Multiplayer FAQ by Jigganis

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    __  ___  ___ _____________ ____________        ASCII Art By Figlet Program
 __/ /_/ _ \/ _ /_  __/ ___/ // / __/_  __/_______ Spiced by me ___   _  ____ 
/_  __/ , _/ __ |/ / / /__/ _  / _//_/ /_/___& __/__________   /_ |  /| / / |/
 /_/ / /| V_/ |_/ /__\___/_//_/___/ /_/___   > _/ __/ ___/ /  //_|| / |/ /   /
   _/_/_|_|    / /___/  /_//_/___/ /_/___/  &____/ / /__/ /__/ __ |/    /  /\\
 _/___/___/__ /_/   ___     Up Your Arsenal        \___/____/_/ |_/_/|_/ _/ //
/___/_/|/ __ \___  / (_)__ ___         _____     _    / ___  / /___/  / /__//
    > _< /_/ / _ \/ / / _ Y -_)   ____/ ___/_ _((_))_/ /__/ /________/ / \  |
 ___|/ \____/ // / /_/_//_|__/___/___/ (_ / // / / _  / -_)___________/  / / 
/___/     // // /_/         /___/__  \___/\_,_/ /\_,_/\__/   ____  _____/_/  
         //_//_/               /___/By Justin Thakar/Jigganis/___//___/      
Copyright Justin Thakar,2005.               /_/ /__/             4th update

The Contents:                                                               
 1.1 Introduction                                                            
 1.2 Who the Hell is This Guy?                                               
 1.3 Need Help Getting That ****ING PIECE OF **** Network Adapter to work?
 1.4 News Section

 2.1 Know Your Surroundings
 2.2 "R34|)y |_|P |\|00|3!!!1!!1one1" "What Is This Ready? I no understand."
 3.1 What's Up Your Arsenal in Multiplayer?
 3.2 My Weapon and Tool Strategies, So Bad, They're Free!
 4.1 Map Strategies, Also Very Bad, So They Are Free Too.
 5.1 The Rest of the Crap

   Part 1.1       

This is an in-depth strategy guide for the game Ratchet and Clank:
Up Your Arsenal on the PS2. A while back, I noticed that this game had nothing
much about playing the game online. Online is a mode in the game where you 
connect via the internet to other Ratchet and Clank UYA players online. So,
since I have the game, I have a PS2, I have the network adapter for playing
online, I have an internet connection, obviously a computer too, and have lots
of time to do so, I will write a guide for this game!

   Part 1.2
Who the Hell is This Guy?:|

I am Justin, A.K.A. Jiggan, Zig, or most prominently, Jigganis.
The last 3 are nicknames. Please call me Jigganis, although on a few websites
I call myself the others. I am middle-school age, but I assure whomever may be
reading this that I will give college-grade advice. I am a big fan of video 
games, and have 60 games on the PS2 alone, with (im guessing) something like 
500 others on the computer, PS1, N64, Dreamcast, a good many which were 100%
legal freeware games for download on the internet for the computer.
(, freeware section, and others.) Of those games 
are some of my favorites in the platforming/action group. I have played 
through most of the Sonic the Hedgehog games, the Marios, and mainly the Crash
Bandicoots, Jak and Daxters, Spyros, and probably my favorite, the Ratchet and
Clank series. I have played through all 3 R&Cs. Im not the best at them, but I
can manage. I really enjoy them, and wanted to make this guide for the newest 
one. So, this is it. I am now within the top 300 rankings in R&C! Yay!

   Part 1.3
Need Help Getting That ****ING PIECE OF **** Network Adapter to work?:|

I always have bad luck. Machines and hardware give me trouble. My network
adapter has given me a fair amount of trouble since I got it, for instance, it
didn't screw in properly at first, and I couldn't get to the servers at first 
either, because of some DNAS system which make sure the disc is authentic. the
thing gives a lot of people problems, all of which I do not know how to fix. A
site called has a special forum for help with your stupid
piece of crap. However, the way mine started working was when we resetted our
Verizon DSL after setting up the crap. Another problem you may have
is what cord to connect to the adapter. The slot you probably need it in is 
behind the yellow strip on the piece of crap. Now, pretend that the ps2 is a
computer. The same kind of wire you have plugged into the computer is probably
the one you need in the ps2. Now, you will also need internet on your computer
of course, so if you don't feel like having to switch the cord everytime, you 
should probably get a new one to plug into the ps2 as well. I assume that most
people have cable or DSL, so there might be a modem that connects to the phone
line for this, and so I had 2. Hope all that helps turn your crap into a 
network adapter. Also, you'll want to set up your network configuration with
the start-up disc. It has a couple of free demos, and if you bought it new, a
free mail-in order for Twisted Metal Black Online! (The TMBO offer may be

Also, you have probably heard of the Nefarious and Dan skins for Online, but
maybe you can't figure it out. I'll just put the directions here: In RATCHET 
& CLANK:UP YOUR ARSENAL, go to 'Edit Profile', press & hold L2, then enter the
code below to unlock secret skins!



As far as I can remember, you don't go INTO Edit Profile, you just have the 
light over it, and then enter the code. Im not exactly sure how correct this

   Part 1.4
News Section|

This is the section where I shall talk about the recent popular strategies and
happenings in Ratchet and Clank UYA Online, sorta like a blog. I will do it
once per month, or whenever something new pops up:
    February 18th Report: 
    Added a section for all the latest news and stuff!
    Next item on the report: Things aren't looking good. Lately the popular
strategy has been to stack up 3 and 4 bolters with mics on one team, and just
leave the noobs to the other side. This has been happening in almost all the 
games I have seen online, a fair game is a rare treasure for me. I urge all 
the other pros, don't be stackers! Its just as bad as glitching!
    On other notes, it has been a popular strategy lately to rush after the
enemy flag in CTF. I've seen many teams winning who are doing this: Keep 1 or
2 players at home, guarding the flag, and having the other 2 capture nodes and
take flags. 
    On a personal note, these are what I have been losing most to. ARGH! ;_;
    One more thing, if you have the time, please read the book Ishmael. I swear,
no matter who you are, you want to read this book. (If enough people read it,
the whole, OMG WHOLE world will change. For the better.) Sorry that this is
kinda off-topic.
    Eh, by the way, have you seen this?:
It originated on my favorite site, Right now, it seems to be
the equivalent to All Your Base!

