstration:

Sequence break: skipping phases of this boss fight (c: satvara)

Apparently, by repeatedly pulling the switch of the log-shooting device, you
can trick the boss into getting hit by the logs and skip many phases of the
fight this way. You have to pull the switch again a little after the first
stake launches for Kratos to start pulling the switch again "early".

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Sequence break: double lever pull

An older speed tactic. A part of the boss fight is skippable by pulling the
log shooting device's lever twice in a row as the boss is dazed. The boss will
get hit by another log before he can move out of the way, so you don't have to
deplete his health or do the mini-game one extra time.

Using this trick, the bosses armor breaks away differently than it would if you
attacked him normally. (e.g. the breast plate remains to the last part) But
also, the armor breaks differently depending on whether you use this trick on
the first or second phase of the fight.

If you activate double lever pull right before the bosses death's FMV, after
the FMV the machine will click but no log comes out.

Video demonstration:
1, GMG's video:

Random: If you pull the lever while Pandora's guardian is not stunned, etc.
he will rush to the back of the area and crouches under the flying log.

Other: for some reason Pandora's Guardian can rarely enter a state where he
leans on the log shooting device-platform like usual, but fully steaming -
indicating that he should be mini-gamed next - and he also never does any
attacks at Kratos. Trying to shoot a log has no effect either, it just hits
Pandora's Guardian and disappears.

Video demonstration:
1, Rjsingh Xxx's video:

Random: After killing the boss, you get to shoot the log firing device at least
once so that the time does not stop nor camera change.

Trigger skip: You can skip the loading trigger for Army of Hades appearance (and
the small cutscene showing the icon) by doing a massive BoA high jump after the
third lava stream. Unfortunately it's useless because none of the exit doors
will open up if you do this. They stay locked like they are during the boss

It's unknown what would happen if you also used the trigger skip above that
makes the doors stay open... but probably nothing good, since it's likely that
the corridor leading back to Rings is unloaded for now. Also, setting up this
whole skip would take too much time anyway in a speed run.

"Minotaur's Nest" - save point

Sequence break: After having picked up the skull, there's another in-game scene
at the large hall. You can skip it at least two different ways.

One is to do a decently high BoA high jump towards the wall right of the
stairway. After crossing over, use your double jump to fall back down into the
boss room from above, skipping the cutscene in the process. The good part is
that the big circular descent is also skipped. (c: AKheon)

Other method is going down the circular descent as normal, then doing a small
high jump over the wall to the left right close before hitting the cutscene
trigger. Then just go around the trigger from out of bounds. (c: satvara)

It's not clear which is preferable of the two ways. Depends on the situation,
I guess. The latter method doesn't require PR or BoA, at best.

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's video:
2, AKheon's video:

Sequence break: skipping Army of Hades

The cheapest way to skip this magic is this: go out of bounds as detailed above:
high jumping over the left-hand wall from on top of the stairs close to the hole
that Pandora's Guardian made - and carefully inch all the way to the exit to
completely skip getting this magic. However, like all other skips that require
you to move outside bounds for extended periods of time, is not easy to do in
the least. (c: satvara)

You can also escape from the middle of the AoH tutorial fight by jumping over
Hades' face (there's a platform), and then doing another high jump to end up
inside the corridor behind the face. Simple Apollo's High Jumps will suffice.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Other: if you skipped the in-game scene at the hall, you can activate it later
during the Army of Hades-fight. It doesn't help much, though. You can even try
to activate it at the same time as Hades starts congratulating you, but the
Hades cutscene seems to override it and no additional glitches seem to happen.

"Chamber of the Gods" - save point
note: behind Muse key door, optional

Random: you can activate the gift of EXP from the ground level which causes the
gift animation to play out displaced.

Rings of Pandora finale

Random: The two skulls (you need to unlock the doors) are not interchangeable.

Camera glitch: If you approach the innermost ring from a bad direction or move
too quickly around it, the camera will move inside the sphere and you can't see
a thing until you move away.

