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|Rogue Trooper FAQ/Walkthrough (US Version) by NKnicksY427|

There are minor spoilers in this FAQ. If you want to find out 
everything that happens, buy the game and complete it. Trust me, it 
will be worth it.  

/Table of Contents/

I.	Introduction
II.	Characters
III.	Controls
IV.	Version History
 V.	Levels -
       a. Quartz Zone Massacre
       b. Orange Sea Coast
       c. Nort Naval Base
       d. Together Again
       e. Nu Paree
       f. Hoppa Chase
       g. Nort Base
       h. Souther R&R Facility 
       i. Hovertrain Journey
       j. Petrified Forest
       k. Mountain Pass
       l. Harpos Ferry
       m. Final Fight
VI.   Glitches/Errors
VII.  Legal
IIX.  Credits

/I. Introduction/

This guide is a simple and helpful FAQ for Rouge Trooper. If thats 
what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place. Id like 
to note that this FAQ is for the normal difficulty. I havent found out 
if there is any difference between each difficulty setting yet. 


Caught in the orbit of two suns and a Black Hole, Nu Earth has 
occupied a key strategic position ever since the discovery that Black 
Holes could be used as warp gate points to any other point in the 
galaxy. Twenty years of continuous warfare using weapons of mass 
destruction have reduced this one-time paradise planet to a polluted 
toxic hell, but the war still goes on. Most people call it the worst 
place in the galaxy, if you are a Genetic Infantryman, you call it 

/II. Characters/

|GIs and Souther Army|

Genetic Infantryman (G.I.s)
The result of years of experiments by the Souther scientists, GIs are 
more capable than ordinary humans and can breath the toxic air from 
Nu Earth.

 Rogue Trooper
The only GI of his kind left. His mission is to gain revenge on their 
massacre and learn the truth.

A GI whos main ability is in firearms and other weaponry.

A GI who recycles and reuses scrap to make more useful items.

Another GI just like Rogue, his specialty lies in complex and high-
tech machinery.

Colonel Kovert
A high ranking Souther Colonel from Milli-Com.

Venus Blue Genes
A female GI known as one of the GI Dolls, she escaped the usual 
fate of the other female GIs. Her whereabouts are unknown. 

Souther Troops
The core of the Southern Cross Confederacy

S3 Agents 
Elite troops of the Southern Cross Confederacy Army

Gene Genies
The scientists that are responsible for the GIs.

Clone Babies
GIs in their early stages are fully mobile by nine months and ready 
for training by eighteen months.

|Norther Army|

Grand Admiral Hoffa
A high ranking Nordland officer

One of the best elite snipers from a Nordland troop, Morgen is one not to be 
messed with.

Kaptain Natashov
Another high ranking Nordland Commander with her own Nordland warship, she is 
one of the youngest female commanders ever.

Base Commander

EMP Troops


Lazooka Troops

Mortar Troops


N.T.A (Nort Tactical Armor)

Navy Sergeant



Shotgun Troops


Stammal Riders

Sun Legions

|Mechanical Weaponry|

Attack Hoppas

Blackmare Tank


Deploy Hoppas

Drill Probes

Drop Pods

Hell Cannon

Hover Train

Landing Craft

N.H.S.A (Nort Heavy Support Armor)

Patrol boats


Souther Hoppa


|Nu Earth Animals|

They originated off world and were brought to NU earth by early 
settlers. Their tough skin provides protection against toxic pollutants 
and their respiratory systems include a series of bio-filters enabling 
them to breathe the poison air. 

A small but rapid enemy, the beetle will but and slowly diminish the 
health of anyone it deems a hazard.

Very agile, the rat has a swift bite that causes minor damage.

The spider is an evolved mutant from the harmful gases on Nu Earth. 
They come in packs and can cause minor damage.

