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Tekken 5- For PS2 and the arcade
Jin Kazama FAQ guide: version .85
By RoyalFlush (gamefaqs.com and tekkenzaibatsu.com)
E-mail: (edval89@hotmail.com)
Copyright 2005, Edward Valdez
*Table of Contents*
1. Intro, What's New
2. Legend, Glossary, and Notes
3. Move List
4. List of Very Useful Stuff
5. General Strategy
6. Anti-Character Strategy
7. Tekken 5.1 changes + commentary
8. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection changes + commentary
9. Combos
10. Miscellaneous
11. Informative Website Links
12. Legal Stuff, Acknowledgements, and Credits

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You are looking at the Jin Kazama FAQ written by RoyalFlush. This
FAQ was created because of all the useful information that was
posted in the Jin Strats thread at gamefaqs.com's Tekken 5 forum.
This FAQ was created for beginners and advanced T5 players alike.
I expect that you learn at least a thing or two just from reading
this FAQ. If there are any errors that need to be fixed or if you
want to add something to this FAQ, please e-mail me at the address
above. Feedback and recommendations are also welcome. Thanks for
choosing to read my FAQ; enjoy.

*What's New*
+7-31-05: Today, I got all of the attacks typed up in the move list and the
overall lay-out. Now I have to type up descriptions for each attack now. This
will take a while. (version .05)

+8-3-05: I've added lots of stuff the Useful Stuff list. (version .15)

+8-7-05: I finished all the attack descriptions up to f+3~3,d/f+3. I update when
there is more data. (version .20)

+8-11-05: I added an acknowledgements list, combos (but no calculated damages),
and I almost finished with the move list. (version .35)

+8-13-05: The move list is almost done! I just need to do all of Jin's FC
attacks, WS attacks, CDS, and Lingering Soul/Omen stance attacks. I also added a
"Miscellaneous" section; stuff like customization items, Just Frame input
explanations, and other things that don't belong in any other topic belong in
Miscellaneous. (version .38)

+8-14-05: I've added stuff to the Miscellaneous Section. (version .40)

+8-26-05: I added a Tekken 5.1 section that explains and comments on the changes
in Tekken 5.1. The move list is practically finished. I'm going to add a special
generic attacks part to the move list, but I'll do this some other time. I've
also worked a little bit on the anti-character strategy section; do expect more
added to that section very soon. (version .54)

+9-5-05: I've added more to the anti-character strategy section. Mainly, I've
typed up strategies for characters that I know best and for characters that I go
up against in tournaments. Plus, I added blank lines between each explanation to
make it easier to read. (version .65)

+9-19-05: I've added several more characters to the anti-character strategy and
began the General Strategy section. I need to carefully watch how my opponents
play. I'll put up another update when I can. (version .68)

+9-25-05: Added stuff in General Strategy. (version .71)

+12-13-05: Re-visualized the entire combo section and add combo damages.
(version .80)

+1-22-06: Added characters' weak sides to SS/SW against. Thanks to TheDinosaur
for posting all of it. Can be found in the Anti-character strategy section.
Also, Dark Resurrection additions!! (version .85)

*Legend, Glossary, and Notes*

All of this and more can also be found at tekkenzaibatsu.com, then go to

=Basic Direction Notations (while facing right)=

u/b u u/f
b   N   f
d/b d d/f

u/b = up-back  u = up  u/f = up-forward
b = back  N = Neutral  f = forward
d/b = down-back d = down  d/f = down-forward

Upper-case forms of letters above = Hold that input

=Attack Buttons=
1 2
3 4

1 = Left Punch 2 = Right Punch
3 = Left Kick  3 = Right Kick

=Hit Ranges=
l= hits low
m= hits mid
h= hits high
L= Hits low and grounded opponents
M= Hits mid and grounded opponents
Sm = Hits special mid

FC = Fully Crouched
WS = While Standing (from a crouch)
WR = While Running
SS = Sidestep
SSL = Sidestep left
SSR = Sidestep right
SSW = Side-walk, = followed by...
~ = immediately after
+ = at the same time
_ = or<_> = (optional) delayed input
: = requires Just-Frame Timingi = Instant
BT = back-turned
Oki = okizeme
CH = requires a Counter Hit
dmg = damage
[wall] = Wall Splat
* = press and hold

=Downed positions=
PLD = Play Dead position = face up, feet away
KND = Knockdown position = face up, feet towardsSLD = Slide position = face
down, feet awayFCD = Face down position = face down,
feet towards

=Jin specific=
EWHF = Electric Wind Hook Fist = f,N,d~2~d/f
eCD+1 = f,N,d~1~d/f
CDS = Crouching Demon Stance = b+1
CD = Crouch Dash = f,N,d,d/f
LS = Lingering Soul = b+1+2 or d+1+2 after specified attacks
Omen = b+1+2*,d,u,b,f

-Buffer = The act of entering the command for a move during the execution of
another move.

-Okizeme = A.K.A Wake-up game. The art of pressuring a downed opponent.

-Buffer= The act of entering the command for a move during the execution of
another move.

-Mix-up = A simple series of attacks, which is designed to keep your opponent

-Tracking = An attack's ability to stay locked on target.

-Natural Combo = A guaranteed attack string when the initial strike hits.
Depends on whether it hits on a normal hit or CH.

-Low parry = Done by pressing d/f on the impact of low or s.mid attacks. The low
parried victim ends up at -16 frames and all mid, s.mid, and low attacks faster
than 16 frames will hit.

-High Crush = An attack that avoids all high attacks.

-Low Crush = An attack that avoids all low and s.mid attacks.

-Frames = The amount of time it takes to execute any specific attack. Determines
the attack speed, advantage and disadvantage frames on hit and on block. Tekken
5 runs at 60 frames a second. Frames express the speed of all animations.

-Whiff = another term for "failing to hit with an attack".

-Punisher = An attack that is used to take advantage of the opponent's whiffed
attack and punish him with your own attack.

-Spikes = An attack that slams the opponent down to the ground when it hits him
while he's in the air. Sometimes guarantees an additional hit after the slam.

-Supercharger = Normally done by pressing 1+2+3+4, but some characters also have
unique methods of doing so. During this state, the character's fists glow red.
All attacks done by your character counts as CH's if they connect (CH damage and
stuns), and you can also do minimal damage if the opponent blocks the attacks.
However, your character cannot block ANY incoming attacks whatsoever and will
take CH damage. The effect wears off after 5 seconds, your character gets
attack, or your character's attack connects.

-"Unpunishable" = An attack that is, at most, -7 on block. -6 to -1 on block are
also unpunishable, but to a greater extent. There are no attacks in the game
that are quicker than 8 frames (with the exception of Yoshimitsu's f,f+4, but
two forward inputs = 2-frames + 7-frames (the speed of the attack) = 9-frames),
so your character can block the fastest possible incoming attack.---

*Move List*

Hit range(s)
Damage(s) on normal hit = total damage if all hits connect

=Unique Attacks=

7 dmg
Jin's 10-frame jab. +2 (for 1)_+3 (for f+1)frames on block and +9 on hit. Very
safe on block. Although not the fastest jab in the game, it's still a quick
attack. Makes a good mix-up and has many optional follow-ups. Can be used as a
link in juggle combos and potentially to a wall splat (with dash jabs). Can also
be inputted as f,f+1 or f+1 (same with the following attacks beginning with 1).

7,12= 19 dmg
Jin's 10-frame jab string. Naturally combos on normal hit. Safe to throw out at
random. Since it's quick, it makes a great mix-up and interrupts attacks very
well at close range. Guaranteed after Jin's parry (b+1+3_b+2+4). Also, it's very
reliable to quickly punish attacks with at least -10 frames on block or any
attack that fails to make contact. Use this often.

7,12,25= 43 dmg
Jin's jab string followed by a downward axe kick. The second and last hit
naturally combo on CH if the first hit misses, allowing for several juggle
options; All three hits are guaranteed on the opponent's back, then do f+4 for
57 dmg. The third hit comes out pretty slow and can easily be SW'ed to either
side, but it slightly tracks SSR and is +2 on block, making it an okay pressure
tool (granted that the opponent doesn't SS too much). Good when the opponent's
back is next to a wall. In juggle combos, 1,2,3 spikes the opponent to the
ground, usually guaranteeing d+4. After a wall splat, 1,2,3 followed by d+3+4
guarantees high damage and provokes tech-rolls.

7,12,22= 41 dmg
Jin's jab string followed by a roundhouse kick. The final hit can be delayed.
The second and last hit naturally combo on CH if the first hit misses, but can
be crouched; all three hits are guaranteed on the opponent's back. The final hit
produces a wall stun on hit (if near a wall) and tracks SS and SW on both sides
and guard breaks, but since all three hits hit high, this attack string can be
ducked with ease. Mix this up with 1,2,3 to keep the opponent guessing (whether
to crouch 1,2,4 or to interrupt 1,2,3). 1,2,4 can be used in some juggle combos,
but there are better options.

7,7= 14 dmg
This is one of Jin's new attacks in T5. Jin does his 10-frame jab, then a very
quick low poke the enemy's shin (which comes out at 13-frames without the jab).
Naturally combos on CH. The second hit occurs relatively fast and can be
difficult for the opponent to predict. This attack string will be very useful
toward the end of round since most matches end with an unexpected low or whoever
strikes first. If the first hit is blocked it is impossible to low parry the
second hit. The only way for the second hit to parried is if the first hit is
ducked. Be careful because, the second hit is -13 on block. Aside from this,
it's a good high/low mix-up and the low hit is hard to anticipate.

Jin's 10-frame jab, then he quickly brings his left and slams it toward the
enemy's head, and ends with a kick to the mid-section. The second hit
immediately brings the opponent down to SLD position of hit, then follow up with
one of Jin's oki options. The second hit (which is the same as f+3~3) is a very
good pressure tool at mid-range because it is +5 on block, so you should mix-up
accordingly afterwards. In juggle combos (excluding the last hit), the second
hit spikes the opponent down the ground, guaranteeing d+4 afterwards or for
starting Jin's oki game. The third hit is only good if the second whiffs or is
blocked and the opponent attempts to strike back. After the third hit hits, you
can press d+1+2 to enter LS. It's a simple poke attack that is the same as
d/f+3, but on CH, it produces a crumple stun; allowing for d+3+4 to successfully
juggle if done near a wall, but if not, it also allows other combo options. You
only really need the first two hits.

6,10,10,10,10 = 46 dmg
A.K.A Kazama Fury - a 5-hit combo string consisting of two strikes to the head,
two punches to the opponent's ribs, finally ending with a kick to the opponent's
right ankle. After the last hit (misses or hits), you can press d+1+2 to enter
LS. The first two hits naturally combo on CH; if 1,3 is crouched or evaded, the
last three hits naturally combo on normal hit. All five hits are guaranteed on
the opponent's side or back; then do f+4 to stay on the safe side, or d+3+4 if
the last hit stuns. The whole string can be blocked easily, but it forces the
opponent to block. The last hit produces a stun where the opponent staggers
holding their ankle on normal hit, which can be escaped sometimes. The last hit
cannot be low parried at all if the first four hits are blocked. After a wall
splat, the first four hits are guaranteed, and all five hits are if the wall
splat is done directly off a launcher when the opponent's back is to a wall. The
first four hits are unpunishable on block, but the last hit is -8 frames on

9 dmg
Jin's other 10-frame jab. Although it comes out at the same speed as 1, it does
slightly more damage, but it gives no frame advantage on block. Has several

9,9= 18 dmg
One of Jin's best mix-ups. Jin does a high punch, then a punch to the enemy's
stomach. Best used at close-range and for wall pressure. This is a natural combo
on normal hit. On hit (+7 frames) or on block (+1 frames), do any attack of
choice, but doing another mix-up is the best option. Also good for wall pressure
or against characters with 9 or 8 frame jabs. If the opponent successfully ducks
the first hit/use a high crush attack, they'll eat up the second hit for sure.
Use this attack very often. The second hit is just like d/f+1, but with less
frame advantage.

9,10,18 = 37 dmg
A 3-hit combo with Jin doing a high punch, and mid punch, then a mid side kick.
The last hit has the option of being delayed. The second and last hit naturally
combo on CH, but only if the first hit misses. On block (-7 frames), this attack
is unpunishable. Makes a good mix-up option and is also good to throw out in
hopes of getting a CH. The second and last hits are just like d/f+1,4_d/f+1<4.

A high, mid combo, followed by a feint low sweeping kick. The first two hits
naturally combo on normal hit. The last hit, if it connects, will knock the
opponent off his/her feet and will end up in PLD position, offering some oki
options. However, if the last hit is blocked, Jin ends up -26 due to a
disadvantageous block stun, so prepare for some punishment afterwards. This
attack string only works well on people who are terrible at defending against
low attacks. If the opponent can read low very easily, do not use the last hit
at all.

9,14 = 23 dmg
Jin's best 10-frame punisher. Jin does a high punch, then a high roundhouse kick
to the side of the enemy's head. It is a natural combo on normal hit, and the
opponent ends up in PLD position. Guard breaks if the opponent blocks the second
hit. Under most circumstances, d+4 is guaranteed after a quick dash after 2,4
hits, but other (sometimes non-guaranteed) oki options are available. 2,4 is
also guaranteed right after Jin's parry (b+1+3_b+3+4), so do exploit this
strength. The only disadvantage is being punished if the opponent ducks both

19 dmg
Jin does a left kick to the opponent's chin. Although it is stronger than most
single striking attacks and has no disadvantage on block or on hit(+4 frames),
range is limited. The attack's okay.

17 dmg
Looks almost exactly like 3, but Jin kicks with hit right foot. Come out at 12
frames (two frame faster than 3), but is -7 frames on block (still
unpunishable). There are still better options than this.

28 dmg on standing opponent, 21 dmg on downed opponent
In my opinion, Jin's best low crush attack. Jin forces the weight of his legs to
allow him to spin and slam his legs against his foe. Jin ends up on ground after
the attack in KND position. 4~3 can also be inputted as u/f+4~3, f+4~3, or
f,f+4~3. On a standing opponent, 4~3 will instantly knock the opponent over with
for good damage. On a grounded opponent, after 4~3 hits, Jin's will be slightly
off the ground for a second. This attack works best on any single striking low
attacks (including the generic grounded shin kick [while in KND position,
d+3_d+4]. When using as a wake-up attack, use it when the opponent just lies
down (best for that situation) or the as they try to roll away. The
disadvantages: Jin might get hit out of the starting animation by any mid or
high hitting attack, possibly starting a juggle combo for the opponent. Also, if
blocked by a standing opponent up close, they can hit Jin with a quick low or
goin to their oki game before Jin even hits the ground. But if done on
shallow hit, 4~3 has a lesser chance of getting punished.

5,5,5,7 = 22 dmg
A new attack that has been added to Jin's T5 move set. Jin stands still and does
four punches to the enemy's mid section, with the last hit disemboweling the
enemy for a moment. Naturally combos on normal hit. This attack comes out pretty
fast for a mid attack, but it's only good at close range. If 1+2 gets blocked
(it's -10 frames) or totally whiffs, Jin is in danger of getting punished by any
attack faster than 10 frames. Use with caution or don't use it all.

Jin's in-game taunt. He starts by crossing his arms diagonally, with his left
fist going to his right shoulder and his right fist going to the side of his
left leg. Then, he brings his left fist down to the side of his left leg and his
right fist to stomach. Jin does this taunt after any attack that ends with d+1+2
to enter LS or when his enters the Omen stance. This taunt does no damage
whatsoever. It looks cool right after you win a round or if you're at long range
and you want the opponent to attack. In any other case, don't use it if you
don't want to take any damage.

12 dmg
Jin thrusts his right elbow across the foes' left cheek. The attack isn't too
fast, it can be easily ducked, and is laggy on block (-15 frames). However, it
cannot be parried (except by Jin or Wang) or reversed. There are much better
alternative poke attacks; skip past this one.

