Arcade Mode Name/Info FAQ by RelentlessRolento

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               ((((((((((((((((TeKKeN 5 Arcade Name FAQ)))))))))))))))))

                                    ~Version 0.75~
                              __ By: RelentlessRolento __

-3.Interesting Stuff
-4.Arcade Name List
       -9th Kyu
       -8th Kyu
       -7th Kyu
       -6th Kyu
       -5th Kyu
       -4th Kyu
       -3rd Kyu
       -2nd Kyu
       -1st Kyu
       -1st Dan
       -2nd Dan
       -3rd Dan
       -4th Dan
       -5th Dan
       -Tekken Lord
-5.My Info


--March 7th, 2005: First time I was compelled to do this... a very long
night of setting things up and keeping track of names. so tired...Have 
mostly only Tekken Lord and Deity arcade names... Zzzzzz
--March 8th, 2005: Another long night... all the way to 3:30 am. Got 
more names in the lower Shihans and up... sleeping in late tommorow.
--March 9th, 2005: Yet again I am up late. Have more kyu rank names 
as well as most of the dans... will be a while before this thing 
goes on the net...Zzzz... exactly 3:04 am as I am writing this...
playing a 2nd dan Lei Wulong...
--March 10th, 2005: Guess what... up late again...(snore)... 
ugh... snake edge his arse damn Fury... ZZZzzz...
--March 11th, 2005: Actually working on the other parts of the 
FAQ tonight more than taking arcade names... finally, a break... 
now off to play some more Tekken 5 :D
--March 14th, 2005: Took a short break from working on this. 
Got a cold also, but not too
bad. Got Lei Wulong to Tekken Lord rank... Pain in the ass! Funny 
thing is I notice myself staring at Nina's, Christies, Asuka's, 
and Anna's boobs... damn testosterone... :)


I bet a bunch of you ask "Why in True Ogre's "Happy Snake" did this 
guy do a whole FAQ on stuff nobody really needs! I mean jeeze!"... 
okay, I doubt your thinking that. Really I have no answer as why 
in the world would I do a FAQ mainly on Arcade Mode Names. I
guess it was out of wanting to keep myself busy while I got 
most of the characters to Tekken Lord rank. At first it sounded
like a great idea... but in actuallity, when I was really deep
into working on this it got really reetative... and slow. I do say 
this though: it's really interesting what stuff I found during the
making of this FAQ. I hope you enjoy my FAQ, mcuh hard work and 
a LOAD of time has gone into making it. I am stil missing alot 
of names, so if you know of one I don't have please e-mail 
me at the following:

The following is required for me to accept names:
-Arcade Name
-Character Name
-Your Name/Screen Name (in order for me to give 
you credit for your help)

I will be updating this as much as possible so feel free to e-mail
me whenever. I can't promise I'll always be checking my e-mail 
but I will try.

-Interesting stuff-

Before I start with the names, I want people to realize there's 
stuff that most people have not found in the game and will 
probably not find any info on anywhere else. So read below to
gain some fruitful Tekken 5 knowlage.

#--During arcade mode if you see a red flash (kind of looks 
like a police light) flashing over the stage number (obove your 
character's life bar on the left) this means if you win the 
current match against your opponent you will get a Tekken 
Roullette, which in turn mutliply your gold earnings for 
that fight by 2x, 3x, 5x, or even 10x!!!!!

#--In arcade mode, all ranks 1st kyu and below only have 
color variations, while all characters with rank 1st dan 
and up have color variations as well as items. More characters
with items with more items start showing up the higher the 
ranks you go.

#--In the level 'Secret Garden' if you hit your opponent onto
a statue toad that is lying on the floor (or hit it yourself 
with a downwards attack) the statue will disapearand you 
will see a small white translucent "angel frog" float up 
to heaven. :P 

#--For those who probably remember from the earlyer Tekken 
games, if you hold certain punch or kick buttons after you 
beat your opponent you can choose your character's win
pose. In Tekken 5 it is back. You can choose your pose, 
but be warned: all characters have more than 4 win poses 
so not all win poses are "choose-able". Usually the ones you
can't select are the coolest ones, so I recommend just 
letting the computer decide your pose. Let me know if 
there are any other ways to choose the extra poses.

