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Budokai 3 Special Intro's and Outro's Guide
Copyright 2005, Xyex (Rob Phillips)
Version 1.1
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Table of Contents

(1) Legal
(2) Introduction
(3) Version History
(4) One Sided Intro's
(5) Two Way Intro's
(6) Specific Outro's
(7) Alternate Outro's
(8) Contact Information
(9) Credits

(1) Legal

All trademarks and such herein are property of their respective owners, and not
me (sadly). However, this guide is min and may be not be reproduced under any 
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web
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(2) Introduction

Now, I made this because I'm sure many of you would like to know all the 
possible little different intro's and outro's for the battles without sitting 
there and sorting through them all.  That's rather tedious and can become very 
boring (trust me, I know).  We all know how fun these were in the first Budokai 
game and most complained that they weren't in the second game.

(3) Version History

1.0 - First version release.  (Completeion level... probably around 99.5/99.9%)
1.1 - Minor update.  Added the outro for Goku Vs. 16 / 16.

(4) One Sided Intro's

First of all, let me explain what a 'One Sided Intro' is in this.  Budokai 3 
has two types of special intro's.  With the One Sided type only one of the 
characters says something special while the other uses a 'stock' or normal 
intro.  I'll list them here in the format Chara Vs Chara and beneath will be 
who says what.

Goku Vs. Kid Goku
Goku: "I've grown, huh?"

Goku Vs. Raditz
Raditz: "Try to remember Kakarot!"

Goku Vs. Bardock
Bardock: "Heh, such a resemblence."

Goku Vs. Omega Shenron
Omega Shenron: "You use the Dragonballs too often!"

Kid Goku Vs. Piccolo
Kid Goku: "Ah! King Piccolo!"

Kid Goku Vs. Tien
Tien: "Goku!  Long time no see."

Kid Goku Vs. Yamcha
Yamcha: "Maybe I can beat this Goku?"

Kid Gohan Vs. Videl
Videl: "Heh, this is Gohan."

Kid Gohan Vs. Bardock
Bardock: "You... you're my... !"

Kid Gohan Vs. Broly
Broly: "KAKAROT!"

Teen Gohan Vs. Videl
Videl: "You're exactly how you look on T.V."

Teen Gohan Vs. Cell
Cell: "Don't get ahead of yourself boy!"

Teen Gohan Vs. Broly
Broly: "KAKAROT!"

Gohan Vs. Broly
Broly: "KAKAROT!"

Saiyaman Vs. Goten
Goten: "You're cool brother!"

Goten Vs. Frieza
Frieza: "What, more little monkeys?"

Goten Vs. Bardock
Bardock: "Kakarot?"

Goten Vs. Broly
Broly: "KAKAROT!"

Vegeta Vs. Tien
Tien: "So, you were still Earth."

Vegeta Vs. 18
18: "Heh, you're trying so hard."

Future Trunks Vs. Kid Trunks
Kid Trunks: "Heh, it's like having a brother."

Future Trunks Vs. Cell
Cell: "This is one cocky kid!"

Kid Trunks Vs. Frieza
Frieza: "A monkey is a monkey even without it's tail!"  
(Note: Cuts off if on player 2's side)

Kid Trunks Vs. Broly
Kid Trunks: "Hey, that's cheating!"

Piccolo Vs. 17
17: "Well, come on then."

Yamcha Vs. 18
Yamcha: "This isn't even fair!"

Hercule Vs. Videl
Hercule: "Think you can take on your old man huh?"

Hercule Vs. Majin Buu
Majin Buu: "Is it okay to win?"

Supreme Kai Vs. Majin Buu
Supreme Kai: "I can... also fight."

Nappa Vs. Bardock
Nappa: "Ha! You low class scum!"

Nappa Vs. Saibamen
Nappa: "Good soil for good growth."

Frieza Vs. Cooler
Cooler: "You were always too optimistic!"

16 Vs. Cell
16: "It is time for battle!"

18 Vs. Gero
Gero: "You ungrateful brats!"

Majin Buu Vs. Kid Buu
Majin Buu: "You don't hurt Hercule!"

Majin Buu Vs. Dabura
Dabura: "You ugly baloon!"

Super Buu Vs. Cooler
Super Buu: "You're strong?"

Super Buu Vs. Broly
Super Buu: "You're strong?"

Super Buu Vs. Omega Shenron
Super Buu: "You're strong?"

(5) Two Way Intro's

This is the other type of intro.  With the Two Way intro's both character's say
something special and in a certain order.  These will be listed as Chara Vs 
Chara in the order the lines are spoken and then beneath will be what is said.

Vegeta Vs. Goku
Vegeta: "Accept my challange Kakarot!"
Goku: "Right, let's do it."

Broly Vs. Goku
Broly: "KAKAROT!"
Goku: "My name's Goku!"

Bardock Vs. Kid Goku
Bardock: "Kakarot?"
Kid Goku: "Huh?  My name's Goku."

Broly Vs. Kid Goku
Broly: "KAKAROT!"
Kid Goku: "Huh?  My name's Goku."

Kid Gohan Vs. Piccolo
Kid Gohan: "Mr. Piccolo!"
Piccolo: "Now, come at me!"

Kid Gohan Vs. Raditz
Kid Gohan: "You leave my dad alone!"
Raditz: "Why you little brat!"

Future Trunks Vs. Teen Gohan
Future Trunks: "Gohan, I'm ready!"
Teen Gohan: "Same here!"

16 Vs. Teen Gohan
16: "Free your spirit."
Teen Gohan: "An Android."

Piccolo Vs. Gohan
Piccolo: "You've grown Gohan."
Gohan: "Ha!"

