The Rock by Bootflap

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WWE SmackDown vs. RAW

The Rock Character Guide
Game: WWE SmackDown vs. RAW
System: Sony Playstation 2
Publisher: THQ
FAQ Author: Bootflap
Date Created: 11/12/2004
Current Version: 1.0
Table of Contents
1. FAQ History
2. Introduction
3. Superstar Biography
4. Game Character Information
5. Move List
6. Contact Info
7. Legalities

1. FAQ History

0.1 (11/10/04): Work begins on the FAQ. Began compiling the movelist and 
bio information.

0.5 (11/11/04): Biographical information and movelist finished.

1.0 (11/13/04): FAQ typed up.

2. Introduction

This FAQ is simply a movelist for The Rock in the excellent videogame 
WWE SmackDown vs. RAW. 
It is, give or take, basically the same as Rock's movelist from last year's 
HCTP, even 
though Rock is classified as a 'Legend' now. 
If you manage to find any mistakes, 
email me with the correction(s) and I will credit you on the FAQ.

3. Superstar Biography

Real Name: Dwayne Johnson
Birthdate: May 2nd, 1972
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 275 lbs.
Marital Status: Married to Dany Garcia Johnson
Debut Date: 1995

Title History/Notable Wins:
USWA Tag Team Titles
WWF (Now WWE) Intercontinental Championship
WWF ( Now WWE) Championship
WWF (now World) Tag Team Championship
WCW (Now World) Heavyweight Championship
2000 Royal Rumble Winner

WWE.Com Biography:
He is the most electrifying man in sports and entertainment.
He is quickly becoming one of the most recognized faces on the planet
 and one of the hottest celebrities in all walks of life. 
Call him whatever you want, but to the millions -- and millions - 
of fans around the world, there is no substitute for The Rock. 
A third generation WWE Superstar, The Rock at first did not plan to 
follow in the family tradition of sports entertainment stardom, but instead 
used his athletics heredity on the gridiron where he starred for the University 
of Miami. After a very brief professional football career, The Rock decided 
to give WWE a shot -- a choice that would prove to begin a new era in 
the entertainment world. In only a few years, The Rock was a multi-time 
WWE Champion and one of the most celebrated superstars to ever set 
foot in the ring. 
But it was more than his ability to layeth the smacketh down in the ring 
hat made The Rock a Superstar. His quick wit, charisma, and ability 
to talk smack earned such raves that "The People's Champion" was 
asked to speak to the people over and over again. Among his many 
famous public appearances were a stint hosting "Saturday Night Live" 
in 2000 and a speech at the 2002 Republican National Convention. 
By 2001, The Rock became a multi-media superstar, having starred 
in the feature film, "The Mummy Returns," and its highly successful 
prequel, "The Scorpion King." His autobiography, "The Rock Says..."
 was a New York Times No. 1 bestseller. 
The Rock may have earned his biggest box office break to date with 
a starring role in "Walking Tall," an action drama based on a true story 
that is expected to be even more successful than his previous hit, "The 
Rundown." While many consider The Rock to be Hollywood's next 
great superstar, he still believes that World Wrestling Entertainment is 
his home and is ready to return to the ring when duty calls. When Mick 
Foley suffered injury and humiliation at the hands of Evolution, Rocky 
returned to RAW to reform the Rock 'n' Sock Connection and the two 
competed as a team at WrestleMania XX. While Evolution walked out 
as the winner, The Rock proved that he has not lost his touch in the ring 
and at the microphone and is as beloved as a WWE Superstar now more 
than ever! 
4. Game Character Information

-The Rock is in the game as a Legend. He needs to be unlocked in order 
to be used. He is purchased for $20,000 in the ShopZone.

Character Stats:
Strength: 8
Submission: 9
Durability: 9
Technique: 9.5
Speed: 7
Charisma: 10
Overall: 94

As you can see, Rock is clearly one of the best superstars in the game. 
It's easy with Rock to work your opponent into yellow within the first 
couple minutes of the match. 
Most of his moves focus on the head/body, which makes it easy to put 
someone away with either his two finishers, 
the People's Elbow and the Rock Bottom, or even two of his trademark 
moves, his DDT or his Sharpshooter.

5. Move List

X= Controller Button X
O= Controller Button O
/\= Controller Button Triangle
[]= Controller Button Square

(Sub A) indicates a move that brings up the Submission A meter.
(Sub B) indicates a move that brings up the Submission B meter.
(B) indicates a move that bloodies the opponent.
(Dirty) Indicates a move that fills one's Dirty Meter.

Ring In Move: Matt Hardy
Ring Out Move: One handstand ring out
Taunts: -The Rock 06 (Right analog stick down)
-The Rock 01 (Right analog stick left)
-The Rock 05 (Right analog stick up)
-The Rock 03 (Right analog stick right)
Fighting Style: The Rock
Walking Style: Normal
Running Style: Normal (/\)
Entrance: -Movie: Logo
 -Moves: The Rock
-Music: The Rock

Down and X			People's Punch03
Down and left or Down and right and X	    Toe Kick 01
Left and X			Elbow Smash 01
Up and left or up and right and X	People's Punch 02
Up and X			Double Axe Handle 01
Right and X			Back Chop 04

Submission Grapple (Down and O)
Lockup: Grapple 04 (Down and O)
Down and O	Snapmare and Neck Lock 02 (Sub A)
Left and O	Headlock 01
Up and O	Headlock 02
Right and O	Headlock Takedown

