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Beat scorpion at end...what else?

After beating scorpion, dragon king showed up, chased me back into earthrealm, and credits rolled, and now i have no missions available and my navigation arrow directs me to the nexus, where i lose the navigation arrow and have no guidance to any other missions. I have not even faced the dragon emperor do i face him? please help

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thank you VERY much! :) i wouldve been playing forever wondering what to do :S

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Unfortunately, you can't fight the Dragon King in Konquest Mode. But you can fight him in Arcade mode. Now that you've beaten the Konquest, you've unlocked Sujinko as a playable character in Arcade mode. Play through Arcade mode with Shujinko to get his and the Dragon King's real endings.

On a side note, you might still have some side missions left to do in the Konquest. New areas open up after you've beaten the game, like all those other floating islands in the Chaosrealm. You can do those and you can also try and finish up unlocking all the koffins in the Krypt. You hit two birds with one stone if you go after both, really. You can also try to beat the Arcade mode with all of the different characters, as you get a different ending with each character.

There's still a lot to do if you really want to finish off the game and you can always look to the FAQs, Boards or Answers sections for help. I hope all this helped you!

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