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Asked: 4 years ago

How do you use the dragonballs?

You collect 7 dragonballs on dragonballz budokai3 what do you you do after you hae collected them all?

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After you collect all the Dragon Balls, you need to finish the character's Dragon Universe. At the end of the play-through, you can select a wish from 3 available wishes. If I remember correctly, they're all Breakthroughs for characters. Then, after your wish has been selected, you collect the Dragon Balls again in the play-through.

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The three choices are always the following:

Memories of [Insert Character's name here] (Gives you the Voice Data for the character)
Some Armor that the character can use... but isn't always exclusive.
Breakthrough (Let's you use all of a character's techniques!)

If you choose one, it'll be gone from the list next time you collect the Dragon Balls.

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