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Game --> WWE Smackdown VS Raw
System --> Playstation 2
FAQ Author --> Sundar Subramaniam	

                 TRIPLE H a.k.a HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY

Table Of Contents:

1. General Details of 'Triple H'.
2. Biography of 'Triple H'.
3. In-Game Stats.
4. Move List.
5. 'The Game Plan'(Strategies and tips).
6. Contact Me
7. Credits

1. General Details of 'Triple H'
Name:           Paul Michael Levesque
Wrestling Name: Triple H
Height:         6'4''
Weight:         260(approx.)
Hometown:       Greenwich, Connecticut
Finisher:       The Pedigree
Titles:         WWE Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion  
                and WORLD Heavyweight champion.

2. Biography of 'Triple H'

Paul Michael Levesque, the man later to become known as Triple H, was born in
Nashua, New Hampshire on July 27, 1969 to Paul and Patricia Levesque. He grew
up in a close-knit family, with a loving sister named Lynn, four years his
senior. Growing up, Paul was obsessed with professional wrestling. An avid fan
, he would watch at every opportunity, glued to the television as Hulk Hogan,
Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage, and his idol Ric Flair sold out arenas around 
the world. During his high school years, he developed a love for bodybuilding,
and spent his time developing his physique rather than participating in team
sports, which he had little interest in. Paul was a good student, but later
admitted to getting in trouble quite a bit for "not knowing when to keep my
mouth shut". After graduating from Nashua High School at age 17,Paul continued
working out and also going to school for awhile (he had an interest in graphic
arts, and a talent for drawing), but he still wanted more than anything to
become a professional wrestler. He worked as a consultant at health clubs in
his area, and tried to find out how to get into the very few wrestling schools
he knew about (but in his own words, "Nobody would tell you shit."). He won
several regional bodybuilding competitions, and met Ted Arcidi, a wrestler
known for his massive physique and for being the first man to bench press 400
pounds. Arcidi introduced Paul to Walter "Killer" Kowalski,who ran a wrestling
school in Massachusetts, not far from Paul's hometown in New Hampshire. 
Kowalski immediately saw potential in the young six-foot, four-inch, muscular
275-pounder, and took him on as a student. Paul caught on to wrestling at an
impressive speed, often coming in for extra training sessions with Kowalski
after the other students had left. In a relatively short amount of time, he
was ready for his professional debut. In March of 1992, he had his first match
in Kowalski's IWF independent promotion, wrestling under the name Terra Ryzing
(Kowalski's attempt at humor... Terra Ryzing = Terrorizing, get it? Ha.) He
would play the role of a killer heel in the IWF,capturing the IWF Championship
and teaming with Perry Saturn to capture the IWF Tag Team Championships as 
well. Barely a year into his career, Paul received an offer from the WWF.
Pat Patterson, an agent for the Federation, had come up to an IWF shows and
had been very impressed with the blonde rookie. Paul, however, knew that he
was not even close to being ready to wrestle for a company like the WWF. He
began trying to get into WCW, so he could learn the business better and at a
slower pace. He received a tryout with WCW and flew down to Atlanta on his own
expenses to make the appearance. He wrestled Keith Cole, and was told before
the match that it would not be shown on TV. Soon after, WCW offered him a
contract, for two years. Paul took a contract for one year, instead; he knew
at the end of one year, he would know whether he was ready to move on to the
next level, or if he still had a lot of work left to do. He then went home,
and, while waiting for WCW to come up with a new character for him
(rather than the Terra Ryzing gimmick he was wrestling under), he was
surprised to see himself on WCW Saturday Night, wrestling in his tryout match.
It took about half a year before WCW finally gave Paul the gimmick change they
had promised him. Being the marketing geniuses that they always have been
(with great characters like "Oz" and "Roadblock" in their belts), WCW realized
that Paul's last name, Levesque, was French, and decided to give him the
gimmick of a snobbish French aristocrat. Paul Levesque soon became known as
Jean-Paul Levesque, and cut promos using the best French accent he could
develop (which, as he would say later, wasn't very great). Eric Bischoff
didn't see much promise in Paul, unfortunately, claiming that Paul just
didn't have the charisma to become a big star. Paul was jobbed to Alex Wright,
who was barely in his late teens, at his first (and last) WCW pay-per-view,
Starrcade 1994. He was, however, on the verge of getting his first major push
(set to capture the WCW Tag Titles with Steven Regal), when his contract
started to expire. He received a call from Vince McMahon; Vince told Paul that
he really wanted him to work for the WWF, that he would be given a good spot,
and a better opportunity to develop his wrestling ability than he was
receiving in WCW. Paul had to decide, bigger money, or opportunity? He picked
