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                     Sly 2: Band of Thieves FAQ/Walkthrough

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                              Table of Contents

   I. Updates
  II. Introduction/Story
 III. Controls
  IV. Characters
   V. Walkthrough
      A100. Episode 1 - The Black Chateau
      B101. Episode 2 - A Starry Eyed Encounter
      C102. Episode 3 - The Predator Awakes
      D103. Episode 4 - Jailbreak
      E104. Episode 5 - A Tangled Web
      F105. Episode 6 - He Who Tames the Iron Horse
      G106. Episode 7 - Menace from the North, eh!
      H107. Episode 8 - Anatomy for Disaster
  VI. Clue Bottle Locations
 VII. Gadgets
VIII. Secrets
  IX. Acknowledgements

--------------------------------------------------------------I. Updates

10/2......................Started FAQ

10/31.....................Added some codes to Secrets
                          Made some minor layout changes
                          Added gadgets that can be bought
                          Updated the FAQs section

---------------------------------------------------II. Introduction/Story

This game takes place after the first Sly Cooper. You have recovered the
Thievius Raccoonus from the hands of Clockwerk and his men and defeated the
metal bird. Now, it seems that the Clockwerk parts have been stolen and you're
the number one suspect on Inspector Fox's list. You have to clear your name and
"retrieve" the parts back from the fiendish crew known as the Klaww Gang.

Each episode is divided into missions, starting with reconnaissance, then
setting up the heist and then the actual heist at the end. Not every episode
ends with a boss fight. Sometimes you are given multiple missions at once and it
doesn't matter which one you do. At other times, you can have multiple missions
for one character and I will try to give the general area for the starting point
of that mission. All missions have beacons that designate their starting
position, but I will not exactly point out their location unless I need to do
so. Here are some tips if you get lost on the overworld area:

1) L3 will always refresh the beacons' locations
2) Try to get to a high place to locate them
3) If you can't find the beacon's starting point, then check every nook and
   cranny of the area where the start is supposed to be. Sometimes, there might
   be a pipe or trampoline nearby to help you.

There will be SPOILERS in this guide, since it can be hard to do so without
them. It is not my fault if you look ahead and spoil the game's story for
*****END NOTE*****

----------------------------------------------------------III. Controls

______All 3 characters_____
Left analog stick....................Controls the character's movement
Right analog stick...................Controls camera
X, then X in air.....................Double Jump
Hold R1 with left stick..............Run
Circle when near a sparkling ledge...Sneak along it
R3...................................Use/Put away Binocucom
  Left stick.........................Scan with Binoc
  Right stick........................Zoom in/out
L1, L2, or R2........................Use gadget or powerup
Circle...............................Activate/Pick-Up/Open door
Circle near table with sparkles......Crawl underneath it (Murray cannot do this)
  Right stick........................Look around

_____Sly's Moves_____
X, then Square in the air........................Overhead Smash
X, then Triangle in the air......................Dive Spin
Hold Square, then release........................Power-up Whack (Sly will glow)
R1 (while in Binoc)..............................Takes picture
Circle near sparkling pipes, etc.................Grab onto them/Stand on them
Circle (behind enemy unseen).....................Pickpocket
Triangle, then Square (behind unseen)............Finishing Slam

_____Murray's Moves_____
X, then Square or Triangle in air................Thunder Flop
Triangle, then Square (behind unseen)............Roundhouse Punch
Circle (near knocked out enemy/item).............Picks it up
Circle, Square or Triangle (carry enemy/item)....Throws it

_____Bentley's Moves_____
Triangle.........................................Drops a bomb
R1 (while in Binocucom)..........................Fires sleeping dart

-----------------------------------------------------------IV. Characters

_____SLY COOPER_____

Sly is a part of a long line of master thieves. He was put into an orphanage
when he was little, where he met his friends for life, Bentley and Murray. Sly
has always been a practitioner of stealth and uses such to steal anything he
wants. One of his mottos is to only steal from master criminals themselves, and
he doesn't steal from the common people. He seems to have a *bit* of a crush on
Inspector Fox.

Met Sly at an orphanage when they were little. Bentley is the brains of Sly's
crew and initiates all of the planning into the heists. His superb skills in
electronics and quick thinking can lead to many successes and also helps Sly
and crew to get out of many sticky situations.

Met Sly at an orphanage when they were little. Murray is the brawn of Sly's
crew and prides himself on his muscle. Murray also is used as the driver for
all the operations, which helps from the getaways from Inspector Fox.

Carmelita is a fourth generation cop working for Interpol. She has been hunting
the Sly gang for years, but has never been able to capture them. Her obsession
for capturing Sly is great and can sometimes be more trouble than she bargains
for. Her outlook on crime is very black and white, meaning that all criminals
(jaywalkers to murderers) should be brought to justice.

Neyla grew up a poor child in New Delhi and scammed her way into a British
university. There, she ran a homework ring where she had people doing her work
for her. When this was discovered, the authorities were impressed with her
skills and she was offered a job with Interpol.

_____THE CONTESSA_____
A world renowned criminal psychologist, she's law enforcement's premiere prison
warden. She uses hypnotherapy to cure thieves of their "criminal impulses." She
can usually be found in her rehabilitation center in Prague.

_____KLAWW GANG_____
The Klaww Gang is comprised of four individuals: Dimitri, Rajan, Jean-Bison and
Arpeggio. They run a spice operation around the world and seem to be using the
stolen Clockwerk parts to enhance their production.

-----------------------------------------------------------V. Walkthrough

The game starts out with you trying to steal the Clockwerk parts, so no one else
will be able to get their hands on them for evil. This part is pretty
straightforward, so I'll spare the words and let you do your own platforming.
You find out, once you get into the room containing the parts, that someone else
has already taken the parts. Inspector Fox accuses you of stealing them, but
Neyla says that this seems to be the work of the Klaww Gang. You escape
Inspector Fox's attempt to try and capture you and go on the lead of Neyla to go
after the Klaww Gang.

                       A100. EPISODE 1 - THE BLACK CHATEAU

Bentley says that you need to do some reconnaissance first, so head to the first
job beacon.

Bentley needs you to reposition the satellites scattered around the area to
point at the antenna on top of the safehouse. Climb the pipe at the base of the
tower at the first satellite and get to the top. Hit Circle at the holographic
marker and Sly will automatically reposition the satellite. Two more to go.
Hitting L3 will show you any job beacons on the map, as well as any beacons
DURING jobs showing you where objectives are located. This is perhaps the most
important tool in the game. With this mind, find the next satellite and
reposition it in the same way. The same goes for the third and final satellite
as well. Job completed.

Go through the door and you'll meet up with Murray. With Murray's help, defeat
the rat guards. After that, Murray will lift a lever so you can double jump over
the nearby gate. Make your way past the first set of lasers, then crawl
underneath the tables to get past the second and third sets. Once past the third
set, you'll find a flashlight guard, so crawl under the table nearby and
continue on. (Do not attack the guard; doing so will result in a failed job).
The next guard rotates his light back and forth, so hide under the table when
the light is opposite you and quickly out the other side when you get the

Crawl through the air vent and into another area with a flashlight guard and
yellow lasers. You have to perform a stealth attack (Triangle + Square, without
being seen) to defeat him and knock out the lasers. Do this move on the next
guard and move onto an area with rat guards. Spare the time and just battle it
out normally. After finishing off the rats, break the vent next to the piano
and crawl through it to go into the printing press room. Go to one of the
windows and bring out your Binocucom. Once Bentley stops talking, you can start
taking your reconnaissance photos. You have to zoom in on the object until the
target is green, then you can snap it with the R1 button. You need to take
pictures of the generator, the money printer and Dimitri. Very easy to take
them. Job completed.

You have to take a painting, armed with a bug, into Dimitri's office and switch
it with a real one. You cannot take any damage while you have the painting, so
avoid all fights if possible. Make your way over to the balcony and jump onto
the wires. Next, jump onto the right balcony and sneak along the ledge to the
center area to go through the window. Once inside, head over to the area of the
floor crawling with lasers and climb the pipe nearby. Next, sneak along the
ledge until you come upon a balcony where you can reach a chandelier by
ropewalking. Go to the next balcony, then sneak along the ledge to another
balcony with an air vent to crawl through. Crawl through it and you'll arrive in
Dimitri's office, so swap the real painting with the bugged one. Job completed.

You can bring the painting back to the safehouse, where you can sell it via the
internet to make some coins. Sometimes, there will be other valuables located
throughout the stage and you can pick these up and bring them back to sell them
for more coins. These are not part of any jobs and do not count towards 100%
game completion. Sometimes the treasures are booby-trapped, and you'll only have
so long to bring it back to the hideout before it is destroyed. Anyways, get to
the next job beacon for Sly.

Your job this time around is to keep a close eye on Dimitri as he walks around,
without being spotted by him. Start the job by ringing the bell on the boat and
Dimitri will exit it. It is important that Dimitri does not notice you at all
during this job, because if he does, job failed. Occasionally, he'll stop in
his tracks and look around him, but as long as you stay high and on the
rooftops, you should have no trouble tracking him. It is also important that you
do not get too much distance between you and him, as that also ends the mission
in a failure. Hitting the L3 button shows you where he is via the blue marker,
so use that to help you. His destination is a door between two sets of steps
near the water tower used during the first mission. Job completed.

After this job is done, you'll need to go back to the hideout and switch to
Murray. The next mission is unlocked after completing Follow Dimitri.

