FAQ/Walkthrough by Kouli

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 04/10/05 | Printable Version

-- Shining Force Neo --
-- FAQ/Walkthrough --
-- By Kouli {aka Ken Zhao, kenzhao99@yahoo.com} --
-- Version 0.2 --


<Beforehand Words>

This FAQ/Walkthrough is based on the Japanese version of Shining Force Neo that
is released on March 24, 2005.

The game is made by Neverland and published by Sega.


<Update Log>

\April 2~7, 2005/
- Version 0.1, start up with the basic from the Software Manual, as well as
  beginning to write the full walkthrough

\April 8~10, 2005/
- Version 0.2, done the full walkthrough and on to the optional dungeon


<Control Methods>

D-Pad - Up&Down: For selecting Weapon Skill or Magic
      - Right&Left: For selecting Item
      - Move cursor, toggle page
Right Stick: Same as the D-Pad
Left Stick: Move character or cursor(menu), toggle page
Select: View monster information
Start: Camp Menu, dialogue skip
L1: Expand the Radar Map, toggle page
L2: View the map, sort items
R1: Focus on the point you are standing, can't move Max during this
R2: Similar to R1 but this applies to the party
Circle: confirm, advance messsage, attack
Triangle: Use selected weapon skill or magic
X: Command Cancel, talk, open door and treasure chest, pick up item
Square: Use selected item


<Beginning The Game>

After viewing the opening movie(you can skip it by pressing Start), you will be
taken to the Start Menu:

New Game: Start a game from the beginning
Load: Open up a previously saved data
      - As you open up a saved data, you would have an Adventure Notes for you
        to check on what happened in the story
Optional: all sort of configuration
          - BGM: Change the volume of the music
          - SE: Change the volume of effect sounds, battle sounds
          - Event Voice: Turn the voices in events on or off
          - Sound: Change it to Stereo or Mono
          - Vibration: Turn it on or off
          - Magic Shotcut: Turn it on or off
          - Item Shotcut: Turn it on or off
          - Key Config: Changes from type 1, 2 or 3
          - Brightness: Adjust the brightness
          - Screen Position Adjust: Adjust the screen position


<Field Screen>

Usually at upper left corner, you would see your HP, MP, allies, experience.
On the left side, there would be the weapon skill, magic and item shotcuts.
To the lower right hand corner, there is the Radar Map. For the Radar Map, the
red triangle is Max, yellow triangle is your ally, green circle is the item
on the field, equips, gold, energy...etc


<Map Screen>

Press L2 to view the map. This often comes in handy on where to go next. You
can move around with the left stick, press circle while doing that would make
the cursor go high speed. Press square to back to the location of Max. The
triangle is for viewing available passages. L1 and R1 are for zoom it or out.


<Advancing The Game>

From Green Sleeves where you can gather information, buy equips, strengthen
them, appraise them, Strengthen Force Art...etc Sooner in the game, you will
obtain the HQ which allows you to edit your party and talk with your allies.
For most of the time in the game, you will be on fields and battle. To destroy
all enemies, your main focus is the Monster Gate, but you have to attack some
monsers then you can break the regeneration ability of the Monster Gate. Of
course, if your weapon is strong enough, you might just take out the Monster
Gate in one hit or so. That would kill all the enemies from that Monster Gate.
Going from field to field is basically advancing the game and the story line.
BTW, except for Max, all the other characters are Non Player Character which
means you can't control them. They are AI controlled and no, there is no multi
player in this game.


<Talk/Open Door/Obtain Item>

Whenever you see people on streets and places, if there is a cursor showing up
when you are near them, that means you can talk with them, by pressing X. You
can advance the message speed by using Circle. You also use X to open doors
and such, as well as items on the field, open chests and read signs.

Reading signs in this game is somewhat important, because there are enemies
that you aren't supposed to handle til later, if you ignore the signs and go
into that area, you probably going to get Game Over. Also, signs can also
direct you to the place you wish to go to.


<Use Items>

You would either use the Right or Left, or the Right stick's R&L, in order to
select the item you want. Then to use it, you press Square.


<Shopping Mall>

Green Sleeves is the main place you do all these. There are Weapon Shops, Item
Shops for you to buy or sell. You can also view the item's info with Square
before you do so. If you wish, you can sort.

There is also an Appraisal Shop for you to confirm on items with the '?' mark
attached to them.

For each weapon and armor, there is the blacksmith to strengthen them up to
'9' levels. Accessories can't be strengthen in this.

Last of all, there is the warehouse for you. It can keep up to 200 items, and
your own inventory can hold around a quarter of that. So put the items you do
not plan to use in this warehouse.


<Force Flame Strengthen>

You do this by the Force Art house. Aside from strengthening the Force Flame,
you can also break down items for Force Energy. There is also the Ougi option
which won't be available til later of the game. To strengthen your Force Flame,
you will need to get Force Art items and give them to the owner in order to do
so with Force Energy. If you break down items that haven't be appraised yet,
you can only get 100 Energy from it.


<Camp Menu>

Press Start at the field to bring this up:

Equipment(Up): Change your character's equipment. The purple circles next to
an item means they have Special Power attached.

Item(Right): Views the items you have in your inventory. You can sort it by
using L2. You can throw away items with triangle, but some can't be thrown

For each item, there is also a status view detailing out what it is, what it
has, its parameter...etc

You can use the left stick or the R&L on the D-Pad to toggle pages. But here
is the details:

~Attack Power
Attack Power: Player's attack power
Consecutive Attack: number of consecutive attacks/combo
Attack Speed: The weapon's swinging speed
Stun Attack: Ranking on the stun ability of the weapon
Vital Attack: Percentage on vital/critical attacks and damage ratio
Blow Away: The % of the chances of blowing away enemy

~Special Effect
The special abilities that attached to this weapon, such as HP, MP absorb,
petrify attack, blow away attack, elemental attacks...etc

~Magical Ability
The Attack Power and Defesne with Non-Elemental, Flame, Thunder, Ice, Light
and Darkness

~Weapon Skill/Magic
Here you can view what sort of weapon skill the weapon has and also the magic
it might have

~Defensive Power
HP: Player's HP
MP: Player's MP
Defense Power: This is for against physical attacks
Resistance To Stun / Recover: % against enemy's stun attack / recovery rate
Resistance to Blow Away: % against enemy's attack that can blow you away
Knock Down Resistance: % against enemy's attack that can knock you down
Vital Attack Resistance: % against enemy's vital/critical attack
Petrify Reocvery: Reduces the amount of time being petrfied
Movement: Ranking onthe movement while with this item equipped

~Special Power
Here, there are 3 slots. First two slots are Special Power attached to this
particular weapon, the third slot is Ougi which requires you to add that on
at the Force Art shop. But you would need to be at later part of the game
for this.