    March 5th Report:
    OMG, there's A LOT changed in the FAQ, including two new ASCII maps from
a friend, Peacemaker532. I had to change them around a bit due to email
troubles, but the end result seems nice. I also have a few new strats (#39
I heard on the boards from someone, but I don't know who, please
tell me so that I can give credit to you).
    I got a Logitech Headset last Sunday! It's cool. It is fun playing with
it, although some ppl can be annoying online, especially some pros, and the
majority of ppl have a 3-year-old's voice or a nerdy one... I wonder if I do
too? Ick.
    I got Burnout 3 on the PS2! It is very much fun. The online portion is
great too.
    Anyone heard about this Timesplitters 3? Sounds like a good fit in a R&C
fan's collection. I'll be online in TS3 as Jigganis.
    I have recently begun playing the 1p mode in UYA again, but in a special
way. It was mentioned before on the Gamefaqs boards to play with only a few
certain weapons like the ones in Multiplayer, and that is what I'm doing, so
that means playing with a Shock Blaster, Nitro Launcher, N60 Storm, Holoshield
Glove, Flux Rifle, Lava Gun, Annihilator, Agents of Doom, and Quack-o-Ray. You
also can't buy armor. This is helping me get better in Multiplayer, and I 
reccomend others to do this too.


   Part 2.1
Know Your Surroundings:|

At the main menu of the game, you will see:

1. Load Game - Continue the story mode, which I recommend finishing first.
2. New Game - Do this if you've just gotten the game, and finish it.
3. Multiplayer - The whole point of this guide! Do this only for online.
4. Multiplayer Tutorial - Captain Qwark may have more help for you than I.
5. Options - If you have no Widescreen tv, turn the 1st option off.

If I were you, I'd go thru the story mode first. That way you will have a
better grip on things, especially if this is your 1st R&C game. Also, you
REALLY, REALLY, REALLY should play in the lock-strafe mode that they give you.
It's like playing in first person mode, except better. It's like the regular +
FP, and you can aim more precisely. Even if you feel more comfortable with
another control scheme, this is definetly what you should use. In a small 
strategy section about the game in a magazine called 'Game Informer', an 
Insomniac person (who helped with the game) said this mode was essential to 
playing online. So, it's good to play thru story with this mode on. Most high
ranked online players use this mode, too. Other good things about it are that
you can press R1 instead of O to fire, thus leaving you able to do other
things as well. Very useful for using a Flux Rifle too.

Now, once you go into multiplayer, you will see:

1. Online Play - If you have the internet and the network adapter, use this.
2. Local Play - Kinda sux. Its like online, but with up to only 4p on one PS2.
3. Edit Profiles - Its needed to create a profile for yourself here. 
4. Exit Multiplayer - That's what it says.

Local play isn't much good because you can't have more than 4 people (no bots
either) and you'll need more than 1 controller, and if you want 3-4 people, 
a multi-tap for the ps2 is needed. Edit profiles will let you give yourself a
name, default skin, set your default controls and camera, and other things. I
wouldn't use a password, since they aren't really nesscesscary. 1 only reason
to make more profiles is if you actually plan on playing local with friends. 
The only good reason I can think of to play in local is to do it by yourself
and familiarize yourself with the maps. Hopefully you got a network
configuration ready. Select it after going into online play, and wait till it
gets to the DNAS check. If it turns red, go look for help online, specifically Network Adapter Help Boards. If you passed, then you will want
to sign in after selecting your name with O button. (Mine's Jigganis.) Then 
there'll be some legal crap, and then a message about maitenence times. Now
you should be at the main screen of online. Here's the options:

1. Quick Play - Puts you in a select game, but usually they are full...
2. Create Game - Usually, don't do this. No one will when there are others.
3. Find Game - A good and precise method of finding a game you want to be in.
4. Cities - Basically they are different servers and chat boards, I think.  
5. Buddies - If you have no headset, you mightn't get any easily...
6. Clan - I never have had any idea if these are useful for anything.
7. Stats - Shows your rank, and all the top ranks for different things.

I don't use quick play much. I recommend find game more. Find game is the way
to get into a game easily. Here are the options for find game:

1. Type - Chooses whether you want a game from a city or a clan.
2. Map - Lets you choose to see if there is a game for a specific map.
3. Mode - Siege, Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, or Team Deathmatch?
4. Skill Level - Of course, you probably want 1 bolt, but any is good too.
5. Max Players - Its always most fun with 8, and thats mostly what there is.
6. City - What server you want the game to be from. It doesn't really matter.

Type, skill level, max players, and city should probably be left alone. The
maps... There are two types: Big, in games more often, and small, used less.
Lots like the first 5, while the others are less used. They are much fun for
chaotic deathmatches though. (Blackwater City is big, but not so hot as the
other big ones.) All the modes are good. I like all of em alot, but the most
popular one seems to be siege. I'll explain those soon. You'll see the results
of the search on the right. Now, the last thing for this part is the chat
rooms, which they call "cities". Here they have:

1. City You Are In - Press X on the title to go to another from a list.
2. The Chat Box - Its below the City name.
3. Send Message - Post a message on the boards using a virtual keyboard.
4. Find Game - Takes you to the game search engine that I had talked about.
5. Create Game - Takes you to that thing again.
6. Games - What games there are in this City, the number, and the skill level.
7. List of Games Taking Place - See the room name and skill there.
8. Players - Lists the players, and their names. Press X on them to see stats.

I don't use this place much. If you want to start a conversation, its nice.
<<<NOTE>>> Do the next part later! (Don't play a game.) First, look at the 
weapons, maps, and strategies sections. You need to learn some stuff about how
to survive online. Its truly dog eat dog there, with teams. -_-;

   Part 2.2
"R34|)y |_|P |\|00|3!!!1!!1one1" "What is this Ready? I no understand."|

If you get into a game by pressing X when the highlighter is over a game name,
you will come to a screen that tells general info about the game, like map,
mode, City, skill, what weapons have been chosen, and advanced info. Youll see
that allowed weapons are yellow. Ones turned off are dark gray. Advanced
options is mostly self-explanitory, except that there can be Normal and
Attrition modes for Siege (which aren't too different, except maybe for having
vehicles), and Normal and Chaos modes for Capture the Flag (CTF) (Chaos CTF 
lets you NOT have to have posession of your flag to capture the other flag,
while you need to have your flag back at your team's base to score in normal.)
I personally like going to games with charge boots on. If you press crouch
twice, you may boost, and get places faster. It can be handy in all types of
situations, especially trying to get away with the other teams flag in CTF.
Having unlimited ammo makes things spicier too. Oh, and for CTF and Siege they
might not allow base defenses (Giant turret balls installed in bases) either.
If you decide you like what the game has to offer, look inside by going to
Join. <<<NOTE>>>: You may have 2 players playing online on one console! Set it
by setting local players to 2, just as long as you have another friend right 
there.) All my friends still suck, however, so I don't let them play. ^.^ Now
you are at the Game Room. Press up and down, and you'll run through 3 things:

1. Invite Player - See if someone else will come into the room. 
2. Details - Lets you see the advanced info again.
3. Your Name on Player List - Change your color and skin by pressing X at it.
4. All the Other Players - See their skill, color, if they're ready...

