Ganryu by Skyrax

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Tekken 5: Ganryu
Version 0.2
Written by Skyrax (

Table of Contents
1.	Updates/Why write a FAQ?
2.	Legend
3.	Movelist
a.	Throws
b.	Fighting Techniques
c.	Stances
4.	Combos
5.	Strategy
6.	Credits

1. Updates
0.3: Oh my goodness an update! Added 5.1 changes into the mix, added 
some more frame data for moves and recovery. Also added a little to 

0.2: Corrected some grammar and spelling, updated info on Tsuridashi 
Lift(ff+1+4), Freight Train Combo(d/f+1,4,1), Rock Cleaving Palm(d+1), 
Hammer Sumo Tackle(1+2,b+1+2) and Freight Train(d/f+4,1). Also added 
more information in the Strategy Section.
0.1: Initial draft.

Why write a Ganryu FAQ?
Because Ganryu deserves some respect, damn it! People take a look at 
the man and underestimate him. Bad move. Anyway, enough ranting. On 
with the FAQ.

1       left punch              2         right punch
3       left kick               4         right kick
f       tap forward             F         hold forward
d       tap down                D         hold down
b       tap back                B         hold back
u       tap up                  U         hold up
d/f     tap down forward        D/F       hold down forward
d/b     tap down back           D/B       hold down back
u/f     tap up forward          U/F       hold up forward
u/b     tap up back             U/B       hold up back
qcf     quarter circle forward  qcb       quarter circle back
hcf     half circle forward     hcb       half circle back

 [ Notations ]  -------------------------------------------------------

H        high-level hit          M         mid-level hit
L        low-level hit           SM        special-mid level hit
FC       full crouch animation   WS        while standing up
N        joystick in neutral     iWS       instant WS (d~d/b_d/f+any)
SS       side step either way    SSW       side step walk
SSR      side step to right      SSL       side step to left
WR       while running           ,         followed by             
{ }      escape command          [ ]       optional command
+        at the same time        ~         immediately after
> or <   delayed input           a_b       either move a or move b
splat    impact with wall        CH        counterhit
BT       backturned              oki       okizeme

PLD or FU/FA    play dead position      face up & feet away
KND or FU/FT    knockdown position      face up & feet towards
SLD or FD/FA    slide position          face down & feet away
FCD or FD/FT    face down position      face down & feet towards

Special Mid hits can be blocked standing or crouching.
Okizeme loosely means the art of hitting the opponent on the ground and 
the mindgames that exist therein.

Iíve added Frame Data to most of the moves here. What does this all 
mean? Allow me to explain.

Tekken runs at 60 frames per second. Therefore each attack takes a 
certain number of frames to execute, and another set of frames to 
recover from after the attack. The fastest jab in the game executes in 
8 frames. 

For example:

b+1+2: Iron Headbutt
Properties: H
Damage: 15
Frames to connect: 10
Frames on block: -15
Frames on Hit: +1
Frames on Counterhit: KD

From this, we can infer that the Iron Headbutt:
-executes in 10 frames, or 1/6th of a second. If an enemy throws out an 
8-frame jab, the Headbutt will be beaten out IF THE MOVES WERE STARTED 
-If the enemy blocks the Headbutt, Ganryu is unable to do anything 
(attack, block, etc) for 15 frames (he is at a disadvantage).
-If the Headbutt hits normally, Ganryu recovers 1 frame faster than his 
===This extra frame means that anything the opponent does immediately 
after being hit comes out 1 frame slower (an 8-frame jab becomes a 9-
frame jab, for example). Depending on how much advantage you get after 
an attack, certain moves become less risky.===
-If the Headbutt hits as a counterhit (i.e. in the middle of the 
opponentís attack), the opponent will be knocked off their feet. 
===KD does not necessarily mean that the opponent instantly hits the 
floor; it can refer to launching the opponent so they can be juggled. 
This just means that there is no real frame measurement since the 
opponent has to go through a certain sequence (rolling, getup kicks, 
etc) to get back up again.===
2c. 5.WHAT? 
There have been 2 updates to the basic Tekken 5 arcade game since itís 
debut. As I get more information on the changes I will try and add them 

Tekken 5.1 changed the properties of certain moves of the characters: 
making some moves more risky, less risky, hitting at a different level, 
etc. There was little to no cosmetic change to the system, except that:
-the lifebar was changed to a different color
-some sound effects were altered.
-A big shiny Tekken 5.1 sticker on certain arcades

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (or DR for short) is a newer patch for the 
game. It was released in the US April of 2006, and as of this writing 
its still hasnít achieved full saturation (no-one in Nebraska has one 
yet). It is slated for a PSP release late 2006.

This update added:
-three new characters
-tons of new stages (there are about 35 now)
-new music 
-a new look for Jinpachi (he bleeds lava. LAVA!)
-new announcer
-all the customizations and extra outfits of the PS2 version
-new items for customization
-revamped monetary system(?)
-new moves for everyone
-move properties changed again
-A great big DARK RESURRECTION subtitle on your arcade screen

Word to the wise though: stay the heck away from Sioux City if you plan 
on enjoying your DR experience.

Seriously, people, something I noticed is that people tend to hide all 
their Ganryu strategies and tips for their own use. This only hurts the 
Ganryu community, because ultimately we canít figure out new stuff when 
our old stuff is foiled. Give a hoot, read a book. Wait, I mean, help 
everyone help each other and let me know where Iím wrong and where Iím 
right. Please!

At a glance:

Unless otherwise noted, all throws hit high.

1+3_F+1+3: Body Slam
Escape: 1 as throw connects.
Damage: 35
Frames to connect: 10
Ganryu picks the opponent up by placing one hand over their shoulder 
and the other between their legs and flips them to the other side, 
slamming them on their back.
Itís a throw: unblockable high-hitting attack that can be escaped with 
the right button press at the right time. The f+1+3 version has much 
greater range than the basic 1+3. This is a good thing. Ganny also has 
a good oki game if the opponent chooses to rise the wrong way.
This throw and 2+4 will make Ganny switch sides with the opponent.

2+4_F+2+4: Sumo Scoop
Escape: 2 as throw connects.
Damage: 35
Frames to connect: 10
Ganryu pulls the opponent towards him, then tilts forward on his left 
leg to pin them to the ground. As they fall, Ganryu bodyslams them, 
then rolls off them, hitting twice.
The opponent is left sideways to Ganryu when the throw animation ends. 
The recovery is the same as 1+3, which means that any kind of oki will 
require tight timing unless the opponent does something stupid.

ff+1+4: Tsuridashi Lift
Escape: 1+2 as throw connects.
Damage: 20
Frames to connect: 13
Ganryu grabs the opponent a little below the waist and lifts them up. 
He then takes a few steps forwards, crushing the opponent while 
The throw does the least damage in the game next to Kingís Irish Whip 
follow-ups. Iíve yet to see a practical use for the move. It could 
possibly grant a little frame advantage, since the opponent is left 
standing after the move is completed. It does require a double break, 
which means that it is less likely to be broken than some of the other 
throws. Personally, I would stick with ff+2+3 for 1+2 breaks, since it 
does twice the damage.
Update: Iíve done some fooling around, and I have to recant on my 
earlier stance. ff+1+4 is actually quite effective if youíre playing a 
consistent frame game, since you end up with an 8+ frame advantage, 
which means that several things like d+1+2 and b+1+2 are 
uninterruptible after you land it. This means you can mixup the throw, 
f+2~1, d+1+2, and other moves to keep your opponent on the defensive. 
Good stuff.

ff+2+3: Jizo Hug
Escape: 1+2 as throw connects.
Damage: 40
Frames to connect: 13
Ganryu grabs the opponent by the neck with his left hand and violently 
slams them to the floor.
Solid throw does more damage than a basic throw, and itís a double 
break. Mix this up in your throw game to keep your opponent guessing. 
And advantage of the motion for the move is that you can perform 
several moves out of the ff motion to set up the throw. And it leaves 
the opponent in a favorable oki position.


