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List of Legendary weapons and how to get them?

Okay so after reading the Question here marked "How do I get Spero's legendary weapons?" i looked at every FAQ here and even tryed to find any wiki's that told about it. only 2 FAQs had masamune and even those just told how to make them. I'm new to this game and I'm the kinda guy that likes to collect unique items. anyways can someone give me a list of all the legendary items and how to make or get them?

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feel2c and all other know it alls like him please refrain from replying to ANY of my qustions. while yes it does tell how to make them it does not say anywhere that they are the ultimate weapons. it is usless to look for somthing if it isnt marked as what your looking for.

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I opened them and did a find on this page for Legendary and Ultimate and found neither. what gaude do you keep refuring to?

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feel2c answered:

Like I said in the first post, it's "Fusion FAQ" written by Gundam4fun. Go look for "legendary weapons" and it will lead you to a section (G. LEGENDARY WEAPONS) with a list of Legendary weapons and the quests you need to complete in order to get them.
As for the best weapons, they are either Rank 16 weapon or Grandir weapon. Both weapons can only be obtain through fusion. As for Grandir, you can only have one Grandir weapon in this game.
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feel2c answered:

You can find all your answers in the Fusion FAQ by Gundam4fun.
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feel2c answered:

First of all, read the guide and the table of contents carefully!
Second, you are asking for the Legendary Weapons in the question, not Ultimate Weapon. Masamune is the best weapon for Spero, but not a legendary weapon. It's a rank 16 weapon. There is a section in that guide mention which quest you need to complete in order to get those legendary weapons. Honestly it will be ridiculous to copy and paste the section from a guide to answer your question. So like I said, read it carefully!
In case you still don't know the name of Spero's legendary weapon, their name are Kamui and Kagura.
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