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Playboy: The Mansion Walkthrough for PS2 (Final)
By: neeker

Playboy: The Mansion is a game that contains nudity and sexual 
contents. You shouldn't be playing this game, or in fact, reading this 
walkthrough, if you are under 18, or are easily offended by such 

This walkthrough can be posted on GameFAQ.com and its associates only, 
unless authorized by me. You may contact me at lestor_wong@yahoo.com 
for this purpose.


1. First Things First
2. Mission 1: Launch the Playboy Empire 
3. Mission 2: A Great Start
4. Mission 3: Living the Life
5. Mission 4: When Everything's going Right
6. Mission 5: Feel the Love
7. Mission 6: Launch Playboy Foundation
8. Mission 7: When the going gets tough
9. Mission 8: Hurray for Hollywood
10. Mission 9: Launch Playboy TV
11. Mission 10: Playboy Jazz Festival
12. Mission 11: Launch Playboy.com
13. Mission 12: Playboy's 50th Anniversary
14. Bonus Mission 1: From Centrefold to Centrestage(PS2 Bonus)
15. Bonus Mission 2: What's Good for One... (PS2 Bonus)
16. Bonus Mission 3: Photo Finish (PS2 Bonus)
17. Last Words
Appendix 1: Contents Providers
Appendix 2: Version history


Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
username "neeker". This is the first time I'm writing a walkthrough, 
so please pardon me if I make any mistakes. Feedback can be directed 
to lestor_wong at yahoo.com.

This guide consists of a complete walkthrough of all 15 missions for 
the Mission Mode of the PS2 game Playboy: The Mansion. These include 
the 12 main missions, and the 3 bonus missions that are only available 
in the PS2 version of the game. 

This guide does not include basic information like controls, furniture 
description, etc. In another words, you should already know these basic 
functions when using this guide. Additional tips, notes and 
recommendations will be included in the walkthrough itself. For example, 
if a mission requires you to sign a comedian, I'll include my a note of 
who would be a good choice.

This guide may also have some typographical errors. Please bear with
me because sometimes I'm writing it while playing the game at the 
same time.

With all things settled, let's go straight to the missions.

UPDATE (6.30.05): If you intend to email me, please help me to read your 
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a. Include a title in the Subject field;
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d. Be courteous! I'm tired of reading emails INSTRUCTING me to answer 
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I trust that these are simple email etiquette that most people can 
adhere to. Thankfully, most people who emailed me are very helpful in
their feedback, and polite in their request. Thanks for all your 


This is basically a "Get to know the Game" mission. You start the game 
with $100,000, and you need to use the money to achieve some of the 
objectives. The objectives for this mission are:

a. Tour the game menus (Secret Objective)
b. Set up office upstairs
c. Hire staff
d. Do a centrefold photoshoot
e. Publish a magazine
f. Meet Jak

a. Tour the game menus
This is a secret objective that's not listed in the game's Goals
screen. You start the game outside the mansion, where you will find 
Julie McCollough, the first of many Playmates who will grace your
screens over the course of the game. She will explain the game's
various menus, including the Magazine, Hef, Roster and Mansion
menus. Try these menus out to complete this objective. A screen will 
pop up to confirm the completion.

To be specified for PS2 users, you need to use the following to 
complete this objective:

D-Pad Up: Magazine Menu (use L1/ R1 to scroll left and right for 
D-Pad Left: Hef Menu (use L1/ R1 to scroll left and right for more)
D-Pad Down: Roster Menu (use L1/ R1 to scroll left and right for 
D-Pad Right: Mansion Menu (use L1/ R1 to scroll left and right for 
Triangle: People/ Mood Finder
Square: Relationship Button

b. Set up office upstairs
While you're busy toggling the controls, your Star Bunny Victoria 
Fuller appears on screen. Talk to her so that she can explain the 
ideas of conversations and drives. Make sure you're very sure about
these as a large part of this game requires you to conduct
conversations and satisfy drives.

RECOMMENDATION: You may want to try out a conversation with Julie
to get a feel of talking to people. Also, while it's not compulsory,
try to convince Julie to have sex with you, just so that you can
check out the rather comical sex scene. As the game progresses, you 
will find yourself so engrossed in meeting objectives, you won't 
have much time for sex!

On the Upper Mansion, Dick will ask you to buy a Staff Desk. It's
a required item, so fork out the $14,000 for it by using the 
Mansion menu. You've full control of where you want to place your

As easy as it sounds, you complete this objective. 

RECOMMENDATION: You may want to use some money to improve your 
mansion's appearance and value, for example, buy a mirror for the 
Main Mansion. You may need these items to satisfy your guests' 
drives in future missions. This is entirely optional at this moment 
though, especially if you want to save some money. 

RECOMMENDATION: While shopping for the desk, buy a Back Drop if 
you've the spare cash. It makes your photographs better to look at. 
You can choose from a list of 3: Ocean, Sunset and Black.

c. Hire staff
Buying the desk paves the way for you to hire a journalist. 
Activate the Roster menu, and move to the Staff screen to view a
list of available staff, which should include some journalists
and photographers. Once you hire a journalist, you complete this
objective. Hire a photographer too.

TIP: When hiring a staff, choose one who has a high rating. At this
stage of the game, the staff available to you may not be the best, so
go for the best of the lot. You may also want to take note of their 
quirks, and avoid hiring people who are confrontational.

NOTE: A journalist needs a desk to work on, so if you want to hire 
one more journalist, you will need to buy another desk. 

d. Do a Centrefold photoshoot
Now that you've a photographer, you can do your first Centrefold
shoot. Approach Julie and use the Request Centrefold option. If she
agrees, you can choose to do the photoshoot at the Main or Upper 
Mansion. If you bought a Back Drop earlier at the Upper Mansion, 
choose that location. If not, anywhere will do. It doesn't really 

TIP: Before doing the photoshoot, you may want to introduce your 
photographer to Julie. Having the photographer and the model on good 
terms would ensure a better quality photoshoot. To do so, approach the 
photographer use the Follow Me command on him/ her. Then, approach 
Julie and use the Make Introductions option. Make them engage in Casual 
or Professional Conversations and watch them hit off. This process can 
be repeated in future photoshoot with other models.

Once you finished the photoshoot, the objective ends.

NOTE: You can get the model to go topless by using the Wardrobe option. 
It's essential for people who likes to look at titties. Like me.

e. Publish a magazine
You need six contents to publish an issue: 

- A Cover 
- An Article
- A Centrefold
- An Essay
- An Interview
- A Pictorial 

Use the Magazine menu to call up a screen that shows a magazine cover. 
Go to the Contents screen and you should find that you already have all 
of them, even though all you did so far was just a Centrefold shoot! 
The game is trying to go easy on you, for now, that's for sure. 

Choose one for each, and use the Go to Print option to complete this 
objective. Dick will tell you that he will inform you once the magazine 
ships. He will also come back to you almost immediately to tell you how 
much you've earned. You will also earn fame.

TIP: Take note of the contents and magazine quality by looking at how 
many Bunny Heads they have. As you progress, make sure your magazine's 
overall rating has 3 Bunny Heads or more. At this stage, however, that 
is not really possible.

To reward your first taste of success, a new item is also unlocked for 
you - the First Issue. Go to the Mansion screen to view this item under 
the Wall Art section. Buy it if you want.

NOTE: You can do this objective by simply following what the screen
wants you to do, ie. by looking at the Hef Screen. If you immediately
hire a photographer and do a Centrefold shoot, you can immediately
ship a magazine to complete the two objectives. Dick will then appear
on screen to ask you to go upstairs. Going upstairs is some sort of
a secret objective that rewards you with 2 bonus points. If you 
follow my earlier sequence of walkthrough, going upstairs before
you do a Centrefold/ Publish a Magazine WILL NOT fulfil the Go 
Upstairs objective and WILL NOT reward you with 2 bonus points. I 
apolgozie for including this so late, but I just found it out
recently while replaying this portion with my wife.

f. Meet Jak
Your assistant Jenny will make her first appearance now. She will 
inform you that Jak Hammer, a rock musician, is coming over to see you. 
When he arrives, ignore his fugly face and build up a casual 
relationship with him. Use the Invite to Inner Circle option too. The 
objective will be met in no time.

NOTE: If you don't invite Jak to your Inner Circle, you will not 
unlock Jak's Pool Party, which is a secret objective in a future 

NOTE: David Dills wrote that you can have sex with one of Jak's 
girlfriend to achieve another secret objective. According to David, 
"try to have all the relationships factors up to 70-80%" and do this
before completing the Meet Jak objective, or the girls will leave while
you're still talking to Jak. However, having sex with the girl will
make Jak turn red, so you'll have to use the Apologize command on
him before fulfilling the Meet Jak objective. I've yet to fully explore
this part of the game, so I'll treat this finding as an unverified
secret mission until I successfully test it. If you try it and is
successful, please email me too.

UPDATE (4.2.05): Benedick von Marthin wrote that to achieve the 
secret objective of having sex with Jak's girlfriends (note: plural!),
you need to have sex with both of them, presumably because they are
twins. After doing so, three more girls will stop by at the Mansion. 
He isn't sure what to do with them. However, as mentioned earlier, 
having sex with Jak's girlfriends make him see him. Even though you 
can use the Apologize command to fulfil the Meet Jak objective, the
relationship will become so sour that it removes the Jak's Pool Party
secret objective in Mission 2, even if you invite Jak to the Inner

After the Jak objective is completed, the mission wraps up. The game 
will prompt you to save whenever a mission is completed, so save your 
game if you want.