1+3_F+1+3_2+4_F+2+4 at opponentís LEFT side: Upper Stream
Escape: 1
Damage: 40
Frames to connect: Dependent on input
Ganryu grabs the opponent by the waist and throws them just a little 
past ĺ of the screenís length.
As much as I admire his ability to toss people real far, the move 
leaves the opponent so far away that oki is impossible. It does mean, 
however, that they have to fight to get back towards you again.

1+3_F+1+3_2+4_F+2+4 at opponentís RIGHT side: Crotch Slam
Escape: 2
Damage: 40
Frames to connect: Dependent on input
Ganryu slips a hand underneath the opponentís right arm to throw them 
off balance and then tosses them the same distance as the Upper Stream 
The same problems exist with this throw as in the Upper Stream throw. 
Same damage too.


1+3_2+4: Reverse Choke Slam
Escape: None
Damage: 40
Frames to connect: 10
Ganryu grabs the opponent by the neck and hurls them face-first to the 
ground with great strength. Itís a back throw; nothing more to be said 
about it. Inescapable, a bit low on damage, but if you get it off itís 

F+1+3_F+2+4_ff+2+3_ff+1+4: Okurigake
Escape: None
Damage: 40
Frames to connect: 13
Ganryu grabs the opponent by the waist, kicks their ankles from under 
them so they fly forwards on their face, and crushes them underneath 
his bulk. A funny throw to watch in action, and itís often more likely 
to connect than the Reverse Choke Slam. This move is guaranteed if the 
second hit of ws+1+2,1+2 hits a BT opponent. Then again, there is a 
combo that does double the damage off that same setup, but this one 
require less effort.

Iím listing this separately because it warrants it. One of Ganryuís new 
additions is the Uniting Hand Clamp, a move that allows him to utilize 
one of six (yes, six) follow-ups, making it one of the trickiest moves 
to escape if youíre good at mixing up your throw options. 

ff+2: Uniting Hand Clamp
Property: M
Escape: None
Damage: 12
Only shifts to throw when it hits a standing or crouching opponent. 
Otherwise it is a single attack. See follow-ups.

Ganryu steps forwards and performs a horizontal slap with his right 
hand. If it hits an opponent who is standing or crouching, he will move 
closer to them, grab them by the waist and assume a hunched stance. If 
you enter no command, Ganryu will release the opponent after a second 
or so. Since the Hand Clamp is an attack throw it has no escape; 
however the followups can be escaped.

The move by itself is quite unsafe. If blocked or whiffed, Ganryu is 
unable to block or do anything for at least 14 frames. This is enough 
for most punishers to connect. Hence, only use it when you know it will 
connect. It makes a decent punisher if the opponent whiffs an attack at 
close enough range, but donít bet on it.

ff+2,1: Belt Toss
Escape: 1
Damage: 33
Can only be performed if ff+2 hit and shifted to throw stance.
Ganryu leans over the opponent and grabs them by the waist and tosses 
them over his hip, landing behind him.
The opponent lands just outside of f+2 range, but by the same token 
Ganny is left out of range of any retaliation.

ff+2,2: Thigh Twist Down
Escape: 2
Damage: 33
Can only be performed if ff+2 hit and shifted to throw stance.
Ganryu moves his right foot forward and bumps the opponent with his 
thigh. He uses the momentum of the shift to toss the opponent over his 
shoulder, landing on their face in front of him.
The opponent is left closer to Ganny, but the recovery is the same as 

ff+2,3: Reverse Body Drop
Escape: 3
Damage: 28
Can only be performed if ff+2 hit and shifted to throw stance.
Ganryu shifts his right arm to grab the opponent under their right arm. 
He lifts them up, flips them to his right and pins them with his body 
on the floor.
The opponent is left really close after the throw ends. So close, in 
fact that another throw would connect easily, as well as any close-
range setups you have.

ff+2,4: Bell Hammer Drop
Escape: 4
Damage: 28
Can only be performed if ff+2 hit and shifted to throw stance.
Ganryu slips his right hand between the opponentís legs to heft them 
onto his shoulders. He braces himself for a moment, and then performs a 
suplex-like motion, slamming the opponentís back into the ground.

ff+2,1+2: Utchari Toss
Escape: 1+2
Damage: 22
Can only be performed if ff+2 hit and shifted to throw stance.
Ganryu turns and hefts the opponent high into the air.
This throw has the fastest recovery of all the ff+2 followups. Itís 
also a 1+2 break; problem is, anyone whoís played against Ganny will 
suspect that this will be your first priority and seek to break it 
fast. Mix this one up; it has REALLY good follow-ups. See the Combo 
section for more.

ff+2,3+4: Body Lift Slam
Escape: 3+4
Damage: 35
Can only be performed if ff+2 hit and shifted to throw stance.
Ganryu performs the initial motion of his ff+1+4 throw, then turns 
right, raises them a bit and slams them to the ground.
This throw has the most unconventional motion of all: a double kick 
break. This gives it an edge in mixups, as most people are used to 
hitting punch buttons to break. Donít become predictable.


1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2: Devil Palm Thrusts
Properties: HHHHHHHH
Damage: 8,10,8,5,5,5,5,5
Frames to connect: 12
Frames on block: +2 -1 -1 -1 -1 -18 -18 -18
Frames on Hit: +13 +10 +10 +10 +10 -8 -8 -8
Frames on Counterhit: +13 +10 +10 +10 +10 -8 -8 -8
Note: After blocking initial hit, opponent can not duck the string in 
its entirety.
Ganryu steps forward as he performs eight rushing palm thrusts. It is 
not recommended to use the entire string in any situation. The entire 
string hits high and even on CH it is not guaranteed, which means 
youíll be left at a disadvantage (d/f+2 is possible) after the combo 
ends. In combos, 1,2,1,2 can be used to extend the combo. On walls, 
1,2,1,2,1,2 will connect if the opponent splats high enough on the 
As a poke, 1,2 is faster than 2,1. 2,1 has more forward range though.

d/f+1,4,1: Freight Train Combo
Properties: MMH
Damage: 10,12,8
Frames to connect: 13
Frames on block: -5 -13 -6
Frames on Hit: +6 -2 +8
Frames on Counterhit: +6 -2 +8
Notes: All hits can be slightly delayed.
Ganryu slaps slightly upwards with his left hand, then kicks the 
opponent in the face, then delivers a straight palm thrust. This is one 
of Ganryuís new primary poking tools. Safe on hit or block, and any two 
hits are guaranteed if one hits i.e d/f+1,4 or the 4,1 portion will 
naturally combo regardless of when it hits. Itís a 10-frame combo so 
you canít expect to beat some of the faster characters with it. 
However, this is one of the fastest moves that Ganny has. Use it. 

