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   ///  OPEN FAQ

  basic walkthrough
  Created by scrye493 (@hotmail.com)

  The work contained in this document is owned and copyrighted by its creator, 
  scrye493 (Chris Ng), and is not to be used without permission.  It was written
  specifically for the website www.gamefaqs.com.  If you are reading this at any
  other site, it is there without permission; please contact me immediately.

  This FAQ / Walkthrough is my first ever; I started writing a couple for Final
  Fantasy VIII but never finished them.  As such, the formatting, style, etc may
  be totally off.  It's also not an ORIGINAL FAQ, not entirely: there's a lot of
  data floating around about Stella Deus, but most of it is messy and
  disorganized.  This is my attempt to gather some of it on one place.  As such,
  a lot of the data and research is NOT my own, and those who actually figured
  it out (IE the people I stole everything from) are credited by name.

  NOTE: This Walkthrough now has markers on most entries so that you can Find
  them in your browser.  Use the Table of Contents to look up your topic of
  choice, and then Find the number with the Equals sign in it.  For instance, if
  you want to find the entry on Spero, do a Find for "3=11" (without the quote
  marks) and, unless I screwed up somewhere, you'll zip straight to it.

    //     TABLE OF CONTENTS     [0=00]
   ||  1=00 - Version History
   ||  2=00 - Stella Deus 101
   ||  3=00 - Party Analysis
   ||    3=10 - Uniques          3=50 - Generics
   ||      3=11 - Spero            3=51 - Hewitt
   ||      3=12 - Linea            3=52 - Fujimaru
   ||      3=13 - Avis             3=53 - Orius
   ||      3=14 - Lumena           3=54 - Borque
   ||      3=15 - Grey             3=55 - Kruse
   ||      3=16 - Adara            3=56 - Cody
   ||      3=17 - Gallant          3=57 - Zol
   ||      3=18 - Prier            3=58 - Mercator
   ||      3=19 - Tia              3=59 - Clemente
   ||      3=20 - Jade
   ||      3=21 - Echidna
   ||      3=22 - Viser
   ||  4=00 - Walkthrough
   ||      4=01 - Porta
   ||    4=AA - Chapter 1 - The Fading World
   ||      4=02 - Outside Eumaneia
   ||      4=03 - Saxum
   ||      4=04 - Saxum
   ||      4=05 - Montano
   ||      4=06 - Montano
   ||      4=07 - Swamp of Loss
   ||      4=08 - Quatra
   ||      4=09 - Quatra
   ||    4=BB - Chapter 2 - Priestess of the Aeque
   ||      4=10 - Hydor
   ||      4=11 - Evarate
   ||      4=12 - Villa Fortuna
   ||      4=13 - Barrage Sewers
   ||      4=14 - Cathedral Bridge
   ||      4=15 - Cathedral 2nd Floor
   ||      4=16 - Cathedral 3rd Floor
   ||    4=CC - Chapter 3 - The Secret Sect
   ||      4=17 - Taberna
   ||      4=18 - Asheville
   ||      4=19 - Sublea
   ||      4=20 - Tesca
   ||      4=21 - Dita
   ||      4=22 - Shanty Town
   ||      4=23 - Turris - The Gate of Eternity
   ||      4=24 - Turris - The Gate of Eternity
   ||    4=DD - Chapter 4 - Doorway to Another Realm
   ||      4=25 - Aphan
   ||      4=26 - Boreas
   ||      4=27 - Valley of Winds
   ||      4=28 - Ventus Shrine
   ||      4=29 - Porta
   ||      4=30 - Evarate
   ||      4=31 - Altiplano
   ||      4=32 - Altiplano
   ||      4=33 - Humus Shrine
   ||      4=34 - Gula
   ||      4=35 - Scylla's Breath
   ||      4=36 - Aqua Shrine
   ||      4=37 - Silva
   ||      4=38 - Grave of Spirits
   ||      4=39 - Flamma Shrine
   ||      4=40 - Resistance Camp
   ||      4=41 - Mt. Oros
   ||      4=42 - Floating Bridge
   ||      4=43 - Lacuna Ruins
   ||      4=44 - Lacuna Shrine
   ||      4=45 - Lacuna Altar
   ||    4=EE - Chapter 5 - The Warlord's Ambition
   ||      4=46 - Castle Grounds
   ||      4=47 - Courtyard
   ||      4=48 - Grand Hall
   ||      4=49 - Throne Room
   ||      4=50 - Cathedral 2nd Floor
   ||      4=51 - Wreckage of the Cathedral
   ||  5=00 - Frequently Asked Question(s)
   ||  6=00 - Acknowledgements

  ||  HISTORY  [1=00]

  V1.01:  10.05.05 - I have a job now.  I'm not going to tell you what it is,
          because you'll all stone me to death, but let's just say that this
          document helped me get it, and because of it I now know more about
          Soul Calibur III than most people do.  ^_^  In the meanwhile, I've put
          together an actual table of contents for this FAQ, so that you can use
          the Find option on your browser to locate things.  Further content
          will come later.

  V1.00:  06.23.05 - Alarmingly, I am now the proud owner of a bright shiny new
          bachelor's degree in psychology.  I am also in possession of The Sims
          2, which is where I've been all this time.  But now I've got complete
          info for Chapter 3, so we're now officially at Version 1.00: this FAQ
          contains all the information I originally planned for it to contain.
          Next: Legendary Weapons, and maybe some Guild Quest info and Catacombs
          floor analyses.

  V0.03:  06.08.05 - Thanks to Haunter120, I now have better data on Chapter 3,
          and I myself have made some headway into Chapter 2 (I completed the
          Viser Overkill option in the first Jade battle, despite the swarm of
          final exams fluttering around me).  Also, there has been some purely
          cosmetic reformatting.

  V0.02:  05.29.05 - Slowly getting somewhere.  Complete data for Chapter 1 and
          5 are now available.  Also, due to popular demand, I have started to
          add information on character recruitment.  Next: Chapters 2 and 3, and
          possibly some Legendary Weapons / Final Rank-Up info.

  V0.01:  05.25.05 - I've been quite busy recently.  Like, really busy.  I write
          stories for fun, I sing professionally AND I'm about to graduate from
          college.  Something had to give, and it's been Stella Deus.  However,
          I now have all of Chapter 4 up and ready for your perusal, and once
          finals are over I'll have more time to play and write.  I've also
          instituted various corrections for factual errors, and changed my
          public e-mail address.

  V0.00:  05.15.05 - This Walkthrough now exists.  Wow, huh.  It is NOT complete
          and probably will not be for some time: I started it halfway through
          Chapter 3 and was only able to write for Chapters 1 and 2 because of
          Shiguma's Story Translation FAQ.  If you want to e-mail me the stuff
          I'm missing, I'd be enormously grateful--it'd save me the trouble of a
          replay, especially considering how I'm only on Chapter 4 myself right
          now.  (What you see is how far I've gotten.)

  ||  close HISTORY

  ||  STELLA DEUS 101  [2=00]

  This is just a section for random bits and pieces of advice, commentary...
  Things I have noticed and thought I should pass on.  I've got some very
  particular ideas about how to play this game, and this is where I get to talk
  about them.  The good news is, you don't have to listen.  But read on if you
  want to.

  1)  IT'S ALL ABOUT MOVEMENT.  Seriously.  Stella Deus's most deciding factor
  lies in how you move your soldiers around the battlefield.  Rear attacks, Team
  attacks, Zone Effects...  You name it, it's important.  Learn where, when and
  how to move your characters and you will win every battle you fight.

    1.a) You'll notice sometimes that the enemy will run straight towards you,
    and then step one square back, or to the side, or something.  That's because
    they've run out of AP--they've got just enough to close with you, but not
    enough to attack at the end.  Learn to gauge that distance and use it.  That
    sounds hard at first, but there's an easy way to learn.  When it's time for
    you to move one of your characters--let's say Linea--you'll notice that the
    squares around the cursor are red.  These red squares indicate where Linea
    will be able to attack if she moves to the targeted square.  You'll also
    notice that, as you move the cursor out to the farthest squares of the blue
    grid, the red squares disappear.  (Linea has an attack range the size of
    Manhattan, so it's fairly obvious with her).  This is because, if you throw
    her that far, she won't have enough AP to attack when she gets there.  It's
    that margin of distance--just inside the enemy's blue grid, inside their
    move range but outside their attack range--that you should always aim for.
    Try it out in the Catacombs; you can pick it up in less than an hour.

    1.b) Control your advances.  You will almost always be outnumbered, but the
    enemies start the battle scattered around the map, and a lot of them seem
    to be asleep: they just sit there until they "notice" you closing to within
    a certain distance.  So don't wake them.  Keep them in clumps and deal with
    them one by one.  Fight the battle on YOUR terms.  This doesn't always work,
    though; sometimes enemies have different Wake triggers.  I'll tell you when
    that happens.

    1.c) Keep an eye on the Zone Effects.  Battles can be made or broken by your
    or the enemy's Zone Effects.  Some of the Zone Effects are pretty nasty--
    instant status affliction, HP loss, extra AP cost, sometimes even premature
    ending of turn.  Keep track of what you've got and what the enemy's got.  In
    fact, just get into the general habit of checking out the enemy soldiers'
    Status screens.  It's all there for you, and knowledge is power.  Even more
    important, the yellow grid tells you where people can Team Attack to.  If
    the enemy has two yellow grids on Spero, pray a lot: he might not survive
    until his next turn.

    1.d) Conversely: Keep an eye on YOUR Zone Effects.  They tend to be quite
    powerful.  Spero's first Zone Effect, Evade Up, seems to about DOUBLE his
    chances, and the chances of those around him, of dodging an attack.  Now
    that's not bad.  Also, they work on percentages: EVA Up will ALWAYS add its
    percentage to Evade, no matter what level you're at.  Keep your team
    together; they're quite a lot more powerful if you do.

    1.e) Abuse the AP System.  If the enemy's just outside your Attack-To range,
    start moving in single squares.  Move one square, Finish, repeat.  DON'T
    alter your AP bar, just keep creeping up.  Pretty soon the enemy will be
    within attack range.  (Note: do NOT try this unless you're just SLIGHTLY
    off--like, within two squares of Attack-To range.  If not, you're just
    wasting your time--you'll run out of AP, the badguy will get his turn, and
    he'll jump in and get an attack off.  You're trying to do that to HIM, not
    let him do it to YOU.)

  If by now you don't believe me when I tell you the Move system is important,
  you're just stupid.  =P

  2)  Anyone who's ever played a Real-Time Strategy game--Warcraft, Starcraft,
  Command & Conquer, Homeworld (my personal favorite)--knows this rule already,
  but it bears repeating.  PICK A TARGET AND STICK WITH IT.  When several foes
  come at you at once, especially in the Catacombs, it's tempting to spread your
  characters out and meet the enemy one on one.  Don't do that.  An enemy with 1
  HP can do just as much damage as an enemy with full HP--and WILL; they don't
  run away at low HP, they just stand and deliver.  So kill them.  Don't just
  bloody up the enemy, don't just knock them down to low HP; gang up on them and
  KILL them, so that THEY can't attack YOU anymore.

  2)  Abuse the Catacombs of Trial.  If you max out the Catacombs on any given
  chapter (IE get to the deepest floor you're allowed to), you'll outlevel
  everyone you meet.  And levels MATTER in this game; enemies will routinely
  vanquish your soldiers even if they are only two levels stronger.  Keep up
  with the Joneses.  Preferably, precede them.  It'll make your life easy in
  the long run.  Or, if you like a challenge, lag a couple of levels behind
  them.  Well, four or five levels behind them.  Landing an attack on an enemy
  that's 1 level stronger, just hitting them once...  Tends to net you about
  25 EXP.  Hit four enemies and you're equal their level.  This game's got very
  odd level and damage curves.

  3)  Do the Quests at the Guilds.  Many of the Chapter 1 red-colored Quests
  (the ones involving battle) allow you to recruit party members.  The bad news
  is, around the time you get Linea, the Quest characters start being useless
  --not because they're bad but because Spero, Grey, Adara and Linea together
  are so GOOD.  But before then (particularly in the battle AGAINST Linea), the
  extra party members can be a godsend, because they absorb damage and are
  totally expendable.  Plus they provide character classes (Iron Fist, Thief,
  Fighter) you don't get for a while.  Just, don't try recruiting until you're
  about Level 4; you can fail the Arm-Wrestling one if you're too weak.