#--A cool little feature for Soul Calibur fans: one of 
Anna's customization items for her head, named 'Short Hair', 
is actually Ivy's, from Soul Calibur, hair. Another tip 
to some Soul Calibur fans is that both Heihachi and 
Yoshimitsu have "new" moves that were, until Tekken 5, 
only in Soul Calibur. Heihachi really dosn't benefit much from
these moves, but Yoshimitsu gets the most out of his arsenal.

#--Something most people will not notice at all is that Steve's
CPU arcade Tekken Lord rank name is "Dean Earwick". This 
name was Steve's original name before an outcry of Tekken 
fans said it was horrible, and Namco took notice quickly 
and changed it to Steve Fox.

#--Remember, some characters are able to change their parrys 
into attack reversals. Example: after using Bryan Fury's 
parry on an opponent's punch, hit RP to inflict an attack
(usually a Mach Punch) back at your opponent.

#--Yes, Jinpachi is playable, but only with a cheating device.
For some reason I beleive he is unlockable without using 
cheats, but until then there is no other way. Oh... and
on a side note: when you are fighting Jinpachi in story 
mode, loose to him and don't continue this will unlock 
Jinpachi's very own ending.

#--Most people should know this by now, but many characters
can be customized to look like old tekken characters. 
Kazuya --> Devil, Lee --> Violet, Christie --> Eddie... etc. 
Oddly enough, it's even possible to make Xiaoyu look alot 
like Chun Li from Street Fighter. 

#--One really twisted character is Bryan Fury, and just 
to prove it the developers even added a weird yet cool 
thing. If you are playing as either Anna or Nina while
fightinf Bryan, when he is on the floor do the move 
'Twisted Mind' (down+LK+RK). Bryan will react with his 
evil laugh... personally I think it's a cool little
touch :) From what it seems, he sometimes randomly 
does it also to other certain attacks, but I don't 
really know which moves make him do it (Nina's 'Bad 
Habit', f,f+LK, seems to work also).

#--Another little cool touch Namco has done is to prove
Wang is a horny little old man. Sometimes at the beginning
of the fight (character entrance), if Wang is fighting 
against Christie, Nina, Anna, or some other hot girl, he 
will say something like "WoW... You are Hot!" or "Today 
must be my lucky day!". Well, I can't blame the old man...
boobies are boobies (no offense to any girl gamers).

---Arcade Mode Name List---

Below is the near-full list of names for each of the characters,
along with their ranks, that I put many long long long hours 
into finding. So please do realize alot of my time went into 
doing this list. Enjoy :)

-Side Note: There is only one character per rank. You won't 
see 5 different Bryans as 3rd Kyu or 3 Marduks as Deity. One per 
rank per character. Though some characters around certain ranks 
will vary from time to time. I've seen dirtycat as two different
ranks before, so don't be surprised to see an extra name for 
that character, but this is very rare/will not happen very 

-*Arcade Name*-      -*Character*-

Adriana :>           Anna
Allport              Steve
Ambrose              Bryan
B1oodyC1aw           Kuma/Panda
chineezgirl          Xiaoyu
DATTE! DATTE!        Jin
GejiMayu             Jack-5
GOOD NIGHT           Lei
Good Speed :-)       Feng
Guillot27            Nina
Guyhehe              Roger Jr.
i'm outta here =(    Asuka
ironbod              Law
Jin-hwan             Baek
Jo$                  Yoshimitsu
judoman              Paul
KOKO ROE             Raven
Kute Kat             Julia
lol                  Ganryu
MELVILLE             Bruce
Misty Wolf           Lee
Monteiro ***         Christie
Oyaji Beginner       Heihachi
Reston <UK>          Devil Jin
Tsurugi              Marduk
wooden spoon ;)      Mokujin
Wang ch              Wang
-YOSSEL-             Hwoarang