To get past the lasers, you'll need to throw objects at the security box located
on the other side of them. Stomp the ground by pressing Circle and throw the
object at the box (Bentley says to use the ice blocks, but any object will do).
It will take 3 hits to destroy it. Do the same with the second security box,
then pick up an object and throw it at the guard. This will knock him
unconscious, so hurriedly go to where he is, pick him up and toss him (I like
the lasers). Once you arrive in the next room, it's time for a little brawling.
Knock the rat guards unconscious with a punch, then pick them up and throw them
into the nearby water container. After about five guards, the waterpump will be
destroyed. Job completed.

Your job here is to destroy three alarms situated outside, so they don't alert
Dimitri during the actual heist. You have to throw any 3 objects at the alarm
to destroy it. Once you hit it one time, the alarm will sound and guards will
come to try and stop you. If you need to, feel free to use the guards as
projectiles. Once the third alarm is finished, job completed.

Go to the hideout and switch to Sly.

Your actual goal here is to put a splice in the spotlight controls on top of
the large chandelier. Unfortunately, things don't get that easy for you. You
have to slow down the fans before you can get up there and you'll need 6 keys
to access the control panel before that. There are 6 guards situated
throughout the area all carrying keys that you'll need to pickpocket. You may
have to pickpocket them several times (REMAIN UNSEEN), since they usually
carry some coins, but you'll get the key eventually.

Get the first 3 keys from the guards in the initial area, then go to where the
control panel is and go down the stairs to find another 2 guards. The guard
with the final key is on the rafters above behind the curtain you saw in the
first room. Use the keys on the control panel and shut off the fans. Use the
stopped fans to get on top of the chandelier and put the splice clips on the
controls. Bentley will use the spotlights to destroy the in-house security
panels. Job completed.

Once you get to the job beacon, Neyla will appear out of nowhere and Sly and
her have a little chat. Before she can trust you, she has to see if you can
keep up with her, literally. She shoots off and you must simply keep up with
her the entire time. Hold R1 to run and don't worry about any guards spotting
you; simply concentrate on Neyla. Don't forget to use the ropewalks and the
awnings to keep up with her. Eventually, you'll be outside the back entrance
to the club, but Neyla can't go in without a warrant. Fortunately, you don't
need one, so she opens the door so you can use it to your advantage. Job

I recommend that you buy the targetable bombs upgrade for Bentley before
doing this mission. You DON'T HAVE to buy them, but it can make things a
whole hell of a lot easier for you.

First thing to do is bomb the first laser security box to disable the first
set of lasers. Then fire a sleep dart at the guard (Binocucom, then R1) and
use a bomb to get rid of him and the next laser box. You have to bomb the
pillars supporting the disco ball, so bomb the first one at the bottom of
the steps. Now, go up the ramp and get behind the counter to bomb the guard
there and the next support beam. Then, take out the next security box and
the two guards roaming around. Lastly, bomb the last two support beams and
the disco ball comes crashing down. Job completed.

The last job requires the services of all three members, starting with
Bentley. Go to the job beacon to start it.

First, make your way over to the water tower and have Murray throw you up
to the entrance. Bomb it open, drop back down and have Murray toss you up
again. Inside, turn each valve once to shut off the water pressure to the
fountain outside. This should get a guard to come outside and get the
repair van to try and fix it. The game turns to Sly and you have to
pickpocket the repair truck keys from the guard. Once you have them, return
to the fountain and Sly will hand the keys to Bentley and Murray.

You now have control of Bentley again, so make your way over to where the repair
truck is located. Once you get there, the game switches back to Sly and
you'll have to make your way up towards the top of the peacock sign. Jump
on the nearby lamppost, then get onto the wire and head towards the club.
Sneak along the ledge and then grab the pipe that leads up to the top of
the sign. Murray and Bentley will pull up in the truck and you have to aim
the hook to where Sly can grab it and attach it to the sign. Of course,
this alerts the guards and they're going to try and get rid of the truck.
You will have to defeat about 9 rat guards with Sly. The good thing is that
the guards only come from the truck's front side, so you won't have to worry
about any sneak attacks. After the defeat of the last guard, the peacock
sign manages to be brought down, leading a path to the printing press room
and the Clockwerk Tail Feathers. Unfortunately, Dimitri stands in your way
first before you can get your hands on the Tail Feathers.

*****BOSS: DIMITRI***** (SLY)
Dimitri has three attacks that he uses throughout this battle, with all of
them being easy to dodge. The first attack is three long-range shots from
his gun, after which his gun jams up leaving you time to get in close.
Simply hide behind one of the metal pillars to avoid the shots, eventually
crawling your way closer and closer to Dimitri. Once in melee range, Dimitri
has his two other attacks, a lunging uppercut and a tail sweep, both of which
are rather easy to avoid. After 4-5 hits, Dimitri will get knocked down and
after he gets knocked down twice, he'll hurry across the room and start
firing his gun again. He'll continue this pattern until he is defeated.
Episode completed and the Clockwerk Tail Feathers are now yours.

                     B101. EPISODE 2 - A STARRY EYED ENCOUNTER

Make your way to the first job beacon.

The only way to get inside to spy on the ballroom is by the balcony. Bentley
mentions that there is no way to climb onto the balcony, but there seem to be
a number of branches to help in Sly's endeavor. Go from branch to branch
until you get to the balcony and go through it. Make sure you do not go out
the doorway, since there are guards stationed right there. You need to now
take some recon photos. The two Clockwerk wings and the electronic winch are
first, then Rajan himself after those three. With those pictures out of the
way, Bentley asks you to take photos of Rajan's guests, which include
Jean-Bison, then Contessa, Carmelita, Arpeggio and lastly Neyla (in that
order). Job completed.

To lower the bridge, you'll need to access the winch but it is locked down
tight. You'll need to pickpocket 5 keys from guards stationed throughout
the compound. 4 of the key-holding guards are inside, while one is standing
outside next to a tree in the courtyard where the elephant roams about.
Once you have all 5 keys, use them on the winch and lower the drawbridge.
Job completed.

Sly knocks on the door, but the guard won't let him in without a tuxedo.
Not too much of a problem; Sly will just need to steal one. Make your way
to the guesthouse and enter it. You have to enter each guestroom and
ransack it until you find a piece of the tuxedo. The room straight ahead is
Rajan's room (Room 103), so enter it to find two guards roaming the bottom
floor. The tuxedo piece is located on the upper section of the room, so
make your way there. You have to spire jump onto one of the chandeliers,
then get behind the guard to stealth kill it. This will ensure that the
guard won't turn around when you smack the cupboard near the bed for the
Dancing Shoes. Back out into the hallway and go up the right set of stairs
and through the door at the top (Room 101).

Stealth kill the guard, then ransack the room to find the Bowtie. Go back
outside, down the stairs a bit and into Room 102. Stealth kill the flashlight
guard first, then take out the other two normal ones and find the Gloves in the
room. Take the left set of stairs halfway to Room 104. There are 4 normal
guards in here, so take them out and find the Shirt. Go all the way up the
stairs to find the entrance to Room 105. Stealth kill the flashlight guard,
kill the regular one and find the Tuxedo Jacket. Job completed.

You have to take down the chopper that is flying around in the sky. Head over
to the turret and lift the lever by repeatedly pushing the buttons. Now it is
time to man the turret. The R1 button is used to fire, but the gun's
temperature has to be watched (meter is at the bottom of the screen). If the
gun overheats, simply rest for a short bit of time to let the temperature go
down. The chopper's only means of attacking you is to shoot missiles. They
can easily be shot (and must be if you want to survive). Keep shooting at the
chopper when you get the chance to and it will eventually go down. Job

During the heist, Sly will have to dance with Carmelita to distract everyone
from Murray stealing the Wings. Carmelita is picky about her dance partners,
so you'll need to impress her beforehand. It just so happens that Constable
Neyla will dance with you. First, they will present to you the button
presses that you must memorize and then you must perform those same button
presses (they won't show you the buttons needed). If you do well enough (and
it is pretty simple), then Carmelita will be impressed and she'll be your
dance partner later on. Job completed.

Murray is a bit big to fit through the pipe, so Sly must unlock the vault
door from the inside. The guards keep the code to shut down the lasers that
lead to the vault switch under one of the breakable tables in the room.
Crawl under each of the tables to find the code, then Sly will use that code
to shut down the lasers. Make your way past the moving floor lasers and flip
the switch next to the safe to open the door to let Murray and Bentley

Bentley will need to hack 6 barriers and he needs Sly and Murray to protect him
from the guards that will show up once he does hack in. You control Murray in
this section of the job. Stick close to Bentley and let the guards come to you,
so one doesn't slip by and hit Bentley. Bentley will move from one side of the
room to the other every time he finishes hacking a barrier. When you finish the
last enemy is when Bentley will finish his hacking. Job completed.

Your ultimate goal here is to get the jewels off the headdresses of the
elephants. Crawl under the steps to enter the pen. Approach any rat to
scare it and it will end up scaring the elephants, making them break out of
their pen. The hard part of this job now begins. You have to jump onto the
elephants' backs and whack away at the headdress until one of the jewels
pops out. Once you get a jewel, the elephant will throw you off of its back
and you'll have to jump back on again. After the first jewel, the elephants
will retaliate by swinging its trunk at you, which can be avoided by simply
jumping over it. You have to get 6 jewels, 3 per elephant and once you have
all 6, they will be put back into the pen. Job completed.

You have to destroy the surface to air defense, which is a jeep. You
control a RC Chopper, which moves by using the left analog stick and drops
bombs with the X button. The jeep's only means of attacking is to fire
missiles, which can be dodged by executing some very quick and sharp turns.
Once the jeep is destroyed, job completed.