/III. Controls/

Walk                                   Left Analog Stick
Look                                   Right Analog Stick
Crouch                                 L3 
Action                                 X
Dive/Climb/Vault                       L1
Cover Mode                             L2
Fire                                   R1
Primary/Secondary Fire                 R2(Multiplayer Only) 
Sniper Scope                           R3
Throw Grenade                          Square
Micro-mine                             O (Drop: press circle / Project: Hold 
                                       circle / Detonate: Press O             
Digi-pad                               select button            
Select Underslung                      up/down buttons
Select grenade                         left directional button
Medi-pak                               right directional button
Bio-chip menu                          triangle
Pause                                  start
Confirm                                X
Cancel                                 Triangle 

/IV. Version History/

1. Version 1.0 ~ 5/27/06 ~ Started FAQ
2. Version 1.3 ~ 5/30/06 ~ Realigned T.O.C. & paragraphs, added more character 
information, and changed border designs 

/V. Levels/

[a. Quartz Zone Massacre]

Get to know the tutorial and make your way onward. If you need to 
make any changes control wise, do so know. A Nort approaches 
Rogues area. I have made a move list just in case you need to know 
anything such as evading fire and stuff related to that. Kill the Nort 
with your rifle and move on. There is another Nort on the ledge 
ahead. Take cover along the shallow hill to your left. Use your scope 
and take him out. Remember you can either get one hit kills by doing 
a headshot or aiming for their oxygen tanks. You can aim for the 
explosive canister to make for a more extravagant extermination too. 
Climb up the ledge and talk to Gunnar. 

As you move on, three Norts attack from the front. There are partial 
rock structures than you can use for cover. After you get rid of the 
Norts, there is barrier blocking your path. Wall hug the barrier and 
get rid of the three Norts that come out of the drill probe. 
After the cutscene you get Gunnars abilities. Moving on, hug the 
barrier again as three Norts come into the scene. Throw out a 
grenade and eliminate them. Vault the barrier and go to the next 

Now you need to get rid of the Blackmare Tanks. Use the Lazooka 
on the edge of the cliff and destroy the small turrets. After a while, 
the blue rock to your right gets blasted and it opens up a new path. 
Go over the wall and meet Bagman. Now you must take control of 
the Flak Cannon. After you go over the wall, three Norts once again 
come to attack you. Wait for them to run near the explosive canister 
and them shoot it to get an easy kill. 

Another drill probe resurfaces and a pack of Norts come out. Take 
cover by the small rocks. After that occurs, grenade the Norts to 
pieces. There are other GIs here that will help you out. Once you get 
up the hill, the other GIs charge the Northers. There are four Norts 
here to kill. Take cover by the left rock and kill some Norts while 
your at it. 

Progress slowly as a drill probe pops up once again. A pack of Norts 
come out that are waiting to meet their fate. As soon as they die, the 
drill probe goes away. 

At the bottom of the next hill, wait by the left rock. Three Norts 
come rushing. Be careful, at the top is a machine gun turret and one 
of them could be controlling it. 

Snipe out the Norts and continue onward. Take the upper path 
because there is more cover. The other GIs will play as sacrifice 
lambs as they run into the action. There are three Norts here. Two 
Norts are waiting by the machine gun turret on the left and one Norts 
is hiding behind a pillar on the right. Either way they are both going 
to be dead.

Now man the Flak Cannon and get rid of two Hoppas in the air. Now 
you have a new objective. Wait for one of the GIs to place a micro 
mine on the door and let it explode to open a new area. In this area, 
there are five Norts in hiding. Take some cover and kill them. There 
is an explosive here than you can target to catch some of the Norts 
on fire. 

Once you are done with this location, move out and onto the bunker 
in the next area. There are three Norts here and one is controlling a 
machine gun. Take them out anyway you want and move onto the 
bunker. Move towards the double doors to finish this level.

[b. Orange Sea Coast]

Salvage the scrap heap and get the Micro-mines from the digipad 
upgrade section. Roll across the gap and plant some mines in front of 
the door to set some Norts into a trap. I suggest upgrading your 
standard rifle ammo now because it will be worth it.

Salvage some crap from the Nort. I wont mention it again but once 
you kill a Nort, or accidently kill a Souther retrieve the salvage from 
them. Id prefer using headshots now instead of aiming for their 
oxygen tank because if they blow up and fly off the map, you cant 
get their salvage. 

Get up the steps and use the Lazooka to get rid of another Blackmare 
Tank. From up here, help the GIs by sniping some Norts. Once you make 
your way down into the pit, head all the way into the back corner of 
the pit near to where you started the area. Here, there is 800 worth in 
salvage. Ill just call those mechanical looking things heavy salvage. 
Make your way to the right through the tunnel. A drill probe appears 
with its pack of three Norts again. Kill them and move on. There is 
heavy salvage here worth 1000. 

