Champions: Return to Arms FAQ and Guide about:
The Voice of Rallos Zek a.k.a. The Sword in the Stone
Created by Gamefaqs user ShadowBurst
Real Name: Harry Hunter
Created on Monday, July 18, 2005
Version 1.2

Since sooooo many people ask questions about this all the
time, here is a guide to the Voice of Rallos Zek or the Fist
of Innoruuk a.k.a. the sword in the stone. This is the first 
guide I have made so bear with me here. It is short and sweet
but it doesn't really need to be long since it is focused
only on the Voice of Rallos Zek. Please e-mail me if I forgot
anything (or if you have any questions). My e-mail address is 
provided at the bottom of this guide in contact information.

This guide cannot be distributed to places other than and and can only be used and
reproduced for private use.
                      Table of Contents:
(1)- Versions
(2)- Introduction to the Voice of Rallos Zek
(3)- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
(4)- How to get it
(5)- Weapon Stats
(6)- Contact Info
(7)- Credits and Etc.

                      (1)- Versions:
Do I really need this section? I dunno. I probably wonít need
to make too many adjustments and new versions although I'm
almost positive that there will be a few. Like I said, feel
free to contact me with suggestions or something I forgot or
error corrections or anything like that.

Version 1.2, Just added a bit about how to find the Voice of
Rallos Zek, July 24, 2005

Version 1.1, Fixed a few grammar mistakes, added a little more
about the bloodstones, and have let use my guides
July 21, 2005

Version 1.0, July 18- July 19, 2005

       (2)- Introduction to the Voice of Rallos Zek:

The Voice of Rallos Zek is a great weapon (well, okay, it
really isnít that great but it is if you are in the
adventurous difficulty or maybe courageous). It is also called
the sword in the stone. For some classes, youíll get The Fist
of Innoruuk instead. I will be referring to it as the Voice of
Rallos Zek throughout this guide, though. To get the sword in
the stone, you must have all 11 bloodstones. Anyway, that was
just a short introduction, here is the longer guide. It is what
you'll want to read for most of the information on the Voice of
Rallos Zek. And before anything, you should probably read the
FAQ if you have questions. Those questions will most likely be
answered there. However, if you have a question that isn't
answered in the FAQ or in the rest of the guide, e-mail me. My
e-mail is in the contact info section. And remember, to find
something easily, use Ctrl+F to bring up the search box. You
can search for a key word or words. Anyway, enough of this,
onto the guide!

           (3)- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q) What are bloodstones?
A) The bloodstones are special stones you need to get the
Voice of Rallos Zek. They are not the same as the bloodstones
you put in equipment that boost stamina. Bloodstones have the
area word where they are found after them. For example, the
bloodstone of war is found in the bonus level of the plane of
war. Bloodstones are found in the bonus levels of planes
randomly off any creature or out of any barrel or chest or
box. To unlock the bonus level of each plane, beat that
plane's medallion round first. To access a medallion round,
go into the planar gateway and when the cursor is on the
plane you want, use the control stick or directional pad to
move the cursor over to the medallion round. To unlock a
medallion round, beat the plane it is of first. For more
information on bloostones, see Section (4)- How to get it.

Q) Can you get the Voice of Rallos Zek more than once?
A) No, you can only get it once. You canít get it again on a
different difficulty.

Q) Is the Voice of Rallos Zek better on higher difficulties?
Should I wait to get it on a higher difficulty?
A) No, the weapon is the same on all difficulties.

Q) Whatís the difference between the Voice of Rallos Zek and
the sword in the stone?
A) Theyíre the same thing.

Q) I got the sword in the stone but it wasnít a sword. It
wasnít even the Voice of Rallos Zek. It was the Fist of
Innoruuk. What happened?
A) If youíre a wizard or a cleric, youíll get the Fist of
Innoruuk instead of the Voice of Rallos Zek.