Status(Left): Here you can view your character's level, exp for next level up.
Also their Str(Arm power, affects attack power and blow away power), Dex(this
affects the weapon's speed and its special ability) and Int(knowledge power,
that affects magical offensive power). Aside from that, there is the Movement
that affect your character's speed, Foot Sound that affect whether the enemy
hear you or not, and also attack sound that does the similar with the enemy.
Moreso, there is the Recovery Rate within a second of auto recovery, MP Charge
Rate, also in 1 second and finally, Absolute Defense Power, which is the Force
Power you have that can defend against ALL attacks.

If you toggle with R&L on the D-Pad or left stick, you can also view the Attack
Power, Special Effect, Defensive Power and Magical Ability.

If you press Square during this, you can viewe your ally's info. Toggle with
R&L on the D-Pad or left stick from one character to another.

Option(Down): Basically the same as the Start Menu's.

Below the Four Commands, you can view your level, the exp require to the next
level, your gold and energy.



The homebase of your allies. You can talk with your allies here, edit the party
and talk with them. Further more, you can view their stats, bring them along
with you as well. However, you can only have up to 2 allies, not including

Also, there are Transportation Gates, Red Teleportation and Blue Teleportation
ones. Red are usually towns and dungeons. The Blue ones are usually Legion

As for leveling up allies, unfortunately, only the ones with you can be leveled
up. Others won't get level up unless you have them in the party and fight. When
a character levels up, he/she/it will gain new magic, parameter up. This is
similar to when they get Power Up(Class Upgrade) in later part of the game.



Battles are done in real time in this game, often on large open fields with
swarms of enemies and monster gates. You can attack with Circle or use magic
or weapon skill with Triangle.

Max can have up to 4 types of weapon:

Single Handed Sword: Can equip shield, balance consecutive attacks

Double Hnaded Sword: Can't equip shield(if equiped, it won't have any effect),
great power to bring down the enemies

Staff: Can equip shield and use magic mainly

Bow: Long range attack type

~Using Magic
This depends on the weapon and if it has magic, you can use it with Triangle
after you select it. This requires MP. There is one special magic you will get
in the game, that's 'Return' which allows you to return to Green Sleeves and
you can do all sorts of things. Once you are done with whatever you wish to
do, check out the light you returned from to get back to wherever you were when
you use the Return magic. This is VERY useful when you are overpowered by
enemies at fields.

~Weapon Skill
This also depends on the weapon. All weapon has this, and it operates the same
way with magic. This also has a limit, once you use it once, the bar will then
charge up slowly, and you won't be able to use it til it fills up. Some of
these weapon skills are:

Taunt(Single Handed Sword): Taunts near enemies to attack you
Meditation(Staff): Regenerates MPs but you can't move during this
Sacrifice(Single Handed Sword): Take the damage your allies recived on Max
Knock Down(Two Handed Sword): Sends out a wave to knock down all enemies, but
it doesn't work on some enemies
Haste(Two Handed Sword): Speeds up your attack speed
Slow(Bow): Slows down near enemies
Sneak Shot(Bow): Make yourself transparent so the enemies won't be able to
target you, easier for critical shot


<Monster Information>

Press Select to view this. This often comes in handy for you to know what the
enemy blocks and you can adjust your strategy against it.


<Game Over>

When Max's HP gets down to 0, that's game over. You either load or end the game
from there.



Through out the adventure, this is also an important part. You can pay attetion
to items, objects to check on, such as boxes, barrels and such. You can destroy
them and see if there is anything. When you defeat an enemy, sometimes if you
would get gold, make sure to pick them up. You need gold to do lots of things
in this game.

The save point in this game is the Memory Stone with a magic circle around it.
Make sure you save a lot whenever you can.

Goddess Fountain, this is where you refill your Healing Water and Goddess Tear
that you used up. It also heals your HPs and MPs, as well as reviving any dead

Return Gate, as you use the Magic 'Return', this gate will appear. If you check
back on this light, you can return back to where you were.

Signs, point you directions in this game, where to go in order to get to the
next area. Also, some are warning on which area you shouldn't really go into

Treasure chests, through out the game, and some are locked so you will need to
use the item 'Key' to open it.

Sealed Door, this can't be opened by ordinary key, you will need the Jet Black
Seals that you obtain automatically in later part of this game.

Force Energy, a big part of your Force Flame ability. You will require this
to strengthen it with these energy, make sure you pick them up when you see

Transportation Gate, there are Red and Blue ones, for Teleportation purposes.
At first, they mostly don't work. But do check them out when they start to
work. To have them to work, you will need to advance the story and check them
out first, i.e use it to teleport back to the HQ.


<Prologue - Rahkyle Fortress>

After the scenes at the beginning, you will gain control of Max. First two
enemies here are rather weak, couple slashes and they are gone. Explore around
and break barrels, there are few items you can pick up here. Afterward, talk
with the soldier to the west. Couple more enemies, still weak. If you need to
heal with Healing Water, there is the Goddess Fountain. Before going west and
continue along the path, equip the newly found 'Blaze Branch'. This allows you
to use magic and attack the upcoming enemies. Make sure you also select 'Blaze'
with the right analog stick. Then continue and blast the two enemies by using
Triangle. Continue along the path to the east, then there is a save point here
if you need to save your game. Be sure to change your weapon back to the
previous Broad Sword. Here in the square, you can fight lots of enemies if you
stay behind. When you are done, attack the black hole like enemy that is
blocking the path. Continue to the left for a scene. For this fight, you will
have Max's teacher, Graham, fighting along with you. Still no difficulty, after
you killed all enemies, more scenes.