Other: shooting with Eye laser after completing the Rings

Ever wondered what would happen if you pulled the Eye together again after
completing Rings of Pandora? Here's how to do it. Normally the Eye switch
deactivates for good during a timed cutscene after the elevator to the Cliffs
is unlocked. But: if you quickly visit the corridor leading to CoP before this
cutscene, then return, the switches return to place without a cutscene instead.
Now you can quickly grab the switches before they become disabled and hold on
to them even as they sink back into the wall.

But using the switch now does nothing interesting. You just get the generic
reaction of the light shining and ostensibly hitting nothing.

video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Speed strat: you can skip the small speech that Kratos is given as he approaches
the lever used to activate the elevator. Right before the speech trigger, do a
frisk double jump, activate BoA in air and turn left. As you land, tap R2 to
quickly activate the switch as the speech is going on. (c: tyrhhjy)

As a bonus, Kratos regains movement during the elevator ride and thus you save
some seconds at the upper end of the elevator ride as well since you can leave

As another bonus, if you're quick enough to jump on top of the stone hands
before the elevator is all the way up, you regain movement during the stone
hands scene as well. It doesn't save time, but can allow slight tomfoolery.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Cliffs of Madness

Random: If you try to backtrack while still on the statue's hands, Athena will 
ramble on about your quest.

Random: If you try to swim back down where you came from, you only hit insta
death floor. Or find unloaded nothingness. There literally is no return from
here (until you have the Box).

Random: I'm not sure what you have to do, but in some circumstances the stone
hands will not rise back up. Instead, they remain as a part of the platform.

Sequence break: You can skip the first Satyr fight by doing a basic high jump
over the fight boundary. (c: Satvara)

Wasted potential: once you beat the first Satyr fight, a checkpoint activates.
If you're close enough to the second fight barrier at the end of the fight,
you're able to use the black-out glitch and skip the following long FMV with it.
Well... it could've been useful for a RTA, but the next area does not load if
you don't view the FMV, so therefore it's not useful at all.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

"Cliffs of Madness" - save point

Sequence break: You can skip the short rope section and some travelling by doing
a long jump over the chasm where there are archers. It is its own art form to
jump over this chasm, and there are so many different ways to do it. Pick your
long jumping style, basically. However, the fastest way to do it involves
grabbing the edge of the cliff opposite to the archers, and jumping from there
to get a very good speed for your jump.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's quick variation (at about 0:05)
2, my vid of a slower variation using BoA:

Strategy: To kill the first bunch of legionnaires easily, backtrack to the cave
in which there are exp chests (hidden behind a wall). Your enemies can't get to

Strategy: Your enemies can't access the elevators. Use 'em for cheap victory!

Other: Magical elevator activity

If Kratos reaches the upper end of a long elevator section before the elevator
itself, the elevator will catch up and slam up to the upper end instantly,
bringing Kratos up too if he's in the way. This is most noticeable when swimming
up the elevator "shafts".

"The Traps of Madness" - save point

Random: when retrying from the checkpoint in front of the large doorway,
sometimes the legionnaires will not spawn in the area to the left.

Sequence break: normally you have to go through a big cave and fight there to
get to an elevator that leads you to Traps of Madness and later the Necklace
of Aphrodite. However, by using high and long jumps later on, you can skip both
of the Necklaces, and therefore there is no need to go by the cave.

But in the past, a speedrunner wanted at least one of the Necklaces to extend
the bridge a little bit. Necklace of Aphrodite was pretty fast to get since
you could skip the big cave regardless by doing a long jump from the area where
you can descend the stone block and rope from above. Find the spot where the
left side invisible wall ends, then do a long jump to reach the elevator that
leads to Traps of Madness. Be warned that the death floor is pretty high in
this area, and your long jump has to be carefully timed for it to work.
(c: satvara)

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's vid:

Sequence break: You can reach Necklace of Aphrodite without activating the trap
mechanism using a high jump. Afterwards the cutscene showing the area looks a
bit strange, as the open gate will instantly appear closed and then opens up
again. (c: Satvara)

Random: if you glitch up the Necklace of Aphrodite-prompt by entering Start-
or Select-menu, then pick up the third invisible option that comes in the menu,
Kratos doesn't freeze as usual. However, the camera does not return to its
normal position afterwards.