You can't chat in here unless you have a headset, I think. (I have none.)
Players always try to get all the best players onto one team and leave the
rest, which are usually noobs. Im a noob since I have nothing but one bolt,
but some wins have been thanks to me, and I can stand up to pros most of the
time. When you are in this place, if you press triangle, you will leave the
room. Press O, and a green "ready" dot will appear to the right of your name
row. Readying will let they others know you are all set, and you're satisfied
with the conditions. Sometimes, the teams aren't fair, and so you shouldn't
ready until their is a fair number of people on each team, and fair skill 
levels on each side. Often times, this won't happen, and there'll be like, 3
people who are pros on one side, and 2 on yours, or maybe only 1 pro on 1 
side. If that happens, and everyone's ready, and the room master starts the
game, you'll probably be screwed. Try going to another game and see if they
are fair. Make sure there's equal numbers of people on each color team, too.
Anyway, once everybody has readied, the room master will start. Keep in mind,
if you don't ready or keep switching teams or something, you will be kicked
outta the room. Some people are just assholes, and will do it anyway. 
<<<NOTE>>> Its a common thing to do to press ready on and off by rapidly 
tapping O to indicate to non-ready people to ready themselves up. I think I 
may have started it. ^.^ v

   Part 3.1
Whats Up Your Arsenal in Multiplayer?|

Here I will tell you about weapons to use! This is an N60 Tornado. This is the
most common weapon. Lets see now... It shoots out little weak rapid fireballs
in a straight direction. Also has a semi lock-on system. Easy to miss with it.
Has lots of Ammo, and you won't run out quick. It's the least popular weapon
because it's weak, slow, and boring. Thus, you won't find the upgrade of it 
much. <<<NOTE>>> All weapons upgrade "using Nanotech technology" after you've
killed 3 other players with it. If you die, you lose it, and risk having the
other team take it, and kill you to death. ?_? The upgraded weapons are 
superpowerful. And have more ammo! If you ever get an upgrade, stick with it.
Now, here's a graph of the N60's abilities, graded by stars. ***** is maximum.
N60 Storm       

Power per Shot: *
Speed of Shot: ***
Shot Rate: ****
Hit Rate: *
Range: *****
Ammo: 500
Overall: **

This is a regular blaster which hasn't much use. Its weak, and hard to shoot
somebody with, especially jumpy people. That'd take a long time, as it's weak
too. I use it for taking out turrets, Galactic Rangers, and other defenses. 
The upgrade makes taking out foes much more easier because of it being 2x the
speed and power. Keeping the upgrade isn't hard, although getting it is.
Defending an attacked spot with it in tow makes it happen... a little. Its not
good overall, not even very good when upgraded compared to other weapons.

Lava Gun

Power: ***
Speed: *****
Shot Rate: Pretty much constant
Hit Rate: ***
Range: **
Ammo: 250
Overall: ***

A weapon that spews lava, exactly like in the game. It is very snake-like, and
you can use it like a sorta bendy sword if you spin around while using it. I'd
say its most use is up against a close enemy using something like a Blitz. 
Upgrade has more range and can kill in 2 hits. 

Mine Glove

Power: ****
Speed: **
Shot Rate: ***
Hit Rate: ***
Range: *, but will track
Ammo: 6
Overall: ****

Mines that home in on close enemies. If shot, however, they are destroyed. I
still like them a lot. They can be cleared out of an area easily with the
Blitz Gun, or Gravity Bomb. That's why these aren't so good... With all the
smart players now, most will just clear em out. However; putting them around 
your base or concealing them will help a lot. The upgrade kills in 2 hits, and
homes in faster! 

Blitz Gun

Power: More = closer to target
Speed: *****
Shot Rate: ***
Hit Rate: More = closer to target
Range: ***
Ammo: 40
Overall: ****

A shotgun! Its the 2nd game's version of the Shock Cannon. It's a nice little
weapon. When shot, several bullets will come out. You'll see all the bullets,
how they shoot out. Its more powerful when you're closer, because more of the
spreading bullets will hit the one enemy. Just try to keep within a good range
to do respectable damage. Its also good for shooting down hoverships. Using it
in a big melee, for instance in the sewers, can prove useful too. Upgrade is
MUCH stronger, and can kill very easily. Easy to get when defending. Easily my

Minirocket Tube

Power: **** 
Speed: ****
Shot Rate: **
Hit Rate: ***
Range: ****
Ammo: 15
Overall: ****

It's a homing rocket propelled grenade launcher. At first, its slow, and it
can be somewhat hard to hit enemies with it, cuz they can avoid it by just
jumping out of the way at the right time. Of course, this isn't possible 
forever. If you do manage to kill a few with it, it will turn into the VERY
powerful Megarocket. Megarocket is its name from R&C 2, so I call it that. Its
very fast, and hits a good 75% of the time. Its shot rate is incredible. Both
versions are great for sniping too, since they semi-home in. Easy to get the
upgrade when sniping. (Thanks to quark9000 for correcting me on the ammo #.)

Gravity Bomb

Power: ***** 
Speed: **
Shot Rate: *
Hit Rate: ***
Range: You can adjust this by aiming up to the sky or down to the ground
Ammo: 8
Overall: ****

Very powerful. However, it's difficult to hit anyone with it, because like the
Minirocket, it is avoided by jumping. While they jump and you shoot over and 
over, you will have to hit them eventually... The upgrade has more blast 
radius AND power! I think it may be harder to avoid. Oh, and shot rate is
great. Shoot downwards if your opponent is closer to you, and you'll hit 


Power: This weapon won't damage your opponent 
Speed: Constantly in front of you
Shot Rate: Constant
Hit Rate: ****
Range: **
Ammo: Unlimited no matter what
Overall: ***

Pretty nice. Its easy to win a gunfight with this if you use it right. If you
don't kill enemies right away after morphing them, they'll be immobilized and
cant come back for a while. Very useful if you're trying to get an important 
node. The upgrade will turn them into animals faster, like within a second. 
The range is longer too. Keep in mind that if you hold down the fire button
and just morph them up a little at a time, that still works. Its really fun 
to keep your enemy helpless like this. If you yourself have been morphed, 
jump off a ledge or into a river to be able to come back quickly. My main
quirks with this weapon are that it doesn't have much range, and other people
can kill the enemies after you've morphed them, and THEY will get the kill!

Flux Rifle

Power: *****
Speed: *****
Shot Rate: *
Hit Rate: ***
Range: *****
Ammo: 8
Overall: ****

The Flux is a good reason to play in lock-strafe mode. It sends out a powerful
energy blast, which acts like a sniper rifle. Its very handy. There are two 
purposes for it, the intended purpose: To zoom in and hit an enemy with the
scope feature, or; Use it like a regular gun, kind of like as a Blitz Gun. You
see, if you are a good aim in Lock-Strafe, you can watch carefully where your
enemy is going and shoot him with the gun. Since the Flux is so powerful, it
only takes 2 shots to kill a person, and an upgrade will kill in 1 f***ing
hit! You'll see tons and tons of pros using this technique online. I've been
getting better with it too, thanks to advice from numerous members on the UYA boards, including Peacemaker532, Ensanguine, deathbomber,
and slickydrummer.

