Online FAQ by Smithy Jones

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Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Online Guide

By Thomas Hartley AKA Smithy Jones

Version 2.7


1. Version History
2. Info
3. Online Play
3.1 Geting Online
3.2 creating a Profile
3.3 Online Play Menu Basics
4. Creating a Game
4.1 Different Game Modes
4.1.1 Seige
4.1.2 CTF
4.1.3 DM
5 Base Defenses
6 Nodes
7 Weapons
8 Vehicals
8.1 Turbo Slider
8.2 Hovership
9 Misc. NPCs
10 Battle Tactics
11 FAQs
12 Credits

10-7-06 Stats have been back up for a while now and that game is still going 
4-15-06 Online Stats have have been taken down due to Excessive Stat cheating 
thanx to the user known as Komoto V2 aka Woot Woot. He basically made games 
that were 1 on 1 CTFs and he just sat there and spawn camped with a turbo 
controller all night long while him and a friend of his slept, who was also 
doing the same. Dont expect to see the stats up anytime soon. You can still 
view your stats it is just that you can compare to the rest of the UYA OC or 
the top 10

1. Version Histroy

1.0 Created a Online FAQ with my knowledge about the game
1.5 I added more to the FAQs section plus I fixed most of my typos
2.0 News has been added Will try and keep it semi updated
2.5 Vehical info and NPCs have been added
2.7 Partial update, added a couple things

2. Info

This FAQ will pertain to the Online aspect of 
Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal. For those of you that bought Ratchet and 
Clank: Up Your Arsenal just for the Online mode this FAQ should help enlighten 
you. This is the first Online game as well as the first game to have a 
Multiplayer mode in the Ratchet and Clank video game series. JUST SO YOU KNOW 
you will not be able to play online. It is highly suggested that you watch the 
Multiplayer Tutorial but in my opinion it helps you with the basics but it 
seems to be more of a Q-Force Reqruitment vid than anything else

3. Online Play

Online play is very fun due to the fact you can play aginst people across 
either North American or with people in Europe and Australia depending on 
where you live. Playing against other people is very fun and is a good 
learning experiance. While online you will develop relationship with your 
fellow players. Myself I know alot of the vets I like most of them and 
dislike a handful. 

3.1 Geting Online

Getting online should be easy, if it is your first time going online with you 
PS2 I suggest using the Online setup that is provided through Ratchet and 
Clank: Up Your Arsenal instead of the Network Adapter Startup disk.  But if 
you already have a Network settings from the Start up disk, then you dont need 
to use the online setup that is provided through the game. When going through 
the Setup procedure through the Ratchet and Clank: Up YOr Arsenal game disk, 
it is pretty easy to follow. After setup is complete now you can play but 
first you must make a profile

3.2 Creating a Profile

Creating a Profile can be done either before or after you go through the 
Online Setup. When making a Profile you will have to choose a name, the name 
can be anything from your real name to that of a nickname or a made up name 
that you think sounds cool. If you are going to be playing online then you 
will have to make a password. if not, disregard the password section of your 
profile. Now you will have to choose a Character Skin. the Character skins are 
made up of various Ratchet and Clank Characters. The Character are 

Robo Rooster 
Evil Clown 
Beach Bunny 

There are 2 Hidden Skins, The Dan SKin and Nefarious Skin. The Only way to 
unlock these skins is to go to and register. When 
registering it is best to make sure you name on make sure 
your name is spelled the same way as your profile or will not get the correct 
code. After you have registered you will be given the code and instuctions on 
how to enter it. You press and Hold L2 then enter you code for example my code 

These codes will Only work for the Username: Smithy Jones

3.3 Online Play Menu basics

As soon as you log in you are presented with a menu. 
Quick Play 

Create Game 
Find Game 

Quick Play will put you into a game of your skill level. It is good for those 
that dont like to wait for games. 

Create Game is Where you go to create a game.

Find Game is where you would go to look for a game you have different search 
peramiters when looking for a game. then range from Skill to what map will be 
used to the game type to how many players in each game. 
Cities are for a lack of a better term different In-Game Servers. There are 5 
in all 


Most of the time game can be found on Aquatos durring the day when the game 
dies down but in the after noon, the out sities will have games as the number 
of active players increases. In each city there is a chat board, much like a 
Chat room on the Internet. some people like to use it while others just PM one 

Buddies are well Buddies. You can basically put anyone you want on your 
buddylist even if the buddy on your buddy list does not like you. You can 
have up to a maximum of 65 people inculding yourself, if you dont want to put 
yourself on you buddylist then there is a max of 64. I myself have my name on 
my buddylist for quick access to my overal stats like 
Kills, deaths, wins, loses, Nodes and your overall ranking. 

