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Beautiful. Spiritual. Wonderful.BloodGod659/10
An extraordinary epic that will absorb you entirely.BrotherBart9/10
Magnificently original, truly visually stunning, and a great epic action and adventure awaits for you in Nippon. It's all thanks to Okami.Chaos_Pawner9/10
Magnificence, defined.Crofty9/10
Okami is an outstanding, beautiful game that does the impossible: achieves true perfectionc_rake10/10
A spiritual experience.DeXeed410/10
Beautiful, fun, but imperfect.dhamon8/10
And I'm hungry like the wolf...discoinferno849/10
My opinion? This is the best game of all time.freakyalex10/10
An epic masterpiece proving the PlayStation 2 still has some life left in it.greyfox10210/10
A Solid and Fairly Unique AdventureHansy0168/10
Okami really deserves my praisekuaikukia10/10
Genuinely incredible, that may change games into an art form rather than entertainment.Lososaurus10/10
A VERY satisfying and original 40+ hour gaming experience...Metroid_Link9/10
Okami is one of the most beautifully inspired adventure games of all time.P2L5NM10/10
Artistically unique, original, fun and breathtaking. Okami delivers art, style, and gameplay at its best.piecemealcranky10/10
One of the most unique games on PS2ploder444449/10
A game where you can wield the power of the Japanese sun god!ScrawlKnight9/10
Unleash the wolf in you!Shadow_StarWolf10/10
Okami: A game good for dogs and humans alike.SSMaster9/10
There's no such thing as perfect, but Okami makes a fantastic attempt.TheMightyBilly8/10
Clover Studios delivers one of the most original and visually arresting gaming experiences of all time. (JP Version Review)Will Smith10/10
A wonderous masterpeice that one should hold to the heart...XxStrifeyxX9/10

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