After the scene you can take a risk if you want and head into the area 
up ahead and take cover by the blue rock. You can easily kill both 
machine gunnars once you get to the cover. Head back to the 
entrance of the tunnel and find cover. A drill probe comes out with 
its pack of three Norts. Watch out though. There are two Norts also 
gunning you down from the far right side. Kill all of them and head 
to the door. This door here will lead to the next area once one of the 
GIs near you hacks it. 

Head up the stairs and to the checkpoint. Heavy salvage worth 1000 
is on the ground. Find some cover and kill the three Norts here. Two 
Norts eventually patrol down to your area so just wait and then kill 
them. The two Norts machine gunning you are still dead which left 
you with less work to do. Watch out for decapitators here that will 
cause major damage. Take the left path and kill the three Norts 
hassling some GIs. Split across onto the path to the right and go into 
the tunnel. Some heavy salvage here worth 1000 is lying around. Go 
back to the path on the left. I havent found any consequences yet, but 
the two GIs just standing around not following you are worth 10 and 
11 each if you know what I mean. 

Head onward and find some good cover because those pillboxes 
inflict heavy damage. Taking out the red sensor is by far the best 
way to kill them from long distances. After getting rid of all four 
pillboxes, go behind them and do a kill-move although they are 
already dead. You get 250 in scrap for each one. There are a group 
of decapitators on the right side, so be careful. 

Continue to the next area and take cover behind the blu rock on the 
left. Blu rock, get it? Anyway, get rid of the machine gunner from 
afar with your scope. Continue right where there are more GIs 
getting killed. There is a Nort with a Lazooka on the right. Snipe him 
first because he will cause good damage. There are three more Norts 
up on the hill that you can snipe at. After you head up the hill, take 
cover among the boxes and shoot a Nort patrolling the corner. There 
are two more Norts in this area. After that GI with you hacks and 
opens the door, three Norts in here are waiting to get fried. 

Through the next door, dont go up the stairs to your right but go to 
the left and take the stairs down. All the way at the end is some 
heavy salvage worth 1800. Continue back up to the stairs on the right 
and kill the Nort in your way. Take cover behind the structure ahead 
and wait for two Norts to come. Use a kill move so you dont waste 
ammo. There are still two Norts outside that you can snipe. Once 
you are done with that, continue onward and throw a grenade in the 
building ahead. Two Norts in that building should have been blown 
up. Go into the building and get the heavy salvage worth 1000. Head 
out of the building and continue down the path. Now you must plant 
a micro-mine on the panel and wait for it to blow up. This level is 
now complete.

[c. Nort Naval Base]

Rogue begins this level at the end of a dock. Keep your crouched 
position as there is a Nort up ahead unaware of his location. Make 
sure you have the silencer equipped because creating the least 
amount of sound is necessary in this level. Always stay crouched as 
much as possible in this level. Be careful, there is a patrol boat that 
will kill you instantly or cause major damage of you arent careful. 
Keep on moving in order to avoid the blasts from the boat.

Snipe out the Nort and keep moving towards the first set of boxes. 
Hug the first box to your left and move to the right corner and snipe 
a Nort patrolling across the water. Watch out though. If you miss or 
give away your location, just stay where you are. This should alarm 
two Norts who end up hurrying to your location. Quickly roll from 
your wall hug position to the other box next to you. Only one Nort 
checks out your area as the other one stays further behind. Take care 
of the Nort that stops in front of your box. Stay in the wall hug 
position and use your scope to eliminate him. The other Nort 
somehow doesnt do anything so just climb up the boxes behind you. 

Stay crouched and take cover behind the large green box. There is 
some heavy salvage here worth 1000. Continue moving up and take 
cover among the connected gray walls. You are safe here. There is a 
Nort sergeant and a Nort soldier up front. Snipe them out and move 
up the steps. Take out the two Norts, one in the front and one in the 
building. Go into the opening in the wall and you will reach a 

Wall hug the pillar on the edge of the wall. From here you can snipe 
out four Norts. There are two Norts that continuously come out of 
the elevators so you have to do something about that. After getting 
rid of the four Norts roll forward and take cover behind the boxes. 
There are two more Norts along the right side you can take out. Once 
you are at the elevator, you can plant a micro-mine in the elevator 
and wait for some Norts to ride in it. Then they blow up and you get 
more salvage. You can do this over and over again unless you plant a 
micro-mine on the panel. This gets you some quick scrap points.