  4)  Speaking of expendables: do not hesitate to sacrifice your soldiers.  They
  do lose a certain amount of Luck if they die in battle, plus they miss out on
  any EXP they might have otherwise gained, but otherwise there is NO PENALTY
  WHATSOEVER if your characters die--they just come right back for the next
  battle, good as new.  The only one you have to preserve is Spero--it's Game
  Over if he bites the dust--but the rest are just meat shields to guard you to
  the objective.  You don't need Grey.  You don't need Linea.  Adara is nice to
  have because she heals, but you don't need her either.  All you need is for
  Spero to have 1 or more HP when the battle ends.

  5)  Keep your Move stats at 20 or below.  Move tells you how many AP it costs
  to move one square (jumping doesn't cost anything in this game) and you want
  it to be 20 or lower because that way you can move five squares at once.
  Healing items are your primary nemesis: they add TONS of Weight, which adds
  to Move indirectly: every sixteen Weight after 48 adds 2 to Move.  48 Weight
  adds 2, 64 adds 4, 80 adds 6, and so forth.  They're not worth that.  So ditch
  'em.  Adara's got very competent healing, and if you're careful, she'll be all
  you need.  If you REALLY want to scoot around, keep your Move under 16--you'll
  get six squares a turn.

  6)  Mage characters like Adara and (later) Prier tend to do about half of
  Spero's average damage when they attack.  Keep this in mind--you can save a
  lot of MP by having the ladies phys-attack enemies who are down in the red.
  Plus, you get that priceless "Hah: you got beat by a GIRL" moment.

  7)  Stick with Job-2 spells.  Adara's 2nd job is when she gets Bullet Rays and
  First Aid; it's when Prier gets Pray.  These spells are the most MP-efficient
  spells available.  Forget Ray Storm, forget the huge-area healing; stick with
  the basics.  They're better.

  8)  There are two kinds of Team Attacks.  In the first kind, the characters
  involved just beat on the enemy using their normal attack animations.  Spero
  and Prier, for instance, do a 6-hit combo, because Spero hits five times and
  Prier once: one plus five is six.  In the second kind, the characters go
  through a pre-programmed sequence that's more like a Double or Triple Tech
  from Chrono Trigger, and they do a lot more damage.  The following is a list
  of all the "Special Combination Attacks" we at the GameFaqs boards know of,
  and who does them.  Also keep in mind that the initiating character's TECH
  stat makes a difference in total damage output as well--if Grey, at TEC 60,
  initiates "Trinity Strike", it'll do less damage than if Spero, with TEC 90,
  had started it instead.

  * WOLF'S FURY       Spero    Linea
  * SPIRIT BOW*       Spero    Linea
  * SKEWER            Spero    Grey
  * DOUBLE RUSH       Spero    Viser
  * SAMURAI SLASH     Spero    Echidna
  * TWIN LIGHTNING    Linea    Adara
  * SHOOTING STAR     Grey     Adara
  * ALCHEMIC GODDESS  Adara    Viser
  * BURNING HEARTS    Avis     Lumena
  * ROCKET SPIKE      Gallant  Tia
  * STAG PARTY        Gallant  Jade
  * HOT STUFF         Prier    Tia
  * SHOOT THE MOON    Spero    Linea    Gallant
  * TRINITY STRIKE    Spero    Grey     Adara
  * DEATH PONG        Spero    Grey     Prier
  * RELAY PLAY        Spero    Linea    Grey     Adara
  * SLAM DANCE        Linea    Adara    Prier    Tia     Lumena

  * We're not sure what makes the difference between Linea and Spero using
    Spirit Bow vs Wolf's Fury.  It may be their final Rank Ups, or it may be
    only available in Chapter 5, or it may be because they're wearing their
    Legendary Weapons.  If someone could test these things for me, I'd be much

  9)  Speaking of Team Attacks, if you kill an enemy using it, there's a pretty
  good chance--maybe not even a chance but a certainty--that you'll get one of
  his pieces of Equipment.  You might want to use them for that reason.  You
  probably won't need the actual EQ, since if you're keeping your MOVE below 20
  you'll rarely be able to support a full load of cutting-edge equipment, but
  the stuff will come in handy for Fusions and money-making.  Plus, I think you
  get better EXP by killing with a Team Attack.

  ||  close STELLA DEUS 101

  ||  PARTY ANALYSIS  [3=00]

  This section is for me to comment on the characters themselves.

  /  SPERO - Swordsman  [3=11]
  Spero is the yardstick against which I judge all other characters.  Not only
  is he the hero of the story, but he kicks ass in battle.  He's fast and quite
  mobile, he's got excellent Hit Points, he can attack three times from a
  standstill--or (if you lower his MOVE score) move twice and attack twice--and
  he has spectacular EVA, meaning he practically doesn't need armor.  Which is
  good, because with two swords, his Weight is really high to begin with, and
  anything but robes and hats will bog him down.  But he's involved in almost
  all the Special Combination Attacks, and has the highest base TEC stat in the
  game (meaning the Team Attacks he initiates are as strong as possible).  He
  can be hard to use, but you'll have plenty of chances to learn his ropes, and
  you'd be wise to; he is one of your best assets and will always be.

  /  LINEA - Forester  [3=12]
  Now, Linea's wishy-washy.  But she's also the single most useful character in
  the game.  I call her my own personal Hand of God: put her in an advantageous
  place, let the enemy wander into bow range, and she'll NEVER lack for targets.
  Plus, with her incredible range, she's perfect for picking off the enemies
  that you couldn't quite finish off.  AND she has some kick-ass offensive
  spells.  AND, if can get her Move below 14, she'll be able to advance two
  squares and still fire two arrows.  If she only had healing, aside from that
  Zone Effect of hers, she'd be the perfect character.  As it is, she's the only
  party member I have who scores EXP every turn, and is generally the leader in
  terms of levels.  She joins automatically in Chapter 1.

  /  AVIS - Fighter  [3=13]
  To be honest, I'm not fond of Avis.  Spero has better EVA, Grey hits two
  people, and Gallant does more damage.  Avis CAN hit three times from a
  standstill, but only by totally depleting his AP meter.  Even worse, he can't
  deal with people who outlevel him (something most other characters can).  His
  only distinguishing feature is the fact that his sprite looks so freaking
  GIRLY.  I mean, he's wearing a dress, for crying out loud!  And a hairband to
  keep back his womens-shampoo-commercial shoulder-length blonde hair.  Not what
  I had in mind.  Avis joins the party in Chapter 1, but leaves after Chapter 2,
  only to rejoin again permanently in Chapter 4, at which point there is much
  wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  /  LUMENA - Priestess  [3=14]
  Probably the first thing you notice about Lumena is what she's wearing: a
  skintight bodysuit, which you can see because she floats off the ground and
  something pushes her robe up as if it were a skirt in a capricious wind.
  Right.  A priestess, preaching despair while wearing a rejected Baywatch
  costume?  Give me a break.  The next thing you notice is the godawful *WOMP-
  WOMP-WOMP!* noise she makes when she uses the Move command.  And, finally,
  you notice that her skillset is pretty limited, due to her role: long on
  healing, short on everything else.  The good news is, her Magic stat is higher
  than Adara's, so you get more HP back when you heal with her.  Also, she can
  attack three times and still have 22 AP left over, which is enough to move on
  if you've got her Weight low enough.  That's actually something even SPERO
  can't do (unless you get HIS Move down to 16).  If only she had some attack
  options.  Consider teaching her Bullet Rays or something.  Lumena joins the
  party for one battle at the end of Chapter 2 and then joins permanently during
  the last battle of Chapter 4.

  /  GREY - Spearman  [3=15]
  It took me a little while to notice, but he actually does less damage than
  Spero does.  It took me a while to notice because he's even more mobile than
  Spero is--he's got Tailwind, he's got Jump +2, he's got Move AP Down, he's got
  Ignore Geo Effects, and his spear lets him not only attack from further away,
  but hit two people at once.  For my money, Grey's almost better than Spero is;
  he's certainly a lot more flexible.  The downsides come in his inability to
  hit more than twice from a standstill (though he does get one square of Move
  even if he attacks twice), the decreased damage, and also the game's Attack-To
  option: about a quarter of the time, the computer will make him attack THROUGH
  one of his allies, damaging them AND the bad guy.  Just be careful using
  Attack-To with him, and you ought to be fine.  Grey is added to your party
  automatically in Chapter 1.

  /  ADARA - Alchemist  [3=16]
  I'll be honest: I like Adara.  She's a nice person character-wise, and in 
  battle she kicks ass.  The only thing she doesn't have is a cheap attack--all
  her best (IE actually damaging) attacks end up taking quite a bit of MP--but
  she's got healing, ranged attacks and, if you're careful, good mobility.
  Plus, she doesn't have utterly retarded damage like most RPG mages do.  I
  mean, Tidus will be hitting for 3000-something, while Yuna struggles to score
  100.  Adara doesn't have that problem; she'll routinely break out that metal
  arm of hers and do about half as much damage as Spero does.  That's not bad.
  She hits three times from a standstill and can still move one square, her
  spells do comparable damage to most fighters's physical attacks, and she's
  your ONLY unique healer until Chapter 3.  Adara has it where it counts.
  Don't overlook her.  She joins your party automatically in Chapter 1.

  /  GALLANT - Axeman  [3=17]
  Ah yes, the traditional mysterious loner.  Except that this time he's wearing
  pajamas.  Gallant is just like Avis, except that he does about 50% more damage
  than Spero and Grey.  If Grey is far-reaching and mobile, and Spero the
  sneaky, impossible-to-catch ninja, then Gallant is the original bad-ass axe-
  wielding killer.  He's kind of slow to regenerate AP, and sometimes it's hard
  to get him into the battle, especially if Spero and Grey have claimed all the
  good striking spots for themselves.  That, and his accuracy's kind of bad.
  But if you can get him in, he's worth his weight in gold.  In two attacks he
  does what Spero accomplishes in three.  Of course, Gallant only GETS two
  attacks, so maybe it's just as well.  He's also involved in almost NO Special
  Combination Attacks.  Guess that's what happens when you're a loner.  He still
  does massive damage, and by the end of the game his STR values are pushing his
  MOVE score WAY down--at Lv.45, decked out in full EQ, he had MOV 12.  This
  really gets around his previous mobility problems.  It's almost SCARY what
  he manages.  Gallant joins permanently after the first battle of Chapter 2.

  /  PRIER - Priest  [3=18]
  Okay: is it just me, or is her dress actually open-chested?  Because that is
  just disgusting.  Second off, why does she attack with a shovel?  Third off,
  try "Holy Brawl," her first red Active Skill--the animation is hilarious.
  Look at how tense her shoulders are.  Unfortunately, that's about all she's
  good for.  Prier does healing, and does it a little better than Adara does,
  but that's ALL she does: her attack spells don't do very good damage and have
  ridiculous range limitations, and Holy Brawl is impractical to use because it
  just isn't smart to take her in as a physical attacker.  She CAN hit three
  times from a standstill, but that's it.  She simply can't fight, is the thing,
  and, next to Adara (who CAN), that's a major downside.  Having said that, if
  you get Prier's Purify Zone Effect, she'll be literally a walking healer: just
  have her stand next to anyone who's Petrified and bam!  He's healed.  No one
  else has this ability.  Too bad she doesn't get EXP for it.  She joins the
  party permanently at the beginning of Chapter 3.

  /  TIA - Grappler  [3=19]
  She's a Glove user, which is odd--her Quest Character parallel is one of those
  lumbering juggernauts with all the pails, buckets and saucepans for helmets,
  weapons and boots.  The funny thing is, though, those brawlers often move
  first when I fight against them in the Catacombs, bested only by the Thieves.
  They also don't have as much HP as they look like they should.  Tia can hit
  three times from a standstill but will only have 10 AP left, making her about
  as flexible as Avis.  I personally prefer her over him.  She does roughly
  equivalent damage, and is MUCH less offensive on the eyes.  She looks stupid
  and knows it.  As opposed to Avis, with his misguided attempts to maintain
  some dignity.