**-9th kyu-**
CaveShark             Bruce
DevilKat              Marduk
Doo San Man!          Baek
dragondance           Law
Ev!l DeaD             Devil Jin
immortal              Bryan
JeanPhoenix           Paul
k!ngkong              King
Misa!                 Anna
ninja-arts            Raven
No Skillz GC          Asuka
PAW @ PAW             Jin
Preston 128%          Steve
Roger1                Roger Jr.
silencer              Nina
Strong Machine 01     Feng
Sumomo-kun            Ganryu
theclogger            Xiaoyu
Watermelon6           Jack-5

**-8th kyu-**
AHHHHHHHHH!           Jin
animalmaX             Roger Jr.
badger-man            Wang
CHOP ARMY             Mokujin
CombotZ               Lee
BlueSniper            Bruce
Dae Han Min Guk       Hwoarang
Feng-ism              Feng
Ghost3rd              Yoshimitsu
Lawl                  Law
manE@ter              Nina
Nameless one          Jack-5
xx Pasolini xx        Baek
sSUNSET<>BLUEe        Asuka
StagerS               Steve
StElLa_stellA         Anna
Sumomania             Ganryu
TeDDy328              Kuma/Panda
VARTAN                Bryan
wildbeazt             King
XxAxAxX               Lei

**-7th kyu-**
$$$ *^^* $$$          Baek
8k*9pp2-0dk           Kazuya
Black Hawk            Bruce
BLAKELEY              Heihachi
Coaward Feng          Feng
drunkdrunk            Roger Jr.
Error404 why?         Yoshimitsu
Flat Line 17          Asuka
greatdeal99           Xiaoyu
_HE!NZ_               Jin
Hooke!!!              Steve
huh?huh?              Julia
Kim?                  Wang
kungfuno1             Law
Meg Chaolan           Lee
mudsold!er            Raven
Nya. Nya... :p        Nina
pow                   Paul
the doomster          King
Unknown               Jack-5
V3RBRUGG3             Christie
XxbarkerxX            Kuma/Panda

**-6th kyu-**
Alexreturns           Roger Jr.
BaiYasy               Marduk
batboy                Raven
chkn_ki11a            Feng
El Rey De Tacos       King
EleanoR               Anna
{FIRE BREATH}         Bruce
HNDoldrookie          Wang
HoChiP14y             Steve
HWO -KOR-             Hwoarang
KARLI                 Bryan
M@T@H@R!05            Nina
Moo Moo Asuka         Asuka
[Murasaki]            Lee
nop                   Yoshimitsu
Sasaki =3             Devil Jin
sierra66              Law
Snake <-> Rat         Jack-5
Stokes 09             Baek
Whoo =^o^= hooo       Lei
____IxAKA___          Christie

**-5th kyu-**
BLUE DRAGONS #018     Bruce
Captain AI            Lee
CaptainRubbish        Mokujin
Cc_cC //TWN//         Heihachi
Devil ZZZ             Hwoarang
Dorofei               Bryan
Evil Seed             Jin
ghostrider            Raven
GR@@@@@VY!            Julia
gustel                Jack-5
kickickick!p          Roger Jr.
l34D6!r1              Xiaoyu
-LH-                  Yoshimitsu
manXman               Nina
P!gta!l K!ick         Lei
Shiwakoi-Asuka        Asuka
sm!ter                Kuma/Panda
_Taekwondo_           Baek
UKemiM@ster           Paul
wildmoon              Law

**-4th kyu-**
8-_-8                 Hwoarang
AghAvillA             Christie
Boggy                 Baek
$//BOT//$             Mokujin
Castanette :>         Marduk
demonicgamer          Raven
dontbeatme ;-/        Wang
Dragon Knight         Feng
elementleaderJr       Roger Jr.
ETA 30mins            Jin
FritzZZ...            Julia
GEKKO <JPN>           Lei
Gleeson               Bryan
...JAMILA...          Devil Jin
lawbreaker<GBR>       Nina
lepus44               Xiaoyu
mapk000               Kuma/Panda
Paul sensei           Paul
RtA =)                Bruce
Water imp             Jack-5
Yoshimiz              Yoshimitsu
zi'pi                 King