Hovership Driver Shot

Power: *****
Speed: ****
Shot Rate: *****
Hit Rate: ***
Range: *****
Ammo: Unlimited, although, stop using it a couple secs, and its more powerful
Overall: *****

Very many perks, including the ability to fly around while using it. Since its
so powerful, its useful in taking down defenses. Note the many stategies for
it in the next section. RUN AWAY if you are being attacked by this. If you let
it rest from being used a while, it'll be faster again. This works sometimes,
not in all games, in some games you can just fire away without overheating.

Hovership Rider Bomb

Power: *****
Speed: **
Shot Rate: ***
Hit Rate: ****
Range: More if ship is higher
Ammo: Unlimited no matter what
Overall: *****

The second Hovership rider's shot. Its like a Super Gravity Bomb! This is sooo
useful in many cases (below) since you can position yourself so high and that
way not be hit easily. Somehow, your mines can get EXP when you kill with this
thing. Very easy to hit with it, can even hit jumpers. 

Turboslider Driver Shot

Power: *
Speed: ****
Shot Rate: *****
Hit Rate: ****
Range: ****
Ammo: Unlimited
Overall: ***

Not so good, since you usually are going in one direction and can't shoot any 
way but that way. The best part about being the driver is that you can squash
players with it. They look so squashed afterward! Some network connection bugs
may cause your opponent to look squashed, but not BE squashed. (Thanks to for telling me the real name of the Turbo-whosit.)

Turboslider Rider Shot

Power: **
Speed: ****
Shot Rate: *****
Hit Rate: ****
Range: ****
Ammo: Unlimited
Overall: ****

Better than the above weapon since it can turn around easily. Also can be used
as a moving turret. Pretty much the same otherwise. If you are staying still 
while hitting an enemy with this, he should die.


Power: **
Speed: ****
Shot Rate: *****
Hit Rate: ****
Range: ****
Ammo: Unlimited
Overall: **

Like the rider shot of the Turobslider, but not moveable. They are most useful
in say, Hoven Gorge, where you can help with beating up the enemy base easily,
without getting hit. In most places where they are, they aren't useful though.
Easy to destroy too.

   Part 3.2
My Weapon and Tool Strategies, So Bad, They're Free!:|

That's not true. I have done well with these strategies many times:

1. Jump Around - If you are in a big battle, its best to just jump around to
and fro to avoid the enemies' bullets. This works best to avoid weapons such
as Minirockets, N60 bullets, Blitz guns, Lava guns, Flux Rifles... Almost 
everything, except maybe mines and and Morph-o-Rays. Its very good also for
avoiding the big globe turrets at bases. Using that, and a Blitz Gun against
one is a VERY explosive strategy. This is perhaps THE core strategy.

2. Hide Mines - Its easy to conceal a batch of mines, say by hiding them 
behind a small wall near a path so that when enemies pass, the mines will home
in on them without their knowing there are any at all, until they fly up into 
the air, with all their health gone. Other good places to hide mines: Circle
indentations in the ground at Marcadia are good to place mines in; Its always
useful to place a few beside doorways, such as in Hoven Gorge's doorways above
the gorge; maybe at the top of Gravity Boot towers, because you can't see 
what's at the top anyway; Marcadia's outer rim... Try finding more like these. 

3. Weapons to Use on Defenses - Since lots of defenses come somewhat packed
together, the Gravity Bomb is good on them since it will hit multiple things
within its blast radius. Upgrade will hit even more things, of course. More
good ones, as mtb0minime on pointed out, are the Blitz Gun and
the Lava Gun, his favorite being the Blitz. I have to back him up now on using
the Blitz Gun... It REALLY has helped a lot. Use this in conjunction with the
Jump Around technique when you are very close to a defense.

4. Avenge my Death, Mines! - They say in the game that as a last resort, throw
out a couple of mines to avenge you even after you have been killed.

5. Teeny Miney Mine Defenders - Put some mines around nodes you've captured,
or around your base, and they'll home in on any attacker. 

6. From Above - You can use mines in yet another strategetic way here. Get any
Hovership, and in siege mode or CTF, get on top of the enemies' base using the
Hovership, and from there, proceed to either destroy the anti-aircraft missle
launchers using a powerful weapon (i.e. Blitz Gun, Lava Gun), or throw some 
mines down from the top of the base. You see, using this strategy, you can 
effieciently destroy the enemy base without breaking a sweat, or them being 
able to get you easily. Extremely useful. You may have to get on the very edge
in order to get specific targets like the turrets.

7. Hovership Charger - This vehicle lets you fly around and shoot at targets
down below. You may not know that this is a charge-up vehicle, in other words,
if you just shoot up to 8 short blasts and then wait a little you'll have the
ship charged up! What does that mean? Well, if you let it charge up instead of
just blasting and blasting away, you'll have some charged up shots which are 
more powerful, and come out faster! So shoot in little bursts like I am
saying, in order to have more powerful shots. This, for some reason, only 
happens in the majority of games, so you may find a few that don't have this.

8. Roadkill How to and Avoidance - With the Car thingy, you can run over 
enemies and squash em flat. That kills them instantly. It beats shooting them
with the driver shot, although do that all the time too. It's rather easy to
avoid however; to avoid it, just use the Jump Around technique.

9. Non-Snipe Point Sniping - Keep in mind that you can just as easily snipe 
from any position you like, rather than just in high places.

10. "Synthenoids" - You may find these things in some places, for instance
near the steps to a node in Aridia, to the side of the ice streams in Hoven,
the corner Gravity Boot towers in Metropolis... They are 4 little versions of
enemies from later in the story mode that will fly with you and shoot at the
opponent in multiplayer. They are basically like the Agents of Doom (or Dread)
from the story mode, and like the Synthenoids and Kilonoids in the 2nd game. I
like to have them around, as they help quite a bit. You may order them to 
"defend" and stay in once place, in the second ring of your quick-select.

11. Quick Select Tips - Sooner or later, you'll learn how to quick-select 
things really quick, which is useful. Try memorizing where each weapon is.
Also, if you have multiple weapons, you'll be able to cycle thru them really
quick without going to the quick select by tapping triangle, also important.

12. Suicide Bombing Bases - You cant just strap a bomb around yourself and try
to blow up the enemy base, but if you have a node close to the enemy base, its
easy to just keep going there and beating the hell out of them. It works 
effectively, amazingly. Just keep going there and blast everything up until 
you can get inside the base and destroy the core. I recommend a powerful 
weapon like a Lava Gun or BLitz Gun. Use Charge Boots to get there quickly.

13. Teleport Pad Killers - As a last resort, the losers often protect the 
inside of their base with mines, Lava Guns, and Gravity Bombs. What happens is
that you can't get inside (if you happen to be on the winning side), and the
game drags on to the point that people leave. Now, I don't reccomend using
this, because most of the time you lose anyway, because the enemy can still
fire a few shots before being killed and eventually destroy your core. 