You will also be notified that you've unlock the SWIMMING POOL. From 
now on, you've one more area to move around. 

NOTE: You can save as many times as you want during the game. Some 
missions are very long, and you may want to take a rest in between. 
Saving your game in Playboy: The Mansion allows you to start 
immediately from where you save, which is very welcomed. 


There are a lot of things to do in this mission, but they are still 
pretty straight forward. Now that you've earned fame, you will have
the first taste of hosting a party, which, if successful, will earn 
you more fame. You will also need to gather more contents for your
2nd issue. 

These are the objectives for Mission 2:

a. Throw a party
b. Complete new cover shoot
c. Secure new essay
d. Secure new interview
e. Get new article
f. Get new pictorial
g. Get Centerfold
h. Ship another issue
i. Jak's Pool Party (Secret objective)

a. Throw Party
As the objective implies, you need to throw a party to complete this 
portion of the mission. Use the Throw Party option to initiate a party. 
Choose whether you want a day or night party, and decide what attire 
should your guests come in. As for who to invite, you can choose 
yourself, or leave it to Jenny. Normally, she does a pretty good job. 
However, in the later part  the game, you may want to choose the 
guests yourself because Jenny may exclude some required personnel. So, 
you may want to choose your own guests for this first party too just 
to get used to it.

NOTE: The party will be held at the place where you initiated it, so
if you want a party at the pool, proceed to the pool before calling 
for the party.

When choosing guests, there are some points to note. Firstly, the 
higher the rating a guest has, the more it will cost you to get him/ 
her over. However, a higher rating guest is also likely to give you 
better contents. You need to decide whether it is worth the while.

Secondly, before throwing a party, view the Market screen in the 
Magazine menu to check what markets have more potential.The black bars 
denote the possible estimated sales per market. The yellow bars 
denote how much your issue is hitting these markets. If TV/ Movies is 
high on the list, you may want to invite some actors/ actresses over 
to get some contents out from them to satisfy that particular market.

Thirdly, it's entirely possible that a high rating guest will decline 
your invitation. If he/ she is not a required person to complete a 
certain objective, don't bother too much about it. 

Last but not least, always include at least one journalist and one 
photographer in your party. You need the journalist to conduct 
interviews and the photographer to take photoshoot with guests who 
agree to provide these contents.

TIP: You may want to save before throwing a party if you need a 
required person to attend your meeting. If he/ she declines the 
invitation, simply load the game again to avoid incurring 
unnecessary costs.

TIP: Some guests will decline party invitations if their fame rating
is higher than yours. At this stage, you can't really do anything
about it, but my suggestion is that use these early times to ship
more issues to up your fame ratings as well, so that in future 
missions, you can easily invite "high profile, required-to-complete-
mission guests" without declinations.

With all these established, go ahead and throw the party. During the 
party, fulfil the drives of your guests by monitoring their drives 
bars, which are depicted by the following:

- Wine Glass: Entertainment
- Graduation Hat: Intellectual Development
- Chair: Leisure
- Handshake: Casual Relationship
- Graph: Professional Relationship
- Heart: Romantic Relationship

To fulfil an Entertainment drive, use the Follow Me option to 
anything that provides food and drink, and then use the Tell to Use 
option. A Food Cart, for example, can raise an Entertainment drive.

To fulfil an Intellectual Development drive, ask the guest to view 
a Wall Art like a painting, or a furniture like a bookshelf.

To fulfil a Leisure drive, ask the guest to sit on a sofa or a chair.

NOTE: All the above examples given are already in your possession.
There's no need to buy them!

To fulfil Casual, Professional and Romantic Relationships, simply 
talk to them.

Try not to end a party too early. Your guests will give you some
clues to end it by either leaving on their own, or giving the 
"zzz" signal.

Some other party pointers:

- Be appropriately dressed (no swimming trunks if you call for a
formal party, for example!)
- Turn on some music (Concord Jazz is nice)

You will complete the objective when you use the End Party function. 
You get the Privacy Bush in your shopping catalogue. It costs you 
$40,000 to build, which is a complete waste of money considering 
its sole purpose is for you to have some, er, privacy at the 
pool area.

TIP: If you can't get all the contents you need in one party, throw
another one. You waste money though, so act fast!

b. Complete new cover shoot
Choose your victim, I mean, potential cover girl during the party.
Develop a relationship (up to you which relationship) with her. Once
the relationship reaches about 50%, use the Command option to check
whether the Request Cover Shoot is available. If yes, click it!

TIP: As mentioned earlier, you may also want to first introduce the
cover girl with your photographer before requesting for the cover 

NOTE: A 50% relationship is merely a guide. Some people requires
a higher relationship to agree to your requests.

A cover shoot is almost the same as doing a Centrefold shoot, only 
you will see the word "PLAYBOY" on the screen to tell you where the
magazine titles will be placed. Snap a photo of the cover girl and 
use it for your next issue. 

c. Secure new essay
Find a celebrity in your party who has reasonable intellect. Talk
to him/ her to build a relationship. Use the Request Essay command,
pay the money and wait for your new essay.

NOTE: Even when the Request Essay command appears, the person may
decline your request. Build a higher relationship then and ask 

d. Secure new interview
This game requires you to talk to a lot of people, and it's 
beginning to take its toll! Find a celebrity in your party, build
a relationship and then use the Request Interview command. Your
journalist will be notified and will start the interview

TIP: As usual, you may introduce the celebrity to your journalist
for a better quality interview.

TIP: A person who has agree your request to either a photoshoot,
an essay or an interview can also provide other contents. For 
example, Julie can write an essay and do an interview for you, if
you want to save time. However, you can only hold one content from
one person at any one time. To get a new content from that person,
either publish it, or discard it.

e. Get new article
Once you get the cover shoot, essay and interview, you can end 
the party. Your next objective is to get your journalist to write
an article for the next issue.

Use the Market screen to find out which market has the most potential, 
and get the journalist to write an article about it. You may also 
ignore the market at this early stage of the game, and ask the
journalist to write an article which relates to his interests. Of 
course, it'd be great if the journalist happens to have an interest in 
a high market potential area.

You will be informed once the article is ready.

f. Get new pictorial
This is similar to the new article objective. Analyze the market, and
ask your photographer to shoot the pictorial. You will be asked to 
choose which area he/ she should concentrate on.

You will be informed once the pictorial is ready.

g. Get Centrefold
Use the Staff screen to search for an available Playmate. Cough up 
the money and wait for her to arrive at the Mansion. Build a
relationship with her and then Request Centrefold. You should know
how to do a photoshoot by now.

TIP: You may be given a few Playmates to choose from. Choose the 
one with the best physique and most charm. If one has a better 
physique while the other has the better charm, I'll recommend physique 
over charm any day.

NOTE: When getting the above contents, you may also note that you get 
bonus points for any content that gets the "one of the best ever" 
comment from Dick. So do your best to deliver quality stuff for your

h. Ship another issue
This is easy. Gather all the contents in the Contents screen, and send
the magazine to print. Hopefully you gain both money and fame from it!

i. Jak's Pool Party
If you didn't invite Jak to your Inner Circle earlier, you won't get 
this secret mission. Which means that, if you did, you get this secret

Anyway, this objectives requires you to throw a party at the pool for 
Jak and his friends Felix da House Cat and Uncle Kracker. Since you 
need a minimum of five people to form a party, invite a Playmate and 
a Bunny along to keep the guys occupied when you're talking to Felix 
da House Cat and Uncle Kracker. 

Develop a casual relationship with both and invite them to your Inner
Circle. You may need contents from them in future missions. 

When you're satsified with the outcome of Jak's Pool Party, end it to
complete the objective. Mission 2 ends and you will unlock the 
Character Editor in the Roster menu. It allows you to, well, edit 
some aspects of a character, duh!

NOTE: After this mission, you're pretty much on automatic gear when 
it comes to publishing magazine. Be sure to publish at least one issue
for every mission to keep the money rolling in. 

TIP: Some future missions require demographics-specific issues, and you 
may have a hard time getting them done. In such cases, ship a 
non-specific issue just to get money in, and then work on the objective


In this mission, you're required to:

a. Have an intimate affair
b. Make girlfriends
c. Make friends
d. Make an associate
e. Get full staff
f. Use your Inner Circle
g. Release another issue

a. Have an intimate affair
Develop a high romantic relationship with any woman to complete this 
objective. Go ahead and have sex with her if you want to. You unlock
the Leg-O-Ramp once this objective is met.

RECOMMENDATION: The Playmate who did the Centrefold for your last

TIP: You may try to ask this person to be your girlfriend to help  
your next objective. 

b. Make girlfriends
You need to make 2 girlfriends in this objective, yeah! If you follow
my earlier tip, you only need to find one more girl to cheat on. 

TIP: Still have Julie in the Mansion? Use her! You've already 
have sex with her if you heed my earlier recommendation, so you may  
only need to talk to her for a while before she becomes your 
girlfriend, although this is not guaranteed.

