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Asked: 5 years ago

gold node at beginning of Brutes Base?

There is a gold node above the entrance of the brutes base. I have not been able to find out where the exit is that leads to the item inside the house. I have used every one of the pillars to change the house but I still can't find the exit to get to it.

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From: trodune 5 years ago

Its actually accessible after beating an few optional bosses, you'll be able to climb up a back passageway through the waterway and get up to it

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If you look in the FAQ by Kouli in the FAQ's section then it will help you out. The ones by PeterL and the map of the brutes base will help you as well. I will post the answer if you request again, but as to not spoil it for you, I have suggested as above.

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you have to beat Orochi to get it, then climb all the way up from b5 to 3f of the brutes base, then you'll be able to go get it ^^

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Finish anahata waterways and make your way to the 3'rd floor of brutes base using the way provided

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