14. Shooting at Bases from a Distance - While a teammate goes in to destroy a 
base, you can use any vehicle, a turret, even a Flux Rifle to shoot at the
revealed turret at a distance. If you are far away from a turret, it won't 
take down its shield to shoot at you, but if a teammate goes in close, you can
fire away at the unveiled turrets from a distance without anything happening 
to you, except perhaps another enemy shooting at you somewhere else. Instances
where this works best: Using the turret near the enemy base on Hoven; Using a
Hovership against the turrets in metropolis, Sniping at turrets from cliffs
to the right of bases, sniping from a node platform above the enemy base... 
Since the Hovership is extremly powerful and versatile, it works best.

15. Mine Clearers - Weapons such the Blitz Gun and especially the Gravity Bomb
can clear an area of mines easily so you won't get hurt. Like monkeys that
will find land mines for you the hard way!

16. Lava Whip - You can use the Lava Gun kind of like the Plasma Whip by
spinning around while shooting it. Can be good if you're surrounded and such.
Do this in Lock-strafe by pushing the right analog in one direction (right or
left) and shooting with R1.

17. Charge Boot Usage - In CTF, the boots can be very useful. Use them to
charge in and out super quick in order to avoid being killed, and for an easy
capture. Also use them to get to places much more quickly. Also handy if you 
are in a gunfight where you are almost out of health, so that you can escape
and get to a Nanotech.

18. Rocket Snipe - Use the Minirocket as a sniper too, because its almost as
powerful, and using it the same way as the Flux is better, as the Minirocket 
is a homing one of course.

19. Behind the Base Help - You can easily get behind the enemy base and
provide back-up for teammates that attack the base. -ratchet freak at

20. Flux the Core - On, deathbomber told me that its a good idea
to get on the ceiling of your enemies' base in siege, and proceed to use the 
Flux Rifle on the core of the base, slowly. Stop if anyone comes in. Then they
can't find you! All the other weapons would be pretty good for this too, I 

21. Grand Theft Auto - In CTF, usually you should be trying to get the enemy
flag, but if a teammate gets it before you and you are using a vehicle, offer
him a ride so that he can get back to your base quickly, and safely.

22. From Above 2 - Switch into the Hovership's bomber mode if you
can, and if you are over a node where the enemy respawns out of a lot, use the
bomb to kill them easily. Good when you have the enemy against the ropes in

23. Ultra Defense - When the enemy is closing in on you, don't go inside your
base and wait for them in order to kill them; stay outside and near the 
teleporter with everyone else instead. They can't go inside if you keep 
shooting at them when they're trying to use the teleporter. So, stay outside
with Blitz Guns and Mine Gloves, because the Blitz hits easy, and Mines stop
would-be teleporters dead in their tracks. Send out a single scout (only ONE)
to go and destroy the enemy; most likely nothing will stop him, what with all 
the enemies trying to destroy your base.

24. CTF Ultra Defense - Put mines around your flag in CTF to prevent anyone
picking it up. You'll need to replenish them though. Enemies have wisened up
to this, and will try to destroy them, so pile them up EVERYWHERE near your

25. Aim High - If you have a Gravity Bomb, besides using it up close, you can
look up at the sky and shoot. Just adjust the camera to make it look up as
much as possible, and shoot. Look at where the Gravity Bomb lands. See, the 
bomb'll fly up high and land a long-ways away from you. Neat, huh? Useful for
taking out defending enemies from a distance. You can do something somewhat
similar with the Mine Glove, but it won't go as long the distance.

26. Telekinetic Connection - Omniwrench12000 at told me about
this; Using the bombs in the Hovership, and killing with people with the bombs
will result in your Mine Glove getting EXP! I have tested this, and it works.

27. "FIERY CIRCLE OF DEATH" - "Call it whatever you want, itís similar to the 
ďAvenge my death, mines!Ē strat you have, but instead itís withÖ yep, a Lava 
Gun.  If youíre still spewing when you die, the lava gun will still be going 
off while youíre spinning around, resulting in a FIERY CIRCLE OF DEATH. Sort
of," is what Metatag from the forums told me in an email. I have
to say, its hard for anyone to get near this enough to get hit... See "Lava
Whip" weapon strat in this section for a similar strategy. (Note, It seems as
if some people are actually stupid enough to be hit by this, including me.)

28. "OMG, how'd they get that node so fast!!1!" - You'll need the Holoshield
for this. I've discovered an easy and quick way to capture nodes; Take a 
Holoshield to any node, and spread 4 shields around you and the node in a
rectangular fashion. This way, the node defenses can't hit you! Then you can
capture it quickly and easy. (One of Insomniac's messages in the loading 
screen is similar to this, that you can have a teammate attract the node 
defense's fire, and you capture the node. However, this isn't possible with
many nodes. Using the shields is much more efficient.)

29. Wolf Packs - If you want, try following around a teammate (specifically
a pro one), so that you'll have extra protection against your enemies. Always
try to help out whenever your team is trying to capture a node, or attacking 
the enemy base. 

30. Destroy the Enemy Base With a Hovership - You know that you can't attack
the enemy base with a Hovership from the front... But you CAN from the back.
On most Siege maps which offer Hoverships (except X12 because you can't have a
ship go there), you can go behind the enemy base and try to destroy it with 
the Hovership. You'll need to go around the base with the ship flying low, and
away from the base. You need to get close enough to have the globe turrets 
come out of their shells, and far away and low enough to avoid the Antivehicle
missles. Now, do this, and avoid the turrets fire by moving to one, and then 
the other, waiting for it to come out. Since these shots are ultra-powerful,
and rapid-fire, you can take out the turret easily. If you see a teammate
doing this, help out by attracting the turret fire so that he can hit it 
without any trouble. I have discovered now that this doesn't seem to be
possible at Korgon Outpost either, as far as I can tell.

31. "Im Gonna Let You Kill Me! Not." - Not so much a strategy as a warning. A
few people online have been creating rooms in the Command Center blaring:
"7 VS 1", in which the only weapon is a Gravity Bomb. You see, everyone gets
taken in by this, because they know they'll win. However, if you are logical,
you know that with a bomb, the one player can amass a bunch of kills easily,
without getting killed much himself. Since there'll so many of you in an 
enclosed space, and he'll have a bomb, he can use the bomb's radius to kill
you all in multitudes. See what I mean? The way I found this out is that a
friend of mine playing with me insisted on going into that room. I saw what
would happen, but he wanted to play badly.

32. Air Superiorety - Its important to get and keep nodes with Hoverships.
Since ships are just SO powerful, they can easily change the course of the
game. Keep in mind to keep checking back at places where there should be ships
in DM also. Turbosliders can be important in some situations as well.

33. Capture Back - The enemy will often try to hide behind, or near their base
when they have a flag, but don't have possession of their own flag either. In
Normal CTF, both teams will probably be doing the same thing at the same time.
To get back your flag, you'll need to suicide run the other base, and go after
the guy who has your flag. Just touch it, and it'll teleport back home, and
your team can make a capture. 