Hercule Vs. Gohan
Hercule: "You keep away from my daughter!"
Gohan: "Huh?  What?"

Saiyaman Vs. Ginyu
Saiyaman: "Great Saiyaman!"
Ginyu: "Why not join our team?"

Saiyaman Vs. Recoome
Saiyaman: "Great Saiyaman!"
Recoome: "Feel the power!"

Goten Vs. Omega Shenron
Goten: "Shenron, Shenron, I want some candy!"
Omega Shenron: "I don't grant wishes for candy!"

Future Trunks Vs. Vegeta
Future Trunks: "Father!"
Vegeta: "You think you're better than me?"

18 Vs. Krillin
18: "What would you like for... dinner?"
Krillin: "We'll figure it out later."

Krillin Vs. Cooler
Krillin: "F-Frieza!"
Cooler: "Don't insult me!"

Uub Vs. Kid Buu
Uub: "Wh-who are you?"
Kid Buu: "wha?"

Ginyu Vs. Recoome
Ginyu: "Cool, huh?"
Recoome: "Spectacular!"

17 Vs. Gero
17: "Why did you make us into Androids?"
Gero: "I must have miscalculated."

(6) Specific Outro's

These are similar to the One Sided Intro.  When certain characters win against
another specific character you will get a special outro.  These will be in the 
Chara Vs Chara / Winner format, beneath will be what is said.

Goku Vs. Frieza / Goku
"Give up your evil ways!"

Goku Vs. Kid Goku  / Kid Goku
"I'm going to need a lot more training."

Goku Vs. Teen Gohan / Teen Gohan
"Wow, dad is really awesome!"

Goku Vs. Kid Trunks / Kid Trunks
"Heh, my dad's stronger."

Goku Vs. Uub / Uub
"You mean... I won!"

Goku Vs. 16 / 16
"Time to start."

Goku Vs. 17 / 17
"Now, what should we do next?"

Goku Vs. Cell / Cell
"Even more satisfiying than I imagined."

Goku Vs. Cooler / Cooler
"So this is the mighty Saiyan?"

Goku Vs. Broly / Broly

Goku Vs. Omega Shenron / Omega Shenron

Kid Goku Vs. Krillin / Krillin
"Brace yourself Goku."

Kid Goku Vs. Broly / Broly

Kid Gohan Vs. Piccolo / Kid Gohan
"How'd I do Mr. Piccolo?"

Kid Gohan Vs. Bardock / Bardock
"Tch, worthless afterall!"

Kid Gohan Vs. Broly / Broly

Teen Gohan Vs. Broly / Broly

Gohan Vs. Piccolo / Piccolo
"You haven't trained hard enough!"

Gohan Vs. Hercule / Gohan
"Uh.. er... ah..."

Gohan Vs. Hercule / Hercule
"Come back again!"

Gohan Vs. Videl / Videl
"Wanna do it again?"

Gohan Vs. Dabura / Dabura
"Haha!  Most satisfiying!"

Gohan Vs. Broly / Broly

Saiyaman VS. Piccolo / Saiyaman
"See? Isn't this cool?"

Saiyaman VS. Ginyu / Ginyu
"You'll see an ultimate pose."

Goten Vs. Videl / Goten
"Uh-oh, big bro's not gonna like this."

Goten Vs. Broly / Broly

Vegeta Vs. Yamcha / Yamcha
"Bout time I got some excitement in my life!"

Vegeta Vs. Recoome / Recoome
"Don't you got nothin better?"

Vegeta Vs. Gero / Gero
"The outcome has already been calculated!"

Vegeta Vs. Cooloer / Vegeta
"Nothing is impossible for a Saiyan!"

Future Trunks Vs. Cell / Future Trunks
"I did it mother!"

Krillin Vs. 18 / 18
"Better luck next time dear."

Tien Vs. Nappa / Tien

Tien VS. Nappa / Nappa
"Another one gone."

Supreme Kai Vs. Dabura / Supreme Kai
"The Demon King's not what he once was."

Raditz Vs. Bardock / Raditz

Radtiz Vs. Bardock /Bardock
"Tch, worthless afterall!"

Frieza Vs. Omega Shenron / Frieza
"Now, grant me a wish!"

Majin Buu Vs. Dabura / Majin Buu
"Yummy, yummy, yum!"

Super Buu Vs. Omega Shenron / Super Buu
"Are you delicious?"

Vegetto Vs. Super Buu / Vegetto
"We should go home and eat something."

Gotenks Vs. Broly / Gotenks
"I'm not scared of you!"

(7) Alternate Outro's

Certain characters have stock outro's that are only used when in a certian 
transformed state.  As these are not Vs. character specific so I'll list them 
here as Chara (state) what's said.

Goku (SSJ4): "Hey, that's to much." and "Ah, this is great."

Vegeta (SSJ4): "Heh, impressive." and "I am unstoppable!"

Vegeta (Majin): *Crazy laugh* and "I feel great!"

Cell (Perfect/Super Perfect): "That was a nice little warm-up." and "Perhaps 
I over did it a little?"

Super Buu (Piccolo): "Not as good!"

Super Buu (Gotenks): "What's the matter?  Little sore?"

Super Buu (Gohan): "It's the birth of the mightiest Majin!"

(8) Contact Information

Know of something I missed?  Find a glaring error somewhere?  Just want to 
praise me? (XP) I can be reached at SSJ2Mainframe @ 
(merge the adress)

(9) Credits

I need to thank jadon7 for providing a list of characters with intros/outros 
against each other.  Saved me a LOT of time since I lost what I'd already 
had once...

Also, thanks to icgomez1 and xxMajinerxx for 16's line in the 
Goku Vs. 16 / 16 outro.