<Green Sleeves>

Meryl will join you at the end. Continue to the right for another scene. Meryl
will leave the party for now. Go south to the next area. Continue down and
don't forget the two barrels, then go down a bit south for another scene. In
the end, a little fight with Max's father, Gaia. Just keep hitting him and heal
if you need to. Afterward, more scene. More enemies show up, just keep slashing
and attack the black hole after taking down some enemies. Then more scene, go
around defeating enemies. After defeating couple black hole gates, more scene.
Now go back to Gaia. More scenes. Gaia will join the party afterward. Now go
north and return to previous area. Talk with the soldier by the right path for
another scene. After, take the right path, and by the intersection, go up and
enter the house for more scene. Then back to the intersection and go right.
Continue along the path to the next area. Here, there is a save point. Go north
to the next area. Go up the stairs and enter the house for more scene. Gaia
will leave the part and more scene. Afterward, go back home(where Meryl was)
and check the table. You will find a note from Meryl. Now back to the area with
the save point. To lower left, take the elevator. Continue along the path and
kill the enemies on the way. Soon, another scene and more enemies with another
one of those Monster Gate. Afterward, work your way around to NW then go right,
eventually, you will get another scene with Meryl screaming. After, continue on
and you will meet up with her. Well, she obviously doesn't need help whatsoever
and she will join. After more scenes,go north for more scene. Then head toward
the Great Crystal of Force for more scenes. Afterward, go back home. Meryl will
leave the party and more scenes. Now, attempt to follow Gaia, and Meryl will
join you. Now back to the area where you first met Gaia previously. Now go SE
and one of the doors is now opened. Eventually, you will be at an area with
a save point and a fountain, also loads of enemies. Continue down to west to
the next area. Here, you will meet new type of enemy, the Legion type. They are
a bit stronger so beware. Continue to the left and you will meet up with Gaia.
With Gaia in the party, the Legions die like they are nothing. Continue to
north and another save point with a fountain near by. Continue on and fight
more enemies, with Gaia in the party, you shouldn't have much problems. In the
end, there is another save point and a fountain, then head to the next area.
Go north toward the Great Crystal of Force for more scenes. A Man In Mask will
show up to destroy the crystal and before he killed Gaia, it was obvious that
The Man In Mask is Cain, son of Gaia/brother of Max. After the scenes, time
for a boss fight. There are loads of legions around, but just keep hitting and
then attack the boss after. More scenes. You will obtained the Secret Stone of
Return at the end. So give it a try and cast Return. After, examine the blue
light. Before you go, make sure you pick up the Healing Water. When you are
finished whatever you wish to do(you can shop around, you can return to where
Gaia got killed for a Goddess Tear which works like Healing Water, but instead,
it heals MPs. Also, you can go check out some previously locked areas in the
same area where you first met Gaia), head to the elevator for more scene. Take
the middle level(first option) since we are going to Rainbow Grasslands. The
entrance to that is the NW one, not the most west(that is Rainbow Grasslands


<Rainbow Grasslands>

Now continue the main path, and go right at the intersection. Continue along
the mountain path to the next area.


<Diagon Highway>

Follow the arrows and head toward most north. You will get a scene once you are
near Rahkyle Fortress. After, continue toward the castle. Kill tons of enemies
here and break the Monster Gate near that fortress gate.


<Rahkyle Fortress>

You were here in the beginning, you should know the path well. Soon you will
meet up with Graham. The enemies here are pretty damaging so watch out for your
HPs. After you destroy the Monster Gate, more scenes and Graham will join at
the end. Afterward, take the west gate.


<Sinistry Valley>

First area, go left to the next area. Second area, make your way around to NW.
There is a save point and fountain before the third area. Third area, more
scenes. After, loads of enemies. Just slowly work your way up and you should be
fine. Forth area, more scene. Two paths you can take here: NE or SE. It doesn't
matter which way you take, they lead to the same area. In the next area, the
exit is also at NE. As usual, you can take your time and explore the area to
fight enemies, gain some exp and gather items.


<Feld Land Great Snowlands>

This place has two layers, upper and lower. The map doesn't really help that
much here. If you want get all items, you are going to spend quite some times
here, let alone the fast wolf enemies in this area. There are blue dragon
enemies at the NE area, they are very tough and got tons of HPs. You really
don't want to mess with them even though they guard some nice items. To SE,
there is a gate. If you need to return to Green Sleeves, do so. When you are
done, return using the blue light. Anyway, the path is to north, you can go
there from lower layer. Before that, there is a fountain, so if you ever see
that, that means you are close. Once you are close(passed the fountain), you
will get more scenes and Graham leaves the party. More scenes and Chiquitita
will join. Just four Monster Gates and dozen wolves. After, more scenes. That
Chiquitita will leave and Graham will join. Go up, save your game and to the
next area. The enemies are mostly archers and some close range near the Monster



More scenes and when you are promt with a choice, pick the first one. After,
take the west path for more scene.


<Feld Land Great Snowlands>

Here comes the western area of this snowlands. A pretty straight forward path.


<Castle Cascade>

Continue up a bit and more scene. This place is huge, and somewhat difficult
to to navigate to wherever you want because all the fences. But do take some
time and search around for items. They are mostly locked so prepared some keys.
The entrance to the castle is at north, with more enemies guarding it. Within
the castle, more scene. After, take the center path. In this B1 area, continue
along the path and hit the lever. Now back track up and take the most northern
path. Now that you unlock the SE door by hitting the lever, you can travel
around, unlock the other 3 levers if you want, when you are done collecting
items and fighting monsters, take the south path up to another section of Floor
1. Work your way to the left central red arrow on the map(L2). Hit the lever
before you go up to Floor 2. On Floor 2, continue along the path to the right
then up for more scene. After, you should return and prepare for some fights
now. When you are done, use the blue light to return back. Now for the fights
with those four. SE, there is Phantom and 4 Monster Gates. It's rather easy to
say the least. Try to focus on Phantom only. NE, there is Skeleton Archer.
Same as above, slash your way through to Skeleton Archer. NW, there is Skeleton
King. Take care of some monsters first then go toward it. SW, there is Leth
Vampire. It and its minions can move pretty fast, just heal a bit more. After
you took care of these four mini bosses, take the north door. Orc Champ is a
bit difficult here. Its physical attacks can be pretty heavy, so don't get near
unless you need. You will have to rely on magic. Take care of the two Monster
Gates first after defeating some monsters, then you can focus on Orc Champ.
More scenes after. Then take the secret path. Up stairs, you will meet up with
Chiquitita and her friend Chip. You will automatically return to Cantol.