You will need to destroy this bridge to keep reinforcements from the
guesthouse area from coming. Go to the lower area of the bridge and start
laying bombs on all the support beams. Once you bomb the first one, rocks
will start to fall from above. The rocks will cast a shadow when they're
about to land, so you can easily dodge them. Once you destroy all 9
support structures on the bottom, take the trampoline to the upper area
and bomb all 9 support beams there. The bridge will then collapse.

Next comes the dancing section with Carmelita that follows the same rules
as the part with Neyla earlier. Things might become a bit trickier this
time around, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem as long as you pay
attention to the buttons you need to press. When the dance ends, Rajan
finds out the Wings are gone.

Murray will make his escape on foot, while Bentley provides aerial
support. Both normal guards and flashlight ones will have to be bombed
as Murray makes his way towards the front gate. Make sure to keep an eye
on Murray the whole time while you bomb the enemies, sometimes going ahead
to bomb them. You can't hurt Murray with your bombs, so bomb away if you
have to if they happen to surround him. Once Murray arrives at the van,
he'll jump in and this episode is completed.

                    C102. EPISODE 3 - THE PREDATOR AWAKES

In order to enter the temple, you'll need to access a secret entrance
behind the waterfall. Take the path behind the truck, take out the guard
and enter the secret entrance. Continue along the path inside, taking
out the guards, then take the wooden walkway to the right of the 4th
guard. Take out the flashlight guard if you want, but you will need to
take one of the buckets on the line to a platform with some sort of
plant life on it (guards can't seem to see you in the buckets). Take the
wooden walkway, being careful of the snakes, to some slippery vines.
Take these to the pipe entrance, and then enter it. You will need to
take pictures of the Clockwerk Heart, Rajan, the crane controls and the
entrance to that area. Job completed.

To shut down the elephant-driven satellite surveillance system, you'll
need to harvest some spice plants and put them into the elephant's feed
bag. Doing this will make the elephant go into an "uncontrollable fit
of rage," thus destroying the satellite. Cross the nearby bridge and
climb the vines to get to the higher section of the forest and a tall
stone structure with vines leading off to different directions. Two of
them lead directly to spice plants, so pick them up and return to the
structure (you can "climb" back up the slippery vines by jumping,
pressing Circle and repeating). Take the vines that lead to the
buildings near the cliff then follow that path to another spice plant.
Three down and three more to go.

Make your way back to your hideout and get to the area above it. Take
the slippery vine down and then climb the vine at the end to get
another plant. Make your way to the topsy turvy stone structure and
take the stone path nearby to a tree with a mushroom trampoline
nearby. Jump on it to get another plant. Now, make your way to the
other unstable stone structure and jump on the stone walls underneath
until you get to a vine that will lead you to the structure's base.
Keep climbing the structure until you find more slippery vines, which
will lead to the last plant. Bring them over to the elephant's feedbag,
put them in and watch the satellite be destroyed. Job completed.

This can be quite a frustrating mission. You must take the Indian water bug
nearby into Rajan's office. However, the bug is only happy when it is in one
of the many pools of water located throughout the temple's grounds. If it
becomes unhappy, then it will begin to emit a noise that will alert the
guards and since you can't take any damage when this bug is on your back,
you'll have to make sure it stays happy. Once you deposit the bug into a
pool, do a bit of going ahead to take out any guards before the next pool, so
you can avoid any trouble beforehand.

You can easily see the first pool you'll have to make your way to from your
current location. Make your way to that pool, then look to the cliffside area
for the next pool near the towering stone structure with a big opening. From
there, the next pool is along the cliff area, at the base of a tree near the
temple area. The next pool is on the second level of the temple, which can be
accessed quickly by a vine in the fountain. From there, go up the two ramps
nearby to find the next pool. The next pool is on the ledge above, near the
large tree. You have to go to the edge, sneak along the ledge and take the
trampoline to the ledge above. From there, go inside the nearby entrance and
make your way past the lasers to the very last pool. Job completed.

You have to steal 3 blueprints from Rajan as he makes his rounds.
Unfortunately, your regular sleeping darts won't have any affect on him, but
his great appetite will be worked to your favor. There are Indian watermelons
scattered throughout the grounds. Your darts now produce a sound when they
hit something, so you can use these to lure Rajan to the watermelons. Once
Rajan eats a melon, he will doze off for a few moments, which is your chance
to nab one of the blueprints from Rajan. You must nab 3 blueprints, so take
your time. Job completed.

You "borrow" a helicopter from Rajan to blow up the dam. Of course, Rajan
will have his own defenses for the dam. The guns have the same properties as
the turret from the previous episode, so keep your eye on the overheat meter.
The choppers fire two kinds of missiles at you, pink ones that go straight
and dark red ones that home in on you. Make sure you shoot the dark red ones.
They try to get closer and closer to you and when they get close enough,
they'll begin to hit you repeatedly with missiles, so destroy them before
they can do that. Whenever you get the chance to, keep firing at the dam to
eventually destroy it and flood part of the temple. Job completed.

Neyla says she found the location of a secret entrance that leads to the
half of the Heart that you noticed hanging earlier. This job is similar to
the one before where you had to keep up with Neyla. In fact, it is more of
the same. As before, don't worry about the guards and keep your eyes focused
on Neyla, so you don't lose track of her. Eventually, you'll arrive at the
secret location, so go through it. Once inside, you'll have to pickpocket
two keys from the guards so you can access the switch that's holding the
half of the Clockwerk Heart. If you fall down into the area below, just hop
into one of the buckets and it will lead you up to the area you need again.
Once you have both keys, use them on the control panel and that half of the
Clockwerk Heart is yours. Job completed.

Get to the top of the area where the jewel is to start the job. Smack it
with your cane a few times to loosen it and make it fall to the stairway
below. Now, you have to go pick it up with Murray and carry it around. When
you get to the gem, stomp the ground to pick it up. Bentley will be helping
you throughout this section by inflating some cushions that you can throw
the gem on to pass areas such as broken bridges and maybe take care of some
enemies that may have spotted you.

Once you reach the waterfall, a member of the group that is going to buy
the gem comes down and inspects it. He tells you to continue on to the spot
where the real buyer will finally purchase it from you. Continue on with the
ruby and keep tossing it on the cushions Bentley sets up for you when you
need to do so. Eventually, you'll find two cushions back to back, with the
left one being the last one. Job completed.

You have to sneak along a nearby ledge to get to the job beacon. Jump into
the TNT barrel and use it to blast the first laser box. Get another barrel,
move past the lasers and blast the second laser box. Continue into a hallway
with some spotlights, then go pass some more lasers and into the room with
the spice grinder. In this room are four flashlight guards, two on the top
and two roaming on the bottom. I suggest taking out the guards, since it will
make things a lot easier now and a bit later on. Once you take out the guards,
hop into the TNT barrel on the floor below and blast the laser box in the
hallway nearby. You now have to bring a TNT barrel back into the hallway with
spotlights and to the walkway above to blast the spice grinder. Get another
barrel, go through the spotlight hallway (don't worry about that one laser
box, you won't need it for anything) and walk around the wooden path to the
spice grinder. Job completed.

You start out with Murray, who has to lift the switch on the side of the
elephant's mouth. When you get to the lever, you'll have to take out a few
guards. When you grab the lever, you'll gain control of Bentley, who has to
provide a bit of air support. Rajan will try to drop some bombs and you,
Bentley, have to shoot them with the guns from the helicopter from before. It's
not too hard since they're being parachuted down, so this part shouldn't
trouble you too much. When you take out the last one, you'll switch back to
Murray, who has to manually lift the lever now.

After the lever has been lifted, Sly will have to jump into a TNT barrel and
move it into the newly opened passage. Jump into the barrel and start moving
towards the temple area. I recommend following the coast all the way around,
then start heading inwards. The flashlight guards can't notice you if you don't
move, but do notice you if they are right on top of you. Once you get into the
position that you need, jump out of the barrel and let the flooding begin. Rajan
will now come out of hiding and Neyla will show up as well. You will need to
spire jump from point to point until you reach the ledge below Rajan, all the
while avoiding the lightning that he shoots at you. Once you reach the ledge,
Neyla will bail on you and Rajan will blast Sly with some heavy voltage. Murray
will jump down to check on Sly, only to have Rajan block off the area and
challenge Murray to a fight.

*****BOSS: RAJAN***** (MURRAY)
Rajan has three attacks throughout the battle. He can electrify the water, which
is avoided by standing on the lily pads. He also does a sweeping attack,
followed by an uppercut. Simply just jump to either side to avoid the sweep and
the following uppercut. His last attack is to summon normal guards, around 2-3
each time he does. I wouldn't worry too much about them and just concentrate on
Rajan. My strategy is to move around him counter-clockwise, jumping over the
sweeping attacks and land about 2-3 punches (don't get greedy) before he
initiates his sweep again. Follow this and Rajan's defeat shall come swift.

                         D103. EPISODE 4 - JAILBREAK

Thanks to Neyla's double-crossing, Sly and Murray are being held by the
Contessa in Prague. Now it is up to Bentley to rescue them.

Make your way to the top of the house where the job beacon is and watch out for
the spike traps on the way up. The Contessa will randomly pop up from one of
several locations on the big wall and it is your job to quickly fire a dart at
her, so you can eavesdrop in on her conversation. You first find out that she
is actually a secret member of the Klaww Gang. Secondly, you hear that Contessa
is hypnotizing the criminals in her prison and then forcing them to tell her
where they are keeping their hidden stash of loot. For the last two times, she
will talk about Murray and Sly, respectively. Job completed.