**-3rd kyu-**
470-Snipe-FJ          Asuka
889-GSK.Y <GBR>       Heihachi
Abiah                 Christie
AsvorA =SGP=          Jin
CathayMK              Wang
Corporal Gylton       Bryan
DangereuX             Kuma/Panda
DenDen @y             Devil Jin
Electr!c _SVK_        Jack-5
!!Flammables!!        Mokujin
Gozen-silent          Nina
Kazuyaman             Kazuya
@mildswing@           King
rarewin :(            Law
RealMardoggg          Marduk
Rod                   Baek
roo roo               Roger Jr.
sasukegreat           Raven
SUSUMU-H(JPN)         Feng
Tequila               Lee
+++ Tetora +++        Julia
U R Under arrest!     Lei
Venus8000             Hwoarang
whenix_99             Paul
XAVIER                Steve
YxxKxxL               Ganryu
ZenSitter             Yoshimitsu

**-2nd kyu-**
@BAUMKUCHEN@          Mokujin
Adamexxx              Paul
Aegle                 Anna
Agent(NoName)         Raven
BO++OM 1/2            Jack-5
chained--kitty        King
D!capr!corn!?         Kazuya
Flyin Rosh            Ganryu
Funk?Monk?Bonk!       Lei
Fury 2005             Bryan
GS9-* *-              Hwoarang
** Hibisccus **       Lee
Howdy ;>              Christie
Kill on Sight         Bruce
Luc11                 Law
Mr.Boss               Marduk
NEBT-HET              Devil Jin
NinjaArtist           Yoshimitsu
nitewalker            Nina
Onigiri -JPN-         Heihachi
Panderusll            Kuma/Panda
Quinn                 Baek
Sanmarie ;)           Asuka
Sgt. Maija            Julia
Skyk!d <NOR>          Jin
Wirgmans 777          Steve
ynww!u6q!jp           Xiaoyu
fame-wolv             Xiaoyu
xyz 2005              Feng

**-1st kyu-**
>_<) no !!            Steve
Amy **USA**           Heihachi
apio nabo Ezra        Marduk
++Asukachan++         Asuka
Bang                  Wang
Carr0L                Hwoarang
Devil Jin             Devil Jin
Executioner           Bryan
Flyingsealion         Paul
G!11                  Xiaoyu
GOINKYO :P            Lee
!llw!n                Nina
Kyle =/               Anna
*Major Turtle*        King
More Power!           Feng
never2return :P       Law
Newport Harbor ;)     Kazuya
POCO!POCO!POCO!       Mokujin
punchingbadger        Kuma/Panda
RtA =)                Bruce
Shogun                Yoshimitsu
Sitting Duck #02      Christie
Snake*-*Sneak         Lei
socoolly              Raven
Ture OGRE <CHE>       Ganryu
Wynni3 **SGP**        Jack-5

**-1st dan-**
Bada                  Bruce
BLACKBELT             Jin
boooom 4U             Steve
IcatzeyeI             Nina
EDDY Sensei           Christie
Evileye               Yoshimitsu
George. US            Paul
Iced Coffee           Lee
JUNG <KOR>            Hwoarang
KITT3N                Xiaoyu
Lapis <GRC>           Devil Jin
la'xi':t3r            Kuma/Panda
Maxi ;>               Baek
napalmbomb            King
neutralman            Roger Jr.
-- Lawman --          Law
''NutCracker''        Mokujin
Queen Valya           Anna
_-_-_-_RAvE           Jack-5
Ratmans#8901          Lei
RED EYE               Feng
Senbee                Julia
shivartist            Raven
TekBaiSon             Marduk
Viviana "ROSE"        Ganryu
(_Wigram_)-HKG        Bryan
@_@)/ WHOA!           Asuka
yeepie :)             Wang