the opportunity, and left WCW that spring. Paul visited the WWF backstage at
Wrestlemania XI, getting acquainted with the locker room, and meeting the men
who would later become his best friends in and out of the company; Kevin Nash,
Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman (collectively known as the
"Clique". He would debut in the WWF in May of 1995, still wrestling with the
gimmick of a snobbish aristocrat. This time, however, the gimmick was an
American aristocrat, hailing from Vince McMahon's own hometown of Greenwich,
Connecticut. The character's name was Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and he would
come to the ring wearing a tuxedo jacket, sporting a cane and a bottle of
cologne  la Rick "The Model" Martel. Hunter's early feuds would be with men
who were the antithesis of the Greenwich Snob character; Duke "The Dumpster"
Droese (a garbage man), Henry Godwinn (a hog farmer from Bitters, Arkansas),
just to name a few. He wrestled against Godwinn in a Hog Pen Match at Hershey
Arena at an In Your House Event in late 1995; Hunter was victorious, but
Godwinn got the last laugh at the end by dumping him into the hog pen, filled
with dirt, hogs, and hog feces.Hunter was getting off to a good start in the
WWF when it came to wrestling. Backstage, however, was another story. He and
his group of friends mentioned above were considered to be a bunch of
troublemakers, using backstage politics to get themselves and their buddies
ahead, burying their enemies, or just causing chaos backstage with their
immature antics. Paul was guilty by association, even if he had little
part in the poor behavior of the older and more prominent Clique members.
It all came to a head in May of 1996, when the contracts of Kevin Nash and
Scott Hall expired. The two decided to head to WCW; the grass may not have
been greener, but the money sure was. Their last matches took place at Madison
Square Garden. Hall wrestled Hunter; after getting thrown around like a 
rag-doll for the majority of the match, Hunter claimed the victory in the end. 
Soon after Shawn Michaels triumphed over Kevin Nash in the cage match main
event. Afterwards, Hunter and Scott both came down to the ring, entered the
cage, and the four Clique members embraced each other in farewell, playing to
the cheering crowd before leaving. Vince had okayed the Clique doing a little
"something" at the end of the show, but to many members of WWF management, the
"Curtain Call" (as it came to be known) had gone too far. Vince had no choice
but to punish somebody for the incident. Hall and Nash were leaving, so
punishing them wasn't an option. Shawn Michaels was the new WWF Champion and
Vince's current top star; there was no way he'd be getting dumped on. Hunter
was left holding the bag.
For the majority of 1996 afterwards, Hunter was jobbed out to every single
mid-carder and curtain-jerker on the WWF roster, from an over-the-hill, 
out-of-shape Jake Roberts, to Barry Windham, Ahmed Johnson, you name them.
Set to be the King of the Ring winner for 1996, the spot was taken from him
and given instead to Steve Austin. Hunter was squashed by Sid Vicious in the
first round of the Intercontinental Title tournament in August of '96. He was
kept off of all WWF pay-per-views from June until October, when he wrestled
and lost to Steve Austin. The night after his PPV defeat to Austin, though,
things would turn around. Hunter captured his first WWF Intercontinental 
Championship, from "Wildman" Marc Mero, with the help of Curt Hennig. As if to
remind Hunter that he was still at least partially in the doghouse, he would 
be jobbed twice while IC Champion; once to Shawn Michaels 
(who was the World Champ), and once to Sid Vicious 
(after Sid became World Champ a little later). He would reign as the
IC Champion until February of 1997, when he would lose it to another young
up-and-comer, babyface rookie Rocky Maivia. Soon after his IC Title loss, 
Hunter gained a sidekick; a musclebound woman appeared on the scene and began
attacked his opponents. Called "Chyna", the woman would become his bodyguard
(and eventually his real-life girlfriend) for the next few years. In June of
1997, Hunter would become King of the Ring, a year later than originally
planned. His interview with Vince McMahon on his KOTR victory the next night
on Raw was interrupted by Mankind, whom he had defeated the night before.
Hunter would feud with Mankind for the next two months, with a double-countout
at the July '97 In Your House in Calgary, and a loss to Mankind in a cage
match at Summerslam in August. Things began to take an interesting turn for
Hunter, yet again, in late summer of 1997. He would be forced into teaming
with real-life best friend, Shawn Michaels, to wrestle the combination of
Mankind and Undertaker. Both Shawn and Hunter feigned discontentment at having
to team together, but the chemistry was there, and the two left together after
Shawn splattered 'Taker into oblivion with two vicious chairshots during the
match. Hunter began regularly appearing alongside Shawn Michaels, helping him
beat up the Undertaker and members of the Hart Foundation. He would help HBK
capture the European Title from British Bulldog at One Night Only. Soon after,