TIP: Find girlfriends who are low on ratings to minimize your cost 
for Girlfriends' Allowance. You can always break up with them when 
you've more money in the bank.

If you successfully make two girlfriends, you unlock the 
Trampoline in the Pool area. This helps to improve one's physique.

c. Make friends
You need to invite two celebrities into your Inner Circle. Already
has Jak Hammer and his friends in from earlier missions? Then you 
don't even need to bother - the objective ends by itself!

d. Make an associate
Throw a party and develop a professional relationship with a guest. 
Once the relationship goes up to around 80%, you will get an option 
to Strike a Deal. Do it to complete this objective.

NOTE: The outcome of a deal is random. You win some, you lose some.
I'd recommend you to do it only if it's a required objective, like
this one. I once lost $210,000+ in deal, for your information!

e. Get full staff
Definition of a "full staff":

- 1 Journalist
- 1 Photographer
- 1 Playmate
- 1 Bunny

Victoria leaves you sometime during Mission 2. You already have 
the journalist and photographer, so just use the Staff screen to
hire a Bunny and a new Playmate to complete this objective.

TIP: When the new Playmate arrives, use her for a Centrefold
Shoot - don't waste the money!

TIP: Try to keep only 1 Journalist at this moment. You will know
why later.

f. Use your Inner Circle
This is very easy. Apart from Jak and friends, your girlfriends 
are also included in your Inner Circle. Ask anyone for a content 
to achieve this goal.You unlock the Color Splash Skirt Suit 
upon completing this objective.

RECOMMENDATION: Do an interview with Felix da House Cat. I just 
like the name.

g. Release another issue
You know what to do. Do it and end Mission 3. You will unlock 
the Back Bunny under the Wall Art catalogue.


... everything starts to go wrong. Honeymoon is over. You will begin 
a series of tough missions that promise to crack your skull, and maybe
some other parts of your body. Mission 4 requires a lot of patience. 
It also has two secret missions that are not listed on the Goals 
screen! In fact, there are so many things to do, I'll list them in 
order of my preference to give you a more organized way to complete 
this very tough mission.

a. Find out what happened
b. Patch up or fire staff
c. Get Melda on the cover (Secret objective)
d. Publish Playboy Philosophy
e. Convert chance encounters
f. Repair girlfriend relationships
g. Mend friendships
h. Do a covershoot for Petra Verkaik (Secret objective)
i. Publish a Sports issue
j. "There's a Hitch"

a. Find out what happened
The Mansion is plagued with relationships issues. You need to find
out why. 

The Official Strategy Guide wrote that: "Only one of your 
journalists knows the problem, but you won't know which one. 
Therefore, if you go into this mission with only one journalist, you 
can make things a little easier on yourself."

Now you know why I asked you to keep only 1 journalist at the moment?

Haul up this journalist and develop a casual relationship with him/ 
her. When the time comes, Jenny will tell you what happened.

NOTE: "What happened" is basically a fight betwen both your 
girlfriends. Apparently, they both have the same ex-boyfriend who 
two-timed them (soap opera stuff, if you ask me), and they are now 
blaming each other for causing that relationship to end. Damn it.

b. Patch up or fire staff
Two members of your staff are arguing about natural vs. implants. If 
I were you, I'll fire both of them. But since this is a game, I'll
advise you to patch them up. 

Use the Goals screen to determine who the two stupid people are, 
introduce them to one another, and let them have a go at mending their
professional relationship. 

During their discussion, use the Triangle button on the PS2 controller
to monitor the drives of both parties. Quickly use the Work it Out 
option to calm things down. You must ask them to work it out quickly, 
or their conversation may end and they will walk away from each other.

You may need to try a few times to make this work.

TIP: Do the introduction at an area with lesser people. People 
walking around distracts you, and could interrupt the conversation 
between the two staff.

NOTE: Firing a staff also completes this objective.

Completing this objective unlocks the Retro Zip-Front, a costume 
that your Playmates can wear.

c. Put Melda on the cover
Some time now, Jenny will inform you that a group of researchers 
are coming over to the Mansion for a tour. She tells you to ignore 
them. Stupid woman!

The leader of the group is a lady called Melda Carlton. Develop a 
relationship with her and request her for a cover shoot. You get bonus 
points for putting Melda on your cover in this secret objective. It 
also unlocks a hidden playmate, the voluptous Petra Verkaik!

Quickly assemble all your contents, including the Playboy Philosophy
essay by Hef, and ship the issue to complete this objective.

d. Publish Playboy Philosophy
Hef's Playboy Philosophy is a free essay given to you by... you!

If you've followed the earlier instructions to put Melda on the cover
together with the Hef essay, this objective automatically completes.
You also get Michaelangelo, a very big Wall Art.

e. Convert chance encounters
By now, sports stars Jose Canseco and Rob Dyrdek should have arrived
at the Mansion. Since publishing a sports issue is one of your goals,
develop relationships with both and get an interview and a sports
essay from either one of them. 

RECOMMENDATION: I used Dyrdek for the essay and Canseco for the 
interview. Both yielded 3.5 Bunny Heads and filled up a whole lot of 
sports demographics.

NOTE: DO NOT let any of these stars slip you by. They will not 
return after they leave if you don't talk to them.

f. Repair girlfriend relationships
Now that you get two good pieces of content for your sports issue, 
you can solve the problem between the two women. This could either
be a tough objective, or it could go really well for you. 

Anyway, you need to first get both girls to talk to each other. Monitor 
their moods and then use Work it Out to bring them back on good terms.
This needs to be done for both their casual and professional

NOTE: If things go well, they will even start having a good romantic

Next, throw a party for the two girls and Blaze Starr, the ex-boyfriend. 
Invite a female sports celebrity and your photographer for a cover shoot 
as well if you want. 

TIP: If you put Melda on the cover of your earlier issue, Jenny will
tell you thay Petra wants to be on the cover of Playboy too. She will
appear on the Celebrities list when you throw a party. Consider using
her instead for bonus points. It's not necessary to have a sports 
celebrity on the cover.

Since you've already get the girls on good terms, introduce them to 
Starr individually and start them on casual conversations. Again, monitor
reactions and work it out if necessary.

Once the relationships are mended, you get a pop up to inform you that
you've completed the objective.

NOTE: It's possible to introduce the girls to each other only during
the party. 

You get a Round Bed for you effort. You can purchase it for the
Upper Mansion and have sex on it.

g. Mend friendships
Two members of your Inner Circle have taken opposite sides with regards 
to your girlfriends' issue. Invite the two immature buggers over, 
introduce them to a casual conversation and use Work it Out if

NOTE: You must do this only after you repair your girlfriends'

TIP: There's no need to throw a party for the friends. Simply use the
Call Friends option.

h. Do a covershoot for Petra Verkaik
If you did a covershoot for Petra during the Starr party, remember 
to select her as a content for your Sports issue. This objective will
complete when you publish the issue.

NOTE: You can throw seperate parties for Starr and Petra.

i. Publish a sports issue
You probably need the money now. Go ahead and publish the sports issue
with Canseco's and Drydek's contents. Both contents should max out the
sports bar in your Market screen. If you want to be safe, get a 
journalist (preferably one who loves sports) to write an article on 
sports and your photographer (preferably one who loves sports) to 
shoot a sports pictorial.

TIP: You can now hire more journalists and photographers. Choose 

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Save now. I repeat, save the game now.

h. "There's a Hitch"
A lady called Hillary Adelus wants to meet you to talk about the 
emergence of Playboy Magazine. Throw a party for her together with 
some filler-guests. Once you invite her over, the grotto is unlocked
in the pool area.

Now, walk over to the pool area to check out whether your pool is still 
there! If not, load game and try again. If yes, you should see your new 
grotto too.

Go back to the Mansion and develop a casual relationship with Hillary. 
Wait for the pop up to confirm that the objective is met.

Mission 4 is now complete, and you unlock Olivia's Hef, another piece
of Wall Art.

NOTE: While unlocking the grotto, it's possible that it doesn't unlock
at all, causing the whole swimming pool to go missing. For good. It 
doesn't affect your gameplay - some future missions require compulsory 
pool/ grotto parties - as the game apparently still recongnizes that 
you've a pool and a grotto, but it just feels silly having a group of 
people standing on a large green patch of land which is supposed to be 
your pool. And how am I so sure that it feels silly? Because I got the 
bloody glitch without saving.


If you've completed the secret objective of getting both Melda and
Petra on the cover, this mission will sound familiar. This time, 
however, you will need to get a famous actress on, get a content from 
a specific individual and hold some specific parties. 

a. Hold Operation Validation Fundraiser
b. Complete Karmyn Chase Covershoot
c. Find Ken Willard
d. Hold Graduation Party
e. Hook Ken up (Secret objective)
f. Get essay from Ken Willard
g. Get Karmyn on the cover

a. Hold Operation Validation Fundraiser
Dick informs you of a request from a certain Johnny Hart. You must 
fulfil this request by holding a Fundraiser party at the Grotto. 
Johnny and Karmyn Chase will be present at the party. Remember to 
invite a photographer along.