The same probably works with Necklace of Hera as well. §

Out of bounds: if you BoA high jump over the back wall where the Necklace of
Aphrodite is, you'll fall into the half-unloaded fight room you had to pass
through earlier. Camera is wonky and graphics invisible until you manage to
roll back to the path leading downstairs, after which visibility improves. Not
very useful, since you sequence break backwards in the level instead of forward.

If you do the BoA jump on top of the Necklace indention instead and from there
double jump onward, Kratos falls down a shorter length into an area closer to
the start of the level, mostly unloaded.

You might be able to reach the rotating room this way too, but it's unlikely
it would be helpful speed-wise since the existing strategies are already quite
good, and you'd have to go out of your way to reach Necklace of Aphrodite.

Random: "Just to note it, if you get Aphrodite's Necklace before Hera's (no
backtracking needed) you will probably have used the rope with a block on the
way down... so the "lever" past Hera's puzzle will instead be an EXP chest."

Sequence break: wall clip to get past the rotating bridge

You can go inside the wall to the left of the first big doorway by getting
behind the assorted items where there's the wooden bucket and a larger board
leaning against the cliffs. Once you're behind the board, jump and do air grabs
against it, aiming towards down and left, so that Kratos slowly goes deeper into
the wall. Now you're in danger off falling off the map because there's not much
ground beneath you. End your fall with PR and hope that your positioning and
timing let you stop inside the wall in a correct way. The next step is Apollo's
Ascension. Once AA starts, steer it deep into the wall... You should find
yourself beyond the second rotating platform now. (c: Satvara)

So you've skipped a part of the level... there's only a matter of a loading
trigger to take care of. The trigger is little to the south of the second bridge
platform. It can be scathed by doing a long jump variant over the long chasm,
then turning around in the middle of the jump to land back safely to the second
platform. Satvara does it this way: Apollo's Long jump with two AOs, then an
air square attack. Jump back towards the platform, two AO's and Hermes Stomp.
It's easier (but slower) to do with a BoA long jump, though.

- if the enemies are a bother, you can distract them momentarily with AoH, or
  rely on the glitch where the enemies don't spawn.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Sequence break: high jumping past the rotating bridge

With the recent BoA flash jump, simply jumping over the chasm here is not an
unreasonably slow alternative to the above wall clip skip.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Sequence break: one last variation of the rotating bridge skip is by rotating
the bridge normally at start, but then (after getting to the second bridge
platform) doing a Apollo's long jump to get to the other side (instead of
waiting for the bridge to turn). (c: satvara)

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid:

Collision flaw: One of the ladders is glitched-up, causing Kratos to get sorta
stuck on top of it. I think you can jump out of it, if it happens.

Random: After picking up the Necklace of Hera, doing a roll will land Kratos
to his death. For some reason the game will kill you as long as the camera
hasn't reverted back to the default position.

Sequence break: skip both necklaces

You can do a jump over the extending bridge without getting either of the
necklaces. Blades high jumps are so far the fastest way to cross the chasm,
but BoA flash jump is not too shabby for this purpose either.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid with Blades jumps:
2, AKheon's vid with BoA flash jump:

Sequence break: another alternative to skipping both necklaces is to do a huge
BoA jump from the ground level to the ropes above, then go hit the loading
trigger to the next area from the wrong direction. The good part is that this
route skips the long FMV showing Kratos' past automatically - worth it in a
RTA. The bad part is that the jump is indeed uncomfortably big, and might not
be practical to do in a real speed run.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Other: If you go inside the cave past the extending bridge, there's a tunnel of
water. You can do swimming glitch here rather effortlessly by doing a BoA jump
over the wall and touching the water out of bounds. Doing swimming glitch here
is less useful than you'd think, though... This is the last spot in the game
where there's water in a long while, and you get stuck at the Box since you
can't end swimming glitch in a timely manner.

Another way to get swimming is to go into the cave leading to Necklace of Hera.
After a fight starts and the gate closes behind you, do a BoA jump on top of
the gate and from on top jump to the side to fall out of bounds. Then continue
BoA jumping until you can hit the water surface on the floor and start swimming.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid demonstrating swimming glitch from here to Pandora's Box
2, AKheon's vid of the latter method and some sightseeing as well:

The Architect's Tomb

Collision flaw: If you do BoA's air triangle attack to a correct spot near the
coffins in the twisty corridor right before the tomb, Kratos will fall down
through the floor. Not really useful, but... (not sure who discovered this.)

