Question from jon11jon

Where is the lawrence trophy at?

I know its on planet mylon, at the command center but i cnt find it. Someone help!!!


falconesque answered:

For step-by-steps that cover all the hazards along the way, the walkthrough found on the FAQs page can help. I like RSmit's (D; 425K), search it for "#M60", but another guide might better suit you.

Nutshell version, slightly revised: Once you get past the hypershot platform, the pathway slopes up to the next area. At the top of the slope, at your left shoulder, stands a platform just like the ones out in the middle of the area. Climb this platform to find the trophy on a neighboring ledge.

Or if you prefer continue until you reach the hacker puzzle, then turn around and scan the tops of each platform. The trophy's glow is visible from ground level if you're standing back near the hacker.
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