Shawn began another feud with Bret Hart (which would climax with the infamous
Survivor Series incident). In October of 1997, Shawn and Hunter, playing off
of Bret's labeling of them as "degenerates", declared themselves to be
"Degeneration X", and a new era was born in the WWF. The original Degeneration
X would have countless classic moments, from a strip poker game in the middle
of the ring, to the Merry Kissmass thong display in December, the DX
Undertaker BBQ, the fake leg incident... for fans of Shawn and Hunter
, this was a great time to be watching. With Shawn being forced to stop
wrestling due to a back injury, however, Hunter took the lead role of DX after
Wrestlemania in March of 1998. He inducted Road Dogg, Billy Gun, and X-Pac
(Sean Waltman) as members of the new DX, and the group continued to raise hell
for another year. That August, in a memorable ladder match against the Rock,
Hunter would capture the Intercontinental Title for the second time.
At Wrestlemania XIV, Triple H would turn on his DX companions and turn heel.
He began to develop into the sledgehammer wielding bad-ass we all know today.
As the cold-blooded killer heel, he changed his look, wearing regular
wrestling trunks rather than pants, growing a small beard and mustache, and
wrestling with his hair down and wet, to give him a rougher, more lethal look.
In August of 1999, the day after Summerslam, Hunter would capture his first
WWF World Championship, from Mankind. His first title reign would end soon
after to none other than Vince McMahon, but he would regain it shortly
afterwards. In December of 1999, he began a storyline as the husband of
Stephanie McMahon, forcibly marrying her in a drive-in theater to piss off
Vince. Steph would later reveal that she was in on it the whole time, and the
two would dominate the WWF for over the next year, in what became known as the
"McMahon-Helmsley Era". Stephanie and Hunter would later become a real-life
couple after Hunter and Chyna (Joanie Laurer) broke up in early 2001.
2000 would be Hunter's best year to this day. He put on a stellar set of PPV
matches, from January at the Royal Rumble where he wrestled Mick Foley in a
street fight, to May at Judgment Day where he disproved all his critics by
going sixty minutes with Rock in an Iron Man Match that hooked the crowd from
start to finish, to great matches with Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, and Chris
Benoit throughout the summer and fall. Hunter was declared 2000's Wrestler of
the Year by many wrestling sites and magazines, among them itself.2001
took a turn for the worst. On May 21, teaming with Steve Austin against Chris
Benoit and Chris Jericho, Hunter suffered a torn left quadriceps muscle. He
had surgery the next day, and worked as hard as humanly possible to come back.
After eight months of strenuous rehab in Birmingham, being away from friends
and family and the business that he loves, Hunter returned to an ecstatic
crowd at Madison Square Garden on January 7th, 2002. At Wrestlemania X-8 soon
after, he would capture the World Title from Chris Jericho. Unfortunately,
numerous injuries since his return have kept the man known as "The Game" from
competing at the level he did in 2000; he has dealt with pain from his freshly
healed quadriceps, soon after that, he discovered he had a broken kneecap on
the same leg, and wrestled through the pain. He then suffered an elbow injury
after being hit with a chair by Undertaker, bone chips going into his elbow
and making it impossible for him to straighten his arm the whole way. He would
then be declared the World Heavyweight Champion by Eric Bischoff after the WWE
Champion became a Smackdown exclusive. But a month earlier, he wrestled Shawn 
Michaels in a Non-sanctioned(Street Fight) match which was one of the best 
matches of the year. At Survivor Series, he lost the World Title to HBK in the
first ever elimination chamber match. But he would regain it a month later.
He successfully defended the title against Scott Steiner, Booker T, Kane and
Kevin Nash and walked out of the second elimination chamber match as the
champion after he pinned and destroyed Goldberg, with a little help from
evolution.He would lose the title a month later to Goldberg and win it back
two months later at Armageddon 2003. In 2004, he successfully defended his
title against HBK in a Last man standing match which was declared a DRAW 
after HBK hit the Sweet Chin Music on Hunter but both men were too tired to
stand up. Hunter was carried away while HBK walked out of the arena. He lost
the title to the year's Royal Rumble winner Chris Benoit in the first ever 
Triple Threat match in Wrestlemania history at Wrestlemania XX. During the
next few months, it was all about Benoit until Summerslam when Hunter's 
fellow Evolution partner, Randy Orton beat Chris Benoit for the title after 
hitting one of the most unique RKOs ever. Hunter regained the title a month
later at Unforgiven . He lost an 8-man elimination tag team match at Survivor
Series and the World Heavyweight Championship was vacated by Vince after a 
Triple Threat match between Hunter, Benoit and Edge ended in a No Result
situation. In 2005, Hunter regained his title for the 10th time in an 
Elimination Chamber match at New Year's Revolution. 