"The Architect's Tomb" - save point

Various: Cerberi fight glitches

- Launching a grown Cerberus inside the corridor can cause it to get stuck at
roof level.
- For some reason, if grown Cerberi go near the broken ladder to the north-east
of the floor symbol, they can sometimes lose their A.I. and just stand there.
- BoA's homerun techniques can send a Cerberus far outside the battle arena.
- If a Cerberus is lured or forced on the breakable stone floor at the ground
level, it will start endlessly falling against it. If you now drop the stone
block on the stone floor, the Cerberi will unexist.

Video demonstration:
1, SnapOfTheSynapse's collection of glitches:

Other: if you drop the stone block on the pushable statue, the stone block will
become suspended in mid-air. You will also find an invisible rope under the
stone block that Kratos can uselessly climb.

Video demonstration:
1, Victor Wesker's video:

Sequence break: Instead of doing the puzzle here, high jump your way to freedom.

First do a PR high jump from on top of the rocks to get to the upper platform
quicker than normal. From there, do a normal jump on top of the rock that's
dangling from the crane, and from there normally jump to the high balcony where
there's a breakable wall and chests behind it. Get on top of the left chest and
do a BoA high jump. Just enough to make it over the wall and land inside it.
Somewhat precise. Then, you have to do a double jump to the correct direction,
which is somewhere to the left and slightly to the back. You end up inside the
corridor that leads to Zeus Mountain. (c: Kewbew?)

Video demonstration:
1, Kewbew's nifty video

Random: GMG reports that it's not possible to crush the Cyclops using the block.

"Zeus Mountain" - save point

Sequence break: You can skip the small cutscene at the entrance of the conveyor
belt room by doing a high jump. (c: satvara)

Video demonstration:
1, Satvara's vid:

Sequence break: Instead of fighting at the conveyor belt, run by the area's
walls until you're half-way to the next room. The fight never activates this
way. This is a bit tricky because of the moving floor. (c: Vortex72)

An alternative way to skip this fight is to activate it, then do a quick high
jump over the fight barrier blocking the exit. It might even be faster to do
it this way.

Video demonstration:
1, the alternative method, an excerpt from Vipeazone's speed run:

Pandora's Box

Sequence break: skip using the elevator

Do a BoA high jump over the wall of the staircase and make sure to drop inside
the wall. From there navigate closer to the elevator while staying out of
bounds. Some jump variations can't be used here because the camera goes bonkers
if you go too far away from the corridor, so try to keep it basic. Satvara's
original method is just a double jump aligned with the corridor, landing inside
the corridor's wall for a moment, and from there another double jump to reach
the elevator shaft.

After descending enough, you get the next cutscene in which the elevator
descends like normal with Kratos and the Box on it. (c: satvara)

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

Other: If you had skipped the cutscene which shows you around the conveyour
belt, the door to the Box room will only glitch up if you kick it. It looks to
be closed but you can walk right through it.

Other: A small-term music glitch happens here. If you skip the aforementioned
cutscene, you will hear Zeus Mountain's music in the background even after the
conveyor belt. After you kick open the door, you will also start hearing the
Box theme music. Unfortunately either of the overlapping songs will carry on
if you decide to quit the game (unlike what happens in the real music glitch).

Other: Not loaded?

GMG said that sometimes the Box is not loaded when you get to the correct room.
I guess it's not too common. I've heard it will load if you just retry from the
latest checkpoint.

Random: Before you have descended with the elevator, you can move Pandora's Box
around using a well-placed Hermes Stomp. I wonder why? Strange... This property
disappears after you've rode the elevator down too.

Random: Can't kick it around

An interesting thing to note is that your kicks are almost completely powerless
against Pandora's Box. It just won't budge that well.

Wasted potential: If you're swimming, you get stuck because you have no way to
end the swimming and Pandora's Box can't be moved like this.

Random: About the level structure

Most of the Rings of Pandora and also the outer parts of Pandora's Temple are
permanently unloaded at this stage. The main gate's crank exists, but it might
not be possible to reach it right now, unless swimming.