Bentley will need to hack into 6 terminals to finally reverse the polarity of
the train and use it as a means to help Sly escape from "the hole." This is the
first instance of hacking for Bentley in this game. Start by going to the first
terminal. The left analog stick controls your avatar inside the hacking areas,
while the pushing the right analog stick in any direction will fire in that
direction. A lot of hacking areas involve destroying a barrier made up of little
red circles, which follow you if you try to go past them (so you have to destroy
them). Once inside the first area, move into the first green hole to unlock the
door into the next area. Follow the train tracks away from the tunnel entrance
to eventually find all of the terminals.

The second terminal is pretty easy. Just follow the path, destroying enemies as
you go, until you reach the hole at the end. Follow the tracks to the third
terminal. Destroy the barrier while watching for the moving enemies, then go
into the hole to finish this terminal. Follow the tracks to the next one.
Destroy the shooting enemies, then go after the barrier. Next, destroy the last
two shooting ones and go into the hole to finish off the fourth terminal. The
fifth terminal introduces the shooting/moving type of enemy. Destroy the
barrier, then go into the hole to finish the 5th. One more terminal and a bit
more challenging than the previous ones. We get regular moving enemies, as well
as the moving/shooting ones. In the first room, go into the holes in the bottom
left and right areas to open the doors behind the barrier, then destroy the
barrier and go into the hole. We see the train make a rather large hole in the
wall. Job completed.

All of the guards located on the big wall have motion detection sensors, so
Sly will have a tough time escaping with these guards still active. You control
the RC Chopper once again during this mission, so try to remember the controls
(X drops the drop and left stick controls the chopper). It takes two bombs to
normally defeat each guard and there are 7 in total located on the wall. They
will be shooting back at you, with normal shots that are easily dodged and with
missiles that are the same as that jeep job. Once all of the guards are
finished, Sly will escape "the hole" and you will control him now. Jump on top
of "the hole," then double jump and grab the hook to land on the train. Go
through the hole in the wall and make your way back to the safehouse. Job

Bentley will need you to protect as he plants bombs on the bridge so he can
destroy the power lines underneath. You will need to break the statues and HOLD
Circle, so you can take the place of the statue and fool the guards. Once the
guards have passed you, feel free to go and kill them so they won't bother
Bentley and disrupt his bomb placing. The enemies will always come from the
opposite direction from Bentley, so that should hopefully give you enough time
to hide.

There will be one bomb Bentley has to lay below the bridge, so knock out the
statue and get rid of the guard when you can, then follow Bentley to the top.
Once on the top, Bentley will switch to the other side of the bridge (vice
versa also) after each round of enemies. Use the same technique of hiding as
below the bridge, so knock out the second or so statue at each end for hiding.
First round of enemies include two flashlight guards. Second round includes
three wolf guards. Next round is one flashlight guard and two bat guards. The
fourth round includes two wolf guards and one flashlight guard. The fifth
round is 4 normal guards (bats/wolves). The sixth, and final, round consists
of two flashlight guards. Job completed.

Make your way to the entrance to the place where Murray is being held. Once
inside, Sly will tell Murray of the plan and Murray will have to get into a
big enough fight to be put into solitary confinement. Murray will need to
defeat 50 guards, so enter the big area and begin the brawl. There are traps
about that can hurt you, but they can also hurt the guards, so you can use
them to your advantage. You don't need to keep track of how many enemies you
have defeated, since Murray will keep count and there is a counter on the
walls as well. Once you defeat number 50, Murray will be captured and thrown
into solitary. Job completed.

If you haven't bought the Alarm Clock gadget for Sly yet, I would suggest
buying it before this next mission. It will be a lot of help in distracting
the guards.

You will need to pickpocket two tank keys and the tank schedule from Contessa
while she is making her rounds. Things won't be so easy since she'll have a
few guards accompanying her each time. There will be 2 guards the first time
and 3 guards the second and third times. You would probably want to take out
the guards until there is one left, then use the alarm clock to distract him
away from Contessa so you can pickpocket. Every time you successfully
pickpocket from her, she will move to a different location. Once you get both
keys and the schedule, job completed.

Your goal in this job is to capture enough codes so Bentley can crack the
Contessa's code. Near each alarm panel is a guard who holds the key to unlock
access to the alarms. You will first have to pickpocket the key, then use it
on the panel to set off the alarm. This will alert that one guard who will go
to the panel and input a code to shut it off. While he is heading towards the
panel, you have to head to a spot where you can take a picture of the code
input monitor. Like the recon photo jobs, you have to have a green target in
order for the photo to count. I will tell you the location where a photo can
be taken.

For the first alarm, a good spot to take the photo is the rooftop where the
job start beacon was located. For the second alarm, you should position
yourself on the spire jump, the two spire line, closer to the station
building. For the third alarm, a good spot is on the ledge between the two
swinging hooks. Get on top of the one house, then jump to the other one and
swing to the ledge. For the fourth, and final, alarm, you should get to the
ledge with two hooks. Get to the top of the house (from the first job), and
spire jump/swing hook over to the ledge. Once you get all 4 codes, Bentley
will have enough codes to decipher the final one. Job completed.

You will have to redirect the electricity hitting the rods so that it will
then hit the giant robot. You have to turn 3 wheels on each rod to redirect
the electricity, with a total of 5 rods throughout the area. If the ground is
starting to become red, then that means that electricity is going to hit that
rod and it also means you should stay away from it. The first rod is directly
above where you start. The second and third are along the wall from the RC
Chopper job. The fourth and fifth are outside of the prison area. The fourth
is on top of a house, while the fifth is near the train tracks. You will not
have use of the tracking system, but will have to rely on the lightning
instead. Not too hard. Job completed.

Move Bentley to where the tank is located, being aware of any enemies guarding
it, and get in it. Now you control Sly and you must crawl under the tank.
Bentley will start driving towards the front gate and you have to make sure
you're under the tank, away from view, the whole time. Once he arrives at the
building where Murray is being held, get out from under the tank and Bentley
will blast the door open.

Once inside, go past the spotlights and get onto the metal walkway. Throughout
this little section, watch out for wolf guards that may pop out from the cells.
Use the hook to swing to the other path, then swing over the spike trap. Keep
going along this path, using the two teeter-totter platforms to continue on.
Keep going, using the swing to grab onto the pipe. Try to time the next hook to
swing so you can stealth kill the guard. Keep going until you eventually can
spire jump to the top of the one building. Spire jump to the required building
and position the camera so you can jump down to the platform on the other side
of the ceiling. Once inside, stealth kill the guard, then use the panel to open
the door to solitary confinement.

Go to ground level and enter the solitary confinement area. In this area,
you'll have to turn on the hypnotic machines by accessing the panels. Of course,
the panels are being blocked by lasers, so when you approach each one Bentley
will hack into the computer and shut them down. Once Bentley finishes hacking,
Sly will automatically turn on the machine and you'll have go to the next laser

Go to the side opposite the entrance, avoiding the lasers, and go up the pipe
and towards the first switch. Bentley will hack in and it's time to do some
in-computer stuff. There will be barriers on the left and right, guarding the
holes to open up the doors leading to the middle hole. Once you finish the
hacking, you gain control of Sly again. Use the swinging hook to get to the
other metal path, then use the 2 spire jumps to get to the next laser wall.
Bentley hacks in to find pretty much the same thing as the first time, only
the barriers are double in thickness and there are some red shooting enemies
now. Once you're done, go back across the two spire jumps and go across the
two seesaw-like platforms. Then, use the two swinging hooks to get to the next
laser wall. There's more of the same in the hacking zone, with the only
difference being the barriers are triple-layered and there are more shooting
enemies. When this is done, a third machine is activated and Murray breaks
down the door of his prison cell.

Murray is still under the effects of the spice that was fed to him, so you'll
need to destroy the hypno-machines. Neither Sly nor Bentley can break the
machines by themselves, so you'll have to play a bit of matador with Murray.
Lure Murray to each machine and he'll break it with his charge. The Contessa
walks in only to see that Murray has escaped and he has some friends with
him. She escapes and you'll have to use Murray to lift the two levers on each
side of the door. You'll now be on the prison wall and you'll need to pursue
Contessa. As you go after her, she'll lay down spider eggs, which emit
spider-bombs. Simply attack each one until it goes up in a puff of green
smoke. Eventually, you'll corner Contessa, but she escapes on her blimp. Job

                          E104. EPISODE 5 - A TANGLED WEB

Before you go on any jobs, make sure to buy the Paraglider gadget for Sly,
since you'll be required to use it in this episode and ones in the future.
If you don't have enough coins now, I'll be sure to remind you before the
first job that you need it for.

The first part of this job is to take some reconnaissance photos outside.
You'll need photos of the boat, Neyla's headquarters, one of the
Contessa's assault tanks and the blimp flying overhead. Once you have taken
those pictures, head up and towards the reeducation tower. The main entrance
is locked, so you'll need to get to the tower window. Climb and swing until
you get to the window, then go inside. You'll need photos of the older
terminal, Carmelita, the Clockwerk Eyes, Mind Shuffler and the Shadow Guard.
Job completed.

You need to break into a tomb and let loose some ghosts, so make your way to
the tomb and go inside. Once inside, go downstairs, past the guillotines and
spike traps and downstairs once again to find the coffin you need to break in
the middle of the room. Smack the coffin a few times, paying no mind to the
wolf guards, to free the ghosts. Once back outside, you'll have to recapture
the ghosts using a slight modification to your Binocucom. You simply just have
to take photos like you have been doing all this time to capture the ghosts.
Once you have all 9 ghosts, get to the top of Neyla's HQ and drop them into
her chimney, which will make her think she's being attacked by the Contessa.
Job completed.