3. In-Game Stats

Strength- 9
Submission- 9
Durability- 9
Technique- 9
Speed- 7
Charisma- 9.5

Overall - 94

4. Moves

^  = Triangle
X  = X
O  = O
[] = Square


*Ring In Move- Triple H

*Ring Out Move- One handstand ring out 

*Taunt-       right analog down  - Taunt powerful 08       
-             right analog left  - Triple H 02        
-             right analog up    - Triple H 01
              right analog right - Triple H 02

*Fighting Stye- Wrestling 01
*Walking Style- Normal
*Running Style- Normal
- movie - Triple H
- moves - Triple H 
- music - Triple H 

			#Ready Moves#
Attack-	    Down  X                   - Triple H 03
            Left/Right Diagonal Down  - toe kick 01
            Left  X                   - Triple H punches 01
            Left/Right Diagonal Up    - Toe Kick 02
            Up  X                     - Triple H punches 03
            Right  X                  - Back chop 04

Submission Grapple(Down+O) - Down  +o - Snapmare & Neck lock 02 
	                     Left  +o - Headlock 01
                             Up    +o - Standing Crossface
                             Right +o - Headlock Takedown

Signature Grapple (Left+O) - Down  +o - Triple H smash
			     Left  +o - Back chop 09
			     Up    +o - Jumping Armbreaker 02
			     Right +o - Suplex 09

Power Grapple (Up+O)       - Down  +o - DDT 14
			     Left  +o - Spinebuster 04
			     Up    +o - Shin Breaker
			     Right +o - Backbreaker 01

Quick Grapple (Right+O)    - Down  +o - Head Pound 01
			     Left  +o - Fury punch 05
			     Up    +o - Triple H smash
			     Right +o - Neckbreaker 11

*Back Attack               - Down  +o - DDT 21
			     Left  +o - Triple H low kick
			     Up    +o - Backbreaker 08
			     Right +o - Knee Clip

*Edge Of The Cell          - Any Direction + o - Downward Thrust
                             No direction + o  - Downward Thrust


Attack-		      	    X -  Angry Stomp 	
		  Up/Down + X -  Elbow Drop 02			
	       Left/Right + X -  Elbow Drop 01

Grapple-            Down  + O - Pin fall
                      up  + O - Fury punch 08/Punch to groin'
                     left + O - Ric Flair knee drop/Leg drop 10 
		    Right + O - Headlock 04/Triple H deathlock