Jin's only (and new) 10-hit string added to his T5 movelist since T4. Parts of
his string can naturally combo, but the hits after it can be blocked. f+2 is
Jin's slow right elbow can be easily ducked. The second and third hit (which
naturally combo on normal hit) is his d+3,3, but the second hit can immediately
be blocked or even low parried. The fourth hit is Jin's u/b_u_u/f+3 but it
doesn't knock the enemy away, comes out slow, and can be crouched against. The
fifth hit his b,f+2, the sixth hit is CDS 1, and the seventh hit is the second
hit of WS+1,2. Hits 5-7 are probably the best part of the combo and I think they
naturally combo on normal hit. The eighth hit is Jin's normal 3. The ninth hit
is CD+4, but it passes through the opponent on block, and stuns on hit; it might
be easily low parried. The last hit is Jin's WHF with CH properties and normal
hit dmg. Only use Jin's 10-hit string on novices or people who don't know 10-hit
strings. On a decent opponent, several of the hits can be taken advantage of
with a single duck or low parry.

16 dmg
One of Jin's best single striking mid attacks. It's a quick side kick to the
enemy's side. f+3 also tracks both SS. If f+3 hits, you may press d+1+2 to enter
LS. This single attack gives a lot of advantages on hit (good dmg for a single
hit, +6 frames) and on block (-5 frames, unpunishable). It as also has great
range, which works best at mid-range. Use this as a defensive mix-up at mid-

Jin does his normal f+3, then his b+4. Both are good attacks, but if you use it
like this, the second hit will easily be sidestepped. Not much to say about this
other than to just stick with only one hit.

The first hit (he quickly brings his left and slams it toward the enemy's head)
is Jin's best means of getting frame advantage. It gives +5 frames on block and
tracks 90% of the time! Using f+3~3 works incredibly well as a wake-up attack.
f+3~3 can also be inputted as f,f+3~3 for slightly better range. When the
opponent gets back up through a tech-roll or standing back up, they'll have to
block no matter what. On hit, it'll bring the opponent back to SLD position,
resetting Jin's oki game. If f+3~3 is blocked, the d/f+3 (a kick to the mid-
section) part is hard to interrupt, but it's easy to avoid by sidestepping. If
the d/f+3 hits on CH, it stuns and sometimes allows d+3+4 to launch. If the
d/f+3 part hits, you can press d+1+2 to enter LS. Still f+3~3 is one of Jin best
attacks thanks to it's tracking and pressuring.

21 dmg
One of Jin's most versatile attacks. Jin does a straight forward kick. You can
use this in several ways. For one, you can just use it in hopes of getting a CH
because it creates a CFS (Crumple Fall Stun), which will enable some attacks to
hit for some combo damage. If f+4 hits, you may press d+1+2 to enter LS. The
attack has relatively long range and comes out at 16 frames and is -8 on block
and pushes the enemy back a little bit. As long as you use this attack at mid-
range, you cannot be punished by 8-frame jabs. Also thanks to its range, it
makes it a good mix-up and can punish whiffed attacks at mid-range. Lastly, f+4
can be used as an oki attack; sometimes it hits the enemy while grounded after a
few attacks and hits while they try to roll away. The only bad thing about f+4
is that it can be easily sidestepped.

10,21 = 31 dmg
Jin two single hitting power punches to the enemy's face while standing one in
place, with the second hit sending the enemy flying away from Jin. Naturally
combos on normal hit and after the second hit hits, you can press d+1+2 to enter
LS. The second hit guard breaks a blocking opponent. If done near a wall, the
second hit will produce a heavy wall stun, allowing you to SS, and start a
juggle combo. At 14 frames, it happens at the same speed as an EWHF with inputs
included, but f+1+2 is one hit point stronger. The quick input and power of this
attack makes it a good whiff punisher. But, as strong as this attack is, it's
-9 on block (jab punishable to 8-frame and 9-frame attacks) and if either hit is
crouched against, almost any WS attack can retaliate with success. This attack
is a bit unsafe, but the reward for getting it to hit is alright.

Go to Crouching Demon Stance section

12,21 = 33 dmg
This attack is a lot like f+1+2, just as good as it is bad. Jin slightly turns,
doing a right back-fist to the opponent's head, and then a strong kick to the
opponent's right hip. A natural combo on normal hit, the second hit has the
option of being delayed, and if the second hit makes contact, it's optional to
press d+1+2 to enter LS. The first hit comes out at 16 frames (which isn't too
fast, but not too slow either) and is +1 on hit, but -10 frames on block, which
means that it's punishable to almost any jab. If the first hit ducked, the
opponent may eat the second hit most of the time. The second hit knocks the
enemy to Jin's right side on hit, so if there's a wall to Jin right, it'll
create a heavy wall impact stun, then you start a juggle combo. It also tracks
all SS and SW 100%! The second hit, though, is -13 on block, punishable to all
jab strings and several more attacks. Both hits punish as better than f+1+2, but
they're unsafe on block.

Jin swings his left leg across foe's face, and then does a low kick the foe's
ankle.  The first hit (14 frames) gives decent frame advantage on hit (+6
frames) and on block (+2 frames). It makes a decent mix-up for its speed, but
there might be a chance that it'll be crouched against. On CH, b+3 knocks the
opponent over to Jin's left and they'll end up in PLD position, a great oki set-
up. If a wall is to Jin's left and b+3 hits on CH, some combo options are
available for okay damage. The second hit of this string isn't so stellar.
Although it's low, it comes out pretty slow (37 frames or so) and is -15 frames
on block. If b+3 is avoided, don't try the second hit, or it might get low

18 dmg
Jin pivots right and does thrust kick to enemy's stomach, which knocks them
back. High crushes against jab strings only. This attack will guard break a
blocking opponent. It comes at 17 frames and is -7 on block. If done near a
wall, it'll create a heavy wall stun, where you can SS and then start a juggle
combo. This is one of Jin's more defensive attacks that will normally work best
on an aggressive enemy. If the enemy runs head-on trying to attack, bust this
out and it'll knock him back to mid-range (good for spacing). Good defensively,
but if done out at random, the enemy may SS to either side, avoiding b+4 with no
problems and punish you. Use this attack wisely.

Go to Lingering Soul/Omen section

This is Jin's mid/high parry. Unlike most parries that stop the opponent's
movement momentarily, Jin's parry allows him to sidestep and brush off the
attack during the opponent's attack animation. Also unlike most parries, this
parry also works against elbows, knees, head-butts, shoulder rams, and some
unblockables! On a successful parry, all 10-frame attacks are GUARANTEED. This
means you can get attacks 2,4 (instant oki set-up), 2,1, or 1,2 to hit for
sure!!! Any attack from 11-14 frames are sometimes guaranteed on attacks with
worse recovery, but 10-framers are the always to go. If a parry is unsuccessful,
Jin is usually not in danger because it recovers almost immediately. Jin's parry
is very useful on both assertive or highly defensive opponents who poke a lot
for safety. Jin's parry is a great addition to Jin's rather risky offense.

12,18 = 30 dmg
Jin's BEST mid-hitting mix-up. Jin thrusts his left fist to the opponent's mid-
section, and then does right side kick. This string becomes a natural combo CH,
has the option of being delayed, and can still naturally combo on CH in its
delayed form! d/f+1 itself comes out at 13 frames, is +9 frames on hit, and is
on block -2. d/f+1 is very safe and can be used several ways: use it at random
as a simple poke attack, try to get a CH with and guarantee the second hit, use
it as an oki attack for the opponent tries to roll away and will end up with
his/her back facing Jin, or you can poke the heck out of your opponent several
times with d/f+1 and end with d+3+4 to juggle or b,f+2,1,2 or d/b+2,2,3, 4~3.
The second hit is safe to throw out anytime you use the first hit, whether it's
on hit or on block. The second hit gives +2 frames on hit and -7 on block
(unpunishable). If d/f+1 whiffs, do a delayed second hit to throw the opponent
off guard and eat a hit. This attack is capable of many things and is one of
Jin's best attack mix-ups.

Jin's mid-hitting mix-up followed by a feint sweeping low kick. The second hit
sweeps the enemy off his/her feet and ends up in PLD. This attack string is very
risky to pull off. The d/f+1 is always a good attack, but the second hit is the
biggest problem. The low feint sweep may surprise the opponent several times
because it hits low. The chances of d/f+1,4~4 actually hitting will be better if
you use d/f+1,4 a lot more and the enemy will remain blocking high. The second
hit is a little slow (35 frames), and on block, Jin ends up in a staggering
block stun. Afterwards, the opponent can retaliate with a WS attack or a quick
hitting mid. This attack isn't great if your opponent can predict lows very
well; use sparingly.

15 dmg
A small uppercut. This attack is about 15-16 frames, and is -7 on block
(unpunishable). On normal hit, it's +4 and the opponent stumbles back a bit with
one foot still one the ground. If done on a BT opponent, you can get a few free
hits for a small juggle. On CH, d/f+2 will launch! Of all of Jin's launchers,
this is the safest of them all, but ONLY on CH. I highly recommend using it when
you have frame advantage. Because of its safety, d/f+2 works well alternatively
as a poke attack. The only real downside to this attack is that its range isn't
far, so you can only use it at close range. Otherwise, it's great for CH-hunting
for a launcher or simply for a mix-up.

15 dmg
Jin does a thrusting straight kick to the opponent's stomach. d/f+3 makes an
okay mix-up for its range. If d/f+3 hits, you can press d+1+2 to enter LS. On
hit, it's -3 frames, and on block, it's an unpunishable -7 frames. d/f+3 does
NOT create a crumple stun on CH like 1,3~3,d/f+3 or f+3~3,d/f+3 do on CH. When
compared to f+3, it pales in comparison. f+3 has slightly worse range, but it
happens at 12 frames, +6 on block, and is -5 on block. Just look at the numbers
and you'll realize that f+3 is a better choice.

Jin does his normal d/f+3, then his b+4 kick. This attack works just like
f+3:4. Like f+3:4, don't use d/f+3:4. Just stick d/f+3 or b+4 as a stand-alone

33 dmg
Jin brings his right leg up a little bit and then does a powerful thrusting kick
that will send the opponent flying across the screen. If done near a wall, it'll
create a heavy wall stun, allowing you to SS, then juggle. If d/f+4 hits, you
can press d+1+2 to enter LS. This attack is Jin's most powerful single striking
attack. It makes a good punisher against whiffed or slow attacks. However, as
powerful as it is, it comes at a loss: it's 19 frames to do and -17 on block.
This means that it's very punishable to lots of attacks on block, which will
reduce its overall uses. d/f+4 is strong, but there are better whiff punishers.

One of Jin's new attacks in T5. Jin does a mid inward chop with the top part of
his hand, then a chop across the foe's neck, and ends with slow swinging kick
forward. The first two hits naturally combo on normal hit, on CH if both hits
connect you get a CFS (crumple fall stun), allowing some combo-able options. The
last hit may be delayed and on a standing foe, it creates a CFS. This attack is
one of his staple juggle combo enders. With almost every launcher and few
additional hits, you can almost always end every juggle combo with d/b+2,2,3 for
good damage. Other than for using in juggles, d/b+2,2,3 is pretty much unsafe on
a standing opponent. The d/b+2 is -15 on block and d/b+2,2 (although it does
create a good stun) is -12 on hit and -17 on block! The last hit is unpunishable
on block, but comes out at 35 frames if d/b+2,2 miss and comes out even slower
if you delay it. The point: only use d/b+2,2,3 for good juggle combo damage.

21 dmg
A new attack added to Jin's T5 move set. Jin spins and ducks, and at the same
time, does unique roundhouse kick, which will send the enemy flying away on
normal hit. This attack high crushes and, on CH, it knocks the enemy all the way
to the other side of the screen (like an EWHF). d/b+3 also tracks SSL and SWL.
It has decent power, but it comes out at 19 frames, is -11 on block, and
punishable if ducked against. Only use d/b+3 for its high crush property; for
every other situation, use it with caution.

15 dmg
Jin does a slow, low kick. d/b+4 tracks SSL and SWL. On CH, it'll sweep the
opponent allowing for a d/b+2,2,3, but if not used for juggling purposes, the
opponent ends up in PLD. The attack comes out at 20 frames; pretty slow for a
standing attack, so expect to get low parried. Even worse, it's -14 on block and
most WS or any FC attack will hit. Don't use d/b+4.

24 dmg
An attack that has been available to Jin since TTT. Jin crouches forth, brings
back his left fist, and does a crouching mid punch that sends the foe back,
dragging back on the ground. d+1 comes out 21 frames, is unpunishable on block
(-4 frames), tracks both SS, and the last part of the animation high crushes. If
d+1 is used against a wall, it'll create a heavy wall stun, then you can SS, and
begin a juggle. This attack is best used at mid-to-long range due to its speed.
If the enemy is running toward Jin, use this to stop him before he attack. On
hit, you can dash in and do 4~3 for about 45 dmg. If d+1 is done near a wall and
the enemy slides against the ground instead, several other attacks are combo-
able. This is one of Jin's safest and best power attacks.

7,10 = 17 dmg
A low/mid kick variation. Jin stomps on down on the enemy's ankle, and then does
a mid-hitting kick that looks just like d/f+3. Naturally combos on normal hit.
d+3, which is one of Jin's few decent lows, is 15 frames and 0 frames on hit,
tracks both SS, but on block, it's -11. I use d+3 to make the enemy crouch and
block, and on hit, I throw out a different mid-hitting mix-up. The second hit is
-6 on hit and forces the enemy back a little bit, but on block, it -15;
quite punishable. d+3 makes a decent low mix-up that is good to set-up for mind
games, and the second hit is only good if the second hit hits, guaranteed a
natural combo.

15 dmg
One of Jin's few low attacks. Jin ducks, spins, and sweeps with his right leg
against the ground from left to right. d+4 comes out at 15 frames, is -4 on hit,
and actually hits grounded opponents. On a BT opponent, d+4 will usually sweep
and launch slightly, and then you could do d/b+2,2,3 for about 40 dmg. d+4 can
be used as a low quick mix-up. It's best to do after several other high or mid
mix-ups to keep the enemy guessing. d+4 is safer as a wake-up attack because
it's guaranteed after many set-ups. Just dash up and do it. The biggest
disadvantage to d+4 is that it's -15 on block; rather punishable to most
attacks. As a mix-up, mix it effectively to prevent getting it blocked.

5,15 = 20 dmg
An attack that is a great example of Jin's high risk/great reward style. Jin
does a hopping double lift kick, with the second hit launching. This attack is a
natural combo on normal hit, low crushes, and is always GUARANTEED after a low
parry. Strangely, Jin can use d+3+4 while his back is facing the enemy, but his
back will still be facing the enemy as he does it. This attack is just as
powerful and full of potential as is has major disadvantages. d+3+4 is Jin's
fastest standard launcher (14 frames) and it always launches as long as the
first hit connects. It is also one great whiff punisher due to its speed and
that it hits mid. Try SS'ing or SW'ing against attacks then use d+3+4. Again, it
is 100% sure that it'll hit right after a low parry, which is the best time to
use d+3+4. After a wall stun, if you use 1,2,3, or f+3~3 or 2,1, then d+3+4 will
hit afterwards for good damage. With all of these advantages, it comes at a
devastating price: -26 frames on block or whiff. Almost any attack will be able
to hit Jin if he missed hitting d+3+4; he's totally free to be attacked. If you
miss hitting d+3+4, the any round won't last very long. Only use d+3+4 when you
know when it'll hit or you're in for a world of hurt.

u+4 = 15 dmg; u/f+4 = 13 dmg
Jin's second fastest standard launcher. Jin quickly hops up and does an upward
kick. This attack low crushes. u/f+4 always launches on hit, and has slightly
more range than u+4. u+4 stays in place, only launches on CH, but on normal hit,
it's a bit stronger, somewhat safer and knocks the enemy back to the ground.
u/f+4 is comparable to his d+3+4. u/f+4 is slower then d+3+4 by 1 frame, but
it's -12 frames on block, which is still punishable to some attacks, but not as
much as d+3+4. This means it's safer to throw out u/f+4 with the risk of only
being punished by a jab string or quick, single poke upon landing. u/f+4 makes a
safer whiff punisher than d+3+4 as well. SS'ing or SW'ing attacks, then using
u/f+4 while Jin's at the opponent's side or back will guarantee a launch.
However, u/f+4 doesn't hit after a low parry (I don't know why). Still, although
u/f+4 is slower than d+3+4 by a frame, it's about 2 times safer than it; a good

30 dmg
A classic attack that has been in Jin's move set since T3. He sidesteps left and
does a powerful high roundhouse that makes the enemy flop and spin while flying
back to mid-range. This attack can also be inputted as CDS 3. u/b_u_u/f+3 is
more powerful than most of Jin's single hitting attacks; it's a strong as an
EWHF. It has pretty good range. It comes out at 21 frames, and is -5 on block
(unpunishable). Despite its power, if u/b_u_u/f+3 is crouched against, Jin could
be easily punished by any WS attack or quick attack. The definitely attack looks
stylish, but it's a bit hard to find the best time to use this attack-- maybe a
whiff punisher. Use with caution.