  To recruit Tia, you must keep her alive in every battle she's involved in.
  She will fight alongside you once in Chapter 2, against you once in Chapter
  3, and at your side again in Chapter 3; make sure she comes to no harm on any
  of those occasions.  If you've done all those things, be at Silva on February
  22nd and she will join your party.  If you've ALSO read all twelve of her
  letters (the "Letter from ???" things at the Guild), she will instead join
  you automatically some time in Chapter 4.

  /  JADE - Thief  [3=20]
  I missed him.  I'll try again later.

  To recruit Jade, spare his life when given the option in a cutscene.  Then in
  Chapter 5 there will be a Guild Quest (I'm not sure which one) that will
  allow you to recruit him.  If you Overkill him every time you fight him (both
  Battle 010 and Battle 016), the Quest will appear in Chapter 4 instead.

  /  ECHIDNA  [3=21]
  I missed her.  I'll try again later.

  To recruit Echidna, you must fight her the first time you have the chance
  (it's a conversation option in Chapter 3).  The second time you fight her (at
  almost the end of the game) you must first have accomplished a special Guild
  quest involving a Blacksmith who is only available at certain months (no one
  can yet agree which ones).  If you do it properly, Spero will rank up one
  last time.  THEN fight Echidna.  She will join you at battle's end.

  /  VISER - Master Alchemist  [3=22]
  I missed him.  I'll try again later.

  Viser is by far the hardest character to recruit.  The challenge comes in two

  1)  Overkill Viser him in Battle 015; this requires leaving three Golems
  alive while you beat on him.

  2)  Fulfill five of nine (FIVE OF NINE, 5/9, 0.545454...) Viser Overkill
  Options (TM), which involves killing a lot more things than you need to.  None
  of them, however, involve actually fighting Viser himself.  Here they are:

  1)  Battle 004, Saxum: overkill Viper
  2)  Battle 006, Montano: overkill Viper
  3)  Battle 016, Cathedral 3rd Floor: overkill Jade
  4)  Battle 020, Tesca: overkill Jade
  5)  Battle 034, Gula: overkill Croire
  6)  Battle 040, Resistance Base: overkill Croire
  7)  Battle 042, the Floating Bridge: overkill Nebula
  8)  Battle 044, the Lacuna Shrine: overkill EITHER Nebula or Lumena (you
        don't need to, and in fact probably CAN'T, get both at once)
  9) Battle 010, Hydor: kill off all of Jade's SOLDIERS.  Not Jade, his

   \  HEWITT - Fighter  [3=51]
  Avis's Generic parallel, recruited at Eumaneia by killing off two other Lv.2
  Fighters.  You may deploy three other characters to help him.  This quest is
  only available after Battle 003.

   \  FUJIMARU - Swordsman  [3=52]
  Spero's Generic alter-ego.  Recruit him via the "Night Stalker" Guild Quest
  in Montano after Battle 007.  He's Lv.4 and you can only deploy two soldiers
  to defeat him, and he's got a Life Drain aura, but YOU'RE probably Lv.6, so
  this shouldn't be hard.  Unlike Spero, he can only carry one sword.

   \  ORIUS - Archer  [3=53]
  Linea's Generic parallel.  Recruited via the Thieves 2 quest at Saxum.  He
  is Lv.2 and you may deploy three other soldiers to help him to deal with
  three Thieves and a Fighter.  This quest is only available after Battle 003.

   \  BORQUE - Axeman  [3=54]
  Gallant's Generic counterpart, recruited at Eumaneia when you fight off five
  Lv.3 Soldiers using only four characters.  Borque will hang out in a corner
  of the map and not get involved; I don't know what happens if you go out of
  your way to defeat him.  Afterwards, he will offer to join.  This quest is
  only available after Battle 005.

   \  KRUSE - Spearman  [3=55]
  Grey's Generic partner.  Recruit him via a Guild Quest at Eumenaia after
  Battle 005.  He's Lv.2 and you're only allowed to deploy two soldiers, but
  those two soldiers will probably outlevel him by four or five times.

   \  CODY - Iron Fist  [3=56]
  Tia's counterpart is the second-easiest to recruit.  A yellow Guild Quest in
  Chapter 1 allows you to challenge an arm-wrestling champion.  If you're Lv.3
  or higher, you'll automatically win, and he will join you.  This quest is
  available from the beginning of the game.

   \  ZOL - Thief  [3=57]
  Jade's Generic version, and the only Thief you'll have access to if you fail
  to recruit Jade.  Take the "Wanted Man" quest at Montano and give the guy a
  Vigor Seed when prompted.  This quest is only available after Battle 006.  He
  and Mercator are probably the only Quest characters you'll use extensively:
  Mercator provides secondary healing, and Zol can steal once you rank him up.

   \  MERCATOR - Cleric  [3=58]
  Prier's Generic alter-ego is the easiest to recruit; the first time you walk
  into a bar, the Guildmaster laughs at you and then tells you to go talk to
  some disillusioned Aeque priest.  That's Mercator.  Ask him to join you and
  then take him into the Catacombs to strengthen him up: he's only Lv.1.  This
  quest is available from the beginning of the game.

   \  CLEMENTE - Alchemist  [3=59]
  Adara's Generic parallel.  After Battle 006, a Guild Quest at Saxum gives
  you the choice of protecting an alchemist from the Legion or abandoning him.
  Choose to help him and the enemies will flee; he'll then join you.  This
  quest is only available after Battle 006.  Clemente has much better spells
  than Mercator does, but you get Mercator first and Clemente next-to-last, so
  it's more effort to get him up to speed.

  ||  close PARTY ANALYSIS

  ||  WALKTHROUGH  [4=00]

  The way this section works is like this:  I'll list the number of enemies,
  their class, and their level.  It's the level that's most important, because
  if you want to have an easy gameplay experience, you should always be one or
  two levels stronger than the enemy.  So, the numbers tell you what to aim for.
  Some of the data is incomplete--for instance, I don't have ANY data on where
  the hidden items are (and wouldn't know how to start describing the coordi-
  nates if I did).  Also, in some cases I do NOT have accurate counts on the
  enemy's levels, class and quantity.  Finally, I give you advice based on MY
  play style, which is conservative, careful and focused.  If you play the game
  differently, none of it may help you.  Take everything with a grain of salt,
  is the point.  And I mean EVERYTHING.

  //   BATTLE 001: PORTA  [4=01]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.1 Soldier x3
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all
  ALLY:  Viser (Lv.5 Alchemist) x1

  This is easy.  Play around, experiment, have fun.  Viser by himself out-levels
  the entire enemy party, so you really shouldn't have anything to worry about.
  Just test out your team attacks and get used to maneuvering Spero around.  Oh,
  and, try not to get him killed (like I almost did ^_^;;).

    ||    CHAPTER ONE:    ||
    ||  The FADING WORLD  ||
    ||       [4=AA]       ||

  //   BATTLE 002: Outside EUMANEIA  [4=02]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.1 Spirit x6
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all
  ALLY:  Adara (Lv.1 Alchemist)
         Grey (Lv.1 Spearman)

  Now, THIS is a party you should start getting used to immediately.  I didn't
  discover the Quest soldiers until later, but I also didn't NEED them for quite
  a while.  Spero, Grey and Adara are an incredibly well-balanced team: Each one
  of them has the ability to set up the finishing strike for the others, Grey
  and Spero with basic attacks and Adara with Shock Blast.  Keep your party
  together in a single group and they'll make short work of the Spirits; you
  might be able to go through the entire battle killing things so quickly that
  you never even get ATTACKED.  Just be aware that Spirits, like Grey, have an
  attack range of two.  Also, the Spirits make cute noises.  Hmm, do I sense
  future plot developments?

  //   BATTLE 003: SAXUM  [4=03]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.2 Fighter x2
            Lv.2 Thief x1
            Lv.2 Axeman x2
            Lv.2 Soldier x1
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  You may or may not need Quest characters at this point; I didn't.  But then,
  I'd also spent some time in the Catacombs getting used to my party.  This
  battle is a good time to start learning the ropes of the movement system,
  because for the first time you're facing a large number of actually dangerous
  opponents (let's face it: the Spirits were mostly harmless).  The swordsmen
  and thief will come at you immediately, so move forward and engage the guy
  right in front of you, to buy yourself some time.  Once those three are dead,
  the can-headed soldier and the ball-headed axemen will start moving, but
  they're about as far away from you as it's possible to be, so you should have
  ample time to prepare yourself.

  //   BATTLE 004: SAXUM  [4=04]

  ENEMIES:  Viper (Lv.4 Axeman)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Viper!
  ALLY:  ??? (Lv.4 Archer)

  Hey, where'd that idealistic, world-saving main-character girl come from?
  "Hi, I just flew in from Spira, and boy are my arms tired!"  Ba-dum ching.
  Well, she's here now, and that ought to make you happy: she actually turns out
  to be one of the most potent characters in the game.  Which is more than we
  can say for SOME people.  "I...  Havedoneit!  I have...  Becomeasummoner!"
  Right, time to go back to Midgar, where at least the annoying idealist got
  killed off all quick-like.  She had some good Limit Breaks though.  Pity.

  --What?  Oh, right, the battle.

  If you move Grey and Spero up, they'll distract Viper, allowing the girl to
  attack unmolested.  Use her red ability (Quick Snap) until she runs out of MP,
  and then just keep attacking.  She's very simple to use.  Viper, on the other
  hand, is a pain.  His defense reduces the archer's physical attack to a
  pittance (she kills normal soldiers in four shots), you've got to be REALLY
  careful about how you your move because his Zone Effect imparts Fear, and if
  you let him get off two attacks in a row, that character will be dead.  So,
  don't leave anyone next to him when their turn ends (ESPECIALLY Spero).

  This is a Viser Overkill Option (see Viser's entry in the Characters section
  of this FAQ for your motivation).  Plink Viper down to about 200 HP with ???
  and then apply a three-way Spero/Adara/Grey Team beatdown.  However, with
  Viper's Fear zone, setting up a Team Attack can be difficult, so you might
  want to just knock him down to Wounded and call it quits.  You also start on
  the cramped side of the map, so you might want to run in the other direction
  before beginning the fight.

  //   BATTLE 005: MONTANO  [4=05]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.4 Elementor x3
            Lv.4 Soul x2
            Lv.3 Spearman x1 (that's not a typo)
            Lv.4 Swordsman x1
            ??? (Lv.4 Forester)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat the Mysterious Girl!

  Now is a good time to have Quest characters on the field: you're facing a foe
  that outnumbers and outguns you by a pretty significant margin, and then of
  course there's ??? up on that hilltop.  I advise Mercator, the Priest you pick
  up as your first Guild Quest--healing will be useful here.  Orius, with his
  ranged attacks, is also a good idea; if you position him properly, he'll never
  lack for targets to snipe at.  Beyond that, just control their advances, don't
  let them rush you, take them out one at a time, and make sure you've got some
  HP and characters left to deal with ??? and the Swordsman on the mountaintop:
  if you're not careful in your ascent, she'll have time to pick one or two of
  you off as you climb, and the remainder had better be able to deal with her.
  At least you only need to whack off 3/4ths of her HP to win.

  //   BATTLE 006: MONTANO  [4=06]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.4 Soldier x3
            Lv.4 Cleric x1
            Lv.4 Alchemist x1
            Lv.4 Archer x1
            Lv.5 Fighter x2
            Viper (Lv.6 Axeman, 850 HP)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Viper!

  Again, Quest characters are really useful here.  Look at all these people!
  Try to knock down the healers--you CAN just bull through healing spells with
  a little persistance, but it's a waste of time, effort and MP (yours).  The
  enemy comes in three distinct groups, but the 2nd group will wait for you to
  tag them in, so make sure you hit first.

  Viper's still a mean bastard.  He's got his Fear zone and he's level 6.
  Learning Anti-Fear and equipping Adara with her Recover spell would be a smart
  move.  Sacrifice Shock Blast; you can live without it in a pinch.  What you
  REALLY need is healing, especially since you'll need to deal with those two
  swordsmen.  They're not as dangerous as Viper is, but they WILL cause you
  trouble if you let them.