Keep the guests satisfied, and also build up a relationship with 
Karmyn. Ask for a photoshoot if possible to also help the next
objective. Or you may want to invite her to your Inner Circle if
you don't want to do the photoshoot now. There's no reason not to!

TIP: Inviting Karmyn to your Inner Circle allows you to call her
over for future contents. Her essay and interview both carry 
high Bunny Heads.

End the party to complete this objective. You unlock Butt'R'Fly, 
yet another Wall Art in the process.

b. Complete Karmyn Chase Covershoot
If you asked Karmyn to do a photoshoot during the Fundraiser 
party, you complete the objective during the party itself.

You get an Artsy Bunny Shirt for your effort. It's quite a nice
piece of casual outfit for your Playmates.

c. Find Ken Willard
There's only one person who can reveal the whereabouts of the
mysterious Ken Willard - Robbie Light. Throw a party for Robbie,
develop a relationship with him and wait for Jenny to confirm
the information you get from Robbie.

The bugger, however, will only tell you how to contact Ken if
you agree to host a graduation party for his students. You've
no choice but to agree!

TIP: Even though the party is intended to scoop information
from Robbie, invite some celebrities for contents as well.
At the end of the day, Karmyn's cover and Ken's essay only
amounted to 2/6 of an issue. 

RECOMMENDATION: Get Petra in for this party and get an 
interview out of her. I got 4 Bunny Heads for it!

d. Hold Graduation Party
Damn, do you have to do this? You've to honor your part of the bargain 
with Robbie Light. The guests are some of the most notorious ones, but 
you should maximize this opportunity to get Lisa Theobald on the cover, 
and perhaps get some other  contents from the others. Photographer and 
journalist are therefore mandatory again. 

Once you end the party, Robbie tells you the information about Ken.
You fulfil both the "Find Ken Willard" and "Hold Graduation Party"
objectives. The Ken objective gives you Obsession, yet another piece
of Wall Art. Yawn!

e. Hook Ken up
You need to throw a lot of parties for this mission, and here's another 
one. Invite Ken over for a party, as well as several amorous women. Ken 
is horny, and wants love. Satisfy his sex drive first by hooking him up
with a Playmate. This will complete the hidden objective of hooking Ken

f. Get essay from Ken Willard
Talk Ken out of giving you an essay. He gives a great essay too, by the 

RECOMMENDATION: Ken is good in Arts and Literature. Depending on the 
market, you may ask him to write about something else he likes too. Just 
be sure to request an essay in an area that he has an interest in to 
maximize content quality.

Gather all the contents, including Karmyn's cover, and ship the issue. 

g. Get Karmyn on the cover
Once you ship the issue with Karmyn on the cover, you 
automatically completes this. This unlocks the Ultra Extreme Dance for 
the Clubhouse, which you will get for completing Mission 5 itself.

And then Mission 5 completes, and you unlock the Clubhouse, yay!


Steven Ratchet, the man to launch the Playboy Foundation, is in jail 
for protesting. You need to get him out to launch the Playboy 
Foundation. The majority of things you do in this mission is to pave 
the way for his release. 

a. Sign Builder Paris
b. Sign famous Leading Lady
c. Get the chemistry cooking
d. A little mood music
e. Get Markus a muse (Secret objective)
f. Pull some strings
g. Pay Steven's Bail
h. Free Stephen Ratchet
i. Host Mover's and Shakers
j. Fund the Foundation (Secret objective)
k. Leery Politicians

TIP: Objectives a-e can be achieved in one single party. You need to 
invite Builder Paris, Lily Knocker and Markus Jacobski to the same party, 
as well as an amorous or easy-going Playmate. If you want contents from 
these people, bring your journalist and photographer along. You also 
need to work fast.

a. Sign Builder Paris
Develop a professional relationship with Builder Paris. As the 
relationship moves towards the 90% range, the Offer Contract option 
should appear on the screen. Use it to sign him. 

If the conversation doesn't go well, use the Calm Down option to turn 
the tide. Try again when the relationship goes up again.

b. Sign famous Leading Lady
You need a leading lady who is of similar rating as Builder. For that 
reason, I recommend Lily Knocker. She should be the only female actress 
who satisfies this requirement in the Roster menu when you throw the 

As with Builder, develop a professional relationship with Lily and sign 
her up using the Offer Contract option.

NOTE: I tried signing Karmyn up for this objective, but despite a high 
professional relationship, she refuses to sign the contract, and even 
kicked me in the balls. I'd believe it's because her rating is much 
higher than Builder.

c. Get the chemistry cooking
Before approaching Lily, you may consider asking Builder to follow you, 
because you need him and Lily to form a romantic relationship.

Sit back and watch them hit off. The familiar pop up confirms the 
completion of this objective, and gives you the Shoulder Wrap, another 
piece of garment for your Playmates.

d. A little mood music
It's Markus Jacobski's turn to be impressed by you. Develop a
professional relationship and sign a contract with him. That's three
contracts in a row now!

e. Get Markus a muse
Markus is another horny man who has sexual needs to fulfil. You will
come across plenty of these people throughout this game, so you might
as well get used to it. Introduce Markus to the Playmate you brought 
along, and get them to work on a romantic conversation. This is easier
said than done, because Markus is such a pain in the ass, he offends
the girls all the time. Use Work it Out if required. 

TIP: To be on the safe side, bring along additional Playmates.

Once their relationship develops to a high percentage, the objective
ends. You will get a confirmation on screen, as well as the Playboy
Mini for your Playmates.

stars instead. I'm not going to explain basic issues like hosting a 
successful party or shipping a good issue to gain fame in Mission 6!

f. Pull some strings
Signing Builder, Lily and Markus will pave the way for the appearance
of Robert Aganasio. Invite him to a party and develop a casual
relationship with him. Get him into your Inner Circle as well. End the
party after that. Robert will help you to secure Steven's release.

As easy as this sounds, you just pulled some strings!

g. Pay Steven's Bail
Pulling strings immediately leads to Dick asking you to pay $100,000
to bail Stephen out of jail. You've no choice but to say Yes.

h. Free Stephen Ratchet
Once you click Yes to pay the bail, Stephen gets free. It's as simple
as that.

i. Host Movers and Shakers
This is another fundraising party that involves some guests with very
weird needs. Satisfy their fetish to get more funding.

Now, here's the world of the rich and famous:

- Dame Sanford is a drinker. Get her drunk so that her embarrassed 
husband will pay some money to cover up the story.
- Zupa True is attracted to Dame Sanford. Introduce them for a romantic
development. Yes, heck care the husband.
- Duke Sanford apparently likes to fool around with other women. Keep 
him away from female guests and Dame Sanford will be grateful enough 
to donate more money.
- Rhapsody Rod admires Zupa True. Introduce them for a casual 
- Marv Wasserman likes to watch his girlfriend Tika Chai hit off with 
other men. You may want to do the honour yourself!

NOTE: You can don't satisfy any of these fetish to complete this
objective. Satisfying them bring more donation to the Playboy 
Foundation though. Also, all these quirks will only be made Known
to you if you develop at least 40% casual relationship with 
each and every one. For example, you need to casual talk Duke until
he tells you his "problem".

If you're interested in paying lesser for the foundation fund,
you may want to follow what I did in my game in the following 

Develop a casual relationship with Rhapsody until he tells you
he's a fan of Zupa. Ask Rhapsody to follow you next, as you
casual talk Zupa until he tells you that he "loves all the girls,
and has the hots for Dame". Ignore Zupa's issue for now, and
introduce Rhapsody to Zupa for a casual relationship. Next, ask
Dame to follow you until you're close to Zupa and Rhapsody, 
and then casual talk her until she tells you that she thinks
her husband is "trying to relive his youth". By now, Zupa and
Rhapsody should have finish talking, so introduce Dame to Zupa
for a romantic relationship. Ask Duke to follow you next, as you 
casual talk him until he tells you about Dame's drinking problem.
I'm quite lucky because I didn't invite any Playmates to the
party, and Bunnies can't hit off with any man because they're
chaste, so Duke can't "relive his youth". Just keeping him by your
side should fulfil Dame's wish that her husband is faitfhul at
least for tonight, while she humps away with Zupa! Once Dame is 
done with Zupa, ask her to use the bar until she gets drunk. She
will need about four drinks to go into a stumble. I talk to Marv
next, but by the time he tells me about his fetish, Tika Chai has
already left. So, yes, I didn't talk to everyone. But, read next

j. Fund the Foundation
Once you end the Movers and Shakers party, you will be asked to fork 
out some money to fund the Playboy Foundation. The maximum amount to 
pay is $100,000. However, if you satisfy the specific needs of the 
guests during the party, you pay lesser, depending on how many you
satisfy. If you use my way, you only pay $48,850! Not too bad, 
is it?

k. Leery Policticians
Has this mission end yet? Now, some stupid politicians want to talk
to you. Get Arriana Blewsome, Beatrice Atkinson, Frank Watz, and Pierre 
Leek in for a party. Satisfy their drives. Get some contents out of them
if you want to, etc. Finish the party to end this objective.

TIP: During the course of this mission, be vigilant in publishing 
magazines. It's too easy to be caught up in fulfilling objectives
that you completely forget about the thing that brings you your
daily bread. In a long mission like this, I typically ship out
three issues!

