J.B. Layfield by kriegpaolo_23

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Game: WWE Smackdown vs. Raw
System: Playstation 2
Publisher: THQ
Genre: Action
Version: 1.0

Table of Contents

1.0 Biography

2.0 Stats

3.0 Moveset

4.0 Strategy

5.0 Copyright


1.0 Biography

Real Name: John Layfield
Ring Name: Bradshaw
Call Name: JBL

Birthdate: 29/11/1967
Hometown: Now residing in New York City
Married: Merideth Whitney (12/02/2005)
Height: 6'6
Weight: 290 lbs.
Debut: 23/09/1992

Signature Moves:

Clothesline From Hell
Big Boot
Fallaway Slam (dubbed "The Last Call")


Once known as the beer-drinking, poker-playing, cigar-smoking brawler who
helped the APA rise to the top of the WWE tag team division, John "Bradshaw"
Layfield has a new attitude, new associates and an incredibly impressive reign
as WWE Champion.

Back in the late 1990s, The Acolytes -- Bradshaw & Faarooq -- were the massive
henchmen for Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness. Later, they became known as the
Acolytes Protection Agency, serving as immediate muscle for needy Superstars.

Soon, their attention would shift to protecting all of WWE from the ECW/WCW

During this time, Bradshaw & Faarooq had great success battling the likes of
The Dudleys, The Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian, eventually enjoying three
stints as World Tag Team Champions.

But after five years of working together, the relationship of Bradshaw and
Faarooq would sour in March of 2004 after then-SmackDown! General Manager Paul
Heyman fired Faarooq after the APA lost a match to Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty.

In an effort to keep his own job, Bradshaw turned his back on his partner, and
decided to focus his energy on emerging as a singles competitor. But a
significant transformation was also taking place at this time.

The old Bradshaw, who began wrestling on the Texas circuit and even did a stint
overseas in Germany, relied strictly on brute strength and intimidation. That
man was being phased out and a sharper-dressed and sharper-minded Bradshaw
would take WWE by storm.

Bradshaw was already a well-educated man who studied ancient history at Abilene
Christian University, where he also played football. Bradshaw also played
professional football with the Raiders and even spent some time in the Canadian
Football League.

But when the final whistle blew on his football career, JBL, armed with a
tremendous business acumen, would go on to make a fortune playing the stock
market, developing a financial portfolio that would rival even the best
stock-market analyst on Wall Street.

JBL even relocated out of his native Texas and into a posh penthouse in New
York. He has traded in his muscle shirts for expensive suits and hats, and now
sits in a custom Limo that takes him from arena to arena.

In the summer of 2003, JBL's "Have More Money Now," a commonsense,
straight-talk financial advice book, was released. He also writes a column for
WWE.com. JBL was clearly a man of culture, and that part of his personality was
coming through loud and clear.

With the motto, "Work harder, work smarter" as his creed, JBL began to achieve
simi liar success in the ring.

In the spring of 2004, JBL began to have an impact on SmackDown!, making it
clear he was coming after Eddie Guerrero's WWE Championship. And at The Great
American Bash on June 27 of 2004, JBL defeated Latino Heat in a Bull Rope Match.

Once on top, JBL began to organize a Cabinet, enlisting the help of Orlando
Jordan, a one-time United States Champion in his own right, as his Chief of
Staff. The Basham Brothers, former WWE Tag Team Champions, are JBL's
Co-Secretaries of Defense.

Meanwhile, JBL has spent the last eight-plus months defending his WWE
Championship. JBL has survived brutal and sometimes bloody battles with
Undertaker, Booker T, Big Show and Kurt Angle to retain that coveted prize.

He outlasted Guerrero, Booker T and Undertaker in a Fatal Fourway at
Armageddon. JBL survived a Triple Threat Match with Kurt Angle and Big Show at
the Royal Rumble, and then he emerged the bloodied victor in a painful Barbed
Wire Steel Cage Match with Big Show at No Way Out.

When JBL takes on John Cena at WrestleMania 21, he will be working on his ninth
straight month as WWE Champion, easily the longest such reign in more than a

JBL's work ethic, intelligence and savvy have never been sharper.

My comments on Bradshaw:

JBL is a great wrestler and is one of the best technicians today. He is
powerful and quick, though his arrogancy has been to the fan's despise. Great
singles competitor (1 (WWE Championship, 1 European Championship, 17 Hardcore
Championship) and has been known as a tag team specialist (3 World Tag team


2.0 Stats

Strength:    9
Submission:  7
Durabillity: 9
Tecnhique:   8
Speed:       6
Charisma:    7.5
Overall:     84

Settings: Dirty
Brand:    Smackdown
Class:    Heavyweight


3.0 Moveset


Ring In Move  : [ ] + Any Direction        = Over The Rope
Ring Out Move : [ ] + Any Direction        = Backward Over Rope

Taunt:	Right Analog Stick Down    = Rolling Arms
	      Right Analog Stick Left    = Undertaker 1
	      Right Analog Stick Up   = Rolling Arms
	      Right Analog Stick Right     = Undertaker 1

Ready Moves:

Attack:   Down + X                   - Big Boot 2
          Left/Right Diagonal Down   - Toe Kick 1
          Left + X                   - Toe Kick 2
          Left/Right Diagonal Up     - Snap Jab
          Up + X                     - Big Boot 1
          Right + X                  - Body Punch

Grapple Attack:

First     X                          - Grapple Punch 2
Second    X                          - Grapple Body Attack 1
Third     X                          - Grapple Elbow Strike 1

Submission Grapples:
(Down + O)

Down  + O                  - Hangman Chokehold 1
Left  + O                  - Snapmare & Neck Lock 2
Up    + O                  - Torture Rack
Right + O                  - Headlock 1

Signature Grapple:
(Left + O)

Down  + O                  - DDT 10
Left  + O                  - Scoop Slam 4
Up    + O                  - Neckbreaker 6
Right + O                  - Suplex 5

Power Grapple:
(Up + O)

Down  + O                  - Powerbomb 13
Left  + O                  - Last Call
Up    + O                  - Spinebuster 3
Right + O                  - Shoulder Breaker

Quick Grapple:
(Right + O)

Down  + O                  - DDT 10
Left  + O                  - Russian Leg Sweep 1
Up    + O                  - Club To Neck
Right + O                  - Shoulder Thrusts

Back Attack:

Down  + O                  - DDT 22
Left  + O                  - Backbreaker 6
Up    + O                  - Elbow To Back Of Head 2
Right + O                  - Forearm Smash

Down  + O                  - Pumphandle Drop
Left  + O                  - Back Suplex 3
Up    + O                  - Pumphandle Slam
Right + O                  - Forearm Smash

Edge Of The Cell

Front:   O                       - Downward Thrust
Front:   O + Any Direction       - Downward Thrust
Back:    O                       - Downward Thrust
Back:    O + Any Direction       - Downward Thrust



X                         - Angry Stomp
X + Up Or Down            - Angry Stomp
X + Left Or Right         - Elbow Drop 2



Left  + O                 - Reverse Chin Lock 2
Up    + O                 - Fury Punch 9
Right + O                 - Camel Clutch 1


Left  + O                 - Leg Lock 10
Up    + O                 - Punch To Groin
Right + O                 - Single Leg Crab



Facing Opponent:

X                          - Turnbuckle Clothesline
X + Any Direction          - Turnbuckle Clothesline


Facing Opponent:

Left  + O                  - Super Last Call
Up    + O                  - Toss To Turnbuckle
Right + O                  - Back Elbow Strike 2

Behind Opponent:

Left  + O                  - Super Back Suplex
Up    + O                   - Turnbuckle Smash
Right + O                   -  Super Back Suplex

Back Attack:

Down  + O                  - Turnbuckle Smash
Left  + O                  - Shoulder Strike
Up    + O                  - Turnbuckle Smash
Right + O                  - Hanging in Reverse

Opponent Leaning on Ropes:

O + Any Direction          - Big Boot 4

Rebound Attack:

Standing: Triangle + X                - Running Shoulder Attack 2
Lying:    Triangle + X                - Double Axe Handle 4
Outside:  Triangle + X                - Vaulting Body Press 2

Jump Down Over:

Square + X                            - Dive Through Ropes



Left  + X                             - Shoulder Block 3
Right + X                             - Flying Clothesline 2


X                                     - Diving Elbow Drop
X + Down                              - Diving Elbow Drop
X + Up                                - Diving Elbow Drop



X                                      - Running Shoulder Attack 2
X + Any Direction                      - Shoulder Block 2

Facing Opponent:

Down  + O                     - Spear 1
Up    + O                        - Neckbreaker 1

Behind Opponent:

O                                      - Mat Slam 2
O (Groggy)                            - Bulldog 2

Downed Opponent:

X                                      - Elbow Drop 10
Any Direction + X                      - Double Axe Handle 4

Running Opponent:

O                                      - Powerslam Pin 2
Up   Or Down  + O                      - Back Body Drop 1
Left Or Right + O                      - Tilt A Whirl Sideslam 3

Double Team


O                                     - Double Flapjack
Down  + O                             - Double Punches 2
Left  + O                             - Double Suplex
Up    + O                             - Double Clothesline
Right + O                             - Double Beat Head


Down  + O                             - Double Punches 2
Left  + O                             - Double Suplex
Up    + O                             - Gut Crusher
Right + O                             - Body Splash & Whip


L1:        Facing Groggy Opponent          - Powerbomb 14
L1:        While Player is Running          - Clothesline From Hell 2

Weapon Finisher:

L1                               - DDT 29
L1 + Any Direction               - DDT 29


Scoop Slam 4
DDT 10
Super Last Call

Combination Moves:

X                                      - Benoit Punches
X                                      - Snap Jab
X                                      - Big Boot 2


4.0 Strategy

Use 'Scoop Slam 04' to take advantage of your opponents. J.B. Layfield's
deadliest finisher is the Clothesline From Hell. The easiest way to use the
Clothesline From Hell is to damage your opponent's midsection to at least,
orange. Then hit a move that targets that part (e.g. Last Call, Scoop Slam 04).
Then make your opponent stand up (your opponent should be groggy for 2-3
seconds depending on the body damage). Then run to the ropes that your opponent
face to and hit the Clothesline From Hell. There's also another way. Simpler,
but needs good timing. Irish whip your opponent to the ropes. As your opponent
bounces back, run and hit L1. Your opponent should be knocked down if the
timing is right. If not, the Clothesline From Hell would be delivered, but
won't knock your opponent down.


5.0 Copyright

This FAQ is copyright of Kriegpaolo_23. It actually takes a while for me to
make it, so don't post this FAQ to your websites without permission. This FAQ
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