Single Player Mission Walkthrough by demian23

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Heroes of the Pacific Guide and Walkthrough

version 1.1

Copyright (c) 2005 Erik Harris demian23[at]stanfordalumni[dot]org

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1. Introduction

2. Game Options
    2.1 Game Progress
         2.1.1 Mission Progress
         2.1.2 Plane Progress
    2.2 Video Options
         2.2.1 Subtitles
         2.2.2 HUD Mode  
	 2.2.3 HUD Position
         2.2.4 Split Screen Mode
    2.3 Control Options
    	 2.3.1  Vibration
    	 2.3.2  Vibration Intensity
    	 2.3.3  Invert Y Axis
    	 2.3.4  Camera Zoom
    	 2.3.5  Flight Mode
    	 2.3.6  Control Layout
    2.4 Audio Options
    	 2.4.1  Music, Effects, Speech Volume

3. Flight Training
    3.1 Learning to Fly
    3.2 Advanced Flight and Combat
    3.3 Wingman Training
    3.4 Dive Bombing Training
    3.5 Torpedo Training

4. Campaign / Missions

    4.1 Pearl Harbor
         4.1.1 Surprise Attack

    4.2 Wake Island
         4.2.1 Combat Air Patrol
	 4.2.2 Wake Up Call
	 4.2.3 Evacuate the Admiral

    4.3 Marshall Islands
	 4.3.1 Attack on Taroa 
	 4.3.2 Rescue POWs 

    4.4 Coral Sea
	 4.4.1 Torpedo Lessons
	 4.4.2 Scratch One Flat-Top

    4.5 Midway
	 4.5.1 Midway Patrol
	 4.5.2 Defend Midway
	 4.5.3 Battle of Midway
	 4.5.4 Sink the Mikuma

    4.6 Guadalcanal
	 4.6.1 Strike at Guadalcanal
	 4.6.2 Tokyo Express
	 4.6.3 Backs Against the Wall

    4.7 Gilbert Islands
	 4.7.1 Recon
	 4.7.2 A Million Men

    4.8 Marianas
	 4.8.1 Rescue Usurper
	 4.8.2 Final Revenge

    4.9 Philippines
	 4.9.1 Steal Prototype Jet
	 4.9.2 The Musashi
	 4.9.3 Battle of Samar Sea
	 4.9.4 End of the Kido Butai

    4.10 Iwo Jima
	 4.10.1 Kamikazes Inbound
	 4.10.2 The Landing
	 4.10.3 Raise the Flag

5. Historical
    5.1 Against All Odds
    5.2 Flight of the Avenger
    5.3 Chain Lightning
    5.4 Zeros over Rabaul
    5.5 Escape Over Rabaul

6.  Revision History

1.                             Introduction
This is intended to be a guide and walkthrough for completing all the single 
player missions.  Each mission is rated in terms of difficulty on a scale of
1 to 10 and each objective is described along with strategies for completing
it.  Also included are the historical missions, though these aren't necessary
to complete to unlock any planes or missions.  There a quite a few planes to 
unlock, and some can only be unlocked by completing whole campaigns on Ace 
difficulty.  There are a total of 36 planes, and 10 campaigns including 26 
missions.  Additionally, there are 5 short historical missions.  In addition
to unlocking planes and missions, completing missions also earns upgrade points
that you can spend on planes you have unlocked.  Completing missions at a higher
difficulty earns more upgrade points.  Missions can also be repeated at a higher
difficulty to earn more points, or to complete secondary objectives that you 
missed on the first pass.  Missions can be flown at 4 difficulty levels: Rookie,
Pilot, Veteran, and Ace.  The primary difference between these levels is the
amount of enemy armor, and the rate at which your guns accumulate heat 
(at higher levels, you can't fire continuously because your guns heat up). 
Enemies also fly with greater skill at higher levels.

2.                             Game Options

2.1 Game Progress

    2.1.1  Mission Progress:  10 Campaign areas and various sub-missions are 
	   available to unlock.  The five Historical missions are also listed
	   here.  Kills, Accuracy, Upgrade points earned and Difficulty Rating
	   are tracked for each mission.

    2.1.2  Plane Progress:  This shows which planes you've unlocked for use in 
	   missions.  The upgrade slots available for each plane are shown as
	   empty ciricles that are checked for each upgrade purchased.  Each 
	   plane comes 1-3 upgrade slots (the first slot is the "stock" package
	   and is free when the plane is unlocked).  There are 19 Allied planes
	   to unlock, and 13 Axis planes.  Since each upgrade creates a 
	   different variant of the basic model, this means there are 38 unique
	   Axis planes and 50 unique Allied planes to unlock!  It should be 
	   noted that Axis planes cannot be used in the Allied missions or 
	   Historical campaigns.

2.2 Video Options

    2.2.1  Subtitles:  On or off, depending on if you like subtitles.

    2.2.2  HUD Mode:  Full, Minimal, or None.  Full mode is the default, and 
	   displays all HUD elements.  Minimal gives you a weapon display and
	   a compass only.  None is for the purists who want a fully realistic
	   flight experience (without instruments).

    2.2.3  HUD Position:  Normal, or Edge.  Edge pushes the HUD elements out to 
	   the far corners of the screen, but overall is not too different from

    2.2.4  Split Screen Mode:  Horizontal or Vertical.  Usable only in 
	   Multiplayer Split Screen games.

2.3 Control Options

    2.3.1  Vibration:  On or off, depending on if you like vibration.

    2.3.2  Vibration Intensity:  1-10, depending on if you like vibration a LOT,
	   or just a little...  Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks!

    2.3.3  Invert Y Axis:  Yes, or No.  Default to yes.  Does anyone actually 
	   play flight sims WITHOUT an inverted axis?

    2.3.4  Camera Zoom: Toggle ON/OFF, or Hold Down.  The Y button is used to 
	   zoom, and this allows you to change the zoom behavior. If you like to
	   dogfight and fly zoomed in, use the Toggle to leave it on, 
	   otherwise, it's less complicated to just hold it down when you need 

    2.3.5  Flight Mode: Arcade or Professional.  Arcade mode is more friendly to
	   non-flight sim enthusiasts, and in my opinion better suited to a 
	   console controller. It integrates natural rolling into right and left
	   turns, performed with the left thumbstick.  Rolling can also be done
	   independant of turns with the right thumbstick (also the throttle).
	   Professional controls are true-to-life airplane controls and will be
	   more familiar to flight gamers.  The Professional controls place Roll
	   and Pitch completely on the left thumbstick, and Yaw (Rudder) and 
	   Throttle on the right.  

    2.3.6  Control Layout: The default control layout is Configuration A, which 
	   is explained in the manual.  Configuration B moves the throttle to 
	   the trigger buttons and puts the weapon controls on the A and B 

2.4 Audio Options

    2.4.1  Music, Effects, Speech Volume: Adjust the relative volume of these
	   sound elements from 1-10.

3.                           Flight Training
The flight training missions are good for getting used to the basic interface
and controls of the game.  The Dive Bomber and Torpedo missions are less useful
since the first missions in which you fly these planes include a tutorial.  
Unfortunately, there's no bonus to be gained from completing the training

3.1 Learning to Fly
You'll learn to fly in a P-40 Warhawk, which is one of the worst planes in the
entire game.  This plane's primary purpose is to teach you how to stall, which
it does better and quicker than most heavy bombers.  This training will teach 
you how to take off, activate warspeed, stall and recover (or crash headlong 
into the ground), fly through yellow circles, use Waypoints, use the Map, and 
fly through more yellow circles!  You'll then learn to land by flying through 
the blue circles at the end of the runway (you are supposed to slow down, but 
you can actually warspeed through the blue circles if you're in a hurry to 

Realize that warspeed is GOOD, it gets you places fast and you'll be using it a 
lot.  On the minimap, objectives appear as yellow circles, waypoints as a white
circled W, and friendlies are blue blips.  Enemies (not in the training) are red
blips, and enemies that are objectives to kill are yellow circled red blips.

This basic training is not necessary, but is useful
in getting acquainted with the basic controls and the layout of Hickam Field.
The first mission is Pearl Harbor, and there is virtually no learning curve. 
You'll need to already know how to fly, shoot and use the map. There is no bonus
for completing this or any other training mission.  Interestingly, the 
environment of Hickam field is fully destructible, and there's no penalty for
blowing up all the buildings on the ground just for fun!

3.2 Advanced Flight and Combat
This training mission will teach basic dogfighting and strafing skills.  You'll
first be asked to shoot static baloons, pretty easy, but you're under a time
limit.  Next you have to tail Capt. Richards and land a certain number of hits.
Then, you'll provide air support for a ground battle, strafing Japanese jeeps
engaged in a fight with US jeeps.  You'll have to kill at least 10 jeeps before
time expires to get a atta-boy from Richards.  If you' don't, no big deal, you
still pass.  After time expires, you once again get to land by flying through
the blue circles to complete the training.

Critical things to take away from this training are:  Lead your target.  Watch 
the bullet stream and the targeting reticle to get the right lead.  Use the Next
Objective, Closest Target buttons to stay oriented in combat.  Also, greater
speed increases your turning radius.  Slower speed tightens it.  Go fast on the
straights, and slow when turning, looping and diving for the best result.  When
strafing, if you're not facing enemy ground fire, slow WAY down for maximum
damage and accuracy (but don't slow down so much that you hit the ground). 
Strafing is also best done in straight, long lines.  Line up your attack and 
make one long pass, then go way out, circle around, and line up for another 

3.3 Wingman Training
In this training you'll have to execute the four basic Wingman commands: 
Form Up, Break, Defend, and Attack.  They are used as follows:

Form up puts your wingmen in formation behind you. They'll follow you and attack
anything the comes in front of them.  They'll stay roughly where they are, 
however, so this is not a very effective command unless you're making a run on
slow or stationary targets.

Break allows your wingmen to break off and dogfight.  If there aren't any 
enemies, theyll just circle and wait for a command.

Defend causes your wingmen to defend either an area, a bomber unit, or a ship.
Defend is essentially a Break command that orders your wingmen to attack
anything that comes near.

Attack instructs your wingmen to attack the unit type that you currently have
targetted. This means they will attack ground targets, fighters, bombers, ships,
or whatever your currently highlighted target is in the same general area as the
unit you have targetted. This is by far the most useful command to issue wingmen
as it allows you to delegate responsibility for simple objectives in a battle to
your wingmen while you deal with more challenging objectives.

After you've successfully executed all four commands, you can stay and dogfight,
or just land at Hickam field to end the training.

3.4 Dive Bombing Training
For Dive Bomb training, you'll be flying the SBD-2 Dauntless, a pretty decent
plane, and ironically a better FIGHTER plane than the P-40 even though it's a 
dive bomber.

Dive bombing is fun, and pretty easy.  The two keys are speed and dive angle, 
both of which have HUD indicators that will pop up when the game detects that
you're entering a dive.  The dive angle needs to be steeper than about 45 
degrees, and your airspeed needs to be above 200 mph.  Neither is difficult if
you enter a dive from any decent height.  I recommend having quite a bit of 
height prior to entering a dive to allow time to pull up, otherwise you'll 
become a kamikaze pilot instead of a dive bomber.  Don't be afraid of releasing
the bomb from pretty high up, just dive straight at where you'd like it to land,
release, then pull up.  You can usually release more than one bomb in quick 
succession for more damage!  Why not?  The Dauntless carries two, and you can
practice releasing both in a single dive attack.

To pass dive bomb training, you'll need to sink first a stationary cargo ship, 
then a smaller troop transport, and finally a full destroyer, complete with AA
guns.  To minimize damage from AA fire, try to dive from as high and vertical 
over the ship as possible, and use warspeed to fly in a straight, low line 
directly away from the ship after you pull up.

3.5 Torpedo Training
For Torpedo training, you'll be flying the colorful, but pathetic TBD-1
Devastator.  The Devastator flys absolutely terribly, but luckily it only needs
to fly slow and low to drop torpedos.  This, it does fairly well.

Using torpedos is similar to dive bombing, but a little more technical.  It 
requires less aerial gymnastics, but more judgement and timing.  In order to 
successfully launch a torpedo, you have to point yourself at a target, come in
low and slow, and release the torpedo.  Two HUD indicators similar to the Dive
Bomb indicators will come up when the game thinks you're entering a torpedo run.
The upper indicator is a height indicator, and the lower is an airspeed
indicator.  In order to launch the torpedo, you'll have to be lower than 100 ft.
and slower than 105 mph.

Once the torpedo is launched, there's the problem of hitting the target.  The
torpedo is fast, but still takes a while to get to its target.  As such, you'll
need to lead moving targets substantially depending on your distance at launch.
You can hold down the fire button to get a "weapon view" of the torpedo to see
how far you're off and how much adjustment to make.  Note that while you're in 
this view, you won't be able to move your plane, so don't do this if you're
under attack.  Torpedos also take at least 600 ft. to arm, or they won't explode
when they hit.  You shouldn't ever be getting anywhere near this close to an
enemy ship with a torpedo plane, however, because the AA fire will cut you to
pieces. The advantage of torpedos is one of RANGE, so stay far away and learn to
lead targets.  You should be able to launch from 4-6,000 ft. away accurately.
If you launch from much closer than 3,000 feet, you'll risk coming within range
of the ship's AA defenses.

In order to pass torpedo training, you'll first need to sink a stationary ship
with a single torpedo, then a live cruiser with three or four torpedos.  If you
do this correctly, you shouldn't take any damage at all.

4.                                Campaign

4.1 Pearl Harbor
Difficulty: 3/10

    4.1.1 Surprise Attack
This mission re-enacts the historical attack on Pearl Harbor from the point of 
view of an American pilot (you).  Your objectives will be to take out various 
waves of fighters and bombers that threaten the base.  It's a good idea to stay
clear of the harbor itself since there's a lot of flak out there, and fighters
that will distract you from your objectives.

Primary Objective:  Save five grounded Warhawks
You'll need to kill the three marked Zeros coming in from the East.  Zoom in to
get some long-range shooting as you fly head-on toward them.  Try to kill at 
least one from this very favorable position.  After they pass you, slow down, 
swing around and finish them off from behind. They'll focus on going after the 
airfield, leaving their 6 vulnerable.  Make sure you're going after the right 
zeros by using the B button to target them.