Completing Mission 6 unlocks the Regency End Table, an expensive 
furniture for your Mansion.


This is another "tough times" mission. You've multiple objectives, and 
you need a lot of patience to see through them:

a. Put up a good front
b. Tough times at the Mansion
c. Sad girlfriends
d. Staff live the life
e. Rock the Clubhouse
f. Diversify
g. Sign an actor
h. Sign up some Playmates
i. Strive for the best
j. Playmates on a mission

NOTE: A lot of these objectives overlap each other in the course of
the mission. To make it simpler, I'm organizing them in such a way that
one "big" objective precedes "smaller" ones that will help finish the
"big" one. Sounds confusing? OK, here are examples:

Objective b is a "big" objective. To achieve it, you need to achieve 
the "small" objectives c-e.

Objective f is a "big" objective. To achieve it, you need to achieve 
the "small" objectives g-h.

To avoid confusion, follow the sequence that I explain.

a. Put up a good front
Requirements to complete this objective:

- 2 journalists
- 2 photographers
- 3 playmates
- 3 girlfriends

TIP: Your Staff screen should show only two Playmates. Hire them. 
Wait for a while before going in again to find the 3rd Playmate. Hire
her as well.

NOTE: As this is a long mission, some Playmates may leave you if you 
can't complete it within a reasonable period of time towards the end
of the game, thus reverting your already completed objective. Solve
this problem by hiring another Playmate. If this happens, the 2nd time
you satisfy this objective will earn you zero points.

You should know how to get a 3rd girlfriend. Repeat previous conning
process. I normally use easy-going and amorous Playmates.

NOTE: You need to start your third star before you can get a 3rd 
girlfriend. If you publish a lot of magazines in earlier missions, 
this shouldn't be a problem.

b. Tough times at the Mansion
You need to hold three parties for your staff to complete this
objective. See objectives c-e.

c. Sad girlfriends
Throw a party at the pool for your girlfriends. Tom Arnold will be 
present. Get him to develop casual relationships with all your 
girlfriends, then end the party. 

You may want to get a journalist to be around to interview Tom.

TIP: You can ask Tom to sign a contract with you at the same time
to satisfy objective e!

d. Staff live the life
Throw a party at the pool for your staff. Pretty model Dita Von Teese
will be around to play the Tom Arnold role this time. Get her to talk
to your staff.

TIP: There's no need for Dita to talk to everyone. Just keep the moods
high and then end the party.

e. Rock the Clubhouse
Throw a party at the Clubhouse for your Playmates. DJ Excess will be
present. Like Tom Arnold and Dita Von Teese, get him to talk to the 
Playmates. Keep drives high, then end party.

TIP: You can consider inviting all three high profile stars into your
Inner Circle. Scoop contents from them for objective i.

Once objectives c-e are met, objective b wraps up by itself, unlocking 
the Plaid Skirt.

NOTE: If you didn't get the stars to talk to the relevant people you
need to encourage during these parties, Jenny will tell you that
it's not a successful party, and will tell you to try again. So do it
right the first time.

f. Diversify
Satisfy objectives g-h to complete this objective.

g. Contract an actor
If you develop a professional relationship with Tom Arnold during
the Sads Girlfriends party, you can offer him a contract there and 
then to close this objective. Do it this way to save time and money.

h. Sign up some Playmates
By "some", they actually mean FIVE. Yes, five contracts to be signed
in this objective. Develop professional relationships with five bubbly
ladies and sign them on. You already have three on staff, so use them.
Find two more. Keeping some Published Playmates in your Inner Circle
helps, so that you won't need to throw a party.

NOTE: Contracts with your girlfriends DON'T COUNT! Don't waste time
on them.

TIP: Make sure your photographers are around all the time. You can use
these girls for photoshoot. You need all the good quality contents for
objective i.

i. Strive for the best
This sounds like a tough job, but it isn't. You need to put out three 
back-to-back issues with a 3-Bunny Heads rating and above. Not all 
contents need to be 3-Bunny Heads, only the overall quality. This is 
where your contents from Tom, Dita and DJ Excess come into play!

UPDATE (6.30.05): I was informed by Pat Konopka that you need to put 
out only TWO issues instead of three issues. My bad!

RECOMMEDNATION: Tom gives a good interview in my game, while DJ Excess
absolutely rocks with his essay. Dita will pose for the cover. Play
around with the possibilities. Dita can give you three contents, while
the two dudes can give you two each. Even if you can't use them all
in this objective, there's always the next issue.

TIP: Use the Playmates you hire for Centrefold shoot. 

TIP (UPDATED 6.30.05): Even though the objective requires two back-to-
back issues, there's no harm in doing more. Gather the contents as the 
mission progresses and publish as many issues as possible to keep the 
money rolling in. For a rough guide, publish one issue during "Tough 
times at the Mansion" and one during "Diversify". Then publish the 
last issue now.

TIP: As recommended earlier, get your journalist to develop 
relationships with the person he/ she is interviewing. Satisfy all
drives before proceeding to ensure a high quality content. It's not
difficult to get a 4-5 star interview, as well as a 4-5 star essay 
from fully satisfied celebrities.

j. Playmates on a mission
This another mindless party. Throw it at the Grotto for your Playmates
together with some high profile guests. Do what you do in a party, then
end it to close this objective. You get the Leopard Flares for your

Finally, Mission 7 ends. You get the Playboy Pinball 1 for the 
Clubhouse. Phew!


Now that you've settle the internal problems, it's time to build on 
the diversification. In this mission, you go hands on in finding a 
new girlfriend, training her and then promoting her to a highly rated
producer by, what else, getting her on the cover.

a. Choices, Choices
b. Promote her
c. Get to know Duffy
d. Line up Carmen
e. Impress him
f. Charm him
g. Get Wendy to the Mansion
h. Hold Announcement Party

a. Choices, Choices
You will have a new girlfriend by the end of this objective. You need
to choose from Penny Starks, a tennis pro, and Sandra Bellor, a 
supermodel. Choose either one to develop a romantic relationship, and
ask her to be your girlfriend.

TIP: Choose your girlfriend based on the current market potential. 
Normally, at this particular stage of the game, Fashion is tops, so
choosing Sandra would be a better choice despite her lesser physique.

You get the White Peek-a-Boo when the girl agrees to be your girlfriend.

NOTE: You need to have more than 3-stars to get a 4th girlfriend, 
you horny bastard! If you don't throw some parties and ship some 

b. Promote her
You need to get your new girlfriend on the cover. Before doing that,
however, you also need to improve on her physique and charm. Invest
in some fitness equipment for her, for example, a treadmill. Use the
Follow Me option and get her to use the treadmill repeatedly until her
physique is over 70%. 

Similarly, ask her to look at the mirror repeatedly to improve her
charm until it's over 70%.

NOTE: This is a long and tedious process. Have patience.

Meanwhile, get the staff to work on some Movies & TV-related 
contents to capture the attention of Scotty Powers.

You will end the Promote Her objective when the issue ships with 
your new girlfriend on the cover.

c. Get to know Duffy
Some dude by the name of Duffy Wolff wants to speak to you. Invite
him over to find out why. Develop a casual relationship to discover
that he's onto some interesting new project that will help you to
expand your empire. When the objective is met, end the party.

TIP: YOu may want to get an essay or do an interview with Duffy to 
help capture Scotty's attention. I'd say just take the essay for now.

d. Line up Carmen
Wow! THE Carmen Electra! She's the girl! Develop casual relationships
to invite her into your Inner Circle because she can provide three 
pieces of solid contents for you. 

TIP: An interview will be good now, because you will need Carmen to 
write a music-related essay to fulfil a demographics-specific objective
in future missions.

Next, develop a professional relationship with her until you can sign
a contract with her.

You unlock the Barely There Plus swimsuit!

RECOMMENDATION: Immediately after you ship the issue with your 
girlfriend's cover, Duffy's essay and Carmen's interview, ask Carmen 
to do a cover shoot too with the Barely There Plus. Heh heh.

e. Impress Him
Once Scotty gets hold of the latest issue, he will be so impressed
by your new girlfriend, he will want to meet her. Throw a party
with him and your girlfriend plus a host of other filler-guests.

You need to develop both casual and professional relationships with
Scotty. Invite him into your Inner Circle as well.

These should be enough to impress the bugger.

f. Charm Him
Introduce Scotty to your new girlfriend (casual). When the 
relationship is built, the objective clears.

g. Get Wendy to the Mansion
Throw a party for Wendy Bigmoney and Ciro Barrow. Casual talk them, 
then boost their drives (remember you still have the bar, food carts,
sofa and bookshelf in the Mansion to satisfy their needs). Once their
drives are maxed out, introduce them into a romantic conversation.

Once they hit off, the objective ends. You also unlock the Stars 'n'
Stripes swimsuit.

TIP: As usual, get Wendy to do a photoshoot if you want. The 
"conservative" woman will go topless for a cover shoot, but don't
expect a very good reception since she's old and haggard.

g. Hold Announcement Party
It's the big day. Throw the party with Scotty, Wendy and your
girlfriend. Invite also lots of famous celebrities. Include your

A few minutes into the game, Scotty makes his announcement. You can
use the remaining time to squeeze contents.

