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Hitman (4) - Blood Money (X360)
Weapons FAQ v1 6/15/06
By Falcon2000
Email: jtc120880 at yahoo dot com

****  May contain some kill/mission method spoilers ****

(Intro)  Intro and random notes
(A) Pistols
(B) SMGs
(C) Shotgun/Assault Rifle
(D) Scoped/Sniper Rifles
(E) Extra
(F)Adminstrative Stuff

This is a guide to get all weapons and unlock the achievement for that 
objective.  While some weapons are available earlier or later than where 
I note them, I'm keeping the earliest, "safest" ways to get them, allowing 
you to achieve silent assassin rating wherever possible.  If you can "safely"
get them multiple places, I shall also bring this to your attention, as well
as if they are ONLY available in one specific place regardless of ease of 

As noted above, some of these descriptions will give clues how to go about 
doing the missions in a manner to get the silent assassin rating.  However,
I attempt to minimize this wherever possible, while still giving a clear 
picture of where the weapon is for those who have not already beat the game.

To be considered "collected" and hence be added to your hideout, the weapons
must be in your possession, either in your hands or inventory, or in an ICA
Crate at the end of the level.

All pistols and SMG's can be hidden, allowing an multiple additions to your 
collection to be taken from each level, and more importantly allowing a 
silent assassin rating to still be obtained, as long as you acquire them in
a safe manner (Per SA Rules)

Rules (For reference):
1. Have no covers blown
2. Have no witnesses (yellow suspicion bar or higher) nor bodies found 
   (accident’s notwithstanding)
3. Not get caught on camera (at least not if you let them keep the tape)
4. Leave no evidence (suit, custom weapons, etc if above normal difficulty 
   [doesn’t affect rating normal or rookie])
5. Kill only your targets (again accidents notwithstanding – Want someone’s
   gun, arrange for them to fall over a balcony or something and the kill
   won’t count against you)

Some of the bigger weapons can also be taken while still achieving SA rating
and I will note this.  A few of these can only be taken while maintaining SA
rating by being put in an ICA storage case, instead of being lugged out 
manually and I shall note this as well.  Another benefit of using the ICA 
cases for the non-concealables is you can get sometimes get more than one in 
a level this way, whereas you might still get SA without using the storage 
cases, but could only get one of several available that way.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you can get the "All weapons" 
achievement in any difficulty, and there is no additional achievement for 
doing it in other difficulties that I am aware of.  However, that said, 
each difficulty level has its own separate collection, so having the super-
custom Silver-Baller in rookie will not give it to you anywhere else, nor 
will a different difficulty have any non-custom/standard weapons that you 
haven't collected in that difficulty already.

Finally note that while you can pick up the shotgun, slp 40, Desert Eagle, 
TMP,and Dragunov during the "Death of a Showman" mission/tutorial, they only
go to your hideout if you place them in the ICA boxes, outside the Swing 
King's window, or below his office (the poison or bomb crates).  Since
getting these is scripted into that mission, and everyone has to play it
at least once I will not include these locations in the "how to get" 
section.  Thank you to those who brought this to my attention, I had only
tried carrying them out of the level which will not work.


(A1) Bull.480 

"A New Life" - Take from your target after he's dead

"Death on the Mississippi" - Take from any of the gang members.  Safest 
   place would be after you kill the one in the bathroom on the private top
   deck but any that "accidentally" fall over rails onto a lower deck can 
   be looted after the guards drag them to a secluded resting place.

(A2) Desert Eagle

"The Murder Of Crows" - The two stationary targets carry one each for the 
   taking as you stand over their corpses

"Death on the Mississippi" - Easily taken from the corpse of your favorite
   happy Captain

(A3) Silver-Baller - STANDARD

(A4) Six-Shooter

"Till Death do us Part" - Only place for these, take from drunk/passed out
   party guest in  or either of the targets in the same mission if you can
   safely loot their bodies.  Or any guest if you knock them out or kill 
   them, but That would also probably sacrifice your SA rating

(A5) SLP.40 Pistol – Pretty much any cop will have one

"Flatline" - Collect from either of the guard rooms. The guard room nearest
   the entrance has them, as does the "north" guard room where the guard 
   sits with the tv cameras and keycard 

"A New Life" – Lift one from the Feebies (FBI's) in the surveillance van

“A Dance With The Devil” – Either of the guards you will likely sedate can 
   have theirs liberated, although I’d be surprised if this one isn’t in 
   your collection by the time you get that far.

(A6) SLP.40 .S

"The Murder Of Crows" - Take from the body of the walking target (Angelina)

(A7) Snub Nose

"A Vintage Year" - Take from Mr. Cello after you kill him in his bedroom 
   during his solo practice

“Death on the Mississippi” – Take from any non-gang guard that you –ahem- 
   might happen to find unconscious or dead

(B)Submachine Guns


"Amendment 25" - From any SS agent that you might happen to subdue.

"Curtains Down" - Loot from the security office on the 3rd floor.


“A New Life” – Easily snatched from the security room while the guard that's
    sometimes there is out patrolling.


"The Murder Of Crows” – Liberate from the arms case on the floor underneath 
   the  spiral staircase in the gang's headquarters when no one is looking 
   or from any of the "Big Bird" guards (yellow birds)


“A Vintage Year” – Only level for these, although you can find them all over
   it. Easiest grab is to nab one from the arms case in the sleeping VIP 
   guard’s room, in the main house, 1st floor.

(B5)SMG Tactical - STANDARD


“A Vintage Year” - Can be taken from body of the young target but depending
   on how/where you kill him, it can be easy or hard to do.