Update: It is STRONGLY recommended, as a poking tool, to simply use 
d/f+1,4 rather than to use the full combo, especially on block. This is 
because both hits are guaranteed on hit, hit mid so they can only be 
blocked, and it pushes the opponent back on block so it is relatively 

D/F+1,2,1: Nodowa Rush
Properties: MMM 
Damage: 9,12,12
Frames to connect: 17
Frames on block: -9 -9 -10
Frames on Hit: +2 +3 +3
Frames on Counterhit: +2 +3 +3
Notes: All hits recover crouching.
Ganryu performs three open slaps to the opponentsís chest.
The move combos on any hit, and youíre left in crouch to avoid any 
jabs. However, itís slow, and on block isnít good at all. There are 
much better moves in Gannyís arsenal to use.

d+1: Rock Cleaving Palm
Properties: M
Damage: 22
Frames to connect: 25
Frames on block: +3
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Notes: Can hit grounded. 
Ganryu performs an overhead chop with his left hand.
The move is similar in appearance to Paul and Heihachiís Tile Splitter, 
and it has relatively the same effect. However, Ganryu has no follow-
ups to the move and it has bad recovery. The only possible use for the 
move would be for oki, and 1+2 does exactly that but recovers faster 
and tracks better. Avoid.

Update: This move, like d+1+2, actually leaves the opponent at a frame 
disadvantage when blocked, which means that you should actually move 
this move when you know it will be blocked to mess up your opponentís 
timing. As such, itís not too bad.

b+1,1,1: Sumo Hammer
Properties: HHM
Damage: 18,15,18 
Frames to connect: 25
Frames on block: +3
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Notes: Hold D after the last hit to enter Sit Stance.
Ganryu performs two horizontal swipes and then a Rock Cleaving Palm.
On CH, the first hit turns opponents backwards. The second hit turns 
backwards as well, but on a BT opponent it turns them round to face 
you(odd isnít it?). On a further note all hits are guaranteed on CH. 
Outside of CH, however, this move is slow, and does not combo. If 
blocked, opponents can counter before the third hit (parries and 
reversals are a surety). If you must use the move, stop at the second 
hit if blocked.

b,d/b,d,D/F+1: Sumo Mega Uppercut
Property: M
Damage: 30
Frames to connect: 16
Frames on block: -16
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu stoops low and then performs a powerful uppercut with his left 
hand. Ganryuís strongest launcher, this thing sends opponents REALLY 
high. Somewhat unsafe on block, so you want to be really careful just 
throwing it out. It has a slight delay as Ganryu stoops before the 
uppercut. At the very least, b,d/b,d,D/F+2 is guaranteed after the hit, 
but there are other follow-ups. An excellent move if used sparingly.
Note: This is the only launcher Ganryu has that uses his left hand.

(u/f_u_u/b)+1: Jamming Palm
Property: M
Damage: 15
Frames to connect: 18
Frames on block: -6
Frames on Hit: KD 
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu hops forwards and delivers a downwards palm thrust.
It crushes lows during execution. Safe on block. Knocks down on CH. 
There is a delay before execution, and it has low priority over 
standing mids and highs. If you can predict a low coming, you can use 
this to snuff it. It has some follow-ups for extra damage. Overuse not 

FC+1,1,1,2,d+1: Hammer Rush Low
Properties: LLMML
Damage: 10,8,12,12,8
Frames to connect: 19
Frames on block: -8 -5 -14 -9 -17
Frames on Hit: +2 +7 -3 +2 -1
Frames on Counterhit: +2 +7 -3 +2 -1
Notes: The first three hits recover crouching.
Ganryu slaps the opponentís feet twice, performs two palm thrusts to 
the opponentís chest, then a swipe at the opponentís ankles. The last 
hit leaves you in crouch. This string is best used in juggles. Even on 
CH it doesnít combo, and the holes are large enough for jabs to make it 
through. Also, most people expect you to use the low followup so it 
will more than likely be blocked or parried.

FC+1,1,1,2,d/f+1: Hammer Rush Mid
Properties: LLMMM
Damage: 10,8,12,12,15
Frames to connect: 19
Frames on block: -8 -5 -14 -9 -0
Frames on Hit: +2 +7 -3 +2 +11
Frames on Counterhit: +2 +7 -3 +2 +11
Notes: The first three hits recover crouching.
Ganryu slaps the opponentís feet twice, performs two palm thrusts to 
the opponentís chest, then a mid-hitting uppercut. The damage is a 
little higher due to the uppercut, but still shares the same problem as 
the Hammer Rush Low. It does provide a mixup, just not a very good one.

FC+1,1,1,2,f+1: Hammer Rush High
Properties: LLMMH
Damage: 10,8,12,12,12
Frames to connect: 19
Frames on block: -8 -5 -14 -9 -17
Frames on Hit: +2 +7 -3 +2 -1
Frames on Counterhit: +2 +7 -3 +2 -1
Notes: The first three hits recover crouching.
Ganryu slaps the opponentís feet twice, performs two palm thrusts to 
the opponentís chest, then a swipe at the opponentís face. Worse than 
the Hammer Rush Low or Mid, mainly because it can be ducked even if the 
the whole thing is a CH. Works in a few juggles, otherwise, donít.

SS+1:Falling Hammer
Property: H
Damage: 30
Frames to connect: 17
Frames on block: 10
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu steps to the side slightly, then delivers a massive horizontal 
slap to the opponentís face. Fast for the kind of damage it deals, and 
if it connects, u/f+3+4,2 is guaranteed for major damage. The only draw 
back is that it hits high. Mix it up with SS+1+2 if they try to duck 
whenever you SS. However, you shouldnít SS with the only intent of 
performing the move.

1+2: Hammer Chop
Properties: M
Damage: 21
Frames to connect: 19
Frames on block: -10
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Notes: Hits grounded.
Ganryu raises both his hands and brings them straight down quickly. 
Another tool for pressure; itís safer than it looks as has quite a few 
mixups, even on block. It knocks down on hit, and if the opponent tries 
to do anything except tech roll, 1+2 will hit for oki, resetting them 
on the floor.

1+2,1+2: Hammer Rising
Properties: MM
Damage: 21,22
Frames to connect: 19
Frames on block: -12
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Notes: 2nd hit can be delayed.
Ganryu raises both his hands, brings them straight down quickly, and 
raises them up again. If the first hit misses, the second hit will 
launch for a juggle. Less safe than performing 1+2 by itself, but 
Ganryu is only in danger of poking. Good followup for 1+2. 