Mission 8 completes. You unlock the Regency Chair, another piece
of expensive furniture to go with the Regency End Table you unlocked


More diversification as you now act on Duffy's suggestion of Playboy
TV! This entire objective requires you to launch this unique channel.

a. Hook Scotty up
b. Ki's American Exposure
c. Hold Preimer Party
d. Work the room
e. Get a Playboy TV Host
f. Get Millard to open up
g. Sign Millard on
h. Get and promote talent
i. Meet the Finalists
j. Publish a Winner
k. Best favor ever

a. Hook Scotty up
Another horny man to hook up for this objective. Scotty has the hots
for Ki Kji, a foreign singer with green hair (cool!). Get them over
for a romantic introduction. When the hit it off, you win!

b. Ki's American Exposure
You need to put Ki onto your cover, or get an interview from her. I 
chose the cover. Introduce her to your photographer if you want to
follow my choice, and develop a professional relationship between
them. Request photoshoot after that. End the party.

To fully complete this objective, you need to ship an issue with 
a music demographic of 12+. Find a journalist who loves music to 
write an article on music. If you don't have one, hire! Same for
photographer for shooting pictorial.

NOTE: Journalists and photographers who have music as their first
interest easily churn out contents that are +7 to +15!

TIP: If you really need it, ask Carmen Electra to do a music essay 
for you. Her music essay ranges from +5 to +9. However, if you've 
enough contents to fulfil the 12+ music requirement, save her for 
a future mission.

Ship the music issue to complete the Ki's American Exposure objective.

NOTE: I received an email from a gamer about a problem with this 
objective, as in he has already did a covershoot and an interview 
with Ki, and published it before shipping this Ki's American 
Exposure issue. If you experienece the same problem, I can't really 
help you as it seems that the only way is to start over!

c. Hold Premier Party
You've a lot of things to do in this party, so once again, you need to
act quickly just in case some required people you need to talk to 

The guests will be chosen for you. You will notice you've one spot
left. Choose a photographer or a journalist.

d. Work the room
You can achieve objectives c-h in this party (yay!), but do this 
first. Find Melissa Houston and establish a casual relationship
with her. Once it's high enough, this objective ends.

e. Get a Playboy TV Host
Kimberly Priest is the person you should work on a professional 
relationship. Sign a contract with her. She will ask you to host
a party for the AAG.

f. Get Millard to open up
Millard West just got fired, and he isn't ready to sign a contract
with you. Develop a casual relationship with him. Ideally, do 100%
with him and get him into your Inner Circle.

The objective DOES NOT end after you achieve 100% casual relationship
with him, but fret not. You need to develop a professional 
relationship with him until about 80-90%, that's when he "opens up".
Jenny will inform you about it.

g. Sign Millard on
You now have about 10-20% left to professional talk him to sign a
contract. This should be easy.

h. Get and promote talent
Sign contracts with Svelta Coulette and Trippy Dee, then get a content
from each. Depending on who you bring along, you can score a cover
shoot or an interview with one, and get an essay from the other.

After this, there's nothing more to do at this party. End it to
clear the Hold Premier Party objective.

NOTE: Establish a relationship with Melissa (objective d) first before 
asking for contents from Svelta and Trippy. Or at least, DO NOT use 
up their contents before you do objective d, or you can never fulfil
this objective. Which means you just walk around for eternity without
any progress in the game.

After this, gather the necessary contents to publish an issue that
has both Svelta's and Trippy's contents to end this objective.

TIP: You may want to wait until after you choose the winner for the
Playmate Search contest to publish the issue to save time for sourcing
new contents.

i. Meet the Finalists
Throw a party for the Playboy TV Playmate Search contest. The finalists
are Camilla Green, Evelyn Duport, Raine Sinteur, and Tish Blankly.

Talk to every girl to build some relationship. There's no need to 
build a strong relationship.

End the party after that yo end this objective, and you get the 
Jeweled Panties! Cool!

h. Publish a Winner
Choose a winner, then do a Centrefold shoot for her. Publish the issue
to end this objective, and get the Brass Bed.

RECOMMENDATION: Camilla was my choice. I love long-haired blondes. Then
again, Evevlyn Dupoint has the best physique, and will almost certainly
guarantee a 4.5-5 Bunny Heads Centrefold.

i. Best favor ever
Throw a pool party for the AAG to fulfil your deal with Kimberly. This 
is a party for a group of porn stars. Score with some of them if you 
like. Remember to get your journalist and photographer there to score
some contents. The actresses invited for this party are all pretty
well-endowed, which would give you some high rating covershoot.

End the party to wrap up the mission. You unlock the Garter in the

NOTE: Some of these peole have the funniest names! Rock Throb! Vibra
Bottoms! Honey Lipps! 

TIP: If you haven't invite Kimberly into your Inner Circle, you may
want to do so. Amazingly, her physique is better than every single
Porn Actress in this party. You want her for a cover shoot, don't


You've a lot of celebrities to convince in this mission. Take some 
aspirin before proceeding. Do it in this order:

a. Sign an MC Comedian
b. Sign Isha Ravaman
c. Hook Isha Up
d. Befriend Moses
e. Sign Red Tin Man
f. Get Willy Heed
g. Get James Bookbinder
h. Get Terrian Johnson
i. Reunite and sign the Fabulous Feather Boas
j. Clashing egos
k. Get John Yett's attention
l. Sign on John Yett
m. Appease Harvey Hathaway

a. Sign on MC Comedian
You need to throw a party, and one party is all you need to achieve
objectives a-e. In the list, invite a comedian who has 3.5 stars and
above, Isha Ravaman, Raze Hammerhorn, Ted Harneau, Lester Frates and
Mose Ramone, as well as a Playmate. Isha needs other musicians to be 
around before she agrees to come for the party, and Raze, Ted and 
Lester fulfil the criterion.

Now, develop a professional relationship with the comedian and sign a

b. Sign Isha Ravaman
Same deal. Professional conversation until she signs contract. BUT.
Yes, a big but...

c. Hook Isha up
Isha a secret fantasy! She wants to go oh and ah with a Playmate! Ok,
hook her up with the Playmate (now you see why a Playmate is needed),
romantically of course. When they hit it off, this objective ends.

d. Befriend Moses
This is easy. Casual talk Moses for 10-20% and this is done. You may 
want to go all the way and invite him to your Inner Circle.

TIP: Moses writes a superb music essay!

e. Sign Red Tin Man
Raze, Ted and Lester are members of the Red Tin Msn. Professional
talk them individually until they sign contracts with you. This could
be quite tough unless you're lucky. End the party after that.

NOTE: If, before you can complete all these objectives in the party,
some guests leave, just throw another party for those whom you didn't
talk to.

f. Get Willy Heed
In this party, you need Moses, James Bookbinder and Willy Heed. They're
the members of the now defunct Fabulous Feather Boas. Add in a Playmate 
and another staff to get the party rolling.

For Willy, develop a professional relationship and offer him a 

g. Get James Bookbinder
The reason for the splitting of the Fabulous Feather Boas is due to
a bust-up between Moses and James. Introduce them to to both casual
and professional relationships and use Work it Out if required. These
two buggers are a pain (no, make it two pains) in the ass. Be on full
concentration to mend their relationship.

Once they get on good terms, interrupt and sign a contract with James.

h. Get Terrain Johnson
The 4th guy from the Fabulous Feather Boas is "out of town" because
he owes someone $100,000! Settle the debt for him (!@#$%!).

i. Reunite and sign the Fabulous Feather Boas
To complete this, sign Moses! 

j. Clashing egos
These musicians, they're like kids, aren't they? After signing the
Red Tin Man and the Fabulous Feather Boas, you're informed that Raze
(Red Tin Man) and James (Fabulous Feather Boas) have an issue with
each other! What to do? Party, professional introduction, Work it 
Out. You should be sick and tired of reuniting people by now.

k. Get John Yett's attention
You've the musicians, now you need to show Yett that you mean business.
You need two back-to-back issues of 20+ music demographics. 

TIP: Your photographers and staff can save you if they're interested 
in music. I got my photographer whose first interest is music to 
shoot several pictorials for me, and she got +7, +15 and +12 on the
three attempts.

TIP: Get Carmen Electra to write a music essay for you if you haven't
used her for the early Ki Kji issue. Also, use Moses' essay. He did a
+8 for me.

This objective could be difficult to achieve, good luck. Once you
achieve it, you "get Yett's attention".

l. Sign on John Yett
Invite Yett to a party and professional talk him until he signs a
contract. This is easy.

m. Appease Harvey Hathaway
This son of a bitch is another horny bastard. Get him to conduct
romantic conversations with at least four women, and ensure they 
build strong romantic relationships. 

End the party.

TIP: In any one of these above parties, invite a tech celebrity and
make friend with him/ her.

Mission accomplished. Take a deep breath... you've done it! You get
the Regency Sofa for your effort.


In this mission, you enter the world of the Internet. Upon completing
the mission, you launch Playboy.com. But it's not easy though.

a. Get Three Tech Friends
b. Put out multiple tech issues
c. Get to know Angelica Church
d. Fulfil's Angelica's fantasy
e. Sign Angelica on
f. Host Nettie Awards party
g. Impress Jimmy GrahamHost Nettie Awards party
h. Sign Binary Chaos
i. Pay starting costs

a. Get Three Tech Friends
I hope by now that "making friends" means inviting someone into your
Inner Circle. Throw a party with all the techies and invite three of
them into your Inner Circle.