34. Map - Bring up the map of the game you are in with R3 or Select. Useful
seeing where your enemies are, where your teammates are, and other stuff. 
There's little symbols which show where a vehicle is too. Get the map off the
screen by holding R3 or Select again.

35. My Camera Swing Speed - Put your account's camera swing speed at the |, as
I will show you in this small graph: ____________________|_. This will give
you a good turnaround time, and good aiming. If I knew what pros with the Flux
used, I'd use that then.

36. Camoflauge - Stand in the glow of the light from your base, and no one 
should be able to see you. If you stand there right near your teleporter, you
can defend from there without being hit easily. Then, when an enemy comes up,
you can come out of nowhere and shoot them up. This works best with a Blitz
Gun in a CTF, then it'll be really hard for enemies to take it.

37. Spawn Camp How-To and Avoidance - Everyone who's played a shooter like
this game knows this. In this game, it's not quite the same, though. You can
always do it from a distance with a rocket or Flux, but you may ALSO use the 
mines up close. Its easy, just surround the spawn points with mines. This CAN 
be avoided, contrary to popular belief. What you gotta do is just flip out of
the way in any direction as soon as you spawn, then Charge Boot away or pull
out a "clearing" sort of weapon and blow up the mines. Also, you can see if 
the guy is still throwing out mines while you are dead, so then you know to
spawn from somewhere else.

38. Charge Boot Jump Extend - Whenever your Charge Boot jets stop boosting you
across a gap, you may be dead, unless you use this. You know about the Hyper
Swing, right? That's just what you do when you jump up and press square, and
you'll slash with your wrench downwards. The fact of the matter is, that if
use this right after Charge Booting, you'll extend your jump forwards and 
upwards considerably. This'll help you get across all sorts of gaps you can't
normally. So basically, it is jet with the boots with R2 twice, then at the
end of the jets' fire, press square. Some crossable gaps, like the bridges in
Korgon Outpost, are a little harder to cross. For those, you'll need to start
about 6 or 7 Ratchets away from the edge, and Charge Boot from that position. 
Thanks to numerous members on UYA boards for pointing this out.

39. Flag Hiding - It is a good idea not to hide behind your base if you have 
the enemy Flag. What you SHOULD do is to go hide elsewhere, in a spot
relatively close to your base, and not a spot near an enemy node either. Just
stay there until you see that your flag has been returned to your base, and go
make a capture. I like to stay in a place where I can snipe at enemies from as
well as hide.

40. Flag Dropping - There's a way to put down a flag without dying; crouch and
press square. This'll leave your hands free to do something safe, such as 
snipe or something. Make sure you pick up and put down the flag if it has been
left alone for a while so that it doesn't disappear (in 40 secs. after being

Im out of strategies.

   Part 4.1
Map Strategies, Also Very Bad, So They Are Free Too.|

Besides learning how to use weapons, maps are important to lern about as well.
I will teach you about how to use the maps best to your advantage. Maybe now
you've played a few games online, and have seen the layout of the place. Maybe
you've learned a little about nodes too. They play an important part in Siege
and CTF. Its about time I told you some stuff about the modes I think:

1. Siege - Probably the most popular mode, this pits team Red against team
Blue in a fight to destroy the other team's base power core. This usually
involves capturing nodes (protected spawn points with weapons and vehicles,
for your team.) There is a Normal and Attrition mode here. I'd written
something else here a while ago, but a Jake Roy told me this, "Attrition is 
different because the team that has more nodes has a better defense.... if you
have one node your defense will be really weak, but if you have 4 nodes your 
base will be strong." Thanks Jake! I guess Normal doesn't have that system.

2. Capture the Flag - A mode where the teams fight to capture each other's
flags from each other's bases and return them to their own base. Also relies
heavily on nodes. There's Normal and Chaos mode here, Chaos mode meaning you
don't need to have possession of your own flag to capture the other flag. Norm
is opposite. Also called CTF. Both are pretty interesting.

3. Deathmatch - A simple mode to just blow each other away. There aren't any 
nodes here. You'll just respawn to a random spot. Team Deathmatch puts you in
a team you may choose by clicking on yourself. Also called DM. 

A word on Nodes; Nodes are places you can capture which are scattered around
most maps. They always have protection, and you'll need to destroy the 
defenses before cranking the node. They will let you see if your enemies are
near them if you bring up your map too. 

Those are the modes! Now, Ill explain some about the maps. Ratings here will
also be up to *****.

Thanks to Peacemaker532 for the maps. Also, here's a small key to the maps:
|                              <<KEY TO MAPS>>                            | 
|1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. = Node (number corresponds to node in the node list.)|
|H = a Hovership.                                                         |
|T = a Turboslider.                                                       |
|* = a piece of Nanotech.                                                 |
|R = the Red Base.                                                        |
|B = the Blue Base.                                                       |

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Bakisi Isles<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The first is Bakisi Isles. Its a bunch of small islands latched together by 
bridges, with some towers installed around the place, as well as one big ship
which you can walk around on. Now I'll explain where the nodes are, as well as
how much they can change the course of battle, and if they have a vehicle.

1. On the hill in front of the Blue base: Importance: *****: Car 
2. On tower in the center of map: Importance: ****
3. On tower identical to 2, north of 2: Importance: **: Car
4. On tower with bridge underneath. Close to Blue Base: Importance: ****: Ship
5. On tower identical to 4. Close to Red Base: Importance: ****: Ship
6. Near Red Base: Importance: *****: Car
7. On Big Ship in south of map: Importance: ***: Ship

Map Strat:

Siege: Start off by capturing Node 4 or 5, whichever is closest to you. As I
said in weapon strat no.32, its a good idea to get all of these ship nodes.
Hopefully you have captured your node quick enough so that you can get its
twin. To do that, get in the ship and go over to its twin. Most likely there
will be a guy from the other team attacking it. If you got there in time, kill
him and capture it for your team. Now that guy and maybe others will try to 
attack that node. Now either defend the node (and risk losing it), or capture
the last ship Node on the Big Ship. Try to capture more nodes, like 2 also, as
a back-up. Use the Hovership to attack the base too. 

CTF: You can either defend you base, or just go rush after the flag. Players
know nowadays that you must go after the flag right away to win. Check the
Feb. 18 report in the news section for more information.

Deathmatch: Not much, but its useful to get a car to squash the enemies with.
It may be hard to find an enemy around due to the expanse of the map.

Snipe Spots: Any tower is good. The big ship is the best.

Map of Bakisi Isles by Peacemaker532 (although due to email problems, I had to
fix it up a lot, so it looks different.)

         /    3    \
        _|   T      \_
       / ____   _____ \
      / /   _| |___  \ \
    _/ /   /       \  \ \__
   /*5 \  |    2    | /H 4 \
   \  H/  /          \\__ */
   _| |__/*/|________ \ | |
  /       /|__   __  \*\\ \____
 /         T6 | /  \  \        |
/             | |7 |  /     1T  |_
\ R        ___| \__/  |        B_/
 \_________|          \________/

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Outpost X12<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A desert type place with several purple goo rivers. Same place as in the game.