1+2,b+1+2: Hammer Sumo Tackle
Properties: M,UB M
Damage, 21,45
Frames to connect: 19
Frames on block: KD
Frames on Hit:KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Notes: See Sumo Tackle for all follow-ups.
Ganryu raises both his hands and brings them straight down quickly, 
then crouches low and performs his unblockable. Unfortunately, it isnít 
faster than the regular unblockable. However, if you use it sparingly 
you can catch opponents off guard if they expect the 1+2,1+2 followup 
or nothing at all. If they try to counter it, you can use any of the 
Sumo Tackle follow-ups to deal with the threat. A good surprise tactic. 
Emphasis on surprise.

Update: Remember that the surprise aspect comes from the fact that you 
donít see the spark effect or hear Ganny say anything before he 
tackles. Also, he doesnít visually crouch for no reason, which adds to 
the surprise.

f+1+2: Quick Sumo Rush
Properties: M
Damage: 28
Frames to connect: 23
Frames on block: -13
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu crouches low and darts forwards, striking with his head. Range 
is decent, and it can avoid highs at certain points of its animation. 
Hard to punish on block (but it CAN be), good in juggles. NEVER whiff 
this, it takes Ganny forever to regroup. Learn the range for the move 
and condition yourself to never use it beyond that range unless you 
have a good enough reason.

ff+1+2: Sumo Scissors
Properties: M
Damage: 17
Frames to connect: 17
Frames on block: -10
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Notes: Crumple stun on hit.
Ganryu dashes forwards slightly and then brings both hands together to 
perform a hug. Fast execution, and the f,f motion allows it to be used 
in dashes. 1+2 is recommended as a followup for oki. Somewhat unsafe on 
block, but not really.

d/f+1+2,1: Ganryu Combo
Properties: MM
Damage: 8,8,21
Frames to connect: 20
Frames on block: -6 -18
Frames on Hit: +4 KD
Frames on Counterhit: +4 KD
Ganryu steps forward, slightly hunched, delivers two quick uppercuts 
followed by a heavy uppercut. This move naturally combos on any hit, 
and is safe on the first two hits (d/f+1+2) if blocked. Good pressure 
move to use from time to time. Has combo uses as well.

SS+1+2_d+1+2: Pedal Press
Properties: M
Damage: 22
Frames to connect: 15
Frames on block: +3
Frames on Hit: +3
Frames on Counterhit: +3
Notes: Shifts to throw if performed on BT opponent.
Ganryu steps forwards while pushing both palms forwards from waist 
level. Safe if blocked (in fact, it gives you a little frame 
advantage).It also provides a mixup to SS+1 and has combo uses. Frame 
advantage is same on hit as on block.

b+1+2: Iron Headbutt
Properties: H
Damage: 15
Frames to connect: 10
Frames on block: -15
Frames on Hit: +1
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu rears back slightly and delivers a quick headbutt to the 
opponentís face. On CH, the opponent is sent sliding back slightly. At 
this point, u/f+3+4,2 is guaranteed. It is quite fast, and safe on 
block. However, it has poor range by itself. Save it for CH hunting on 
jabs and predictable moves. On a BT opponent, the move does not require 
a CH for the slide animation, and it can not be techrolled.

u/f+1+2: Flying Press
Property: M
Damage: 28
Frames to connect: 19
Frames on block: -5
Frames on Hit: -2
Frames on Counterhit: -2
Ganryu leaps forwards striking the opponent with his chest and belly. 
Low crushes during execution. Unsafe if blocked: you can be jabbed 
afterwards. Bad range as well. Not recommended, save for a few select 
combos and just for kicks.

FC+1+2: Palm Lift
Property: L
Damage: 21
Frames to connect: 23
Frames on block: -23
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu crouches forwards and performs an upwards motion with both 
hands, sending the opponent rolling away head over heels. A little slow 
on startup, and the opponent is sent too far away for any real follow-
ups. If they are sent into a wall and Ganryu is close enough, f+1+2 is 
guaranteed with quick timing. Unsafe on block.

WS+1+2: Hammer Rising
Property: M
Damage: 21
Frames to connect: 20
Frames on block: -16
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu brings both hands together to perform an uppercut that sends the 
opponent flipping head over heels.
On normal or CH, the move juggles. On block itís fairly safe in that 
the opponent is pushed out of range for jabs. There are some good 
juggles after the move connects, as well as some oki games.

WS+1+2,1+2: Hammer Rising Double
Property, M,M
Damage: 21,17
Frames to connect: 
Frames on block: +1
Frames on Hit: +26
Frames on Counterhit: +26
Ganryu brings both hands together to perform and uppercuts, then brings 
them both down again in a downwards smash.
The second hit can be delayed slightly. If the first hit connects, the 
second hit more than likely will not connect. If it is done fast 
enough, Ganryu will move behind the opponent as he does the second hit, 
leaving him BT as the opponent lands.

FU/FT 1+2: Spring Hammer Punch
Property: M
Damage: 12
Frames to connect: 26
Frames on block:
Frames on Hit:
Frames on Counterhit:
Notes: Press d after move to go into Splits. From Splits, press u or d 
to sidestep to that direction, f to go into Shiranui.
Ganryu sits up from a prone position and performs a double smash before 
If an opponent is right in your face and you get the timing right, you 
can snuff almost anything they throw at you. However, if youíre playing 
Ganny right, you should never have to use the move.

BT+1+2: Falling Statue
Property: M
Damage: 27
Frames to connect: 30
Frames on block:
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Notes: Leaves Ganryu in FU/FA after completion.
Ganryu folds his arms across his chest, then jumps backwards, fully 
This move is funny to watch in action, and it more often than not 
catches people. It canít be reversed either. The only time youíd 
probably use this move is after the second hit of WS+1+2,1+2 misses and 
youíre BT. Or if Lee does his Címon taunt and you fall for it.

2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1: Devil Thrusts
Property: hhhhhhhh
Damage: 12,10,8,5,5,5,5,5
Frames to connect: 14
Frames on block: +1 0 -1 -1 -18 -18 -18 -18
Frames on Hit: +7 +11 +10 +10 -8 -8 -8 -8
Frames on Counterhit: +7 +11 +10 +10 -8 -8 -8 -8
Ganryu performs eight palm thrusts in a row.
Canít be ducked after the first one if blocked. However, it can be 
ducked after the first two if they hit(?). Odd move in that respect. 
Still, only use 2,1 for poking, and 2,1,2,1 in juggles. Donít bother 
with the full move ever.

b+(1+3)_(2+4): Twin Wall
Property: Parry
Damage: None
Frames to connect:
Notes: On successful parry, press 1+2 for automatic followup. Damage is 
Ganryu slaps the opponentís hands aside and jumps over them. If you do 
nothing, the opponent is left BT. If you do the followup, then upon 
landing, he performs a Pedal Press, pushing them forward significantly 
before he shoves them away. The opponent is still left BT.
This move parries all high and mid-level punches, including some 
elbows. It doesnít parry kicks and some special punches like Steveís 
Flicker 1. It also doesnít parry headbutts, shoulder thrusts and the 
like. In any case, there are follow-ups to the parry which give it 
greater flexibility than most reversals.

