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Asked: 4 years ago

What's up with the Passwords?

I tried putting Gahaha Saikou da!!!- Saikou nokibu nda!!! correctly, but it says "Wrong Password" What's wrong?

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You sure you got the right game?

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I got the greatest hits version

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you have the wrong game completely. if you play DU, you level up and the password they give you is actually a password to unlock some capsules. you have to put it in at dragon arena

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The password reflects upon the COM stat, the COM stat is how well the computer will play from horrible, to uber. If you want other people to fight your character, then upgrade COM and write down the passwords, otherwise skip COM.

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The password is case sensitive which means you need to input the password exactly the way it's displayed like if a password was like Wau!!!!! Pyou would type it like that

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