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How to get super saiyan 4?

I dont understand how to get super saiyan 4


wolffighter123 answered:

I bought Vegeta's SS4 capsule and found Goku's at a ??? near the world tornement in DU second time through
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ajayjelin answered:

To get Vegeta's SS4 u need to buy a skill after u beat the whole story once...then to get SS4 Goku,u need to beat the game once and then the second time u play there would be a ??? near the World Tournament. Hope it helped :)
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Lakester98 answered:

Buying is the easy way. But if you want to get SSJ4 the DU way here is the way to get Vegeta and Goku's
Goku:defeat kid buu with a super spirit bomb and there'll be a continuation of DU. Don't go to the dot. Go to the islands next to the dot and go to the ???
Vegeta: There are 2 ways.
Way 1: Buy it from Skill Shops(Random) when you got Black Membership Card
Way 2:In Vegeta's 2nd DU, as soon as Vegeta is resurrected after Fat Buu, go to muscle tower on the ice island. There you will automatically talk to kibitoshin about Broly. Then go fuse and fight Buu at the dot. As you go to fight kid Buu Goku will instead send you to find and kill Broly. Once you can move, instead of flying to Broly, fly around the chain of islands to the SE. Here you will see a event with Vegeta complaining about Goku while King Kai makes it so Goku can here Vegeta complain. After that go kill Broly. After Broly, Vegeta will sense a new power but it's not evil. instead of heading to the new dot to the south, go talk to piccolo at kami's tower, he will question him. After, go towards Babas palace. in a "plains" area you will talk to Bulma about Goku turning ss4. Then she tells you to go home (West City) for a surprise. She gives you the SS4 capsule. Now go beat Goku at the red dot to the south. If you beat SS4 Goku, you will get Vegetas capsule for SS4 Gogeta!
Well heres a little extra GOGETA :D
Gogeta:In Vegeta's DU instead of fighting Kid Buu go find Goku who is now a Super Saiyan 4.
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soldier01073 answered:

best answer is breakthrough capsules on goku and Vegeta
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