**-2nd dan-**
'' Aingeal ''         Christie
animal_player         Roger Jr.
@ss@s!n               Raven
<AUS> EiKKi           Jack-5
beerguttedbear        Kuma/Panda
bitthebit++DEU++      Nina
C@TF1SH               King
cLaRiCe ::AUS::       Hwoarang
CL3OPATRA             Devil Jin
cLiCKbeEtle           Paul
Denmark/SP            Ganryu
Ghaolan X             Lee
GOOse88%              Bruce
gsilky6               Xaioyu
Jinrei!               Wang
Laaagggy +MEX+        Heihachi
L@st Resort <XEG>     Lei
Marrsh@ll             Law
Maverick 1            Feng
Mints ^o^             Asuka
Mishima Fanatic       Jin
Nascimeto!?           Baek
-::O-K-P::-           Mokujin
Rubbbock@TX           Kazuya
Spencer               Steve
T@piocaGirl           Marduk
ZHEN JUAN <USA>       Julia

**-3rd dan-**
<<ACACIA>>            Christie
_-_ @pple te@ _-_     Lei
Bathezid(NY)          Bruce
Benjamin Tanaka       Baek
B-I-B-IANA <ESP>      Devil Jin
Cherry bl-ss-ms       Hwoarang
corneredrat           Xiaoyu
chopsticks            Mokujin
Daibutsu --JPN--      Jack-5
Dark Side Chang       Julia
-edge-                Feng
faye                  Marduk
goGetter              Law
HawkEye               Lee
Joris :D              Roger Jr.
Kazuya_K!ller <HKG>   Heihachi
KAtANA                Yoshimitsu
Kenzo-UT-             Kazuya
M@!k3ru               Raven
Matilda_02 <SWE>      Bryan
mi6htyfan6z           King
Mishima G!rls         Asuka
nissa <<NOR>>         Ganryu
rookiehunter<FRA>     Nina
Sergant Bagel(@)      Jin
skipper P             Paul
** Spitfire **        Steve
Stratos =<            Anna
theGRiZZlybare        Kuma/Panda
thesame_2             Wang

**-4th dan-**
83miles(FL)           Kazuya
Alice<TX>             Bruce
ANNAMAN               Ganryu
Bellamy ;)            Baek
chainLee              Law
Craigkun              Marduk
-@@@- dango!          Jin
Death Touch           Julia
++Devil++ <FRA>       Devil Jin
((DR.Gyouza))         Jack-5
<FIN-EGUSKINA->       Lei
francisca <ESP>       Heihachi
Hilda <SWE>           Anna
!rishwoman            Nina
Izabe|a               Christie
ironpony              Paul
kage/03               Raven
King Jr.              King
Kitana-Blade          Feng
[Kyung-s00n]          Hwoarang
nomore :-(            Kuma/Panda
[only]LP!RP![only]    Mokujin
oops                  Wang
RotSushi Eater 105    Yoshimitsu
someone tell me       Roger Jr.
Steve Fox             Steve
__TKOIFT5__           Lee
yup yup               Xiaoyu

**-5th dan-**
+_+)/ 'JPN'           Devil Jin
Akasaka Kazuya<JPN>   Kazuya
xx Baltasar <DEU>xx   Heihachi
6om3wm3w              Xiaoyu
ca$hback              Paul
Chenzira<<IRL>>       Julia
DarkCrawler <USA>     Nina
^DarkSushi^           Lee
Etou12:50             Yoshimitsu
FiFi ++FRA++          Bryan
HEIHACHI-Hunters      Feng
^*Hell'sDryad*^       Mokujin
Jonnie                Marduk
kinpira gobou <GRC>   Christie
MiyaoaxochitL         Jack-5
nitewing              Raven
xx_NINA_Killer_xx     Anna
Paozilla              Asuka
razoredged            Law
ROSELLE <SWE>         Bruce
rumba11               Wang
SH@KE                 Kuma/Panda
[(Shining Sying[(     Lei
-@ Son!c Fist @-      Jin
?? UMA ??             King
-@ Son!c Fist @-      Jin
Takuzi 2005 <JPN>     Hwoarang
Yates 19              Ganryu