"The Path of Hades" - save point

Speed strategy: you can save navigation time by doing a long jump to one of
the later platforms. After reaching the twist in the path with one archer on it,
you can do a an Apollo's Long Jump to the platform in the background to skip
going around via some extra rotating pillars.

Video demonstration:
1, satvara's vid

"Styx Below" - save point

Speed strategy: it takes luck, but you can brave the archers during the moving
platform section and just keep on moving as quickly as possible. Casting Army
of Hades is also a good aid for distracting the archers.

Sequence break: skip a fight before the rotating spike pillar

Do a BoA high jump near the 1st spiked pillar to get on top of the red fight
barrier. From there you get a good head-start to the whole climbing process too,
in addition to having skipped a fight. (c: satvara)

Video demonstration:
1, an excerpt from Vipeazone's speed run:

Collision flaw: sometimes the spiked pillars can drop Kratos through collision
and into his death. Usually this happens if you get hit multiple times while
falling down. (thank to TheNinjaPiglet for reminding)

Wasted potential: you can reach the Satyr fight platform from the wrong
direction by doing a high jump from on top of the chest path to the right.
However, if you do this, nothing is loaded on the fight platform. And it looks
like nothing is loaded further on in the level either.

Speed strategy: instead of killing every Satyr the game throws at you to rise
all the platforms, it's possible to do a long jump after a certain point. You
can get across after only killing 8 to 10 Satyrs, depending on how you want to
do your long jump.

In certain run categories it's probably fastest to keep killing Satyrs than
brave a big enough long jump, though.

Video demonstration:
1, an excerpt from Vipeazone's speed run:

Other: if you upgrade your Blades to Lv. 2 here for the first time, you won't
hear Athena's "Rage of the Gods"-voiceclip for some reason.

Sequence break: skip meeting Gravedigger (c: AKheon)

You can skip the pre-rendered video of Gravedigger talking to Kratos, which
is good in a run aiming for real time.

Whilst climbing out of Hades, jump off the rope to the left but interrupt your
flight with PR to drop down at the very edge of the grave. If done right, Kratos
hits ground for just a moment, enough to activate a new checkpoint while still
avoiding activating the upcoming cutscene. Then just enter your menu and upgrade
Blades, retry and roll past the cutscene trigger... not a hard skip to do.

Incidentally, we never even see Gravedigger in a speedrun with all these skips.

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

Temple of the Oracle revisit

"Oracle's Temple (destroyed)" - save point

Sequence break: You can skip the fight at what was once the Harpy puzzle room
by getting onto a ledge on the left side of the wall and jumping over the fight
trigger in a devious manner. It is not difficult, once you learn the needed

Video demonstration:
1, AKheon's vid

"Final Battle" - save point

Strategy: you can cast Army of Hades before entering the final boss area and
replenish your magic using the chests nearby. This way you get a completely free
AoH cast and extra damage for the final boss. (thanks to RAZOR0018)

Ares 1

Other: Some kind of mechanism makes Kratos unable to spam Zeus' Fury too much
during this fight. If he shoots too many in a row, the bolts will simply stop
appearing for some reason temporarily. (well, might be many reasons for it)

Random: Ares may get the mini-game circle over his head while he is flying up
in the air, in which case it will promptly go to waste.

Strategy: You can abuse Ares' death minigame to gather orbs pretty well. First,
get his circle to appear and activate the minigame. Succeed in the first two
prompts, but in the third, let Kratos fail. Kratos receives 1000 orbs and takes
no damage. You can repeat this as much as you want.

Also, if Ares has exactly 0 HP, a mere grab at him will make him go into the
mini-game stun again, and you can repeat the above almost instantly! Even
cheaper. (thanks GMG)

Video demonstration:
1, addaminsain's vid

Strategy: A single Zeus' Fury bolt will get Ares' ass down whenever he is
doing his aerial magic thingy. Intentional or not?

Strategy: Do a high jump over the walls for a very safe fight. Ares can't reach
you at all, and you may even activate swimming glitch using the water all around
the place (although that is useless).

Kratos clones fight

Random: defeating the Kratos clone fight on God-difficulty and without upgrades
is known to be a ridiculously difficult challenge. Only a few people in the
world have successfully done this - among the first were Shinobier and Manu918.