f+2: Ducking Palm
Property: SM
Damage: 16
Frames to connect: 14
Frames on block: -5
Frames on Hit: -2
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu ducks forward and delivers a straight thrust to the opponentís 
Can be low parried. Can be cancelled into Neko Damashi if done early 
enough. Unsafe on block. This move is an awesome tool for tacking on 
punishment after a juggle. After 1+2 the move is guaranteed no matter 
what. Any juggle that ends in 1+2 allows f+2 to connect. Since it tech 
crouches during its animation, it can be used for long-range poking in 
certain situations, but be careful.

f+2~1: Ear Boxing
Property: H
Damage: 14
Frames to connect: 16
Frames on block: +4
Frames on Hit: +12
Frames on Counterhit: +12

Ganryu leans forwards and claps his hands together hard. The only 
things bad about this move are that itís a little slow coming out and 
itís a high. Otherwise, this move is incredibly handy for Ganny. It can 
be slightly delayed by waiting a it before inputting the 1 (he starts 
off in the f+2 animation). This means that it can actually high crush 
if done right. On hit, either b+1+2 or 2,1 is guaranteed. You can also 
do a basic standing throw (1+3 or 2+4) and itís guaranteed. Long-range 
throws and command throws are not because of the frames involved. 

b+2: Salt Upper
Property: M
Damage: 27
Frames to connect: 32
Frames on block: +9
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu reaches down like heís getting something from his right ankle 
wrap, then performs a strong uppercut.
The move tech crouches in the beginning of its animation and inflicts 
good guard stun if blocked. Certain moves, like d+1+2, can not be 
interrupted if the Salt Upper is blocked. Note I said interrupted, not 
blocked. That means the following move will beat out anything opponent 
throws, not that the opponent canít block it. Good juggles off the move 
if it hits as well. Excellent move, donít abuse.

d+2,2,2,2Ö: Kabuki Low Palm
Property: L,L,L,LÖ
Damage: 15,15,10,10Ö
Frames to connect: 29
Frames on block: -21 -24 -24 -24Ö
Frames on Hit: -3 -6 -6 -6Ö
Frames on Counterhit: -3 -6 -6 -6 -6Ö
Ganryu crouches slightly and begins hopping forward, striking the 
opponent in the shin for as long as you make him.
The first two hits will combo on CH only. After that, it can be blocked 
and parried with ease. Never use this move unless youíre going for 
laughs If you can land this on CH, there are tons of other moves you 
can use that are infinitely better.

d/f+2: Palm Upper
Property: M
Damage: 15
Frames to connect: 16
Frames on block: -5
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu steps forward and delivers a palm uppercut.
The move sends the opponent up at an angle away from Ganny, so you will 
have to dash in to continue any combo. An advantage is that if youíre 
near a wall, the float will carry them to the wall for the splat with 
less effort than usually required. It is highly recommended that you 
learn to use the move and its dash follow-ups. Otherwise you can simply 
tack on f+1+2 after it connects.

D/F+2,1,2: Right Nodowa Rush
Property: MMM
Damage: 15,12,12
Frames to connect: 17
Frames on block: -9 -9 -10
Frames on Hit: +2 +3 +3
Frames on Counterhit: +2 +3 +3
Notes: All hits recover crouching.
Ganryu crouches forward and delivers three slaps to the opponentís 
It does more damage than the D/F+1,2,1 version and is a little faster 
on execution. But that doesnít make it any more useful a move. Avoid 
unless necessary.

d/b+2: Sumo Sweep
Property: L
Damage: 12
Frames to connect: 26
Frames on block:-21
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu crouches low, rears his right hand back and performs an angular 
sweep knocking the opponent off their feet.
Tech crouches during animation. Unsafe on block (Bryan can get his 
Fishermanís Slam off), low damage. Apart from those three things this 
is one of Ganryuís best moves. The float can not be techrolled out of, 
only rolled. Juggle opportunities abound with this move. Mix it up and 
youíll be sitting pretty.

WS+2: Upper Lift
Property: M
Damage: 15
Frames to connect: 16
Frames on block: -8
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu stands up while striking with an open palm facing upwards.
On Ch the opponent is launched higher. Not too safe on block. This 
uppercut launches like d/f+2 should; nice and straight. Good juggles 
can follow. If an opponent whiffs a high attack you can counter with 
this. Donít make it the basis of your juggles unless youíre damn sure 
of your ability to make it connect every time you want it to.

b,d/b,d,D/F+2: Megaton Palm
Property: M
Damage: 40
Frames to connect: 22
Frames on block: -7
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu crouches slight and delivers a powerful straight palm to the 
opponentís chest. 
The move tech crouches at the last possible moment before the palm 
connects. Safe on block and also gives pushback. The delay of the move 
negates its use in most juggles. The easiest way to land it is after a 
Megaton Upper. If it hits, it send the opponent quite a ways away. 
Decent enough; throw it out every once in a rare while.

d/f+2+3: Thunder Palm
Property: L
Damage: 12
Frames to connect: 21
Frames on block: -14 
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Note: Recovers crouching.
Ganryu crouches and delivers a downward palm to the opponentís foot, 
knocking them off their feet.
This is another personal favorite. It recovers a little faster than the 
Sumo Sweep but is still punishable. Since it recovers crouching, it 
apparently leaves little to the imagination when it comes to juggles, 
right? Hardly. If you crouch cancel the move (U_ff) after the move 
hits, Ganryu will instantly stand straight up, allowing standard 
juggles to connect. It also works well for setting people up for tech 
traps. Excellent move.
This move was made much more unsafe in 5.1. And in Dark Resurrection it 
no longer allows juggles of any kind (the opponent falls in a different 

3,4,3,4,3...: Hundred Ogre Kicks
Property: hhhhÖ
Damage: 25,23,25,23Ö
Frames to connect: 17
Frames on block: -11 -6 -12 -6...
Frames on Hit: KD +3 KD +3...
Frames on Counterhit: KD KD KD KD...
Note: After any 4, press 4 for the Malice Stomp followup. Stomp damage 
Ganryu kicks high with his left foot, then his right foor, then his 
left, then his right, then his leftÖyou get the picture.
Itís another infinite. Good luck getting it to hit anyone. It doesnít 
combo outside of the stomp, is massively unsafe, is duckable, 
parryable, reversible, backdashableÖNeed I go on. NEVER use this. EVER. 
PLEASE. 3,4,4 sometime works against the wall, but more often than not 
the 3 connects but the opponent falls before 4 connects. Waste of wall 

f+3: Kataonami Kick
Property: H
Damage: 25
Frames to connect: 18
Frames on block: -10
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu steps forward and strikes with the heel of his foot.
A variation of the basic 3 kick. Seriously, itís just as weak as the 
basic version. Donít use.