  This is a Viser Overkill Option (see Viser's entry in the Characters section
  for more details).  However, managing an Overkill is difficult, because Viper
  retreats when you take him down to about 300 HP.  He won't even be Wounded.

  //   BATTLE 007: SWAMP of LOSS  [4=07]

  ENEMIES:  Experimental Prototype (Lv.7 Alpha Golem)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat that walking yellow brick road!
  ALLIES:  Linea (Lv.6 Leading Lady)
           Avis (Lv.6 Cosplay Reject)

  God, but that was a boatload of conversations.  Did anyone else think they
  were suddenly playing Xenosaga?

  Don't worry if Avis gets dropped by the Golem's VOIP beam--you just have to
  kill it, not specifically save him.  In fact, since the Golem only has enough
  MP to VOIP four times, you almost WANT it to waste them on Avis.  (It's not
  like he's good for anything else.)  The bad news is, it can also attack FOUR
  TIMES from a standstill, AND it can hit from two squares away.  I tell ya,
  when Viser designs weapons of mass destruction, he sure does a good job.  The
  GOOD news is, there's six of you and only one of it.  All in all, this isn't a
  very hard battle, if you just gang up on the bloody thing.  Golems are weak to
  magic:  Adara's Spark Blast, Linea's Storm.  Do NOT use Quick Snap--it costs
  more MP than Storm but does less damage.  Clemente, your Generic alchemist, is
  a good choice for your last party slot, though he is rather susceptible to

  //   BATTLE 008: QUATRA  [4=08]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.6 Spearman, Lv.7 Spearman
            Lv.6 Alchemist, Lv.7 Alchemist
            Lv.6 Soldier x3, Lv.7 Soldier
              (I have no idea why half of them are of lower level.)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  The enemies across the river will pre-emptively move to attack you when their
  second turn comes up.  Kill off as many of the enemies on YOUR side as you can
  before they arrive.  You've got a great party (though a little low on healing,
  which you can rectify by bringing in Mercator or Clemente), and water imparts
  a +10-AP Move penalty.  You have time.  Use it.

  Linea really starts to shine on this map.  All the enemy is swarming in your
  direction--where she's waiting with her bow.  If your fighters can't quite
  land the finishing attack, have Linea do it (or Adara or Mercator.)  If
  there's no such opportunity present, have Linea and Adara pop the same enemy
  with arrows and spells.  You'll be able to drop enemy soldiers using this two-
  hit ranged combo for most of the game.

  Finally, this is a good map to learn to advance in short hops.  If you move
  one or two squares at a time, your turn may come up again before the enemy's
  does.  This allows you to creep up on them, and then jump in and damage them
  at the very last second.  Make use of the time allotted to you.  You can get
  a lot more done than the enemy expects.

  //   BATTLE 009: QUATRA  [4=09]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.7 Iron Fist x2
            Lv.7 Archer x1, Lv.8 Archer x1
            Lv.7 Cleric x1, Lv.8 Cleric x1
            Lv.7 Soldier x1, Lv.8 Soldier x2
            Uweee-hee-hee! (Lv.8 Axeman)
  OBJECTIVE:  Kill that giggling freak once and for all

  First off, you've got to deal with the generics.  Aside from Viper and his two
  bodyguards, there's two major clumps: two Iron Fists, a Priest and an Archer
  to the east of your Deploy point, and, across the river, a Soldier, an Archer
  and a Priest.  This second group WILL pre-emptively engage you, so deal with
  as much of the first group as you can before they arrive.  Once both clusters
  are dead, Viper's cadre will break dormancy and move to engage.

  Check out Viper's Zone Effect.  Fear?  All around him?  Attacking is going to
  be difficult, especially if you don't have any curing abilities like I didn't.
  Not to mention that he can cause you problems simply by standing near you.
  The one thing you DO NOT want to do, EVER, is have someone Finish within
  Viper's attack range--he can still kill you in two attacks.  So use hit-and-
  fades.  Have your fighter move in, and then Finish IMMEDIATELY; with luck,
  he'll get his next turn before Viper does, allowing him to attack once and
  then immediately retreat.  It's a hassle, but it'll drive Viper insane having
  to chase you around.  Alternately, bring Grey, Linea, Adara, Orius and
  Clemente: they can attack Viper at range, without being automatically
  threatened by Fear.

  Spread your characters out so that Viper can't Fear more than one person at a
  time, and so that they can all run in different directions.  If someone DOES
  come down with Fear (very likely), have them bug out; status afflictions wear
  off over time.  Make SURE your Move values are below 20: that way you can
  outrun Viper and play hit-and-fade until he eventually falls.  It'll take a
  while--the whole battle could easily last an hour--but you can do it.

  This is NOT a Viser Overkill battle; you have to take Viper down to 0 HP to

    ||       CHAPTER TWO:       ||
    ||  PRIESTESS of the AEQUE  ||
    ||          [4=BB]          ||

  //  BATTLE 010: HYDOR  [4=10]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.8 Spearman x3
            Lv.8 Cleric x2
            Lv.8 Axeman x2
            Lv.8 Archer x2
            Lv.8 Thief x2
            Jade (Lv.9 Thief)
  ALLY:  "*grunt*" (Lv.8 Axeman)
  OBJECTIVE:  Protect the Mysterious Man!

  Tell Axe-Guy to run into the water and link up with your group.  Take him
  STRAIGHT into the water, do NOT use the stairs, or Jade and his bodyguards
  (the two Thieves and the Spearman) will attack him.  The archer--let's call
  him Chase--will pursue Axe-guy into the water, but Chase does horrible damage,
  so you don't need to worry so much.  Besides, the Priest WON'T pursue, meaning
  you can kill Chase off much more easily.  Your main group will be busy in the
  meantime, killing the enemies near you.

  You do NOT have to confront Jade and his three bodyguards (the two Thieves and
  the Spearman) to win the battle; generally, it will end when you kill Chase.
  However, this battle is a Viser Overkill Option, and the thing you must do is
  kill off every soldier on the map.  If you want to recruit Jade in Chapter 4
  instead of Chapter 5, you need to knock him down too.  That sounds easy on
  paper, but actually DOING it is almost impossible, because of the map's Win
  and Lose conditions.  Here they are:

  1) IF Spero dies, THEN you lose.  This one's obvious; all maps have it.
  2) IF Axe-guy dies, THEN you lose.  This is confirmed by GameFAQs boardie
       Cuttooth, and makes sense in light of the mission objective.
  3) IF number of enemies = 5 or less, THEN you win.  This is according to
       GameFAQS boardie "Seraphic Fate" and certainly goes a long way towards
       explaining why the map ends when it does--not because Chase is a
       trigger, but because he's generally the enemy whose death seals the
  4) IF Jade's three bodyguards are killed, THEN you win.  This is also
       courtesy of Mr. Fate.
  5) IF Jade dies, THEN you win.  This one is confirmed by GameFAQs boardie
       Daerken.  To our knowledge, however, there is NOT a Jade retreat value.

  In other words: if you want to use this battle to recruit Viser, you have to
  leave Jade and five generics alive, and then kill ALL the generics USING A
  SINGLE SPELL.  If you want to recruit Jade in Chapter 4, that spell must kill
  HIM too.  Doing this is one of the most challenging tasks you will ever face
  in Stella Deus.

  The first (and ONLY) area spell you get any time soon is Linea's "Cluster
  Ray."  You'll need to get her to Level 11 and then Fuse a Golden Apple to rank
  her up.  At Lv.11, she'll do about 240 damage with it; at Lv.14, she does 315
  or so.  Lv.8 Axemen have 330 HP, Spearmen 275.  However, she failed to kill
  some of those Spearmen with her 315-damage attack, so I'm not sure how Cluster
  Ray actually assigns damage.  Also, it cannot be aimed--it's a vicinity spell,
  it only hits people who are physically near Linea.  You've got your work cut
  out for you.

  Kill off the Archers--their ranged attack will make it impossible to Cluster
  Ray.  Kill off all the Spearmen--they might accidentally kill off one of their
  own men, which you absolutely do not want.  Kill off one more enemy of your
  choice; I recommend one of the healers.  Hit everybody once or twice to help
  guarantee Cluster Ray will work; this will also encourage the Healer(s) to
  waste MP and then, when their mana is drained, to close to physical attack
  range.  While waiting for the enemy to get its act together (mostly Chase's
  friend the Priest, who will often come at you through the water--the WATER!),
  have ??? hit your party members; since he's so underleveled, each attack
  should net him something like 25 EXP.  He'll be doing less damage than Jade
  will, and he'll get a new level every four attacks.  Not bad!

  Send Linea in, with Avis or Spero or Clemente nearby to contribute their EVA
  Up zones.  Move your characters if necessary to get everyone in range; in
  fact, it might be wise to just move onto the bridge and let the fight happen
  there (especially if that one Thief takes the stairs down into the water).
  Once everyone's nearby (and ??? is strengthened to your satisfaction), whip
  out your Cluster Ray.  Congratulations, you've fulfilled a Viser Overkill

  I honestly don't recommend trying to take down Jade.  The only way to really
  damage him is spells--try landing a physical attack and you'll notice he has
  EVA values from hell.  And Cluster Ray is a phys attack.  You'll be wiping out
  the generics left and right, but Jade will happily Guard.  Great, just what we
  wanted.  So you don't get to recruit him until Chapter 5 instead of Chapter 4,
  so what.  Let's skip it.

  Killing generics only, I did it at Lv.14.  Daerken went for Jade as well and
  was Lv.21 when he managed it, using only Spero, Linea and ???.  Seraphic Fate,
  who also went for Jade, was Lv.19.  He says not to equip any Counterattack
  abilities.  He also says Mercator (the Generic cleric) was taking 8 damage
  from critical hits at that point.

  //  BATTLE 011: EVARATE  [4=11]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.9 Fighter x1
            Lv.9 Swordsman x1
            Lv.9 Thief x1
            Lv.9 Alchemist x1
            Lv.9 Soldier x4
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  The main problem with this battle is that your new boy, Gallant, is probably
  several levels short of the rest of your party.  So you may want to use the
  Catacombs for a while before you take him into battle.  Alternately, have him
  beat on your own characters, as you did last battle.  Be careful on the stairs
  if you choose to use them; alternately, stay put and let the Swordsman,
  Alchemist and last two Soldiers descend to meet you.  There's only eight
  enemies total; I honestly hope this isn't causing problems for you.

  You should've started to receive some Rank Up items by now, but it might be
  wise to fuse them ahead of time so that you're already ranked up for the next
  battle.  If not, make absolutely sure your party is Lv.11 and can rank up
  before you attempt Battle 013.

  //  BATTLE 012: VILLA FORTUNA  [4=12]

  ENEMIES:  Pandaren (Lv.10 Fiend) x7
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  You only fight this battle if you choose to rest.  If you didn't, skip to
  Battle 013.

  The first time I saw these folks, I figured my Warcraft III CD was contagious
  somehow.  And these visitors from Lordaeron are pretty nasty.  They attack
  using spears, which means a two-range attack.  They can utilize Team Attacks.
  They've got tons of Dark zones.  And they've got tons of Hit Points.  You've
  got your work cut out for you.

  Send the men against any panda you particularly want dead.  I recommend "The
  Drunk" or "The Combobulated" or "The Phrygian" or whatever it is they're
  named.  Meanwhile, have the women hold their ground for just one turn: there's
  one Pandaren ("The Roadblocked"?) between them and the men, but if you sit
  tight, he'll come chase you.  Once that happens, RUN FOR IT.  At equal levels,
  Pandaren are stronger than your party members in one-on-one duels, so you'll
  want to keep everyone together.  If you outlevel them, however, all bets are

  //  BATTLE 013: BARRAGE SEWERS  [4=13]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.11 "...Nox?" x7
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all
  ALLY:  Nya? (Lv.12 Grappler)

  Uh-oh, more pandas?  Oh well, at least you have that...  Weird...  Nekojin...
  Thing...  To help you out...  She's pretty capable, so dodge her out of the
  trap and bring her into the main party.  Plus, if she dies you lose the right
  to recruit her, so, really, keep her alive.  Don't bother having her level up
  by hitting allies, though; it's gonna be a LONG time before you get the chance
  to ask her to join.  Beyond that, it's old hat.  This time you're not split
  up, and the enemy will wait for you to close.  The only real problem is in
  dealing with the final two pandas: you'll be on a narrow walkway and
  maneuvering will be difficult.  Heal when necessary, stay alive, and kick ass.