“Flatline” - If you miss it there or don't want to go through the trouble,
   you can always pick one up from the arms case at the back of the clinic
  (the one where the guard sits and watches the CCTV screens)



“A Vintage Year” - You will inevitably sedate one of the "boonie-hat 
   guards," who all tote one around. As a bonus, drop the guy to your left as
   you start and you have a handy dandy ICA case to drop it in and Bob’s your
   uncle, with no risk of your SA rating as long as you did it around the 
   corner from the guy  checking invatations

“Till Death do us Part” - You can gank the one that is set down by the 
gator-guys at the beginning on the crates, and drop it in the ICA case back
behind  the guest tent (look for "place of interest").  They don’t care if 
you walk around with guns out so no fear of risking your SA rating even 
though you will be seen.

(C2)SP12 Shotgun - STANDARD


"Death on the Mississippi" - Coming up from the back of the boat after
   running through the engine room, you can find one on a table in a room
   on the left of the corridor. There is a rifle box for it, but you have to
   go in the room, wait for the guy in there to leave, then stuff it in the 
   box before he comes back to avoid being seen and keep your silent assassin
   rating.  Should be possible to keep SA if you're careful.  Thanks to those
   who pointed that out to me, I had only done a direct run of that mission,
   never really explored it, although I did find it just a little while ago
   and checked my mail before updating to find everyone pointing it out to

“A Dance With The Devil” - Martinez totes around a case with this bad boy
   inside. Since it IS in that case, you can freely walk around toting it
   with you without alarming anyone.  Drop it in the ICA case  outside the
   glass-front building.  Beware the guard who smokes out here from  time
   to time before you unpack it and place it in the case.  As it stays in
   the case for the most part, and is carried by a target, you can get this
   weapon and easily keep your SA rating (assuming you aren't busted by the
   guard while unpacking it and placing it in storage).


(C5)M14 – 

“Amendment 25” – The only location you can find this one, gank it from a 
   Marine after sedating one.  Run it out to the ICA case on the east side of
   the entrance  before going too far in the mission.  No risk to your SA 
   rating, as long as  you do this in the Marine uniform.  They get to wave 
   boomsticks in people’s  faces without any repercussions.  That’s how the 
   military guys roll.  


"The Murder Of Crows” – Only mission you’ll find this weapon in. The 
   coordinator you deliver diamonds to has it leaned against his desk.  You 
   can, if you feel  like going to the trouble, keep your SA rating if you are
   very careful, and you’re going to be doing pistol whipping because you 
   probably won’t have  enough sedative to do this and still do everything 
   else in this mission. You can push the yellow guard going in and out of 
   Purayah’s room over the  rail from behind (run up as he is walking out 
   of the room and by the rail),  knock out the guy smoking out the back door,
   knock out the guy who periodically comes and smokes by the dumpster, and 
   you may want to knock out the guy patrolling in and out from the street 
   (although as long as he doesn’t see you carrying the rifle this one is 
   optional), and all those without having your suspicion spike to yellow.
   Otherwise, just commit to a non-SA run to get this and the TRG.  
   Complete the assignment, then throw this puppy in the ICA case after
   shooting the guys above.

(D)Sniper/Scoped Rifles

(D1) Dragunov

“A Dance With The Devil” – Only place, “Death of a Showman” notwithstanding,
   since you can’t collect it on that one.  Easily acquired in the laptop 
   room, it’s sitting on the floor in a case.  Since it IS in that case, you
   can freely  walk around toting it with you without alarming anyone.  Drop 
   it in the ICA case outside the glass-front building.  Beware the guard who
   smokes out  here from time to time before you unpack it and place it in the
   case. As it is in a case, you can get this weapon and easily keep your SA
   rating (assuming you aren't busted by the guard while unpacking it and
   placing it in storage).

(D2) Elephant Rifle

“Till Death do us Part” – Only location for this nifty sniper rifle, it is
   hanging  on the wall in Pappy’s bedroom, on the second floor.  You can run
   around  with this without attracting attention, as long as you aren’t 
   caught  running out of HIS room with it.  I got it as I was leaving after
   killing  both targets.  Broke in his room and ran out the house to the
   exit, carrying  the E-Rifle with me, no problems, SA rating intact.

(D3) Kazo TRG

“The Murder Of Crows” – The sniper has the only one of these somewhere in 
   his room, whichever bar he ends up at. I have not found a way to get this
   with an SA rating  Just commit to a non-SA run to get this (and the
   SIG552 if you  didn't get it already). Complete this mission and store
   the SIG (again, if  necessary). Then run back to the sniper roost and
   grab the TRG. Run out  of the level dodging incoming fire and survive 
   with it in your hands as you escape to add it to your collection.

(D4) W2000 Sniper - STANDARD

(D5) Air Rifle – Not a TRUE sniper rifle in the normal sense of the word 
   but it does have a scope for distance shooting.

“A New Life” – The only one of these is in the treehouse on the west side of
   the map.   Must have the darts from the vet’s house across the street from
   the target’s house for ammo. Hard to get while achieving SA.  You’d have
   to knock out the trashman, the gardening lady just around the fence from
   the treehouse, as well as possibly the jogger and the second trashman to
   get it to the ICA case  without being seen with the gun.  Also shooting
   people with the rifle to  sedate them raises your suspicion to yellow, 
   thus disqualifying you from SA. You can try, but it’s probably a lot easier
   to go for a non-SA run and just grab it without worrying all the extra 

(E) Extra


“Curtain’s Down” - Picked up in several places, check the lower backstage 

(F) Admin Stuff
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