Clan is where you go to check on your clan, if you dont have a clan then you 
can either make one of what till you get and invite from another clan. If you 
want an invite from a really good clan then you will have to improve on your 
skills and battle tactics. 

Now Stats is what it is Stats. You can check on anyones stats in the game, 
you just have to find them. In stats there are 7 different catagories. 


Overall is a more indepth version of you buddy profile, it will have not only 
your wins, Loses, kills, and Death but it will also have Win/Lose raito, 
Kill/Death Raito, Node per game, total base damage, Suicides  and Overall Rank.
Ever since March 2005 the overall rank has been screwed up. every now and then 
the ranking system seem to be working fine but a day or 2 later it is on the 
fritz again so if you think you have a good rank dont let it go to you head 
because it could become alot worse. As for the other stats they are fine its 
just the overall rank that doesnt work. 

Stats for Seige CTF and Deathmatch are more specific for each game mode. As 
for Weapon stats, it will tell you how many kills you have gotten as well as 
how many times you have been killed by a certain weapon. Squat rank in for how 
many time you have either squated and how many time you have been squated. Now 
at first you will not beable to access the Squat stats but all you have to do 
is press Up down Left right square in the Stats menu then squats will be 
selectable. If you dont get it in the first try, it again slowly 

4. Create a Game

When you create a Game you have a few options. You have the choice of what 
map, How many players, What weapons will be on and what settings like weither 
or not there will be 
Charge boots, Base Defences, Spawn with Weapons, nodes, player names, 
Vehicals, Unlimited ammo.

4.1 Different Game Modes

Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal comes with 3 different modes of Play Seige, 
CTF and DM

4.1.1 Seige

Seige or as it is know in others game Conquest or Assault, is where you have 
to protect your base from being destroyed while you destroy your opponents 
base at the same time. There are 2 different ways to play seige, Attrition and 
Normal. In Attrition Seige, the base defenses can either get stronger or 
weaker depending on how many nodes you controll. The more Nodes you have the 
stronger your base becomes and the weaker you opponents base becomes. the Same 
is true if the situation is reversed. Best way to sum up Attrition is that 
Nodes are Everything. Normal Seige is different than Attrition in the fact 
that it has a set strength limit so it will not get a boost from any nodes you 
capture. Nodes are not as important in Normal as Attrition due to the fact you 
dont get a base power boost but there are still important. Node can either 
help or hinder you.

4.1.2 CTF

CTF or Capture the Flag, there isnt an online shooter than doesnt have CTF. 
There are 2 ways to play CTF like with Seige, There is Normal then there is 
Chaos. In normal CTF you have to grab your opp-onents flag and get it back to 
you base to cap it but if your opponent manages to grab your flag before you 
can return your base to cap their flag, you will be unable to cap seeing as 
you need to be in possesion of both flag in order to score. Now Chaos CTF, is 
a little different that Normal, you can cap a flag even if your opponent 
manages to take you flag, you only need top be in possesion of you opponents 
flag in order to score. Wait that is not all, there is an interesting twist 
with Chaos CTF, much like Attrition Seige you base and Nodes get stronger with 
each Node you currently have possesion of. If you have all the nodes in Chaos 
CTF on most maps you will not really need someone on defense because the base 
defenses will stop them before your opponent can get away. That is if your 
opponent didnt already destory both Gatlin Defense Turrets.

4.1.3 DM

DM or Deathmatch as it is better known is know for straight up killing. You 
can either do Normal, which is a free for all or Team deathmatch which can 
have from 1 to 8 teams. You could do 1 team on deathmatch but that wouldnt be 
anygood seeing as nobody can get kills that way. Deathmatch is won by either 
being the first to reatch the kill limit or having the most kills before time 
runs out.

5. Base Defenses

There are quite a few base defenses. There is an option to turn off base 
defense but that only takes the Galltin Turrets out of that game. You will 
have 2 Troopers and 2 Vulcan turrets. The troopers are not that good on normal 
or if you dont have that many nodes. The same goes for Vulcan Turrets. The 
Vulcan turrets are those small automated guns the pop out of the ground. Now 
the Gatlin Turrets are those big balls that are on the 2 front corners of the 
bases. they can do a decent ammount of damage if they hit you. If either on 
Chaos or Attrition the accuracy of the Gatlin Turrets is increased or decrease 
depending on how many node you possess. It is very hard to dodge a Gatlin 
turret if your opponent has 3-4 nodes, if not all the nodes.