After more scenes, Chiquitita will join. You will also automatically return to
Green Sleeves.


<Green Sleeves>

Take the newly appeared elevator and this shall be your HQ. After you finishing
whatever you wish to do, return to Cantol.



The north path is now open, go there.


<Feld Land Great Snowlands>

Here we have the northern section of the snowlands. There aren't exactly any
item here in this big area, but you can go around and fight enemies. Just watch
out for the birds shooting out icicles. The path to the next place is at NE.


<Queen Chine>

(Before you enter the city, put Chiquitita in the party then enter for an
extra scene)

More scenes then a Monster Gate. Afterward, more enemies. Take care of the side
enemies then the golems. Then enter the central elevator. Then go south. Then
head toward the Monster Gate at south, and pass that, another scene. Then more
enemies. Watch out for that golem's attacks, just take your time and slowly
work your way around for attacks. You can also rely on Meryl' magics. Remember,
you need to take care of the side enemies first then the Ice Golem. More scenes
after. Take some time to explore the city before you take the elevator, make
sure you save as well. Select the second option at the elevator to the Holy
Ground. Head toward north for more scenes. Then more enemies. There are three
Monster Gates and birds flying around and shoot out icicles. Just move more
frequently and attack. More scenes and time for a tough boss fight with Arc
Legion. Hopefully you have good defense against fire. After, take the elevator.
Then go south to the central square area for more scene. Then go to the lower
east area. Continue to the east a bit for more scenes. Now head to the place
where Meryl got caught for more scenes. Baron will join and select the first
option when you are promt with a choice. Now get to the elevator and head up to
the ground. You can go east now.


<Ice Fortress>

As usual, a big area. There are couple items around, and level up a bit here.
The path you need to take to advance is the most eastern one.


<Mountain Where Rhinos Lives>

Head toward NE to an Airship for more scene. When you are ready, speak with
Rhinos and pick the 4th option for more scenes.


<Hail Prison>

Go up for more scene and enemies. There are 3 Monster Gates, at left, center
and north. As usual, take care of the side enemies first then go for the gates.
After the scene, do explore around for items and the good thing is, there are
no enemies around. Once you are done, take the house at east for the entrance
to the next level. In the next area, going from prison to prison, there are
lots of monster gates and enemies here, after about 3 prison, hit the switch
to lower the gate to advance. Repeat this some more times and you will be at
the end of the level. I find two handed sword is pretty useful to slash my way
through. Maybe bow would also work without hitting the switch first. Next area,
continue along the path to the left, then enter for more enemies. You have just
about hundreds of enemies around you and a big one at the center. Once you see
the switch, hit it and start slashing the surrounding enemies then attack the
center one. Before you attempt to the next level, more scene. Then to the next
level. In one of the prisons, you will meet with Klein. Then more enemies.
Then make your way around to the next level. Similar to another level from
before, this one just have more enemies. Next area, same old same old. Slash
your way through and take the ladder to the next area. After more scenes, save
your game. There is also a fountain near by. Then head to north for more scenes
and boss fight with Greed. Your physical defense gotta be a bit higher and be
around Level 43, also defense against lightning. Side enemies have high
physical attack powers and often stun you, so prepare few Fairy Powder. Greed
will use lightning and also normal attack at close range that can knock you
down. After, more scenes then head back to the ladder to instantly get back
up to the area with the Airship. Talk with Rhinos.


<Sant Bance>

Speak with Joanne at south then select the second option when you are promt
with a choice. Now head back to talk with Rhinos. Whoever you have in your
party aside from from Meryl will return to the HQ. That means Rhinos will join
and have a Party Lock along with Meryl. Also, there is weapon and item shop
here that you can find items you can't find at Green Sleeves. When you are
ready, go SE to exit out the town.


<Thirsty Desert>

Mostly enemies with fires, but beware of the enemies with the big axe, they are
trouble. Return back and save your game more frequent, and you should use long
range or use staff instead of close range weapons. Continue to the east to the
next area. Next area, continue to east a bit for a scene. There are three paths
in this area: the cave that's near, the cave at north and a path to east. Take
the cave at north or the cave that's near. You will eventually get to the same
place. You should also prepare some Protection Charm to cure stone. Afterward,
take the path at north into another cave.


<Ruins of Oblivion>

Here you are at the Passage of Oblivion. A pretty straight forward path to the
right. As you arrive at the Ruins of Oblivion, more scene. Here, the entrance
is at north, you can make your way there from west side. In the next area, go
to the center north to hit the switch, and more scene. Then quickly a fight.
The battle ground is rather limited and small, so watch out. Since the water
is depleted, you can make your way down and head to north. Next area, there is
a red dragon here, don't try with fire magic, that won't work. You can cast
return if you ever in trouble with it. Next area, more scene. Continue to the
north to the next area. Next area, go further up for more scene. Here you will
meet with Maria(Max's mother) and get to know that the Man In Mask is really
Vandorf. Vandorf is another brother of yours. He was adopted by Gaia. Now him
and Cain are one. After, a boss enemy shows up but Max will flee. Continue to
south and destroy the enemies and Monster Gates. Once you are out, more scene.
Anyway, boss fight with that Legion Mother, rather easy. After, more scenes.
Now return to Thirsty Desert, you get another scene. After, your next location
is the path at NE. In this area, another huge area, several items around, if
you are going to explore the full map, just watch out for the sand worms. When
you are done, the next exit is at north/northwest.

(BTW, if you can, return to Sant Bance and talk with Joanne again for some
quick Energy, 30,000 to be exact)


<Sacred Mountain Bacchus>

This is one of the complicated dungeons. In the first area, get in the place
at east. Next area, get back out at NE, then the path at north to get back in
the cave, then the path at NE and finally, the path at east. If you want to
collect all items, just don't follow what I said above first. Also, watch out
for those Medusa, bring some Protection Charm along.



Here, more scene and you will meet with Graham's daughter, Mariel. Continue to
north. Talk with Mariel again for more scenes. Then head to the north toward
the elevator for more scene. Continue up into the audience room to meet with
Chaos. After, back down the elevator for more scene. If you go south directly
from the elevator, you will meet up with Mariel. Mariel will join and you may
need to send one party member back to the HQ. Then enter the cart and go south.


<Sacred Mountain Bacchus>

A bit more complicated area, but if just want to advance, aim for the most
southern cave on the first area. Take sometime and level up a bit, and there
are some items spreaded around.


