FAQ/Walkthrough by Dragnflameknight

Version: 1.25 | Updated: 12/05/04 | Printable Version

 YY      YY UU   UU     GGGGGGGG IIIIII     OOOOOOO HH   HH !!!!!!
  YY    YY  UU   UU     GGGGGGGG IIIIII     OOOOOOO HH   HH !!!!!!
   YY  YY   UU   UU     GG         II       OO   OO HH   HH  !!!!
     YY     UU   UU === GG         II   === OO   OO HHHHHHH  !!!!
     YY     UU   UU     GG  GGGG   II       OO   OO HHHHHHH   !!
     YY     UU   UU     GG   GG    II       OO   OO HH   HH   !!
                       Capsule Monster Coliseum

Genre-Game:   Card Battle Strategy
Console:      PS2
Players:      1 or 2
Memory Req:   277 KB

                           Bonus Cards:  3
 - Teva  5 Star
    Atk: 2000 Def: 1500
    When this card is Tribute Summoned Successfully, your opponent        
    cannot declare an attack during his/her next turn.

- Abyss Soldier  4 Star
   Atk: 1800 Def: 1300  
    Discard 1 WATER monster from you hand to the Graveyard. Return 1
    card on the field to the owner's hand. You can only use this 
    once per turn, during you main phase
 - Inferno Hammer  6 Star
    Atk: 2400 Def: 0 
    When this card destroys your opponent's monster and sends it to   
    the Graveyard as a result of battle, you can select 1 face-up 
    monster on your opponent's side of the field and flip it into 
    face down defense position

                           Version History

Version 0.25 This is my first FAQ so I apologize if anything is 
             wrong. I will include the menu and the basics in this  

Version 0.50 In this, the walk thru was started. Card List started 
             and completed. As well as what attribute beats what was

Version 0.75 Started working on the SPA not completed. Area 3-4   

Version 1.00 Area 5 Complete. Started and completed the Fusions and 
             Area 1 and 2 to come later. Updated some of the Spa's.

Version 1.25 Area 1-5 and Entrance hall both complete.

                         Table of Contents

1. Main Menu
    1a. Campaign Mode
    1b. Free Battle Mode
    1c. Versus Mode
    1d. Configuration
    1e. Load

2. Controls
3. Entrance Hall Menu
4. Walkthrough
5. Card List
6. Rare Cards
7. Fusion List
8. Evolution List
9. Tips / Secrets     

                               Main Menu

1a. Campaign Mode 
-	Defeat your opponent's to advance through the stages at 
            the Capsule Monster Coliseum in this single-player mode. 
            Select this mode if you are playing the game from the 

1b. Free Battle Mode
- In this mode, you can freely choose to battle opponents
           that you have already defeated in Campaign Mode.

1c. Versus Mode
- This mode is for two-player battles. Use your monsters to 
           fight your opponent.

1d. Configuration
         - Change game settings

1e. Load
- Begin the game from a save point in Campaign Mode


Controller              Standard Function        Function on Map

Directional Button:       Select Category        Move Cursor
Left Analog Stick:        Select Category        Move Cursor
Right Analog Stick:              -               View Area 
X Button:                      Enter             Enter/Display
Circle Button:                 Cancel            Cancel
Triangle Button:         Show Stage Details/     Change View
                         Show Monster Status
Square Button:                  Sort             Show Attribute info 
L1:                          Turn Page           Select piece that
                                                 can move
L2:                              -               Rotate view right
R1:                          Turn Page           Select piece that
                                                 can move
R2:                              -               Rotate View Left
START:                       Start Game          Turn grid ON/Off