For intense watching, check out Shinobier's video of his fight where he also
refused to use any magics - a run variant called Pain.

Video demonstration:
1, shinobier's vid:

Other: Kratos' family shenanigans

The family's position is prone to changing as the battle progresses. Sometimes
attacked clones can push it to some direction. Sometimes it moves when Kratos
hugs them in certain circumstances. I've heard they can also move if Kratos hugs
them while being grabbed himself by a clone.

The family can be moved off the game map. On easy they will lose 50% of their
health while remaining completely safe for the rest of the fight, but on harder
difficulties they will die. However, it is still desirable to deliberately
move the family, even if just a little to the back, because it's a safer place
for them than their initial location. The easiest way to move the family is to
use Gorgon Rage, then instantly afterwards hug them. It can also help to be on
a different height than the family is. Of course this tactic is very magic
costly and not worth it without infinite or regen magic... (c: AKheon)

At the beginning of 2009, manu918 and co. worked a new way for doing the glitch,
this time suitable for No Upgrade Run-purposes. It is by merely freezing clones,
then grabbing the family. So, while it's not easy to say what is the exact cause
of this phenomena, it seems to happen especially in conjuction with stonefrozen
enemies... But yeah, on harder difficulties and when doing challenge runs, it
can save your life to move the family a little.

If the family has fallen down, some clones might run after them and suicide
themselves foolishly. Also, new clone spawns are prone to move in slow motion
for some reason eventually.

1, AKheon's original video:
2, Manu918's video of moving family without Gorgon Rage:

Random: there is a model of the family in t-pose floating in mid-air a little
to the south of the fight arena. You can get there with some long / high jumps.
It's possible to stand on the family... and nothing much else.

Video demonstration:
1, Wulf2k9's vid

Random: there are in fact 101 Kratos clones total that spawn during the fight.
This is ignoring the lightning Kratos clones who are optional to kill and will
spawn infinitely if you attack them.

Other: New clone spawns will sometimes move in extreme slow motion without a
particular reason. This can happen in conjunction with the Kratos' family
moving glitch, but it can also happen without it.

Other: Kratos' family will bleed heavily if you do Gorgon Rage, even though
they receive no damage.

Random: The Zeus' Fury type of evil Kratos will not count towards the bunch of
Kratoses you must defeat to win the battle. They spawn infinitely and do not
influence the spawning of the other types. Once the other types are dead, this
type dies by himself at the end of the fight.

Collision flaw: The small altar behind Kratos' family can be accessed from
behind. Wait until the brick wall disappears, then just run inside. Might make
the fight easier?

Random: The platforms will start to deteriorate even if you don't kill any of
the clones.

Random: You can't hug yourself to death except in some random circumstances.

Random: By dying of a clone, or because your family loses their HP, you receive
a special death cutscene.

Random: If you die by the special death cutscene, you will never get the prompt
to lower the difficulty afterwards.

Strategy: Cast Army of Hades the last possible moment in this fight. The flying
souls will follow you to the next fight, in which you can't cast spells, giving
you an edge.

Ares 2

Camera glitch: At random times, the camera starts at a "bad location", but it
later fixes itself.

Random: If you go to the menu, you'll find that all magics are locked. If you
press X, the game further elaborates: "Ares has stolen your magic."

Random: If you use the menu glitch which messes up the graphics, you might
encounter a glitch item which requires '10000' to upgrade. Of course you can't
funnel orbs into it...

Wasted potential: if you upgrade Blades to Lv. 2 during the cutscene at the end
of Kratos clone fight and get the Rage of the Gods-tutorial message on your
screen as the first thing as the Ares 2 fight starts, you can enter Start-menu
and see that all your magics and regular moves are still there. Yes, you start
the fight with your regular arsenal! But as soon as you close the message, you
lose it all and are stuck with the Blade of the Gods.

Random: The move list for the Blade of the Gods contains only 4 moves, all of
which are unique to this sword. Otherwise it acts almost like BoA. Another
difference is that it doesn't have a launch/lift-up move, or so it seems.

Random: In this battle the gravity has been changed so that you can never jump
very high.