  //  BATTLE 014: CATHEDRAL BRIDGE  [4=14]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.12 Alpha Golem x6
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  Oh boy.  Remember them?  This time they come in threes.  However, the Pandas
  are more durable, and you dealt with them.  Position your characters as best
  you can to avoid being VOIPed, and just whale on the Golem of your choice.
  Spark Blast, Bullet Rays and Storm work wonders.  Beyond that, you've got four
  physical fighters, and you know how to use them.  Once the first three are
  done, go knock down the others.  Not too hard, especially since VOIP seems to
  be a bit weak today.  They can VOIP around each other, though, so keep that
  in mind.

  //  BATTLE 015: CATHEDRAL 2nd FLOOR  [4=15]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.13 Golem x5
            Viser x1 (Lv.18 Master Alchemist, 1425 HP)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Viser!

  Look at that Objective.  Got it?  Notice how it talks about defeating Viser?
  Are we good to go?  Good.  Now, forget about it--the game is mislabeled.  The
  REAL win condition of this map is to defeat three Golems.  You don't have to
  even TOUCH Viser--just kill three Golems.  You do that, and you win.  And
  doing so isn't all that hard.

  BUT.  (You knew there was a "but" coming.)

  If you want to recruit Viser, you MUST engage him here AND Overkill him.  It
  is the ONLY hard-and-fast requirement in recruiting him: if you don't kill him
  here, he will never join your party.  Period.  So YOU NEED TO LEAVE THREE
  GOLEMS ALIVE while you engage Viser.  The obvious choice is to knock down the
  two that start to either side of you; Finish right off the bat and let them
  come to you.  When they die, Viser will come out to play; that's your chance
  to get in a bit of damage before his three bodyguard Golems jump in.

  You'll probably want to be Lv.16 or higher before even ATTEMPTING this battle,
  but I am told that Viser is one of the best characters in the game (Adara, but
  better, and I love Adara), so it may be worth the effort.  Plus, it'll be easy
  to slaughter Jade in the next battle--and let's not even MENTION the mincemeat
  you can make of the Golems in THIS fight.  A Golem team attack did only 117
  damage to my Lv.16 Gallant (with Ignore Direction on), and Adara did 500 dmg
  with Bullet Rays.  They only HAVE about 600.  Viser can be safely taken down
  to about 450 before he retreats, so if you can do that much with Team Attacks,
  you can beat him; the main trick is dealing with the three live Golems while
  you focus on him.

  //  BATTLE 016: CATHEDRAL 3rd FLOOR  [4=16]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.14 Devil x5 (Pandaren)
            Lv.14 Priest
            Lv.14 Swordsman x2
            Lv.14 Axe Knight x2
            Jade (Lv.15 Thief, 1835 HP)
  ALLIES:  Lumena (Lv.18 Priestess)
           Prier (Lv.14 Priest)
  OBJECTIVE:  Protect Lumena and Prier!

  Most people get into trouble by assuming they HAVE to engage the two Pandaren
  near Lumena and Prier.  You don't.  They'll ignore the girls as long as the
  girls don't move towards them.  Instead, have Lumena move one square towards
  Prier and then one square towards your characters--there's a Vital Nut there.
  In the meanwhile, Spero and his companions will be fighting their way up.
  You only get four characters; I recommend Spero, Grey, Adara and Linea, but
  that's my personal preference.  (Avis has a thing for Lumena, so it might be
  interesting to see what happens if you use him.)  In any case, deal with the
  swordsmen and axemen, and then move up the stairs to deal with the Pandaren.
  When you attack one, its partner will wake up, as will the Priest on the
  second flight of stairs, so be ready to get Lumena and Prier out of there.
  However, they've got great healing, so keep them in the party.

  You do NOT have to kill Jade in this battle; under normal circumstances, the
  battle will end once you kill off the Priest.  If, however, you send up Linea
  to lodge an arrow in one of Jade's bodyguard Pandaren, he and his will come
  out to play.  THEN kill the priest; THEN kill Jade.  Knock down the Pandaren
  too if you feel like it.  Jade still has that massive Evade Up thing; Linea,
  two levels his superior, still had only 45% accuracy with arrows.  So use
  spells to whittle down (he retreats at about 700 HP) and then make sure Grey's
  Accuracy Up aura is affecting Spero when he tries to initiate the Team Attack.
  Overkilling Jade, both here and at Battle 010 (Hydor), will allow you to
  recruit him in Chapter 4 instead of Chapter 5.  Failure to do so does NOT mean
  you can't recruit him, however, only that you do it later rather than sooner.

  Prier joins the party after this battle, but don't bother having her beat on
  your characters--she'll be Lv.14 when she joins, regardless of what happened

    ||  CHAPTER  THREE:  ||
    ||  The SECRET SECT  ||
    ||       [4=CC]      ||

  All right, go Avis, rubbing your face in Lumena's boobs like that.  I'm sure
  she appreciates it very much.  Is that how you two normally greet each other?
  Also, Avis's "yelling" portrait is just creepy.

  //  BATTLE 017: TABERNA  [4=17]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.15 Armored Knight x3
            Lv.15 Swordmaster x3 (and then...)
            Lv.15 Bandit x2
            Lv.15 Master Alchemist x2
            Lv.15 Priest x1
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  Before this battle, you're given the option of challenging Echidna.  Tell her
  you're ready to fight her, and then Overkill her; that way you can recruit her
  in Chapter 5.  If you say you just want your sword back, she'll teleport away
  and you will NOT be able to recruit her.  If you choose to fight her, she will
  replace one of the generic Swordmasters.  Echidna is ALSO a Swordmaster, but
  Level 16, with 2370 HP and a retreat value of about 800.

  This battle is nasty due to the constricted nature of Taberna's streets.
  Maneuvering will be difficult at best and impossible at worst.  The worst
  bottleneck is the little archway along the street your characters are facing
  when they deploy, but it's all crazy.  At least no one's attacking you right
  from the start--can you imagine fighting on or near your Deploy zone?

  Once you gain the street level, the two can-headed soldiers standing on the
  bridge (Armored Knights) and their Alchemist will move forward to engage you.
  Kill them, and then move DOWN the street, NOT across the bridge--towards the
  remaining can-head and Alchemist, plus their Thief--and deal with them.  Once
  they are dead, the three Swordsmasters (including Echidna, should she be
  present), the Priest (who you will want to kill) and the remaining Thief will
  jump in.  One of the generic Swordmasters has a HP Restore zone, which will
  add about 200 HP to Echidna each turn.  For obvious reasons, you may want to
  kill him too.  After that, just whale on Echidna until you're ready for a
  Team Attack.  A 6-person attack will do slightly more damage than Relay Play,
  but not THAT much.

  //  BATTLE 018: ASHEVILLE  [4=18]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.16 Devil x9
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  A split party AGAIN?  Well, at least this time you can control who goes in
  which party.  Plus, the Nox are weak to light--they've got a LOT less HP in
  the daytime than they did at night or in the sewers.

  Have the group on the higher level go up the stairs and across the middle 
  level, and have the lower group go north and then up the stairs.  That way you
  can have them re-unite.  Alternately, keep them split up--have both groups
  KEEP going up the stairs and deal with the Nox at the highest altitudes.  You
  should be able to handle them.  Just beware of their Team Attacks, which can
  mess you up.

  //  BATTLE 019: SUBLEA  [4=19]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.17 Devil x9
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  Right.  More of them.  But they're still weak and, if you bothered to overkill
  Echidna, you've still got a level advantage over them.  The main thing to keep
  in mind is the move penalty imparted by sand: 5 AP.  In other words: whatever
  your current Move value is, add 5 to it.  Unless you've somehow got your Move
  scores below 15, you won't get more than four squares a turn.  Of course,
  neither will the Nox.  Try and use Team Attacks to kill them--when you kill
  an enemy with a Team Attack, there's a chance you'll get his EQ, and most of
  the Nox are using weapons and items you can use too.

  //  BATTLE 020: TESCA  [4=20]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.18 Priest x2
            Lv.18 Hunter x2
            Lv.18 Warrior x2
            Lv.18 Axe Knight x2
            Jade (Lv.19 Bandit)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Jade!

  Now THIS is hard.  Jade's got massive EVA, moves six squares a turn, has a
  support skill that NULLIFIES the desert-sand move penalty, and can kill anyone
  if he lands all three attacks.  AND, he's got cronies.

  The map is roughly square, with your party in the lower right corner, Jade in
  the upper left, and two identical clumps of generics (Swordsman, Archer and
  Priest) in the remaining corners.  Both of these clumps are programmed to wake
  if Jade is attacked, so you need to take them out before you take HIM out.  I
  personally recommend taking the high ground first, and then the boys to your
  left; you want to be in an open space when you try to attack Jade, and that
  high ground is about as opposite to Open Space as you can get.

  As for Jade himself, spells are your best bet--they aren't affected by his
  ridiculous EVA values.  This is a Viser Overkill Option, so you'll want to
  Team Attack him to the ground; before attempting one, however, try aiming at
  him with a normal attack.  The targeting window will tell you the likelihood
  of you succeeding.  Team Attacks CAN miss, and if they do--well, whoops, you
  just wasted one.  So check your accuracy before you even THINK of trying it.
  For added security, use Grey's Up zone on Spero, and then have someone attack
  Jade so that he turns away; Evade is affected by direction, so you want Jade
  facing AWAY from Spero when Spero initiates the TA.  I believe Spero has an
  ACC% Up zone too, but if you ask me you're better served to use his EVA% Up
  zone (ESPECIALLY 'cause I'm not sure if Zones stack).

  If you want to recruit Jade later, do NOT choose not to kill him in the
  conversation that follows.  And don't panic; what happens next is supposed
  to happen.  You'll see him again later.

  //  BATTLE 021: DITA  [4=21]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.19 Devil x6
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  Compared to the last battle, this is a cakewalk.  You're on sand again, but
  that'll actually slow THEM down more than it will you; and the Nox will have
  trouble coming down that huge slope they start on.  Plus, you're probably
  starting to be a match for them on a one-on-one level, unlike that day back at
  Villa Fortuna.  Have fun; this is easy.  Also: isn't this just a truly
  gorgeous map?  It's this single sculptured dune of sand--a work of art, as
  well as a fun tactical challenge.

  //  BATTLE 022: SHANTY TOWN  [4=22]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.20 Beta Golem x8
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  Right.  Is it just me, or did this game just jump the shark?

  You know the drill; go get 'em.  There's four Golems per wave, though, and
  you're on sand: focused fire is extra important AND extra difficult.  Plan
  ahead when attacking so that EVERYONE can beat on the Golem in question, and
  the last one (most likely Gallant) isn't stalled by congested traffic.  The
  good news is, these new Beta Golems can only VOIP twice before they run dry.
  Bad design choice there on your part, Viser.

  By now you'll probably be draining Adara and Prier dry on every battle.  For a
  quick fix, Fuse Herbs out of Short Swords and Antidotes.  They only give back
  30 MP, but Potions (MP restore 50) are a lot more likely to add to your Move
  points.  (Potion = Whistle + Iron Rod OR Mermaid Pearls x2.)  Look at it this
  way: two Potions restore 100 MP for 80 AP but add 14 Weight; three Herbs
  restore 90 MP for 9 Weight and 90 AP.  It's your choice, and may simply depend
  on Adara's or Prier's current EQ layout.

