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How to fuse monsters ?

I've try to fuse three blue eyes white dragons by make them in a line.but,the command to fuse it not appeared..and i've try to fuse exodia too,but the command to fuse it is not appeared too..

so,how to fuse monsters ?

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hero4000 answered:

make sure your blue eyes are all lvl 2 & in the King Colliseum thats the only place that has high enough AP & MP limits because u need to have at least 630 AP & about 600 MP for the board to fuse it together
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JessicaHayes answered:

Well it depends on the Boards AP and MP limits on a particular board, as well as the monsters respective levels themselves, Trust me it can be very frustrating to figure all this out. My advice is to wait til the King Colliseums boards before trying, as they have the highest AP and MP limits on the boards.
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josephyacomine answered:

Also all the exodia pieces must be at lv 2 to fuse. I did it on Duke Devlins stage with ryu-kishin as backup. exodia wiped EVERYONE out!!!!
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Luigifan18 answered:

I made my Summoned Lord Exodia in the Valley of Ancient Kings (Rex's map.) I had a few other monsters as backup (I forget which ones,) but Exodia was able to trash most of the opposition by itself. :p
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Ooblarg answered:

On this site, people have posted the combos for pretty much every fusion in the game. I hope that helps.
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master759 answered:

You just have to aline them from right to left (or backwards) and it works. When you have your ap full and then it will appeared
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aboudi09 answered:

Fuse 2 then add1
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