Primary Objective:  Save fourteen Hickam hangars
Four Val dive bombers will come in from the  Northwest.  Use warspeed to 
intercept them as far from their target as possible and use the same tactics 
against them as you did against the zeros attacking the airfield.  Try to kill 
one or two before they reach the airfield.  Since they will focus on the hangars
instead of you, you can hang back and use the diving Vals for target practice.  
You'll probably lose at least one hangar if you're using the P-40 since the 
P-40 just doesn't pack the firepower to stop these bombers in time.  You can 
afford to lose three hangars without failing the mission.

Secondary Objective:  Intercept Torpedo Bombers
Four B4N1 Kate Torpedo Bombers will be coming in from the Southeast.  Use 
warspeed to intercept them, try to take one off from the front, then swing
around and chase them from behind.  Don't get too close because the Kates are
really slow and have tail gunners, meaning you can end up flying up into the
midst of their formation and have no shot, but still be taking a lot of fire.
Try to keep them at least 1000 feet ahead of you and slow all the way down.
You should be able to pick them off one at a time with little trouble.

Primary Objective:  Save twenty oil tanks
Several zeros will spawn from points to the South and East and will attempt to 
attack the oil tanks near the center of the base.  Unlike the other targets you
have thus far engaged in this mission, these zeros will stop their attack on 
the oil tanks to engage you if you fire at them.  This is a good thing, because 
it will stop them from taking out the oil tanks and failing the mission for you.
If you take too long killing each Zero, it's likely you'll lose a few oil tanks.
You can afford to lose five of the twenty five and still pass.  Once you hear
that the California has been torpedoed, you'll be very close to finished.  The 
mission will end with the Arizona sinking when its magazine explodes.

Mission: Surprise Attack
Axis Plane: A6M2 Zero
Axis Plane: B5N1 Kate
Wake Island Campaign


4.2 Wake Island

    4.2.1 Combat Air Patrol
Difficulty: 7/10

Primary Objective:  Intercept Pete Scouts
Four Pete Scouts are to the North and West of the Wake Island base.  They're 
headed south, and you will need to intercept and shoot them down before they 
get back to their carrier.  Pete scout planes are slow, and not too tough, but
they do have some firepower.  It's best to intercept them from the side or upper
rear to avoid the front and tail guns.

Primary Objective:  Save five Wildcats
Secondary Objective: Personally destroy eight Petes attacking Wildcats
The squadron of Wildcats is in formation directly to the North of Wake Island.
The Petes are intercepting them from the East.  Because they're so far away, 
you'll need to use a lot of Warspeed just to get within range.  Get into the 
thick of the fight as quickly as you can, and use the map to focus your attacks
on Petes that are closest to allied Wildcats.  This mission can be really tough
at the higher difficulty levels because your allies will die so quickly.  You 
start out with 11, and can afford to lose six, but it seems like you'll lose 
one nearly every thirty seconds.  The battle is very three dimensional, meaning 
Petes will be flying both above and below you, and they'll be using evasive
tactics.  Try and draw the Petes off of Wildcats that they're pursuing by firing
at them. About half the time, they'll abandon the attack on the Wildcat to chase
you, and you'll have an easy time shooting them down as they turn to fly
straight at you.  Assuming you can save at least five Wildcats, you should have
no trouble at all getting eight kills.  The difficulty rating of 7 is assuming
that you're using an upgraded P-40.  Flying this mission with a Seafire, 
Lightning, or any other fast fighter with powerful guns is ridiculously easy.

Mission: Combat Air Patrol
Allied Plane: F4F-3 Wildcat
Axis Plane: F1M Pete


    4.2.2 Wake Up Call
Difficulty: 4/10

Primary Objective:  Prevent north-west landings
Primary Objective:  Prevent south-west landings
There are 5 craft for each of the western landing sites coming in from the 
north-west.  These craft are defenseless, and can be taken out easily in a few
strafing runs.

Secondary Objective:  Protect Kuka Point anti-ship guns
The Kuka point guns will be attacked by three zeros coming in from the North.
Intercept the zeros far to the North of the guns to prevent them from being 
destroyed.  If you're successful, the guns will take out the destroyer, meaning
you won't take a shelling while strafing the landing craft or flying over the
northwest area of the map.

Secondary Objective:  Assist attack on eastern landing craft
Several landing craft are coming in from the east.  These landing craft are 
sitting ducks, and you should have no trouble picking them off.

Primary Objective:  Intercept Betty Bombers
Primary Objective:  Save four airfield buildings (out of 6)
There are three groups of four Betty Bombers coming in from the Southwest.  Use
Warspeed to intercept and destroy them as quickly as possible.  They'll come in
waves, and will move slowly, so you'll have plenty of time to intercept them a
long way from shore

Primary Objective:  Fly low to locate Mini-Sub
Primary Objective:  Sink Mini-Sub
The Mini-Sub will enter the harbor under the bridge on the southern shore.  
Cruise around this area and look for the conning tower. If you fly low and slow,
the sub should be fairly easy to spot. Once you have located it, a good strafing
run will sink it.  If you're having trouble finding the sub, it will follow a
route from the southern central ocean under the southern bridge (there's also 
a northern bridge, so don't be mislead) and toward the pier and crane in the 
northeast.  Fly over this route and you're sure to spot it as long as you stay 

Mission: Wake Up Call
Axis Plane: G4M2 Betty


    4.2.3 Evacuate the Admiral
Difficulty: 8/10

Primary Objective:  Destroy landing craft (9 total)
The landing craft are off the north-western shore and will take quite a while to
reach the shore.  They are escorted by three PT boats.  Since you should have
plenty of time, take out the PT boats first to avoid taking fire, then take out
all 9 landing craft.

Secondary Objective:  Destroy Southern invasion force (12 total)
The invasion force will be coming south along the road from the bridge.  It 
consists of 8 Jeeps and four tanks.  The jeeps will be travelling along the road
and the tanks will be stationed near the bridge. A few strafing runs will finish
these units off.  Take them out before moving on to destroy the landing craft.

Primary Objective:  Escort Admiral Howells to seaplane base
Immediately after destroying the last of the landing craft, start toward the 
complex of buildings on the central Eastern shore.  This is where the Admiral
will start out in his Jeep chased by enemy Jeeps.  You don't have to kill all of
his pursuers to fulfill the objective as long as the Admiral lives. Nonetheless,
you SHOULD kill them all if you possibly can.  Speed is of the essence because
you will not have long before you'll need to intercept the Kate attacking the

Primary Objective:  Intercept Kate dive bomber
A single Kate dive bomber will spawn in the North headed for the North bridge.
If the bomber gets to the bridge, it's mission failed, so make sure you go after
this bomber immediately when told to do so even if it means the Admiral takes a 
few bullets.  He has a life-bar, he can handle it.

Primary Objective:  Defend seaplane base
Defending the seaplane base REALLY means intercepting and destroying the two Val
bombers coming in from the West.  While intercepting these, you may be engaged
by zeros and Petes flying around the base.  Ignore them until you have taken 
down the Vals since allowing the Vals to hit the Seaplane base will fail your
mission automatically.  After you've completed this objective, you should have
a few minutes of free time to shoot down the swarm of Petes that's suddenly 
materialized.  Do this now so that you aren't harrassed by them later.

Primary Objective:  Escort Catalina carrying Admiral Howells
Here's where the mission gets tough.  You'll have to defend the Admiral's PBY 
against four waves of Zero fighters.  Although he does an pretty respectable 
job of defending himself, the PBY is still no match for a swarm of zeros, and 
on Ace difficulty you'll probably have to re-do this section several times due
to the Admiral being shot down.  The first wave of zeros comes in from the 
Southeast, and you should use Warspeed to intercept them well in advance of them
reaching the Admiral.  The more you kill here, the easier your task will be 
later.  After the first wave of zeros gets by you, circle back and follow them
to the Admiral's PBY, taking care to stay behind them, sustaining fire. Assuming
you are able to kill all of the first wave of zeros prior to the second wave 
reaching you, warspeed out to intercept the second wave, take out as many as you
can, then turn to engage the zeros attacking the Admiral.  Once you're under 
sustained attack, stay close to the PBY to draw fire and defend it from 
incoming attackers.  If you get drawn too far away from the PBY, it will come 
under sustained assault and will be brought down. 

Mission: Evacuate the Admiral
Historical Mission 1: "Against All Odds"
Allied Plane: F4U-1 Corsair
Axis Plane: D3A1 Val
ACE MODE FOR ALL MISSIONS: Allied Plane: Seafire


4.3 Marshall Islands

    4.3.1 Attack on Taroa
Difficulty: 9/10

Primary Objective:  Fly to Taroa
If you fail this objective, hang up your controller now and get a new hobby.
Just head toward the big W on the map, flyboy.  It's East of you.  Once you pass
through the mystical portal, you'll see the island of Taroa ahead of you.
Some zeros will move to intercept you.  You can engage them, but you should let
your wingman engage them while you move toward Taroa.  Your priority should 
be the ground targets on the island since you will have a limited amount of time
to destroy them.

Primary Objective:  Destroy South radar tower
Use the B button to highlight the South radar tower.  A nice steady stream of
gunfire and a rocket or two will destroy it.  Once the tower is down, you'll 
have to turn to take out the rest of the island's infrastructure.

Primary Objective:  Destroy AA defences
The AA guns are around the perimeter of the island except for the one in the
center where the airstrips cross.  Some of them can be tricky to take out when
strafing from the island side because they're on a seaward slope.  Having your
guns adjusted for ground attack helps substantially, as does turning to attack
the guns from the seaward side.  After the AA guns activate (you'll be cued by
your wingman saying they "have your number"), be very careful about approaching
the guns from too high an angle as they'll have a clearer shot at you.  Rockets
and bombs will help quite a bit with taking the guns out quickly.  It can be 
tough to find all the AA guns since they aren't always obvious.  Use the B
button and the map to highlight them if you're having trouble.  You have to take
out all the AA guns before the C-47s arrive, or it's mission failed.

Secondary Objective:  Destroy grounded bombers (6 total)
There are six bombers and numerous zeros parked in concrete stalls along the
sides of the runways. Drop a load of bombs and rockets into all these structures
to take out most of the grounded enemy planes.  If you don't, your wingman will
warn you that the enemy fighters are rallying and/or the enemy bombers are 
escaping.  Even though you don't get an objective point for destroying the enemy
fighters, it's well worth doing so to avoid getting swarmed by them later in the
level.  They can make guarding the C-47s MUCH more difficult, so get as many as
you can while they're not shooting back and dodging all over the place.

Primary Objective:  Protect C-47s
Primary Objective:  Intercept Zeros (12 total)
These objectives are really one and the same.  Four groups of three zeros will
approach from the East to attack the C-47s that are coming in from the West.  In
order to prevent the C-47s from being shot down, you and your wingmen will need
to shoot all 12 zeros down. None of the other enemy planes will attack the C-47s
with priority (they attack you with priority instead), so shooting down the
12 zeros should buy the C-47s enough time to drop the paratroopers as long as
you remain in their vicinity to distract the non-objective Petes and zeros. 
Especially in Ace mode, protecting the C-47s can be very difficult since the
enemy zeros on this difficulty setting are fast and tough.  They also do a lot
of damage if they begin swarming around the C-47s, so make sure you use Warspeed
to intercept them as far to the East as possible.  Also make sure you assign 
your wingmen to attack these zeros.  They will shoot some down, as well as 
distract them from the C-47s.  On Ace mode, you won't be able to shoot down all
12 yourself before they shoot down at least one C-47.  They are simply too fast,
and you can't fire enough rounds to take all of them down quickly enough given
that your guns will start to overheat.  If one of the C-47s is shot down, it's
mission failed. 

Primary Objective:  Recover Zero
You'll have a few minutes to fly around and shoot things down until the Marines
secure the island.  After they do, they'll recover a Zero for you to fly back
to the carrier.  To get into the Zero, land your plane by flying through the 
blue circles on the Northwest corner of the runway.

Primary Objective:  Return to carrier
Sounds simple enough...  The Zero is plenty fast, so you can just run for it. 
Or you can dogfight and experience what flying a Zero is like. Watch out though,
because it's a lot more fragile than most American planes, and if you were
flying a Corsair before, you might rack up more damage than you expected. Save
some health for the battle with the Japanese Ace because you just might have to
take a rocket in the face and survive. Fly West toward the great glowing W in
the sky my son.  You'll probably be chased by several enemy fighters, but if
you fly low and fast it will be hard for them to shoot at you.

Primary Objective:  Defeat Japanese Ace (Kazuma Yamashita)
The Japanese Ace is flying a RaidenJ6M2, a fast, well armed plane. It's equipped
with rockets and warspeed, both of which the Ace will use frequently.  In 
addition to the Ace, there will be two zeros flying as the Ace's wingmen.  Don't
pay any attention to the zeros on the horizon.  They won't attack you, and you
shouldn't waste any time or bullets trying to attack them.  In my
opinion, the other zeros are more dangerous than the Ace, because they will 
swarm around you and rack up a lot of damage with their guns if you don't take
them out first.  The Ace will use a fairly predictable attack pattern. First, he
will charge straight on, firing guns and rockets full blast. Get in a few rounds
and then dodge before he gets too close.  Because he's so aggressive, you may
collide with him, which will damage both of you for about a quarter of your
total health.  He will then spend a while ducking and dodging, trying to line up
another charge.  He'll probably use warspeed at this time.  If you've already 
taken out his wingmen, you can fly slow and just chase him, firing whenever he's
in your sights.  Because you're flying slowly and you're more maneuverable at 
slower speed, he'll have a pretty hard time lining up for an attack without you
shooting him to pieces.  If you choose not to take out the wingmen first, try
to use warspeed to get as far away from them as possible.  You'll have a few 
moments alone with the Ace before the wingmen catch up (they don't have
warspeed) You can use this time to shoot at the Ace, then when the wingmen catch
up, use warspeed to run away again.  Repeat this pattern until the Ace is dead.

After you've defeated the Ace, you can continue toward the waypoint, which will 
take you back to the fleet.

Primary Objective:  Land Zero on carrier
Fly through the blue circles to land.  Voila!  Easiest carrier landing you'll 
ever stick in a foreign aircraft.