Since the Mind Shuffler is made up of machine and magic, Bentley says they'll
need a bit more than just normal methods to destroy it. You'll end up having
to go to 4 different tombs to collect the overflow of bad mojo using a
collector. Head into the first tomb and pick up the collector. Once you do,
normal guards will start to pursue you and you'll have to defeat them all
before you're done with that tomb. Luckily, you can use the traps left behind
in the catacombs to vanquish the guards. You cannot get hit while carrying
the collector, so be careful not to get hit. In the first tomb, all three
buttons control the floor/ceiling to crush any enemies. You'll also notice
that when the button is green is when you can use the trap. When it is red,
you'll have to wait until it turns green to use it again. One-fourth of the
mojo collector is filled, so head outside and to the next tomb.

The traps in the second tomb begin to vary and the collecting of bad mojo
begins to get a bit harder. The switch closest to the entrance make the
side walls come together to smash the enemies. The left switch in the back
makes darts shoot from the right wall in the first sector right in front of
you. The middle switch activates spikes to come up in the openings in the
floor. The right switch makes a guillotine switch from front to back in that
column only. Once you destroy the last guard and the meter is filled, move
on to the third tomb.

You'll find 4 switches in the third tomb. The switch in the front activates
a flamethrower that revolves around the switch. The switch in the middle of
the room makes sleeping gas fill the floor below the switch. You can use
this time that the guards are asleep to lay down some bombs to defeat them.
The two switches on the left and right sides of the room make the ceiling
drop down and crush any foe that happens to be standing under them. Once
the meter is filled, move onto the 4th and last tomb.

There are also 4 switches in this room. The front switch makes electricity
shoot throughout the room, so this should be used as a last resort since it
has a long recharge. The switches on the left and right activates pillars
of flame on the other side of the room, each respective to their side. The
middle switch makes the platform opposite of it drop so the guard that may
be standing on it falls into the water. Once you're finished with this
room, the mojo collector will finally be filled and the Mind Shuffler can
now be destroyed. Job completed.

You have to kidnap the head of security and bring him back to the safehouse
for interrogation. He can only be hurt by two things, fire and water. Other
than those two things, the General cannot be hurt so feel free to use him
as a projectile to take out any other guards bothering you. The gadget,
Atlas Strength (allows you to jump while carrying something) helps a little,
but it isn't required to finish this job. Once you bring him back to the
safehouse, Bentley will begin his interrogation. Job completed.

Listen carefully to Bentley's instructions on how to operate the tank.
Pushing both analog sticks forward makes the tank go forward. Pushing them
both down will make it go in reverse. Pushing the left/right stick
left/right will make the tank turn in that direction. The R1 button fires
the turret. You need to blow up the 6 mercenary tanks near Neyla's
headquarters and your safehouse. Once you hit a tank, that tank will begin
firing back at you. Once you destroy all 6 tanks, job completed.

You will need to steal a wiretap and the voice modulator so Bentley will
be able to give orders to Neyla's mercenaries using her voice. With that
said, your first job is to steal two keys from the nearby guards. Once
you get both keys, head to the castle and use the keys to go inside.
Don't worry about any stealth killing here and just pummel the guards.
Once you defeat all of the guards, go ahead and steal the wiretap. 

Once back outside, you'll need to steal two more keys in order to gain
access to where the voice modulator is. You can try to use a distraction
to steal the one from the bridge, but the other one will be a bit tricky.
The other guard is located on a small ledge just over the edge of the
roof, so you'll need to drop down from above and QUICKLY steal the key
before the guard can notice you. Once you have both keys, go to where
the voice modulator is being held and go inside the area. Use the alarm
clock to distract the guards, so you can kill them, then go and steal the
voice modulator.

With the wiretap and modulator in your possession, you'll need to install
them under Neyla's HQ. Unfortunately, the doors leading to it have been
locked, so you'll need to steal one last set of two keys. Go to where the
guards are circling and crawl under the table to hide yourself. You can
use this crawl space as a quick getaway from the guards after you steal a
key. Once you steal one of the keys, I suggest stealth killing that guard
and quickly hiding to make the second key easier to obtain. Once you have
both keys, go to the pier area near the safehouse and crawl under one of
the drains. Use the keys on the door and go inside. Use the slippery
ropes and hooks to get through the first two areas while watching out for
the tentacles. In the third room, kill the guards and then install the
wiretap and voice modulator. Job completed.

In order to powerup the terminals to essentially powerup the one in the
tower, you will need to run this gauntlet and grab the power source at
the end. The first, second, fourth and fifth rooms all have spike strips
moving around, while the third room has guillotines and the sixth room
has platforms suspended in water with tentacles trying to obstruct your
path. Once at the end, grab the acid battery and you'll have to
backtrack to the three terminals you passed on your way down. You can't
take any damage with the battery on your back, so be extra careful on
your backtracking. Once you get to the first terminal, Bentley will hack

This first hacking area has a 3-layered barrier blocking the path with
all kinds of slow moving red enemies pouring the area. Once you make it
past this area, there will be one shooting red enemy blocking the hole
to finish this area. Make your way back to the second terminal and hack
into it. The second one will be the same as the first, with the barrier
being 4 layers and some medium moving reds will be amongst the slow
moving ones. The third terminal will again be more of the same. The
medium moving reds have been replaced by faster ones and there is a
tank-like structure before the last hole. Once all three terminals have
been hacked, the old terminal in the tower can be accessed. Job

Get Murray to the job beacon and he will automatically shut down the
main gate spotlights. With these down, Bentley will order the
mercenaries to attack. After that gets through, you'll need to paraglide
over to the blimp with Sly and Bentley. Hold R1 while jumping in the air
to glide over to the blimp. Once you get on the blimp, two wolf guards
will come out, so take care of them. You'll get to the window from the
recon mission and will go into the room again. 

This time, Bentley will hack into the old terminal so he can free
Carmelita. There will be a 3-layered barrier blocking the hole and there
will be medium-moving reds plus some moving/shooting ones as well. Once
you free Carmelita of her restraints and Contessa finds out, she'll chase
after the Contessa. You can now go into the Contessa's little laboratory
to blow up the Mind Shuffler and free the Clockwerk Eyes. Bentley uses
the bad mojo collector to blow up the Mind Shuffler and free the Eyes.
Neyla manages to snag one of the Eyes, runs away and Sly gives pursuit.
These are similar to the jobs where you needed to stay on Neyla's tail,
except there will be instances where you will need to use the Paraglider.

Eventually, Neyla will get caught in a spider web and the Eye will be on
the ground. The game switches to Bentley escaping to the previously used
blimp. Once you get on the blimp, you'll need to shoot down 20 mercenary
planes. The planes fly about the sky and will shoot towards the blimp
sometimes. Once the last plane is shot down, the game switches back to
Sly. Contessa will appear and you will now have to fight her.

*****BOSS: CONTESSA (PART 1)***** (SLY)
The Contessa has two attacks that she will use. She will strike forward
with her legs for a short bit and she also lays three eggs that release
spiders. Avoid the forward strike and strike the spiders with your cane,
then use your cane to keep whacking Contessa. Eventually she will go
down, knock the Eye out of your hands and steal it.

After Bentley took down the planes, Carmelita used her shock pistol to
down the blimp that Bentley was riding. She also managed to snag the
Clockwerk Eye away from Bentley and is trying to escape using one of
the tanks. It is up to you, Murray, to stop Carmelita by using a tank
himself. Keep tapping R1 so you can begin firing on Carmelita's tank as
soon as you can. Always keep an eye on her and never lose track of her
tank. After a few shots, Carmelita will be stopped and that Eye is now
yours. The game cuts back to Sly and you'll have to do battle with
Contessa again, this time with her in possession of one of the
Clockwerk Eyes.

*****BOSS: CONTESSA (PART 2)***** (SLY)
The Contessa maintains the same moves from the last battle, but has
one new move. Every once in a while, she will fire a green beam in
front of her that will mess up your controls a bit. Otherwise, it will
be the same exact battle as last time. Once you defeat her, the other
Clockwerk Eye is now yours. Job completed.

                   F105. EPISODE 6 - HE WHO TAMES THE IRON HORSE

Use the wall climbing hooks to get to the cabin and go inside. Once
inside, you'll have to take photos of the train routes posted along
the walls of the cabin. Hide under the nearest table and crawl out
when you have a good chance to take a photo of the route in the NW
corner of the room. Next, go into the NE corner of the room and use
the barrel to take a picture of the SW route. Hop onto the fireplace
and then the rafters to take a picture of the SE one.

Bentley now tells you that you will need to steal 3 blueprints from
3 cabins. The first one is located in the same cabin; just go on top
of the fireplace to steal it. Go back outside and enter the cabin on
the big hill. There are 5 normal guards in here, so feel free to go
nuts if you want. Once you steal the blueprint in there, go outside
and enter the last cabin with bear traps around it. There are 4
flashlight guards inside, so sneak around them if you want (I ransacked
the place pretty much) and steal the blueprints. After you steal the
last blueprint, Bentley will tell you that you need to go to the
satellite located at the top of the mountain in the middle of the area.
Use the hooks and ledges to get to the top and to find the satellite.
Job completed.

Murray went out to try and find a bite to eat, but he was captured by
Carmelita. Unfortunately, Bentley doesn't know where Murray is being
held, so you will have to follow her until you find Murray. Periodically
throughout you following her, she will do a complete 360 degree turn and
scope out the area around her. When Carmelita arrives at the cage where
she's keeping Murray, they will have a little chat and then she will
leave. Murray tells you that you will need to pickpocket 3 keys from
Carmelita to free him. Every time you pickpocket one of the keys, she
will chase you around until you can lose track of her. Once you have all
3 keys, go and free Murray. Job completed.