Once you have selected Campaign Mode it will take you to the 
Entrance Hall. Once there you will construct decks, purchase 
monsters, and save the game. If this is your first time playing you 
will be asked to choose your symbol which will represent 1 of the 8 
Attributes. You will also register you game name. You also need to 
create the base design and color which your symbol will sit on.  
Remember that whichever attribute u choose will affect your game 
play either good or bad. After u have completed that u can assign 
points to your symbol to have starting parameters for your symbol. 
You have 3 parameters to consider, Mp, Ap, and Pp. Mp is your 
monster points this allows you to purchase monsters. Ap is your 
action points which is the starting point of what u can summon to 
the field. NOTE: Make sure u have enough ap to summon a monster if 
not then you must wait till your next turn. PP is your power points 
for your symbol. The pp represents the defense of you symbol once 
your pp of your symbol reaches 0 then the match is automatically 
over even if u still have monsters on the field. Now lets get to the 
what this FAQ is all about. Once in the entrance hall you can manage 
monsters, shop for new ones, save, or play with the configuration. 
First, you need to make sure you have all the monsters in you 
capsule deck that you wish to battle with. The ones u do not use or 
wish to battle with stays in the capsule stock. Once you have chosen 
the ones u want to use it's off to save. Since you have played a 
duel yet you probably can't buy anything yet so save. Once u save 
hit the circle button to be taken to the Coliseum. You can only do 
one area at a time so click on area 1. Your first opponent will be 
Joey. He uses 4 Fire Reapers so eitheruse Water monsters or just use 
any monster other than wood since Fire has the advantage over wood. 
Area 1 and 5 you must duel in the order given but 2, 3, and 4 u have 
a choice of who you battle first and so on. Once you select which 
stage u wish to duel some dialog will come up with your opponent 
saying he/she will have a friendly duel or wants to kick your butt 
HAHA. Then u will chose 1 of 8 cards face down and so will your 
opponent who has the highest number gets to choose who goes first. 
After that you choose you monster that you wish you batter with this 
duel. Now at the top of the screen on the left u will notice a bar 
that says MP ======== 400/400 u can only summon monsters until that 
400 reaches 0 or u have reached the limit for that stage. On the top 
right u will notice 0/6 this means u can summon up to 6 but don't 
have to summon all 6. After you have picked your monsters then u 
position them. The section in blue is yours and the pink is your 
opponent's. You may choose either side of the mat as long as you are 
the second one to go. If u chose to go first then u are stuck with 
the side they give you. If u chose to go first then u may summon 
monsters but u can only summon monsters if you have enough ap if not 
u must wait till your following turn. Each time u summon a monster 
your ap will go up to till it reaches a maximum number set by the 
stage.  Once you are done or cannot move any more pieces it will ask 
u if u wish to end you turn. If not then just go to an unoccupied 
space and hit x for a list of options. Then your opponent does the 
same thing u just did. Then he/she ends the turn. To win either 
destroy all of your opponent's monsters or destroy his/her symbol. 
NOTE: if you destroy the symbol u get 100 exp. Points Sometimes 
lower than 100 for 100 75% of the time.

NOTE: Make sure to take into account that your symbol affects all 
      Monsters u summon to the field. So your symbol may increase 
      the power of your monsters, decrease it or just stay the same.  
      Just like the field, It does the same. The map can affect your
      monsters as well. When u go to move your monster pick a spot 
      and it will pop up showing a rise or decrease in atk and def
      or may not affect it at all. Make sure u watch for changes in 
      certain areas like day to nite or shine to rain etc. . .

NOTE: When a monster is destroyed it cannot be use again until 1 
      duel after it was destroyed. 

                          Entrance Hall Menu

Manage Monsters 
    Arrange your monsters and check their status. You also build ur  
    deck here and can check your collection.

    This is where u buy new monsters. After each area check back for 
    new monsters will be there. Plus check back ever 3 duels for new 
    monsters as well.

    This is where u save your game.

    Change your game settings here.

Return to Title Screen
    Use this function to return to the Title Screen.



Pleast take these into account. If u do not understand how the 
attribute system works then u will surely fall to your opponent.

Light    >    Dark                Water  >   Fire
Dark     >    Earth               Fire   >   Wood
Earth    >    Thunder             Wood   >   Wind
Thunder  >    Light               Wind   >   Water

Mp = this is how many points u have at the beginning of the duel 
     in order to choose which monsters u wanna take into the duel. 
     You can't exceed this limit though.

Md = this is how many monsters u can deploy to the battle. You can't
     deploy more than this number. You can deploy less than the 

This area requires u to duel in a given order so be careful.