Signature Grapple (Left and O)
Lockup: Grapple 08 (Left and O)
Down and O	Dragon Screw 01
Left and O	Suplex 01
Up and O	The Rock Angry
Right and O	Scoop Slam 02

Power Grapple (Up and O)
Lockup: Grapple 09 (Up and O)
Down and O	Samoan Drop 01
Left and O	DDT 12 (B)
Up and O	Clothesline 28
Right and O	DDT 13 (B)

Quick Grapple (Right and O)
Lockup: Grapple 07 (Right and O)
Down and O	Russian Leg Sweep 01
Left and O	Reverse Mat Slam
Up and O	The Rock Slap
Right and O	Arm Drag 05

Grapple Attack (Grapple, then X)
-1st: Grapple Body Attack 01 (X)
-2nd: Grapple Body Attack 01 (X)
-3rd: Grapple Body Attack 01 (X)

Back Attack
O		Irish Whip
Down and O	Forearm Smash
Left and O	Back Suplex 02
Up and o	Elbow to Back of Head 02
Right and O	Russian Leg Sweep 02
Groggy Back Attack
O		Irish Whip
Down and O	Forearm Smash
Left and O	Back Suplex 05
Up and O	Elbow to Back of Head 02
Right and O	Bulldog 02

Edge of the Cell
Downward Thrust (Front) (O)
Downward Thrust (Front) (Direction and O)
Downward Thrust (Back) (O)
Downward Thrust (Back) (Direction and O)

X			Rock Stomp
Up or Down and X		Elbow Drop 02
Left or Right and X		Rock Stomp
Upper Body Ground Grapples
O		Raise
O and O		Sitdown
Down and O	Pinfall
Left and O	The Rock Wake Up
Up and O	Fury Punch 09 (Dirty)
Right and O	Headlock 04
Lower Body Ground Grapples
O		Raise
O and O		Sitdown
Down and O	Pinfall
Left and O	Leg Lock 10
Up and O	Stomp on Leg
Right and O	The Rock Sharpshooter (Sub A)

X			Turnbuckle Clothesline
Direction and X		Turnbuckle Clothesline
X			Knee Attack 01 (Opponent seated)
Opponent Standing In Turnbuckle
O		Irish Whip
Down and O	Chop Battle
Left and O	Shoulder Thrust
Up and O	10 Punch
Right and O	Superplex 01
Opponent Seated In Turnbuckle
O			Raises the Opponent Up
Direction and O		Pushes the Turnbuckle (Dirty)
Back Attack
O		Irish Whip
Down and O	Turnbuckle Smash
Left and O	Shoulder Strike (Dirty)
Up and O	Super Back Suplex
Right and O	Shoulder Strike (Dirty)

Rope Down
O		Irish Whip
Direction and O	Elbow and Irish Whip
Rebound Attack
/\, X	The Rock Forearm Smash
/\, X	Running Leg Drop
Outside the Ring
/\, X	Vaulting Body Press 02
Jump Down Over
[], X		Baseball Slide

Left and X	Missile Dropkick
Right and X	Double Axe Handle 03
X		Diving Elbow Drop
Down and X	Diving Elbow Drop
Up and X	Diving Elbow Drop

X			Elbow Attack 05	 
Direction and X		Clothesline 09
O			Irish Whip
Left or Right and O	Turn Behind
Down and O		Reverse Mat Slam
Up and O		Sunset Flip Pin 01
Back Attack
O			Mat Slam 02
O When Groggy		School Boy Pin 02
Squatting Attack
[] and X			Elbow Drop 10
Direction and [] and X	Running Leg Drop
O			Spine Buster 08
Up or Down and O	Samoan Drop 03
Left or Right and O	Belly to Belly 05

O		Double Suplex
Down and O	Double DDT (B)
Left and O	Double Suplex
Up and O	Double Facecrusher (B)
Right and O	Double Beat head
O		Irish Whip
Down and O	Hip Toss
Left and O	Kick to Gut
Up and O	Spike Piledriver (B)
Right and O	Double Stomping

L1, at the opponent's head while they are laying face 
up on the 
ground- The People's Elbow
L1, facing the opponent while they are groggy- 
The Rock Bottom
Suplex 01
Scoop Slam 02
Dragon Screw 01
Weapon Finisher
L1		DDT 29 (B)
Direction and L1	DDT 29 (B)
Combination Moves
1st: People's Punch 01 (X)
2nd: People's Punch 01 (X)
3rd: People's Punch 02 (X)

6. Contact Info

If you feel the need to reach me, as in to tell me of a stupid mistake
 I made or to ask me a question, there are a number of ways 
to do so.

Email me at the following address: Don't ask 
about the stupid name please.
AIM: I can be reached with the following Screenames: Bootflap1, 
Bootflap2, Bootflap3, Bootflap4.
Post something on my site,
I'm always on the SVR General, CAW, and Social Boards.

7. Legalities
This FAQ may only be used for personal use. 
Of course, you can print this out and use it at your will. 
However, please don't submit it to other sites or put it on a site of your 
own. Don't sell this FAQ in any way 
(paper, disk, even CD-ROM). 
This FAQ cannot be published in a book or magazine. 
If anyone finds this FAQ on another site, or you find it somewhere 
else without credit it to me, please email me and let me know. 
The only site that this FAQ should be hosted on is:

This FAQ is (c)2004 Bootflap. Nothing in this FAQ can be reproduced
without authors expressed written permission.