The only way onto the Iron Horse trains is through the caboose, but the
hatches on them are closed down pretty tightly. Bentley has a plan to
use the spice gas, from the balloons in the air, to blast open the locks
on the hatches. Head over to where the ice plane is and Murray will fly
you up into the air so you can paraglide to the balloons and collect the
gas. Every five balloons will fill up your tank, which you then have to
land on the caboose of the train and will automatically blast open the
hatch. Every time you hit a balloon, you will get a little boost back
into the air. Once you open all 3 hatches, job completed.

When the Iron Horse gets close to your location, get ready to jump onto
the caboose and go inside. You'll have to make your way to the engine
car of the train, which is where the Clockwerk Lung is being used. The
first and second cars have lasers. Jump on top of the third car and
avoid the birds swooping in while you make your way to the fourth car,
which has 3 guards. The fifth car has 2 guards and the 6th car has one
flashlight guard and 2 normal ones. There are more lasers on the seventh.
When you get to the 8th car, sneak along the ledge until about halfway,
then jump onto the boxes and take out the 2 flashlight guards. After you
do that, move to the engine car and grab one of the Lungs. Job completed.

You must board and enter the train before it enters the tunnel. Bentley
will be using the RC Chopper to take out the air defenses on the second
Iron Horse train. The first car has 4 guards and 2 missile launchers on
it. These missiles explode in the air and red bullets spray into six
directions. The second car has some planes, which just fly in from off
the screen, and 2 choppers, which shoot at you. The third car has 2
guards and 4 missile launchers and the fourth car has planes and 4
choppers. The fifth car has planes and 2 missile launchers, while the
6th car only has planes. The 7th and final car has 4 choppers and 2
missile launchers. Thanks to Bentley, Sly can now infiltrate this train
to steal the other Lung. Job completed.

Jump onto the caboose of the train when it passes by and go inside. The
first car has 2 flashlight guards inside, but they doze off every now
and then, so sneak by when you have a chance. There are lasers and
spotlights in the second car, so be careful. Jump on top of the third
car, watching out for the 4 normal guards there. The fourth car has 2
flashlight guards and the 5th car has more lasers. The 6th car contains
3 flashlight guards, with 2 of them being asleep. The 7th and final car
has another 3 flashlight guards, but they doze off like in the first
one. Once you get past the 7th  car, all that's waiting for you is the
second Clockwerk Lung. Job completed.

To get the third Clockwerk part, Bentley says that the handrail is
required but it is locked down pretty tight and neither Murray nor
Bentley can free it. Bentley proposes that you kidnap two bear cubs and
toss them in the basket above the car, which will result in them
squabbling. With that, the mother bear will come and free her two cubs.
Begin by picking up the cub near the cabin with the bear traps. Work
your way over to the handrail and toss him into the basket. The other
cub is located in the bear cave, so pick it up and bring it to the
basket. Once you have both bear cubs in the basket, they will begin to
fight and the mother will come and break them free. Job completed.

Get to the hand car and things will go automatically. You approach the
third and final train, then Sly will board it after a few words of his
own. Once in the first car, use the luggage rack on the right side to
get past the first guard, then sneak past the second guard when he dozes
off. Crawl under the lasers in the second car and navigate through the
little mini-maze. Sneak along the ledge on the outside part of the train
on the third car. When you approach the fourth car, Sly will climb to the
top only to find Neyla in his way.

Bentley will use his RC Chopper to get rid of Neyla so Sly can continue
forward. Neyla has 3 attacks while flying back and forth on the screen.
She can shoot normal bullets, either randomly or in a fixed pattern, shoot
missiles that track you for a short bit before exploding, or she can send
out some planes. Keep firing at her until she is destroyed, then the game
will switch back to Sly. Climb to the top of the car and move to the next
car while avoiding the birds that swoop down.

Use the alarm clock to distract the 2 guards on the 5th car, then sneak
past them. For the 6th car, you need to sneak along the ledge until you
come to a wall climbing hook. From there, jump to the pipe and grab it,
then go under the train and you'll find 3 more wall climbing hooks on the
right side of the train. There will be 2 flashlight guards on the 7th car
and 2 more on the 8th car. Once you get to the engine, you find out that
Bison seemed to have bolted the Clockwerk Stomach, but Bentley mentions
that a well placed bomb down the stack will knock it loose.

Neyla shows up once again and you'll have to defeat her again before you
can lay claim to the Stomach. She retains all of the same moves from
before, except for when she lowers her altitude and fires missiles at you
that explode similar to the launchers from the Aerial Assault job. Other
than that, this battle is simply the same as the last. Once she is
defeated again, Bentley will automatically pilot the chopper to the
smokestack and drop a bomb in it, thus knocking the Stomach loose. Job

                    G106. EPISODE 7 - MENACE FROM THE NORTH, EH!

This logging camp doesn't seem to be on any maps, so Bentley needs to
you take some recon photos. Outside, he'll need you to take pictures of
the sawmill blades, the boat, Jean-Bison's cabin and the bear that is
roaming about. Once you have all of those photos, head over to the
lighthouse. You'll have to jump on some platforms and walk on a log in
order to find a secret entrance to the lighthouse. Once inside, you'll
need photos of the battery charger, the front door, the spinner, and old
Jean-Bison himself. Job completed.

Get to the entrance and go inside the cave. Once inside, you will need
to steal radio transmitters that the bears have been tagged with. You
cannot run inside the cave, nor can you step on the thin and crackly ice.
If you do either of these two things, the bears will wake up and you will
have to start over. The radio transmitters are inside the bears’ mouths
and you must pickpocket them when they open them to yawn.

Go to the first bear straight ahead and steal the first transmitter, then
steal the second transmitter from the bear that is surrounded by the ice.
Once you have those two, steal the next one from the bear close to the
surrounded one. Use the spire jump to get to the next area, then use the
ice wall to get the fourth transmitter, then climb back. Get the next
transmitter from the near bear, then use the ice wall to climb to the area
with the last transmitter. Once you have all 6 transmitters, use the spire
jump, wall climbing hook and swinging hook to get back to the entrance and
go back outside.

You will need to place all 6 transmitters that you’ve just stolen in
specific locations throughout the area. When you place the last transmitter,
you will be able to listen in on Jean-Bison. Job completed.

Once you get inside of the cabin, you will need to redirect by means of a
switch on the other side of the wall. Unfortunately, you will have to take
the long way around since there is a grate blocking the direct way. Use the
first 2 platforms to get to the spot where you’ll have to sneak along the
ledge while avoiding the lasers. Continue until you get into a big area with
some spotlights and guards. In this area, follow the ground clockwise until
you get to a ladder. Climb this ladder and go past the lasers to the other
side, then use the spire jump to the next area. Swing, spire jump and walk
on the saw blades (don’t worry, they won’t hurt you) to get to the last area
with a flashlight guard and the switch to position the laser to the outside.
Once the laser is pointing outside, you will have to plant crystals to
redirect the laser to where it will melt the ice to free the log chopping
guide. When you finally redirect the laser with the final crystal right in
front of the ice wall, the guide will be yours. Job completed.

Get to the cabin with Murray and go inside. Before Murray can compete in
the club, he will have to get a moose disguise. Unfortunately, there is no
way for Murray to get it, so Bentley sends Sly in to get it for him. Don’t
worry about the guards on the right side and walk by them to get to the
corner with the spotlight and a pipe leading up. Climb the pipe and jump to
the left of the guard, avoiding his line of sight. Swing to the log, then
spire jump to the spinning blade when it is safe. Walk on the saw blades,
crawl under the next set of spinning blades and spire jump and swing to the
next area when the guard dozes off. Climb the pipe, then spire jump and
swing over to the big platform. Crawl under both of the tables to obtain the
moose head. Sly will throw the head to Murray and he will put it on and be
able to participate in the combat club.

The left analog stick controls the vehicle and the X button is the gas. The
right analog stick controls the turret and the R1 button fires. You have to
pick up the ammo when it falls to the ground and you must defeat the other
vehicle. You can only aim the turret when you are at a complete stop, so do
this when you know the enemy has no ammo left. Once you defeat the car, you
ask the guard to tell you the location of the battery. Job completed.

You have to use Grizzle to break the oil mains, since you can’t seem to do
it yourself. Grizzle is blind and only has his sense of smell, so Bentley
will throw bombs into the river and send fish flying your way. You have to
use the fish to lead Grizzle to each oil main and you can also throw the
fish at the guards to have Grizzle defeat them for you. Do not worry about
Grizzle attacking you, since he can’t attack you even if you’re holding a
fish. Two of the oil mains are located below the cliffs, so just throw a
fish down there and Grizzle will find a way down there. Once you destroy
the final oil main, job completed.

Jump into Murray’s hands and use him to get Bentley onto each boat. Once
you get on each boat, you will hack into the boat’s computer control
system. There will be new green enemies inside each hacking area, which
move, lay bombs and take a few more hits than usual to defeat. Each area
is essentially the same, only with more red shooting enemies and thicker
barriers. After each boat has been hacked, you will have to aim the hook
on the boat so Sly can grab it and attach it to the battery silo. Once the
third hook has been attached, the battery will be drained. Job completed.

Use the Paraglide to get over to the lighthouse and start climbing the ice
wall, watching out for the icicles on the horizontal sections. Once you
get to the top, enter the hatch. Carefully make your way down the path
while taking out the guards and avoiding the spotlights. When you get to
the bottom, break the chair to open the front door, thus letting Bentley
and Murray inside. While Murray and Bentley are doing their own thing,
you’ll have to climb back to the top of the lighthouse using the power
cords. There are three wires, with jolts of energy being sent up two of
the three each time. You can see which wires are getting hit, so jump to
the safe one each time. Once you get to the top, throw the switch and the
machine is destroyed. Job completed.