The nodes around the map are easy to find; There's one that is SUPER
important in each fort, and 2 more to the right and left of the entrances of 
each. Every single one is very important, but the closest ones to the bases
will definetly change the turnout of the match. The nodes on Grav Boot towers
will all have Hoverships, while both in the forts will yield 2 cars.

Map Strat:

Siege: Let your team capture the closest node; Try to get one of the ship
Nodes yourself. From there, capture the other ship node, and on foot try to
capture more. Start making attacks on the enemy base, or the node inside their
fort. One more thing; Y'know the Grav Boot tunnels in the right of the base
(not the ones you can drive thru), well, go through these, and at the other 
side you will find a path leading to the back of the base! Also, there should
be a Mineglove crate, and a Holoshield crate. Use these to get close enough to
globe turrets to have them shoot at you, but throw out a Holoshield in front
of you to stop the bullets! Now you can destroy the base easily. Watch out for
defenders. They can come around there too, so protect youself with mines.

CTF: Try using some of Siege's strat, but its also good to only try to get a
node beside the enemy base, and then just steal the enemy flag. Don't forget
to leave a defender or two at your base with a Blitz Gun, Mineglove, or 
Gravity Bomb. A car works too, since you can run people over with it and they
be dead. Don't forget to lay mines around there, especially in the tunnels. 

Deathmatch: I don't particularly like to use this place for deathmatches, as
it can take a long time to find anyone to kill... However, this can also put
you at an advantage because when other players are trying to find others, you 
can snipe at em from any designated snipe spot easy. Its a good idea to try to
get a car or Hovership right away for an advantage. Fly high, and BOMBS AWAY!
Or roadkillem all. Its okay for DM I guess...

Snipe Spots: To one side of the map longways, there will be some purple goo
pits with Hypershot targets over them. Use these, and you will find a cliff
with a Gravity Boot walkway leading up to it. Here is a perfect spot to snipe,
complete with Flux Rifles and perhaps Minirockets! Try sniping from any node
tower if you like too.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Hoven Gorge<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A section of the frozen planet from R&C 2. It is a big snowy canyon with some
ice rivers, a few cliffs, and some tunnels.

1. Near Blue base: Importance: *****: Car
2. Near Red base: Importance: *****: Car
3. Middle of map: Importance: ***
4. On cliff facing Blue base: Importance: *****
5. On cliff facing Red Base: Importance: *****
6. North of 3: Importance: OMG important
7. South of 3: Importance: OMG important

Map Strat:

Siege: While the one closest to you, either 1 or 2 is very important, it is 
very hard to capture. Leave your teammates to it, and go after the prize; Node
6 or 7. Note that I have made it "OMG important"... You see, this is
essentially the best node. It'll be on the other side of the map, and a little
to the right. You can get to it using the jump pad in the area. It'll be in a
little cave. Its easy to capture... although it could be hard to keep. See,
it has caught on by now to go after it right away, so most likely you wanna
get that one, and the one adjacent of it, since it is ALSO omg important. If
the enemy captures it, they can win easily, like you can. So, defend your new 
node with all you've got (mines can be very helpful here) and try to go after
the adjacent one too. If you are able to capture that adjacent one, capture
4 or 5, depending on which is facing the enemy. You see, this technically is
also super important, cause you can charge boot from it and get to the enemy 
base easily. In any case, you should be attacking the enemy base with your
team. If you have the OMG important node, you can use the turret nearby to
shoot at the revealed globe turrets while your team is attacking them. You can
also snipe at em if you like, or if your turret gets destroyed. You'll
probably have to defend your node sometimes, so watch for enemies around it.

CTF: Get the omg node, and keep mining their base of its flag. Try destroying
the globe turrets if you like, and use the turret to take out the other
defenses. Node 3 is more important in this mode. Since the map is somewhat 
small, even just trying to steal the flag starting from your own base is 
effective. You can rack up a lot of kills and some upgrades if you stay and
defend too. 

Deathmatch: This is a nice place for a deathmatch, with it being a very good
size arena. Use the snipe spots plenty; the rocket is easy to upgrade here by
sniping. Watch your back whenever you are traveling on the lowest ground;
there's snipers everywhere. Keep jumping and charging there.

Snipe Spots: All the cliffs are excellent, and most of all are the highest 
ones where node 4 and 5 would be in Siege. Some snipe from the big, long,
destructable tower in the middle of the map, but its easy to be sniped back
from there.

Map of Hoven Gorge, by Peacemaker532, again screwed up by the email.

 ____     ___   /     \
/  5 \   / 6 \  |  B  |
\____/\_/_  *_\_\_____/
| *  \____| | \__\_||_
|         |*|         |
| T2      |3|       1T|
|__  ___  | |____  *  |
 __||\__\_| |_ _ \____|
/     \ \*    / \     \
|  R  |  \_7_/   \__4_/


One of my favorites! Its a big green-like place with towers and 
stuff. The place is so high up, that you die if you fall below into the gloom.

1. Right of Red base with Hypershots: Importance: OMG Important
2. Right of Blue base with Hypershots: Importance: OMG Important
3. Nearest northeast of Red base: Importance: OMG Important: Ship
4. Nearest northeast of Blue base: Importance: OMG Important: Ship
5. Top of Gravity Boot tower on right of map: Importance: OMG Important
6. Top of Gravity Boot tower on left of map: Importance: OMG Important

Map Strat:

Siege: Either help with capturing 2 or 3, again whichever is closest to you,
or use the jump pad a little further on to get on the base of the Gravity Boot
tower. There is an OMG Important node here. You see, you can charge boot off
the top of the tower onto the little corner with some bushes there (facing the
enemy base) and then charge boot off there towards the enemy base again, and
you can get to it easily! Really, this is the best node since the enemy doesnt
really know its important probably, and since you can get to the enemy so
easily. Now, another one that is important for offense is 1 or 2, whichever is
closest to the enemy. If you have one or two, or ANY of these nodes, its easy
to defeat them. Try to get the other closest nodes to the enemy base if you
want. Also, a ship is very good here.

CTF: Very good map for CTF. Use the ship, get a good node, place mines
everywhere (including on the main bridge), and defend your base some. I will
say though that if you get the enemy flag, you might not want to use the main 
route to take it back; instead go left of where you captured it to the
Hypershot Node, and go up the Gravity Boot tower and then use the Hypershot
path to swing down to that Node, then go to your base and capture the flag.
Repeat this.

Deathmatch: A deathmatch here is kinda similar to one on Hoven. Anyway, use
powerful weapons, and try upgrading a weapon like the Grav Bomb, Morph-o-Ray,
or Minirocket early on for an advantage. Use the snipe spots to your
advantage, and search for your enemies. 

Snipe Spots: Gravity Boot towers, tallest towers, places where Node 3 or 4
would be.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Korgon Outpost<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A big roundish area with cliffs around, and a big building where you can walk
on the ceiling! All orangey and brown. 