Q) I beat Rallos Zek, but I didnít get his weapon, the Voice
of Rallos Zek. Why?
A) The Voice of Rallos Zek does not come off of Rallos Zek.
Read section (4)- How to get it, to find out how to get the
Voice of Rallos Zek.

Q) Is the Voice of Rallos Zek a one or two-handed weapon?
A) If you're too lazy to scroll down and read the weapon
stats, it is a one-handed sword. That means you can dual wield
with it! Well, with certain classes at least...

Q) I have all 11 bloodstones but the game won't let me get the
sword in the stone! Why?!
A) Did you beat the Twisted Nightmare at the end of the
bloodstone passage (the secret level of the plane of
nightmares)? It's the level where you have to kill 5 bosses in
a row without dieing. Did you beat it and wait for the message
to come up that says, "You are now a true champion."? No? I
didn't think so. You need to have all the bloodstones AND beat
the Twisted Nightmare to be able to get the sword in the stone.

Q) What should I put (what gem) in the open slot of the Voice
of Rallos Zek?
A) It's up to you, but if you decide to use the Voice of Rallos
Zek, I suggest putting in a whet stone or a misty globe. Try to
find a perfected whet stone for 16% critical hit or a calmed
misty globe for "Godly speed." 

Q) What's the required level for the Voice of Rallos Zek?
A) Scroll down to the weapon stats for all the stats of the
Voice of Rallos Zek and the Fist of Innoruuk. But since you
asked so nicely, I'll tell you. The required level is 30.

Q) Is it worth it to get the Voice of Rallos Zek/ the Fist
of Innoruuk?
A) Short Answer: If you get it early, then you usually won't
find anything better until Champions difficulty (just MAYBE
will you find something better in courageous, MAYBE). SO, it
can be. But most people get it after Courageous difficulty so
it would be easier to do the medallion rounds on Adventurous 
with a higher level character. If you do that, then it isn't
worth it for the weapon. However, getting all the bloodstones
to farm the Twisted Nightmare is a good idea. Here' an answer
that is a little longer.

Long Answer: Well, the medallion rounds can be pretty hard
(the secret levels aren't that hard). It isn't really that
great of a weapon unless you get it pretty early, which can
be hard. However, it's good to beat all the medallion rounds
for the stat bonuses and if you beat soul break, well, let's
just say the Plane of Torment's bonus level contains a little
treat. Remember, you can always go back to beat the medallion
rounds (or secret levels, also called bonus rounds or bonus
levels) on adventurous difficulty when your character is at
a higher level. As long as you didn't watch the final
cut scene (by exiting the mission after killing the last boss
instead of going through the planar gateway), you can keep
the bloodstones you already have instead of losing them at
the start of the next difficulty. Also, you can go back to
where you were in Adventurous (to finish the medallion rounds
and secret levels) when your character is at a higher level.
You won't have to go through the entire adventurous difficulty
(don't watch the final cut scene and save!). But by the time
you are a higher level and come back to get all the
bloodstones and the sword in the stone (the Voice of Rallos
Zek or the Fist of Innoruuk depending on your class), your
character will probably
already have better weapons than the sword in the stone so
then it wouldn't be worth it. However, sometimes you will
find yourself still using it later in the game if you have
bad luck and can't find anything better. You'll often use it
until you go into Champion difficulty, but you might have
just gotten it when you go into Champion difficulty. You might
not find a better weapon in Courageous but probably will find
a better one in Champion. Many people only want to get all
the bloodstones so that they can get access to the Twisted
Nightmare to farm it for good items, but not to get the Voice
of Rallos Zek or the Fist or Innoruuk. Wow, that was a really
long answer to a short question.

