WWE Smackdown vs. Raw
Advanced Strategy Guide



This is not a comprehensive strategy guide. However, this contains more 
advanced strategies and techniques. This are all original and a lot of the
techniques here are not found anywhere else because all these are based from


Version 1.00
Copyright January 23, 2005
By: Alvin Go


1.00 - First draft - rejected for lack of content
1.10 - Second draft - added more techniques



I.   Introduction to WWE SVR and this FAQ
II.  Choosing your Wrestler
III. Fight techniques and tips
IV.  Fighting styles and how to deal with them
V.   Acknowledgment


WWE Smackdown vs Raw is the 6th installment of THQ and Yuke's WWE Smackdown 
series. It is currently the best wrestling game available. Though it is said to
be an update (some even say a downgrade) from Smackdown Here Comes The Pain, 
any WWE fan should appreciate the gameplay and the graphics of WWE SVR. 

I have just bought a Playstation 2 last December 2004, and the first game that 
I bought was WWE SVR. Thus, the last Smackdown game that I played was the first 
one in Playstation 1. As a result, the new Smackdown engine and gameplay is 
relatively new to me. However, I realized that this is actually an advantage 
because I do not have to "unlearn" timings in countering and the likes from 
previous Smackdown games, notably Here Comes The Pain. So this work is 
basicallya compilation of my own observations, techniques, and experiences 
as a result of not studying as a result of playing WWE SVR, the only PS2 game
that I'm playing at the moment. 

Please do not expect any move lists in this FAQ, nor any formulas for CAW; 
thereare way too many faqs dwelling on that. What you can expect though, 
are game tips, techniques, and strategies you can employ in playing the game. 

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy Smackdown vs. Raw! Let's get it on!



The wrestler that you choose plays an important role in how you play. Take 
note, it is your wrestler that should dictate what strategy you choose, 
and not the other way around!

There are six attributes that characterize a wrestler: strength, submission, 
durability, technique, speed, and charisma. There are wrestlers that specialize
in one or more attributes, and it is important to use them to your advantage. 

Another thing that will determine how your wrestler fights is its weight class,
ranging from ultra heavyweight to diva weight. The weight class also affect the
maximum points available for each attribute. Moreover, a cruiserweight cannot 
perform lift moves to heavyweights. For more information on the weight system, 
check out the FAQ by Scott at GameFAQs. :)



In this section I will present the different techniques that I employ depending
on my mood, the wrestler that I chose, and the wrestler that I'm facing.

1. Counter! Counter! Counter!

I could not stress enough how important it is to counter. A counter could 
effectively turn the tide of battle, especially if it is executed at the right
moment in the match.

The most important thing to counter is a finisher. A finisher executed while 
your body is damaged could effectively end the match for you. Alternatively, if
you were able to counter a finisher, then you not only waste your opponent's
finisher icon, but gives yourself an opportunity to execute your finisher as 

Counters not only free yourself from attack, but also puts your opponent in a
temporary groggy state, allowing you a chance to either execute your finisher, 
or bluff them (more on bluffs later).

Counters are most important in multiple wrestler matches (such as elimination
chamber, royal rumble, battle royals, fatal 4-ways, etc.) because with so many
wrestlers potentially grappling or striking you, you can't possible focus on 
them all to deal with them. So if you find yourself surrounded by wrestlers, 
counter! What's cool about counters is that you don't have to focus on a 
wrestler to counter their moves!

Proper timing in countering is crucial to successful counters. You'll have to 
choose to counter either strikes (L2), or grapples (R2), or less frequently,
finishers (L2 + R2). Random mashing of a counter button is proven to be less 
effective. What IS effective, aside from a risky one button tap, is periodic 
tapping of the counter button. By periodic, it means about 1 tap per second, or
better yet 2 taps per 3 seconds. Try it against the computer, and you're in the
ground. Periodically mash the R2 button, and most often that not, you'll be 
able to counter the computer's ground moves against you.

Remember, countering is an art that has to be mastered. Good defense will 
almost always give you chances for good offense.

2. He who runs lives to fight another day.

Who says that grappling and striking and running attacks are all that matters
in WWE SVR? Running AWAY from the opponent is another very important defensive
technique that every SVR player should learn. To do so, press Triangle in 
spurts, meaning, don't hold it to long. Hold it just enough with a direction 
button to go away from an opponent's attack.

If you notice, if a wrestler attempts to grapple, or to press O for that 
matter, he does an awkward "grabbing" motion, trying to grab his opponent. 
While doing this animation, it is so easy to move away from him. Sometimes, 
even just walking away would do, depending on the animation. Drop kicks are 
notably easy to move away from, as well as "pumped up" clotheslines. 