<Underground Great Hollow>

There are two paths to take at south, either one is fine. Do watch out for the
enemy called Life Drainer, their Dark Magic is quite powerful. Next area, more
scene and go all the way to south, upper level. If you took the upper path from
the previous area, you would reach to south much faster. But if you want to get
the items, you would have to search both levels.


<Village of the Birdling>

More scene as you enter. Then more enemies. Fight your way around  to the
center for more scene. You will meet up with Freyja and Klein from before.
Then we will help with Freyja and Klein. The battle with the Legion Wing isn't
that difficult, consider that we got 5 people, and if you slightly have good
physical defense and against fire, you will be fine. After, more scenes.


<Unlimited Corridor>

Check the egg for more scenes. Dryu will join. Then head south. Doesn't matter
where you go, just keep entering from area to another. Eventually, more scene.
Then go north as Dryu wishes.


<Village of the Birdling>

Then more scenes. Then go south.


<Dragon Mountain>

Get near Klein and Freyja then talk with them for more scenes.



Head toward the elevator for more scene. Select the second option at the
elevator to head to the Holy Ground. Continue along the path for more scene.
Go around and head to the center for more scenes with Vandorf/Cain. You will
end up fighting another Arc Legion. Avoid physical attacks here, if you can,
hide behind your allies and use magic. When you finish the battle, MAKE SURE
you save your game. Then go north. More scenes. Vandorf finally destroy the
final Great Crystal. That means Vandorf will get all his power back and able to
summon the almighty Dark Castle. More scenes.



Vandorf and Max will be teleported to Holy Ground of the Light. This is also
the birthplace of Max and Cain. Afterward, it's one on one. This is quite a
fight against Vandorf. Take your time with this fight. Vandorf is pretty fast
and often has no weakness for you to work on. Hopefully your defense is pretty
high here. For long range, luckily, he only seems to use that Gaia Nova which
as long as you not walking on a straight line, you will dodge it easily. Your
slashing speed might need to be higher so you can swing your sword much faster
so you might prefer single handed sword that you can also equip shield as well
for further defense. If you use magic, you can go with Inferno and run with
that, that makes the fight easier. After the fight, TONS of scenes.


<Green Sleeves>

Check the treasure chest to get 23 Jet Black Seals. Now head toward the HQ.
More scenes and Rhinos, as well as Mariel will join. Now, you probably would
know that you are at the end of the game, your next goal is to clear the Light
Trials and obtain Shining Force, then head toward Dark Castle. But before all
that, there are 20+1 Legion Hives for you to clear and obtain Ougi Proof. And
yes, this is the point where you can collect those proofs and truly use the
Ougi function at the Force Art House.


<Legion Hives>

You can use the Blue Teleportations at the HQ. If you don't have some of these
Blue Teleportation, you are going to need to walk there, of course, from the
nearest location.

(For the 'Other' part, you don't need to wait til you clear that particular
Legion Hive, you can trigger it before you clear it. You just won't get the
Power Up unless you clear it. So I will just have you to do it after you
clear it)

(The Power Up for each character except for Max is essentially Job Upgrading)

1/ Diagon Highway, at around the center part of the map.
   - Blue Teleportation: Harpy
   - Boss: Harpy Force
   - Ougi Proof: Harpy Killer
   - Items: Sky Strike and Key*99
   - Other: After you cleared this, talk with Rebecca, pick the third option
            and head back into this Legion Hive. You would get a scene then
            warp back into the place where you fought Harpy Force, Adam will
            teleport in, talk with it and Adam will join

2/ Feld Land Great Snowlands Southern Area, SE on the map
   - Blue Teleportation: Ghost
   - Boss: Ghost Force
   - Ougi Proof: Magical Transmission
   - Items: Phantom Sword and Holy Tiara
   - Other: After you cleared this, head back to Cantol with Chiquitita in the
            party. Talk with the village chief Josef. Then get back to this
            Legion Hive, teleport to where you fought Ghost Force, Chiquitita
            will get Power Up

3/ Fled Land Great Snowlands Northern Area, NW on the map
   - Blue Teleportation: Skeleton
   - Boss: Skeleton Force
   - Ougi Proof: Heart's Eye
   - Items: Necromancer and Flamberge
   - Other: None

4/ Mountain Where Rhinos Lives, eastern part of the map
   - Blue Teleportation: Stalker
   - Boss: Dark Master
   - Ougi Proof: Strike of Nothingness
   - Items: Moon Beret and Goddess Tear
   - Other: None

5/ Thirsty Desert Western Area, north part of the map
   - Blue Teleportation: Impact
   - Boss: Mythril Golem (You should use Dark Magic(Necromancer is a good
           choice) against it)
   - Ougi Proof: Unbreakable Courage
   - Items: Brave Ring and Fairy Power*32
   - Other: After you cleared this, have Meryl and Dryu in the party then
            talk with Joanne at Sant Bance. Afterward, head back to this
            Legion Hive to get Dryu Power Up

6/ Thirsty Desert Eastern Area, east part of the map
   - Blue Teleportation: Worm
   - Boss: Worm Force
   - Ougi Proof: Breath of Life
   - Items: Mars Chain and Punisher
   - Other: None

7/ Rainbow Grasslands SW Area, SW part of the map
   - Blue Teleportation: Giant
   - Boss: Titan Force
   - Ougi Proof: Rage of the Giant
   - Items: Healing Water*3 and Ogre Shield
   - Other: Clear the first Legion Hive and this one, have Meryl in the party
            then talk with Rebecca. You might even need Adam join you first.
            After, get back to this Legion Hive, Meryl will get Power Up

8/ Rainbow Grasslands SW Area, SE part of the map (you need to go through the
   Rainbow Grasslands Underground Passage to get there)
   - Blue Teleportation: Werewolf
   - Boss: Wolf Force
   - Ougi Proof: Flash of the Demonic Beast
   - Items: Speed Star and Light Charm
   - Other: None

9/ Guns Lock Area(North of Depress Hill; To get to Depress Hill, you need to
   go NE at Green Sleeves Middle Level Southern Area which is the place where
   you first met Gaia), southern part of the map
   - Blue Teleportation: Lizard Man
   - Boss: Lizard Force
   - Ougi Proof: Lizard Killer
   - Items: Armageddon and Dragon Bone Bow
   - Other: None

10/ Queen Chine North's Ice Field(north of Queen Chine), west part of the map
   - Blue Teleportation: Ice
   - Boss: Blue Dragon
   - Ougi Proof: Gorge of Heaven and Earth
   - Items: Ice Brand and Crystal Guard
   - Other: None

11/ Hill of the 25 Sages(get there from Rainbow Grasslands' upper east path),
    north part of the map
    - Blue Teleportation: Orc
    - Boss: Orc Force
    - Ougi Proof: Orc Killer
    - Items: Gale Ring and Key*99
    - Other: After you cleared this, have Graham in the party and get to the
             Rahkyle Fortress. Speak with a soldier here at east. Just down
             the stairs from the Red Teleportation. The soldier is just by the
             stairs. After, back to this Legion Hive for Graham get Power Up.