d/f+3: Sand Sweeper
Property: L
Damage: 17
Frames to connect: 16
Frames on block: -15
Frames on Hit: +5
Frames on Counterhit: +5
Ganryu pulls his left leg back and draws an imaginary line in front of 
him with it.
Safe on block. Excellent low move. The animation can be slightly 
confusing if you do a good job mixing it up. It has its uses in oki, 
and can sometimes open up people if they turtle too much.

f,f+3+4: Sekitori Kick
Property: M
Damage: 40
Frames to connect: 39
Frames on block: +12
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Note: Ganryu ends up FD/FT after move is completed.
Unbelievably safe due to pushback and guard stun. High damage. Low 
crushes. Not too useful a move as it is easily telegraphed and it has 
very bad forward range. If he dove forward like King does with his 
Exploder it would be a much more useful move. As is, only a surprise 
tactic you pull out once every 1 million matches.

fff_F+3+4: Sumo Slide
Property: M at the beginning, L at end.
Damage: 25
Frames to connect:
Frames on block: Feels like -75. Ugh.
Frames on Hit: Feels like -75. Ugh.
Frames on Counterhit: Feels like -75. Ugh.
Ganryu runs at the opponent and dives at them hands first. When he hits 
the ground, he rises and steps back a few feet to his standing 
Only hits once no matter what level it hits at. Really, really unsafe 
on block. For the amount of startup is has, that it should be this 
unsafe is ridiculous. Donít ever use it unless you want to be juggled 
like a toy. The amount of recovery is horrible.

u/f+3+4: Sumo Squash
Property: M
Damage: 26
Frames to connect: 34
Frames on block:
Frames on Hit: KD	
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Notes: Goes into Sit stance. See follow-ups.
Ganryu jumps forwards and crosses his legs, landing in a sitting 
Safe on block, actually. Hits grounded. This move is 100% tech catch 
material. Within a certain range, the move dominates. It can be used in 
juggles as well. Followups are excellent in certain situations. By 
itself, though somewhat safe it still isnít a good idea to throw out. 
Great move though.

4,3,4,3...: Hundred Ogre Kicks Alternate
Property: hhhhÖ
Frames to connect: 15
Frames on block: -11 -11 -6 -12...
Frames on Hit: 0 KD +3 KD...
Frames on Counterhit: KD KD KD KD...
Notes: Press 4 after any other 4 for Malice Stomp followup.
Ganryu kicks high with his right foot, then his left, then his right, 
then his left, thenÖyeah, you got it.
Like I said, donít use it. Ever. Just stop before you even think of 
hitting that sequence. Stop.

4,4: Malice Stomp
Property: HM
Damage, 23,18
Frames to connect:
Frames on block:
Frames on Hit:
Frames on Counterhit:
Ganryu kicks high with his right foot, then brings it down to stomp the 
The second hit is safe on block due to pushback. This move combos on 
walls and delivers the most reliable damage after a combo that ends on 
a wall. Otherwise, stick to f+4,4. The two moves look identical, but 
f+4,4 is a natural combo on normal hit, whereas 4,4 is not. On CH, 
though, both knock the opponent away.

d+4: Thigh Quake
Property: M
Damage: 40
Frames to connect: 15
Frames on block: -11 -11
Frames on Hit: 0 KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD KD
Ganryu raises himself up on one leg, braces himself, then bring his 
right foot down. Hard.
This move is slow, easily seen coming and has had its damage reduced 
since Tekken Tag. However, it is guaranteed in a certain situation. See 
Fake Tackle Upper.

d/f+4,1: Freight Train
Property: MH
Damage: 17,8
Frames to connect: 14
Frames on block: -6 -6
Frames on Hit: +5 +8
Frames on Counterhit:
Ganryu performs a mid-level kick, then a straight palm thrust to the 
opponentís head.
Combos on any non-delayed hit. Can be slightly delayed. Not terribly 
safe on block. Excellent poke. This should be one your bread-and-butter 
poking tactics. Invaluable in juggles. Nothing more needs to be said.
Use it.

Update: Actually, donít use this unless youíre either 100% sure youíll 
hit with the first strike, or youíre using it as a juggle. d/f+1,4 is 
actually better than this in all respects.

FC+1,1,1,1,2,2,3,4,4,1+2: Tenstring
Property: llmhllhhmm
Damage: 10,88,12,5,5,5,10,21,5,20
Ganryu performs two low swipes, a mid-level thrust, a high palm thrust, 
two Kabuki Dance low palm thrust, a high left Ogre Kick, the Malice 
Stomp combo and then finishes it off with a Flying Press.
Note that I didnít call it a 10-hit combo, I called it a 10-string. It 
doesnít combo until the 8th hit. Before then, it can be blocked, 
parried, reversed, WS+ed, what have you. Donít use this once youíre 
comfortable with Ganny. Even then I would say donít use it. It has one 
use as far as Iím concerned; in one juggle. See the Combo section.

d/b+1+2: Sumo Tackle
Property: ! M
Damage: 90
Frames to connect: 73
Frames on block: KD
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Note: Press d to cancel into Split. See follow-ups under Sit.
Ganryu crouches low, bangs his foot on the ground, then shoots forward 
to strike with his shoulder. 
Unblockable move. Can be cancelled midway. Techcrouches towards the 
end. By itself, not too great; widely broadcast as an unblockable. It 
hits mid and, unlike most unblockables, gives the impression that it 
hits low so most people will scramble to stand so they can avoid it. It 
can be sidestepped.

d/b+1+2,2: Fake Tackle Upper
Property: Mid
Damage: 12
Frames to connect: 13
Frames on block: -7
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu crouches low for the Sumo Tackle, but then cancels it by doing a 
quick rising uppercut slap.
Safe on block. Crumples opponents. Off this crumple, d+4 is guaranteed 
if done fast enough. This is the only time d+4 is guaranteed it seems. 
You can do other juggles off the move if need be. Good for faking out 
opponents who try to counter you as you do the unblockable.

Ganryu has only one real stance, Sit Down. 

3+4: Sit Down
Property: Stance
Damage: None
Ganryu sits down and crosses his legs for a moment, then stands up.
Tech crouches during entire stance. By itself, the stance isnít too 
great unless you can predict a high string coming your way (like during 
10-stings) and sit to avoid it.

3+4,1: Sit Thrust
Property: M
Damage: 27
Frames to connect: 30
Frames on block: -8
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Ganryu rises from his stance and does a strong palm to the opponentís 
Safe on block due to pushback. There is a slight delay as Ganny rises 
to attack. As this is the only rising mid move that Ganny has, it isnít 
effective against someone who knows what Ganny can do. However, it 
still catches people off guard if done correctly.