Attack-                     X - Turnbuckle Clothesline 
	    Any Direction + X - Turnbuckle Clothesline
                            X - Knee Attack 01 (When opponent is sitting)

Grapple-            Down  + O - Chop Battle 
		    Left  + O - Mudhole stomping 01
		    Up    + O - Superplex 01 
		    Right + O - Hangman chokehold 02

Back Attack-        Down  + O - Illegal pin
		    Left  + O - Shoulder strike
		    Up    + O - Hanging in reverse
		    Right + O - Hanging in reverse

                        #Rope Opponent#

Rope Down- Any Direction + O - Elbow & Irish Whip

Rebound Attack- Standing ^,X - Clothesline 14
                  Ground ^,X - Running leg drop
        Outside the Ring ^,X - Vaulting Body Press 02

Jump Down Over-         [],X - Vaulting Body press 01

Stand-              Left + X - Flying Clothesline 02
		   Right + X - Double Axe Handle 03

Down-                      X - Diving Elbow 
                    Down + X - Diving Elbow 
                      Up + X - Diving Elbow Drop
Attack-                    X - Jumping Knee attack 01
           Any direction + X - Clothesline 14

Grapple-            DOwn + O - Spear 01
                      Up + O - Head Pound 01

                          o - Triple H smash
Counter-        up/Down + O - Back body drop 02
              Left/right + O - Spinebuster 04

			#Double Team#

Stand-                     O - Double flapjack
		    Down + O - Double DDT
                    Left + O - Double suplex
                   Right + O - Double Beat Head
                      Up + O - Double Clothesline

turnbuckle- 	    Down + O - Double DDT 
                    Left + O - Double suplex
                   Right + O - Double beat head   
                      Up + O - Double Clothesline


Finisher-                 L1 - Pedigree 03
          Any direction + L1 - Pedigree 02

Favorites- Back Chop 09
	   Clothesline 24
	   Triple H deathlock

weapon finisher-          L1 - DDT 29

Combination Moves(X) -   1st - Triple H Punches 02
                         2nd - Triple H Punches 01
                         3rd - Triple H punches 03

5. 'The Game Plan'(Strategies and tips)

Triple H is one of the best superstars in the game not only because of his
high overall stat but because all his stats are equally balanced. 
Triple H's movelist contains easy-to execute as well as moderate/high impact
moves though some of them are really a pain in the ass.
Use Triple 's running knee attack to surprise opponents from a distance and
as soon as they are on the ground, walk up to their head and press right+O
to execute the Headlock 04, an automatic submission move to which opponents
give up without having to press anything and the good part is that it can't
be stopped, it can also be used in triple threat or fatal 4-way or tag team
situations. Use the Pedigree to quickly get your opponent to red, I suggest
Pedigree 03 because it takes lesser time to execute and it's harder to counter
and it doesn't trigger the back body drop reversal animation.
Triple H also has moves which do equal damage to the other parts of the body
like the Arn Anderson style Spinebuster which should get them to red in almost
no time and the Chop Block, Leg trip and the Indian deathlock variations which
can also be used to make your opponents tap. Pushing your opponents onto the 
Turnbuckle and then executing the typical Triple H sleeper hold is another way
to end a well fought match provided your opponent doesn't reverse grapples
Overall, using Triple H should be no problem and should in fact make many
challenges and exhibition/season matches easier for you since his stats are
perfectly balanced.

6. Contacts:

Name: Sundar Subramaniam

NOTE: A lot of guys add me on MSN and ask me whether I am Triple H. Now I know
that this sounds stupid but it happens everytime, so I feel obliged to say
that I AM NOT TRIPLE H. Guys, you need to grow up.... 

7. Copyrights/Credits:

If anyone wants to use information on ANY of my FAQs, they may do so. There's 
no need of asking me permission by email. I PERMIT use of my FAQ by others 
for their sites.


Gamefaqs: For the incredible site, and taking my contributions.
WWE: For allowing Yuke's and THQ to make and publish the game. For the biography.
Ramiwwe: Another user whose format I used to make this FAQ.

Hope this helps you enough.

Copyright 2005 Sundar Subramaniam