Joey Wheeler:                               Mp -> 270  Md -> 6
Symbol:         Fire
Arena:          Forgotten Capital
Monsters:       4 Fire (4x Fire Reapers)

To Win:         To win this duel use either Water monsters or any      
                other monsters except for wood since he would have 
                an advantage over wood. Water monsters help greatly   
                here since after a few turns the arena fills with a  
                little water. Then a few more turns later it fills  
                some more but after so many turns the water will             
                drain. So use the turns wisely to your advantage.
                Fire + Water + Wood -

Tristan Taylor:                             Mp -> 300  Md -> 6
Symbol:         Wood
Arena:          Condemned Warehouse 
Monsters:       2 wood    ( 2x Petit Moth)
                2 thunder ( Steel Scorpion, Kaminarikozou)

To Win:         Just work you way around but be warned some spots 
                give damage if your not wood type. Make sure to not  
                leave a monster by itself or it will get trapped and 
                destroyed. If u want to have somewhat a good 
                advantage either dark or fire monsters. But not a 
                must u may use any combination you choose.
                Fire + Wood + Wind -

Duke Devlin:                                Mp -> 300  Md -> 6
Symbol:         Dark
Arena:          Electric Cage
Monsters:       3 dark    ( 3x Kuriboh)
                2 thunder ( 2x Steel Scorpion)

To Win:         Just place ur pieces carefully. 
                Dark + Light + Earth -

Tea Gardner:                                Mp -> 300  Md -> 7
Symbol:         Water
Arena:          Sacred Street
Monsters:       3 light ( 2x Happy Lover, Skelengal)
                2 wood  ( 2x Petit Moth)
                1 water ( Root Water)

To Win:         Same as the last state just place them carefully.
                Water + Wind + Fire -

Grandpa Moto:                               Mp -> 350  Md -> 7
Symbol:         Earth
Arena:          Challengers
Monsters:       3 wood ( 2x Petit Moth, Cockroach Knight)
                2 dark ( Kuriboh, Right Arm of Exodia)

To Win:         Be care the floor rotates between fire and wood:)
                Dark + Earth + Thunder -


This is a free run area meaning u choose who u battle in what order 
u wish.

Weevil Underwood                            Mp -> 500  Md -> 6
Symbol:         Wood
Arena:          Ancient Forest of Origin 
Monsters:       3 wood    ( Larvae Moth, Petit Moth, Cockroach  
                1 thunder ( Shovel Crusher)
                1 water   ( Root Water)

To Win:         An ancient, aged forest. Use the unpredictable 
                Weather To your advantage to win. Wood + Fire +
                Wind -

Mokuba Kaiba                                Mp -> 620  Md -> 7
Symbol:         Thunder
Arena:          Guiding Mansion
Monsters:       4 thunder ( Shovel Crusher, Kaminarikozou, 2x Steel 
                2 wind    ( Droll Bird, Wicked Dragon with the 
                            Ersatz Head)

To Win:         Watch out for certain floor spots where any monster 
                will take thunder damage except for thunder 
                monsters. Make every move you make count and u will  
                win. Make Sure u do not get cornered on here or it   
                can get hard. Thunder + Light - Earth +

Mai Valentine
Symbol:         Wind
Arena:          Valley of Howling Winds
Monsters:       3 fire (Mechanical Snail, Flame Manipulator, Jigen 
                4 wind (One Eyed Shield Dragon, Wicked Dragon of the
                        Ersatz Head, 2x Harpie Lady)

To Win:         Take in account this arena gets a wind field power
                Bonus after a few turns. Then a few turns later it 
                gets more of a boost then slows down later. Watch 
                your steps to assure victory. She likes to use a lot
                of monsters with a 3 or 4 + movement. Wind + Water -
                Wood +

Rex Raptor
Symbol:         Earth
Arena:          Tomb of Ancient Kings
Monsters:       3 earth   (Torike, Larvas, Two Headed King Rex)
                2 thunder (Steel Scorpion, Shovel Crusher)
                2 dark    (2x Kuriboh)

To Win:         Just watch your moves, proceed with caution and win.
                One note though, the liquid that's in the middle
                that looks like a river is actually a gas river.
                All monsters except earth take damage here so be 
                Warned. Earth + Thunder - Dark +

Mako Tsunami
Symbol:         Water
Arena:          Sea of Miracles
Monsters:       3 water (Fiend Kraken, Physic Kappa, Root Water)
                2 light (2x Happy Lover)
                1 earth (Torike)

To Win:         Mako uses a water field so be careful. A ship will 
                rise shorty after you start. Place your monsters 
                right and you shall obtain victory. Water + Fire - 
                Wind +


This is a free run area meaning u choose who u battle in what order 
u wish.