  //  BATTLE 023: TURRIS - The GATE of ETERNITY  [4=23]

  ENEMIES:  Level 21 Golem x7
            Tia (Level 22 Catgirl) x1
  OBJECTIVE:  Destroy all Golems

  Seven Golems, but you know how to deal with them by now.  The REAL trick of
  this level is its design--it arcs up at one end, and its bisected by this odd
  spur of wreckage which prohibits descent into the other half and leads up to
  Tia herself.  Architecturally and visually it's a gorgeous piece of design,
  but navigationally it's a pain in the, err...  Tushy.  Advance slowly, so as
  not to spook the sleeping Golems, and victory shall be yours.  If you want to
  be fancy, you can actually climb up the side of the spur to reach Tia
  directly, but do NOT harm her, whatever you do, or you won't be allowed to
  recruit her.  You only have to kill the Golems to win anyway.

  Keep in mind that the one at the bottom of the spur will come and help its
  fellows before being approached, so you'll have three to deal with right away.
  Also, in this level you find out about the range of the VOIPs: Golems can and
  will use them from as far as five squares away.  That may be their maximum
  range.  Then again, it may not.  But that's the longest I've SEEN it used at.
  Thankfully my characters Guard against them about half the time.

  //  BATTLE 024: TURRIS - The GATE of ETERNITY  [4=24]
  ENEMIES:  Level 22 Pink Super-Golem x1
  ALLY:  Tia (Lv.22 Catgirl)
  OBJECTIVE:  Destroy the Donut Golem

  It's pink, but that doesn't make it wimpy.  The good news is, his VOIP isn't
  much stronger than those of the Golems Tia brought with her (200 dmg or so),
  he can only use it four times before he drains his MP; and you can Guard
  against most of them and heal yourself back from the rest.  The BAD news is
  his 4000 HP, Fear Zone Effect, ridiculous ACC, and the map's cramped quarters.
  Mr. Pink Golem doesn't even really have to attack you to screw things up.  If
  he does, that character is probably dead.  It doesn't help that you weren't
  allowed to save.

  The Golem will sit on the stairs and waste VOIPs; use Spero's EVA Up zone to
  deflect most of them.  Meanwhile, use those four turns to do AS MUCH DAMAGE AS
  YOU POSSIBLY CAN.  Bring in Gallant for his MP Restore Zone.  Use the melee
  characters' Active Abilities to do ranged damage; this will also deny the
  stairs to the Golem, and will facilitate your later escape.  Use Linea's Storm
  and Adara's Bullet Rays EVERY TURN.  The last party member is up to you; Grey
  has a ranged attack, but Prier can heal.  Use Tia if you feel lucky; the Golem
  may or may not stop to finish her off.  The Vigor Nuts help; the HP they
  restore is negligible, but they help with her MOVE.  The only certain thing is
  that if she dies, you cannot recruit her.  EVER.

  When the Golem runs out of MP, he'll start to close for physical attacks.  You
  do NOT want to be cramped into your little Deploy Zone when this happens.
  (This is a good place to use Tia--as bait to lure him away--but again, the
  last thing you want her to do is die.)  Make sure you can escape down the
  stairs, either by luring Pinky up onto the landing or by occupying the stairs
  with your characters.  And above all, do NOT let Spero end his turn within the
  Golem's physical-attack range, or it will almost certainly kill him.

  All things considered, this is probably the most difficult battle in the game,
  because you have no margin for error.  One slip-up could lose you the battle.
  I recommend being Lv.23 or more before even attempting it.

    ||        CHAPTER FOUR:       ||
    ||           [4=DD]           ||

  Right, so, was anyone ELSE wondering why the characters were so near the Gate
  if I've only been playing for 25 hours of a 50-hour game?  Good, I guess I
  wasn't alone there.  And in the meanwhile, Machin Shin has moved in, we're cut
  off, and the town we're on is red.  Well THAT'S reassuring!  The good news is,
  you can still visit the Shop, Catacomb and Guild here, so stock up, level up,
  replace used items, Fuse new ones, assign SP, whatever you want to do before
  actually attempting the battle.

  If you read all Tia's letters AND kept her safe in all battles until now, she
  should join your party sometime between now and the Ventus Shrine.  If you
  didn't read her letters, you'll find out how to recruit her later.  If she
  has ever fallen in battle, you blew it.

  //  BATTLE 025: APHAN  [4=25]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.23 Elementalist x5
            Lv.23 Spirit x7
  OBJECTIVES:  Defeat all

  This battle isn't especially difficult; there's twice as many enemies as there
  are you, but they persist in attacking in clumps of four or less.  The main
  problem is in navigation; we're talking some really congested spaces here,
  what with the stairs and all.  Just try not to leave anyone exposed while you
  climb.  Leading with ranged attackers is a smart idea.

  //  BATTLE 026: BOREAS  [4=26]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.24 Axe Knight x2
            Lv.24 Hunter x3
            Lv.24 Priest x2
            Lv.24 Grappler x2
            Lv.24 Swordmaster x2
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  Yeah, you're slightly outnumbered.  Even better, the map's HUGE--it loops and
  trickles and is a nightmare to navigate.  If you've played Warcraft III, you
  remember the campaign maps where, eventually, you traverse the ENTIRETY of the
  map; this one's just like it.  Even better, Gallant is at the FAR END of it--
  within spitting distance of where you start, but you have to go the long way,
  and I mean REALLY the long way, to get there.

  You've got two choices to make at the beginning of the map: what to do with
  Gallant, and what to do with the REST of your party (hereafter referred to as
  "Party").  Gallant can either try to climb up to Party, or go the long way
  around.  (He'll need Jump+1 to actually make it up the stairs.)  Likewise,
  Party can either go the long way around, or go DOWN the stairs to reach
  Gallant.  If Party goes the long way around, they'll wake up that entire side
  of the map.  If Gallant goes the long way around, he'll LIKEWISE wake up that
  entire side of the map.  In other words, if both go the long way, EVERYONE
  will converge on Gallant, kill him, and then go for Party.  Yes, all eleven
  enemies at once.  Guess what I think you should do instead.

  Regardless, you're probably going to lose Gallant, but don't worry; the map
  objective is "Defeat All," not "Save Gallant."  Thank heavens.  It's VERY
  unlikely you've gotten Gallant's EVA up to the point where he can survive.

  //  BATTLE 027: VALLEY of WINDS  [4=27]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.25 Male Elementor x3
            Lv.25 Female Elementor x2
            Lv.25 Spirit x6
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  This is a dense, claustrophobic level in which the main challenge isn't the
  opponent but rather navigation; sometimes the hardest part is even to SEE, a
  problem exacerbated by the inability to tilt the camera up and down.  This
  isn't a valley so much as it is a box canyon; the two basalt monoliths near
  where you start are just the end of visibility.  All the cliffs--ALL the
  cliffs--are of 4 height or higher, meaning you either need a lot of Silver
  Anklets or Bolt Shoelaces, which give Jump +1, or Glide on the Winds items,
  which teach Jump +1.  Anklets can be Fused from a Dragon Staff and a Mithril
  Sword, Glide on the Winds from an Akujiki and a Badge of Courage; all of these
  are Shoppable at this time.  Bolt Shoelaces, on the other hand, I have no idea
  about; the only one I ever got was from the Traveling Merchant.  Thankfully,
  the opposition itself isn't too hard; it's REACHING them that's difficult.
  While they, you know, spam you with Buzzbolt and that green-bongo spell.
  Also, keep Spero's HP above 400; that's about how much enemy Team Attacks do.

  //  BATTLE 028: VENTUS SHRINE  [4=28]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.27 Wind Spirit x1
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Ventus!

  Show him your resolve, he says.  Fine.  We will.

  He'll probably open with Giga Cyclone, which is a vicinity spell that does 200
  or 250 damage to anyone near him.  Thankfully, that's really his only good
  attack, and if you devote Adara and Prier to full-time healing and keep your
  characters clumped together, you can heal back to full before he gets a chance
  to go again.  Meanwhile, send the boys up and let them do what they do best.
  When trying Team Attacks, use the tricks you used on Jade; Ventus shares his
  ridiculous EVA.  Have an ACC% Up zone, use someone to attack Ventus and make
  him turn away from the person who will Team Attack, don't actually initiate it
  unless your accuracy is like 75% or so...  You know the deal.  And keep calm.
  He's big, and floating, and a bizarrely menacing shade of green, but you've
  got what it takes to deal with him.

  Factoring in his MP regeneration, Ventus will be able to cast Giga Cyclone six
  times; after that, his MP regeneration will give him a spell every other turn.
  Or, at least, so my math tells me; I killed him in five turns.

  //  BATTLE 029: PORTA  [4=29]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.26 Armored Knight x5
            Lv.26 Beta Golem x2
            Lv.26 Master Alchemist x2
            Lv.26 Priest x1
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  Hmm.  We appear to be home.  The tactically sound option is to hit the Priest
  and Soldier in the upper-left corner; this will force the two Soldiers on the
  bridge to chase you down.  Which they will, because evidently you're within
  their Wake-Up range.  Once these four are dead, regroup at the Deploy zone,
  because their deaths appear to wake the remaining seven.  That really ought to
  be all I need to tell you by now.  Oh, and, amusingly enough: a three-way Team
  Attack from a Golem and the two Alchemists only did 353 damage to my Lv.27
  Gallant--but then he had Soften Attacks on him.

  //  BATTLE 030: EVARATE  [4=30]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.27 Squire x2
            Lv.27 Soldier x2
            Lv.27 Golem Beta x4
            Lv.27 Swordmaster x2
  ALLY:  Oma (Lv.27 Priest)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  Don't use Prier; Oma does basically everything she does, though I think he's
  actually the generic equivalent of Lumena.  (Mercator is Prier's parallel.)
  He starts out surrounded, and the enemy's smart enough not to be distracted
  just because the rest of your party rushes in.  But they're also way out of
  position; only one spearman is close enough to hit actually him.  Rush him on
  back to the party and open up a can of whoopass.  The folk down the stairs
  WILL wait for you to intrude into their space, so creep up on them (see
  Playing Tip 1.e up at the top of the FAQ) and kill off at least the Swordsman
  before allowing them to take a turn.

  //  BATTLE 031: ALTIPLANO  [4=31]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.28 Armored Knight x5
            Lv.28 Master Alchemist x2
            Lv.28 Sniper x2
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  This map, like Aphan, is huge, circuitous and maze-like.  The good news is, on
  this map you can choose which direction you go first.  I suggest uphill: the
  ascent to the summit on the side you aren't using has a bottleneck that no one
  can circumvent unless they have Jump +2.  (Trust me, I tried that route.)  The
  good news is, the opposition's really spread out.  Really, you should be fine.
  Just realize that snow gives you a +5 Move penalty, so even if your Move is 20
  or lower, you're still only going to get 4 squares a turn.

  //  BATTLE 032: ALTIPLANO  [4=32]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.29 Grand Master x4
            Lv.29 Wight x6
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  Great, two in a row.  At least you're familiar with this map.  And the bad
  guys.  The Spirits do love that lightning attack, don't they?  Some of them
  have a new fire spell, though, that has an area effect, so beware of that.
  This time, head to the characters' right, towards the bottleneck (NOT towards
  the wooden dock).  The enemies on that side are awake when the battle starts
  and will move on you pre-emptively.  So go up and intercept them.  Or, if
  you're feeling heady, go the other direction--you'll have to tangle with half
  the map at once, but you'll basically have won when you finish dealing with
  everyone.  Finally, be aware that the enemies on the mountaintop will wake up
  when you kill everything else.

  //  BATTLE 033: HUMUS SHRINE  [4=33]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.31 Earth Spirit x1
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Humus!

  Mmm, hummus.  Err.  Anyhow.  We've done this before.  If you're like me, by
  now some of your characters have Ranked Up a third time and have new attacks
  and abilities to use; and of course Linea got "Summon Ventus".  (Like SHE
  needed offensive options.  When does Prier get a good attack?)  Unfortunately,
  none of these new skills do very good damage, and they take up a BOATLOAD of
  MP.  So, skip 'em.  In fact, don't even USE the upgraded healing spells; Pray
  and First Aid is all you need to recoup the damage Humus inflicts.

  Once again, Humus's only really viable attack is his special spell, Meteo
  Strike, but it has the added virtue of randomly petrifying the people it hits,
  so keep an eye on your characters: the color-change is very subtle and easy to
  miss.  They stop moving, though--you know that whole bobbing up and down
  thing?--and that's the fastest way to tell who's silicon and who's still
  carbon.  It might be wise to bring in some Lotions, and you can teach your
  characters Anti-Stone by Fusing Gnome Leggings (Air Gloves + Lotion) and
  Combinations II (Bronze Mail + Dragon Staff).  Other than that...  Well, hey,
  you got Ventus, right?  This guy shouldn't be too much more problematic.