animatedpuncher       Roger Jr.
Chucklehead           Marduk
Devil Shihan *C.A*    Devil Jin
@ Donut @             Anna
FREELAND++CA++        Asuka
Evil HwOaRaNg         Hwoarang
(((insert coin)))     Mokujin
jaguarhearts          King
)) Kazuya Hunter ((   Jin
kim (^^)              Steve
KUROOBItheblackbelt   Paul
La Mirage [FRA]       Kazuya
LawTheDragon          Law
Lord Djarn            Christie
Meow!                 Lee
Minakata -JPN-        Bryan
MISHIMA-KILLER        Ganryu
peek@boo :p           Nina
theZen1               Yoshimitsu
salamander            Raven
Sh@iming <AL>         Lei
SpeaRminT             Julia
XIChanIX              Wang
X0rsX                 Kuma/Panda
>><< xxx >><<         Jack-5

-ACE-<UK>             Feng
Alfonso <ESP>         Bryan
AnnA chan (NZL)       Anna
Banzai Drop           Roger Jr.
Commander Chris       Christie
Cooledge              Yoshimitsu
]Dr.MILK TEA[         Julia
F!RE FANG <ITA>       Hwoarang
Hanul Gardner         Baek
Harley'$              Paul
Hikkakebasi-OSAKA-    Asuka
<JOTHAM>              Devil Jin
Kaimi *Hawaii*        Bruce
kord: seaserpent      Nina
law-CH                Law
lefty@mokujin         Mokujin
MARJACK               Marduk
Mr.ponpoko            Jin
OBURKHART <DEU>       Heihachi
Ozaking<YCC>          King
pandaone              Kuma/Panda
pi66ybankerS          Xiaoyu
Very GOOdman          Jack-5
Red Aquario           Lee
seniorslicer          Wang
snakeeater            Raven

100000HIT COMBO       Feng
BaRRett <DEU>         Bryan
bonecutter            Paul
devilk!n              Xiaoyu
Dread Lord X          Christie
FRiZKYBE4ZT :P        King
GaVrlloViCh           Jack-5
grasshopper           Roger Jr.
Kazama@Toyonaka       Asuka
Kazuya Online         Kazuya
Korea Master          Hwoarang
Kung-Fu Master        Lei
kung-fu master        Wang
# Louise #            Baek
MAYHEW [FRA]          Bruce
Milleania <Mirage>    Nina
Nan maida             Yoshimitsu
Nyamco =^_^=          Steve
D.J Mishima :)        Jin
Korea Master          Hwoarang
KuAN-YiN              Devil Jin
Kyoung                Lee
Kamikaze_Anna         Anna
!!Honeyman!!          Kuma/Panda
ninj@star             Raven
NutCracker-Evolution  Mokujin
Oyaji Master --JPN--  Heihachi
powerfulldaddy        Marduk
XUE FANGx3            Ganryu

BOGY@TOKYO            Feng
alexthunder           Roger Jr.
chicken-mark          Julia
Coffee Maker          Devil Jin
Come get some         Lei
FAIRFAX Jr.           Asuka
***fernanda***        Anna
F-Y-O-D-O-R           Jack-5
Pyro @@@@@            Hwoarang
__Tom the Juggler__   Marduk
JazZie                Bruce
K.Thunderclap         Jin
LEwiE 765             Baek
LOVE Juila LOVE       Ganryu
Manhunter             Kuma/Panda
Mic <USA>             Bryan
1200MHz <DEU>         Kazuya
R!dley <UK>           Heihachi
Sauce_Man             Lee
++ SigourneY ++       Steve
stealthfox            Nina
thepredator           Raven
YAMA ARASHI           Paul
xian-105              Wang
ViVa Brasil!          Christie
woodeness fighter     Mokujin
zhowu                 Xiaoyu