Bakura                                      Mp -> 680  Md -> 7
Symbol:         Dark  
Arena:          Moonlit Cherry Blossoms
Monsters:       3 dark   ( 2x Kuriboh, Feral Imp)
                1 wood   ( Queen of Autumn Leaves)
                1 earth  ( Larvas)
                1 wind   (Winged Dragon-Guardian of the Fortress #1)

To Win:         There are a few places to fight on this map, 
                so making crucial moves to favorable positions 
                quickly is key for victory. Light + Earth - Dark +

Marik Ishtar                                Mp -> 900  Md -> 8
Symbol:         Dark
Arena:          Guru's Garden
Monsters:       4 dark:    ( 2x Ryu-Kishin, Needle Ball, Zoa)
                2 water:   ( 2x Kanikabuto)
                1 thunder: ( Bolt Penguin)

To win:         A room made of stange cubes. Certain spots on the 
                field have an attribute symbol on them for a boost   
                of that attribute. Be careful to not lower a  
                monsters stats by landing on the wrong cube that may       
                be weak to that attribute. Light + Earth - Dark +

Odion                                       Mp -> 750  Md -> 8
Symbol:         Earth
Arena:          Burning Earth
Monsters:       5 earth  ( 2x Hitotsu-me-giant, 2x Statue of Easter   
                           Island, Rock Orge Grotto #1)
                1 light  ( Skelengal)
                1 fire   ( Fire Reaper)

To Win:         The key to victory is to understand how the traps 
                are Arranged on the map. The main trap is that is    
                kind a close range battle. Dark + Thunder - Earth +

Maximillion Pegasus                         Mp -> 800  Md -> 7
Symbol:         Light
Arena:          Imperfect Paradise
Monsters:       2 light ( Lucky Trinket, Roguedoll)
                2 wood  ( Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, Green 
                          Phantom King)
                1 water ( Penguin Soldier)
                1 earth ( Haniwa)

To Win:         Pieces from all sides are close together on this map
                Strategic monster placement and summon order are 
                Vital For victory. The middle spot where the  
                fountain is Would be a good place to stand for your 
                attacks. Thunder + Dark - Light +

Bandit Keith                                Mp -> 750  Md -> 8
Symbol:         Dark
Arena:          Treasure Trove
Monsters:       4 dark    ( 2x Needle Ball, Barrel Dragon, Feral 
                3 thunder ( 2x LaLa Li-oon, Steel Scorpion)

To Win:         Ruins holding the lost royal treasure. There is 
                Really no traps here. Just place ur monsters good or 
                u will fall.  Light + Earth - Dark +


This is a free run area meaning u choose who u battle in what order 
u wish.

Shadi                                       Mp -> 850  Md -> 8
Symbol:         Light
Arena:          Limitless Sanctuary
Monsters:       2 wind  ( One Eyed Shield Dragon, Faith Bird)
                2 light ( Skelengal, Lucky Trinket)
                2 fire  ( Launcher Spider, Charubin the Fire Knight)
                1 earth ( Hitotsu-Me Giant) 
To Win:         You must split up you positions, and the distances 
                to enemy units are short. Place pieces carefully. 
                also your symbol starts in the middle so get it to 
                safety. Dark - Thunder + Light +

Yami Bakura                                 Mp -> 800  Md -> 8
Symbol:         Dark
Arena:          Wicked Ceremonial Site
Monsters:       4 dark    ( Pumpking-the King of Ghosts, Feral Imp,
                            Tri-Horned Dragon, Needle Ball)
                3 thunder ( Bolt Penguin, LaLa Li-oon, Mega 
To Win:         Study the map to determine the optimal route to 
                advance your army, and the best places to engage in
                battle. The center skull will light up after a few
                turns giving dark a boost. Light + Dark + Earth - 