18 dmg
A new attack added to Jin's move list in T5. Jin quickly sidesteps to his left,
and punches the enemy's mid-section. This attack makes a great mix-up due to its
evasive abilities and speed (15 frames). On hit, u/f+2 is +2 frames, and on
block, it's an unpunishable -7 frames. Another great way to use this attack is
to SSL (several times) or SWL around your enemy's attacks, then use u/f+2 to end
up at his/her side or back. Several attacks and combo are guaranteed at the
opponent's back and side, so using u/f+2 will surely help get to the enemy's
side or back faster. u/f+2 is a great addition to Jin's move list.

100 dmg
Jin's slow unblockable attack. Jin brings back his right fist, charges up some
electricity, and after a couple of seconds, unleashes a very strong punch that
sends the enemy flying back quite a distance. This is one of the strongest
unblockable attacks in the whole game. It can be cancelled by pressing b,b
during the early animation of u/b+1+2. u/b+1+2 also tracks very well. This
unblockable comes out at 75 frames-obviously Jin's slowest attack. And if he is
attacked anytime during the animation, he'll take more damage than a normal CH.
The only opportunity you will probably be able to use this attack and get it to
hit is one somebody who has no idea on how to block, interrupt attacks, or play
this game.

24 dmg
An attack that his been available to Jin since T3. Jin moves up a little bit,
stretches out his right arm, and does a mid-range punch to the enemy's stomach
that's send them flying back to mid-range. On CH, the enemy rolls all the way to
extra long-range unless you run after him/her as he/she is rolling off. f,f+2 is
15-16 frame attack and is -11 on block, but thankfully, it pushes the enemy back
when blocked, making it safe. f,f+2 is one of Jin's best power attacks, much
like d+1. It's safe to use anytime with little risk involved. f,f+2 can also be
inputted as CD,N,f+2, and more importantly, CDS~f+2; I believe this is where
this attack becomes even more useful. Since CDS technically crouches and back-
dashes slightly, you can make the enemy whiff a high attack/high attack series
and guarantee f,f+2 to hit. For an even added effect do a normal back-dash
(b,b), then CDS, wait for the opponent to whiff, then do f,f+2 (CDS~f+2). No
matter how you use this attack, f,f+2 is a safe attack that is as strong as it
is useful.

25 dmg
A downward axe kick. The attack as the last hit from 1,2,3, but as a stand-alone
attack. On hit, some juggle combos can be done. f,f+3 tracks SSR and SWR. On
block, you get +2 frames. This attack is pretty strong, but it comes out at a
slow 22 frames. It's hard for it to connect on a standing opponent because of
its speed. It can be used as an oki attack against tech-rolls (like f+3~3), but
it's not as effective. f,f+3 (and it's the next two attack below) can also be
inputted as CD,N,f+3 or CDS~f+3.

A downward axe kick followed by Jin's Kazama Fury. f,f+3,1 and f,f+3,1,3 can be
used as launchers. If this attack string is done near a wall, f,f+3 and several
hits of 1,3,2,1,4 will hit during the wall splat. It's better to use Jin's
Kazama Fury just as 1,3,2,1,4.

A downward axe kick, a jab, a feint kick that slams, and a mid-hitting kick. The
second, third, and fourth hits are the same as 1,3~3,d/f+3 with the same effects
on hit and block. f,f+3,1,3~3 will all connect and successfully combo. Follow-up
with d+4 after the third hit spikes. Otherwise, there are better combo options
than this.

19 dmg
Another downward axe kick, except Jin does it with his right leg. f,f+4 tracks
SSR. This attack comes out at 20 frames, is +6 on hit on a standing opponent, +7
when it hits a crouching opponent, and +3 on block. Despite f,f+4's speed, you
will always gain frame advantage whether it hits or gets blocked. On certain
stuns (like CH f+4, the last hit of d/b+2,2,3, CDS 4), f,f+4 will slam the enemy
down to the ground, normally leaving you a great oki set-up. If you want to use
f,f+4 as an oki attack, use it when the opponent gets back up or tech-rolls for
frame advantage, or when your opponent stays down on the ground (it's almost as
strong as 4~3 on a grounded opponent) since it hits grounded opponents. f,f+4
can be a good attack if used correctly and not carelessly.

18,10,24 = 52 dmg
A classic attack available to Jin since T3 that has been given a major facelift
in T5. In this attack series, Jin does three punches. The first punch is a
horizontal swing with his right arm across the opponent's left side. The second
punch is a slight uppercut jab to the opponent's face. On the last hit, Jin
punches the opponent's mid-section with his wrist face down, which will send the
opponent flying back to mid-range and rolling away to long range on CH. All
three hits track both SSL and SSR. The second and third hits have the option of
being delayed. b,f+2 comes at 15-16 frames, is +4 frames on hit, and -7 on
block. The second hit, b,f+2,1, comes out at 25 frames (10-11 frames minus
b,f+2's frames), +7 on hit and -4 on block. b,f+2,1 is a natural combo on normal
hit and makes good mix-up comparable to the likes of d/f+1,4. b,f+2,1 is safe,
strong, and grants good frame advantage on hit. Sometimes, b,f+2,1 will catch
back-rolls and hit as if it were done right off a launcher. The second and last
hit becomes a natural combo if the second hit hits on CH. This whole attack
string is guaranteed on normal hit if it hits at the opponent's back or side.
b,f+2,1,2_b,f+2<1<2 can also be used in juggle combo. b,f+2,1 is used to link
into more powerful hits and b,f+2<1<2 can be used to end juggles. As you can
see, b,f+2,1,2 is a very versatile attack that must not be overlooked.

22 dmg
A new attack added to Jin's T5 move roster. Jin does a crouch dash, and then
while rising up, he does a heavy uppercut. During the crouch dash, all high
attacks will miss. It's GUARANTEED after attacks that give the attacker a block
stun when a specific attack is blocked (Law's d/b+4, Bryan's d/f+3, etc.) This
attack is one of Jin's launchers that seems to be strong, but it's actually puts
you in as much risk as your opponent. It launches on hit and works well if you
can punish whiffed attacks often. But it can be seen before the attack hits and
then you end up right in front of your opponent if it's blocked and you'll end
up at about -14 frames-- punishable. This certainly is an example of Jin's
risk/reward style.

22 dmg
A.K.A eCD+1. This attack is a Just-Frame version of CD+1. It comes out at about
19 frames and the end part of the animation high crushes. It also tracks SSR and
SWR, and tech-catches right tech-rolls (Jin's left). Guaranteed after block
stuns. This form of the attack has slightly more range and launches higher on
hit, allowing for more juggle options than normal, compared to CD+1. However,
it's still unsafe at -13 frames on block and it doesn't help that you wind up
directly in front of your opponent. Use this attack with as much risk as CD+1.

25 dmg
A powerful attack with good speed. Jin crouch dashes, and then while he rises,
performs a diagonal uppercut that'll knock the enemy back to about mid-range. If
done near a wall, you can SS, attack and begin a juggle combo. The crouch dash
evades highs. This attack comes out at about 15 frames (12 frames without
initial inputs) and is -2 on block. For the most-part, CD+2 is a safe attack.
It's strong, but f,N,d,d/f:2 is worth much more.

30 dmg
A.K.A the EWHF. This is one of Jin's best attacks in my opinion. It is a Just-
Frame version of the primitive CD+2. EWHF comes out at 14 frames (11 frames
minus the inputs), and is +5 on block. If it gets blocked, you'll break your
opponent's guard. On hit, EWHF will send the opponent flying all way to the
other end of the screen, making it THE attack for spacing. For its speed and
power, EWHF will also make a strong whiff punisher option. It also tracks SSR,
SSL, and SWL. This attack also creates a heavy wall stun if done near wall, so
you can SS, then attack and begin a juggle combo. The EWHF is a much better
option than eCD+1. Although it doesn't launch like eCD+1, it's still rewarding
to get a successful hit, and safe and gives advantage on block. This means that
you can use it both offensively and defensively. The only real disadvantage to
EWHF is that it doesn't high crush and it can be ducked. Be when it happens so
fast and is so strong, the opponent will always be forced to be more caution.
EWHF absolutely must be used in battle.

18 dmg
Jin crouch dashes, and then does a low horizontal sweep. It looks exactly like
the last hits of d/f+1,4~4 and 2,1,4~4. The crouch dash ducks beneath high
attacks. CD+4 launches on hit and guarantees a d/b+2,2,3 afterwards for about 43
dmg (stronger than any of Jin's basic throws and u/f+1+2 JF). Being one of Jin's
few low semi-launchers, it may be hard for the opponent to predict at times and
he/she will likely fall for it a few times granted that you don't do too many
lows. However, CD+4 isn't too fast (22 frames) and it's a terrible -26 frames on
block. If it gets blocked, so many attacks can hit. Because of that alone, CD+4
should be used with both high and low expectations alike, and with high caution
and decent reward.

18,21 (18,14 = 32 dmg if CD+4 hits)
Jin's low horizontal sweeping low followed by his 4~3 falling kick. I consider
it to be a natural combo on normal hit. If CD+4 hits, then the second is
guaranteed for 32 dmg. The second hit acts like a weakened version of 4~3, but
it still low crushes. If the first hit misses, the opponent may attack and fall
for the second hit. Still, CD+4 is still way too risky to do because of it being
-26 on block.

10,16 = 26 dmg
Jin does a rising upward punch with his left fist, and then a downward punch
with his right fist. Can also be inputted right after landing from a jump
1,2_1<2. This attack string is a natural combo on normal hit and has
the option of being delayed. WS+1 comes at 13 frames, is +5 on hit and -6 on
block. The second hit is +2 on hit and -9 on block. The range of this attack
string is lacking, but it's good after blocking some low attacks. On hit, the
second hit forces the enemy to crouch, so mix-up some quick mids afterwards.

15 dmg
Jin performs a rising uppercut from a crouch. This attack can also be inputted
right after landing from a jump 2. This uppercut launcher looks exactly like the
last hit of Devil Jin's b,f+2,1,2. WS+2 comes out at 14 frames (as quickly as
d+3+4), and it launches on hit. It launches higher than most launchers available
to Jin, so certain other combo options can be done. After blocking unsafe low
attacks like Kazuya's CD+4 or Bryan's d/f+3, WS+2 is SOMETIMES guaranteed. Also,
sometimes it's good to randomly throw out WS+2 out of range in attempt for the
opponent to run right into it, but it may be unsafe at times. WS+2 can a bit
easy to SS, so be careful.

28 dmg
Jin rises from the crouching position and does a unique rising roundhouse kick
with his left leg. This attack can also be inputted as CD+3 or right after
landing from a jump 3. WS+3 is 18 frames
to execute, is 0 frames on block, and on hit, it knocks the opponent over to
Jin's left, and the opponent ends up in PLD. WS+3 makes a good whiff punisher
after dodging a high attack due to its power and oki set-up, but it isn't too
fast. If this attack gets ducked by the opponent, it can be easy to punish. Be
careful with using WS+3.

=Crouching Demon Stance=

Jin's new fighting stance: the CDS (Crouching Demon Stance). Jin dashes back,
crouches, and at the same time, does a motion with his arms that looks a lot
like his 1+3+4 taunt. The total animation of this stance lasts about 2 seconds.
The CDS is capable of many things. It makes a good tool to provoke the enemy to
attack you. It back-dashes a little bit, so you can create some space between
Jin and the enemy. When combined with a normal b,b, CDS can create even more
space and provoke more whiffed attacks from your opponent. Along with its back-
dash ability, CDS technically crouches against high attacks-- this will become
very useful against any high poke attacks like jab-strings. However, if you use
CDS incorrectly, Jin can easily be punished by a mid attack if you don't quickly
respond with one of the numerous options available during the CDS stance. Other
than that, CDS is one of the best additions added to Jin's move set.

CDS 1m
22 dmg
Jin does a punch to his opponent's right side. This attack used to be Jin's CD+1
in Tekken 4 and it used to knock the opponent away. Now it just disembowels the
enemy shortly after it hits (+11 frames). It tracks SSR and SWR. It does decent
damage, and is usually guaranteed after CDS evades a high attack at close range.
It comes out at 16 frames, but on block it's -11 frames. Only use CDS 1 if you
are sure you'll get Jin to dodge a high attack.

24 dmg
A new attack added to Jin's move set. After entering the CDS, Jin lunges his
right fist back, and then thrusts it forward to the opponent's gut. It is a
rather slow 35-frame attack and is -10 on block. On hit, the enemy will stumble
back and slowly fall to the ground, ending in KND position, but no combos are
guaranteed. CDS 2 is very easy for your opponent to anticipate, so it might be
interrupted by an attack, punch-parried, or blocked. Avoid using this attack.

24 dmg
A new attack added to Jin's T5 move list. It is a counterpart of CDS 2. CDS~2 is
a punch parry; it will work against any high, mid, and s.mid punch attack. The
moment you press 2 in CDS~2 and you see a punch, Jin will automatically repel
the enemy's punch and the gut punch will be guaranteed. On hit, the punch will
create a Double Over Stun (which can be escaped by tapping f,f), but if it isn't
escaped, d+3+4 will be guaranteed right after a successful punch parry. This can
lead to more devastating juggle combos, of course. CDS~2 is very useful against
jab-strings or punch-frenzied enemies (like Steve).

30 dmg
An attack that is the same as Jin's u/b_u_u/f+3. Normally, u/b_u_u/f+3 can be
easy to crouch against and punish. CDS 3 is no different, but thanks to CDS'
evasive abilities, CDS 3 may sometimes be guaranteed if Jin dodges an attack,
causing as much damage as an EWHF. If used incorrectly, Jin can still be easily
punished by several attacks.

15 dmg
Another new attack added to Jin's T5 move set. After Jin enters the CDS, Jin
crouches, and does a low sweep attack. It's pretty slow (35 frames), but seems
pretty safe on block. High crushes. On hit, Jin can combo any of his mid-hitting
WS attacks or low/s.mid FC attacks; the end result is usually a good oki set-up.
CDS 4 is good against people who react poorly to low attacks or if you don't use
it too often. CDS 4 can be good to force the opponent to blocking it and ending
up in a crouching position, sometimes whiffing a WS attack. But due to its
speed, CDS 4 can easily be low crushed or low parried. It's a good example

This cancels the CDS with a crouch dash. From here, any crouch dash attack can
be done, and they all hit in varied hit ranges. It takes about another few
seconds before Jin actually does the crouch dash, though. This is best done at
mid-range because Jin may be vulnerable to mid attacks at closer ranges. But, it
also increases the ability to avoid high attacks and guarantee a CD attack.

This cancels the CDS with forward dash. This is definitely one of Jin's most
useful additions to his overall game plan. CDS~f automatically buffers one
forward motion, so this means the following attacks can be done just by pressing
one less forward motion: f,f+2, f,f+3 series, f,f+4, and f,f,f+3! f,f+2 and
f,f,f+3 really benefit from this. If combined with a back-dash, CDS~f+2 can
quickly force a whiffed attack and f,f+2 will be guaranteed! And CDS~f,f+3 can
be done at mid-range, so it can be used more often than other characters. Also,
do CDS~f, CDS~f, CDS~f... at mid-range to long-range to really confuse your
opponent, and keep him/her guessing on your next move. Another thing: Mix-up
CDS~f with a whole bunch of other stuff like CDS~f~u/f+1+2, CDS~f~QCB+1+3,
CDS~f~u/f+2, and CDS~d/f~QCB.

