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How do you ejact the parachute? 4
What is pph? 3
Train destruction? 3
How can I fly a humvee? 4
How do i get more pph? 1
can I fly a plane on this game? 1
Silos help? 1
I wanna play this online but ..? 1
  • Total Answered Questions: 8
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Gameshark? 0
What is the best strategy for unlocking medals? 0
What is the best strategy for getting all the medals? 0
Is this a 2 person versus or co-op? 2
How to recon ? 1
Is there multiplayer other than online? 3
What is the best strategy for dropping the troops? 1
How to aim? 1
What is PPH??? 2
I am the sniper,i want to know how to use the GTAM to designate the enemy helicopters at their base? 1

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