-- 0-zeki --          Ganryu
Asuka River@Nara      Asuka
' BeRtRaNd '          Bruce
Caramel Commander     Lee
Dark Eldrid           Jin
DORYA!!!              Feng
Dr.MAPPY <UK>         Heihachi
Gang han-byul         Baek
JaCqUeLiN ++FRA++     Bryan
Kazuya@Detroit        Kazuya
PKplz 8P              Law
rey sol Serveto       Marduk
Dr.D3V!L <MEX>        Devil Jin
McCormack+TWN+        Jack-5
Joussy ;)             Anna
Lei ver.B :)          Lei
* L!n6x *             Xiaoyu
PonkenMaster          Paul
ROFL !! :D            Hwoarang
Roger!sir             Roger Jr.
running---xylophone   Mokujin
silverf@ng            Wang
SkullMaster           Yoshimitsu
squally               Kuma/Panda
Tekken 7              Christie
Undead Sailer         Julia
xXnymphflyXx          Nina

230% Brunhilda        Jin
=P ++FRA++            Bryan
CALDWIELLA '99        Kazuya
Dominion[almightys]   Mokujin
<<< FLEA <<<          Jack-5
%%JOZKA%%             Ganryu
> GAle-dancER <       Hwoarang
(: grin :)            Anna
itachi0+              Nina
TopBananaOre          Marduk
themazkmanIV          King
Copoeira Master       Christie
Wrasslin Junky        Lei
(= Aswin =)           Devil Jin
Lapinfille            Xiaoyu
L4STDR4GOON           Law
MorganRoo             Roger Jr.
Neutralizer           Lee
RoBIN <Mirage>        Bruce
*Roller_Bear*         Kuma/Panda
Shinjyuku Heihachi    Heihachi
Speed / Star          Steve
Super Kung Fu         Feng
the Death Dancer      Yoshimitsu
:)Train Maker         Julia

1985Cecile             Marduk
7in6                   Xiaoyu
adeLAjda09 -CHE-       Jin
Asuka*-*Jun            Asuka
**BackStepBoys**       Mokujin
Bruce ;>               Bruce
D@rtz                  Paul
DeaDman Walk!ng        Lei
Devil Sage             Devil Jin
Ghost R!der21          Hwoarang
Gix 2005               Anna
joeyTNT16              Roger Jr.
2004 Josefa            Baek
K!ed!s <USA>           Heihachi
LawownZ                Law
LiteWing               Wang
Michelle               Julia
O'Reilly ;>            Steve
Ricardo (ITA)          Bryan
Rolling Head 3D        Kazuya
>>Res!s+an+<<          Christie
ruoK?(KOR)             Nina
Savchenko <Mirage>     Jack-5
SparkeeEdge            Yoshimitsu
Sumo 8+ACD             Ganryu
thekn!terider          Raven
TK eXtreme(US)         Feng
Wakusam <Mirage>       Kuma/Panda
W.M.C.                 King

Animal Commander       Kuma/Panda
DaveTheShadow          Lee
d/b                    Roger Jr.
DZ-R4 <NZL>            Jack-5
killerDoll             Mokujin
marsha1                Law
namco man              Steve
NIGHTM@@N              Julia
wangtheoldman          Wang
Gavenia                Bruce
HANZO_HATORI           Raven
himiko <JPN>           Jin
Hired Monkeez          Hwoarang
Sh!n!ng Lucan          Ganryu
Tai chi MASTER         Feng
The dead Fresia        Anna
+TheSharkS+            Marduk
Torpedo_XP             Xiaoyu
Wangan Tekken Team     Christie
** M3GALITH-NZL **     Heihachi
Pauli                  Paul
Pha1anX                King
Zzz _ _ zzZ            Kazuya

adorexiaou             Xiaoyu
Anna Master #5         Anna
EvadE-EvadE            Steve
Fundoshi Daio          Ganryu
grandmaster            Wang
Lepton <Mirage>        Marduk
MANZi*10               Yoshimitsu
>masterofpuppet<       Mokujin
max!m@m                Kuma/Panda
Monchan *^^*           Christie
tekkenchamp            Law
Hanzo Gamagori(JPN)    Heihachi
$$ Chang-Pong $$       Julia
deadlyy@llow           Nina
Digord <Mirage>        Bryan
dirtycat               King
* Kazamastar *         Jin
King Kazuya            Kazuya
KURENAI                Paul
@-->*Rose* Sirvat      Asuka
Tonsoku-kun            Hwoarang
Vongole the Watcher    Lee
Wulong(PRT)Tea         Lei
++ BEATRISA ++         Bruce
yalenchka              Jack-5
Samuraiwarrior         Raven
snoops                 Roger Jr.
ZolGiC                 Baek