After running away from an opponent who attempted to grapple you, he is 
temporarily vulnerable to your attacks. You can either stomp on him (if he 
attempted a running grapple) or grapple him yourself.

3. Run 'n' Gun

If your wrestler is speedy, then this technique might work best against slow 
and big opponents. Simply run and strike your opponents then run away from 

Vary your style. Don't just always go for running with X (strike), or running 
with a O (grapple moves). Go running with Square as well! This not only evades
opponent attacks but also temporarily makes your opponent groggy, leaving him
wide open for the attack, or better yet, a well-timed finisher!

4. Irish Whippin' Cream

Don't go berserk with power moves (especially if strength isn't your wrestler's
name, and durability and technique are the forte of your opponent). Irish whip
your opponents to the turnbuckle! This is very effective in wearing down the 
body, and also allows you to execute either running strikes (X) or do high-
damage, charismatic turnbuckle moves. 

Irish whipping is a science. Bluff your irish whips once in a while (O, then X)
because irish whips are easy to counter. After irish whipping an opponent to 
the turnbuckle, try the following options alternatively and variably:

a. Run (Triangle) and strike (X) your opponent. Alternatively, when you see an
opponent running at you, start preparing to counter using the L2 button!

b. Move towards the opponent and strike the opponent (X).

c. Move towards the opponent and perform a grapple (O) move.

d. Bluff! Run towards the opponent, and if your opponent is experienced, more 
often than not, he'll expect a strike. But don't strike him; instead, perform a
grapple move! This works 90% of the time against human opponents.

5. Be fickle like a girl.

You know why girls are sometimes irritating and exciting at the same time? It's
because they're fickle and unpredictable (peace, girls =) ). 

In playing, being unpredictable is the name of the game. It makes you very 
difficult to counter, and makes it difficult for an opponent to develop a 
strategy to defeat you. Some people have a tendency of doing repetitive moves,
such as Toe Kick, then grapple, then grapple move. This is SOOOO easy to 
counter. Some have a tendency of striking repeatedly. Again, this is MUCH 
easier to counter. 

Alternate between grapples and strikes. Don't be predictable, so as not to be
easily countered. If you get countered a lot, then that's a sign that you're 
getting to be predictable. So, try changing strategy. 

6. Save your finishers.

It does not mean that if you've got a finisher icon, you should execute it at
the first possible opportunity. Remember, if you've got a finisher icon, your
opponent has an extra worry in mind. Not only does he gets to choose to counter
strikes or grapples, he gets to worry about countering a finisher as well. 
Thus, if you've got a finisher icon and your opponent has a finisherphobia, 
then expect his countering percentage to go down. 

Don't steal a finisher unless it is necessary. By necessary, it means that you
simply want to catch your opponent off-guard. To explain it, if you're using
Eddie Guerrero (finisher situations: top rope, opponent on ground), then 
chances are your opponent will not worry as much being groggy. But if you 
have two icons and your opponent's finisher situation is that of facing the 
opponent groggy, then you can steal his finisher and most probably it 
won't be countered.

Learn when it is best to use a finisher. If your opponent's body is still blue,
or has just turned yellow, avoid using your finisher. Remember, a finisher is
called a finisher because it does just that - finish off your opponent.

And as a side note, don't waste finishers by playing for so long with 3 
finisher icons. Your Smackdown meter does not fill up, making it go to waste.

7. Dirty tactics...

Building up your dirty meter is relatively easier compared to the clean meter.
First, it is much better if you use a dirty wrestler (Triple H, Ric Flair),
and constantly use dirty moves such as punch to groin (Up + O, ground). Remove
the covering from turnbuckles, attack your opponent while he is taunting, and
irish whip your opponents to exposed turnbuckles. Sooner or later you'll 
realize that your dirty meter is full and your low blow finisher ready and
waiting. :)