3+4,2: Sit Sweep
Property: L
Damage: 12
Frames to connect: 19
Frames on block: -20
Frames on Hit: KD
Frames on Counterhit: KD
Note: Recovers crouching
Ganryu leans forward while sitting and delivers a strong swipe to the 
opponentís feet.
90% of the time, if youíre in Sit Stance, this is the move youíll be 
using. Not terribly safe on block, but chances are, if youíre in Sit 
Stance you did it out of the Hip Press, and you landed it on a grounded 
opponent, at which point itís guaranteed. The other 10%, you use it to 
avoid an attack and counter. If you sweep a standing opponent, crouch 
cancel and combo. Crouch canceling here is tighter than with d/f+2+3 

3+4~d: Splits
Property: Stance
Damage: None
Note: Tech crouches.
Ganryu spreads his legs to the sides and performs a split.
Wouldnítíve thought it humanly possible, but he can perform the splits. 
Anyway, during the Splits, Ganryu is so low to the ground that certain 
lows actually miss!! If youíre in a tight corner, the follow-ups allow 
you to escape danger. Use from time to time.

3+4~d~u_d: Splits to Sidestep
Property: Stance
Damage: None
Ganryu performs the Splits, then rises while stepping to the right of 
left with his arms gesturing in that direction.
Itís a sidestep, but not the generic sidestep, so Ganny canít do SS+1 
out of it. Apart from that difference, it is a sidestep for all intents 
and purposes. It can be cancelled out midway to do attacks or another 
sidestep (which means that Ganny can double sidestep!). 

3+4~d~f: Shiranui
Property: Parry
Damage: Depends
Ganryu does the Splits, then places both feet on the ground and rises 
with his arms spread out to the sides.
Itís a long move, and looks like a taunt, but in actuality, itís a 
parry, exactly like b+1+3. Same follow-ups, and mindgames apply. 
Possibly the most useful taunt in the game along with Bryanís.

At a glance: Note that any juggle ending with a (*) can be followed up 
with f+2 for 16 pts of damage if the lie still, or 11 pts of damage if 
they do anything. If you use it at the end of these marked juggles, f+2 
CANNOT be escaped.

Update: 1+2, f+2 is no longer a guaranteed ender in Tekken 5.1, since 
f+2 no longer hits grounded. If youíre playing 5.1 adjust accordingly.

-dash forward,1,d/f+2,1,2,1,2,f+1+2(52)
-dash forward,1,d/f+2,1,2,1,2,1+2(48)*
-d/f+1,4,(slight delay)1,1+2,(47) f+2
CH ws+2:
-1, d/f+1,4,1,1+2(57)*
-d/f+1+2,d/f+1,4,(slight delay)1,d+1+2(49)
On BT:
-dash, d/f+1+2,d/f+4,1,1+2(65)*
Sit 2:

A little more in depth:
Basic juggle. Very basic. If youíre using d/f+2 as a poke (which you 
really shouldnít) and you surprisingly catch them off guard and it 
launches, if youíre surprised too then bust this out. Quickly. It will 
catch them at any point if theyíre still rising. But in reality you 
should know what youíre doing. 34 pts: less than a throw. But damage is 

d/f+2,dash forward,1,d/f+2,1,2,1,2,f+1+2:
Now weíre getting into the good stuff. This juggle is a little tricky 
in that you canít tell at first when Ganny is able to dash, but with 
practice you can get this off pat. Another key use of this juggle 
string is that it gets people to walls with much more damage than lots 
of ff,1s. f+1+2 does more damage as an ender, and can slam them into 
walls. However, if youíre not aiming for a wall, f+1+2 is not 
recommended as an ender. 52pts.

-dash forward,1,d/f+2,1,2,1,2,1+2*
In levels without walls, chances are this will be your best bet for oki 
off d/f+2. 1+2 does less damage than f+1+2, but the opponent is left 
closer to Ganny. f+2 is guaranteed, and the many oki options Ganny has 
are also available. If youíre not into thinking, just use f+2. But then 
again, if youíre not thinking, whyíd you use d/f+2 to a dash combo? 48 
pts before f+2/oki.

d/f+2,1,d/f+1,4,(slight delay)1,1+2*
Note that this is d/f+2,1 NOT d/f+2, delay,1. d.f+2,1 will hit a 
forward facing opponent: if the opponent is facing sideways the 1 will 
whiff, except probably the big characters. The final 1 in d/f+1,4,1 
will miss if you donít delay it: Ganny will aim between their legs(?). 
1+2 is the standard ender. 47 pts before f+2/oki.

Your primary close-range whiff punisher, as you no doubt would have 
figured. At 45 pts before f+2/oki, itís a better (not to mention less 
escapable) option than throwing. Itís a basic juggle, and the timing is 
fairly simple.

This is a stronger juggle than the 1,d/f+1,4,1,1+2 one. You have to 
nail the first d/f+4,1 immediately Ganny recovers; if you hesitate you 
will miss. Also, it may miss if Ganny hits with ws+2 at the furthest 
possible range. 52 pts before f+2/oki.

CH ws+2,u/f+1+2~D,FC+1,1,1,2,d+2
Youíll have to practice to spot when you nail a CH ws+2, because for 
the combo to work you have to start u/f+1+2 as soon as ws+2 hits. Also, 
youíll have to start FC+1,1,1,2 as soon as you land or else the 
opponent will hit the ground and will be able to techroll. Itís a 
tricky combo and may not be worth the stress it takes to land it. But 
heyÖ 60 pts.

CH ws+2,u/f+1+2,d/f,+1,4,1,1+2*
Now this is what you should try if you land a CH ws+2. The only trick 
is landing u/f+1+2; after that, everything should be textbook. It also 
does more damage than the tricky one above. 62 pts before f+2/oki.

Simple enough. You can slightly delay the last 1 in the d/f+1,4,1 and 
the combo will still go through. If youíre really daring you can use 
f+1+2 to end the combo if theyíre near a wall. 57 pts before f+2/oki.

One of the easiest combos that can be done without putting your hands 
in a pretzel, Iíd imagine. Puts them in a nice position for oki. 64 pts 
before f+2/oki. 

Simply by reading the moves involved, you can tell; this combo is 
designed to move the opponent to the wall. A carrying combo into the 
headbutt. If youíre close enough, at least another f+1+2 is guaranteed 
off the wall splat. 63 pts.

This is another easy combo to land off of d/b+2, despite how the float 
that d/b+2 causes looks. The only problem is that this combo will not 
hit if Ganryu sweeps them at a far range. You must be really close for 
it to connect. 49 pts before f+2/oki.

The sole reason I list this separately is that d+1+2 could possibly 
move the opponent to walls. Other than that, donít really bother. 1+2 
does 1 point less in damage, but the options left to you after 1+2 
yield more damage overall. 50 pts.

This requires a close hit, but it will all combo and can be used to 
carry the opponent a little bit. 46 pts before f+2/oki.

This one really carries opponents, due in no small part to the f+1+2 
ender. One of the palm thrusts in the combo will miss, but donít worry. 
Thatís supposed to happen. 52 pts.

d/b+2,d/f+1+2,d/f+1,4,(slight delay)1,d+1+2
I donít like this combo. Many people use this, and it works for them, 
but many a time the d/f+1+2 will connect and the d/f+1,4 will miss. The 
timing is a little too tight for the kind of gains youíd be trying to 
get. It does look flashy though. 49 pts.