I will be the first to say that Jelo (from tekkenzaibatsu.com) and I discovered
this move. Basically, it cancels the CDS with a crouch dash that's cancelled by
a weird looking back-dash. This, too, is a great option out of the CDS mainly
because it is the only backward moving option available (unlike CDS~f or
CDS~d/f, which move forward). Again, when done right after a normal b,b,
CDS~d/f~d,d/b,b will create more space between you and your opponent. Use it at
mid-to-long range or when you want to fake-out your opponent into thinking
you'll be doing an attack from the CDS.

=Lingering Soul/Omen=

none, damages varies when done during an enemy attack
Jin's default Lingering Soul stance. Jin crosses and then raises his fists up,
which end up glowing. This is one of Jin's alternate superchargers, but it also
capable of a lot more. It acts like a supercharger, but it is easier to do than
1+2+3+4. However, putting Jin in the supercharger state put him at more risk
than the opponent; attacking or evading are your only options. b+1+2 repels ALL
enemy attacks and movements. If the opponent gets too close to Jin, they'll be
repelled back, but take no damage, and Jin supercharger effect goes away. If the
opponent tries to attack Jin while Jin's fists are still in front of him, the
opponent's attack will be repelled and he/she will take some damage. This will
even repel unblockable attacks and usually do 30 dmg afterwards. Also, Devil
Jin's lasers and Jinpachi's fireball go right through Jin. Jin is virtually
invincible during b+1+2, so it must not be underestimated.

Damages vary
This is Jin's attack reversal. Reverses high and mid attacks. It's usually
only activated when the opponent attacks Jin while his fists are right in front
of him or the opponent/opponent's attack has been repelled. Since b+1+2 repels
enemy attacks, the opponent might attack again recklessly. If you input
f,f,b+1+3_2+4 afterwards, Jin will automatically reverse the enemy's next
attack. Left punch reversals dish out 28-33 dmg; Jin will grab the enemy, take
him/her down, and do a leg lock breaker, and the opponent will end up in FCD.
Reversing right punches do from about 25-30 dmg; Jin grabs his enemy's hand,
swing him/her down, and do a reverse arm breaker with the opponent ending in a
semi-SLD. A left kick reversal will do from 27 to 32 dmg; Jin will takedown his
foe, and punch his/her head while they're grounded, ending in PLD. Lastly,
reversing a right kick will do from 30 to 35 dmg; Jin stomps on the back of the
enemy's knee, and chops the back of his victim's neck, with the opponent ending
in KND. If Jin fails to reverse an attack, he will still SS based on whether you
inputted f,f,b+1+3 (he'll go left) or f,f,b+2+4 (Jin will go right) after b+1+2.
However, it's not always safe to do the attack reversal. For your own safety,
use it about once every ten or so matches.

Jin's Omen stance. Jin does his normal b+1+2, but then he ends up doing his
1+3+4 taunt with his fists still glowing. During this state, two of his attacks
will be modified and two combo string will be available. The Omen stance lasts
for quite a while (I'm guessing about eight seconds), and is still in effect
even after the supercharger is gone. Once the supercharger effect is nullified,
Omen attacks are decent options. Once an Omen attack is executed, the Omen
effect goes away. Doing b+ hold 1+2,d,u,b,f looks cool at the end of a round.

Omen 1,2,3,1,3,2,1,4
Jin's Omen 8-hit string. It's his 1,2,3 combo followed by his Kazama Fury combo.
After the last hit (hit or miss), you can press d+1+2 to enter LS. Jin's fists
and feet will start flashing a white-ish blue after 1,2,3. This string works
well near a wall and it can be pretty powerful. If done in a stage with no wall,
just stop after the first or second hit of the Kazama Fury part. Or you could do
all eight hits to make the opponent blocks. This attack string is very so-so.

Omen 1,2,3,1,f+3~3
Jin's Omen "6-hit string". It's Jin's 1,2,3 combo followed by what looks exactly
like 1,3~3,d/f+3, but with different inputs. Jin's fists and feet glow a white-
ish blue during the fourth through sixth hits. Hits three through five will
automatically combo with the fifth hit spiking, allowing for d+4 to combo. The
last hit will only hit if the third or fifth hits don't hit; on CH, it'll create
a Crumple Stun and will allow d+3+4 to launch if done close enough. Under most
circumstances, the last hit can be skipped. Just end with the fifth hit to get
some frame advantage.

Omen CD+2
30 dmg
Jin's Omen WHF. The Omen WHF is inputted just like the normal CD+2, but it's
given EWHF properties. On hit, the enemy flies all the way to the other side of
the screen and does 30 dmg (as much dmg as a normal EWHF). On block, Jin will
break the enemy's guard and gets +5 frames. If done on an aerial opponent, Omen
WHF hits differently, but still enables combo options. Unlike the EWHF, Omen WHF
actually high crushes. Jin's fist also glows a white-ish blue during Omen CD+2.
This makes a good EWHF alternative, especially if you have troubles doing an
EWHF, but how often will the opponent let you enter the Omen stance?

Omen CD+4
22 dmg
Jin's Omen CD+4. Omen CD+4 is exactly the same as CD+4, but stronger and
slightly safer on block. Jin won't end up with a block stun at -26 frames if
blocked, but instead, he'll end up at -14 frames. This reduces the chances of
some worse punishment. Omen CD+4 still launches like CD+4 and allows d/b+2,2,3
to combo.


(Facing opponent's front) 1+3_f+1+3
12,23 = 35 dmg
Jin grabs his opponent's right hand, swings his right leg across the opponent's
face, and the does it again which will knock him/her down to the ground in KND
position. The opponent can break the throw by pressing 1 during the early frames
of animation. f+1+3 is the same throw, but with more range and is 15 frames
instead of 12 frames. If this throw is broken, Jin misses the first kick and
ends up with his back turned to his opponent-- not good. Because of that alone,
you may want to use another throw instead.

(Facing opponent's front) 2+4_f+2+4
15,20 = 35 dmg
Jin grabs a hold of his enemy's left arm, gets behind him/her
(arm still in and), and flips the enemy over his back, with the enemy ending in
SLD position. The opponent can break the throw by pressing 2 during the early
frames of animation. If the throw is broken, the enemy and Jin will end up
facing each other at the range equivalent to one back-dash. f+2+4 is the same
throw, but with extended range and is 15 frames instead of 12 frames. This is a
good throw because of its better oki set-up and safety if it gets broken
compared to 1+3_f+1+3.

(Facing opponent's front) QCB+1+3 (QCB = Quarter Circle Back)
35 dmg
Jin grabs a hold of his foe's arms and twists them so that it forces him/her to
overturn and hit the ground. This throw can be broken by pressing 1 during the
early frames of animation. If the throw is broken, you'll get the same break
command that looks like a special throw was broken. The opponent ends up in PLD
position on a successful throw-- a great oki set-up. The only bad thing about it
is that it only does 35 dmg, whereas Devil Jin's does 40 dmg for the same throw.
BOO! Still a good throw if you're patient with the QCB part.

(Facing opponent's front) u/f+1+2
40 dmg
Jin grabs his opponent's right arm with his right arm, bends the opponent's arm
back and wrings his arm around the opponent's neck, and swings him/her up and
then slams his foe to the ground. The opponent ends up in SLD position after
throw ends. The enemy can break the throw by pressing 1+2 during the early
frames of animation. This is definitely Jin's most gruesome-looking throw.
Sometimes, (on medium and big opponents) f+4 hits if they stay on the ground;
pretty cool. Try mixing up this throw into your normal game-plan if your
opponent blocks too much.

(Facing opponent's front) u/f+1+2:u/b+3+4
42 dmg
Everything about this throw is the same as the normal u/f+1+2 (animation, break
command, enemy ends up in SLD position, etc.). It requires semi-Just Frame
timing. The only difference is that Jin does a different battle cry during the
slam (it sounds something like "Ora-toh!") and it does 42 dmg instead of 40 dmg.
If it does more damage, why not go for it.

(Facing opponent's left) (f+)1+3+_(f+)2+4_u/f+1+2
43 dmg
Jin grabs the opponent's left arm while at the foe's left side, runs around with
him/her, and forces him/her to flip and slam to the ground. The opponent will
end up in PLD position afterwards. The break command depends on which throw is
performed. There is no special break animation; the opponent and Jin just repel
each other.

(Facing opponent's right) (f+)1+3+_(f+)2+4_u/f+1+2
40 dmg
Jin grabs the opponent's right arm while at the enemy's right side, and pulls
the enemy down to his right. The enemy ends up in PLD position. The break
command depends on which throw is performed. Just like if Jin's left throw is
broken, there is no special break animation; just a repel.

(Facing opponent's back) (f+)1+3+_(f+)2+4_u/f+1+2
50 dmg
Jin wraps his arms around his enemy's waist, lifts him/her off the ground, and
twists the victim's body down to the ground. The enemy ends up in PLD position
after the throw. The throw cannot be broken, but I have seen the CPU break it
numerous times before.

=Generic Attacks=

5 dmg
A crouching punch. High crushes and recovers crouching. Comes out at 10 frames,
is +7 on hit, and -5 on block. Pretty safe and useful as a close range
interrupting attack.

8 dmg
A crouching punch that's like FC+1_d/b+1. High crushes and recovers crouching.
FC+2_d+2 comes out at 11 frames (1 frame slower than FC+1_d/b+1), but is +8 on
hit, -4 on block, and has better range and damage. Overall, this is better than
FC+1_d/b+1 with more capabilities.

12 dmg
A mid-range, crouching low attack. High crushes and recovers crouching. It has
good range and damage for a low, but I believe that it's not that safe on block.

FC d_d/b+4_f~d/b+4_SS+d/b+4
10 dmgA very quick low attack. High crushes and recovers crouching. A safe low
11 frames, +8 frames on hit, and -4 frames on block. It makes a great low mix-

FC d/f+4
10 dmg
A quick low attack. Low crushes and recovers crouching. A lot like the attack
above, but not as good as far as recovery is concerned.

u_u/b_u/f+1 or U_U/B_U/F+1
12 dmg
A midair punch. High crushes. Good for jumping right over attacks.

18 dmg
A jumping attack that ends with your character slamming his/her fist on a downed
opponent. Low crushes. Pretty strong, but slow.

11 dmg
A kick performed while jumping back. It makes a good defensive attack as you
will always gain space whether it hits or misses.

25 dmgA midair kick. Low crushes. If done on a jumping opponent, or high flying
opponent (after certain launchers), you can link a juggle combo. Good throw out
when you don't know what to do.

25 dmg
A strong launcher with the same animation as the attack above. Low crushes.
Great juggle starter, but it's jab punishable.

25 dmg
A leaping, straight kick. Low crushes. Strong and good for pressuring the

15 dmg
A landing, straight low kick. Recovers crouching. Sometimes good for a wake-up,
but it may be easy to low parry.

30 dmg
A very strong leaping sidekick. Can be done by all male characters except
Yoshimitsu, Steve, and Feng. It has long forward range, and does lots of damage.
If it's blocked, you get a lot of frame advantage (+17 frames!), making it a
good alternative to f+3~3 and EWHF. However, it can be easy to SSR. Jin can
input this attack at mid or longer range as CDS~f,f+3.

13 dmg
A quick upward kick. It's 11 frames, +8 on hit, and -3 on block. Advantages on
hit or block, but it has tendencies of being whiffed.

*List of Very Useful Stuff*

=Jin's best mix-ups=-d/f+1














-b,f+2,1,2_b,f+2<1<2 series


=Jin's Natural Combos on Normal Hit=-1,2






-b+2,3 (undelayed only)




-f,f+3,1,3 (somewhat)




=Jin's Natural Combos on CH=

-2,1,4_2,1<4 (2 must whiff)

-1,2,3 (1 must whiff)

-1,2,4 (1 must whiff)


-b,f+2,1,2_b,f+2,1<2 (b,f+2 must whiff)

=Jin's standard launchers=
-d+3+4: Jin's fastest launcher (coming at 14 frames) and guaranteed after a low
parry, but incredibly unsafe on block/whiff. It also low crushes.

-u/f+4: Quick (15 frames), but unsafe on block (-12 frames). Excellent against
throws and for punishing whiffed attacks. Low crushes as well.

-CH u+4: Launches like u/f+4 on normal hit, but u+4 is slightly stronger, but
also requires a CH to launch.

-CH d/f+2: Unpunishable and also quick (15~16 frames), but range seems limited
and it only launches on CH.

-CD+1: One of Jin's more powerful launchers. Strong, but it is unsafe on block
(-13 frames). Guaranteed after blocking low attacks that give the attacker a
block stun (like blocking Kazuya's CD+4, Nina's d,d/f+4, etc.) Good right after
ducking high attacks (with the CD). Also, tech-catches right tech-rolls.

-eCD+1: Same as CD+1, but launches higher allowing for additional juggle combo
options and has more attack range. However, it requires JF timing and is still
as unsafe (-13 frames on block) as the normal CD+1. Only use as a whiff punisher
or if the opponent tech-rolls right.

-WS+2: Good after block stuns (examples: blocked Kazuya's CD+4, blocked Law's
d/b+4), out of range, and right after crouching high attacks. At 14 frames, it
launches like eCD+1. It's -12 on block.

-u/f,N,4: Jin's most powerful single striking launcher, but it is generic. Good
for punishing slow attacks.

=Jin's "semi-launchers"=
-CH f+4: A very reliable juggle starter on CH. You can get d/b+2,2,3 off it for
about 50 dmg or f,f+4 to lead to a good oki set-up.
-f,f+3,1: f,f+3 can be easy to SS or SW. And on block, the second hit will not
hit since the first hit sometimes forces the opponent to crouch.

-f,f+3,1,3: Although stronger than f,f+3,1, it has a fewer number of follow-ups.

-CDS 4: Comes out slow, but it will come in handy against those who have trouble
blocking lows. After it hits, WS attack that hit mid are guaranteed and the
opponent ends up in a disadvantageous position.

-d+4: Only launches on a BT opponent. Works best if the opponent is trying to
escape while in PLD position. After it sweeps, d/b+2,2,3 is the only real option
for juggle damage.

-1,d+3: Like d+4, it only launcher on a BT opponent. However, if doesn't work as
consistently as d+4 does, making it less reliable.

-d/b+4: A slow low kick that may sometimes be low parried by a smart opponent.
If it hits on CH, it'll sweep the enemy off his feet. Do d/b+2,2,3 afterwards.

-1,2,3: Only guaranteed on CH and 1 whiffs. Much like f,f+3, but with fewer, but
more powerful juggle options. On a BT opponent or at the side of opponent, all
three hits are guaranteed. Follow up with f+4 for high 57 dmg.

=Attacks that end with LS (press d+1+2 after the last hit hits)=
-1,3,2,1,4 (last hit may hit or miss)

-f,f+3,1,3,2,1,4 (last hit may hit or miss)










-Omen 1,2,3,1,3,2,1,4 (last hit may hit or miss)

-Omen 1,2,3,1,f+3,3

-Omen CD+4

=Attacks to use at random in hopes of getting a CH=
-d/f+1,4: If d/f+1 hits on CH, the second hit is guaranteed even if it is

-f+4: After it hits on CH, f,f+4 for good oki set-up, or get a free d/b+2,2,3.
Spaces pretty well on block, but almost punishable against 8 frame jabs.
-d/f+2: Since it only launches on CH, why not go for a free juggle combo?
Overall, pretty safe, but lacks in range.

-d/b+2,2: Almost the same stun as f+4, but with more juggle options. It's unsafe
on block though (-17 frames).