12/ Hydra Mountain Road(To get here, it's a bit complicated. First, go east
    from Guns Lock Area to Polluted Shrine, then from there, go east to get to
    Floating Island, then from there, go south), middle part of the map
    - Blue Teleportation: Lightning
    - Boss: Gold Dragon
    - Ougi Proof: Miracle of Consecutive Strike
    - Items: Force Septer and Goddess Tear
    - Other: None

13/ Depress Hill, south part of the map (To get to Depress Hill, you need to
    go NE at Green Sleeves Middle Level Southern Area which is the place where
    you first met Gaia)
    - Blue Teleportation: Wyrm
    - Boss: Arc Dragon (Use Magic against it but avoid Light and Dark Magic)
    - Ougi Proof: Explosive Power of the Rising Dragon
    - Items: Dragon Scale and Drag-Slayer
    - Other: None

14/ Back of Queen Chine(To get to here, get to Queen Chine North's Ice Field,
    from there, go south into Queen Chine's Cave, from the cave, go west to
    get to Back of Queen Chine, meaning the NE area of the Queen Chine Front
    Door map), there is only a Legion Hive here
    - Blue Teleportation: Succubus
    - Boss: Queen Force
    - Ougi Proof: Will Force of the God
    - Items: Valkyrie and Mitra Wing
    - Other: None

15/ Silver Horn Mountain(To get to here, go north from Queen Chine North's Ice
    Field), northern part of the map
    - Blue Teleportation: Devil
    - Boss: Devil Father (Raise your HPs, Defense, Magical Defense, especially
      against Darkness and use Valkyrie as your weapon)
    - Ougi Proof: Essential Point of the Sword King
    - Items: Demonish and Holy Shield
    - Other: None

16/ Polluted Cave(To get there, go east from Hydra Mountain Road to The Secret
    Path To The Shrine then go west from there. You will be at the northern
    part of the Polluted Shrine. You first need to defeat 5 Devil Brothers
    around this area in order to unlock the gate at the center, then go north
    to enter this cave), north part of the map
    - Blue Teleportation: Legion
    - Boss: Arc Legion
    - Ougi Proof: Earth Charm
    - Items: Force Saber and Force Buster
    - Other: None

17/ Fresh Verdure Cemetery(At the area where you first meet Gaia which is the
    Green Sleeves Middle Level South Area, go SW), it's at the south most part
    of the map, and to get there you will need to go through the Underground
    Cemetery. In there, you will need defeat monsters then unlock doors then
    take the path at SW. You will be at the south most area of the map with the
    Legion Hive to west
    - Blue Teleportation: Golem
    - Boss: Hell Golem
    - Ougi Proof: Soul of the Huge Statue
    - Items: Chance Maker and Sylvan Bow
    - Other: After you cleared this, bring Adam and head to your house at Green
             Sleeves. Then head back to this Legion Hive for Adam Power Up

18/ Sacred Mountain Baccus Eastern Cave, east part of the map
    - Blue Teleportation: Flame
    - Boss: Red Dragon
    - Ougi Proof: Force Praise
    - Items: Volcanon Wand and Volcanon Gap
    - Other: After you cleared this one and the one below(#19, mainly need to
             clear the 'Other' part), return back to Chaos with Mariel in the
             party. Then head back to this Legion Hive for Mariel Power Up

19/ Underground Great Hollow Southern Area, east part of the map
    - Blue Teleportation: Stone
    - Boss: Stone Force
    - Ougi Proof: Virgin Mary's Divine Protection
    - Items: Evil Eye and Protection Charm*32
    - Other: Speak with Freyja and Klein at the Village of the Birdling, then
             speak with Chaos at Hyatt, then back to Freyja and Klein. For me,
             I just speak with Chaos then those two. Anyway, they will join
             and since you cleared this Legion Hive, return back to the
             Legion Hive. There will be a treasure chest there, check it for
             more scenes and they will get Power Ups automatically, without
             any notice BTW. This will also open up the door to the third
             Light Trial(Flame).

20/ Permafrost(Go south from Ice Fortress), around the center of the map
    - Blue Teleportation: Vampire
    - Boss: Vam Force
    - Ougi Proof: Awakening of the Darkness
    - Items: Crescent Axe and Levantine
    - Other: After you cleared this, and the one above(#19, mainly need to
             clear the 'Other' part), return back to Liebenheim at Queen
             Chine with Baron and Rhinos in the party. After, return back to
             this Legion Hive for their Power Ups

After you have cleared all 20 of them, talk with Rebecca.

21/ Hill of the 25 Sages(lower part, not the one with the Legion Hive Orc),
    around the center of the map, the circular stone paved altar thingy. There
    is a switch just by it for you to examine. Once you do so, a portal will
    - Boss: Legion King (Use Force Septer or Armageddon against it. I use Force
            Septer's Gaia Nova Level 3, keep using it til it dies. It has tons
            HPs so you probably going to use up all your Goddess Tear)

Once you beat it, take the newly appeared portal. You will have 6 treasure
chests around you:

    - Ougi Proof: Devil's Contract
    - Items: Chaos Moebius, Healing Water*5, Goddess Tear*3, Light Charm*2,
             500,000 Energy
    - Other: None

Ever wonder why you still have 3 Jet Black Seals? Well, they are for couple
special doors and here is where they are, for two of them:

- Sinistry Valley Upper Northern Level, west of the lower half of the map
  - After you open it, SAVE your game since what's ahead is quite fearsome
  - Since you can not be seem here(otherwise, they would attack you and Game
    Over), equip a bow that has the ability 'Sneak Shot' which allows you to
    go transparent, that way, they can only attack your partners and not you as
    long as you don't attack(that would reveal yourself), some examples would
    be the Sylvan Bow, Evil Eye, Sky Strike...etc See that icon to the left of
    the screen? You know how you usually select which one and use triangle?
    That 'Sneak Shot' icon has a bar that tells when it's charging. When there
    is a 'light' at north, it means you can use it. Once you use it, you can
    stay in that for about 8 seconds. Once you activate, hurry up to west and
    find a good spot to hide. Then once it charges up, you can use it again.
    The treasure chest that contains the Ougi Proof is west of the door you
    opened on the map. As soon as you open that treasure chest(you will need
    a Key), there will be enemies, so get the Ougi Proof(Knowledge of a Knight)
    and return

(For the rough way, I guess you can use Gaia Nova Level 3 to kill all the Naga
but that would time consuming and you probably would return, heal and save a
lot. Also you will need to maintain the distance so they don't hit you just in
case Gaia Nova can't hold them back enough. You will need to be extra careful
and this surely requires lots of patience. There is also Chaos Gate from the
staff Necromancer which temporary petrify the enemies for couple seconds, that
probably won't help much. It works on the below case with Lizard King and that
Medusa BTW)

- Sinistry Valley Lower Northern Level, around north part of the map
  - Similar situation here as above, except the Lizard King here can be killed
    with one shot if your weapon has the Ougi 'Lizard Killer'. Medusa is the
    main problem. As you open the door, go right. There will be no enemies.
    There is a treasure chest here. Here is what you do: Prepare to do Sneak
    Shot, as you use a Key and open the treasure chest, enemies will appear, so
    quickly press Triangle to do Sneak Shot. Pick up the 'Light Charm' and

(The last Jet Black Seal is for the Dark Castle which I'll point it out in that


~First Light Trial - Thunder

<Sinistry Valley Upper Southern Level>

Just get here from Rahkyle Fortress. Once you are here, the entrance to the
trial is at NE. Examine the door and the door will open. There are 10 levels.
There will be portal at each floor for you to get to the next floor. Enemies
are strong here, and physical defense, as well as defense against thunder need
to be high here. I am entering this at Level 90 for Max, he has Valkyrie as his
main weapon here, also Force Septer and Armagedon just in case. If you kill all
enemies at a level, by the last enemy, after you defeat it, you will hear a
special sound and you will get bonus Energy. I am not sure if you need to break
all objects or collect all items. Once you passes all 10 floors, you will be
at the last section, a scene with "Star's Incarnation - Youngest Brother". You
will end up fighting this 'Spark Demon'. Although he's not that weak, and along
with these birds and golems, Gaia Nova Level 3 should finish it off easily. You
can also attack with Valkyrie, whatever floats your boat. After, two treasure
chests appear and a portal. One chest contains a Force Guard and the other one
contains an Ougi Proof(Origin of Life). Then take the portal to warp back out.


~Second Light Trial - Ice

<Feld Land Great Snowlands Northern Area>

Get here from north of Cantol or south of Queen Chine. It's by the east section
of the map. Examine the door and enter it. This is similar to the first trial.
It's just the element shifts to Ice now. Still 10 levels and still got some
strong enemies within. Raise your defense and magical defense against Ice. The
same old Valkyrie here will even be more useful due to the fact that this place
has lots of devils. And also because of that, your darkness defense needs to be
somewhat high as well. Once you make it to the last level, a scene with "Star's
Incarnation - Second Elder Brother". You will end up fighting Ice Demon. This
one hits much stronger than Spark Demon, so if you don't have defense against
Ice, you aren't going to survive long. However, since the ice attacks can be
easily dodged, this isn't that bad. Equip Armageddon and Inferno around. You
can slowly damage it and also attack the side enemies. When it's down to Ice
Demon and maybe few enemies left, change to Force Septer and Gaia Nova Level 3
on it. After you beat it, more scene and two treasure chests appear. One of
them contains Force Crown and the other one is the Ougi Proof(Magical Power of
Madness). Then take the portal out. More scenes.


<Green Sleeves>

Meryl leaves the party for now. Now head back to the HQ, get a third member and
that might as well be Freyja, then head to the Village of the Birdling.


<Village of the Birdling>

Go south of the map to Dragon Mountain Southern Area.


~Third Light Trial - Flame

<Dragon Mountain Southern Area>

The door is already opened since you already got Freyja and Klein. Enter it
for your last Light Trial. This time, it is much harder, even though it's just
another 10 levels. Early on, there will be Titan Force around. It can deal
heavy damage on you or even kill you in one hit if you ever let it hit you.
Valkyrie doesn't work that well here, so prepare Armageddon, Force Septer, also
Ice Brand and Punisher. Those will serve as close range weapons. Last of all,
bring Ancient Bow as well, that will be for the golems. Most of the time, it's
still Valkyrie, but for the loads of flame based enemies, there is Freeze Level
3 from Armageddon. Middle way through, there will be Red Dragon, the big ones.
They are trouble, much bigger trouble than Titan Force. They can move and hit
faster than Titan Force, don't hesitate to save your game more often. And from
that point on, Valkyrie should be useful again, as well as Force Septer for
the loads of undead. Like previous dungeon, your magical defense against that
particular element(flame for this one) needs to be high, and since Freyja
blocks that, so she can be a good shield. Once you make it to the lowest floor,
before you take the portal, return and save your game. Afterward, advance to
the trial room and a scene with "Star's Incarnation - Eldest Brother". You will
end up fighting Balrog. This guy is brutal. If you take your time and fight
through all enemies with these 3 trials(so total of 30 floors), you would
probably be Level 120 now. Even with all kinds of good defense, Balrog can
still do lots of damage. Start off the battle by using Freeze Level 3 from the
staff Armageddon. Keep doing this til you kill ALL the birds. Then there will
just be golems and Balrog. You have to keep your distance. Balrog's flame ball
attack can kill you easily. Your magical defense against flame gotta be at
least 90%. Even so, that flame ball attack can still kill you in a matter of
seconds. Try not to use two handed sword here, focus on bow and staff. If there
is anything related to defense or against devil to be strengthen at the Force
Art house, do so. Besides Valkyrie that's very good against Devil, there is
also the axe 'Devil Reaver'. Now once you slowly take out near golems, it will
just be Balrog. Now, don't get close it but remain it in your sight. If you see
the flame ball attack coming, run. If you can't, use Healing Water madly. Also,
your equipment should have all sort of Ougi attached. Keep your distance and
attack&run with Valkyrie, eventually, you would beat it. After, more scene.
Then two more treasure chest and a portal. One of the chests contain the Force
Shield and the other one is the Ougi Proof(Oracle Shield). Take the portal and
warp back to the HQ. More scenes and a teleportation to the Dark Castle is now


<Dark Castle>

As you enter, more scene.

