Question from CorruptOwl

Asked: 4 years ago

Can I get the Suck it up! skill point with the Vortex Cannon?

Well, anyways, I read in the strategy guides for this game that to get the

Additional details - 4 years ago

Suck it Up! skill point, you need to use the Suck Cannon. But can I use the Vortex Cannon?

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From: JackRasak 3 years ago

Yes i got the skill point using the vortex cannon

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Of course! It is basically the same weapon.

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The Vortex Cannon is the Suck Cannon, just an upgraded version. It still counts, all the same.

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You can still obtain the skill point with the Vortex Cannon. The only difference(s) is that its easier with the Vortex Cannon.

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Of course. After all what if you're suck cannon upgraded? you wouldn't be able to get all the skill points. But thanks to the guys back at Insomniac, that is not a problem.

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Yes you can it just an upgraded version of the same gun

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