You need to glide to each updraft created by the destroyed oil mains.
When you hit each updraft, you will be launched upwards so you can
proceed to the next updraft. After a few updrafts, you will then need to
proceed towards the eagle’s nest, while avoiding the four eagles that
head towards you. Moving either to the left or right will avoid the
eagles. Once you land on the island with the nest, use the wall climbing
hook and the ice wall to grab the egg. Once you have the egg, use your
glider and the small ice islands to bring it back to your safehouse. Job

Start off by approaching Jean-Bison. The first event is log chopping. In
all of these games, you will NEED to get PERFECT 10s for your score. For
the log chopping event, you’ll need to get the moving marker as close to
the line as possible each time. You have to chop the log as quickly as
possible. When you finish the event, it’ll be Bison’s turn. The game
switches to Bentley. You have to sneak behind Bison and plant the eagle’s
egg so that one attacks him, therefore messing him up. Move along the path
while avoiding the eagles that swoop down. Use the moving icebergs to get
behind Bison, then put down the egg and watch the eagle affect Bison’s
chopping. The judges score him badly, but he uses a bit of intimidation to
receive perfect 10s.

Next up is the wall climbing portion of the games. Using Sly, you must
climb the wall by using the hooks as quickly as possible. I have made it
in time going from either side, so that doesn’t particularly matter. Near
the top are a few places where there are panels that emit electricity, so
try your best to avoid getting hit by them. When it is Bison’s turn to
climb, you’ll have to use Murray to attach 3 hooks onto Bison to pull him
down off the wall. You will have to be a bit quick when shooting the hooks,
since Bison does move rather quickly up the wall. I’d say you have about 2
chances per hook to hit Bison before he will get to the top of the wall.
When Bison gets pulled down, the judges score him horribly but he uses
intimidation once again to achieve perfect 10s.

The last event in the games is the log rolling contest. In this game, you
will have to jump from log to log using Bentley without touching the water.
Every round, only lasting a few seconds, two of the three logs will fall
into the water and it is your goal to get onto the safe one. There’s
nothing too problematic here, though you have to last until the timer on
the right side of the screen gets to zero. Once your turn has ended, Murray
mentions the fact that the judges are severely intimidated by Bison, so you
will have to lure the judges to a nearby cave using the alarm clock gadget
and replace them before Bison gets finished with his turn.

You have 3 judges to replace, so start by jumping onto the first iceberg
and throwing an alarm onto the second one. This will catch the attention of
the first judge and lure him to the second iceberg. Use alarm clocks to lure
him to the cave entrance, then jump inside the barrel to hide before he can
see you. You’ll get a little cutscene with Bentley replacing that guard. Do
this two more times to replace the last two guards and Bison will finish
his turn. The gang gives Bison all 0s, but Bison sees through the disguises,
knocks all three of you unconscious and locks you up. When you all wake up,
you find yourself in the control room of the sawmill. Bentley will then try
to escape the locked up area by going through a small pipe. When you land
on the floor, you find Bison standing there. He says that he stole all of
the Clockwerk parts you had accumulated and sold them to Arpeggio. Now it
is time to fight old Bison.

You will not be doing any damage directly to Bison with Bentley. Instead,
you’ll be shouting commands to Sly, who is above controlling the sawmill’s
machines. You will have to lure Bison to one of the machines and give the
command to Sly to operate that one. If Bison gets close to you, he will
charge a short distance. The Square button controls the flames, the
Triangle button controls the saws and the Circle button controls the logs.
After Bison gets hit 4 times, he will summon some lesser guards into the
arena, but these guys shouldn’t pose any trouble. When Bison gets to a
little less than half health, he will begin to throw sticks of dynamite at
you. These are similar to your bombs, so you have a bit of time to escape
their range before they explode. 

When you finish off Bison, he admits defeat and there is an announcement
that Arpeggio’s blimp has arrived. You’ll go outside and you will have
exactly one minute to make it to the battery silo. Once you get to the
base of the silo, the gang will hide inside. Job completed.

                     H107. EPISODE 8 - ANATOMY FOR DISASTER

Climb the pipe and Paraglide over to the blimp. Once you land, climb the
pipe nearby to an air vent and go inside. You will have to take a few
photos without being seen by the guards AND without defeating any of them.
The mech eggs are located beneath the platform where you entered, inside
the glass case. You also need photos of Clockwerk’s head and the
electro-platforms circling the area. Once you have these 3, head to the
side opposite the entrance and take pictures of Neyla and Arpeggio. Sly
wants an immediate plan of action to stop Clockwerk from being activated
once again.

You need to start by stealing 4 keys from the guards in the immediate area.
Steal the key from the stationary guard, then steal the remaining 3 keys.
(The guards will have the blue glowing pockets before this, but they won’t
have keys until this part.) Once you have all 4 keys, use the trampoline
to get to the control panel and slow down the rotating platforms. Once you
do that, use the ropes supporting Clockwerk to get to the platforms and
press the buttons. When you press a button, use the glider to return to
the top of Clockwerk to avoid some needless confrontations. Once all 4
switches are pressed on the platforms, Clockwerk will fall. Job completed.

After Clockwerk falls, you will get to see a bit of story. It seems
Arpeggio is using Clockwerk to fulfill his dream of flying, along with the
idea of immortality. Unfortunately, Neyla double crosses Arpeggio and
fuses herself with the Clockwerk frame, thus creating Clock-La.

Try doing the next three missions in the order I have listed, so you won’t
need to backtrack to the hideout to switch characters.

In order to open the door for Bentley, you must pickpocket 5 keys from
guards. You will probably have to distract the one guard near the boxes
so you can steal the key, but the other 4 shouldn’t be too much trouble.
Once you have all 5 keys, go to the door and use the keys to open it so
Bentley can go inside.

Once inside, Bentley will have to destroy the bulbs in order to get to
the second level. Once you shoot one bulb, you will have to shoot the
bulb in which the electricity is going to or else the engine will blow
up with you inside. Once all of the bulbs have been destroyed, go up to
the second level. You need to lay bombs to destroy the orange-yellowish
nodes on the ground, while avoiding the robots. Once all of the nodes
have been destroyed, go inside the door and pull the lever to shut down
this engine. Job completed.

Begin with Bentley. You will have to hack into some control panels to
open up the door leading to the inside of the engine. Go to the first
control panel and hack into it. In this hacking area and the ones to
follow, your bullets are able to bounce off the walls, so use that to
your advantage to defeat the enemies inside. In the first area, take out
the shooting enemies as you progress through the barriers, then go into
the hole at the end to finish it.

Go to the second terminal and hack into it. You will encounter fast
moving red enemies in addition to the shooting ones. Use the walls to
take out the shooters guarding holes that open up the doors to the
middle. Once both doors are open, destroy the barrier and go into the
hole to finish this section.

Go to the third terminal and hack into it. There is a 2-layer barrier
right away, so destroy it and move on. Red moving/shooting enemies will
keep pouring out and you have to keep driving them back until you can
get into the hole and finish this section.

Once all 3 terminals have been hacked, the door will open and Murray
will go inside. Once inside, you will have to lift each capsule and after
each one has been lifted, one normal guard will come out and into the
area. Once you have lifted all of them, take the trampoline to the second
level and thunder flop (Jump, then press Square) all of the capsules to
destroy them while taking mind of the robots. Once all of the capsules
have been destroyed, the door leading to the switch will open, so go in
and pull the switch to shut down the engine. Job completed.

There are 5 stations that you need to destroy before you can pry open the
door to let Sly inside. You need to throw any 3 objects at the station to
destroy it and once you hit it once, some normal guards might come to stop
you. Once all 5 stations are destroyed, move to the door and use Murray to
lift it so Sly can enter.

Once inside, you will have to follow the big laser wall, while avoiding
the ground lasers, to the trampoline that will lead you to the next level.
Once you are on the second level, you will need to follow another laser
wall while spire jumping from buzzsaw to buzzsaw (making sure that you
don’t get hit when the saw spins). When you get to the room with the
switch, go inside and flip it to shut off this engine. Job completed.

Bentley can’t find a way to enter this engine, so you will have to shut
it down from the outside. You will need to walk a TNT barrel to a weak
spot and detonate it to blow up the engine. However, the TNT barrel alone
won’t be enough. You will have to collect 3 magnetic chargers before you
can blow up the engine. Whenever you get close to one, it will
automatically attach to the barrel. If you blow up/die after getting a
charger, you will not have to recollect that one and will start from the
position of the charger.

Go up the ramp and get to the center area with the very large fan. Go
counter-clockwise until you reach a glass platform. Drop off of it and
make your way to the first charger. Once you get that first one, make
your way to the platform under the large fan. Go up the first ramp to the
right from where you came and then follow the path to the second charger.
After collecting the second one, make your way to the area with your
safehouse. The trampolines now act like a lift, so take one of those to
the platform with fire in the middle. From there, you should be able to
get to the third charger easily. Once you collect all 3 chargers, make
your way up to the rotating fan near the engine you need to blow up. Once
you make it to the other side, use a lift to get to the engine’s weak
spot, jump out of the barrel and the engine is toast. Job completed.

Bentley has picked up Carmelita on the radar and she has agreed to form
an alliance to take down Clock-La. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to find
the blimp, so you decide to do a bit of work to help Carmelita to find it.

You will need to increase the power on the 4 generators on the blimp.
Bentley mentions that getting to these generators will be a bit of trouble
since they’re so high, but Bentley has given you a new gadget, the Mega
Jump. Pressing R2 will make Sly jump much higher than normal. Facing north
from where you start will show you the locations of all four towers. You
need to get to the top of each one and perform a spire jump once you get
to the top to activate the signal. You can do the towers in any order, but
for the sake of this guide, I will mention an order.