Mission: Attack on Taroa

    4.3.2 Rescue POWs
Difficulty: 6/10

Secondary Objective: Personally destroy Japanese interceptors:
In order to accomplish this objective, you have to shoot down all of the zeros
that appear between you and the island of Kaven.  You will fail if one of your
wingmen shoots one down (which they will if they engage) so order your wingmen
to defend (down on the D-pad) immediately after takeoff to keep them near the
carrier while you take on the zeros alone.

Primary Objective:  Destroy radio tower
The radio tower is on top of the island where the POW camp is located.  Use B
to highlight it and take it out with a few rockets.  It's also worth taking out
the towers on either side of the radio tower to save yourself some work later.
Later they'll be shooting back and you'll be on a time limit.  Now they're not,
and you're not.

Primary Objective:  Protect Landing Craft
You'll have to accomplish several other objectives to protect the landing craft.
Accomplish the other objectives, and this one will be fulfilled automatically.
Since almost all of your objectives involve destroying ground targets, you
should concentrate on strafing any ground structures instead of dogfighting 
with enemy fighters in your free time.  Order your wingmen to engage the zeros,
Petes and Raidens that will periodically appear to patrol the area.  Destroying
objective structures in advance of being notified of the objective will still
fulfill the objective, leaving you with less time pressure in later stages.  If
you are having trouble with time pressure in this level, try to accomplish some
of the objectives in advance of being ordered to.

Primary Objective:  Destroy Japanese PT boats (4 total)
Four Japanese PT boats will appear from the South to attack the landing craft.  
Strafe the PT boats to sink them.  This is relatively easy as they don't present
a very credible AA defense.

Primary Objective:  Protect Commandos
Again, protecting the commandos will be accomplished by satisfying the other 
mission objectives that the commandos give you.

Primary Objective:  Destroy Tanks (2 total)
When the troops reach the first plateau, they will request air support to 
destroy two tanks.  Strafe the tanks to complete the objective.

Primary Objective:  Destroy gun position (2 total)
There are two machine gun nests guarding the entrance to the POW camp.  Take 
these out to accomplish the objective.  Like any hard-to-see objective, use
B to highlight them if you're having a hard time picking them out against the

Primary Objective:  Destroy POW camp gates
You can get this along with the prior objective if you line it up right.  The
camp gates are right behind the machine gun nest.

Primary Objective:  Destroy POW camp guard towers
The guard towers are all around the POW camp.  Rockets are the easiest way to 
take them out quickly.

Primary Objective:  Destroy POW prison block
Launch a rocket into the prison block to break it open.  You can also shoot it
until it's breached.

Primary Objective:  Destroy Betty bombers (2 total)
Use warspeed to intercept the Bettys far out to sea.  You should easily be able
to intercept and shoot down both in plenty of time.

Primary Objective:  Clear Japanese troops from village
You'll need to destroy all the structures in the village adjacent to the landing
craft.  A few well placed rockets and/or bombs will accomplish this quickly. You
can also accomplish this objective in advance of being ordered to (like many 
other of this level's objectives) by destroying the village in the downtime
between other objectives while you're flying around the island.

Primary Objective:  Destroy mines
There are numerous mines in the channel off the northwest shore of the POW camp
island.  Fly low and slow to strafe as many of the mines in the middle of the 
channel as possible.  If you don't get to them in time, the landing craft will
run into them, taking damage, and possibly sinking.  You can also shoot mines
during the downtime between earlier objectives (and you should, because there's
a lot of them).

Primary Objective:  Destroy Japanese PT boats (4 total)
Another four PT boats will move to intercept the landing craft as they try to 
escape.  Do them like you did the last four.

Primary Objective:  Damage destroyer propellors (2 total)
To complete this objective, you'll just need to shoot the area of each destroyer
highlighted in yellow.  This will damage the propellor, and scare off the 
destroyers.  Of course, how they flee without their propellors intact, we'll 
know.  You could also bomb and sink them if you're really brave, but that's not
necessary and probably a little difficult with a fighter.  One rocket to the 
vulnerable area will get the job done.  Once the destroyers start to flee, your
mission is a success!  Easiest destroyers you'll ever off in a fighter plane...

Mission: Rescue POWs
Allied Plane: TBD-1 Devastator
Axis Plane: J2M2 Raiden
ACE MODE FOR ALL MISSIONS: Axis Plane: Focke Wulfe FW-190A-8


4.4 Coral Sea

    4.4.1 Torpedo Lessons
Difficulty: 2/10

Primary Objective:  Sink damaged US transport
The transport isn't a moving target, and you can sink it right after taking off.
Just get low enough and slow enough, then fire the torpedo.  If you need a FAQ
to get this done, you're truly sad (no offense).  But seriously, if the torpedo
interface is mystifying, look at section 3.5 of this FAQ or complete the Torpedo
training mission.

Primary Objective:  Fly to D2 fuel submarine
After you successfully torpedo the training dummy, the Lexington will radio and 
request your assistance with sinking a refueling sub 20 miles to the South.  Fly
South to the waypoint.  When you come out of the waypoint, the refueling sub
will be dead ahead.

Primary Objective:  Sink D2 fuel submarine
Three well placed torpedos will sink the sub.  It's escorted by two other
subs, so you might have a hard time placing the torpedos to hit the D2 instead 
of the others.  Sinking the others isn't BAD, it just wastes time.  You need to
sink the D2 within a certain amount of time or it will escape.  Make sure you 
stay at least 3000 ft. away from the sub to avoid AA fire.

Secondary Objective:  Personally destroy refueling Rufes (2 total)
Two Rufe seaplanes are refueling from the sub.  Try and shoot at least one down
before they reach takeoff.  Dogfighting in a Devastator is hardly anything to
write home about.  Luckily, the Rufes aren't very nimble either.

Primary Objective:  Sink I400
After the D2 is sunk, you'll be asked to sink an even bigger sub, the I400 
carrier sub.  The I400 will launch Rufe fighters from its deck, but don't worry
about these.  Let Callahan take them on while you focus on sinking the I400.
Stay at least 3,000 ft. away, lead the sub adequately when launching torpedos,
and be patient.  5 or 6 torpedos will sink the sub.  Get used to leading the
target.  If you do this appropriately, you can sink a ship from two miles out
and take no damage at all.

Mission: Torpedo Training
Allied Plane: SBD-2 Dauntless
Axis Plane: A6M2-N Rufe


    4.4.2 Scratch One Flat-Top
Difficulty: 5/10

Primary Objective: Fly to Japanese fleet
Take off and fly straight ahead to the waypoint to warp to the location of the
Japanese fleet.

Primary Objective: Fly to Shoho
The Shoho is the big ship straight ahead of you.  As soon as you're within about
a mile of it, this objective will be complete.

Secondary Objective: Destroy Pete scout planes (7 total)
Seven Petes will fly straight at your formation of Dauntlesses.  Luckily, the 
Pete is one of the few fighters that a Dauntless can actually handle rather 
easily.  Take out all the Petes to get an extra upgrade point.  You don't have
to do it yourself, so order your wingmen to attack.  You will have a time limit
to take out all the Petes, so do it as quick as you can.  If Callahan's cutscene
plays, it's too late to complete the objective.

Primary Objective: Sink Escort destroyers
Finally, some real fun with the Dauntless.  The destroyers will take one, maybe
two direct hits with a bomb to sink.  Try to get as close to vertical a dive as
possible to avoid taking flak.  The worst angle to approach at is a 45 degree
angle because this will subject you to the most fire.  As soon as you drop your
payload, level off close to the waves and use warspeed to get out of AA range 
as quick as you can.  Climb up to about 3,000 ft. and repeat this tactic until 
all of the destroyers are sunk.  To complete this objective quicker, order your
wingmen to attack the destroyers also. They're surprisingly effective and can
actually take out all the destroyers while you do nothing.

Primary Objective: Destroy Shoho AA
The Shoho has four AA batteries, two Port, and two Starboard.  Target the AA 
batteries using the B button and order your wingmen to attack.  Line up your
run at an altitude of about 2500 ft. to the side of the Shoho.  The AA batteries
are located on the side of the ship, just below the flight deck, so you'll need
a shallower angle of approach to hit them dead on.  One bomb will take out each 
battery.  If your wingmen are also attacking, you probably won't have to take 
out more than one or two.  At this point in the mission, you may also be 
harrassed or pursued by enemy fighters.  Ignore them and use warspeed to run. 
You can't really hope to fight a Zero effectively in a Dauntless, especially 
playing on Ace difficulty, and you'll need your armor to last the rest of the

Primary Objective: Sink the Shoho
The Shoho's a big target, and not too hard to hit.  Try and drop two bombs per
dive for maximum damage in minimum time.  Also instruct your wingmen to attack
the Shoho.  Four or five bombs from you should be enough to sink it in addition
to the damage your wingmen will do.  You'll still probably be taking AA fire
when coming in, so don't forget to pull up low to the water and use warspeed to
get at least 3,000 ft. away before climbing up to make another run.

Primary Objective: Return to US fleet
Fly West to the waypoing to return to the US fleet.

Primary Objective: Fly to USS Lexington
The USS Lexington is straight ahead of you, but between you and it are a horde
of strike planes.  Unfortunately, the Lexington is now sinking.

Secondary Objective: Personally destroy eight strike planes
The Japanese strike force is a mix of zeros and Vals.  The Vals are easier to
shoot down in a Dauntless than the more agile zeros.  Kill eight for one more
upgrade point.  Since there are only so many kills to go around, it might be 
tough to get your share if your wingmen are shooting in formation with you. 
Order them to break or defend to fly solo and avoid them stealing your kills.

Primary Objective: Protect destroyers (USS Morris and USS Anderson)
Several Val and Kate bombers will fly in from the East to attack the Destroyers.
They will be escorted by zeros, but ignore them.  It should be fairly easy to
take out Vals and Kates because they're slow, and intent on their target (the
destroyers).  Make sure you dont' get behind them to avoid taking fire from 
their tail-gunners.  After a few minutes, the destroyers will finish picking up
the survivors and scuttle the Lexington.  Mission accomplished.

Mission: Scratch One Flat-Top
Allied Plane: PBY-5 Catalina
ACE MODE FOR ALL MISSIONS: Allied Plane: Yakovlev Yak 3


4.5 Midway

    4.5.1 Midway Patrol
Difficulty: 5/10
Overview:  This mission is somewhat frustrating for those of us who want to kill
everything that moves into our gunsight.  It's actually a stealthy surveillance
mission in which it's better to avoid dogfighting (mostly because you won't be 
able to in a PBY).  Stay away from trouble, follow the mission instructions, and
this mission is easy.  If you try to engage enemy aircraft or ships, it's nearly

Primary Objective:  Find Japanese Fleets
Take off in the Catalina and head northwest toward the waypoint.  This will take
you to the vicinity of the first fleet you'll need to find.  Yes, this DOES take
forever.  The PBY has a pretty crappy top speed.  In order to fulfill this 
objective, you'll need to find and photograph two fleets.  One, the second, is
a decoy.

Primary Objective:  Photograph fleet group one
Once you come out of the waypoint the first Japanese fleet will be parked right
in front of you.  You will probably be attacked by a Pete and a few zeros
who will buzz you from the East.  Try to get the jump on them from a distance
and take out at least one (preferably a Zero) with your cannon before they can
get close enough to swarm you.  The PBY is literally a boat with wings, and
can't dogfight at all.  You should try to avoid getting into scraps with enemy 
fighters, but if it's unavoidable, try to turn so as to give your side and tail
gunners the best shot at all times.  Time your shots with the cannon carefully 
since the reload time is agonizingly slow.  In order to get your photographs,
get within about 6,000 ft. of the Heavy Battleship in the center of the flee
and circle while your photographer takes pictures.  Make sure you keep an eye on
your distance and stay at least 5,000 ft. away from the ships.  If you drift too
close, you'll start taking flak and be quickly shot down.  Also, you can torpedo
the ships, but doing so will stir up a hornet's nest of fighters, which is 
something you aren't equipped to deal with.  Don't worry, you'll get those ships
later.  Once the progress bar for the photographs is completed, you can fly to 
the next waypoint.

Primary Objective:  Photograph fleet group two
Once you've gone through the waypoint, you'll detect a mighty Japanese task
force of fishing trawlers with a destroyer for a flagship.  As soon as you get
within about 7,000 ft. of the destroyer, your crew will realize that the fleet
are just decoys.  Two Petes will appear on the horizon to attack you.  Try to
take out at least one with the Heavy Cannon from a distance.  Make sure you deal
with both Petes before attempting to torpedo the destroyer and the trawlers that
are "escorting" it.

Secondary Objective:  Sink decoy destroyer
Your PBY has four torpedos, making it fairly easy to sink the destroyer and all
the trawlers.  After the destroyer is sunk you can proceed through the waypoint 
to find the REAL fleet group two.

Primary Objective:  Photograph fleet group two
Fleet group two will be in front of you when you emerge from the waypoint. 
There will be two zeros flying toward the fleet about 10,000 ft. ahead of you. 
There's also two Pete scouts flying in the opposite direction on the other side
of the fleet.  Try to keep a low profile, and don't get too close to either set
of fighters.  Once you get into photography range (about 6,000 ft.) of the
fleet, slow all the way down and go into a tight circle until you're done
snapping pictures.  You may be attacked by the Petes, but let your gunners take
care of them while you finish the pictures.  Your armor will hold.  once you're
done with the pictures, take out any Petes that are left and run for the

Primary Objective:  Return to Midway
As soon as you emerge from the waypoint, you'll be jumped by two zeros from
behind.  Slow down and turn to let your gunners get a clear lane of fire.  Try
to get a shot at them with the Standoff Cannon if you can, otherwise, your 
gunners should finish them off as long as you keep turning and dodging.  You 
aren't fast enough to outrun them, so you'll have to shoot them both down to
avoid getting shot down yourself.  After the zeros are down, fly over the 
tower to get clearance to land.

Primary Objective:  Land at Midway Jetty
Fly through the glowing blue circles to land and finish the mission.