6 Nodes
What are nodes? Well nodes are used for a few things, main thing is Spawn 
points and well as base power boost, addtional weapons and even vechials, if 
there are allowed. Nodes are important seeing as they tend to give you a 
tactical advantage when the node is deep in enemy territory. Depending on the 
map there are different types on nodes, these are unofficial name but these 
are want the online players call them. There are 3 specialty Nodes, Base 
Nodes, Vechical nodes, and Anti-Vechical Nodes. These nodes give good tactical 
advantages if in your possession. Base nodes are right near the base so you 
can easy acess to your opponents base. The Vehical node will spawn 1 vehical, 
either a Turboslider or Hovership. Now Anti-Vehical nodes have a Rocket 
Platform that will fire rockets at your vehical if you get within it's target 
area. Nodes usually from anywhere from 2 - 4 Vulcan Turrets and 0 - 3 trooper 
depending on what map and where the node is located

7 Weapons

In Multiplayer there are 10 weapons and 1 Gaget from the Ratchet and Clank 
series that are used. If you manage to get 3 kills on 1 weapon without dying, 
you will get a much deadlier V2. 
BTW RPS stands for Rounds/Shots per second in the rate of fire.

Ammo: 500
Damage: 13.5
Rate of Fire: 4 rps

V2 N60
Ammo: 500
Damage: 20
Rate of Fire: 8 rps

The N60 is probably the most underated weapon in the game mainly due to the 
fact not many people try to make an upgrade with it. V2 N60 is one of the best 
weapons to use, it is the best thing to use when taking out Gatlin turrets

Little Easter Egg for you Ratchet and Clank Fans that have been playing Since 
the beginng of the Series, The Icon used on the N60 Ammo is not that of the 
N60 but that of the Hologuise from the First Ratchet and Clank

Gravity Bomb
Ammo: 8
Damage: 60
Rate of Fire: 1 rps

V2 Gravity Bomb
Ammo: 16
Damage: 94
Rate of Fire: 2 rps

My personal favorite, the grav bomb is quite useful as it can be used as 
either a close ranged weapon or a somewhat long distance weapon. It is 
possible to Snipe with the Grav bombs and some opponent dont even suspect that 
you can. What make the Grav bomb useful is its splash damage it is very 
noticable when you have a V2 Grav bomb which has the best Splash damage in the 

Mini Rocket Tube
Ammo: 15
Damage: 54
Rate of Fire: 1.25rps

V2 Mini Rocket Tube
Ammo: 15
Damage: 66
Rate of Fire: 2 rps

Mini Rockets are fine to use but are overly abused when used in a game. 
Rockets are not the best weapon to use but it can give newbies an edge if used 
correctly. Rockets have a lock on feature that is kind useful but rockets are 
easy to dodge seeing as they are kinda slow. Now with V2 Rockets they take 
some skill to dodge but if you cant, they kill every time.

Lava Gun
Ammo: 250
Rate of Fire: 6 rps

V2 Lava Gun
Ammo: 300
Damage: 66
Rate of Fire: 6 rps

The Lava gun is a some what strange weapon to use. It spews molten lava to 
damage your opponents. It is a cross between a watering can and flamethrower. 
Aimming side to side will fling the lava back and forth making it hard for 
your opponents to dodge

Blitz Gun
Ammo: 40
Damage: 7 - 54
Rate of Fire: 3 rps

V2 Blitz
Ammo: 40
Damage: 14 - 100
Rate of Fire: 3 rps

it is the Ratchet and Clank version of of the Shotgun. The Blitz gun is 
probably the best close range weapon you can use. It is use in every game and 
you very rarely find a game where the Blitz gun is not used. What make the 
Blitz gun different is the Variable Damage it can do. At the very edge of the 
Blitz gun's range it will either do 7 or 14 damage depending on wiether it is 
V1 or V2

Ammo: 6
Damage: 40
Rate of Fire: 2 rps

V2 Mines
Ammo: 8
Damage: 74
Rate of Fire: 2.5 rps

Mine are very useful for setting traps. Placeing mines in out of site places 
in well traveled areas used by your opponents is a very smart Idea. You can 
place a max of 8 mines before they will disappear. if you place a 9th mine, 
the 1st mine you place will disspear.

