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How do I unlock Omega Shenron?

I've tryed to find a plains around the world tornerment but I could only find ??? and thats where I got Goku's SS4 capsule

theonesofgames asked for clarification:

When you're playing goku in the majin saga, talk to surpreme kai and fight broly.After this you should fight gotenks,and get SSJ4, then fight him,you should get him after.

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dbz345 answered:

Before you fight Gotenks at the World Tournament, talk to Bulma in West City. Go beat Gotenks, then it should trigger the event. Beat Omega Shenron and it should unlock him.
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Lakester98 answered:

Omega Shenron: In Goku DU, after beating Brolly for second time a new red dot will appear, go there to fight ultimate villain, Omega Shenron, beat to unlock, also you will SSJ4 fusion.
You must have beaten Goku's DU at least once.
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theonesofgames answered:

When you're in the majin saga talk to surpreme kai he will tell u that broly is near fight him before kid buu.Then you will fight gotenks after there should be a dot in west city then omega shenron is unlocked.
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