Mission: Midway Patrol

    4.5.2 Defend Midway
Difficulty: 3/10
Overview:  This is a really easy mission that looks really hard at first.  It 
plays similarly to the Pearl Harbor mission in that most of its objectives 
involve intercepting bombers to prevent destruction of ground infrastructure.
You can choose to play the mission in a Fighter, Dive Bomber, or Torpedo Bomber,
though you'd be best served in a fast interceptor with guns and rockets.  The 
Corsair or Seafire would be your best choices.  The Yak is also a good choice, 
being the best dogfighting plane you could have at this point, though you won't
be able to hit the slow bombers with rockets.  The optional objectives are to 
shoot down first 50, then 100 planes, meaning this mission will feature some
intense dogfighting with LOTS of planes.

Primary Objective:  Intercept Japanese scouts (18 total)
18 zeros are flying in from the South.  Intercept them from the side so you 
don't get lit up by 18 zeros all firing at once.  Even though it looks like
there's a lot of them, you'll have a lot of help from the Midway AA guns as well
as a few squadrons of allied fighters.  

Primary Objective:  Protect oil tanks
A huge formation of Japanese fighter and bombers will appear on the Western 
horizon.  Your first objective is to protect the oil tanks located on the
Eastern half of the Western island.  Use warspeed to intercept the objective
Val dive bombers as far out to sea as you can.  Don't forget to tell your 
wingmen to attack as well.  The Vals really are quite easy to kill, especially
with rockets, because they'll stay in formation.  Avoid the fighter formations
at first because they'll only damage and distract you.  You can always mop up
later when you aren't on the clock.

Secondary Objective:  Destroy 50 Planes
This is actually a pretty simple objective to accomplish given the amount of 
action you'll see.

Secondary Objective: Destroy 100 Planes
This can be a much more difficult objective to accomplish in Ace mode because
the opposition is tougher and more evasive.  If you miss it, replay the mission
in Rookie for the extra upgrade point.

Primary Objective:  Protect airfield buildings
The airfield is vulnerable to high level bombers.  You'll first need to shoot 
down all the remaining Kates in the first wave, then all the Bettys in the
second wave to accomplish this objective.  Try not to get involved in any
dogfights if there are any objective planes in sight.  If you have a spare
moment, shoot down as many as you can to get your 50 (or 100).  Once most of
the Bettys are down, this objective will be a success.

Primary Objective:  Protect USS Kitty Hawk transport
A third wave of Kates will come in headed by a wave of zeros.  Fly through the 
zeros and take down the Kates first.  Once all the Kates are dead, it's mission
accomplished, so if you're close to your 50 (or 100), you may want to stall a 
little and bag a few zeros before shooting down the last Kate.

Mission: Defend Midway
Allied Plane: TBF-1 Avenger

    4.5.3 Battle of Midway
Difficulty: 5/10

Primary Objective:  Fly to Japanese fleet
As soon as you take off from the carrier, fly through the waypoint.  The
Japanese fleet will be straight ahead of you.

Primary Objective:  Sink Akagi escorts (3 destroyers)
Fighters will take off from the Japanese carriers and may engage you.  Ignore
them and focus instead on lining up your torpedo attacks.  Stay about 5,000 ft.
away from the closest ship and lead your targets with your torpedos.  One 
torpedo will sink each ship.  Since the Akagi actually has 5 or 6 escort ships,
it helps to reduce your damage if you also take out the ships that aren't

Secondary Objective:  Destroy ten CAP planes
Secondary Objective:  Destroy twenty CAP planes
CAP planes are the planes that appear on the deck of the Akagi and other 
carriers.  You can shoot these directly off the flight deck (make sure you keep
a safe distance to avoid getting shredded by AA fire) or you can engage them
once they're airborne.  Shoot down ten or twenty to get extra upgrade points.

Primary Objective:  Destroy Akagi rudder
The Akagi rudder will appear highlighted in yellow.  It's easiest to take out 
by approaching directly from the rear.  You may have to take out an escort
destroyer or two to clear this lane of attack.  One torpedo will destroy the
rudder, which will prevent the Akagi from maneuvering.  After you accomplish
this objective, the Dauntless squadron will hit the Akagi hard, nearly sinking

Primary Objective:  Sink HIJMS Akagi
The Akagi is a big target and hard to miss.  Two or three torpedos will 
finish the job the Dauntlesses started.

Mission: Battle of Midway
Historical Mission 2: "Flight of the Avenger"

    4.5.4 Sink the Mikuma
Difficulty: 8/10
Overview:  For this mission, you'll be given the choice of flying a Dive Bomber,
probably a Dauntless, or a Fighter, probably a Corsair or Seafire.  Each has its
advantages and disadvantages since in this mission you'll face equal amounts of
dogfighting and anti-ship combat.  I would recommend a Fighter/Bomber, simply 
because fighting the second Japanese Ace at the end of the level is very
difficult in a Dauntless, while taking down ships in a heavily armed Fighter is
somewhat less difficult.  Rockets also help a lot in this mission, which is
something you won't have.

Primary Objective:  Fly to HIJMS Mikuma
Fly toward the waypoint to find the Mikuma.

Secondary Objective:  Protect Catalina
A poor redneck Catalina pilot is being chased by three zeros.  Have your wingmen
attack the zeros with you.  As soon as you start shooting at them, they'll take
evasive action and probably attack you (which will save the PBY).  Take out all 
three to get an extra upgrade point.

Secondary Objective:  Destroy twenty planes
Destroy twenty fighters (the 10 Rufes from the flight deck of the cruiser don't 
count) to get an extra upgrade point.

Primary Objective:  Destroy Rufes (10 total)
There are 10 Rufes being launched into the air from the flight deck of a cruiser
adjacent to the Mikuma.  It's easiest to destroy them while they're on the deck
with a well placed bomb, several rockets, and some strafing.  If you're flying
a Dauntless, a dive bomb into the middle of the Rufe cluster will sink the ship
and destroy all the Rufes.  If any take off, you'll have to shoot them out of 
the sky.

Primary Objective:  Destroy Mikuma's port AA battery
Primary Objective:  Destroy Mikuma's starboard AA battery
The AA batteries are on either side of the Mikuma, and will be highlighted in 
yellow.  A dive bombing run or a rocket attack from the side will take out the
AA batteries.  It's best to come in fast to avoid taking too much damage.

Primary Objective:  Destroy Mikuma's bridge
Again, the area to target is highlighted in yellow.  Use bombs, rockets and/or
bullets to take out the bridge.

Primary Objective:  Destroy Mikuma's third turret
The third turret will also be highlighted and can be taken out the same way as
the batteries and the bridge.

Primary Objective:  Sink HIJMS Mikuma
To sink the Mikuma, you'll need to bomb it to finish it off.  Instruct your 
wingmen to attack as well and they'll drop their ordnance.  Once the Mikuma is
sunk, you'll be able to exit the area via the waypoint.  The Mogami will hang
around the area, but curiously enough won't fire at you.  You can't sink it 
either.  It's basically part of the scenery.

Primary Objective:  Defeat Japanese Ace (Kaito Fujiwara)
After you pass through the waypoint, your squadron leader will notice that
you're being followed at a distance.  It's the Japanese Ace in an A6M8 Zero
(the fully upgraded one) with two J2M2 Raiden wingmen.  This Japanese Ace will
fight similarly to the last Ace, but will not have rockets.  His guns are more
powerful though, and he will be much more aggressive.  You can take out the
Raidens first, but you may have better luck just chasing the Ace.  The Raidens
will bait you into chasing them in a straight line while the Ace and the other
Raiden line up behind you with their guns blazing.  This is a very hard fight to
win in a Dauntless, but it's possible if you hadn't taken much damage during the
rest of the mission.  Just keep chasing the Ace, and prevent him from getting
too far away from you.  Once he reaches a certain distance, he will line up an
attack that will shave off a good bit of damage.  The Dauntless is tough, but
you won't be able to take too many of these straight on attacks especially when
you're getting shot up by the Raidens.  The key to winning in the Dauntless is
to stick to the Ace closely and have patience.

In a Corsair or Seafire, the strategy is different.  Since you have rockets,
(you did upgrade, didn't you?) and the Ace does not, the Ace will play into your
hands by charging you straight on.  Keep him in sight and at a distance, and
when he does turn to attack, start firing rockets.  He'll get hit at least a few
times, causing huge damage to his relatively fragile fighter.  If you can
succeed with this tactic a couple of times, you'll have the Ace beaten.

Mission: Sink the Mikuma
Allied Plane: P38D Lightning
ACE MODE FOR ALL MISSIONS: Allied Plane: P47D Thunderbolt


4.6 Guadalcanal

    4.6.1 Strike at Guadalcanal
Difficulty: 9/10
Overview:  Your role here will be to support an airborne and amphibious invasion
of Guadalcanal.  Until the very end of the mission, most all of your targets
will be on the ground, so adjusting your guns to Ground Targeting is a good
idea. You'll also definitely want to bring a lot of bombs and rockets.  The
toughest aspect of this mission is that you'll be responsible for escorting
three different groups with the difficulty increasing for each group.  Escort
missions are never that much fun, but the last one here could have you tearing
your hair out, especially on Ace difficulty.  You might think that the P38 or
the P47 would be the best to take into this mission, but I found that neither
of these planes has enough firepower in their guns to take on the enemy fighters
at the end of the mission.  I used the Seafire F.47, and found it to be very
well suited to beating this mission on Ace mode.  I was less successful with
any other fighter.

Primary Objective:  Fly to Guadalcanal
Fly to the waypoint to get to Guadalcanal.

Secondary Objective: Sink supply convoy (9 total)
6 transports, 2 PT boats, and a D2 submarine will appear to the West as you fly
toward the waypoint. Sink them all for an extra upgrade point.

Primary Objective:  Destroy airfield AA defences (8 total)
There are 8 AA installations scattered around the base.  This is a very similar
objective to the one you had to accomplish when attacking the Taroa airbase.
The quicker you take these out, the less damage you and your squadron will take
from their fire.

Primary Objective:  Destroy Tony fighters (8 total)
The Tony fighters will start out on the ground. Try to take out as many as you 
can while they're grounded so you don't have to shoot them out of the sky.  A
few well placed bombs and rockets will destroy several at once on the runway.

Primary Objective:  Protect both C-47s
Having Taroa flashbacks? Thought so. Actually this is significantly easier than
it was at Taroa as long as you did a good job of taking out the Tonys and AA 
before the C-47s reach the mainland.  Have your wingmen engage enemy fighters 
while you finish taking out ground targets and try to get the jump on some of
the other objectives (the tanks, pillboxes, and naval guns).  The C-47s will
make it in just fine as long as all the Tonys and AA guns are finished.

Primary Objective:  Protect paratrooper invasion force
The paratrooper invasion force has a lifebar.  Don't let them get killed.  The
best way to protect them is to take out all of the airfield ground defenses as 
quickly as you can.  The tanks especially will cause a lot of damage.

Primary Objective:  Destroy airfield ground defences (22 total)
Time pressure will kick in here, especially if you haven't shot a few of these
in advance.  The airfield defenses are a mix of pillboxes, machinegun nests, and
tanks.  Use all your firepower to strafe these targets until they're all 
destroyed.  It may help to have your wingmen help either with these targets, or
with the enemy zeros that will be taking potshots at you as you make your attack
runs.  Bombs and rockets are a must here.  Because enemy zeros will attack you 
aggressively, it may pay off in the long run to shoot at least a couple of them
down yourself if they get within your sights to avoid taking a whole lot of 
damage over time.  On Ace difficulty, expect to have to attempt this several
times before getting it right.

Primary Objective:  Protect eight landing craft (16 total)
This is a truly difficult objective because you'll face four waves of enemy
fighters and in the middle of it all you'll have to pull out to take out some
shore guns.  Escort missions are always the most difficult because you can't 
always control what happens to your escortee.  The primary threat to the landing
craft is in the multiple waves of Raiden J2M2 fighters that will come in to 
strafe the landing craft.  To have the most success, try to intercept them far
out to sea, and then follow them in, firing as you go.  The more you kill, the
less damage your landing craft will take, and the less likely you'll fail the 
mission.  Don't let them bait you into chasing them inland.  Stay near the 
landing craft, and engage the fighters that are flying low with priority since 
these are the ones actively attacking your boats.  This objective is quite 
difficult on Ace difficulty if you're flying a fighter that doesn't have really
strong guns because the J2M2s are fast, take a good amount of damage, and 
realistically can't be hit with rockets.

Mission: Strike at Guadalcanal
Allied Plane: B26B Marauder
Axis Plane: K1-61-1A Tony


    4.6.2 Tokyo Express
Difficulty: 7/10
Overview:  This mission would be a lot more fun, and a lot less difficult if 
there were no hidden time limits imposed forcing you to move and work quickly.
You'll have to be efficient to avoid the frustration of having to play sections
over again because you ran out of time.  You'll be flying a B26, a 
decent heavy bomber, and your primary mission will be to sink enemy convoys and 
escorts.  You'll even get a little bomber v. bomber action at the end.  Don't 
waste your time trying to dogfight in this mission though, that's not what it's 
all about.  You'd do best to ignore enemy fighters and let your gunners deal
with anything that gets too close.

Primary Objective:  Fly to shipping Channel
Head to the waypoing, and you'll be transported to the shipping channel

Primary Objective:  Investigation unidentified ships
Fly in low and fast to trigger a cutscene.  These are just Aussie ships, so you
won't be doing any bombing just yet.

Primary Objective:  Fly to radar contacts
This time, you have some real Japanese ships.  You'll also have a few Rufes
patrolling the region.  Avoid the Rufes and use warspeed to get from place to
place because even though you don't know it, you're on the clock.  Take too
long, and it's mission failed.

Primary Objective:  Sink supply ship convoy (3 total)
Primary Objective:  Sink supply ship convoy (2 total)
Primary Objective:  Sink supply ship convoy (3 total)
Primary Objective:  Sink supply ship convoy (4 total)
Primary Objective:  Sink supply ship convoy (2 total)
Secondary Objective:  Sink five enemy destroyers
These objectives are relatively simple.  Just sink the enemy ships that are 
marked on your map.  Each convoy is escorted by destroyers or PT boats, so make
sure you sink them as well for the extra point (and peace of mind).  Having 
torpedos will help you accomplish this mission taking the least amount of 
damage.  You can also use bombs from a high altitude, but I find this to be 
harder.  Stay outside of 3,000 feet to avoid AA fire from destroyers.  PT boats
are weak, and can be taken out with gunfire or a rocket.  Be sure to work
efficiently.  You'll have to take out all five convoys within a certain amount
of time, or you'll fail the mission.  When looking for the last convoy, fly
South toward the grey (unidentified) blips to find the enemy.  There is a group
of grey blips to the west that's actually a cluster to allied PT boats, so don't
waste your time flying over to say hi.  You can do that later when you've sunk
the convoy to the South.