Flux Rifle
Ammo: 8
Damage: 87
Rate of Fire: 1.25

V2 Flux Rifle
Ammo: 12
Damage: 100
Rate of Fire: 1.25

The Flux Rifle can either be used as a Sniper Rifle which is its primary use 
or a Muskett through Hip Sniping. Hip Sniping is done in Lock Straif mode very 
useful for killing your opponents

Morph O Ray
Ammo: Unlimited
Damage: N/A
Rate of Morph: 1 morph every 2 seconds

V2 Morph O Ray
Ammo: Unlimted
Damage: N/A
rate of Morph: 1 morph every 1 second

The Morph O Ray will turn your opponent into either a Sheep or Duck. Even 
though your opponment might have 100 health they can be killed by 1 shot from 
any of the other weapons except the Holoshields, Hell even charge boots can 
kill a morphed opponent. The Beatifulk thing about a Morph O ray is that when 
you morph they lose their pack and you can take it from them while they are a 
helpless barnyard animal. If you manage to morph everyone in a 8 man 
Deathmatch, well you are now the proud owner of a Petting Zoo

Holo Shield Glove
Ammo: 8
Damage: N/A
Rate of Fire: 1.5 rps

The Holo Shield Glove is the only Defensive weapon in the game. you can have 
out 4 holo shields at a time and unlike in Stroy mode they can take an 
unlimited ammount of damage but they only last 45 seconds. Holo Shields can 
protect you from almost everything except for Mine, Splash Damage from Gravity 
Bombs and Mini Rockets, and the Wrench. 

Swing: 20 Damage
Wrench Throw: 20 - 40 Damage
Comet-Strike: 60 Damage

The Wrench is a weapon of last resort when you run out of ammo. The wrench is 
useful but it can only be used in close range combat. if you do use the wrench 
Throw you will do 20 damage but the Wrench is used like a boomerang and will 
come back doing another 20 damage if it connects

Hyper Shot

The Hypershot is an electromagnetic grapling hook that allows you to use the 
green swingshot points. Most of the time, the hypershot will auto-equip when 
you jump towards the Green Swingshot point then you press the fire button to 
make the hypershot active. this will prevent you from becoming a sitting 
target for the Veteran players that would pick you off will a Flux Rifle

8 Vehicals

There are 2 types of Vehicals for use in Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal
There are the Turboslider and the Hovership. Both present a very useful 
tactical advantage. Each vehical has a capacity to hold to players of the same 
team at once

8.1 Turbo Slider 

HP: 100
Driver: 6.5 Damage
Driver Rof: 4
Gunner: 40 Damage
Gunner Rof: 4

The Turbo slider is a ground based vehical that resembles a car. It is a rear 
wheel drive vehical is has to ski-like supports in the front. It has front 
guns and a turret on the back with 360 degrees of rotation allowing to attack 
or defend from any direction.

8.2 Hovership

HP: 125
Pilot: 66 Damage
Pilot Rof: 4
Bomber: 80 Damage
Bomber Rof: 2.5

The Hovership has the ablitiy to fly giving it a major advantage over the 
turboslider. Not only that it is also more powerful then the turboslider. It 
is able to attack from high in the sky or right along the ground. Most people 
manily use it for aerial attacks and manuvers, but that is only using half of 
the hovership's potential. it can sneek along the ground as well as along the 
water in Bakisi Ilse and below the platforms on Metropolis.

9 Misc. NPCs

There are a few NPCs in Online mode
NPCs are there to aide you when needed when it is to attack the enemy or to 
help defende of base and/or node.
The Stats of NPCs can be effected by the game mode
If it is either Attrition or Chaos then NPCs can either be weak or strong
the current stats that are shown as followed is for the Normal mode of 
NPCs are:


HP: 100
Damage: 20
Rof: 3 round burst

The Trooper are the only NPCs that use a 3 round burst to attack the an enemy 
that comes with in their range. They only have the standard Issue Glactic 
Ranger Weapon. Can sometimes be an annoyance but are most of the time easily 

Vulcan Turrets

HP: 125
Damage: 20
Rof: 1

Vulcan Turrets are used both as Node and Base defenses. Sometimes called Mini 
Turrets you can always find 2 of This along with 2 Troopers around any base

Shock Droids

HP: Coming Soon
Damage: 20
rof: 1

Shock droids are best described as Angry bees seeing as they tend to swarm 
around you and try to sting you

Shock Droid Maker

HP: Coming Soon

the Shock Droid Maker make Shock droids to protect your base. 