Once you are done with that, plant a micro-mine on the panel and 
move on. A new gate in the back opens. Go there but wall hug to the 
left of the entrance. Snipe away at a Nort and wait there as another 
Nort appears. Snipe him too. Move onward and skip the stairs on the 
left for now. Keep on going and take the stair down ahead. Take a 
right and heavy salvage worth 1000 is lying here. 

Go back and take the other stairs down now. Stay in the crouch 
position and keep on rolling until reach the last set of boxes. Find 
cover here as you here as the enemy is right behind you and you cant 
give your position away. Throw out a grenade and you should be 
able to kill two of the three Norts. Roll across to the other boxes on 
the right and wall hug around the box to get a clean shot at the other 
Nort. Be careful as there is another Nort close by. He should engage 
you in combat so just take him out anyway you want. 

Now go back to the left and complete the objective. Now you need 
to find a way to lower the bridge. Head back to the right and where 
you killed the last Nort. Take cover along one of the pillars and kill 
the Nort across the water. Roll around the corner and take cover 
along the first box. Kill the Nort in front of you then the one on the 
side. Before mining the panel, head all the way to the end and pick 
up some heavy salvage worth 1900. Now go back to the bridge and 
leave Gunnar there. He will act as a guard. 

Once you blow up the panel the Norts should come running into 
Gunnars trap. Of there are any Norts too scared to cross the bridge, 
just throw out a grenade and blow them up. Now, cross the bridge 
and get the shotgun upgrade. Yay! Now you have a shotgun! Try out 
the shotgun for a while but stick to Gunnar for the rest of this level. 
Place a micro mine on the stairs so no Norts sneak up on you. Head 
into the building an snipe out the four Norts on the bottom level. 
There are two Norts you can snipe across along the other side too. 
Once you are done keep moving and take the stairs up the structure. 
Stay at the bottom and snipe away at three Norts on the top. Once 
you get rid of the commander, the Nort in the black, the two other 
Norts expose themselves for an easy out. 

Head up the structure now and place Gunnar in front of the door. 
Open the door and let them have it. Help Gunnar out by blasting 
away at the three Norts with your pistol. Once you are finished with 
that, take Gunnar back and head into the building. Stop once you get 
to the next entrance and take cover behind the blue box on the left. 
Snipe away all of the Norts in this room. There is a Nort patrolling 
along the top of the room in the back. There are at least seven to nine 
Norts in this room. After the chaos, head up the stairs and into the 
other room. Place some mines along the top of the stairs. Find cover 
behind one of the boxes and snipe out two Norts walking across the 
bottom level. This should set off an alarm and a Nort should be 
running up to your location. He ends up getting killed by the mines. 
Watch out for Norts throwing grenades up to your location though. 
There is some heavy salvage up here worth 2000. Now go down the 
stairs and a scene starts. 

Place Gunnar in front of the door along the northwest corner from 
where you entered the room. Place a micro-mine on the valve and let 
it explode. Three Norts should scramble through to your area but 
Gunnar should take care of them. Pick up Gunnar and move out. Kill 
the Nort in front of the machine gun and then set up some micro-
mines on the stairs. Machine gun all of the Norts. There are about ten 
of them. 

After you are done go down the stairs and another scene starts. A 
new enemy called an N.T.A. arrives. It takes about nine 
sniper shots to take him down. Two more Norts come out of the blue 
and attack you. Find some cover and exterminate your enemies. 
Continue left where three Norts come out of the doors in the back. 
Find the closest cover and snipe their faces off. Head through the 
doors the Norts came out of and then go up the stairs. Take cover 
along the big metal box on the top of the stairs. The N.T.A
will eventually stop firing to reload. This is your chance to roll 
across to the smaller box on the right. Throw out a scramble grenade 
to temporarily discharge the N.T.A. This is your chance to run 
up behind him and perform a kill move. This kills it immediately. 
Move towards the giant opening at the end to complete one of the 
longest levels in Rogue Trooper.   

[d. Together Again]

/ VI. Glitches & Errors/

No glitches or errors reported as of yet. 

/VII. Legal/

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Yes, this FAQ is under copyright. This FAQ is only permitted to be on 

/IIX. Credits/

Id like to thank me of course, for making this guide, everyone who 
bought the Rogue Trooper game, and gamefaqs.com for being 

Also, Id like to thank God for everything else.

Contact me at zsmackerz@gmail.com if you have any questions on 
this FAQ.

-	If you have helped me with this FAQ and I forgot to credit 
      you, just email me.
-	If there are any errors in this FAQ email me.

Yeah, thats about it. Thanks.