Speed strategy: Tyrhhjy suggested this for Ares 2:

"the speed strategy for Ares 2 is keep restarting till he does the rock slam.
get in the middle (the spot where he appears to do it). go directly in the
middle then hit him 4 times. then just side roll to the side. then kill him
with the sword. he should die in 8-9 seconds. of course if you pause after
you've killed him. NOTE: easy mode Ares Armor costume only."

"That's hardly impressive. No need to roll. Pretty sure you can kill Ares
faster than that with Ares Armor/Tycoonius (Easy). If I recall right, a single
"Hades' Gift" during his 'rock slam' will due. It's 400% power....4x damage
for those settings. (I've been covering this shit at the Members Run thread)"

Other: I've heard that you can accidentally get swimming glitch in this part.
All it takes is some collision mishap that sends you through the floor, really.

Other: For either loading or mini-game related reasons, Ares' death might at
times get delayed a bunch. He slowly rises up if he was mini-gamed and then does
nothing for a short while until the ending FMV kicks in.

Other: Probably due to a loading glitch, Ares can turn into an insubstantial
'holographic statue' instead of dying like he should.

Mount Olympus + Suicide Bluffs

You won the game. Congratulations.

Random: You have Athena's Blades, for some reason exactly the same as Blades of
Chaos, except of a different color. They are also automatically level 5 as you
get them.

Random: Despite the in-game statement about gods not letting Kratos die on that
victorious day, you CAN get yourself killed. They're keeping an eye only on that
particular cliff, you see.

Go and high jump over the pile of rubble, and you can access lower regions of
the Suicide Bluffs. There's nothing you can do, really, except get killed...

"Olympus" - save point

Don't forget the two statues in the throne room which you can climb on top of
or demolish. The game will not display the number of hits (other than with a
couple of moves) but just keep at it. Eventually, after both statues have been
crushed, an easter egg is revealed.

L2 the throne to end the game. Interestingly, even on this occasion, after
having "won", Kratos may emit his death sound on game exit. It really wasn't
a happy ending...

You get to access normal game many times between ending FMVs. You can upgrade
weapons, etc. It doesn't seem to be useful in any way, though.

New Game+ ?

Right after having finished watching the ending FMVs, start a new game. Open
the weapons menu on the first possible occasion. You will see you still have all
your gathered weapons and magic, except they're lv. 1, and you have no orbs.
You also have relics like Poseidon's Trident. Neat, eh? If only they didn't
disappear very quickly afterwards, as the first cutscene ends...

Note: It seems this happens whenever starting a New Game after having loaded a
game before. No need to play through the game.

Character Graveyard

Collision flaw: You can get yourself killed by falling through the floor. Doing
ascension against the wall past one of the rejected skeleton models works.

Video demonstration:
1, surprise... a video of the breach, by JFCalibur88

Challenge of the Gods

- Random: The ballista challenge can be finished without using the ballista by
  doing a BoA long jump to the other platform and defeating your opponents
  manually. Rage of the Gods must be used so that Kratos would not run out of

- Other: CotG 10 has some glitches with the attacks Satyrs do, making it easy
  for you to get your ass kicked.

5. Misc. info

"In-game timer"

Here is a rundown on when it runs and when it does not. You may be surprised
from the results!

When retrying (whether by death OR retry), the game clock is reverted back to
the time the game checkpointed you. This means you don't lose any in-game time.

In pause-screen (select), no time runs at all.

In weapon/item screen (start), no time runs at all.

While in the save-screen, no time runs at all.

During FMV-cutscenes no time runs.

During in-game cutscenes time does run.

6. Credits, legal information, contact info, etc.

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Additional thanks (and links):

GodModeGOD (a.k.a. the-creeper, BigVEE, etc. etc.) - being the vet for
this game series, he supplied me with info on many of the glitches.

Satvara - a pioneer in God of War-exploiting.

Tyrhhjy - finder of several skips and a few wild goose chases.
          he also did a segmented speedrun of God of War earlier on.

Shinobier - gave video help and inspiration.

Shenminiu - A classic speedrunner-type.

KevBew63 - Video help & a couple of glitches.

JFCalibur88 - participated in glitch seeking and gave video help.

HelloKittyKingxS, Euqinunique, SnapOfTheSynapse - small glitch help


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