8. Honey I hit the referee...

Here's a dirty and easy cheating tactic to win a match against a computer
opponent. This is VERY useful when trying to accomplish certain challeges,
such as the David vs Goliath challenge. Here's what you do:

a. Get one chair in the North side of the ring and drop it in the ring.
b. Get another chair in the South side of the ring and drop it in the ring.
c. Now, irish whip your opponent to a turnbuckle (you can also opt to just 
hit your opponent. but the key here is to give yourself some time).
d. Do a running attack against the referee! This is tricky because the ref
does not stay put, and sometimes even counters your attacks. So the trick here
is to do a running attack NOT directly at the referee, but somewhere to his
side. See:

|	           U  O	|
|			|
|			|
|			|
|			|
|			|
|		   X  R	|

O - your opponent, immobilized in the turnbuckle
U - you.
R - the referee
X - this is the point of attack. 99% of the time you'll hit the referee. :)

d. After the ref has been knocked down, grab a chair and wait for your 
opponent to stand up. Hit him three straight in the gut (Left/Right + O), and
then do a weapon finisher (L1). 
e. Grab the other chair and drop it near your opponent. Make your opponent
stand up and repeat d. When done right, the referee will still be knocked down
after doing this with time to spare. Beware though when the ref is already up,
stop what you're doing to be sure. Remember that you can hit the ref only
a maximum of three times.

9. Head butt your way

When fighting in a 6-man survival battle royal with a clean wrestler, this
technique is very much helpful. Use someone like Christ Benoit and stand in
the top turnbuckle. Then when the opponent you are focusing on is standing,
or about to stand, do a headbutt. Chances are in this match, all your opponents
are cluttered and will most probably be hit as well! This does wonders to your
clean meter and you will notice that it builds up relatively fast!

10. Clean tactics...

It's much more difficult to build up your clean tactics meter. The easiest way
to do so is through diving moves. Here's one technique you should do:

a. Irish whip your opponent in the turnbuckle.
b. Run towards your opponent and hit Square.
c. Do a diving attack. 
d. Repeat.

Or you could also go out of the ring (when allowed) and do diving moves from
there. It's faster to go up the barricades and do a diving attack. You can also
try waiting for your opponent to stand up and do diving attacks.



In this section, I will explain the different strategies or styles you may use
for yourself, including how to deal with them. Remember, practice makes 

1. Computer fighting style

The fighting technique of the computer or artificial intelligence employed 
in the game is very much predictable. If you play often, soon you'll notice 
that the computer is just following a certain technique, depending on the 
wrestler's logic(grappler, brawler, aggressive, luchador, etc.). The logic 
is pretty much self-explanatory. Grapplers tend to grapple a lot (R2 may 
be your best friend in this case); brawlers tend to strike a lot 
(L2 to counter).

However, the AI's technique is pretty much the same. Take note of the following
AI strategy and actions: (Notice: This are all under Hard difficulty. I have no
idea if the following also applies to other difficulty settings)

a. The AI always, and I mean always, attempts to execute a finisher the 
first time it becomes available. Thus, if the computer is Triple H, and 
he has a finisher icon, and you became groggy in front of him, expect a 
Pedigree. This pretty information SHOULD prove helpful to you to counter 

To be able to do so, the basic thing to do is to know what your opponent's 
finisher is, meaning, know the situation needed for his finisher 
(facing a groggy opponent is the most common). Next is to know what moves 
cause you to be in that situation.
If you know these, then it is quite easy to counter the computer.

Computer: Triple H (1 finisher icon)
Scenario: You attempt to power grapple Triple H. Triple H was able to counter,
it, leaving you groggy.
Counter: Wait for a split second, just BEFORE the SVR icon appears in the 
screen, and press L2 + R2. This takes practice to master, but you may also 
try periodically mashing L2 + R2 once you are groggy. At least 75% of the 
time, you should be able to counter his Pedigree.

- If the computer can steal your finisher, he always attempts to do so in the 
firstpossible situation. Thus, in the previous example, if Triple H had 
2 finisher icons and you were playing Randy Orton, expect an RKO instead 
of a Pedigree. This means that you should also be aware of your OWN finisher
 situation as well whenever your opponent already has 2 finisher icons!

- The computer does not, take note, attempt a finisher when you are not 
inside the ring. (I'm not sure if this also applies in hardcore matches 
and hell in a cell matches.) But one thing is for sure, if the only way to 
win is for both wrestlers to be in the ring, then you're safe when you're 
outside the ring. The computer will NEVER attempt a finisher.

b. When you're in the ground, the AI most probably will attempt to grapple 
you. Thus, it's a better hunch to tap R2 than L2. In fact, against the
computer, it's much better to tap R2 than L2 because the computers like 
to grapple.

c. The computer seldom counters weapon attacks. Use this to your advantage when
playing no-DQ matches.

2. Aggressive/Powerful Style

This style is best used when you're using a powerful wrestler like Batista. In
this style, use power grapples, strong strikes to wear down your opponent. 
Little running is used, more on moving and grapple attempts or power 
clotheslinesare used.