-1,2,3: Bait with whiffing 1, then 2,3 portion is guaranteed, allowing for a few
strong juggle combos options. Gives frame advantage on block (+2 frames), but
the last hit can be evaded sometimes by SS'ing/SW'ing.

-EWHF/WHF: EWHF already knocks far away, but the damage is greater than normal.
CH WHF will transform it (pretty much) into an EWHF on normal hit.

-b+3: Since it only knocks the enemy down to Jin's left, go for it. It leaves a
nice oki set-up afterwards (PLD).

=Whiff punishers=
-2,4: Jin's best 10-frame punisher. Always a natural combo, and always sets-up
the enemy at PLD position.

-d+3+4: Jin's fastest launcher (14 frames). Always a natural combo, and
guarantees a launch on hit, but only use if you're 100% sure that it will hit
(because it's -26 on block/whiff).

-u/f+4: Jin's second fastest launcher. A bit safer than his fastest launcher
(d+3+4), but still punishable on block (-12 frames).

-b+2,3: Strong Natural Combo that knocks opponent away to Jin's right. Good wall
set-up if wall is to Jin's right side.

-f+1+2: Natural Combo. Use the same way as you would use b+2,3. Knocks far away,
straight ahead. Punishable if crouched against though.

-EWHF/WHF: Excellent for spacing and does good damage for a single hit. Enough

-f,f+2_CDS~f+2: f,f+2 on its own works fine, but when combined with a backdash
(b,b), CDS~f+2 is much more effective in evading an attack at close/mid range.

-CDS 1: use the same way as you would use CDS~f+2. Give you juggle options with
d+3+4 or u/f+4 when enemy is pinned between Jin and a wall.

-u/f+2: When combined with SS left or SW left, you can get to your opponent's
back with ease.

-eCD+1/CD+1: Being one Jin's more powerful launchers, go for another juggle
-d/f+4: another powerful single striking attack (33 dmg on normal hit) and
knocks far away. It's a bit slow.

-WS+2: Good out of range or right after Jin ducks a high attack. Jin's only
launchers that launches as high eCD+1. Then do EWHF, d/b+2,2,3.

-WS+3/CD+3: Use right after ducking a high attack. Powerful and opponent ends up
in a disadvantageous position. Great oki set-up (PLD).

=Low/S.mid Crush Attacks=
-u/f+4: for quick juggle combo damage
-d+3+4: more potent juggle combo damage

-4~3: High damage. Basically jumps right over lows and this is guaranteed right
after the low misses. But any high or mid hitting attack could hit Jin out of
the starting animation.

-u/f,N,4: Jin's most powerful launcher. Strong juggle combo damage.
-u/f,N,3: I don't use this too much, but it does good damage for a single hit.

-f,f,f+3: High damage. However, the only opportunities to use is at long range
or mid-range CDS~f,f+3.

=High/Jab Strings Crush Attacks=
-FC+1/d/b+1: Quick, but weak damage.

-FC+2/d+2: Same as above, but slightly stronger.-d+1: Only the end part of the
animation high crushes. Dash up, then do d+4 or
4~3 for good damage.

-u/f+2: Only dodges jab strings. Quick and ends up at your opponent's left on
its own.

-b+4: Only works against jab strings. Great for spacing, but easy to SS.

-d+4: Sneaky low, but be careful not get it blocked (-15 frames on block)

-d/b+3: Will knock away just like WHF on normal hit and EWHF on CH. Good damage,
but punishable on block

-eCD+1: Only the end of the animation avoids high attacks. Do juggle combo
damage afterwards.

-CDS 4: A little slow, but if your opponent falls for it, follow up with WS+2 or
WS+1,2 for a good oki set-up (FCD).

-FC+4: a weak, but quick low.

=Guaranteed options after a Low Parry (d/f on impact of low/s.mid attack)= -
d+3+4: THE best time to use d+3+4. Natural Ccombo that will allow you to do
some nasty juggle combo damage.

=Parry (b+1+3_b+2+4) Options= -2,4: Since it comes starts at 10 frames, it's
very quick, it's also Natural Combo, and provides a great oki set-up! The most
reliable option.

-d+3+4: Guaranteed juggle options afterward, but not good if the attack parried
recovers really quickly.-2,1: Also at 10-frames, it's guaranteed. Good for mix-
up purposes and frame
advantage (+7 frames).

-1,2: Also at 10-frames, it's another guaranteed option. It's stronger than 2,1
by 1 dmg and is +8 on hit.

=Oki options=
-d+4: The best time to use this attack. Although it isn't the strongest attack,
it's still guaranteed after most set-ups when the opponent is on the ground.
Also, if the opponent tries to roll away PLD (face up, head toward) style, it
might sweep him/her with d+4, then go for a free d/b+2,2,3.

-d/b+2,2,3: Only connects if the opponent tries to roll away. Good damage. If it
hits the opponent in the back, oki-set-up is reset to PLD.

-f+4: Use just like you would use d/b+2,2,3 in this situation. Safer, if for
some reason, you fail to get it to hit. Sometimes, f+4 hits grounded opponents.
Always hits after u/f+1+2.

-4~3: The best option if your opponent just lies there and doesn't move.
Stronger compared to most of Jin's other oki options.

-eCD+1: Great only if the opponent tech-rolls (usually only to Jin's left),
allowing for juggle combo options. If the opponent rolls back, it'll flip
him/her like a pancake.

-d/f+1: Only good if the opponent ends up lying down PLD style. As he/she rolls
away, dash up, then poke with d/f+1 to get them to turn their back to you for a
free d+3+4!

-f+3~3: Excellent if the opponent stands back up or tech-rolls to either side.
Since f+3~3 has great tracking and hits mid, the opponent will have no choice
but to block it. On block, you get +5 frames; mix things up. It also works
against back-rolls; it'll slam the opponent back down.

-CDS~f,f+3: Works best against tech-rolls left or if the opponent stands back
up. Also, it hits if the opponent rolls back. Does as much damage as EWHF, and
gives +17 on block. It doesn't track tech-roll

-f,f+4: Although it's slow, sometimes it'll slam the opponent back down if they
try to roll away, with the oki set-up as it was before. It's almost as strong as
4~3 on an opponent who will just stay down.
-Throws: Good if the opponent gets up immediately without attacking. Good
damage, but you never know if a throw might be broken.

=Attacks that give YOU frame advantage on BLOCK=
-1 (+2 frames)

-f+1 (+3 frames)

-1,2,3_f,f+3 (+2 frames)

-1,3~3_f+3~3 (+5 frames)

-2,1 (+1 frame)

-f,f+4 (+3 frames)

-b+3 (+2 frames)

-EWHF (+5 frames)

=Attacks that give YOU frame advantage on HIT=
-FC+1_d/b+1 (+7 frames)

-1 (+9 frames)

-1,2 (+8 frames)

-last hit of 1,3~3,d/f+3 (+1 frame)

-1,3,2,1,4 (+9 frames; +4 frames; +3 frames; +3 frames; +24 frames)

-2 (+9 frames)

-2,1 (+7 frames)

-2,1,4_2,1<4 (+2 frames)

-FC+2_d+2 (+8 frames)

-WS+4 (+8 frames)

-1+2 (+12 frames)

-4 (+2 frames)

-f+3 (+6 frames)

-FC+d+4_FC+d/f+4 (+3 frames)

-d/f+1 (+9 frames)

-d/f+1,4_d/f+1<4 (+2 frames)

-WS+1 (+5 frames)

-WS+1,2_WS+1<2 (+2 frames)

-3 (+4 frames)

-b+3 (+6 frames)

-b,f+2 (+4 frames)

-b,f+2,1_b,f+2<1 (+7 frames)

-u/f+2 (+2 frames)

-d/f+2 (+4 frames)

-b+2 (+1 frame)-f+4 (+2 frames)

-CDS 1 (+11 frames)

-f,f+4 (+6 frames on a standing opponent, +7 frames on a crouching opponent)

=Attacks that track=
-1,2,3 (last hit = tracks SSR)

-1,2,4 (last hit = tracks all SS/SW)

-b+2,3 (second hit tracks all SS/SW)

-d/b+3 (SSL/SWL)

-d/b+4 (SSL/SWL)

-d+1 (tracks both SS)

-d+3 (tracks both SS)

-f+3 (tracks both SS)

-u/b_u_u/f+3_CDS 3 (tracks both SW)

-u/f+2 (tracks SSR/SWR)

-f,f+3 (tracks SSR/SWR)

-f,f+4 (SSR)

-b,f+2,1,2 (all three hits = tracks both SS)

-CD+1_eCD+1 (tracks SSR/SWR)

-CD+2_EWHF (tracks SSR/SSL/SWL)

-WS+1,2 (tracks all SS/SW)

-WS+3 (tracks SSL/SWL/SWR)

-CDS 1 (tracks SSR/SWR)

-CDS 4 (track all SS/SW)

-b+1+2 (tracks all SS/SW)


*General Strategy*

=Quick, overall description=
Jin Kazama has been downgraded due to loss of his
overpowered JFLS (Just Frame Laser Scraper) that was in Tekken 4, but he is
still a balanced character nonetheless. In Tekken 5, Jin's game mostly consists
of safe poking with mix-ups, and taking the opportunity to punish whiffed
attacks with launchers like u/f+4, WS+2, and d+3+4 or powerful attacks like d+1,
f,f+2/CDS~f+2, and EWHF. You need to avoid attacking recklessly with Jin because
most of his attacks have a disadvantage to it, usually being minus frames on
block or on whiff. Taking risks are also part of Jin's game. With his most
potent launcher, d+3+4, being one of his best launchers (14-frames, hits mid,
naturally combos), it's -26 on block or whiff.

=Defense is the Key=
Since Jin has some unsafe attacks that can be punished through various methods,
poking and mix-ups are the best way to use Jin. Luckily, Jin has plenty of
useful poking and mix-up tools. Along with mixing up attacks, back-dashing and
effectively SS'ing/SW'ing attacks to evade attacks really helps improve Jin's
game. After evading, an attack punish accordingly.

-1,2: Works wells to punish attacks that have negative frames, and safe to throw
anytime at close-range.

-2,1 and 2,1,4: Use 2,1 if the opponent tries to crouch against your highs.
2,1,4 can is strong to mix-up both highs and mids. The third can also be delayed
if you're hoping to get a CH.

-d/f+1,4: One of Jin's best mid mix-ups. It's a natural combo on a CH (delayed
or undelayed), so if you throw it out effectively, it inflicts as much damage as
an EWHF. d/f+1 is safe to use alone as it gives frame advantage on both hit and
on block. The second hit can be delayed and will sometimes make you next attack
a CH if the opponent chooses to attack afterwards.

-b,f+2,1: Another one of Jin's best high/mid mix-ups. It can be easily buffered
(notably, after blocking), naturally combos on normal hit, and does good damage.
Also, it tracks very well and brings you closer to the enemy. I recommend mixing
it up with plenty of high attacks.

-f+3: A simple mid-hitting attack, it works best at mid-range. Good against jab-

More Later...

=Wall Game=
Jin's wall game is pretty strong. He can pressure with mix-ups and attacks that
gives frame advantage.

:Wall Pressure Tools:
-1,2 series: Mainly 1,2,3 and 1,2. 1,2,3 will give you +2 on block, and 1,2 will
keep the opponent blocking high.

-2,1 series: Use 2,1 repeatedly to get the opponent to block low. 2,1,4 mixes up
highs and mids effectively. 2,1,4 mix up everything as the opponent is caught up
in blocking high (only useful in 5.1).

-f+3 and d/f+1,4_d/f+1<4: Good mid hitting mix-ups.

-b,f+2,1: Use like 2,1, but with moderation.

-f+4: Use after gaining frame advantage, in hopes of getting a CH.

-1,d+3 and d+4: 1,d+3 is a sneaky low that rarely ever gets blocked. d+4 is also
hard to spot. Both really throw off the opponent defense and may encourage a CH.

-f+3~3: Gives +5 on block. Guaranteed to block after tech-rolls. If it hits,
just do d+4.

-EWHF: Gives +5 on block. Great for intimidating the opponent, and it brings out
more CH than f+3~3. On hit, do 2,1, d+3+4, or SS, then juggle.

:Wall Combo Options:
-2,1, d+3+4: Most reliable because you can do it almost all the time, and
provokes tech-rolls afterwards, so go for f+3~3.

-1,3,2,1,4: Pretty strong, but you may miss a few hits if you're off on
inputting the next command. 1,3,2,1 is always guaranteed, but 1,3,2,1,4 only
works on a high wall splats.

-1,2,3, d+3+4: A bit stronger than 2,1, d+3+4. Also provokes tech-rolls

-Heavy wall stun, SS, juggle: Only works after certain attacks like EWHF, f+1+2,
or f,f+2. Refer to the Combo section of this FAQ.

=WS or FC Traps=
Lots of character's FC and WS attacks usually have poor range or can be easily
expected after blocking low. These attacks will force the opponent to block low
and get them to FC position. Afterwards, back-dash, then punish.

:Force the enemy to Crouch:
-1,3,2,1,4: Since the last hit is always a low, the opponent has to block it
unless they get careless.

-CDS 4: It's a slow low and it might get low parried if the opponent is smart,
but it's pretty safe on block. If it does hit though, follow up with WS+1,2 or

This is available to all character's that have a normal crouch dash. Basically,
it's a crouch dash followed by a crouch dash. This is how you do it:
When used at long range, it'll really get the opponent thinking about what
you're going to do, especially since all normal CD attacks all have different
hit ranges. Not only can do CD attacks, but you can also do any f,f attack or go
into FC.

:Recommended Wave-dash Options:
-CD+4: A rather unsafe low (-26 on block), it's hard to expect, so the opponent
will usually get hit be it several times. d/b+2,2,3 is guaranteed afterwards for
good damage.

-CD,N,f+2(f,f+2 variation): A safe mid attack (because of it's knock-back
ability) that is pretty strong. It works best once Jin gets to mid-range.

-CD+1_eCD+1: One of Jin's powerful launchers, it obviously leads to powerful
juggles. It is -12 on block, but if you mix-up CD+4 a lot, the opponent may
crouch against CD+1 and will guarantee a hit.

-WHF/EHWF: Always strong for a single hit. It hits high, so if the opponent is
prone to crouching highs, use CD+1 often as well.
-FC+d+4_FC+d/b+4: A good low mix-up. Use it to annoy your opponent and get them
to block low often.

-CD~SS: On the left side, Jin can only SS to his left immediately after a CD,
and SS to his right when on the right side. For evading attacks into a SW.

=Against a BT opponent=
When the opponent's back is facing Jin, there are several attacks/combos that
are guaranteed and do high damage. This will often change the tide of the battle
in your favor.

:BT combo/punishing options:
-d/f+1, d+3+4 -> juggle: d/f+1 gives enough frame advantage for d+3+4 to hit.
Most juggles ending with d/b+2,2,3 or b,f+2,1<2 work best.

-1,3,2,1,4, f+4: Very strong and reliable since 1 is a 10-frame attack. f+4 may
hit on CH if the opponent attempts to attack.

-1,2,3, f+4: Fast and reliable, but not as strong as 1,3,2,1,4, f+4

-(u/f+2), d/b+2,2,3, 4~3: d/b+2,2,3 will allow 4~3 to combo, but I usually try
to go for another d/b+2,2,3 after it hits. If Jin is at the opponent's right
side, u/f+2 will put Jin at the opponent's back, allowing d/b+2,2,3 to hit.

-b,f+2,1,2: Guaranteed on the opponent's back, but there are stronger options.
-d+4 and 1,d+3: Sweeps to combo d/b+2,2,3, but it's not very reliable.


*Anti-Character Strategy*

=Steve Fox=
(by brian 333)-Not a pretty fight. Watch out for SSL. A SSL, 3*1,1 is death.
b,f+2,1 and
d/f+1,4 help a lot.

-Steve's 1,2,1. duck 1,2 parry the last 1 and go for 2,4. From there, go into
the mix-ups.

(by RoyalFlush)
-Steve has an 8-frame jab. Avoid poking wars at closer ranges.

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) left from far, right up close.

