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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat Red?

I'm up to the third and final part of fighting against Red but he's hard to beat at this point. The ice floor made the battle even frustrating and difficult, I can't jump, can't double jump & glide, can't do anything. How do I avoid those lasers and getting hit by Red's ice attack from his staff?

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to beat red you need to wait till the boxes appear ( you'll know what im talking about when you see them) use water breath on the one nearest his tail it will blow up on contact with Red.

P.S. You can blow up his tail more than once in one round.

Good Luck!!!

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to avoid just run normally and every 3rd or 4th hit will have 2 lasers just stay still at this point run

P.S. when he shoots run in that direction afterwards and you will never get hit

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