  //  BATTLE 034: GULA  [4=34]

  ENEMIES: Lv.30 Black Belt x2
           Lv.30 Sage x2
           Lv.30 Overlord's Guard x6
           Lv.30 High Priest x2
           Croire (Lv.31 Sniper) x1
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Croire!

  Contrary to what the Yellow Quest would have you believe, you do NOT need
  Scrolls of Archery to survive this battle.  Croire's attack (Crimson Storm)
  gobbles up 120 MP per use and does about 250 damage to everyone near him.
  He'll be able to use it three times, just THREE TIMES, before he runs out of
  MP.  If you can heal that damage back before he goes again (and you can), you
  win.  The only complications are the fact that he has a Priest and one of
  those new pointy axe-weilders nearby; they'll buzz around annoyingly if you
  let them.  So take them down while waiting for Croire to waste his MP on you.
  You only have to knock off about 3/4ths of his HP.  However, Overkilling him
  fulfills one of the Viser Overkill Options, so save a Team Attack.

  You'll probably have Adara's Ray Storm by now.  Honestly, I prefer Bullet
  Rays.  Ray Storm can hit more than one target, but doesn't do much more damage
  and costs 3 times as much MP.  It's only worth the expenditure if you can use
  it to hit three or more enemies at once, in other words, and, depending on
  your play style, that may not happen frequently.  Be smart, is the point: use
  your MP wisely.  Unlike Croire over there.  Bloody wastrel.

  //  BATTLE 035: SCYLLA's BREATH  [4=35]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.31 Wight x7
            Lv.31 Grand Master x4
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  H20-Guardian:  What is your name?
  AnimaPrncss: linea hihi
  AnimaPrncss: asl lol
  H20-Guardian:  What is your quest?
  AnimaPrncss: i seek the Holy Grail!!!11`` lololol k
  H20-Guardian:  Fight me.
  AnimaPrncss: no donwanna
  AnimaPrncss: k fine

  Some of the Spirits have Explosion again, and now the Elementors have the
  lightning attack (Buzzbolt) too, instead of their previous green-bongos
  attack, which they used to love until they noticed (around the time of the
  Valley of Winds battle) that it only did about 30 damage.  'course, Buzzbolt
  only does about 100 nowadays, so it's not exactly an improvement.  However, my
  results are probably skewed: just before this battle, I did the "Mock Imperial
  Legion" quest at the Resistance Camp, and faced down eight Level-36 soldiers.
  I was Lv.32 going in, now I'm Lv.35.  I'm betting I'll wipe the floor with the
  Water Spirit too.  But first I gotta get through these guardians...

  //  BATTLE 036: AQUA SHRINE  [4=36]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.33 Water Spirit x1
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Aqua!

  Right.  Why do I get the feeling we've done this all before?...  This one's
  spell doesn't do anything, but he's got a HUGE Sleep Effect Zone.  It should
  be pointed out that, at Level 35, his spell did less than 100 damage to me--
  Linea actually hurt Spero more by shooting him to wake him up than Mr. Water
  Ball did.  As usual, Aqua has six casts of his spell before he runs out of MP,
  so be careful about your healing and you can live through it.  Other than
  that, the main problem is your Deploy zones--they're a bit out of the way and
  it'll take you a little maneuvering to close.  Be careful on your approach so
  you can heal effectively.

  //  BATTLE 037: SILVA  [4=37]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.32 Sage x2
            Lv.32 General x2
            Lv.32 Shadow x2
            Lv.32 Sniper x2
            Lv.32 Berserker x2
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  Right.  Why do I get the feeling we've done this all before?...  Honestly, I
  don't feel like there's a lot I need to tell you.  There's only ten of them.
  As far as I'm concerned, if you can't handle this battle yourself, then you're
  WAY past the point where any of MY advice will help.  =)

  If you have not acquired Tia already, now would be a good time: she's exactly
  Lv.32 when she joins you.  Pace around the world map, but make sure you're
  right back here, at Silva, on February 22nd, or "two-ty twos day" (or whatever
  the hell it was she said), and for God's sake, make the right conversation
  choice.  =P  If the villager does not mention anything about Doubledy Doubles
  day, it means you killed her or let her die at some point, and you will not
  be able to recruit her during this playthrough.  Attempt not to throw the
  controller in frustration.  I know how much you love catgirls.

  //  BATTLE 038: GRAVE of SPIRITS  [4=38]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.33 Wight x8
            Lv.33 Grand Master x3
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  Right.  Why do I...  Yeah.  At least the map looks damn cool.  The Spirits AND
  the Elementors both have that area Fire attack now, and boy, do they sure love
  using it, but it shouldn't be doing more than about 100 damage a pop.  In the
  meanwhile, your characters ought to have at least 800 HP each, and probably
  more like 1000 in some cases.  You can see why this isn't going to be much of
  a problem.

  //  BATTLE 039: FLAMMA SHRINE  [4=39]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.35 Fire Spirit x1
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Flamma!

  Right, why do I Yeah Okay, we get the idea.  Flamma has a No Skills effect
  zone and can fire his spell four times, but what's REALLY going to cause
  problems is the fact that your Deploy points are out in the boonies.  He won't
  open with his spell, because he wouldn't hit anyone if he did, so with a bit
  of planning, you can control his movement.

  Put all your fast, mobile characters into one half-party and the slower ones
  in the other; have one healer per, as always.  Have the Slow Party move up,
  but let the other one sit in place.  Flamma will use one turn to close with
  the Slow Party and THEN start using his spell.  This is what you want him to
  do; the Slow Party is bait.  Now the Fast Party can just dash up and beat the
  tar out of him.  And will need to, if you accidentally let the Slow Party's
  healer fall into Flamma's No Skills zone.  Like I did.

  Please be aware: No Skills does NOT prevent you from using, initiating or
  participating in Team Attacks.

  //  BATTLE 040: RESISTANCE CAMP  [4=40]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.34 Golem Gamma x3
            Lv.34 Sniper x3
            Lv.34 Overlord's Guard x6
            Lv.35 Sniper x1 (Croire)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Croire!
  ALLY:  Avis (Lv.34 Gladiator)

  If you're like me, you knew your previous team (Spero, Linea, Gallant, Grey,
  Adara, Prier) by the back of your hand by now, and you used Linea a LOT.  So
  what do you do when, as in this battle, you can't deploy her?  Uh.  Panic a
  bit, really, is what I did.  Especially when I found out that she was being
  replaced by Avis.  Ugh.  Thankfully my party was Lv.36 at the time.  

  Use Avis's Vigor Nuts as soon as possible: his Move will drop below 20.  Why
  is Avis carrying around nuts anyway?  It's a little too late for him to be

  The enemy is lined up so that dealing with one shipment of soldiers will wake
  the next clump, and of course Croire's on his hilltop happily archering the
  crowd.  My advice is, don't let him do that.  Once you've dealt with everyone
  except his two Pointy Axe Wielder bodyguards, regroup your forces on that
  little hillock in the corner, and then send your most mobile character (pro-
  bably Spero, but somehow my Gallant had 15 Move at the time) to bait Croire
  into coming down to the ground floor.  Once that happens, you'll have to deal
  with his Zone Effect, which imparts Stone, but it'd be MUCH harder to do so
  if you went up to his landing.  Try to have Prier's Purify Zone Effect, which
  will make healing a cinch.

  You only have to take Croire down to about 1800 HP, but he's a Viser Overkill
  option, so save a Team Attack for him.

  //  BATTLE 041: Mt. OROS  [4=41]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.35 Devout Fanatic x3
            Lv.35 High Priest x4
            Lv.35 Berserker x2
            Lv.35 Brandish x2
  OBJECTIVE:  defeat all

  Dammit, how come they get to teleport?  I wanna be able to teleport!  Stupid
  Aeque peoples.  Also, notice how the axe guys and the sword guys are the same
  classes as Spero (Brandish) and Gallant (Berserker)?  Doesn't mean a darn
  thing.  They're still just as easy to kill.  Except that they DID start hiking
  up the incline to get me, before I'd come down.  Of course, they may have done
  that because I took Linea and, in a fit of joy, riddled one of the axe guys
  with arrows.  Oh-kay here comes two thirds of the map!  But really, you ought
  to be fine; the only really dangerous enemies are the aforementioned axe and
  sword guys, and they'll have to waste a bit of time climbing up to you.  The
  other seven you should be able to swat down easily.  And, in the meanwhile,
  the stage itself is just gorgeous, isn't it?  This, the Turris maps, the Grave
  of Spirits...  Kudos to Atlus for their incredible art direction.

  //  BATTLE 042: FLOATING BRIDGE  [4=42]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.36 Devout Fanatic x3
            Lv.36 High Priest x3
            Lv.36 Gladiator x2
            Lv.36 Sniper x2
            Lv.36 Diablo x2
            Nebula (Lv.37 Apostle)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Nebula!

  Oh great.  Nebula has a Petrify Zone.  That, and space on this bridge is a
  little tight; the enemy will find it easy to launch more than one Team Attack
  per round and do upwards of 600 damage to a single character.  Spero, for
  instance.  Hmm, is that a Game Over I smell?  Other than that, it's just about
  maneuvering; the bridge is only three tiles wide, so you'll probably find it
  difficult to manage more than three melee characters.  Linea, with her ability
  to shoot to just about anywhere, is once again the embodiment of practicality.
  The enemy is also stacked so that each clump is within the next clump's Wake
  range; be prepared for the next clump down to rush in and assist.  Other than
  that...  Maintain your HP, don't get distracted, and slaughter the soldiers.
  And Nebula, for that matter.  Aside from her Petrify Zone, she doesn't really
  do anything useful.  She can use her magic attack four or five times; it
  inflicts random status effects as well as 200 or so damage.  Team Attacks,
  normal attacks, whatever--you can handle her.  Take her down to 1500 HP to
  win.  Take her to 0 to fulfill a Viser Overkill Option.

  //  BATTLE 043: LACUNA RUINS  [4=43]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.37 Devout Fanatic x3
            Lv.37 High Priest x2
            Lv.37 Brandish x2
            Lv.37 Diablo x3
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  Be careful what you wish for, Avis.  You might get it.  Fortunately, Lumena
  doesn't hang around to complicate things further.  Really, this shouldn't be
  much of a problem.  Just pray no one gets to dump a Team Attack on you.  Two
  Team Attacks in a row will be enough to kill or at least severely wound any
  one character, so try not to leave too many people alive near you at the end
  of your turn.  Oh, and, amusingly: one of the Nox I fought was named "The

  //  BATTLE 044: LACUNA SHRINE  [4=44]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.38 Diablo x2
            Lv.38 Devout Fanatic x2
            Lv.38 High Priest x2
            Lv.38 Sniper x2
            Lv.38 Shadow x2
            Nebula (Lv.39 Apostle)
            Lumena (Lv.39 Apostle)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  Wow.  This does not look good.  There's twelve enemies, two bosses, and the
  nearest six foes (Nox, Shellhead Priests and lurching Aeque Fanatics) are
  triggered to all come at you at ONCE--if you wander into the range of one, ALL
  of them will wake up and come out to play.  The logical answer would be to
  rush up and kill off the Fanatics, because water imparts a 10-AP-PER-SQUARE
  penalty; but if you DO...  Well, as it turns out, the Thieves and Archers and
  Lumena and Nebula ALL have those Fanatics within their wake range, and they
  will ALL come out to engage you.  Not to mention the Nox and the Priests.  In
  other words, pre-empting the Fanatics is a GREAT way to get THE ENTIRE MAP to
  descend on you.  So, don't.  Instead, bottle your characters up on the Deploy
  Zone, equip Grey's "Ignore Geo Effects," and have him go taunt the nearest Nox
  (the left-side ones are the best, because the little stump in the water to the
  left of the Deploy Zone has a Blessed Fruit item on it).  That way the
  Fanatics, Priests and Nox will descend on you, but NOT the Thieves, Archers
  and bosses.

