Question from Pikaboy1994

How do I get past Quarks hideout?

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Shadow_Ninja14 answered:

use as much cover as you can find, some stratagies you can try are:

-hide behind things until they stop shooting, then hit them and hide again, repeat
-throw out mini/megaturrets behind them and hide
-REMEMBER: your N60storm/N90hurricane are your friends
-dodge a lot
-the rift inducer/rift ripper will help in a pinch

other than that, hide/dodge/use your most powerful weapon

I had trouble with this part too, but after awhile, you'll get used to using cover a little more.
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metalmaggot46 answered:

two words can sum it up:

Without those you can't get anywhere,

upgrade your sniper, plasma splitter, mini bombs, and main auto rifle(cant remember what its called)
that will definately help
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