Question from jennyfer97

Unlock All Districts Cheat?

I was playing last night and (yes!) I use cheats. I accidentally entered a wrong code and I still heard the sigh. I highlighted the gnome and it had an option to 'unlock all districts'! How did I do that? Does anyone know the cheat? I cant remember what buttons I pressed to get that. (Yes, I want that cheat)


jester2k9 answered:

Well i dont but wow thas cool hey when you find out let me know lol try it again and post it on the cheats section
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64starchild answered:

R2, L2, Left, Right, Left, R3, Triangle
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simsgamesrule answered:

Maybe if you go on EA Games .com they might have the right cheat.
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abbieox answered:

I tried this but it doesn't work for me :( help :(
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jennyferj75 answered:

Try the strategy guide book
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