=Nina Williams=
(by brian 333)
-Jin's SSR/SWR/u/f+2 work well against df+1,2.

-uf+2 will interrupt most of her strings early.

-Jin's d/f+1<4 is very useful as always.

-uf+4 crushes d+4.

-Avoid SS/SW'ing anything except df+1,2.

-Avoid rolling back after getting spiked by uf+1 in a juggle. Just take your

(by RoyalFlush)
-Stay down if you're expecting Nina's d+4,1.

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) left except for divine cannon, df+2 and 1+4 which are right.

 =Bryan Fury=
(by brian 333)
-Bryan's d/f+3. Most people will tell you to parry this, but even on block
you'll get a free WS+2, (e)CD+1, or dash in d+3+4. Just anticipate and block.

-Avoid back/forward rolling. d+3,2 can pick you up. The last place you want to
be against Bryan is in the air (especially on walled stages).

-Keep SS, SW'ing. Bryan doesn't have good tracking. b+1 can easily be SS'ed,
SW'ed on reaction for some free damage.

-Bryan's 1,2<1. Watch out for the delay. u/f+2 helps with jab strings. Moves
that give frame advantage on block can help with the 8 frame jabs.

-Bryan's 3,3,4. The second 3 and the last 4 can be interrupted. Or parry the
last hit and 2,4.

-Jin's 2,4 can be used to punish a lot of Bryan's moves/strings. Abuse it.

-Fastest launcher is 13 frames (f,b+2), but has limited range so be careful.

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) right apart from f+3.

=Paul Phoenix=
(by brian 333)
-Paul's d+1,2_d+1,d+4,2. Hopkick after you block the d+1. Crushes the 4 and I am
pretty sure it beats the 2. b+2+4 parrying the 2 also grants a free 2,4 or

-Paul's QCB 3,2,2 or QCF+1+2 or FC d/f+2,2 can get hopkicked on the last hit. If
they cancel, the hopkick should still connect if you do it early enough. No good
Paul players use these moves outside of juggles, but oh well.

-Duck f,f+2:1 (Just Frame) on block and punish with WS+2. Watch out, non-just-
frame 1 hits mid.

-Avoid moves that can get back dashed easily. If you get back-dashed, chances
are you're eatting a qcf+2 or worse. d/f+1,4 is a good option. Side-stepping
after a whiff is also a good option. Using moves with fast enough recovery to
avoid qcf+2 is a good option.

-Jin's CD+1 is a bad option. On block you will eat 1,2 and be in a bad position.

-Death fist (qcf+2) doesn't track. If you whiff something with faster recovery
and know Paul is going to punish with qcf+2, toss in side steps to keep the Paul
a bit more cautious. SS, SWR a lot against Paul... Just don't make it too
-Paul's 1,2 puts him at +1 on block, +5 on hit.. so don't try returning jabs
with the man, you'll lose. Your best bet is to high crush his 1,2 string. High
crush... Please. I won't assume he's mixing it up with 2,d+3, d/b+3, and d/f+1.

-Paul's big weakness is SS/SWR so abuse that. I believe if used corrected,
ff+2:1 does track SSR and does dish out quite the punch, but again, if he's
using the JF version, duck the 1 and do Jin's WS+2. If he's not using the JF (or
can't) then well, the alternatives are both punishable with 2,4 (or at least the
frame data says so.. they might push back).

-It's not a great idea to turtle against Paul... It's just too risky. Paul's
grappling game is solid (1,2,1+2 breaks, some grabs give him good positioning)
and his low game... Well, he has the JF off of d+4... That hurts... a lot.

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW): left from far, right up close

(by RoyalFlush)
-Try to sidestep against Paul's f,f+4. It may be used as an oki attack or at
long range. Don't attack because it's got long range and low crushes. If you
block it, you're at a frame disadvantage. If you get hit by it, the opponent can
do f,f+4, WS+4, d+1+2 for 47 dmg.

=Asuka Kazama=
(by brian 333)
-Asuka's d/b+4. Her options afterwards (d/b+4 or 1+4) are low parry-able. 3+4
follow-up is slow enough to block/parry on reaction.

-Asuka's d/b+1+2 is a mix-up generator for her. Low jab is a good option for
beating out her follow-ups but watch out for low crush moves. IIRC u/f+2 might
also beat out quite a bit of her options after this.

-If you get hit by f+1+2, Don't tech up or you'll get launched by the f+2
followup. f+2 is guaranteed afterwards.

-Avoid back/forward rolling. 1+4 will pick you up into an easy 50 damage. Her
other oki-options are no where near as damaging.

-Asuka's fastest launchers are 15~16 frames (2_1+2) so you have more space to
work with.

-Asuka's df+1,2. That actually hits mid, high and is duck punishable with WS+2.
-She does have 1+2 as a quick mid that launches... but that has horrible range
and is very unsafe on whiff.

-So if you poke with range, keep beneficial spacing, it should be fine.

-1+4 is low parriable, all options that follow d/b+4 are low parry-able except
for 3+4 which is easy to spot.
-d/f+1,2, though guaranteed on CH, is slower than standard jabs and the 2 can be
duck punished.

-Asuka dies to pressure, an area where Jin is above-average, in my opinion. If
you pressure well with mids, and mix it up with caution (she has a lot of crush
moves), you're set.

-Another thing to be cautious about is her FC mix-ups, which, I would say is one
of her best strengths. Learn when she can enter FC positioning and learn the mix
up. Pressuring while keeping good range is your best option. Her best launchers
all either have crappy range or horrible recovery on whiff. Asuka is a far
better turtle than she is a pit-bull.

(by RoyalFlush)
-If your opponent does combos like [launcher], 1+4, 1+4, he/she is trying to
mix-up several oki-attacks. If you tech-roll or just get back up, you'll be
eating a f+hold 3 unblockable, which is uninterruptible and will do 50 dmg. If
you stay down, you just might get hit by d/b+3 or 3+4. If your opponent tries to
do the f+3 unblockable, just stay down in interrupt with while grounded d+4.

-Be careful of d/f+3; it looks like it'll be a low hitting attack, but it
actually hits mid.

-Asuka's d/f+1,2 has bad tracking, so try SS'ing it if you can. Be careful,
though, because it's a natural combo on CH.

-(I think) she doesn't have very fast mids, so it's safe to say that you mostly
expect high and low attacks.

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) in either direction.

=Kazuya Mishima=
(by brian 333)
-Take caution and select your moves carefully as CH d/f+2 is painful. Turtle it
up as kazuya doesn't have many safe pokes or good lows.

-Most of Kazuya's launchers can be punished with either d+3+4, or 2,4 so stay
defensive, poke with caution. WS+1,2 = 2,4, f,f+2 = 2,4, WS+2 = d+3+4, d/f+2 =
d+3+4 unless the block is deep.

-Kazuya's 1,1,2 = free d+3+4 on block. Delayed 2 can be blocked after 1,1
connect IIRC (no good Kazuya tosses this out as anything but a punisher).

-Kazuya's df+1. 2,4 on block.

-Kazuya's df+1,4. Duck 4 and do Jin's WS+2.

-Kazuya's df+1,f+2. f+2 can be SS'ed to your right.

-Kazuya's CD+4_CD+4,1. A lot of free launchers on block, CD+4 whiffs, block 1
and then do Jin's d+3+4.

(by RoyalFlush)
-Kazuya's f+2 parries right punches only. Try doing other attacks besides those
with a right punch.

-Kazuya's EWGF is fast and has lots of juggling options. If you block it, Kazuya
get +5. You can try to duck it, but the chances of this are far and few between.

-Kazuya's only safe low is d/b+4, which can also be mixed-up with his 1,2,4.
d/b+4 is pretty quick and he'll have the option to mix-up furthermore. 1,2,4 can
be hard to read at times, so you'll have to take even more caution with this.

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) left except for f+2.

=Marshall Law=
(by RoyalFlush)

-Most (but not all) of Law's attacks can be SSR/SWR.

-Always block d/b+4 or any variation of d/b+4. You get a free CD+1 or dash in,
d+3+4 afterwards.

-d+3+4 and u/f+4 are usually guaranteed after a blocked somersault (example:
Law's u/f+4).

-When Law enters DSS/DC, beware of DSS 3+4/DC f+3+4. DSS 3+4/DC f+3+4 tracks to
Law's left, so if you're SSR/SWR, it'll hit and do 40 dmg.

-Blocking d/b+3 gives Jin a free WS+2.

-If you see a b+2,3 coming, always try to low parry the 3 if you block the first

(by RoyalFlush)
-Baek can be dangerous if the player knows how to effectively use his Flamingo
stance with mix-ups, fake-outs, and mobility. All options out of the Flamingo
will keep you guessing, so try to interrupt with mix-ups if you can.

-Don't keep defending for too long if Baek get up close while still using the
Flamingo stance; he might do the f+2+3 throw or d/b+4 if it comes down to the
most dangerous options. If your opponent knows how to d/f+3*,d,d/f+4... "wave-
dash" cancel, attack as soon as you can.

-Baek can easily get to your back/side simply by SSR, then using b+3, FLA
SSR~b+1. You'll have to move constantly, and be careful if any other attacks are
mixed-up during the Flamingo stance.

-Baek has lots of high/low variety attacks that mostly work best at mid-range.
Stay close and mix-up a lot.

-Watch out for d+3,3,N+3 and d+3,3,d+3. Block the first two hits is easy but you
need to be alert for the third hit. d+3,3,N+3 hits mid and Baek gets a free
juggle. d+3,3,d+3 will hit low and will hit if you do a standing block (because
you expected the other option), but if you block it, Jin gets a free WS+2.

-Baek's d/b+4 is a bit slow, but on hit, he gets a free WS+4,4,4 for about 45
dmg. If you can anticipate it, low parry it for a free d+3+4, or (even better)
block it, (e)CD+1 or dash up and do d+3+4.

(by RoyalFlush)
-Just use any low crush attacks like u/f+4 or 4~3 against Marduk's tackle (out
of the Ready Position/Vale Tudo Stance), and you'll be safe. Or you can SW it
and try to run up and punish Marduk while his back is turned. Treat it like an
ultimate tackle. It's hard to escape the tackle if it's used as an oki-attack.

-If you ever do get tackled, try press 1+2 to escape the tackle. If Marduk's
tackle is successful, you must try to defend against his grounded following
attacks. Press 1 if you see Marduk's right hand move, press 2 if you see
Marduk's left hand move, and stay in neutral if Marduk slams both hands down
like a hammer. Or you can press all the punch buttons randomly in hopes of
breaking the throw, but you won't break anything for sure.

-Marduk's d/b+1+2 and d+1+2 are powerful launchers that hit mid and crush high
attacks. However, the animations of both can be anticipated as long as you don't
attack so carelessly or you use a mid-hitting attack.

-Do not underestimate Marduk's 1+2. It does no damage, but it if hits on CH,
Marduk gets a free f+1+2. Most Marduk players will use d+1 before 1+2, hoping
you'll attack-- try not to attack or 1+2 will hit on CH.

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) is mixed: d/f+1, f,f+1 and b+4 are left; d+2, jabs, d+4 are right.

=Christie Monteiro/Eddy Gordo=(by RoyalFlush)
-Just 4~3 anything in the RLX stance or any attack where she/he is on the ground
because it's usually going to be a low attack. Or you can low parry.

-Christie/Eddy has poor SS'ing and SW'ing compared to any character in the game,
so pressure tactics works more effective against her/him.

-Watch out for d/b+1+2 and b+2; both are evasive attacks. d/b+1+2 automatically
back-dashes, then comes forward with a launcher. If you attack too recklessly,
you'll be getting launched into juggles. Attack decisively and punish it when it
misses. b+2 slightly SS's to Christie's/Eddy's right. If you see the SS, prepare
to parry the attack, and punish it with a 10-framer or do a high crushing

(by RoyalFlush)
-Raven has lots of juggling potential. Raven's primary launchers are f,f+3,
WS+1, and 4~3 (hit's twice and naturally combos), which all hit mid. Raven might
also try to get d/f+3 to hit on CH. Being careful is all that I can say.

-Raven's 1+2 is quick and powerful, but jab-punishable on block.

-If Raven ever has his back turned (like after a blocked d/f+3+4), try poking
with Jin's d/f+1, then go with d+3+4 for juggles, b,f+2,1,2 for quick power, or
d/b+2,2,3 into 4~3 or f+4.

-He has lots of good low attacks that are practically unpunishable. Try to low
parry or low crush them.

-He has a 9-frame jab string. Try poking at mid-range to avoid jab punishment.

-Raven's oki-game is pretty scary, too. If you back-roll, he might do BT f+3+4
or u/f+3 (which will slam you back down). For everything else, he might do some
low attack; if this happens, just get back up and try to block it.

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) left.

(by RoyalFlush)
-Ganryu has one of the best wake-up games out of all the characters in T5. If
you stay down or try to roll away, he'll do 1+2, and it'll be hard to escape if
you keep rolling back. u/f+3+4 will works against most any movement, but it's
biggest strength is tech-catching tech-rolls. Also, d+1+2 will connect if you
try to roll away, and then Ganryu will get a free f+1+2.

-Ganryu's d/f+1+2,1 naturally combos on normal hit. It's unsafe on block, and
you can parry the last hit and get a free 2,4, or block it and get d+3+4.

-Ganryu's fastest attack is b+1+2, which hits high, creates a stun on CH, but it
has poor range and is -15 on block. Mix-up and mid-range are best.

-Ganryu's d/f+2+3 and d/b+2 are Ganryu's low launchers. d/f+2+3 is -14 on block,
so Jin's d+3+4 will hit. But if d/f+2+3 hits, Ganryu will do WS+4, then u/f+3+4;
beware. d/b+2 is -21 on block, so lots of attacks can hit.

-Don't attack when you see b+1. On CH, it'll make your character's back turn
towards Ganryu and he'll get a free d+1+2. However, it can be ducked against.

-When Ganryu ends up sitting, Sit 1 and Sit 2 are the only damaging attacks. Sit
1 hits mid, but it's slow and can be parried easily. Sit 2 hits low and is
normally guaranteed after u/f+3+4 hits. If you block u/f+3+4, Sit 2 can be easy
to low crush, low parry, or block.

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) right.

=Lee Chaolan=
(by RoyalFlush)
-Many of Lee's combos use 1,2,f,N to move closer to walls; Lee's combos require
walls to be powerful. If you want to be REALLY cheap and you're in control of
the next stage, choose a stage with no walls to prevent heavy damage for the
next battle.

-Lee has powerful whiff punishers. f+3,3,3,4 series is good if the Lee doesn't
feel like doing a juggle, but on block, the first quick kicks are easily
punishable, and the right roundhouse kick can be crouched. f,f+3 works well at
mid-range, tracks surprisingly well, and is hardly unpunishable (-9 frame) by
Jin. u/f+4 is Lee's most reliable launcher because it's 14-frames, always
launches on hit, guaranteed after a low parry, and low crushes; however, u/f+4
is -12 on block and leave Lee up close, so Jin will get a 1+2 or f+3 for sure.

-d+4,4,4,4 is one strong low combo. The secret ingredient is... DUCK!!!
Seriously, duck and block all the first three hits, and do a standing block on
the last hit. If you hesitate to block the first two hits and fail to block the
third hit, the last hit is guaranteed.

-Lee also has some good mix-ups. 1,2 is an 8-frame jab string, quicker than
Jin's jab-string. 1,2,4 is Lee's power mix-up naturally combos and can be
delayed with 1,2<4. f+4 is a quick, close-to-mid-range mix-up that's -7 on block
and +4 on hit. d/b+4 is safe, generic and quick.

-b+3,3 naturally combos at normal hit, does 36 dmg, and will likely be used at
mid-range; the second hit is -10 on block, though. b+3~3 is a quick feint kick
that can be shifted into b+3~3:4 on block and on hit, so try to duck it.

-Lee has very few safe lows. FC+d/f+4 has very long range, and is unpunishable
on normal hit and on block. However, comes out at 17-frames, so you should be
able to crush it with Jin's 4~3.