1. Middle of map: Importance: OMG Important
2. Northeast of map: Importance: *****: Car
3. Northwest of map: Importance: *****: Car
4. Southeast of map: Importance: ***: Ship
5. Right next to 4: Importance: ***: Ship
Note: There are 2 freelance cars near both 4 and 5.

Map Strat: 

Siege: You see, 1 is OMG because it changes the map. Depending on which 
team you are on, it will change for your team's good if captured. A bridge
rises up which makes it easy to traverse to the other team's base, which is 
inaccessable by the other team! They'll have to take the long way around. So,
it is very important for that. The other most important nodes are in the
north. It is easy to capture the one near the enemy, and to lead an attack on
their base afterward. Still, 1 is still very important, and will greatly
increase your winning chances. So, either go after 1, 2, or 3. You can also go
to 4 or 5 to get a Hovership.

CTF: Having any node is good, but the middle one doesn't matter much. The ones
that make the most difference here are 2, 3, 4, or 5. This may be the place 
where the Charge Boot Extend works best. On the two snipe cliffs that you walk
the Gravity Boot ramp up, you can jet off of the edge of there and use the
Extend to land on the green bridge part. then you can go and get the flag 
quickly and safely. There's a second way you can go too, right next to each
Hovership node, you can get to the freelance car that is available there. The
thing is, you can charge off of the bridge (stand 7 Ratchets away first) and
use the Extend to land on the other side. Then you can get the flag stealthily
too! Letting the enemy have the middle node can make it easier to escape back,
you see now.   

Deathmatch: While I don't like using this place as much for the other two, 
the place is great for Deathmatches. Since there is a lot of flat ground, you
may want to use the Flux Rifle or Minirocket a lot. Staying in one place and 
waiting for attackers works too.

Snipe Spots: Cliffs north of map, go anywhere on the ceiling, and that's good.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Blackwater City<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Oooh, I love this place! I like the colors here a lot. A lot of pipey
platforms over some sand banks and water. <<<NOTE>>> The pipe walkways to the
Nodes all have a Nanotech under them. You can use the Grav Boots on the pipes.

Nodes: There's one in each uprised corner of the map. All are very important.

Map Strat: 

Siege: Taking any Node is a good idea; You can take any of the ones close to
your base, or you can go after one close to the enemy. Anyway, keep capturing
and defending nodes, and you should have an advantage soon. Once this happens,
you will probably be battling the enemy at their base. Snipe the defenders
with a rocket, and you should get it upgraded. Now, once your teammates start
attacking, use that upgrade to snipe at the globe turrets, and to take out any
more defenders. Soon you should win. I recently discovered how good it is to 
cover the bridge leading from the Base to the rest of the area with mines.

CTF: Not much need for nodes here, just rush in and out of there to get the
flag. Don't forget to use all the mine strategies! Also, try to take out the
bridge in the middle of the map. Since people will only be able to cross using
the swingshots, place mines where they will land.

Deathmatch: Great place for this. Use rockets, bombs, and mines effectively.
The Morph-o-ray works well here too.

Snipe Spots: All Node spots are perfect, as well as on their walkways.

>>>>>>>>>>>Aquatos Sewers<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A variation of a section of the Aquatos sewers in the story mode. Great for
deathmatches! <<<NOTE>>> There isn't any Siege mode here since its small.
Everything after this hasn't got Nodes or a Siege mode.

No nodes.

Map Strat:

CTF: I don't know much about how to play here, but if I were you, I'd just
defend, with mines, or as a second choice, any other powerful weapon. The 
enemy will try to take your flag, but if you use mines and place them around,
or just attack them, they can't steal it at all! Plus you'll probably get an
upgrade easily. Send out 1 or 2 people to get the flag though. The sewers are 
small, and you can easily get from one side to the other quickly. Also, there
sections of sewer on the sides where you can sneak from one side to the other
without getting killed much. Be sure to defend them too. Use the rocket a lot.
Try to get to the other side and spawn camp there! 

Deathmatch: Just do your best. Use the Minirocket, Flux Rifle, and Mines alot.
Be quicker than them. Try to find and use the Nanos as much as possible.

Snipe Spots: Not any really, but all the straight corridors make it easy to
hit someone when there's a lot of people playing.

>>>>>>>>>>Blackwater Docks<<<<<<<<<<<<

A small area with four different sized connected towers. Another place perfect
for a deathmatch. Modeled after R&C 1's docks.

No nodes.

Map Strat:

CTF: Defend, attack, defend, attack. Not much to it. Use a strategy similar to
what I said to use in the Sewers. Place lots of mines on the place where 
people have to land after swinging or boost jumping.

Deathmatch: Attack, attack, attack. Use mines a lot.

Snipe Spots: The steps are rather safe to do so on sometimes...

>>>>>>>>>>Marcadia Palace<<<<<<<<<<<

A slight variation of the battlegrounds in Marcadia in the story mode. Also it
is at night.

No nodes.

Map Strat:

CTF: Hide lots of mines around, especially near the main Charge Boot route.
The best way to get flags is to go into the crevease at the edge of the map 
and then Charge Boot to the other side using the crevease pathway. At that
point, rush into there, and go back thru the path to your place and capture.
If you are defending, keep a lookout for anyone coming a different route to
try for your flag. 

Deathmatch: Hide mines everywhere, then go into the little pit around the edge
of the place. From there, look upwards and fire mines or bombs out of there.
Very useful strategy. The rocket is very useful here too. Also the Blitz Gun.
I just go ahead and jump into big melees a lot here.

Snipe Spots: Turret platform, but not really.

>>>>>>>>>>Command Center<<<<<<<<<<<<

For some godamn reason, this isn't the final level in the first game (which is
just PERFECT for multiplayer) and instead is a small room, pretty much exactly
like the inside of a base. You can walk on the ceilings of course, as in the
regular bases. While I am definetly disapointed that what should have gone
into multiplayer didn't, I have to admit its a nice deathmatch place. There 
isn't any strategy, just room for skill (although shooting from the ceiling
to the floor, or the opposite is handy.) So, if you come here, kick ass! Try
to get on the Red team, they have an advantage in CTF.

     Part 5.1
The Rest of the Crap|

I hope that you have enjoyed and made use of this guide! If at first you don't
succeed, try again. Just keep trying and use these strategies. By the way, if
you would like to have me add anything to this guide, such as a weapon strat 
of your own, that'd be great. If any PROS would be willing, that'd be even 
better. I mean, I'm a pro (my overall rank is in teh 100s!) and I've shared 
EVERYTHING. Contact me by email at:


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And can be on other websites with my permission, as has happened with! 

Thanks to me for writing this, thanks to everyone online in Ratchet and Clank:
Up Your Arsenal for showing me some of these strategies and for helping me get
better, and thanks to all the hardworking people at Insomniac for making this
game. I really love it, and I sincerely hope there's a 4th game.