Primary Objective:  Locate enemy seaplane (H8K Emily)
The seaplane is highlighted in yello, making it very easy indeed to find.  No 
wonder the allies won the war!  Anyway, the seaplane is escorted by two Rufes
which you can either shoot down or ignore, depending on how much they bother
you. Otherwise, this is a real heavyweight fight.  The Seaplane is a little
bigger than your B26, but it doesn't have quite the firepower.  Rockets
especially will give you the edge, but avoid a midair collision as this is the
one way the seaplane can reduce your life critically enough for the escorting
Rufes to have a chance at shooting you down.  Once you down the Emily, it's
mission success.

Mission: Tokyo Express
Axis plane: H8K Emily


    4.6.3 Backs Against the Wall
Difficulty: 9/10
Overview:  This mission is a long one with a lot of escort duty.  You'll have to
perform several different functions including dogfighting, intercepting bombers,
and sinking ships.  You're given a choice between a fighter, torpedo bomber and 
dive bomber.  On Ace difficulty you'll have to use a fighter simply because you 
won't be able to dogfight or intercept effectively in a dive-bomber or torpedo 
bomber.  Because the mission is long, you'll need a plane that's fairly tough,
and because you'll need to take on bombers and ships, you'll need rockets and 
bombs as well.  This limits your choices pretty substantially to the P38, the 
P47, the Corsair, or the Seafire.

Primary Objective:  Fly to USS Enterprise
You get to take off from the captured Guadalcanal airfield and fly North to the
waypoint.  This will take you to where the Enterprise is being attacked by 
Japanese fighters.

Primary Objective:  Defend USS Enterprise
Defending the Enterprise will be accomplished by accomplishing the other
objectives in this level.  Don't worry about the zeros buzzing around.  They
can't hurt the Enterprise, only you.  Feel free to engage them for amusement
for a few minutes until the Kates show up, but save your strength for when
you'll need it.

Primary Objective:  Intercept Kate torpedo bombers
3 waves of Kate torpedo bombers will come in from different directions toward
the Enterprise.  They'll be flying in V formations, making them hard to approach
from the rear.  A well armored plane like the Lightning or the Thunderbolt can 
do this, but with other planes, it's best to approach the V from the outside 
rear, picking off the tips of the V first, and working inward.  Of course, use
warspeed to intercept the bombers far out to sea to avoid them making torpedo

Secondary Objective:  Personally destroy twenty Kates
This objective is fairly straight forward, and not too hard to accomplish if you
are successful in defending the enterprise.

Primary Objective:  Intercept Val dive-bombers
Three waves of Vals will come in from the Northeast.  Meet them far out to sea,
and have your wingmen attack also.  The Vals are slower and more fragile than 
the Kates, so they'll be easier to pick off, especially with rockets.

Primary Objective:  Destroy Zero kamikazes (8 total)
The eight kamikazes will be coming in a straight line from the North.  They can
be hard to pick off in time unless you use the following strategy.  First, get 
out to the side and try to shoot down one or two. When the first Zero passes, 
get behind him and slow all the way down.  He'll be a sitting duck, and you can
even take him out with rockets.  Keep flying straight and level, but slow enough
that each Zero will pass in front of you in order.  Use guns and rockets to take
them all out.  Even if you miss a few, the Enterprise can survive getting hit as
long as you didn't really mess up on shooting down the Vals and Kates.  As soon
as the Kamikazes are down, the Enterprise will be safe, and you'll get a
distress call from Guadalcanal.

Primary Objective:  Return to Guadalcanal
Fly through the waypoint to return to Guadalcanal.

Primary Objective:  Defend the airfield
Shouldn't this mission be over yet?  But no, you have to sink a heavy cruiser, 
then two more heavy cruisers, and two waves of incoming bombers before it's safe
to land.  Not only that but you're escorting your own AIRFIELD.  

Primary Objective:  Sink the heavy cruiser (HIJMS Furutaka)
so you probably didn't take a torpedo or dive bomber into this mission (in which
case sinking the cruiser is trivially easy), so I'm going to assume you took a 
fighter with bombs and rockets.  First of all, don't even bother with rockets.  
They won't even dent a heavy cruiser.  Second, you can still dive bomb, even in
a fighter, and this is how you'll be most effective.  Try to release more than 
one bomb on each pass since your GP bombs aren't as effective as dive bombs.

Primary Objective:  Sink remaining enemy ships (3 total)
What in the??  Sinking a heavy cruiser wasn't enough to end this mission?  Try
to sink one of the cruisers quickly with a few dive bomb runs. The shore guns
will probably sink one on their own.  More than likely, you'll need to pull 
away from this objective to address the Kate bombers before they get too close
to the airfield.

Primary Objective:  Intercept Kate dive-bombers (9 total)
The Kates will come in from the North northwest, and they'll take a while to get
within range.  Send your wingmen out to intercept them and slow them down even
more while you deal with the remaining cruisers.  As soon as they fly within 
range, start shooting them down.  Kates are slow and weak, so they won't be hard
to shoot down quickly.

Primary Objective:  Intercept Betty bombers
The Bettys will come in from the North and are a serious threat.  Use 
warspeed to intercept them far out to sea, and bring your wingmen.  If too many
close enough to the airfield to drop, they'll completely destroy it.  Actually,
this is the hardest objective since Bettys take a lot of damage to take down,
and their bombs will destroy the airfield in a hurry.  Try using rockets to deal
damage quickly and to avoid overheating your guns.  You don't have to destroy
all the Bettys to complete the objective, just most of them.  Be efficient, and
you'll pull through.  Expect to have to repeat this a couple of time on Ace 
difficulty to get it right.

Mission: Backs Against the Wall
Historical Mission 3: "Chain Lightning"
ACE MODE FOR ALL MISSIONS: Allied Plane: Tempest Mk. II


4.7 Gilbert Islands

    4.7.1 Recon
Difficulty: 6/10
Overview:  For this mission you'll have to fly a Lightning to take pictures of 
critical areas (similar to the Midway Patrol recon mission).  Avoid dogfighting
on Ace Mode, or you will almost certainly be shot down.  Anyone who can shoot
down the twenty planes AND take all the pictures necessary is a far better pilot
than me (email me).  You'll also take on your third Japanese Ace at the end of
this mission, though he's easier to shoot down than the previous two given that
you have a very favorable matchup of aircraft this time.

Primary Objective:  Fly to Betio Island
Fly to the waypoint to get to Betio island.

Secondary Objective: Destroy twenty Japanese planes
Get twenty kills for the extra upgrade point.  You shouldn't try to do this on 
Ace difficulty unless you've already taken all your photos or you may not have
enough life to spare to get past the base defenses when taking pictures. You can
always go back for the extra point by replaying the mission on Rookie if you
must.  Most of your opposition here are high quality fighters: fully upgraded
Tonys and zeros, and they can really chew up your Lightning quickly by swarming
you at close range.

Primary Objective:  Photograph LZ-1 
Primary Objective:  Photograph LZ-2 
Primary Objective:  Photograph LZ-3 
Primary Objective:  Photograph LZ-4 
Primary Objective:  Photograph headquarters building 
Primary Objective:  Photograph hangars
Primary Objective:  Photograph pier
Primary Objective:  Photograph armored gun battery 
Primary Objective:  Photograph ammo dump
Primary Objective:  Photograph tank repair facility
In order to get the photos, you'll have to be going fairly slow (about 100 mph)
and flying within about 1,000 ft. of the target.  Use warspeed to jump from 
point to point to get all the pictures.  Try to stay on the perimeter of the
island and out to sea as much as possible to avoid fire from the ground.  When 
you are forced to fly over the island, go as high and fast as possible, diving
down to get your shots.  You'll definitely take a lot of damage from ground
fire, so don't bother trying to dogfight on Ace difficulty or you won't have
enough life to get through the mission.  Also, avoid dogfighting while taking
pictures because this will mess up your shot and probably cause you to take
even more damage.

Primary Objective:  Return to USS Enterprise 
Fly to the waypoint to return to the Enterprise.  On the way there, you'll be 
intercepted by Taiki Hasegawa, the third Japanese Ace of the thirteenth

Primary Objective:  Defeat Japanese Ace (Taiki Hasegawa) 
Hasegawa is flying a K102b Randy, which is a much easier plane to shoot at than
the Raiden and Zero that the other Aces were flying.  It's slower, and less
evasive than the lighter fighters, but it's tougher and packs more firepower.
Since you're in a Lightning, this plays to your strengths because you also have
heavy firepower and rockets.  Hasegawa will be escorted by four Tony fighters, 
but don't waste your time trying to shoot them down because they don't have the
firepower to be anything more than annoying, and the Ace can really tee off on 
you while you're chasing them around (usually ineffectively).  Chase the Ace, 
take the shots you get, and when he lines up to take a run at you, launch a 
volley of rockets in his face.  He'll die quickly, and more easily than the 
other two.  After Hasegawa is dead, run for the waypoint.  Dogfighting the
Tonys is more annoying than it's worth, and you can't get anything extra for it.

Primary Objective:  Land on USS Enterprise 
This is the most challenging objective yet...  Just kidding.  Don't hurt
yourself flying through those blue circles.

Mission: Recon
Axis Plane: K1-102 Randy


    4.7.2 A Million Men
Difficulty: 7/10
Overview:  In this mission, you'll be in charge of providing air support for the
invasion forces landing on Tarawa Atoll.  You won't face a whole lot of direct 
enemy attack (except from a few AA installations which you can dispatch rather
easily) but you will be under a lot of time pressure to kill your targets
quickly.  Take a plane with good guns and rockets into this mission.  The
Seafire or Tempest would be good choices.  The P-38 Lightning is another good
choice.  Although you have the option to, taking a Dauntless into this mission
would be foolish because you won't have the firepower to take out the squadrons
of Tony fighters that will be two of your primary objectives.

Primary Objective:  Fly to Betio Island
Back to the waypoint, flyboy.

Primary Objective:  Defeat Japanese squadron (28 total)
Once you get to the waypoint, you'll be ambushed by a squadron of Randys and 
Tonys.  Your allied forces outclass this Japanese force, and you ought to be
able to mop them up easily (with a little help from your friends).

Secondary Objective:  Personally destroy ten planes
This is actually MUCH harder than it should be.  Because your forces are so much
better than theirs, your allies will actually shoot down the enemy planes too
quickly. Make sure you tell your wingmen to defend to take them out of the
fight. Then try this on Rookie mode with an overpowered plane like a Seafire or

Primary Objective:  Defend amphtracks
Defending the amphtracks will be accomplished by accomplishing the other
objectives related to destroying enemies attacking them.

Primary Objective:  Destroy pier guns (3 total)
The pier guns are located (where else?) on the end of the pier.  Strafing, 
bombs, or rockets will take them out.

Primary Objective:  Destroy Tonys (9 total)
Nine Tony fighters will come in from the southeastern corner.  Take your wingmen
and dogfight them down.  Since their primary mission is to kill the Amphtracks,
it can be very effective to stay low, and right above the Amphtracks to disrupt
their strafing runs.  Tonys are agile fighters, and quite annoying to dogfight, 
especially if you went with the Dauntless in this mission.

Primary Objective:  Destroy sea barriers (2 total)
The sea barriers are on the northern shore of Tarawa (on the center of the 
island, out in the lagoon).  A few rockets will take the barriers down.  Be
careful not to accidentally hit the amphitracks.

Primary Objective:  Destroy shore pillboxes (5 total)
The pillboxes are in a closely spaced row on a ridge directly to the south of
the amphitracks.  One good bomb or rocket run will take out all of them at once.

Primary Objective:  Destroy tank barriers (2 total)
The tank barriers are located right next to the pillboxes you just took out. 
Take them out with another bomb or rocket run.  Once the tank barriers are down,
the amphtracks will not need further air support.

Primary Objective:  Defend the USS Washington
Primary Objective:  Destroy naval guns (2 total)
The Washington will call for aid in destroying the anti-ship defenses on the 
south shore of Tarawa.  The naval guns are at the edge of the beach in the 
center of the southern shore of Tarawa.  Guns, rockets, or bombs will destroy

Primary Objective:  Defend landing Higgins boats
The Higgins boats will be coming in from the lagoon to land near the spot where
the amphtracks landed.  You'll need to defend them the same way you defended the

Primary Objective:  Destroy Tonys (9 total)
Nine more Tony fighters will show up to strafe the Higgins boats.  Use similar 
tactics against them as you did against the previous Tonys.

Primary Objective:  Defend troop transports (5 total)
Primary Objective:  Destroy Jill torpedo bombers (9 total)
The Jills will be deploying out of the hangars at the West end of the Tarawa
airstrip.  Take out as many as you can while they're on the ground, but watch
out for the AA fire.  Try to get the AA batteries on the ground that are around
the airstrip, then go after the Jills.  Once all the Jills are down, the troop
transports can proceed to the beach unopposed.  Once they land, it's mission 

Mission: A Million Men
Historical Mission 4: "Zeros over Rabaul"
Axis Plane: B6N1 Jill
ACE MODE FOR ALL MISSIONS: Allied Plane: P-51A Mustang


4.8 Marianas

    4.8.1 Rescue Usurper
Difficulty: 8/10
Overview:  Oh no...  Not the PBY again!  This time, you'll be flying a search
and rescue mission, which is very historically accurate (PBYs did a lot of
search and rescue work in the Pacific).  This mission is a lot more fun than the
first PBY mission because you'll actually be taking an offensive role this time.
The end will feature a super-heavyweight fight between your PBY and two HK8
Emilys, so save your strength for that.

Primary Objective:  Fly to search area
Fly to the waypoint to get to the search area.  Once you're there, you'll see
quite the array of Japanese forces in front of you.  Petes and Cruisers.