                    (4)- How to get it

To get the Voice of Rallos Zek, you must have all eleven (11)
bloodstones. To get a bloodstone, beat the medallion round
of a plane to get access to the secret level (also called
bonus rounds). You can find the bloodstone in the secret level
in any barrel or chest or box or off any monster. In case you
donít know what all those bloodstones are or you're just
missing one and can't figure out which one you don't have,
hereís a list of all the bloodstones:

Bloodstone ofÖ
-Innovation (found on the ground after the fourth division)
-Isles (no medallion round here, save all the gnomes in the
Pit of Ill Omen and Babik the gnome will take you to Gothic
Castle where the bloodstone resides)
-Faydark (no medallion round here, once you have the
archeologistís shovel which is found in Kelethin if you're
evil or in the Orc Caves if you're good, you need to save the
orcs (evil)/elves (good) first in their home to be able to go
to Kelethin/ Orc Caves later, you also need the words of
spiritual harmony which are found randomly in the plane of
nightmares, go into the unexplored tomb for the bloodstone,
which is randomly found in the unexplored tomb behind the
door that is opened by reading the words of spiritual
-Nightmares (the bloodstone is found off any creature here)

Anyway, after you have all the bloodstones, at the end of the
plane of nightmares secret level (the secret level is called
bloodstone passage) in the back, there is something called the
Twisted Nightmare where you have to beat 5 bosses in a row. If
you want to know who they are, look below. If you want to wait
to find out for yourself, don't read the list below.

1. Spider Queen
2. Mummy King
3. Arena Beast
4. Rallos Zek
5. Innoruuk
After you beat them (without dieing), a message will come up
that says, ďYou are now a true champion.Ē Wait for the message
to come up before you leave. Then, go to the Plane of Valor and
look for a sword in a stone. It's near the beginning of the
Plane of Valor. It shouldnít be very hard to find. Before the
graveyard where all the skeleton warriors spawn,there is a
narrowish path going off to the side. The path isn't that long.
At the end of the path is a stone ruins place with a slim sword
in the middle of it lodged in a stone. This is the weapon you
have been looking for,. Pull the sword out of the stone. Unless
you didn't get all eleven bloodstones and beat the Twisted
Nightmare, you should be able to get the weapon.

                     (5)- Weapon Stats:

Thanks to Kuthu for the stats (I wasnít sure about the stats
of the Fist of Innoruuk so I got the stats of both weapons from
a reliable source, Kuthu). I guess I could have just rearranged
the stats and stuff and I wouldn't need to give Kuthu credit,
but I Kuthu is where I got the stats, so I'm giving him credit.

Anyway, here are the stats of the Voice of Rallos Zek and the
Fist of Innoruuk. As I said, if you're playing as the wizard or
the cleric, you'll get the Fist of Innoruuk, a blunt weapon,
instead of the Voice of Rallos Zek.

The Voice of Rallos Zek (Slashing)
235-273 Damage
1 Slot Open
Attack Bonus: 65
+50 Strength
+100% Health Regeneration
Requires Level 30
Worth: 51,719
One Handed
(Given to Classes: Shaman, Berserker,
Barbarian, Ranger, Shadow Knight)

The Fist of Innoruuk (Blunt)
228-269 Damage
1 Slot Open
Attack Bonus: 69
+50 Intelligence
+100% Health Regeneration
Requires Level 30
Worth: ??,???
One Handed
(Given to Classes: Cleric, Wizard)

                   (6)- Contact Info:

I probably didnít need a whole section for this but oh, well.
If you have any suggestions, comments, need help, or have
found any errors in my guide or anything like that, contact
me at Iíll also be online as
SoritorJinzoKing on AIM at times.

                  (7)- Credits and Etc.:
Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. I hope it
has helped because although short, it is thorough about the
Voice of Rallos Zek. 

Thank you Kuthu for the letting me use the weapon stats of the
weapons (the Voice of Rallos Zek and the Fist of Innoruuk). And
to all those wondering, yes, I did actually ask his permission.

Thank you makers of Champions: Return to Arms (Snowblind and
Sony) for making this great game.

Thank you Gamefaqs for hosting this guide.

Thank you myself for writing this guide and RESPACING THE WHOLE
THING FOUR TIMES WHICH TOOK HOURS!!! Sorry, I just had to get
that out of my system.

This guide is not to be distributed or reproduced for anything
but private and personal usage. This guide is not to be copied
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