  Once you're done with that wave, you have to deal with the remaining half of
  the map.  They won't wait for you; the Thieves will start coming down your
  throats just as soon as the last of the forward wave dies.  The good news is,
  you don't have to "Defeat All."  If you can knock one of the bosses down to
  critical, the battle immediately ends.  Nebula's still got her two-range
  attack, whereas Lumena has healing spells and a "Move Cost Up" Zone Effect.
  It adds 20 AP--yes, TWENTY MOVEMENT POINTS--to each square.  Killing either
  one of them fulfills a Viser Overkill Option, so do your thing.  You do NOT
  have to kill both of them, and I doubt Viser will give you extra credit if you

  If you can avoid it, do NOT use any expendable items in this map.  You will
  have to fight the next battle without getting a chance to save, re-equip, etc.
  Also, I advise being Level 40 or higher before even ATTEMPTING this battle--
  or, more accurately, the one immediately AFTER it.

  //  BATTLE 045: LACUNA ALTAR  [4=45]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.39 Diablo x4
            Lv.39 Devout Fanatic x2
            Lv.39 High Priest x3
            Lv.39 Sniper x3
            Nebula (Lv.39 Apostle)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat all

  Resist the urge to use Lumena.  I know, she's new and cool and nifty--but with
  her current skill build, she has no offense and her healing's too expensive.
  Use the characters you're best with; this is an extremely difficult and
  literally uphill battle, and you will need every advantage you can get.

  The map is shaped very very strangely, but the end result is that it's basi-
  cally a three-way fork.  The middle one has Nebula.  The ones on either side
  have Archers.  The one on the left is the more dangerous of the two: it's got
  a Nox, an Archer, and a Fanatic, and they can all jump over to Nebula's plat-
  form if they want.  Also, they'll wake up if Nebula is disturbed; the right
  fork won't.  So head left.  Nebula will waste her spam spell on you, and
  you'll have saved yourself some major hassle when you actually attack her.
  But lead with Anti-Stone characters, because the Nox has a Stone Aura, and
  the stairs are the perfect place for him to use it on.

  By the time you get the left plastform cleared, Nebula will be awake and
  spamming you with her spell, "Dark Judgment," which hits every character you
  own--yes, you heard me correctly, EVERYONE, REGARDLESS of how far they are
  away from her--for about 200 damage.  She can only use it three times on her
  normal store of MP.  ...But the archer behind her has an MP Regen aura, so
  she'll probably get at least four off.  Thank God you've still got Pray and
  First Aid equipped: they heal off all the damage she does, and for only 30
  MP, as opposed to the 110 she spends casting it.  ...You DO still have Pray
  and First Aid on you, right?

  Forget the Archer and the Priest--kill the Nox as quick as you can.  Have Grey
  stand on the lower left corner of the platform and use his two-range attack to
  hit people on the other island.  (This was not my idea, but rather the advice
  of one DarkStalker at the GameFaqs boards.)  Then, when the Nox is out of the
  way, you can jump across and do a proper number on BOTH Archer and Priest.
  Nebula by this time should be out of MP, and as usual she's basically defense-
  less without spells.  This is NOT a Viser Overkill Option; you have to take
  her down to 0 HP to win.

    ||       CHAPTER FIVE:      ||
    ||  The WARLORD's AMBITION  ||
    ||          [4=EE]          ||

  Oh good, you don't lose Linea permanently.  But good job, Atlus, for a totally
  useless cliffhanger where it looks like she's going to leave.  Also, when
  she's floating in that void, it really looks like someone's humping her or
  something.  Good job again Atlus: you've snuck pornography into a sprite-based
  game.  My admiration for you knows no bounds.  Neither does my sarcasm.

  //  BATTLE 046: CASTLE GROUNDS  [4=46]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.40 Overlord's Guard x3
            Lv.40 Sage x3
            Lv.40 General x3
            Lv.40 Brandish x2
            Lv.40 Sniper x2
            Echidna (Lv.41 Swordsman)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Echidna!

  Right.  That's a lot of enemies, but they're all way off in the distance.  The
  only people near you are two round-face soldiers, an Alchemist, three of those
  pointy Axe-men, and Echidna herself.  The ones all over the walls shouldn't be
  a problem, right?  Wrong: they're programmed to advance the instant either
  Echidna or one of her two bodyguards takes damage, and at least one of them
  (an Alchemist) is outfitted with Hermes Wing, which basically gives him Jump
  +Infinity: he can jump up or down ANY HEIGHT.  For instance, straight down
  that wall.  Even better, Echidna appears to have gotten Counter All from
  somewhere.  If you wanna be cheap, lever your guys into position and dump her
  with Team Attacks--it'll take all three, but that should be enough, even if
  she manages to kill one of YOURS with Team Attacks, like she got my Lumena.
  Said Team Attack did 1100 damage, which is more than Spero HAD at that point,
  so cross your fingers and pray she doesn't catch him.

  If you have fulfilled all her requirements, Echidna will join you after this
  battle.  See her entry in the Characters section for an explanation of how to
  recruit her.

  //  BATTLE 047: COURTYARD  [4=47]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.41 Overlord's Guard x3
            Lv.41 Sage x3
            Lv.41 General x4
            Lv.41 Sniper x2
            Croire (Lv.42 Sniper)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Croire!

  You're not going to be able to just go for the jugular this time.  The enemy
  is scattered around the courtyard, sure, so you'll almost never have to deal
  with more than two or three opponents at a time, but there's only one way to
  get to Croire, and that way is Through All His Bodyguards.  That's really the
  only challenge, though.  Croire doesn't have that area-effect spell anymore,
  and he can only use his Bow 'n Aura attack TWICE (yes, you heard me right,
  TWICE) before he runs out of MP.  And my Avis Guarded against it both times.
  I didn't even use Team Attacks.  o_O

  //  BATTLE 048: GRAND HALL  [4=48]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.42 Gamma Golem x4
            Lv.42 Sage x3
            Viser (Lv.43 Sage)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Viser!

  Only eight opponents total?  What is this, some kind of joke?  Now, half of
  them are Golems, and plus, Viser has a MP Regen zone from HELL.  Also, the
  instant the first two Golems and Sages drop, he'll come out to play.  Really,
  though, that's a good thing: you can just wait on the bottom floor for him to
  jump into your midst.  Can we say Team Attacks, ladies and gentlemen?  Just be
  careful that HE doesn't Team-Attack YOU--I mean, look at that Effect Zone!
  It's like the size of Manhattan!

  If you have fulfilled enough of his requirements, Viser will join you after
  this battle.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you're oblivious; a
  good 50% of this walkthrough was devoted solely to telling you how to get your
  hands on him.

  The next battles happen all in a row, without a chance for you to run around
  on the world map, resupply, Fuse, re-equip, assign Skill Points or even save.
  If you want to do any of those things, now's the time to do it.  Also, I
  recommend being Lv.47 or so before attempting the Throne Room battle.

  //  BATTLE 049: THRONE ROOM  [4=49]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.43 General x3
            Lv.43 Overlord's Guard x3
            Lv.43 Sniper x2
            Dignus (Lv.44 Tyrant)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Dignus!

  Again, pretty shoddy opposition.  The three soldier types should be easy to
  deal with...  But once they drop, the ENTIRE remainder of the map will come
  at you: pointy axe guys, archers...  Dignus.  He's got a spell, "Malice," that
  does damage and random Status Effects.  It hits all people within five squares
  of him.  I found my characters guarding against it half the time, but the
  other half invariably came down with something.  His physical attacks also
  cause random status effects.  Prier's Purify zone is abominably useful in this
  battle.  Lumena would be another smart choice, because her cure spell hits
  multiple targets.  Thank God Dignus only gets four casts.  Besides that...
  Keep your wits about you, don't get distracted.  Pick off his bodyguards while
  waiting for Dignus to waste his MP, try not to lose any characters.  Use some
  Team Attacks, but don't waste time setting them up if you could just hit him
  normally.  Give this guy the beatdown he deserves.

  //  BATTLE 050: CATHEDRAL 2nd FLOOR  [4=50]

  ENEMIES:  Lv.43 Diablo x3
            Lv.43 High Priest x2
            Nebula (Lv.45 Apostle)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat Nebula!

  Bosses, bosses, bosses.  Nebula's still got her spamtastic spell from before,
  plus her attacks cause random status afflictions, PLUS she's got the "Guts"
  ability: "Come back to life with 1 HP."  That means you've got to kill her
  TWICE.  (She also won't actually fall down when you kill her the first time,
  so don't depend on that confirmation.)  But hey, it's not like your characters
  will have trouble doing 1 damage point; the real trick is making sure you've
  still got a character to DO that damage before Nebula gets a turn using her
  sudden new lease on life.  But don't worry about it; there's only six bad
  guys, and you're stronger and smarter than they are.  Really, when you compare
  this battle to the Dignus one you just fought, this one's easier.  (The truth
  is, the Dignus battle is really the only difficult one.)

  //  BATTLE 051: WRECKAGE of the CATHEDRAL  [4=51]

  ENEMIES:  Dies Irae (Lv.47 God of Destruction)
  OBJECTIVE:  Defeat the God of Destruction!

  Right, did anyone else think that last battle was a bit too easy?  Well, now
  you know why.  Don't panic at the question marks; they're only there because
  the game couldn't fit the actual number (roughly 15,000) into the space
  allotted.  (A god with Hit Points.  Now I've seen it all.)  His attacks rarely
  do more than 200 damage a pop.  There's one of him and six of you.  If you
  somehow can't handle this, I have real questions about how you managed to get
  this far.  =P

  Once you drop him...  Congratulations!  You beat the game!  Sit back, grab
  your beverage of choice, enjoy the ending, and then go open a replay file so
  you can get all the optional characters you missed.  Oh, and, DON'T save that
  replay file over your original.  Like I did.  >_>



  > Okay, so, I used up my team attacks on Viser's Golems.  Where do I get a new
  > one to kill him with?  What skills give me the ability to make new Team
  > Attacks if my stock is depleted?

  ANSWER:  You don't.  Team Attacks do not, to my knowledge, regenerate.  You
  start the battle with between 1 and 5 TAs, and that's all you get.  So don't
  waste 'em.

  > I want more than one Team Attack per battle.  How do I get my characters to
  > enter battle with more than one Team Attack?

  ANSWER:  The "Combo [Whatever]" skills.  You get a new one with every Job
  Level you gain, and each one allows you to bring in Team Attacks equal to your
  Job Level.  IE: Combo Slash, the Job-Lv.1 skill, gives you 1 TA; Combo Flash,
  the Lv.3 skill, gives you 3; etc.

  > How do I get Viser?

  ANSWER:  By reading the goddamn FAQ, guys.  Seriously, you have NO idea how
  many people have asked me this.  "Which nine guys?"  "Do I have to kill ALL of
  them?"  "Who's Viser?"  I'm sorry, folks, but I have very little patience with
  stupidity.  Everything you need to know is spelled out in Viser's character
  section, and in the battles themselves.  Please.  READ THE FREAKING DOCUMENT.



  First off, to the denizens of the GameFaqs Stella Deus board.  There's quite
  a bit of stuff on here that I just took straight from there.  Thanks go to
  Yeblos for his weight/move interaction analysis; neoghaleon, Shirokane,
  SoAFan, Konekochi, Strippin Heat and RPGMaster for the Special Combination
  Attacks; and Colran for his Fusion spreadsheet.  Concrete details are always
  great to have, and I wouldn't have these if I hadn't been able to steal them
  from you folks.  ^_^;;

  Second, to my friend (and fellow GameFaqs contributor) Fox Astron, who got me
  started in S/RPGs in general.  If not for him I'd never have played Final
  Fantasy Tactics, which is my favorite game of all time, and where would I be

  Third, to whoever's reading this.  Thanks for having patience with my total
  inability to write FAQs.  ^_^

  And, of course, Atlus, for a great game.  But, next time, how about an in-
  game Fusion encyclopedia?  You put so much time and effort into the system,
  but its total lack of documentation makes it nearly impossible to use.  Of
  course, maybe that was the point.  =)



   \\\  CLOSE FAQ