NOTE: You may only find three in the invitation list anyway, and 
worse, less than three. Be glad to know that you've at least one tech 
friend already from the tip I gave in the earlier mission.

TIP: Get contents from your tech friends, because you will need them.
Make sure that the contents have high tech & toys demographics. 

b. Put out multiple tech issues
Choice 1: 3 issues of 15+ tech & toys demographics
Choice 2: 2 issues of 25+ tech & toys demographics

If I'm you, I'll go for choice 1, since you need to produce
"only" 45+ points instead of 50+ points. You also make more money with 
more issues, yes?

The normal rules apply for pictorials and articles, as in get staff
who has tech & toys as their interests, preferably first interest.

Not as difficult as it sound. 

TIP: Put out the issue progressively. There's no need to do three 
issues at once. You should have one interview and one essay from 
objective a, use them to publish your first issue now. 

c. Get to know Angelica Church
Easy, but pray that Melody Essex is available for the party too. Do
the party at the pool.

Develop a professional relationship with Angelica. She won't sign a 
contract yet though.

d. Fulfil Angelica's Fantasy
Another lesby request. If you've Melody in the party, lead both into 
the grotto and introduce them romantically until they hit it off.

NOTE: If Melody is not available for selection in the invitation list,
you will have to end the first party and throw another party to have
both of them together.

UPDATE (6.30.05): Shawn wrote that it's possible to fulfil Angelica's 
fantasy without Melody Essex!He mentioned that "I didn't have Melody on 
my list of people to invite but I threw the pool party with Angelica 
nevertheless.  I was still able to complete her fantasy by having Hef 
take her in the bushes during that same party.  Not sure if it was a 
glitch as I only tried it once". This tip is unverified. Anyone who 
tries it, please let me know whether it works.

e. Sign Angelica on
You know how to do this. What? You don't? Professional talk again
until she signs contract, man!

f. Host Nettie Awards Party
You need to get to Will Frates, the boss of Binary Chaos. Binary Chaos
is the company who will help launch your website, by the way. Host the
Nettie Awards party. The guests will be pre-picked, but get two female
staff in too (Playmates preferably). Unfortunately, Frates can't make 
it, and has sent his horny assistant, Jimmy Graham instead. You know 
what that means.

Anyway, during the party, keep the guests happy as usual, but your main 
aim is to impress Jimmy.

g. Impress Jimmy Graham
You need to develop a professional relationship with Jimmy until Dick
pops up (I like that phrase, Dick pops up!) to tell you that Jimmy "is
taking Playboy.com seriously". As usual, impress the guests and then
end the party to end the Host Nettie Awards Party objective too. You get 
$50,000 for hosting the party, but it takes $70,000+ to host it...

Jimmy still needs two girls to fulfil his hidden motives. Introduce 
two girls to him romantically after the party. The romantic relationships 
need to be 100% before you can "impress" him. Bastard. 

h. Sign Binary Chaos
Finally, you get to meet Will. Throw a party for him, develop a 
professional relationship and then sign a contract with him.

i. Pay starting costs
The more people you keep happy at the Nettie Awards, the lower your
starting cost. You need to pay the money anyway, and by now you should
be a multi-millionaire. Why bother stooping so low as to lick the asses
of those assholes?

Pay the money to end this objective and the mission. You unlock the
Regency Rug!


In the PC and Xbox version, this is the last mission. Poor souls. 
They're missing out on three bonus missions... wait a minute, you 
mean you need to go through three more ordeals after this to see the
ending? You want to buy an Xbox now?

a. Hold a party for Jo Jo
b. Interview the Boxer
c. Line up Director
d. Essay from the Candidate
e. Get the girls
f. Buy dresses from Nerman
g. Cure for Cold Feet
h. Sign two Comedians
i. Sign up O'Burg
j. Publish the perfect issue
k. Reunite the Band
l. Hef's Biography (Secret objective)
m. Hold Anniversary Party

Before you start the mission, Will Frates will show up and request to
stay at the Mansion. If you don't want to entertain him, throw him out.
But if you let him stay and maximize his drives, he will leave after a
while, and help you to bargain for a discount for objective i.

If you've the money, throw him out. If you want to feel good, let
him stay.

a. Hold a party for Jo Jo
The Boxer Party will have Jo Jo Charge, retired boxer who hasn't given
an interview for 25 years. Invite Zach Trick and Yeardley Fullheart as
well to help objectives c and d. Also bring a journalist who is 
interested in sports, as in, his/ her first interest. This is very
important. If you don't have one, hire one now!

Keep Jo Jo's drives maxed. Develop a casual relationship and get him
into your Inner Circle if you want. Introduce him to your journalist. 
Max out their relationship, then request interview from Jo Jo.

TIP: Max out the journalist's drives too if required.

b. Interview the Boxer
Once the interview is done, the objective ends.

If you did what I told you about the journalist who loves sports and
maxing out, you should get a 5 Bunny Heads interview. If not, redo the

c. Line up Director
Professional talk Zach until he signs a contract.

d. Essay from the Candidate
For Yeardley, he's running for Mayor. You need an emotional essay
from him. Develop a strong relationship with him (any) and request
an essay after maxing out his drives.

TIP: Ask him to write on Arts & Literature, which is his first

Once he finished the essay, the objective clears. You should get a
5 Bunny Heads essay, BUT... see objective g!

End party after that.

e. Get the girls
Complete an objective by doing nothing! You already have 4 
girlfriends, which satisfy the objective. Free points to see tits
in the archives, hoo!

f. Buy dresses from Nerman
Your girlfriend wants dresses that are fully-coated with diamonds.
$400,000 if you threw Will Frates out earlier. $300,000 if you
helped him. Heh heh. I didn't tell you that earlier, did I?

Buy the dresses to complete this.

g. Cure for Cold Feet
You don't think it'd be so easy to publish an essay from a candidate
running for Mayorship, do you? Yeardley has become Mayor now. And he
has developed cold feet. He wants assurance from you, which means

Professional talk him until Jenny confirms that he trusts you, then
introducing him to no less than FOUR women until his cold feet is
miraculously cured.

His essay should be worth 5 Bunny Heads. If not, I suggest you 

h. Sign two Comedians
Invite two highly rated comedians and Carmen Split to a party. Build
professional relationships with the comedians and tie them to contracts.

i. Sign up O'Burg
Carmen Split is the manager of O'Burg. Con her into signing a contract 
with you. You know what to do.

j. Publish the perfect issue
"Perfect" means 4.5 Bunny Heads or more.

Let's recap. You've now:

Jo Jo's interview - 5 Bunny Heads
Yeardley's essay - 5 Bunny Heads

Now, go do a covershoot and a Centrefold shoot. Choose very famous 
people for them. Try to get 5 Bunny Heads photoshoot for both.

Tried as I may, the best I could get for an article was 3 Bunny Heads,
and the best I could get for a pictorial was 3.5 Bunny Heads. Bug?
Glitch? I don't know. These crap contents will lower your overall
quality to 4.5 Bunny Heads. If you're lucky, the overall quality
remains at 5 Bunny Heads.

Ship the issue to complete this objective.

k. Reunite the Band
Stupid O'Burg people have problems with one another, just like
the previous band people. What's wrong with these musicians? Did they
watch "That Thing you Do" too many times?

Anyway, the key to this is Wolverine, I mean, Logan Ettle. Introduce
him causually and professionally to everyone in the band: Chaz Ettle,
Guy Steppe, Karen Forrester and Traci Hewitt. You will reunite the 
band during the last introduction.

l. Hef's Biography
During one of the parties you have, you may also have Nina Keeper with 
you. She develop a professional relationship with her until she offers
to write your biography.

m. Hold Anniversary Party
Throw a party and enjoy. Keep drives high and end party.

Sadly, it's not the end yet. You unlock three bonus missions after
Dick tells you "nice working with you".

TIP: Because you can't really enjoy this party, you may choose to
do it at the start of the mission to get the objective over and done


To be honest, the bonus missions are no bonus to me. In fact, they 
felt like a chore when I was playing them, especially when I
experienced a terrible game-stopping, er, experience, which I'll
explain in detail later.

Anyway, in this mission, you will need to help Billie Cross launch her 
pop career, and what better way to do than make her a Centrefold?

a. Promote Billie
b. Impress Ultrasound

a. Promote Billie
Billie should be available in the Staff menu as a Playmate. Hire her 
immediately when you find her.

NOTE: When I say immediately, I mean immediately. I thought I've time
when I DIDN'T hire her immediately, but instead hire another Playmate
to do a Centrefold to try and earn some money before I do this 
mission. WRONG MOVE. When I returned to Staff menu, Billie was gone.
Forever. I waited for two hours for her to reappear. I threw parties,
hired Playmates, shipped issues, etc. hoping that she will reappear
on the Staff menu. No, she didn't. I couldn't complete the game, and 
I didn't have another saved game to rely on. I'm dead! I had to 
restart the game from Mission 1! Take that! So, please, hire Billie
immediately when you see her. Or at least have multiple saved files.