Primary Objective:  Sink Japanese ships (4 total)
The PBY's one advantage is that it carries 4 torpedos!  Hit the cruisers from
a nice comfortable distance.  If you get within 3,000 ft. it's game over.  The
AA fire will take you down before you can get clear.  You have a time limit to
destroy the cruisers, so make sure you take them out as quickly as possible.
You won't have too many chances to swing around with the PBY if you miss,
because it doesn't have warspeed, so plan your torpedo runs carefully.

Secondary Objective:  Destroy ten planes
Don't get close to the enemy planes.  use your heavy cannon to hit them from a
distance.  Since they're Petes, they're slow and don't have too much firepower.
Don't get rattled if they attack you from behind.  Let your tail and side
gunners handle them.  Really, this objective is very easy, and probably your
gunners will accomplish it for you.

Primary Objective:  Rescue Usurper
Usurper will be in a boat in the middle of the ocean.  He's the blue blip on the
radar.  To rescue him, fly through the blue landing circles that will appear 
after you sink the last cruiser.  He'll climb aboard just as an I400 carrier
sub surfaces.

Primary Objective:  Return to US fleet
Fly through the waypoint to get back to the US fleet.

Secondary Objective:  Sink I400 submarine
If you could sink an I400 in a Devastator, you can definitely sink it in a PBY.
Usurper wants to run, but I say, stay and fight.  The worst thing the I400 can
throw at you is more Petes, and you can more than handle these.  4-6 torpedos
will sink the I400.

Primary Objective:  Return to US fleet
Fly through the waypoint to get back to the US fleet.  On your way, you'll be
intercepted (if you can call it that) by two Emilys

Primary Objective:  Destroy the Emilys
The Emily and the PBY are essentially the same plane, with the edge given to the
PBY for having a 75mm Cannon.  BUT, there's two of them, and one of you. Not
to mention, you've just flown a complete mission.  For this reason, it's 
important that you have been careful not to take any more damage than necessary
while completing the mission.  You'll need the life-bar here.  The Emilys are
tough to beat on Ace difficulty, but the following tips can help.  First of all,
you won't be able to outmaneuver them.  You and they are equally slow and 
unweildy.  Second, use your heavy cannon to your advantage.  Try to focus on ONE
Emily and take that out first so you don't have to deal with taking fire from 
two.  Make sure you leave the same Emily highlighted and kill that one first.
Third, the PBY is most potent when firing at targets to the sides and rear (when
not using the 75 mm. cannon) and it's weakest on top.  Roll the PBY on its side
or back to keep the Emilys under constant fire.  Use the direction that your 
gunners are firing as a guide to keep them pointed at their target.  Fourth, use
height to your advantage.  The only way the PBY can get speed is to climb up
and then dive.  Keep your belly and side pointed at the Emilys while you climb
straight up (the PBY can do this without stalling at full speed), then dive 
straight down while keeping your guns to bear.  You'll get hit far less
frequently while diving.  If you're getting seriously damaged by Petes while 
fighting the Emilys, try taking the Petes in the area out before triggering
the cutscene where the Emilys appear.  You'll always have to face at least four
Petes, but if you've left a lot of them around, they might cause you some extra
trouble.  Eliminating the I400 also helps to cut down on the number of Petes
around.  Finally, avoid midair collisions with the Emilys.  This will cause a 
lot of damage to both you and the Emily, but because there's two of them, you
can't afford to take it.  Unless you try to avoid a collision, one will happen,
so be the one to roll first (this will allow you to bring more guns to bear
anyway). Expect to repeat this section a few times on Ace difficulty unless
you're really good or really lucky.

Primary Objective:  Land near the cruiser
Fly through the blue circles to land and end the nightmare (I mean mission).

Mission: Rescue Usurper
Allied Plane: F6F-3 Hellcat


    4.8.2 Final Revenge
Difficulty: 7/10
Overview:  The hardest thing about this mission is rescuing the US fleet from 
about a hundred bombers that come in seven waves in quick succession from 
different directions.  The enemy in this mission doesn't fly with particular
skill (it's a recreation of the Marianas Turkey Shoot), but there's a LOT of
them.  Take your best bomber interceptor into this mission: the Tempest,
Seafire, P-51 Mustang, and Hellcat are good choices.  You'll need something
with strong guns, rockets, and bombs to take out the naval targets at the end.

Primary Objective:  Defend US fleet
Primary Objective:  Repel bomber waves (7 total)
These objectives are the same.  Break up seven bomber formations of Judys and 
Bettys intent on sinking the US fleet, and you'll be successful.  Since these
bombers are all tough and they start coming in quick succession from different
directions, you'll definitely need your wingmen.  Send them to intercept 
formations you don't have time to get to, and let them slow down and break up
the next target while you mop up on the formation you're currently attacking.
You won't be able to stop all of them, but you only need to stop enough to 
prevent the life bar on the top of the screen from being depleted.  Use rockets
against the bombers, especially on Ace difficulty, or you'll never be able to
shoot enough down in time.

Secondary Objective: Personally destroy one hundred planes
Destroying a hundred planes is tough on Ace difficulty because all the enemies
have increased armor.  It's very easy on Rookie mode, so if you miss this 
objective, have fun replaying this mission on Rookie mode.

Primary Objective:  Fly to Japanese fleet
Fly North to the waypoint to get to the Japanese fleet.  Before you do, mop up 
the remaining Japanese fighters, which are now retreating. They won't be 
resisting or evading, so they'll be easy pickings.

Primary Objective:  Destroy Japanese fighters (80 total)
This objective is easier than it seems.  Your allies can more than hold your
own. Even without your help, they'll take down all 80 in about 2 minutes.

Primary Objective:  Save sixteen US bombers (32 total)
To save the US bombers, you'll need to protect them from enemy fighters (which 
you allies will do most of for you) and knock out the naval AA guns.

Primary Objective:  Destroy AA on Hiyo
The Hiyo's AA guns are located on the side, just under the flight decks.  For
your convenience, they are highlighted in yellow.

Primary Objective:  Sink the Hiyo
The Hiyo isn't hard to sink with a few dive bombing runs now that the AA has
been knocked out.  Don't bother with the rockets since they really don't do
much damage.  Just concentrate on getting a good couple of bomb hits in.

Primary Objective:  Sink three Japanese destroyers
Sink three destroyers for an extra point.  This is cake, so go for it.  Get
these before the Hiyo, though, or you won't have much of a chance to finish
them off before your fleet comes under attack and everybody needs to scramble
back.  You suddenly develop engine trouble, and get left behind...  I smell an
Ace battle coming.

Primary Objective:  Fly to US fleet
Fly to the waypoint to trigger a cutscene in which Ibuki Ishihiro shows up to 
ambush you.  While he's busy talking the usual Samurai B-movie smack ("It's a 
pity the rest of your squadron isn't here to share your fate"), Tom Stuart shows
up in a plane he appropriated from the flight deck.  He covers your retreat by
engaging the Ace and his wingmen while you limp back to the carrier.  Aw shucks,
and I thought there was an Ace to be shot down.  Stuart will get him for you,
but gets shot down in the process.  At least he wasn't a traitor.

Mission:  Final Revenge
Historical Mission 5: "Escape Over Rabaul"
ACE MODE FOR ALL MISSIONS:  Allied Plane: P-61A Black Widow
Axis Plane: K1-84-1A Frank


4.9 Philippines

    4.9.1 Steal Prototype Jet
Difficulty: 6/10
Overview:  Now you'll actually have an excuse to upgrade an Axis plane (unless 
you've been playing multiplayer).  Use your points to get the highest level 
Raiden you can.  For the first part of the mission, you'll be flying this Raiden
and beating up on inferior fighters.  For the second part, you'll be dogfighting
a German Ace in an ME262!  This mission can be tricky, but it's fun for the most
part.  It's also pretty short.

Primary Objective:  Fly to Homonhon
Fly to the waypoint along with your bomber friend.  He's slow, so don't get too
far away from him.  His cruising top speed is about 150 mph.  Yours is over 300.

Primary Objective:  Protect Betty Bomber
Prevent Zak's Betty from being shot down.  He'll call out threats as he goes.  
Petes will snoop around and get wise, and you'll have to shoot them down 
quickly. He'll get attacked by a Zero as well, and you'll need to shoot that
down as well.

Secondary Objective: Avoid detection
Avoiding detection is pretty important at the higher difficulties.  If you get
discovered, all of the enemy fighters in the area will become hostile at once
and attack the Betty.  Protecting the Betty is nearly impossible if this 
happens. To avoid detection, kill all hostile planes that become aware of your
presence, and don't shoot at anything before it's highlighted as a target.

Secondary Objective: Destroy ten Japanese planes
Destroy ten planes on your way in for an extra upgrade point.  If you don't have
ten by the time Zak has crashed the Betty into the base, just fly out to sea and
buzz a couple of Petes, then take them down when they activate as targets.

Primary Objective: Steal prototype ME262
To steal the ME262 parked on the Japanese airfield, fly through the blue landing
circles marked on the map.  As soon as you get in, throttle up and try to get
above 3,000 ft. to avoid the AA fire from the base.  This will take you all of 
about three seconds given that the warspeed of the ME262 maxes out over 700 mph!

Primary Objective: Return to US Fleet
Jet off toward the waypoint in your new prize.  Just as you get close, the
German Ace will take off to chase you.  Yeehaw!  Dogfight baybee!

Primary Objective: Defeat German Ace (Karl Heinz Kruger)
Kruger is definitely no slouch.  He's a competent dogfighter, and full of trash
talk.  Unfortunately, he has rockets, and you don't.  To neutralize this 
advantage, get low to the sea (30-50 ft. up), slow all the way down, and track
Kruger, firing when you get a good shot.  If you're low enough, all of his
rockets, and most of his bullets will miss when he charges at you because he
simply won't be able to get an accurate bead on you without crashing into the
ocean.  You, on the other hand, can fire at will.  Crash into him if you can, 
because this is the best way to break off a huge chunk of damage.  For some
reason, a collision seems to hurt him worse than it does you.  Be patient, and
you'll get that Karl Kruger.  Keel heem!  And take hees Iron Cross for your own!

Primary Objective: Land on USS Enterprise
Fly through the blue circles to land the ME262 on the USS Enterprise...  Uh...
Ok. ME262 on the Enterprise.  Without a tailhook even?  SHERRRRR.

Mission: Steal Prototype Jet
Axis Plane: ME262 Swallow


    4.9.2 The Musashi
Difficulty: 5/10
Overview:  You may be tempted to take a Dive Bomber into this mission because
the primary purpose of the mission is to sink the Musashi.  In reality, you'll
spend more than half the mission dogfighting with Raiden fighters to protect
other allied bombers assaulting the Musashi.  If you do bring a Dauntless into
this mission, you'll be extremely frustrated trying to draw a bead on the
Raidens during these portions of the mission.  Your best choice is a
maneuverable dogfighting plane with the ability to carry 1,000 lb. bombs (for
when you have to hit the Musashi).  I recommend the P-51 Mustang, the Seafire
F-47, Tempest Mk. VI, or F6F-N5 Hellcat.  I love the scenery in this level.
It's raining for a change.

Primary Objective:  Destroy attacking Japanese planes (36 total)
Didn't they say there wasn't any air cover?  What the hey?  And here I am in a 
Dauntless expecting a big battleship...  Your wingmen are pretty good at taking
down the bogies if you're in a Dive Bomber.   Try to avoid getting into a midair
collision here because the enemy fighters are in a tight cloud.

Secondary Objective:  Personally destroy ten planes
Get ten for an extra point.  In a Dauntless this is damn near impossible.

Primary Objective: Fly to the Musashi
Fly to the waypoint to get to the Musashi.  It's impressive.  Most impressive.
Obi-Wan has taught it well...

Primary Objective: Destroy the Musashi's rudder
Looks like you'll be taking this beast apart piece by piece.  The first piece is
the rudder.  It's in the rear of the ship, highlighted in yellow.  Get up to
3,000 ft. and stay there to avoid the AA fire until you commence your dive 
attack.  Fighters can use rockets and bombs, but a Dive Bomber is always more
effective against naval targets.

Primary Objective: Protect five torpedo-bombers (9 total)
The Avengers will be commencing a torpedo run against the Musashi, and they'll 
be intercepted by several Raiden fighters.  Do your best to shoot down the 
Raidens.  In an Dauntless, this is tough.  Really tough.  You'll wonder who 
neutered your main gun.  Protect the Avengers long enough for them to drop, and
you'll have succeeded.  You don't have to shoot down all the Raidens to do this,
but it helps.

Primary Objective: Protect five dive-bombers (7 total)
Uh, what if I AM a dive-bomber?  Never mind that.  You'll have to fight off more
Raidens to protect a Dauntless squadron.  After they fail to do much, you'll be
instructed to break off the next piece of the Musahshi.

Primary Objective: Destroy the Musashi's bridge
If you're in a fighter, get your wingmen to dive bomb the bridge.  If you're in
a dive-bomber yourself, do it yourself.  It's EZ and FUN.

Primary Objective: Protect five dive-bombers (9 total)
MORE escort duty?  Yes.  More escort duty.  More Raidens.  If you chose to fly
a dive-bomber, I bet you're feeling cheated by now.

Primary Objective: Destroy Musashi AA (2 total)
The AA is located on the sides of the Musashi, highlighted in yellow as is 
customary for mission-critical items.  Rockets and bombs, my son.  Rockets and 

Primary Objective: Sink the Musashi
Finally.  If you've had the patience to stick with a dive-bomber this long, now
you'll finally get your reward.  If you're in a fighter, I hope you brought a 
few 1,000 lb. bombs, or it's going to be a LONG fight.  Hit the Musashi with all
the bombs you have, and try not to get too distracted by the Rufes buzzing
around at altitude.  Dive bombing is definitely the way to go.  If you use the
bomb sight feature available on the fighters, you'll get shot to pieces.  Once
the Musashi sinks, you're done!

Mission:  The Musashi


    4.9.3 Battle of Samar Sea
Difficulty: 1/10
Overview:  This mission looks a lot harder than it is.  In reality, all you have
to do is fly your PBY out to the Japanese fleet, lay down a few torpedos and 
maybe shoot down some Rufes if you feel like it.  This is easily the shortest
mission in the whole game, and easy to complete even on Ace difficulty.  Oh, and
you'll be flying your old friend the PBY again.

Primary Objective:  Investigate fleet to the North-West
The fleet to the North-West is actually one of the Japanese task forces.  Uh-oh.
And you're in a crappy PBY.  At least you have four torpedos in the bomb bay.