Yami Marik                                  Mp -> 900  Md -> 7
Symbol:         Wind
Arena:          Corridors of Madness
Monsters:       3 wind    ( Twin Headed Behemoth, Winged Dragon-
                            Guardian of the Fortress #2, Wicked
                            Dragon with the Ersatz Head)
                2 fire    ( Blast Juggler, Megasonic Eye)
                1 dark    ( Ryu-Kishin)
                1 thunder ( Two Mouth Darkruler)

To Win:         When a piece lands on a space, the corresponding
                ground on the opposite side will sink. If you land
                on a sinked space you will take damage of about 50
                I think. Wood + Wind + Water -

Ishizu Ishtar                               Mp -> 900  Md -> 7
Symbol:         Wind
Arena:          Crimson Valley
Monsters:       2 dark  ( 2x Ryu-Kishin)
                2 wind  ( Sky Dragon, Kazejin)
                1 wood  ( Kamakiriman)
                1 earth ( King Tiger Wanghu)

To Win:         Key to victory here is to understand how the traps
                are arranged on the map. Wood + Wind + Water -

Seto Kaiba                                  Mp -> 850  Md -> 8
Symbol:         Light      
Arena:          City of Redemption
Monsters:       4 light ( 2x Skelengal, Gyakutenno Megami, Blue 
                          Eyes White Dragon)
                2 earth ( Battle Ox, Mystic Horseman)
                1 fire  ( Megasonic Eye)

To Win:         Study the map to determine the optimal route to 
                advance your army, and the best places to engage
                in battle.


This area requires u to duel in a given order so be careful.

Maximillion Pegasus                         Mp -> 950  Md -> 9
Symbol:         Light
Arena:          Shrine of Chaos
Monsters:       3 light   ( Carot Idol, Magician of Faith, Lucky  
                2 water   ( White Dolphin, Jellyfish)
                2 thunder ( 2x Oscillo Hero #2)
                1 wood    ( Arsenal Bug)
                1 dark    ( Illusionist Faceless Mage)

NOTE: Pegasus has two different sets of monsters. In area 3 u get 
one set. But when u face him here make sure u win the card select 
and then choose to go second. Then choose the side he would normally 
choose and u get his second set. This is the only way to get 
(Oscillo Hero #2, Arsenal Bug, Jelly Fish, and Illusionist Faceless 

To Win:         The attribute of the ground changes depending on 
                which emblem the symbol lands on. Use this to your  
                advantage. Light + Thunder + Dark -

Ishizu Ishtar                               Mp -> 860  Md -> 9
Symbol:         Light
Arena:          Neverending Site
Monsters:       5 light  ( Petit Angel, Mystical Elf, Ocubeam, 
                           Genin, Fiend Reflection #2)
                3 wind   ( Lesser Dragon, Tyhone, Faith)

To Win:         Study the map and place your monsters carefully.
                Light + Thunder + Dark -

Yami Marik                                  Mp -> 900  Md -> 8
Symbol:         Fire
Arena:          Fire Mountain
Monsters:       4 fire  ( 2x Firegrass, Crimson Sunbird, Molten   
                2 earth ( Mega Zowler, Crawling Dragon)
                1 wind  ( Twin Headed Behemoth)

To Win:         Place monsters carefully. After a few turns the 
                volcano explodes and a lava put appears causing 
                damage to all pieces but fire pieces that touch it. 
                A few turns later it rains and reduces the damage. 
                Be careful. Water + Fire + Wood -

Shadi                                       Mp -> 999  Md -> 8
Symbol:         Dark
Arena:          Sealed Sanctuary
Monsters:       4 dark    ( Kuriboh, Needle Ball, Ushi Oni, Terra 
                            the Terrible)
                2 thunder ( Mega Thunderball, Thunder Dragon)
                1 fire    ( Tyhone #2)

To Win:         All attributes are here. Beware the dragon which 
                randomly damages a specific attribute.
                Dark + Light + Earth -

Seto Kaiba                                  Mp -> ~  Md -> 10
Symbol:         Light 
Arena:          Aerial Palace
Monsters:       3 light  ( 2x Blue Eyes White Dragon, Skull 
                2 water  ( Grappler, Suijen)
                2 fire   ( Meteor B. Dragon, La Jinn the Mystical 
                           Genie of the Lamp)
                1 wind   ( Lesser Dragon)
                1 earth  ( Destroyer Golem)