Let’s start with the southeast one. There is a pipe nearby that you can
use to Mega Jump from to get to the first platform of the tower. Go under
the broken section, then Mega Jump to the next level and to the top of the
spire to activate it. Next will be the southwest tower. Find the nearby
flagpole and Mega Jump to the first level of the tower. Then jump to the
second level and activate the tower. Two towers down and two more to go.
Make your way to the northwest tower, get on the propeller rudder and Mega
Jump to the first level. Get to the top and activate the tower. Go to the
last tower and do the same thing as the third one. Carmelita is now
heading towards the blimp. Job completed.

Sly will act as the gunner in the battle against Clock-La. This is the
very last job, so be prepared for a good fight.

*****BOSS: CLOCK-LA*****
For part one of the fight, Clock-La has an assortment of moves at her
disposal. She will begin by firing yellowish missiles at you, which can
be destroyed with one hit of the guns. As she takes a bit of damage, she
will begin to fire red missiles that take a few hits from your guns to
destroy. A bit later in the fight, Clock-La will begin firing rings with
electricity flowing through the middle. You will have to shoot the ring
on the outside in order to deactivate it, so Carmelita can fly through
it. These rings will first be mixed in with yellow missiles, then she
will fire them in sets of 3 and towards the end, she will mix the rings
in with the red missiles. From the beginning of the fight and until the
end of this part, Clock-La will attempt to fire an energy blast at you
which HURTS A LOT. You can tell when she’s about to do this when the
Clockwerk Eyes begin to pulsate. When you see this happening,
concentrate all of your attacks on Clock-La and hope that the blast is

When she gets near death, she will fly into the main propeller and
destroy it. She also flies over to Bentley and Murray and picks up the
area where they were standing. You will have to glide from blimp piece
to blimp piece until you land on Clock-La. Once you do so, you’ll have to
get in close and hit the head with your cane. Clock-La’s only method of
attack during this part is to fire energy blasts at you when you’re
standing on either side. The only safe spot from these blasts is the spire
jump located right behind the head. You could probably about 3-4 hits in
before you will need to hide behind the head. You need to destroy both
eyes. Clock-La will plummet to the ground when both Eyes are destroyed,
but it’s not completely over yet.

When you land, Clock-La is still functional and there are lasers moving
on the ground before Clock-La’s head. You will need to bypass the lasers
with Murray and open the beak with his muscles. After you do that, move
towards the beak with Bentley and bomb both sides of the beak where there
are barrier panels. Once you do that, the Hate Chip is now exposed, so
take it with Bentley and Clock-La is now finished. 

Sit back and enjoy the ending.

-------------------------------------------------VI. Clue Bottle Locations

-------------------------------------------------VII. Gadgets/Powerups

Sly, Bentley and Murray all can get some sort of gadget/power up in the game.
All three can get them from ThiefNet through the safehouse, but Sly can also get
some more when he gets all of the clue bottles and opens the safe in the episode
level. The effectiveness of a gadget is purely my opinion and is rated on a
scale of 1-5, with 5 being highly effective. 

The PARAGLIDER and ALARM CLOCK gadgets are required to finish the game, so
buy them as soon as they are available.
*****END NOTE*****

                                  Sly’s Gadgets

SMOKE BOMB (300 coins)
Sly can use this gadget to create a pillar of smoke around him to help him
escape hairy situations. You can also use this gadget as a distraction to lure
enemies to your current location, while you head off in another direction.

COMBAT DODGE (600 coins)
Sly can use this gadget to sidestep enemy attacks in a battle. I found the
flashlight guards can still hit you despite sidestepping them, thus making this
gadget pretty useless.

STEALTH SLIDE (650 coins)
Sly can use this gadget to slide, without making any noise, through a level.
This is effective for quickly sneaking up on enemies, but doesn't have much
use otherwise.

This is quite possibly Sly's best gadget that can be bought. It allows Sly to
throw an alarm clock that can distract the guards so Sly can kill/move past
them with ease.

THIEF REFLEXES (1600 coins)
This gadget allows Sly to slow down time to a crawl. This can be effective
during missions with laser barriers, but it isn't very effective otherwise.

FERAL POUNCE (1900 coins)

This gadget allows Sly to glide through the air by using a small parachute.
It is quite effective in slowing down your descent and is also required for
a few missions later on in the game.

This gadget, when purchased, automatically knocks off the noise that you do
when you stealth kill a guard from behind. There is still a slight noise made
during the first hit (Triangle) of the two hit combo.

                  --------BOTTLE POWERUPS COMING SOON--------

                              Bentley's Gadgets

TRIGGER BOMB (200 coins)
This is one of Bentley's better gadgets. You can throw a bomb from afar and
you can control the detonation to a degree (after a while, the bomb will
detonate). You can also use these to distract guards.

SNOOZE BOMB (550 coins)
Lay one of these bombs on the ground and it will emit a sleeping powder. Useful
for when a guard is chasing you. This is also a great gadet for a certain mojo
mission in the episode "A Tangled Web."

Transform guards into tiny size replicas! This is mostly a fun gadget and
doesn't have many uses. Guards will still have the same power as before.

This gadget makes Bentley run a lot faster than normal, for a limited time.
Useful when escaping from guards, but it doesn't seem much faster than normal

This gadget allows Bentley to throw a machine down, which when activated, sucks
an enemy in and transforms him into a health powerup. Not too shabby when you
desperately need health.

HOVER PACK (1200 coins)
The name of the gadget says it all. It allows Bentley to use a hover pack to
reach some new heights or to lengthen a jump.

REDUCTION BOMB (1700 coins)
This gadget is basically the same as the Size Destabilizer, only with a bomb.
The timing of the bomb can be a bit difficult, making this gadget pretty
useless when considering the high price.

TEMPORAL LOCK (2000 coins)
This gadget, when deployed, freezes enemies for a limited amount of time. It
sounds like a useful gadget, but it uses a HUGE chunk of your gadget meter,
which makes it a little below par.

                             Murray's Powerups

FISTS OF FLAME (400 coins)
This powerup for Murray is mediocre. When activated, your fists become enflamed
and makes your punches do a lot more damage. However, your punches return to
normal only after one hit with the flaming fists.

This powerup enables Murray to jump a bit higher than normal. Press the button
you designated it to, then jump to reach new heights!

This powerup seems to give thrown objects more power. Not very useful
considering that Murray is a tank in hand-to-hand combat.

ATLAS STRENGTH (900 coins)
This powerup allows Murray to jump while holding any object/enemy. This is quite
an useful powerup during missions when you have to carry stuff, like "Kidnap
the General."

DIABLO FIRE SLAM (2100 coins)
This powerup allows you to slam held enemies into the ground to create a little
explosion. The steep price of this powerup doesn't make it too appealing.

Murray turns himself into a battering ram with this powerup. It's not very
effective, although you can use it to escape from an enemy faster.

GUTTURAL ROAR (1500 coins)
Use this powerup to temporarily scare enemies away. The effect doesn't last
very long and with the steep price of the powerup, it makes it below average.

This powerup transforms a regular belly flop into one with a wall of flame
surrounding it. This is probably one of Murray's better powerups, although
that's not saying much when you look at the others.

--------------------------------------------------------IX. Secrets

Hidden Videos
There are some hidden videos that can be accessed through the episode list. To
access a video, simply highlight one of the odd-numbered episodes when you can
scroll through them, then wait until you see a Square flash on the screen to
view the video.

Episode 1 – Heist Cartoon
Episode 3 – LaLa Movie
Episode 5 – Commerical shown on TV
Episode 7 – Making of Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Episode 8 – Credits when you beat the game

Hidden Moves
There are two hidden moves that were revealed during Cartoon Network’s promotion
of Sly 2. They are TOM and Time Rush. Both can be entered on the Pause menu.

TOM - Left, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right (Deploys a decoy dummy to fool

Time Rush - Down, Down, Up, Down, Right, Left (Speeds up time)

----------------------------------------------X. Frequently Asked Questions

Q) When was Sly 2 released?
A) Sly 2 was released, in North America, on September 14, 2004.

Q) How long is this game?
A) There are 8 episodes in total and each one takes around 2 hours to complete.
   If you factor in the clue bottles and possibly trying to get all the
   gadgets, then game will probably last around 20-25 hours.

Q) Why don't you have a walkthrough for (insert section here)?
A) I feel that not every section requires a detailed explanation. For instance,
   during the "Kidnap the General" mission, you have to bring back the general
   to your hideout. Every person will create their own path back to the hideout,
   making a predestined path completely useless, in my opinion.

   Some sections are so brain-dead obvious that it shouldn't take more than 2
   seconds to figure out what to do. If I get enough questions about a
   particular spot or I feel an explanation is needed, then I'll be more than
   happy to change it.

Q) I'm pickpocketing a guard, but not getting any loot! Why!?!
A) Guards only have loot when their pocket is glowing gold. Otherwise, they are
   only carrying coins.

Q) HELP! I have X number of bottles and can't find the rest! Can you help me?
A) I'm sorry, but I can't really help you on that. Nothing is more frustrating
   than finding most of the bottles in a level only to be missing a few. I
   can't answer this question unless I was there with you when you found the
   bottles you have. All I can say is to go through each bottle on the list
   above and you may perhaps remember which ones you have gotten and which
   you have not.

------------------------------------------------------XI. Acknowledgements

CJayC – For making the best video game site

Sucker Punch – For making one of the best platformers in this generation

YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel – For making their fantastic Clue Bottle FAQ