Primary Objective:  Attack IJN fleet
If you look close, at the center of the fleet is the Yamato.  Wow.  Torpedo the
cruisers and destroyers on the perimeter to stay safely out of range of the flak
guns.  Remember, 3,000 ft. is the magic number.  Any closer than that, and
you'll get shredded.  In a PBY, you can't afford to make mistakes because you
aren't fast enough to run if you get too close.

Secondary Objective:  Personally destroy ten enemy planes
There are a whole bunch of Rufes escorting the task force, and they'll harrass
you.  Get your wingmen to distract them to avoid taking too much damage.  You
can pick off ten with your cannon for an extra point.  This is actually fairly
difficult in a PBY, at least on Ace difficulty because the Rufes fly evasively,
and it's tough to chase them while remaining conscious of your distance from the
closest ship.  Their AI will try to lure you in, so don't fall for it.  Stick
to sniping at them from the perimeter.

Mission: Battle of Samar Sea.
Axis Plane: D4Y2 Judy


    4.9.4 End of the Kido Butai
Difficulty: 8/10
Overview:  Once you're past the escort section of this mission, it's not so
hard, but in the very beginning, you'll have four waves of aggressive bombers
and Kamikazes that will be trying to take out your fleet.  This is similar to
the first section of "Backs to the Wall" when you have to defend the Enterprise,
but a little more difficult.  You'll then fight an Ace right in the middle of
the mission!  After that, it's fun and games as you go after the Japanese fleet.
You have the option to bring a dive-bomber into this, but don't bother.  You'll
not have the firepower necessary to defend your fleet.  Instead, take a good
interceptor, something with firepower, speed, and armor.  The Tempest, Hellcat
and Mustang are all good choices.

Primary Objective:  Locate Japanese fleet
Fly to the waypoint.  You'll trigger a cutscene in which you'll deal with an 
incoming raid.  Second time around, the waypoing 

Primary Objective:  Protect US carriers
The US carriers will get a lifebar that you'll need to keep as full as you can.
This objective will be fulfilled by taking out enemy bomber and fighter targets.
Your first target will be a group of 8 Frank fighters.  Franks are the best
Japanese fighter in the game, and would probably give you a lot more trouble if
they weren't intent on bombing your fleet.  The second objective will be a 
formation of Betty bombers.  These bombers are substantially more dangerous to
the fleet than the Franks, so you should break off to deal with them as soon as
they show up on the Western horizon.  If they get to drop on the fleet, they'll 
cause a hell of a lot of pain.  The third wave will be a mix of kamikaze Zeros 
and Judy torpedo bombers.  The Zeros are the most dangerous, and also the
easiest to kill, so get them first.  The fourth wave will be a mix of Franks and
Judys.  Do what you can to knock out as many of this last wave as you can, and 
you'll be out of the woods.

Secondary Objective:  Destroy twenty enemy planes
Get twenty confirmed kills against enemy aircraft.  This isn't a hard goal to 
accomplish because you'll have the whole mission to get it done, and you'll face
more than enough enemy aircraft.

Primary Objective:  Destroy Nishizawa Ace
A mysterious Ace will challenge you to a duel in the midst of the chaos of 
battle.  Of course, you accept.  He called you a "Foreign Devil" after all.  I 
haven't been so offended since my wife called me "Round Eyes!"  The rest of the
fleet will watch quietly as you dogfight...  Actually, you can sic your wingmen
on the Ace to keep him running.  It's not sporting, but hey!  You're playing an
American Ace, and aren't bound by Bushido.  Besides that, he's flying a top-
grade plane that's really annoying to try to get a clear shot at.  You'll need
to slow all the way down and track him at slow speed.  If you have a reasonably 
maneuverable plane, you ought to be able to keep the heat on him and prevent him
from taking too many runs at you.  Once the Ace is down, it's back to finding
the Japanese fleet.  Fly through the waypoint, and this time you'll find the 

Primary Objective:  Sink enemy carriers (2 total)
The two carriers you will be responsible for sinking are the Chitose and Zuiko.
Try to pick the most isolated carrier to take out first.  The Chitose is in the
rear of the fleet, and will probably be the best target to start with.  Each
carrier has a life bar, and if you're using conventional bombs, will probably 
take around 10 or so hits to sink.  Dive bombs are twice as effective.  To avoid
taking damage from AA fire, get to 3,000 ft. Line up the carrier so that its 
length is pointed away from you.  This makes it easier to hit with multiple 
bombs.  Use warspeed to accelerate your dive, and use warspeed to fly straight
up to 3,000 ft. when you're done.  Repeat this process until both carriers are
sunk.  If you wait too long, you'll be called off of the attack, but the time
limit isn't all that punitive in reality.  Just don't mess around dogfighting
or stunt flying through the flak clouds.

Secondary Objective:  Sink one enemy cruiser
Sinking a cruiser is easy. You've done this before.  5 or 6 bombs into the
middle of the cruiser will get the job done.  If you managed to get here with a
Dive Bomber,(you must not be playing on Ace difficulty), then just 2 or 3 will
do it.

Mission: End of the Kido Butai
ACE MODE FOR ALL MISSIONS: Allied Plane: P-80A Shooting Star


4.10 Iwo Jima

    4.10.1 Kamikazes Inbound
Difficulty: 7/10
Overview:  Prepare for the mother of all escort missions.  In this long, drawn 
out affair, you'll have to defend your carrier against a swarm of enemy bombers,
kamikazes, and even kamikaze bombers!  This mission is LONG, so keep your life 
bar as full as you can and don't take undue risks.  You'll need a fast, sturdy
plane with good guns.  I recommend the Tempest, but the P-51 Mustang and Hellcat
are also effective.  To neutralize kamikazes, you'll need both speed and
stopping power.  For the bombers, you'll need armor, guns, and rockets.  Again,
you have the option to take a Dauntless in, but if you can do this mission in a
Dauntless, you're a better pilot than I.

Primary Objective:  Defend the USS Saratoga
Defending the Saratoga is the point of the mission.  You'll need to shoot down a
whole mess of planes intent on sinking your mothership.  Accomplishing this 
objective will accomplish the mission.

Secondary Objective:  Destroy one hundred planes
Seems like a lot, but you'll definitely have plenty of cannon fodder, especially
toward the end when you get to bomb whole squadrons of enemy planes.  On rookie,
you can get almost 200.  On Ace, this is tougher, but do-able.

Primary Objective:  Intercept kamikaze Zeros (9 total)
Three groups of three Zero fighters will come in from the South intent on your 
carrier.  They'll be escorted by a screen of non-suicidal fighters, but ignore
them and focus on the kamikazes.  If they get through, they'll deal a lot of
damage really quickly.

Primary Objective:  Intercept kamikaze Bakas
Kamikaze what now?!  Bakas are small rocket kamikazes that are launched out of
a heavy bomber, in this case, Bettys  Take on the formation of Bettys as far out
to sea as you can to avoid them getting close to the fleet. Once they're within 
about 10,000 ft. of the carrier, they'll have launched the Bakas, and you'll
have to try to shoot down some really small, fast targets.  Try to get the
Bettys from the side while your wingmen engage the bombers directly.

Primary Objective:  Destroy Judys (9 total)
Here come the Judys from the North right behind the Bettys.  Go out to sea to 
intercept them and bring your friends.  Don't get behind a formation of Judys or
you'll get torn apart.  They can be surprisingly deadly with their rear gunners.
Instead, approach from a 90 degree angle from the side, and lead the formation.
Slow all the way down as soon as you get within gun range, and you can do a LOT
of damage to the formation by the time you get close enough to get shot at.

Primary Objective:  Intercept kamikaze Bettys (9 total)
The Bettys are to the South.  If you catch them far enough out to sea, they 
aren't too hard to pick off.  The kamikaze Bettys aren't disciplined enough to
stay in formation, so you can really wreak havoc with rockets once you and your
wingmen bust up their formation.  Be leery of getting behind them, even if they
aren't in formation.  7 or 8 Bettys can destroy even the hardiest fighter that 
is dumb enough to fly right behind them.

Primary Objective:  Intercept kamikaze Vals (9 total)
Tha Vals are coming from the direction of Iwo Jima.  Don't make the mistake of
engaging them over the island, or you'll be shot from all directions by the AA
guns on the ground.  Let them come to you.  They're slow and weak, and won't be
at all hard to shoot down in a limited distance.

Primary Objective:  Intercept kamikaze Bakas (9 total)
This time you'll get three groups of three coming from three different
directions: the East, West, and NorthWest.  Go after either the East or West
group and have your allies intercept another group.  Leave the Northwest group 
until last because they'll be flying in over Iwo Jima.  More than likely, at
least one group of Bakas will get launched.  Just shoot them down like you would
any other Kamikaze.

Primary Objective:  Attack South airfield
Primary Objective:  Destroy grounded Franks
Primary Objective:  Destroy grounded Zeros
Primary Objective:  Destroy grounded Judys
Finally, you get to go on the offensive.  Your job here is to take out the enemy
fighter squadron before it can take off.  Your biggest problem is the heavy AA
and machine gun fire from the ground.  Be sure to stay high when flying over the
perimeter, and make no mistake about it: this is a dive bombing mission.  If you
don't get all the groups of enemy planes on the ground, you'll have to engage
them in the air as they go after the Saratoga.

Primary Objective:  Destroy airfield control tower
The airfield control tower is in the middle of the airstrips.  Take it out with
rockets, or have your wingmen take it out if you're badly damaged (by now, you
might be).  OR, you can do some high level bombing.  Go up to 4,000 ft. and 
switch to the bombsight view.  Now that all the fighters are gone, you can drop

Primary Objective:  Destroy hangars (3 total)
Take out the three hangars at the edge of the airstrips.  High level bombs work 
well here.

Primary Objective:  Destroy oil tanks (7 total)
The oil tanks are right next to where the hangars were.  Get them with your 
wingmen and a few high level bombs.  Once the oil tanks are taken out, you're
done.  Whew!  That's a lotta flying.

Mission: Kamikazes Inbound
Allied Plane: B25G Mitchell


    4.10.2 The Landing
Difficulty: 2/10
Overview:  This mission is easy and fun, and it's a nice change of pace.  You
will be flying a B-35 Mitchell to do some high level bombing as the Marines 
invade Iwo Jima on the ground.  The Mitchell is bristling with guns, and can
more than hold its own against fighters, but in this mission you shouldn't run
into  very many fighters.  The key is to stay around 4,000 ft. and use the bomb
sight to shell everything on the ground that moves.

Primary Objective:  Mark gun bunkers (10 total)
You'll need to fly over the marked gun bunkers at slow speed to allow your crew-
mate to smoke the bunkers.  While you're doing this, you can also take out most
of the island's infrastructure.  Your first priority should be the machine guns.
You can recognize them by the tracers they will fire at you as you move within
range.  They are the only ground defense that can fire at you, albeit not very 
accurately.  Your next priority should be the AA guns, then the grounded planes
and hangars (since they're a secondary objective).

Primary Objective:  Destroy hangars (3 total)
Secondary Objective:  Destroy grounded planes (21 total)
Get the rest of the grounded aircraft and hangars.  This isn't necessary to 
complete the mission, though it's easy and worth two points.

Primary Objective:  Defend landing Higgins boats
Primary Objective:  Destroy shore guns (7 total)
Knock out the shore guns to defend the Higgins boats.  Watch out for the volcano
on the tip of the island because there are AA guns up there that can hit you.

Primary Objective:  Defend the USS Missouri
Primary Objective:  Sink kamikaze mini-subs (5 total)
To defend the USS Missouri, you'll have to sink the 5 mini-subs that have her
surrounded and are trying to run into her.  Pop out of bomb sight view and swoop
down toward the ocean.  Use your heavy guns and cannon to sink the mini-subs.  
They aren't at all hard to sink, and you should be able to get all of them in 
plenty of time.

Mission: The Landing
Allied Plane: F8F Bearcat (the last Allied plane to unlock)


    4.10.3 Raise the Flag
Difficulty: 10/10
Overview:  This mission is a real challenge that will test your full array of
skills.  It's heavy on ground bombardment, but there's a certain amount of 
dogfighting necessary as well.  The mission culminates in a showdown between
you and the Japanese Ace Shun Ogawa of the 13th squadron, so don't take a plane
in which you're lacking in dogfighting skill.  Because of the length of the 
mission, and the withering enemy fire you're likely to face, a heavily armored
plane is a must.  I would also recommend taking something with 1,000 lb. bombs
to make taking out the large fortifications easier.  The Bearcat is a decent 
choice (the default best choice if you aren't flying Ace difficulty).  The
Tempest is also good, having very good firepower, if a little fragile.  The P-51
Mustang is another good choice, assuming you're ok with rockets (the guns are 
a little shabby, especially at range).  Personally, I think the P-61 Black Widow
is the perfect plane for this mission, having great armor and firepower.  Since
you also get a turret gunner with the P-61, its lack of maneuverability doesn't
handicap it (and may actually help a fair bit) when fighting Shun Ogawa in spite
of the P-61's pathetic dogfighting abilities.  The P-61 lacks rockets, but
doesn't really need them considering its main gun and 4 x 1,000 lb. bomb load.

Primary Objective:  Fly to Iwo Jima
Not too bad.  Fly in straight and high, out of range of the guns until you're
ready to make your run.

Primary Objective:  Destroy AA before B-25s arrive (11 total)
You won't have long to take out the 11 AA batteries, so be efficient.  It may
hurt to fly in slow, but it will allow you to take fewer passes.  There are two
main groups of AA guns, one to the East and one to the West.  Expect to take
very heavy fire as you come in (this is why it's important to use a high armor
plane). There are at least 20 different ground installations that will be firing
at you at once, so don't get fazed by all the flak.  The best way to avoid this
fire is to stay high initially, and dive in to make strafing runs.  Get all 11
before the B-25s get there, or it's a mission failure.

Primary Objective:  Protect airfield buildings (7 total)
Primary Objective:  Destroy enemy ground forces (30 total)
These objectives are accomplished by strafing the enemy tank brigades advancing 
on the Allied position.  Luckily for you, they're in nice, pretty straight lines
to make strafing them easier.  A few well placed 1,000 lb. bombs will mow 
through them quickly.