-d,d/b+4 kills high attacks. It launches so high that you will likely fall into
a powerful wall combo which will regularly result in AT LEAST 65 dmg (or so) to
you. However, if used incorrectly, you can SS d,d/b+4 to either side and then
punish Lee.

=Bruce Ervin=
(by brian 333)
-1,2,1,2_1,2,3_1,2,4 are all guaranteed on CH and are 8 frames so don't try out-
jabbing him or pit-bulling. Again, as with all 8 framers, using moves that give
you frame advantage gives yourself more options, forcing tech-roll blocks with
f+3~3, EWHF, fff+3 and using moves like 1,2,3, ff+3, b+3 etc.
-2,1 is less useful against Bruce since the follow-ups can be CH'ed easily.

-Defend well, be less offensive. Pick your moves carefully. Turtling against
Bruce helps as he doesn't have a sweep that knocks down on normal hit, his throw
game is bad (I believe he has no 1+2 input break throws so it's always either 1
or 2), and he doesn't have an army of safe options.

-Just to name a few, 1,2,4 is -12, 1,2,1,2 is -14, 1,2,d+4 is -16... So watch
for that, block it, and punish accordingly. If the Bruce is also turtling, it's
only a matter of out-turtling him.

=Feng Wei=
(by RoyalFlush)
-Like Paul, Feng can punish whiffed attacks with sheer power. Attacks like b+1+2
and f+1+2 do about 30-35 dmg for a single hit. You'll have to play Jin EXTRA
safe if you want to succeed.

-Feng Wei doesn't have too many quick lows, but his strongest low is SS+4. SS+4
just happens to be a launcher and one of his best. It only launches on a clean
hit, but after it hits, Feng Wei can get in combos like SS+4, d/f+1, d/f+1,
f+2<1<2 for good damage. It's best to low crush SS+4 rather than low parry it.
It's -14 on block, so WS+2 and d+3+4 are guaranteed.

-f+2,1,2 will naturally combos on CH and does about 50+ dmg; pretty sick. If you
manage to block the last hit, it's -21 on block, so go for d+3+4 or EWHF.

-Feng Wei also has one killer oki-game. While on a downed or aerial opponent d+4
will stomp you right down and it even hits low and is only punishable to duck
jabs. d/b+1+2,2 also spikes down if you try to move around while grounded or if
you're in a juggle and does more damage than d+4 on a downed/aerial opponent.
d/b+2,2,2 is bad new if you grounded near a wall. f+2,1,2 all hits mid and picks
up if you back-roll.

-Feng's b+1 and d/f+1 are two very quick attacks that are hazardous on CH. d/f+1
is 14-frames, and gives +1 on block, and +7 on normal hit and CH; most Feng Wei
users use this as a pressure tool at close range, giving you little opportunity
to attack and if hits on CH, most any quick hitting mid will hit. b+1 is 8-
frames (I repeat: 8-FRAMES), -6 on block, totally safe on hit; if this hits on
CH, b+1+2 is guaranteed for 40+ dmg, which is not good since b+1 is so quick and

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) right except for db+3, which is left.

(by RoyalFlush)
-Jack-5 has lots of slow attacks (both frame-wise and slow recovery), but most
of them are strong and make good whiff punishers.

-Jack-5's fastest attacks are generic crouch jabs. Jack-5 lacks fast attacks
faster than 12 to 14 frames and has no jab-string, so he's weak at poking and
Jin will usually win when it comes to this. However, Jack-5's best low poke is
d/b+1,1,1 series-- It comes out quick and is hard to expect. He also has b+1,
which has good range and is pretty quick, too, and leaves you at SLD on CH
([pretty much] guaranteeing u/f+3+4), but it's easy to SS. f+1 is a mid-hitting
elbow; it's okay on speed, but it's parry-able.

-Jack-5 has a rather dominant oki-game. b,d/b,d,d/f+1 has long range and power
for a low, but it's unsafe on block. u/f+3+4 (into Sitting punches) will hit any
option while you're grounded if used correctly, including tech-rolls. d/b+2
works best for J-5 if you don't move at all, but I think you have time to rise
up and block/low parry it. f,f+3+4 is risky on hit and on block, but it has
extensive reach and can be used to end a match.

-Jack-5 has very potent throws. His QCF throws leave a great oki-set-ups.
d/b,f+1+2 does a heavy 58 dmg and requires 1+2 to break and leaves you at PLD!
d/b+2+3 ends up with you up close and at a frame disadvantage, and J-5 can mix
anything up. d/f+2+4 is a launcher throw and u/f+3+4 is guaranteed.

-Main launchers are f,f+2, d/f+2, and D/F+1,2,1,2. f,f+2 isn't too fast and is -
17 on block, but it hits mid and launches, allowing U/F+4, f+2, f+2, f+2,
f+1+2,2. d/f+2 is -14, has decent speed, and hits mid. D/F+1,2,1,2 only launches
on CH, but every single hit can be easy to block and parry/punch parry.

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) right except for db+1; Even that can be stepped right it you do it

=Wang Jinrey=
(by RoyalFlush)
-Wang has lots of juggle starters like f+4, u/f+4 (low crushes, 16 frames and -
13 on block), and d/b+2 (-10 on block, usually after normal throws because of
PLD) that lead to juggles that do at least 60 dmg. But all of his launchers,
like his main 1~1,1 (8 frame attack, all three hits guaranteed on CH) and d+1+2
(20 frames, launches high up), are ALL unsafe on block (1~1,1 and d/f+1,1 are -
15 on block and d+1+2 is -11 on block) and can be punished by Jin's quick pokes
and even 14-framers like d+3+4 and EWHF.

-d/f+1+3+4 is a throw that does about 48 dmg, but it can blocked. If you do
block it, Wang gains a couple of advantage frames, so just think about defending

-Wang has two powerful whiff punishers: f+1+2 and QCF+2. f+1+2 comes out at 19
frames and does about 24 dmg and it has good range, but it's -17 on block. QCF+2
comes at 13 frames and does 30 dmg on normal hit, but on a clean hit, it'll do
48 dmg! However, it has bad tracking and is -17 on block. Coincidentally, both
of QCF+2 and f+1+2 are Wang's staple juggle enders.

-Wang has some good low attacks, but all are punishable on block. d/b+4,2 is
low/mid combo that naturally combo on CH hit and launches; the first hit is -11
on block and the second hit is -13 on block. SS+4 high crushes and can be
hard to read, but it's -13 on block. FC+d/f+4,3 naturally combos on normal hit
and does good damage, but the first hit is -14 on block and the second is -16 on
block. d+3,4 is a low/high variation and naturally combo on CH, but if the first
hit is blocked, the second hit will be ducked and WS+2 will hit; d+3 is -12 on
block. d/b+3 high crushes, but it's -17 on block.

-Wang's WS+2,2,2 is a mid/high/low variation, but the last hit can be
anticipated and be low parried. Wang's WS+4 is a tech-catch set-up on hit; if
you tech-roll, will get a d/f+1+3+4, so just stay down.

=Julia Chang=
(by RoyalFlush)
-Julia is a very speed character with quick attacks, which often result in power
if it hits on a CH. Just be careful with how you attack to avoid a CH. 1,2,1 is
only possible on CH, f+1+2 (strong and high crushes) only launches on CH, and
d,d/f+1,2 (quick and powerful) naturally combos only on CH.

-Julia doesn't have a good jab-string (it's f+2,1, but it has very little
forward range), but she does have f,f+1. A main attack of hers, it comes out
very fast (11 frames), -2 on block, knocks back on normal hit, and it high
crushes. Also, during juggles, this is a staple for gaining more hits or getting
closer to walls. This attack does have poor tracking and can be SS'ed and SW'ed
to either side. Punish while you get to her side.

-Julia has two dangerous lows: d+3 and FC+d/f+4,3. d+3 is one of the most
annoying lows in the game because of it's speed (13 frames), -9 on block
(unpunishable to Jin), and it's massive stopping power. If you can see a d+3
coming, try to low crush it with u/f+4 or 4~3. FC+d/f+4,3 has good range, is 16
frames, and naturally combos on normal hit. If you manage to block it the second
hit, it's -15 frames, enabling a d+3+4 to hit.

-Lots of Julia's attacks have bad tracking and are unsafe. Jab punishing is the
most reliable option, but also try 2,4.

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) in any direction.

(by RoyalFlush)
-Yoshimitsu is rather average in all aspects of the game, but his oki game and
numerous unblockables make up for this.

-Lots of Yoshimitsu's oki attacks hit low or are unblockable. Dragonfly 3 is
strong and hits grounded, but it's unsafe on block. Flee f+3+4 is a low head-
butt and it cannot be low parried, but it's the only likely option out of the
Flee stance other than Flee 1+2 (which hits mid). d+1 isn't too strong, but it
cannot be blocked.

-Watch out for f+3+4. f+3+4 is a powerful, single hitting attack where
Yoshimitsu can go right into the Indian Stance and heal up a little bit. f+3+4
is a bit linear and it can be easily walked around.

-Yoshimitsu's main launchers are d/f+2 and u/f+3. d/f+2 is very safe and it
launches very well. However, it doesn't launch if you crouch. u/f+3 crushes both
high and low attacks (crushes high first, then low during the hopping knee). It
is punishable on block.

-Yoshimitsu has several unblockable attacks that you should be aware of. 1+4 has
very little range, but if you get too close to Yoshimitsu (like if you try to do
an EWHF), 1+4 will hit and stun you. d+1 isn't very strong, but it has good
forward; it's pretty linear, so it's easy to SS. Most of Yoshimitsu's 10-hit
string end with 3 unblockable slashes that all naturally combo. If you see a 10-
hit coming, try to interrupt it with an attack as soon as possible, or try to SW
the whole (but chances are that the opponent will have already stopped the 10-
hit string).

-Yoshimitsu's u/f+4 and d/f+4. u/f+4 is a strong mid that also low crushes and
has pretty good range. If you see it coming, just block it and try to punish
with a jab-string. d/f+4 is one of Yoshimitsu's main mid mix-ups. It's pretty
safe, but if you can parry it, do 2,4 afterwards.

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) right.

(by RoyalFlush)
-Kuma/Panda's f+1 is the fastest and longest ranging 8-frame jab in the game.
The opponent will probably abuse f+1~1,1 a lot, getting a free juggle on CH, so
do not attack recklessly.

=Heihachi Mishima=
(by The Dinosaur)
-(SS/SW) right.

=Jin Kazama=
(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) right mostly. His left tracking stuff is generally unsafe (example:

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) right except for d/f+3 and d/b+3, which are left. d/b+3 can be stepped
right :(

=Ling Xiaoyu=
(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) left.

(by TheDinosaur)
-(SS/SW) direction doesn't matter. Left if you'd like.

*Tekken 5.1 changes + commentary*

If didn't know already, Tekken 5.1 is patch for the ARCADE version of Tekken 5.
It was made primarily to balance out the characters. Some of the top-tier
characters like Bryan, Nina and Steve have really suffered the most from the
changes. Characters that that used to be considered bad in Tekken 5.0 may have
been given some advancements to their move-lists. Other characters may have
gained new changes to their move-lists that haven't really affected how you play
the character overall. In this section, I will talk about the universal changes
in T5.1 and Jin-specific changes with my personal commentary.

=Universal Changes=
+/- Invulnerable frames during the tech-roll state: In Tekken 5.0, there were
tech-catches, attacks that will hit even as your character tech-rolls. The best
example of this is Ganryu's u/f+3+4; this would always hit during a tech-roll,
making his u/f+3+4 something to be careful of. Now in T5.1, tech-catches no
longer work, but I feel that it has really balanced things out. Jin isn't really
hurt from this.
Jin's CD+1/eCD+1 was his only real tech-catch and it only catches tech-roll
right. If the opponent tech-rolls, Jin can still do EWHF, f+3~3, or CDS~f,f+3
(except for when the opponent tech-rolls right), for some good frame advantage,
adding on to the pressure. So this hasn't really affected Jin that much.

- Wall damage removed: I'm guessing that you don't get 1 dmg point when the
opponent hits that wall. But after a wall splat, wall combos are still possible.
1 dmg isn't something to cry over. But wall damage after certain throws like
Heihachi's QCF+1, Nina's u/f+1+2 and Jacks 1+3 back throw don't do extra damage
after the wall splat. Just as long as wall combos are available, I can't
complain. However, some characters' wall combos may have been slightly dubbed
down (like Lee's 4,3,4, the last hit will only hit if done after a higher wall
Jin's wall game seems to have stayed the same and he has no throws that wall
splat, so there's nothing to worry about.

+/- "Mach punch" hit stun back-roll-able: Attacks like Bryan's f,f+2, Asuka's
f+1+2, Heihachi's 2,2~1, and Feng Wei's CH b+1 create a short grounded stun
where the victim slides backwards on the ground; afterwards, certain attacks
will combo right after. Now in T5.1, your character can roll away right after
the stun. If you don't roll back, the combo options will STILL work. Characters
like Heihachi and Feng Wei really deserved this punishment mainly because that
attack was very safe and 10-frames in Tekken 5.0, but now in T5.1, the attack is
either worse on block or no longer combos on normal hit.
For Jin, his d+1 can be rolled away right after it hits, meaning that 4~3 and
d+4 won't work after a quick forward dash. It did decent damage (in the 40 dmg
area), but now it's no longer guaranteed, but still possible.

+/- Ground damage reduced from 100% -> 70%: Everybody's oki damage has been
reduced from 100% to 70%. Since it's for every character, this is fair enough.
Jin 4~3 on a grounded opponent used to do 21 dmg on a ground opponent, but now
it does 15 dmg.

=T5.1 Jin changes=

+/- 2,4 hits differently on normal hit. On CH it hits like it did in T5.0. Also
the second hit's damage has been bumped up from 14 dmg -> 16 dmg.

Jin's 2,4 in T5.1 was his best oki-set-up attack. In T5.1, it only creates that
oki-set-up on CH. However, the main use of 2,4 is still after a successful
parry. Otherwise, it's still strong, naturally combos, and make a good whiff
punisher. On hit, the second hit does a bit more damage, and hits like Kazuya's
4 on an aerial opponent. This means that if a wall is to Jin's right, wall
combos are possible, making up for the oki-set-up loss. The changes to this
attack are a mix of good and slightly bad. Still, 2,4 remains a useful attack to
Jin's move list.

+/- d/f+3 creates a Crumple Stun on CH. The damage has been reduced from 15 dmg
-> 10 dmg. It's now -10 on block.

In T5.1, the variations of d/f+3 (like in 1,3~3,d/f+3 and f+3~3,d/f+3) create a
Crumple Stun only on CH and only if the previous hits miss. d/f+3 never stunned
at all. Now in T5.1, d/f+3 creates a Crumple Stun on CH, and stuns close enough
to allow any 14-frame attack and below to successfully hit. This means you can
now launch with d+3+4 (which is a HUGE plus, but you get f+3:4 if you input it
too fast) or do an EWHF! But d/f+3 was weakened by 5 dmg and made -10 frames on
block, making it jab-punishable. d/f+3 has to be used more carefully now, but it
comes with great reward if it hits on CH.

? 1+2 has less pushback when the 2nd hit connects.

I don't understand the changes done to this attack quite yet. I'll inform you
once I get a full understanding of it.

- u/f+2 knocks back on CH.

In T5.0, u/f+2 hit the same on both normal and CH. In T5.1, u/f+2 knocks the
enemy back to mid-range. This has slightly ruined Jin's SSL~u/f+2 -> BT assault
game plan, but if Jin evades an attack with the SS, u/f+2 should still hit on
normal hit and the BT business will work like normal.

+ d/f+1,4~4 and 2,1,4~4 launches like CD+4. Has less recovery on block.

In T5.0, the last hit of Jin's d/f+1,4~4 and 2,1,4~4 looked and hit just like
CD+4, but d/b+2,2,3 couldn't juggle successfully. In T5.1, you can now juggle
d/b+2,2,3 for good combo damage. At least now there's a good reward if you get
it to hit. It also is supposed to be safer on block. I'm not exactly sure how
much safer it is now, but it's still unsafe.