Roller Bombs

HP: Coming Soon
Damage: Coming Soon

Roller Bombs attack by colliding with you and exploding on contact.

Roller Bomb Maker

HP: Coming Soon

Roller Bombs come from the Roller Bomb maker. A base has 2 Roller Bomb makers, 
allowing for 2 Roller Bombs on the feild at a time

Anti Vehcial Turret
HP: Coming Soon
Damage: Coming Soon

An Anti Vehical Turret will attack any enemy vehical that comes into its range.
They can be found at either 1 of 2 places, an AV(Anti Vehical) Node or at the 
base. 2 will be found on the top of any base that can be approched by 
Hovership seeing as the ones on top of the base will only attack Hoverships. 
While the AV Turrets found at nodes will attack any vehical that comes into 
its range


HP: 5
Damage: Coming Soon
ROF: 1

a Group of 4 can be found on the Droid Pad, which can be found in different 
locations on the various levels. Each of the 4 droids will attack in unison. 
Interesting fact about the Droids is that they are miniture versions of the 
Droids you used the Hypnomatic on in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

10 Battle Tactic

1. How to Get Nodes effectively

In Attrition Seige and Chaos CTF Nodes are extremely important seeing as a 
team base's strength depend on how many nodes they have. well what you you 
should do it put you map up right when the game starts and have your team go 
for different nodes that way your team can get 4 nodes at once.

2. Hide with the Flag

In CTF you should hide with the flag when the other team has your flag. Hide 
someplace that is good but realitively close to your base that way if your 
teams flag is returned to the base you cap it right away before the other team 
can take it again.

3. Keep your Power Core Safe

The Best way to protect your Base Power Core is to make sure the other team 
can never make it inside your base because if they cant get in they are unable 
to do any damage. From experience I have come across newbie that would hide 
inside their base and shoot at the warp pad inside. BIG MISTAKE!!! People can 
still get inside and still do damage even if it is only 1 hit. If it happens 
enough, the base power core will still be destroyed for if you want to win 
Just defend from the outside anbd dont be afraid to ask for help defending.

4. Node Stripping

The best way to take node from your opponents is node stripping. It is where 
you go and destroy all the defenses at a node and you dont turn it, leave it 
for later. Go and strip a few, if not all you opponents nodes. After all their 
nodes are stripped, you and 1 other teammate agressive go after the 
defenseless nodes. IIRC it take 3 second to turn a node without interuptions 
from the other team. 

5. 5 Things to Remember

you need to remember these 5 things when playing, they will majorly help you
If you can remember these 5 simply things for each level then you will be one 
step above the cannon fodder and noobs
1. Nanotech (Health Boxes) - you need to remember where all the Nano is 
located. Nano give you life and can keep you live in the hardest of times
2. Charge Boots -  these are must, not all games will allow you to spawn with 
Charge boots so you must find these if you want the added mobility
3. You favorite weapon - There are times when Spawn with weapons is off so it 
would be in your best interests to know where you favorite weapon is located
4. Ammo - what good is a weapon without ammo, it is always a good idea to know 
where you weapon's ammo is located because that are quite a few games that 
dont have Unlimited ammo
5. Vehicals -  it is a good idea to know where vehicals spawn because they 
tend to give a tactic advantage to those who use them

11 FAQs

Q: Why is my Respawn time longer?
A: Your Respawn time is longer because both of the Gatlin Defense Turrets at 
you base have been destroyed. To add salt to your wounds, as the game goes on, 
the spawn time will slowly increase making it possible for a 10 second spawn

Q: How do I get Dan and Nefarious?
A: Register at the Insomniac Games website, here is the link so you can just 
copy and paste it into your web browser.

Q: How do you get 4 Bolts?
A: Getting 4 bolts is not a big thing, if you are just starting out it will 
take some time. I believe you have to have a positive Kill/Death raito and 
Positive Win/Lose Raito.

Q: How long does it take for Weapons/Ammo/Nanotech to reappear?
A: 45 Seconds

12 Credits

Thanx to GameFAQs for the Forums and hosting FAQs

Thanx to Insomniac Games for making a Great Game Series

I would like to thank the UYA Online Community for giving me an unique 

thanx to Nuerotoxic2213 AKA Matt for helping with Battle Tactics

I created this FAQ to Help educate Newbies and Noobs alike and enlighten 
my Fellow Online Players. I dont mind if this FAQ shows up on another website 
Just please give me the credit