Secondary Objective:  Intercept Commander's jeep
If you're playing on Ace difficulty, don't even bother with this.  Otherwise, if
you REALLY want the extra point (even though you're on the last level), go after
three different jeeps fleeing in three different directions. Keep in mind, that 
this will cause you to take more damage from flak, and will also allow some of
the tanks to get closer to US forces making them harder to bomb.

Primary Objective:  Protect assault vehicle
You'll be given a variety of targets to take out along the assault vehicle's
path.  These are pill boxes, machine gun nests, and barriers.  Since there
isn't as much ground flak at this end of the island, there won't be a whole lot
of opposing fire.  Take out all your targets, and use the B button to highlight
them to keep your bearings.  If you have the opportunity, drop bombs and use 
rockets to take out any standing structures you see. Even if they aren't a 
current objective, they might be a later objective.  This section isn't at all
hard compared to the rest of the level, so don't sweat it.  Repeat it until you
get it right.

Primary Objective:  Protect Marine advance to Mt. Suribachi
Ok, here is where the level starts to get legitimately difficult, so brace
yourself.  In order to protect the Marines as they advance on foot to the
summit, you'll need to take out numerous enemy targets that they encounter a
long the way. When they get close to the top, you'll need to take out the 
fortifications on top of the mountain.  Don't waste your time going after the
top of the mountain ahead of time, because you can't destroy the fortifications
until they are given a life bar (when they appear as objectives).  It helps to
take out as many machine gun nests and pillboxes along the path on the northwest
flank of the mountain as you can ahead of time.  The marines will call out
threats as they advance, and it's important to address the threats immediately,
as you'll have to maintain their life bar for quite some time.  As if this
weren't enough, you'll also have to deal with some endlessly re-spawning Randy
and Frank fighters (fully upgraded, of course) that will periodically attack
you.  Take out the ones that are giving you trouble, but try to stay focused on
the objectives.  Wasting time chasing the enemy fighters will allow your Marines
to be hurt even more.

Primary Objective:  Destroy fortress communications center
Once you get this objective, you'll have a checkpoint.  Try to hit the radio 
tower directly with as much heavy ordnance as you can.  It's most effective to
hit it from the southwest, since it's exposed from this side. Otherwise, you 
might end up bouncing your bombs and rockets off the main fortress, which isn't 
vulnerable just yet.  Try to do this as quickly as possible (got 1,000 lb.
bombs?) to avoid your Marines getting too dinged.  You'll be aggressively
attacked by enemy fighters at this time, and it definitely pays off to take a
few out if you can.  Otherwise, you may find yourself being shot to pieces by 5
or 6 bogies at once.

Primary Objective:  Destroy fortress power station
The power station is on the Northeast corner of the complex, and it's a pretty
easy target.  Take it out as quickly as you can also to avoid attrition to your
Marines.  With 1,000 lb. bombs, you can take out the Power station in two runs.

Primary Objective:  Breach fortress wall
Finally.  The fortress is the central structure that's housing snipers that are
busy picking off your Marines (how many Robinsons are in that platoon?)  Use all
the heavy firepower you have to take out the final fortification on Mt.

Primary Objective:  Destroy fortress ammo dump
Drop a few bombs into the ammo dump to blow the whole summit fortress up.  Sweet
sweet victory...  You'll now be relieved of babysitting the Marines and you'll 
get a checkpoint (which you'll probably need).

Primary Objective:  Destroy Shinden Ace (Shun Ogawa)
Shun Ogawa finally shows his face for one last intense dogfight.  He's flying a 
Japanese X-plane, the Shinden.  The Shinden looks pretty hippie, but it's got a 
hellacious rate of fire.  Stay out of its gunsights, because you won't be able
to take it head to head in anything, not even a Tempest.  If Ogawa gets a bead
on you, duck, dodge, and weave until he passes by.  Then get on his six and
start a counter-offensive.  The key to beating Ogawa is not letting him get
enoughdistance on you to charge straight on.  Use warspeed to keep him within
1,500 ft. and you won't be in any danger.  Unfortunately, the Ace won't be the
only threat you'll be facing.  The greatest danger comes not from the Ace (who
is actually quite easy to beat one-on-one) but from the leftover Franks and
Randys that will take very damaging runs at you as you chase the Ace.  Take as
many as you can out early, but you can't afford to ignore the Ace.  Use warspeed
to move the fight periodically to avoid pursuit from these conventional 
fighters.  Try to take out all or at least most of the supporting fighters to
have a chance against the Ace. Ogawa will take a while to beat, so be patient. 
He's truly a worthy opponent, especially on Ace difficulty, but he won't be a 
match for you if you've come this far already.  chase him relentlessly, and 
shoot him down.

Mission: Raise the Flag
Axis Plane: J7W Shinden
Japanese Planes available for single player missions

5.                      Historical Missions

    5.1 Against All Odds
Difficulty: 8/10

History:  This mission is based on the historic combat performance of Lt. Cmdr.
Ed "Butch" O'Hare who defended the USS Lexington from a bomber raid during an 
operation off the coast of Rabaul on February 20, 1942.  When the Lexington's
position was discovered by a Japanese Scout plane, fighters shot down the scout,
but not before it had broadcast the position of the carrier back to the Japanese
base.  The Japanese dispatched two squadrons of bombers to attack and sink the 
Lexington, and O'Hare flew in a F4F-3 Wildcat to intercept them.  During the 
ensuing air battle, O'Hare singlehandedly shot down five enemy bombers, likely
saving the Lexington from being sunk by enemy bombs.  For his performance, 
O'Hare was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Sadly, O'Hare was later
shot down during a night mission near Tarawa in 1943.

Primary Objective:  Intercept scout plane
This is easy.  Shoot down the F1M Pete (the only enemy plane on radar).  The
Pete won't even shoot back, and you have a whole squadron of Wildcats shooting
at him. The Pete will probably make a radio transmission revealing the position
of the Lexington to the Japanese bombers.  Even if you kill him before he starts
talking you'll still be attacked, so there's no advantage to rushing.

Primary Objective:  Defend the USS Lexington
Defending the Lexington will require that you shoot down the G4M2 Betty Bombers
coming from the North and South.  You'll have to shoot down most of the
attacking bombers to prevent the Lexington from taking critical damage.  At
least five of these bombers will need to be from the Southern squadron.  Your
squadmates can take the Northern squadron, leaving you free to shoot down as
many as you can from the Southern squadron.  Except on Rookie difficulty, you
won't be able to get to both in time.  Defending the Lexington can be
accomplished by shooting down five of the South bombers only, so don't bother
chasing the Northern group.

Primary Objective:  Destroy five South Japanese Bombers
As soon as you destroy the scout plane, start South using Warspeed.  Try to 
intercept the bombers as far out to sea as you can to maximize the number you
shoot down prior to the bombers reaching the Lexington.  You ought to be able 
to get 5 before they move into attack formation to drop their bombs on the 
Lexington.  Because the bombers are in formation, it will be tough to get a bead
on them from behind without taking a withering hail of fire from the gunners. 
Approach the formation from the side, concentrating on each bomber one by one. 
Start from the outside of the formation, and work in.  If you maintain a
position to the outside rear of the formation and fly as slow as possible,
you'll be able to pick off the bombers.  If they break their formation, they'll
be easier to pick off one by one without getting lit up by defensive fire. 
Watch the heat of your guns.  It takes a lot of machine gun fire to bring down
a bomber, and your guns will probably start to overheat.  They're more effective
and cause more damage if you let them cool off a little, so fire in concentrated

In order to win the Medal of Honor, you'll have to beat the mission on Ace 

    5.2 Flight of the Avenger
Difficulty: 6/10

History:  Avengers saw their first combat action at the Battle of Midway where 6
were deployed among several Devastators.  Unfortunately, like the Devastators, 
the Avengers took heavy losses.  Only one of the 6 returned to tell about this 
historic engagement.  Ensign Albert Earnest was the pilot of the surviving 
Avenger who managed to limp his aircraft home to Midway despite heavy damage.  
Of his crew, Harrier Ferrier survived with injuries.  Tragically, his gunner,
Jay Manning was killed in the engagement.  Though Avengers were not terribly 
successful at Midway, they were to go on to become one of the workhorses of the
war in the Pacific.

Primary Objective:  Fly to the Akagi
Easy enough.  Just fly through the waypoint, and the Akagi is right in front of 

Primary Objective:  Sink the Akagi
Hmm...  That's a bad sign.  Historically, Avenger's didn't sink the Akagi.
Still, this mission gives you a chance to change history (actually, it doesn't
give you choice).  The key to sinking the Akagi is to stay far away to avoid
the fighters and the AA fire from the Destroyer escorts.  Try to stay at least 
8,000 ft. away from the Akagi and remember to lead the carrier a lot.  Even 
though it's big, it's pretty fast (if you remember from when you were chasing it
in a Dauntless).  The biggest danger is from enemy fighters, though they won't 
attack you in numbers unless you stray too close to the Akagi.  If you get
within 3,000 ft. of a destroyer, you're finished.  The AA fire will tear you
apart, and the Avenger isn't fast or maneuverable enough to avoid taking several
direct hits.  The Akagi takes about 4 torpedos to sink.

Primary Objective: Return to the carrier
Once the Akagi goes down, run like hell for the waypoint.  You can get torn
apart by the enemy fighters because you have no support at all and limited
firepower. Once you pass through the waypoint and fly around a little, you're

    5.3 Chain Lightning
Difficulty: 3/10

History:  When US codebreakers translated a transmission disclosing that
Admiral Yamamoto, the mastermind behind Pearl Harbor, would on a plane from 
Bougainville to Rabaul, Major John Mitchell and a squadron of P-38 Lightning 
fighters were dispatched on a top secret mission to shoot down the Admiral and
strike a blow to the Imperial Japanese Navy's braintrust.  Mitchell and his 
squadron intercepted Yamamoto's Betty transport along with another Betty and an
escorting flight of 6 Zero fighters off the coast of Bougainville, and shot down
Yamamoto and the other bomber.  There was some controversy over who actually
shot down Yamamoto's transport, as two different pilots claimed the kill.  
To this day, no one is sure who really scored the killing shot on Yamamoto's

Primary Objective:  Destroy enemy Bettys (2 total)
There are two Betty bombers to the Southeast. Shoot down both Bettys to complete
the mission (one is carrying Yamamoto).  Along the way, you may run into some
Zero interceptors, but you can just fly right by them.  Have your wingmen engage
them to keep them off your back if they are annoying, otherwise, have your 
wingmen attack the Bettys.  Overall, this mission is very straightforward and 
easy as long as you use warspeed to get to the Bettys quickly.

    5.4 Zeroes Over Rabaul
Difficulty: 5/10

History:  In this mission, you get to fly as top Japanese Imperial Navy Ace 
Tetsuzo Iwamoto.  Iwamoto flew in numerous engagements all through the war, 
scoring around 80 kills (kills were not strictly tracked by Japanese aces, and 
such a practice was considered to be dishonorable bragging according to the code
of Bushido).  In this mission, you'll protect the island of Rabaul from an 
incursion by a patrolling squadron of P-38 Lightnings.  Iwamoto survived the
war, and later died of illness.

Primary Objective:  Prevent six Lightnings from escaping
Secondary Objective:  Personally destroy five Lightnings
Secondary Objective:  Destroy all Lightnings (8 total)
As soon as you start the mission, the squadron of Lightnings is directly ahead 
of you.  Move off to the side to avoid taking all the Lightnings head on.  Their
firepower from the front is more than enough to quickly destroy your fragile
Zero fighter, and they're far more vulnerable from the rear being slower and 
less maneuverable than your fighter.  You'll have some wingmen to distract the
Lightnings, but it's easy to get surrounded and cut apart given that you're
badly outnumbered.  Stay on the fringe, and take each Lightning on one by one.
Use the strength of your fighter (speed and agility) to chase down your enemy
and stay on his six as he tries vainly to turn and avoid your fire.  If you 
start to hear bullets whistling, take strong evasive action and use warspeed to
put distance between you and the attacker.  Be careful to slow down enough to
avoid overrunning your targets.  Shooting down five Lightnings and shooting down
all Lightnings are secondary objectives that aren't very difficult to achieve.

    5.4 Escape Over Rabaul
Difficulty: 1/10 OR 8/10 (depending on whether you run or fight)

History:  Ike Kepford was the top Naval ace of the war with a total of 16 kills.
In this mission, you'll reenact one of his less dominating encounters with the
enemy.  Patrolling alone near Rabaul, Kepford ambushed a lone Japanese seaplane,
only to be ambushed himself by three enemy Zeros.  Kepford fled back to 
the cover of the fleet with the Zeros in hot pursuit, shooting down two in the

Primary Objective:  Escape to US fleet
The US fleet is through the waypoint to the South.  Between you and it are four
flights of Zeros to the North, South, East, and West (you're surrounded).  You
have the choice of running for it, in which you should stay low to the water, 
and lay on the warspeed.  Or, you could fight your way through, which is harder,
but more fun.

Secondary Objective:  Destroy all enemy planes (18 total)
If you choose to fight, take on each group one by one, starting with the closest
one directly behind you.  These are stock Zeros vs. a stock Corsair, so you have
a decisive advantage in armor, and aren't too outclassed in performance.  Go 
ahead to head whenever possible, but avoid a collision since this will take off
more damage than you can probably afford in a war of attrition against 18 
enemies.  Don't get sucked into a turn fight with more than one Zero at once.
Use warspeed to get out, turn around, and charge to take out the Zeros.  Your
aircraft is strongest when pitting fire vs. fire to take advantage of your
armor.  Be careful of clusters of attacking Zeros.  Use warspeed to fly at them,
and THROUGH them.  Sooner or later, the groups will all join up into one big 
cloud, and sticking around in this cloud is suicide.  Use warspeed to get about
6,000 ft. of distance then get low and slow and lay down as much fire at the
attackers as you can from a distance.  As soon as they get within a few 
thousand feet, kick on the warspeed, and charge through the cloud again.  After
several passes, you will be badly damaged, and hopefully, they will all be 

6.                             REVISION HISTORY
12-17-2005  version 1.0 - First draft of walkthrough: sections 1-6  Historical
Missions incomplete.
12-27-2005  version 1.1 - Historical Missions completed.  Introduction added.