777-09 <KOR>           Bryan
AnnaWilhemz            Nina
BALDUIN                Baek
Chloe <Mirage>         Christie
**D*E*V*A**            Julia
..Death Knight..       Hwoarang
Demonic Ironfist       Kazuya
<== DOSKOIMAN ==>      Ganryu
Hello -- $_$)          Anna
J4Gu4R                 King
J-9 SSAN--MK3          Jack-5
kAzAmAsukAwA           Jin
nysguy                 Paul
--PIS-TA-CHIO--        Mokujin
Pleiades <Mirage>      Steve
raisin 100+            Wang
Silver Devil<ITA>      Lee
T3forrest              Law
Tsu-Ten-Kaku           Asuka
[HKG] Aristotle        Lei
B4Dkicker              Roger Jr.
Werewolf+              Marduk
Mob!us <UK>            Heihachi
thekodiaX              Kuma/Panda
FENG@ROUTE-765         Feng

**-Tekken Lord-**
Hizikata <JPN>         Jin
DarkSamurai            Marduk
Dean Earwicker         Steve
DRAGoNMASTER           Law
Dualmoon <Mirage>      Baek
Euravel <Mirage>       Devil Jin
Boomerlord             Roger Jr.
KINGtheKING            King
Lord of Crimson        Feng
NiN@N!N =IRL=>         Nina
Phoen!x                Paul
Princess Rabbit        Xiaoyu
SAMURAI KAZUYA         Kazuya
Sinzan <Mirage>        Heihachi
THe NiNJa              Raven
(Dark*Dancer)          Bruce
<*><*>SleepeR<*><*>    Lei
FsfsF                  Wang
:::: YOKOZUNA ::::     Ganryu
Kazama Killer          Hwoarang
+DoPpElGaNgEr+         Mokujin
ragefulbear            Kuma/Panda
//Tawney//             Christie
Teokia <Mirage>        Anna
Yosh1_32               Yoshimitsu

--My Info--

Below is my list of characters and what rank they 
currently are at. I will not list all the ranked 
characters below, but only Tekken Lord ranked chracters
that I have. Though I do say all my other characters
are either 1st dan or Shihan.

--Arcade Name: The Fury

**-Tekken Lord-**
Bryan Fury
Paul Pheonix
Marshall Law
Devil Jin
Kazuya Mishima
Heihachi Mishima
Lei Wulong
Steve Fox
Lee Chaolan
Feng Wei

On I go by the name SamHideoLopez or 
Rolento, and on (awsome site) I am 
RelentlessRolento, so if you ever see me online, tell 
me what you think about the FAQ.


This FAQ cannot be used on any website without my 

So far this FAQ can be seen on:

last disclamer update: March 11th, 2005 1:43 am

A side note: TekkenZaibatsu is allowed to use this 
FAQ without my permission as long as they give me 
credit for it.

-Thank God first and foremost.
-Thank family and all the people who "make me feel a 
little less lonely"
-Jonathan Gardner for being the only guy I know of that 
really enjoys sitting down and talking
-Ginger for being the best 14 year old pug dog 
in the world
-Kintaro Oe from Golden Boy for being such a 
great role model :D
-Namco for making one of my all time favorite 
game series ever.
-Toys "R" Us and EB Games for making it possible for 
me to get my PSP for $0.00 and my Tekken 5 for 
only $1.45 :) (to learn how, go to for finding me a community of 
people who really know how to find super great deals
-Bryan Fury for making me feel like I "know" a character
inside out