To Win:         A 50+ spot for every attribute is here. 
                It turns from light to dark. For a 50+ dark Wait 
                till it turns nite. Light + Thunder + Dark -

                             Card List

Monster card List = 200 Cards

                              LIGHT   24

1. Happy Lover
   Spa: Heart Beam (Lvl 2)
     3 use SPA AP 80
     heal for 30 pp one monsters

2. Skelengel
3. Magician of Faith 
   Spa: Breath of Light (lvl 1)
     3 use Spa ap 80 
     Changes the map Attribute Effect Rate Affecting the target to    
     0% Last 1 turn. 
4. Time Wizard 

5. Prisman
6. Genin   
   Spa: Place of Light (Lvl 3)
     3 use SPA Ap 75
     Raise light attribute by 10% last 1 turn
7. LaMoon

8. Dark Witch 

9. Lucky trinket 

10. Seiyaryu 

11. Petit Angel 
    Spa: Place of Light (Lvl 3)
      3 use Spa AP 200
      raise light attribute by 15% last 2 turns

12. Fairy's Gift

13. Rogue Doll

14. Fiend Reflection #2
    Spa: Shine of Dark (lv 2)
      2 use spa ap 180          
      Increase DF of target 20% last 1 turns

15. Ocubeam 

16. Giltia the D. Knight-win game      

17. Mystical Elf

18. Luminous Soldier 

19. Skull Guardian 
    Spa: Impenetrable Charm (Lvl 2)
      2 use spa Ap 220  510
      increase own DF by 40 last 1 turn

20. Gyakutenno Megami

21. Blue-Eyes White Dragon
    Spa: White Lightning (Lvl 2)
      1 use Spa Ap 200
      Damage all enemies in range

22. Shining Friendship 
    Spa: Friends again  
      2 use spa ap 400 
      Helps all pieces within effect range, both friend and foe, 
      recover 80pp

23. Carat Idol  

24. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
    Spa: Neutron blast attack(lv1)
      1 use Spa Ap 350       
      damage all enemies in range

                           DARK   28 

1. Kuriboh                        
   Spa: Perfect Block (Lvl 4)
     2 use spa ap 150
     Neutralizes an enemy attack for 1 time only

2. Feral Imp

3. Needle Ball
   Spa: Needle Shower    
     1 use spa ap 230
     Inflicts damage on all on map friend and foe.
4. Right Leg of the Forbidden One

5. Left Leg of the Forbidden One

6. Right Arm of the Forbidden One

7. Left Arm of the Forbidden One

8. Exodia the Forbidden One 

9. Ryu-kishin

10. Curse of Dragon
    Spa: Dark Judgement (lvl 2)

11. Illusionist Faceless Mage

12. Terra the Terrible

13. Ryu-kishin powered

14. Pumpking the King of Ghosts
    Spa: Shine of Dark (lv 2)
      3 use spa ap 200
      reduce the earth attribute 20% last 2 turns 

15. Summoned Skull 
    Spa: Lightning strike (lv 3)
      1 use spa ap 220
      inflict damage on all enemies in range

16. Ushi Oni

17. Zoa
    Spa: Metalmorph (lvl 3)
      2 use spa ap 185
      Increase its own def by 61 pts. Last 1 turn

18. Dark Magician Girl
    Spa: Dark Burning Attack (Lvl 3) 
      Inflict damage on friend/foe
      2 use spa ap 300

19. Tri-Horned Dragon  

20. Red-Eyes B. Dragon- Win Game

21. Slot Machine

22. Barrel Dragon                  
    Spa: Dark Contract (Lvl 3)
      2 use spa ap 200 
      Increase AT of all friendly dark monsters within range30

23. Dark Magician

24. Metalzoa
    Spa: Metalmorph (lvl 2)
      2 use spa ap 250
      Increases its own def by 76 pts. Lasts 2 turns.

25. Red-Eyes B. Metal Dragon 
    Spa: Flash flare blast (lv 3)
      2 use spa ap 300
      damage 1 enemy monster regardless of enemy DF

26. Magician of Black Chaos
    Spa: Chaos Scepter Blast (lvl 3)
      1 use spa ap 340
      Inflicts damage on all enemies within range