UPDATE (4.2.05): Richard Crouse wrote that there's a solution to the
missing Billie Cross problem! If you talk to either Jill Boyle, 
Darren Hoover or Lynda Moran, Billie will become available on the
Staff screen again. Hooray!

Once you hire Billie, throw a party for her and a certain Danni Chan.
You can get Biller to do a Centrefold for you. It's easy since she 
craves the exposure. Then, build a casual relationship with Danni
and then either request an essay, and do an interview with him.

NOTE: Either options didn't produce very good results for me, but
it's a required content, so bear with it.

End the party, and then gather contents to ship an issue that
contains Billie's Centrefold shoot and Danni's content.

The "Promote Billy" objective ends here.

NOTE: Billie becomes a Celebrity after this, so you will need to 
invite her to another party and get her into your Inner Circle because
you need to train her for the next objective.

b. Impress Ultrasound
Once Billie is in your Inner Circle, you can use the Call Friend
option to get her over. You need to improve her intellect until it's
about 70-75%. You can use the Bookshelf for this purpose.

RECOMMENDATION: To be safe, max her intellect out if you prefer.

TIP: Save your game before doing the next thing.

Next, you need to buy a DJ Station. Damn, it cost $23,000, and you've
to spend it because of Billie. 

It's now time to throw a party for Billie and Ultrasound. You need
to keep the moods of Ultrasound high throughout. Invite Playmates 
and Bunnies along to keep them busy. 

NOTE: The members from Ultrasound easily leave the party. Keep them 

After building relationships, ask Billie to use the DJ Station at 
least four times. Hopefully, Billie will impress the guys by then. End
the party to complete this mission.

TIP: If the DJ Station is on before Billie use it, off it first.

Sounds like a short mission? Wait till you try.

TIP: Jeremy Jasons wrote that there's a way to prevent members of
Ultrasound leaving, use the Demolish Option in the Build screen of the 
Mansion Menu remove the doors at the Clubhouse! In this way, no one 
leaves until Billie use the DJ Station for four times! After Billie
has used the DJ Station, Build the doors back.

This is a dual mission. You need to settle the problems of two 
women, including the increasingly troublesome Billie.

a. Help Billie recover
b. What's wrong?
c. Billie's little problem
d. New Love
e. Hire and Train Maria
f. Promote Maria
g. Sports fan

a. Help Billie recover
She's cutting an album, but she's also going into serious
depression. You need to help her recover, but first, you will need
to find out...

b. What's wrong?
Invite Billie to a party and Friendly Handshake with her. Almost
immediately she tells you what's wrong. For that reason, keep the 
party small, forget about satisfying drives and treat it as a failed
party for all you want. Just fulfil the objective and forget about
this silly thing you did.

c. Billie's little problem
Turns out Billie is having a relationship problem with her boyfriend,
Fester Rivera. Fester loves to fuck around, while Billie easily gets
jealous (damn). The way to solve this objective is to invite Billie,
Fester and a lot of amorous and easy-going Playmates/ female 
Celebrities to the same party. 

Introduce Fester to all the girls romantically. Most importantly, use
Follow Me on Billie so that she can watch the show together with you.
Then, introduce Billie to Fester romantically and let nature takes 
its cause. The idea is to let their relationship turn into RED, so
that they can break up. Now, this almost sound like what I did once
to a girl I like, as in, arrange for her to catch her boyfriend in 
the act with another girl (which I arranged). And it's easier in 
real life than in the game!

Anyway, once Fester hit it on with another girl, introduce Billie
romantically with him. Billie will hug Fester and at this time, use the 
Mood Finder and you should see that their romantic relationship is a
full red bar. Once they hug, this objective ends.

d. New Love
Billie needs a new love (duh)! Throw a party with her and Anton
Khahlil. Let them build up a romantic relationship to finish
this objective.

e. Hire and train Maria
Another stupid woman needs your help, this time, to break into the
Fashion circle. You need to hire Maria Ludeo, then raise her physique.
Remember the treadmill you bought for your 4th girlfriend? Well, it 
will come in handy. As her physqiue improves, a screen will pop up to 
confirm the completion of this objective.

f. Promote Maria
- Maria Centrefold
- 6+ Fashion demographics
- 4 Bunny Heads

You should be experienced enough to know what do here.

g. Sports Fan
You need a designer, Russell Moreau, to help Maria break into the
Fashion circle. Throw a party for Russell and Maria, as well as 
several sports celebrities. Introduce Russell to THREE sports
celebrities (50-80% casual) to end this objective, and of course,
this mission.

TIP: The sports celebrities can be in any discipline. The game is 
not clever enough to give Russell an interest in a specific sport.


Billie is back to haunt you. New boyfriend Anton is the target of a 
smear campaign, and you will need to talk to politicians again to
prevent him from being deported back to Syria (nice place, no?).

a. Political issue
b. Convince Peter Munsonton
c. Convince Betty Truffle
d. Convince Valerie Blue
e. Celebrate

a. Political issue
To do this, you need to:

- get an interview from Cassandra Wilson
- publish an issue with Cassandra's interview with a 9+ Political

The thing to do is to throw a party for a lot of political figures, 
including Cassandra. Build up any relationship with her until she
agrees to the interview. 

Talk to some other people in this party to find a political essay too.
This settles two of your six contents.

If you can find a female politician who's willing to pose for your
cover, do it.

End the party and get your photographer to shoot a political
pictorial, and your journalist to write a political article.
Get a Centrefold done and ship the issue.

NOTE: 9+ is not difficult to achieve at all. A pictorial from a 
photographer who likes politics may get you a +10 already.

b. Convince Peter Munsonton
A lot, I mean, A LOT of people are trying to make use of you to
enjoy sex. Peter Munsonton is one of them. You need to throw a 
party for him with a lot, I mean, A LOT of amorous and
easy-going women. Introduce FOUR romantic relationsips to him.
What a bastard! Helping him score with four women is the way to
"convince" him. 

c. Convince Betty Truffle
You can invite Betty Truffle to the Peter party, but because you
need a lot of time to set him up with a lot of women, you may
not have enough time for Betty, so I'd suggest holding another
party for her. 

For Betty, you need to develop an almost full casual 
relationship with her. Make sure that you keep her drives high too.
You should know how to do that by now - bar, sofa, bookshelf.

End the party when you're sure, and Jenny will confirm that you've
done it. If not, you'll have to redo!

d. Convince Valerie Blue
Valerine Blue does't like you, and it's gonna be extra difficult to
get her on THE COVER. Yup, you must convince her to do a covershoot
for you. Do it, and then end the party.

Next, gather the rest of the contents to ship the last issue of this
game. It's (finally) going to be over!

e. Celebrate
Hold a CD release party for Billie (yes, it's still about her!). 
Invite whoever you want to fuck, and (literally) fuck them! You've 
been holding it for too long while trying to complete objectives and 

Once you're satisfied, end the party to end the game.

The real Hef will appear on screen to congratulate you!


And that's it, enjoy the ending, and thanks for reading through my 
crap. I hope it helps you somehow in completing this game though. 

At the end of the day, this was a very boring game (for me, at least), 
but the thing that got me addicted was the shipping of the magazines. 
I think I spent over 40 hours on the game because of the game-stopping 
experience I encountered at Bonus Mission 1. I hope you can beat it in 
lesser time than me.

Good luck.

I'm adding this little appendix to help people who be confused with
who can provide what contents. As a guide:

- Hired Playmates whom you hire from your Staff screen: Centrefold
- Published Playmates whom you early hired to take Centrefold: Essay, 
Interview, Cover
- Published Playmates you meet at parties: Essay, Interview, Cover
- Male celebrities: Essay, Interview
- Female celebrities: Essay, Interview, Cover
- Photographer: Pictorials (and of course Centrefold and Cover shoot
if you've models who agree to do them)
- Journalist: Article (and of course interviews if you've subjects who
agree to do them)

Hope these clear up the confusion for you.

Version 1.0: Complete Walkthrough for PS2 Mission Modes (3.18.05)
Version 1.5: Fix some typos, and fix error in the Impress Jimmy Graham
objective. (3.19.05)
Version 2.0: Add verified secret objective of "Go Upstairs" as a Note
after part g of Mission 1. Add unverified secret objective of having
sex with Jak's girlfriend in Mission 1, submmited by David Dills. Add 
additional tip on throwing a party in Mission 2. Add new tip to Impress
Ultrasound in Bonus Mission 1, submitted by Jeremy Jasons. Add more
explantion about how to complete part c of Bonus Mission 2. (3.24.05)
Version 2.5: Verify secret obective of having sex with Jak's 
girlfriends in Mission 1, thanks to Benedick von Marthin. Add solution 
to the  "missing Billie Cross" problem in Bonus Mission 1, submitted
by Richard Crouse. (4.2.05)
Version 3.0: Changed typo in objective "Strive for the Best" in 
Mission 7. Thanks to Pat Konopka for letting me know. A tip about 
publishing issues is also modified. Add unverified tip in Mission 11, 
submitted by Shawn. Add new information about emailing me with questions 
in the Introduction section. (6.30.05)

This Walkthrough is dedicated to Diana, my mum, who introduced me to
the world of gaming with the purchase of the original NES in 1987.

Copyright  Lestor Wong 2005.