- SS+d/b+4 and f~d/b+4 has been removed.

Jin does not have many safe lows. The generic FC+d_d/b+4 is a quick and safe
low. Jin could access this low with SS+d/b+4 or f~d/b+4 in T5.0. But in T5.1,
it's gone and now he can only do it through FC+d_d/b+4.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrections changes + commentary

T5:DR is yet another addition to the original T5, but T5:DR is actually more
than just an expansion. There are two new characters, Dragunov and Lili, Eddy is
selectable, and the return of Armor King. New stages have been added and old
ones redesigned (most of them in the daytime/nighttime). Pretty much all of the
changes made in T5.1 are still present in T5:DR. Most notably, each character
has been given a few new attacks.

=Universal Changes=

+ Long range throws track 100%.

+/- Tech-catches are back, but they require more precise timing.

+ New attacks for all characters.

+ New attack animations for specific characters and generic attacks.

? Maximum health has been increased.

+ A ton of new custom items for every character.

=T5:DR Jin changes=

Default Costumes
1P outfit
-Red pants flame
-Red gauntlet gloves
-Red feet guards

2P outfit
-Purple jacket and pants
-Red gauntlet gloves
-Red shoes

-3P outfit (500,000G in PS2 T5) now available by default

4P outfit (by default?)
-Jin's hair is up like a topknot
-White headband with symbol
-Brown vest
-Red gloves
-Blue pants with yellow slash marks
-Red and brown ankle braces
-Brown feet guards

=New attacks=

CDS 1,2_CDS 1<2: Jin's normal CDS 1 side punch followed by an attack that looks
exactly like the last hit of his b,f+2,1,2 series. This attack naturally combos
on hit (undelayed) and can be delayed massively, which should get the second hit
to hit often. Arguably, this is his best new attack.

CDS 3: No longer the u/b_u_u/f+3 variation. Instead, I've heard that it is a
jump kick similar to like of Law's DSS 3+4 or Kazuya's CD+3 (closer to Kazuya's
and SAFER, I think). I don't know what the animation looks like yet. Hits high
and low crushes.

4: A new, inward roundhouse. It comes out a bit slow, so it may be easy for
the opponent to crouch and punish it. On hit, it appears to stun (not sure
whether on CH only or normal hit) with a new stun where the opponent stumbles
forward ending up in SLD position. Some attacks are obviously combo-able
afterwards like Jin's new (while enemy is grounded) d+2. Apparently, it also
high crushes.

(While enemy is grounded) d+2: Jin punches toward the ground with an attack
animation that looks like CDS 2, but faster than that. It does decent damage and
adds to Jin's oki game. For example, when the opponent tech-rolls or gets up
quickly, use this attack and it'll hit while he/she is standing.

=New effects on old attacks=


CDS 4: Can now properly juggle with it, but the oki set-up has been weakened.

CDS 2 punch parry: Hit's like CH f+4, but the opponent is pushed back a little
bit afterwards. f+4, 4~3, or d/b+2,2,3 look like combo-able options.

b+4: On CH, it stuns like CDS 2 on normal hit.

f+3:4: Gone.

d/f+3:4: Gone. Now, launching with d+3+4 is much easier and consistent.

d+3+4: Longer recovery ON HIT. Beginning a juggle with b,f+2,1 is no longer
possible. Use 1 or 1,2 as an alternative.

u/f+1+2: New throw break animation; switch sides with the opponent.



=Normal Launchers (will work with any combo that begins with [launcher])=
-d+3+4 (20 dmg)
-u/f+4 (13 dmg)
-CH u+4 (18 dmg)
-CD+1 (22 dmg)
-eCD+1 (22 dmg
-CH d/f+2 (18 dmg)
-u/f,N,4 (25 dmg)

=Heavy Wall Stun (attacks used near a wall, stun for a while, SS>attack>juggle)=
-b+2,3 (wall to Jin's right, no SS necessary)
-u/b_u_u/f+3 (wall to Jin's left, no SS necessary)
-CH u/f+2 (5.1 and DR only)
-Unblockable Tackle

-Successful CDS~2 punch parry (stun NOT broken), d+3+4 (44 dmg, 5.0 and 5.1
-CH d/b+2 (stun NOT broken), d+3+4 (34 dmg)
-CH d/b+2,2
-CH d/b+4
-CDS 4
-CH (1),2,3
-CH d/f+3, d+3+4 (5.1 and DR only)

Specified launcher/Combo starter
-follow-ups (total damage)

(For any normal launcher)
-[launcher], follow-ups (add "this much" damage to launcher)

(For Heavy Wallsplat combos)
-[heavy wallsplat], SS (if needed), follow-ups (add "this much" damage to combo

For wall-free stages or a lot of space until a wall
-[launcher], b,f+2,1, f,f+1, d/b+2,2,3 (add 43 dmg)
-[launcher], b,f+2,1, d/b+2,2,3 (add 40 dmg)
-[launcher], b,f+2,1, b,f+2,1<2 (add 43 dmg)
-[launcher], b,f+2,1, f+1,3~3, d+4 (add 48 dmg)
-[launcher], b,f+2,1, f+1,2, f+4 (add 36 dmg)
-[launcher], f+1, f,f+1,2,3, d+4 (add 39 dmg)
-[launcher], d/f+2, f+1, d/b+2,2,3 (add 36 dmg)
-[launcher], d/f+2, b,f+2,1<2 (add 36 dmg)

Suitable for wallsplat set-ups
-[launcher], b,f+2,1, b,f+2,1, [wall] (add 32/33 dmg)
-[launcher], b,f+2,1, f,f+1, f,f+1,3, [wall] (add 28/29 dmg)
-[launcher], f,f+1, f,f+1, f,f+1,2,4, [wall] (add 49/50 dmg)
-[launcher], f+1,2, f+1,2, [wall] (add 19/20 dmg)

On wallsplat
-[high wallsplat] 1,3,2,1,4 (add 38 dmg)
-[high wallsplat] f+1+2, 1+2 (add 32 dmg)
-[high wallsplat] f+1,2, 1,3,2,1 (add 44 dmg)
-[high wallsplat] 1,2,3, d+3+4 (add 47 dmg)
-[high wallsplat] 2,1, 2,1, d+3+4 (add 45 dmg)
-[high wallsplat] 1,3~3, d+3+4 (add 37 dmg)
-[mid/low wallsplat] 1,3,2,1 (add 29 dmg)
-[mid/low wallsplat] 2,1, d+3+4 (30 dmg)
-[mid/low wallsplat] 1,2, d+3+4 (30 dmg)
-[mid/low wallsplat] b,f+2,1:2 (add 45 dmg, last hit requires JF-timing)
-[mid/low wallsplat] f,f+3, d+3+4 (add 33 dmg)
-[mid/low wallsplat] f+3~3, d+3+4 (add 31 dmg)
-[mid/low wallsplat] 2,1,4 (add 28 dmg)
-[mid/low wallsplat] 1+2 (add 17 dmg)
-[low wallsplat] 1,2,3 (Kuma/Panda and Jack-5 only; last hit is untechable)

Heavy Wallsplat
-[heavy wallsplat], (SS), b,f+2,1, b,f+2,1<2 (add 43 dmg)

-[WS+2_eCD+1], EWHF, EWHF (add 36 dmg)
-[WS+2_eCD+1], EWHF, d/b+2,2,3 (add 44 dmg)
-[WS+2_eCD+1], EWHF, b,f+2<1<2 (add 47 dmg)
-[WS+2_eCD+1], b,f+2,1, d/f+1, d/b+2,2,3 (add 46 dmg)
-[WS+2_eCD+1], b,f+2,1, f,f+1,2,4 (add 37 dmg)
-[WS+2_eCD+1], b,f+2,1, f,f+1,2,3 (add 37 dmg)

-f,f+3, f+4 (39 dmg)
-f,f+3, d+3+4 (35 dmg)
-f,f+3, d+3,3 (34 dmg)
-f,f+3, d/f+1, d/b+2,2,3 (56 dmg)

-f,f+3,1, f+1,2, d/b+2,2,3 (60 dmg)

CH (1),2,3
-CH (1),2,3, f+4 (57 dmg)

CH f+4
-CH f+4, d/b+2,2,3 (50 dmg)
-CH f+4, d/b+(2),2,3 (45 dmg)
-CH f+4, f,f+4 (38 dmg)
-CH f+4, 4~3 (39 dmg)
-CH f+4, f+4 (39 dmg)

1+2_CDS 1
-(opponent's back to wall) [1+2_CDS 1], u/f+1+2 (add 40 dmg, throw can be
-(opponent's back to wall) [1+2_CDS 1], 1+3_2+4_QCB+1+3 (add 35 dmg, throw can
be broken)

CH d/b+2,2
-CH d/b+2,2, d/b+2,2,3 (54 dmg)
-CH d/b+2,2, 2,1, d/b+2,2,3 (62 dmg)

-CDS 4, WS+2 (25 dmg)
-CDS 4, WS+1,2 (30 dmg)
-CDS 4, WS+4 (24 dmg)
-CDS 4, f,f+4 (28 dmg)

-d+1, dash in, 4~3 (45 dmg, not always guaranteed in 5.1)
-d+1, dash in, d+4 (39 dmg, not always guaranteed in 5.1)
-(near wall) d+1, d/f+4 (57 dmg, not always guaranteed in 5.1)
-(near wall) d+1, f+4 (45 dmg, not always guaranteed in 5.1)
-(near wall) d+1, f,f+2 (48 dmg, not always guaranteed in 5.1)
-d+1, dash in, eCD+1 (46 dmg, not always guaranteed in 5.1)

-CD+4, d/b+2,2,3 (43 dmg)
-CD+4, CD,N,4, d/f+1,4 (42 dmg)
-CD+4, CD,N,4, f+4 (37 dmg)
-CD+4, f,f+2 (34 dmg)
-CD+4, f+4 (32 dmg)
-CD+4, dash in, d+3+4 (28 dmg)
-CD+4, dash in, d+4 (28 dmg)

CH d/b+4
-CH d/b+4, d/b+2,2,3 (43 dmg, clean hit only)
-CH d/b+4, f+4 (32 dmg)

-f+3~3, d+4 (37 dmg)
-(opponent's back is near wall) f+3~3, d+3+4 (38 dmg)

Final hit of d/f+1,4~4_2,1,4~4
-d/f+1,4~4_2,1,4~4, f+4 (29 dmg)
-d/b+2,2,3 (40 dmg, T5.1 only)

At opponent's right side
-u/f+2, d/b+2,2,3, 4~3 (87 dmg)
-u/f+2, d/b+2,2,3, f,f+4 (85 dmg)

On a BT opponent
-1,2,3 f+4 (57 dmg)
-d+4_1,d+3, d/b+2,2,3 (40 dmg_39 dmg)
-d/b+2,2,3, 4~3 (69 dmg)
-d/b+2,2,3, f+4 (62 dmg)
-1,3,2,1,4, f+4 (67 dmg)
-d/f+1, d+3+4, b,f+2,1, f+1, d/b+2,2,3 (75 dmg)
-d/f+1, b,f+2,1,2 (64 dmg)
-d/f+1, d+3+4, b,f+2,1, b,f+2,1<2 (75 dmg)

=Jin's entrance taunts=
-Normally done by pressing and holding the same button you used to select Jin's

-?: Jin looks up into the sky and says "He's waiting for me..." in Japanese.

-?: Jin stands still with his eye closed, focusing breathing. Suddenly, he opens
his eyes and says "Don't get in my way." in Japanese.

-?: Jin stands in place with his left hand on his hip, nods to his opponent and
says "Come on." in Japanese.

-?: Jin fastens his right gauntlet, then faces his opponent and says "Come on."
in Japanese.

=Jin's victory taunts=
-hold 1: Jin punches forth several times, does forward right kick, and ends in a
fighting stance.

-hold 2: Jin does his mental alertness taunt (1+3+4), but he switches the
movements with his right arm with left arm, and movements with his left arm with
his right arm.

-hold 3: Jin looks over to his left and says "Forgive me." in Japanese.

-hold 4: Jin punches forward with his left arm, shows the palm of his hand,
turns it thumb up and gives out a battle cry.

-hold 3+4: Jin holds out his left fist, and says to himself "The Mishima
bloodline ends here." in Japanese.

-?: Jin looks up into the sky and says "I'll get you." in Japanese.

-?: Jin stands still, crosses his arms and slowly brings his fists to his sides,
and at the same time, closes his eyes and breathes deeply.

=Jin's customizable items=
Head items:
1P outfit
-Headphones = 60,000 G
-Halo = 300,000 G

2P outfit
-Baseball Cap = 200,000 G
-Pointed Hood = 300,000 G

-Metrosexual Hairstyle = 80,000 G

Face items:
1P outfit
-Intellectual Glasses = 120,000 G
-Silver Sunglasses = 60,000 G

2P outfit
-Detective Glasses = 150,000 G-Demon Mask = 500,000 G (Free through Devil

Both-Orange Sunglasses = 50,000 G

Upper Body
1P outfit
-Chain Bracelet 150,000 G
-Angel Wings = 500,000 G (Free through Devil Within)
2P outfit
-Expander = 60,000 G
-Stopwatch = 30,000 G
-Towel = 30,000 G

Lower Body
1P outfit-Red Handkerchief = 30,000 G
-Leg Chains = 200,000 G
2P outfit
-Sports Drink = 60,000 G
-Dumbbell = 120,000 G

-Shinguards = 40,000 G

Color 1
1P outfit: Gloves
-Red >>>>>>>>>>>>
-Blue >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Yellow >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Green >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 8,000 G
-Purple >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Plum >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Light Blue >>>>>
-Black = 18,000 G
-White = Default

2P outfit: Gloves
-Red >>>>>>>>>>>>
-Blue >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Yellow >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Green >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 8,000 G
-Orange >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Plum >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Light Blue >>>>>
-Black = 18,000 G
-White = Default

Color 2
1P outfit: Flame on pants
-Red >>>>>>>>>>>>
-Blue >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Yellow >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Green >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 8,000 G
-Purple >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Plum >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Light Blue >>>>>
-Black = 18,000 G
-White = Default

2P outfit: Sweat Suit
-Red/Orange >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Yellow/Swamp Green >>>>>>>>
-Sea Green/Lime Green >>>>>>>>>> 8,000 G
-Orange/Light Brown >>>>>>>>>>
-Plum/Purple >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Light Blue/Dark Blue >>>>
-Black/Black = 18,000 G
-Dark Blue/Purple = Default

Color 3
1P outfit: Leg guards
-Red >>>>>>>>>>>>-Blue >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Yellow >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Green >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 8,000 G
-Purple >>>>>>>>>>>>>>-Plum >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Light Blue >>>>>
-Black = 18,000 G
-White/Red = Default

2P outfit: Shoes-Blue >>>>>>>>>>>
-Yellow >>>>>>>>>>>>
-Green >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Orange >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 8,000 G
-Plum >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
-Light Blue >>>>>
-White = 18,000 G-Black = 18,000 G
-Red = Default

3P outfit = 500,000 G

=Default Costume Descriptions=
1P outfit (press 1)
-White glove gauntlets with three curves on each one.
-Black pants with white flames on both legs, and a gold/black belt.
-Red feet guards with a white stripe at each center.

2P outfit (press 3 or 4)
-A dark blue/purple hooded sweat suit with yellow flames all over.
-White glove gauntlets with three curves on each one.
-Red tennis shoes.

3P outfit (press 2 [once you bought this costume; cannot be customized])
-An unzipped white jacket with furry black arms and a sky blue flame on the
-Red and white gloves with ten circles that look like a top view of bowling pins
on the wrists.
-White pants with two thin, red stripes going down on the front, and light blue
stripes on the back.
-A white sweater designed like the pants tied at Jin's waist
-Gray tennis shoes.

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-Jin Kazama's Frame Data page (Thanks to Jelo from tekkenzaibatsu.com):

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-For lots of information on anything Tekken:
-Do you want to modify that ball-top joystick with a bat-top joystick? Or do you
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