27. Gate Guardian

28. Summoned Lord Exodia
    Spa: Obliterate (lv1)
      1 use spa ap 360
      damage friend and foe

                              Rare Cards

Win the game to get these cards at random. Note> You only get 3 each 
time you beat the game so u may need to beat it multiple times to get 
all the cards in the game. Unless you CHEAT!!! And use gameshark or 
codebreaker. Oh yea did you know that by using gameshark u void your 
warrenty with sony cuz it may delete ur dvd drivers. :)

1.	Giltia the D. Knight

2.	Red Eyes B. Dragon

3.	Rigras Leever

4.	Fortress Whale

5.	Super War-Lion

6.	Javelin Beetle

7.	Dungeon Worm

8.	Sanga of the Thunder

9.	Celtic Guardian -> This one you must surrender 20+ times in area 
3 and 4 then he is for sell in grandpa's shop.

10. Sinister Serpent -> Have 50+ water monsters and then it will 
                           go up for sell at grandpa's.

11. Firewing Pegasus -> After 10+ hours of play and in area 2.

   12. Crow Goblin -> Grandpa's shop 2 less than 10 wind monsters.

                             Fusion List


 Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon --> Fuse 3 Blue Eyes Lvl 2 ap 650 to Fuse.


 Metalzoa --> Fuse Zoa lvl 2 with Steel Scorpion lvl 3

 Gate Guardian --> Fuse Sanga, Kazejin, Suijin all lvl 3

 Summoned Lord Exodia --> Fuse all Exodia parts lvl 2 ap 450 - 500


 Dark Fire Dragon --> Fuse Firegrass lvl 3 with Petit Dragon lvl 5

 Flame Swordsman --> Fuse Masaki with Flame Manipulator lvl 4 


 Flying Penguin --> Fuse Penguin Knight with Penguin Soldier lvl 3

 Rabid Horseman --> Fuse Mystic Horseman with Battle Ox

 Millennium Golem --> Fuse Destroyer Golem with Statue of Easter Island


 Thousand Dragon --> Fuse Baby Dragon with Time Wizard lvl 5

 Harpie Lady Sisters --> Fuse Harpie Lady x3 lvl 2

 Metal Dragon --> Fuse Lesser Dragon with steel Ogre Grotto #1 lvl 3

 Gaia the Dragon Champion --> Fuse Gaia TFK with curse of Dragon lvl 3

 Kwagar Hercules --> Fuse Hercules Beetle and Kuwagata Alpha lvl 3


 Kaminari Attack --> Fuse Mega Thunderball with Ocubeam lvl5

 Cyber Saurus --> Fuse Twin Headed King Rex with Blast Juggler lvl 5

 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon --> Fuse Thunder Dragon x2 lvl 4
                            Evolution List


 Dark Witch --> Evolve from Lamoon lvl 4

 Shinning Friendship --> Evolve from Petit Angel lvl 5


 Ryu-Kishin Powered --> Evolve from Ryu-Kishin lvl 5

 Red-Eyes B. Metal Dragon --> Evolve from Red-Eyes B. Dragon

 Magician of Black Chaos --> Evolve from Dark Magician lvl 4
                             Field Power Dark 60


 Fireyarou --> Evolve from Flame Manipulator lvl 3

 Manga Ryu-Ran --> Evolve from Ryu-Ran lvl 2


 Penguin Knight --> Evolve from Penguin Soldier lvl 3 Water field 
                    Bonus 40

 High Tide Gyojin --> Evolve from root water lvl 5 or 6

 Hyosube --> Evolve from Psychic Kappa lvl 5 or 6


 Rock Spirit --> Evolve from Haniwa lvl 5
 Mon Larvas --> Evolve from Larvas


 Hunter Spider --> Evolve from Kumootoko lvl 4

 Larvae Moth --> Evolve from Petit Moth lvl 3

 Great Moth --> Evolve from Larvae Moth lvl 3 wood field 
                bonus 30

 Perfect Ultimate Great Moth --> Evolve from Great Moth wood
                                 Field bonus 40

 Trent --> Evolve from Ancient Tree of Enlightenment on wood field
           bonus 50 


 Tripwire Beast --> Evolve Electric Lizard lvl 6


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