COUNTER: It is easy to counter this aggressive style. Too much concentration 
on offense makes it easy to defend an opponent using this style. Simply 
counter, and use the run and gun style to drive your opponent crazy. 
It is also a tendency to be monotonic using this style, so counter accordingly.

3. Striker Style

This is the first style used by newbies - basically strike your opponent to 
death. This however is effective when using strikers such as Tajiri and RVD.
Don't think this style is crap however, because if you combine lots of 
striking with random grapples, you can be a difficult opponent to deal with.

COUNTER: Again, the L2 is your bestfriend when facing a striker.

4. Run and Gun

Basically, run all around your opponent, striking and grappling while running.
This is very effective using light opponents such as Rey Mysterio, even better
when facing slow opponents like Big Show and Kane. This is also your best 
bet when facing multiple wrestlers. You'll just die trying to face a wrestler
one on one. Better run and gun. 

Remember to alternate between X's and O's. Add an occasional Square as an 
added measure against counters.

COUNTER: The best counter against this, is the Duck style. Or you could run
and gun as well!

5. Duck style

This is a defense-oriented approach. This is basically running away from 
your opponent's attacks using Triangle and a directional button. After ducking,
you can either go on the offensive (use other styles), or keep ducking 

COUNTER: The aggressive style, or the striker style are the best styles to deal
with this. If you keep going for your opponent (walking, not running), it
will be easy to corner your opponent and strike or grapple him. Basically, 
corner your opponent until he has nowhere to go.

6. Pistons style, a.k.a. Countering style

This style is plain, hardcore defense, meaning using counters to spark plug
their offense. In this style, simply R2 or L2 your way until you successfully
counter, and then start your offensive attacks. In RTS games, this is sometimes
called turtling your base. This is boring, but quite effective when mastered,
especially when used with other styles as support.

COUNTER: When mastered, it is difficult to counter a counter. The best way,
therefore, is to be just INCONSISTENT, and UNPREDICTABLE. It is impossible to
counter every move. Try combinations such as Strike Strike grapple, grapple
strike grapple, grapple strike strike strike grapple, etc. Be creative. And 
when you're countered, expect an offensive attack, so start periodically 
mashing your counter buttons!

7. Luchador style

This is a risk-oriented, high flying style basically composing of move
combinations such as Irish whip to corner, run towards opponent, then press 
Square to go up the top turnbuckle, then hit an attack. Other favorite moves
of a Luchador is to strike you, go up the turnbuckle, and as you are getting
up, hit you with a flying attack.

COUNTER: This is risk-oriented, so tap L2 to counter high flying moves. It is
easy to counter, however if you get hit a lot you'll get heavy damage pretty

8. Mat wrestling style

In this style, what you do is basically just try to keep your opponent down.
Use whatever moves you have (big boots, running strikes, whatever) just to 
put your opponent down. And then, start doing some ground grapples and ground
strikes. When your opponent attempts to get up, get ready for another attempt
to knock him down again.

COUNTER: Easy to counter, just periodically mash R2. More often than not, this
will do the job for you.

9. Divide and conquer

This style is used for wrestling matches involving more than 1 opponent. The
trick is to ISOLATE one opponent, beat him so badly, and depending on what 
kind of match, try to win the match using certain tactics.

a. Elimination type matches (Battle royal, elimination chamber) - this style
is very effective for it builds your Smackdown meter while at the same time 
keeping yourself away from the center of the action. Try to conserve 

b. Triple threat/Fatal 4 way/Armageddon hell in a cell - ISOLATE one opponent,
maybe outside the ring or the cell. Beat him so badly. Then perform a running
strike on another nearby opponent (when there is one) and attempt to pin or to
make the beat-up opponent submit.

c. Tag teams - DO NOT allow an opponent to tag. This only gives him time to 
build up finisher icons. Continually irish whip him towards your own 
turnbuckle, perform some double team moves. Running strikes against illegal
 opponents also help.



I would like to thank the following:
- my family for the PS2
- "Pink" for the inspiration
- WWE for giving me something to look forward to every week
- THQ for the game
- Microsoft for the Notepad (har! har!)

No part of this FAQ may be copied without my written consent. This FAQ can only
be found in www.gamefaqs.com. Everything written in this FAQ is ORIGINAL, so
I will know if someone copied it. I did NOT refer to anything WHILE writing 
this FAQ.

For clarifications, suggestions, and opinions, kindly e-mail me at
alvinregan@yahoo.com. I will try to reply as much as possible. E-mail me also
your techniques, styles, and tips you would like to add; I'll put it here and
give you recognition of course. :)

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