31 pts of damage. This is designed to let you know that you can follow 
up ff+1+2. You can also do f+2 or d/f+3 in place of the 1+2 followup. 
Whatever you do, do it quickly. If you use 1+2, you can still do oki 

This combo is a little tricky on the range: if youíre right on top of 
the opponent when you hit with ff+1+2, you might actually miss the 
combo. You have to be a little distance away from the opponent 
(Ganryuís hands should barely touch the opponent). At that point the 
combo works just fine. 48 pts before f+2/oki.

Basic combo off d/f+2+3. This really should be something you should be 
doing, but it does offer that little extra damage off the move if 
youíre just starting out/blank out while playing for some reason. 34 

This is another basic, easy combo off of d/f+2+3, since you recover 
crouching. The final hit knocks too far away for decent oki though. 42 

Unless you have the reflexes of a rattlesnake, youíll probably need to 
practice crouch canceling on this one. If you can get this 
consistently, you can put someone in favorable oki out of just about 
every decent launcher Ganny has. You need to crouch cancel as heís 
recovering. I personally use ~U to cc, canceling the sidestep into 
d/f+1, but thatís just me. Using ~ff to cc works for others. 48 pts 
before f+2/oki.

Not really counted as a combo, but most opponents can not turn in time 
to avoid it. In fact, if you can get the timing down, you can skip the 
automatic 1+2 followup and simply go for ff+1+2 as Ganny jumps behind 
them. My reasoning is simple; if an opponent crouches as you do the 
1+2, the move will knock them down and ff+1+2 will be wasted. However, 
ff+1+2 works no matter what, allowing you to get at least 2 follow up 
1+2s if they try to tech out of it. One final warning: Raven can 
actually parry the 1+2 followup (since he can parry while BT). ff+1+2 
messes with that timing. 39 pts if you do 1+2 followup and then ff+1+2.

BT opponent:d/f+1+2,1,d/f+1,4,1,1+2*
d/f+1+2,1 actually launches a BT opponent. At this point, you can use 
the combo to follow up and leave them in oki position. If you manage to 
get the stun off a ws+1+2,1+2 on a BT opponent, d/f+1+2,1 is 
guaranteed. 68 pts before f+2/oki. 

Again, itís not registered a true combo by the computer, but this works 
to your advantage. u/f+3+4,2 is unavoidable after ss+1 no matter what 
the opponent does IF you do it immediately. As a extra bonus, if the 
opponent techs wrong, the u/f+3+4 will hit them BT,and the 2 followup 
allows ws+4,f+2 for extra damage. 54 if they roll forwards or back, 
96(!) pts if they tech and get hit by ws+4,f+2 followup at end.

This is simpler than it looks, the key is getting the U/F+4 to hit 
properly. U/F+4 looks like a giant hopkick done as Ganryu begins his 
descent. As he begins descending. Otherín that, straightforward. 72 pts 
before f+2/oki. 

If the U/F+4 confounds you at times of pressure, this simpler 
alternative is there for you to try out. d/f+2 is really easy to time, 
and the followup should be an afterthought at this point. It does a 
little less damage than the other one, but hey, itís easier. 65 pts 
before f+2/oki. 

Easy combo. Basic and easy. Good travel distance. Problem is, youíre 
often out of range to follow up AND it leaves you in crouching so youíd 
have to cc to chase them effectively. Meh. 58 pts.

Same advantages as the previous combo, except that it does more damage, 
carries them farther, and leaves you standing if you get them near a 
wall. 65 pts.

Allows you to carry a person a bit and then oki them. A little less 
damage than some of the other follows from the move, but this works in 
certain situations. 62 pts before f+2/oki.

ff+2~1+2,dash, d/f+1+2,d/f+4,1,1+2*
A good way to maximize damage if you land ff+2 on a consistent basis 
and mix it up to the extent that 1+2 is a reality for you. One of the 
better uses of d/f+1+2 Iíve seen in a juggle. 65 pts before f+2/oki. 

Easier in execution than the other. But if you can condition your 
opponent you can actually do a little dash juggle and then tech trap 
with the u/f+3+4,2. Itís your choice really. The other combo offers 
more options though. 61 pts.

Utterly simple combo. It shows too: not that great damage considering 
your options and leaves little chance for oki. Better than doing 
nothing though. 53 pts.

Sit 2,ws+4,f+2
Assuming you use Sit as an evasive maneuver, you can use this to eke 
out a little extra damage from the 2 sweep. Does as much damage as a 
command throw, so itís not too bad. 40 pts.

Sit 2~cc, d/f+1,4,1,1,1+2*
This is one of the tightest combos in terms of timing that Ganny has. 
The window for d/f+1 to connect is really strict, and for some the 
damage may not be worth it. If you can get it though, wow. You end up 
in prime oki position. 49 pts before f+2/oki.

Ganryu is a different beast than most people think. At first glance, he 
looks like a lumbering tank; a sumo, how good can be? Well stop that 
right now! Ganryu can hang with the best of them. You just have to make 
them think Ganny has nothing.

Ganryuís biggest flaw is that he does not have a move that is faster 
than 8 frames. His fastest move, the Iron Headbutt, is 10 frames. This 
means that in a poking war, Ganryu will lose to a fast jabber. This is 
why you canít play him as a pure poker. Then again, Ganny doesnít need 
pure poking to thrive.

If you must poke, use 1,2 or d/f+1,4,1 or d/f+4,1. 1,2 is faster on 
startup than 2,1. However 2,1 has greater forward range than 1,2. 
d/f+1,4,1 are guaranteed on any two hits, as is d/f+4,1. d/f+3 and 
d/b+1 should be your general low pokes, since d+1 and d+2 are ill-
suited for that purpose. d/b+2 and d/f+2+3 should be punishers for 
whiffing high attacks. d/f+2+3 is a little faster than d/b+2, but it 
has poor range. d/b+2 just sucks on recovery.

For oki, 1+2 is actually the main move to use. If the opponent lies 
there or tries to roll forward, 1+2 by itself works. If the opponent 
rolls to either side or tries to backroll, a short dash into 1+2 will 
reset them on the floor. Also, if the opponent did anything but lie 
there, you can followup 1+2 to f+2. This will break the reset loop. You 
can also use a dash d/f+3 to get a little damage if youíre not sure if 
the opponent will quickrise to block. If the opponent rolls or springs 
up, you can also use d+1+2.

As far as range goes, Ganny works best as a close to mid-range fighter. 
He doesnít have many long range attacks, and besides, they all suck due 
to low damage, odd hitboxes or lengthy delay. f+1+2 and, in certain 
situations, u/f+3+4 are probably Gannyís best long-range moves and they 
function best at midrange. However, at medium-range, Ganny has all the 
tools he needs to beat his foes. For ground games, close range works 
better, and in jugglesÖwell, everyone works better at close range.

More to comeÖ

Bronzefist, Tigerís Eye and all the other good people at TekkenZaibatsu 
who spent time discovering most of the good stuff about Ganryuís moves. 

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