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How do I get Saibaman?

I have read the faq and still can't unlock it! I have all the other characters.

no3xaldin provided additional details:

Thats exactly from the FAQ It didn't work. More Specific Information

no3xaldin provided additional details:

Okay I can only incounter
Yamcha,Krillin and Frieza at that level. Why?

Accepted Answer

TleilaxuMaster answered:

To get Saibamen you need to fight against level 31-35 opponents in Dragon Arena. Your character's level doesn't matter. Keep doing this and eventually you'll get a message saying that someone has broken in and you will fight Nappa instead of whatever opponent you picked. Beat him to get the Saibamen capsule.

For more specific information look for the "Dragon Arena Break-in List" topic archived in the message board.
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Oreno5267 answered:

You can unlock the Saibamen for various modes by competing in the Dragon Arena
mode. Your character should be level 10-20 and facing opponents at least twice
your level. Nappa will eventually break in, and when he is defeated, you will
unlock the Saibamen.
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