~DC Central Tower Level 1
Hit the switch here and go up at east.

~DC Central Tower Dark Gate
Walk to the left a bit for more scene. As Vandorf points out, that gate at
north leads to the Dark Central, our final destination. But it's locked right
now, so take the stairs at west.

~DC Central Tower Level 1
Hit the switch to lower the fence. Then go west for more scene. After, take the
path from the newly lowered fence. Open the door at SE first so you can back
track to the teleportation if you need to. Then take the stairs down to the
next area.

~DC Central Tower B1
You will encounter enemies now. Anyway, Valkyrie still works here. At north,
there is a statue you can break. Once you do that, take the portal from there.

~DC Central Tower Level 1
You can head north now. Ok, first of all, there is the last sealed door at east
and it requires the last of your Jet Black Seal. All you need to do is defeat
the enemies and get the Ougi Proof(Godspeed Reaction). The castle is really
big and you can exlore around for loads of enemies and items. When you are
done, head west.

~DC Research Tower Level 1
Make your way to lower right to the next area.

~DC Research Tower B1
Here, hit the switch and continue along the path to a field with lots of mini
bosses. Afterward, back track up.

~DC Research Tower Level 1
Now take the center stairs up.

~DC Research Tower Level 2
Take the crystal at lower left to the next level.

~DC Research Tower Top Level
- Continue the path and head toward the center for more scene then you will
fight Mythril Golem and side enemies along. Afterward, destroy the statue. Now
take the portal and warp back.

~DC Central Tower Level 1
Take the most eastern path to the War Tower.

~DC War Tower Level 1
At the center of the map, take the stairs UP.

~DC War Tower Level 2
The stairs to the next level is at upper right/NE.

~DC War Tower Level 3
There is anther crystal here at south for you to take to get to the top level.

~DC War Tower Top Level
Here, more scene and fight with Devil Father. This isn't all that hard since
you actually did this before with one of the Legion Hives. Also, you can use
Valkyrie as well. Afterward, break the statue. Take the portal and warp back to
the central tower.

~DC Central Tower Level 1
Now, open up the map. Take the left near(of your current location) stairs on
the map to DC Central Tower B1.

~DC Central Tower B1
You can go open up the north door now since you already broke the two statues.
Within, more scenes and Meryl will join back.

~DC Central Tower Dark Gate
The gate will be cleared. At north, there is another crystal where you can get
to the Dark Central, Central Tower Level 2, Central Tower Level 1 or Central
Tower B1. If ther is anything you want to do, do them now. Once you are done
whatever you want to do, head to Dark Central.

~Dark Central Base
At the first area, loads of enemies surround you. Again, Valkyrie works the
best here. After you destroy all the monster gates, take the warp to the north
part. Destroy the monster here to get two treasure chests to appear and get the
crystal back. After, from the north part, continue to the right and smash your
way through with weapons like Punisher. At the end, there is a final save point
of the game.

~Dark Central Throne Room
Head up and open the door for your second final fight of the game. After more
scenes, and time to fight. Vandorf floats around in high speed. Just ignore
him for the mean time. There are lots of side enemies here, but mainly the
devil type which makes Valkyrie helpful yet again. Once you clear all enemies,
time to get that Vandorf. He uses light and dark magic but can be avoided
easily. He floats around so you have to try to keep up with him. At least know
where he is and when he decides to use magic, attack him. This isn't all that
hard so you should finish him without much trouble. After, make sure you save
your game. Prepare yourself with at least 85% magical defense against darkness
and around 95% magical defense for flame. Once you are ready, take the portal
to the final fight of the game. Vandorf will transform with a Legion body.
First, equip Punisher to attack the central ball thingy(Legion Egg), doing so
you can also take out the side enemies. But besure to avoid Vandorf's attacks
if you need to. Take your time and try not to use Healing Water unless you need
to. To attack Vandorf, I use Holy Level 2 from the Force Septer. The whole key
to this battle is Darkness and Flame defense, and high Light attack power. If
you don't want to take out the center dark ball, ignore it and keep using Holy
near Vandorf. With 96% on Flame and Darkness defense, Vandorf's attack should
not hurt you a lot, and often Mariel(if you have her) can heal you so you do
not need to waste Healing Water. If you run out of MPs, use Goddess Tear. Since
Vandorf has lots of HPs, this will take a while. But eventually, you would beat
him. After that, more scenes and enjoy the ending since you have beaten the


<Optional Dungeon>

Once you done watching the final CG of the game, you can make a Clear Data file
on your memory card. If you load it, you will be back at Green Sleeves. You are
just before fighting Vandorf in terms of where you are in the story. Now, time
for the optional dungeon that's newly opened after you beat the game. To get
there quickly, use the Legion Hive teleportation - Golem. As you arrive at
Fresh Verdure Cemetery, you will see the fence is off now. Head there and go
down the stairs.

<Tomb of the Tyrant>

Break all the statue here(and the ones above should also be destroyed as well
and you will need to go around to get to above) then head to the east to get
out. Once you are out, make your way to the center top to get the Ougi Proof(
Reincarnation). With all the statues destroyed(lower and upper ones within the
tomb of the tyrant), then the door to the optional dungeon should be opened

<Altar of the Tyrant>

Get near the altar to get enemies to show up. After you finish them all, stones
will show up and positioned like this:


(5 is W, 3 is N, 4 is S and 7 is E)

Each number represents one stone, and to solve this puzzle, just check out the
stones in that number sequence, i.e 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Every time you got the stone right, the stone will disappear in blue light.
Say you check #4 as the fourth stone you check, then you would get it right.
Once you solve it, a portal will appear.

<Labyrinth of the Tyrant>

Here you are, at the 50-Level optional dungeon of the game.


<More Coming Soon>



- Me
- CJayC
- Neverland
- Sega


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