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    Version 1.2 Xtreme Legends Guide
    0.0    Table of Contents
    1.1    Legends
    1.2    Introduction 
    1.3    Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, Xtreme Legends and Koei
    1.3.1  What will I find in Xtreme Legends (in general)?
    1.3.2  But I already don't like SW...
    1.4    Which one do I need if I want to do such-and-such...
    1.5    Which Xtreme Legends is the best?
    2.97   A tidy list of what you get if you only have SW
    2.98   A tidy list of what you get if you only have SW:XL
    2.99   A tidy list of what you get if you have both SW AND SW:XL
    2.99b  A tidy list of what is not really new in SW:XL but has changed
    3.1    Closing Words about this FAQ
    3.2    Contact Info
    3.3    Version History
    1.1    Legends
    SW     = Samurai Warriors
    SW:XL  = SW: Xtreme Legends - Xtreme Legends is the expansion for the game 
             Samurai Warriors
    DW     = Dynasty Warriors
    DW3    = Dynasty Warriors 3
    DW3:XL = Come on, get with the program...
    1.2    Introduction 
    Clearly, the Japanese producers, or at least Koei, in this case, assumed 
    everyone the world automatically understands what is a "stand-alone expansion" 
    and, without further ado, puts them out after every single game in their 
    "warriors" series like clockwork since Dynasty Warriors 3.
    Well, forum activities suggest they're off their mark by at least 90%.
    And I bet you the guys who work in the game shops don't know any better.
    And let's not forget generous aunties and uncles who want to make sure their
    nieces and nephews never run out of video games to play for the holiday 
    seasons. It's not their fault they don't read up on every term applicable
    to 4 PS2 games in the United States...
    So this is my attempt to clear up some of this expansion mess.
    If you don't even know what Extreme Legends is but know that's the first thing
    you want to know, head on over to 1.3.1 or 1.3.2.
    1.3    Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, Xtreme Legends and Koei
    Q:  What is Samurai Warriors?
    Samurai Warriors is an action game based on the same engine as the acclaimed 
    and successful Dynasty Warriors series, by the same developer. 
    For an action game, it has quite a range of intricacies - 
    your characters get more powerful after each fight. 
    You collect better weapons and items, which, as you do, your character get 
    more and better moves.
    Q:  Then what is Dynasty Warriors?
    Dynasty Warriors "is" many things.
    Dynasty Warriors 1 was a 1-on-1 fighting game not unlike Street Fighter 2 (and
    not much better either). It was for the PS1.
    Dynasty Warriors 2 to 5 become a stage-by-stage beat'em-up game where you can
    slaughter thousands of peasants. See other questions for details.
    Q:  So what's the diff?
    One is based on ancient China and the other ancient Japan. As for gameplay, 
    the biggest difference is that the missions, some of which are critical to 
    winning and/or unlocking the most coverted items and weapons.
    Q3: So they took DW3, gave everyone a Japanese name and shelf it again?
    You are on the right track, keep going:
    - SW has 15 all new characters, all with new move sets, plus 3 move sets for 
      creating your own character with different weapons;
    - Your characters now earn skill points to spend on special skills as you see 
    Some examples of special skills are: piercing ranged attacks, immunity to 
    stuns, automatic block, automatic somersault, increased weapon range, etc.
    With this system you can also choose exactly which of your moves proc your 
    elemental attack. In some strings you can proc your element up to 3 times in a
    - Maze-like castle stages where you take on traps and enemies all by yourself;
    - 2 ninjas, double jumps, cannons, muskets, spear cannons, horse jumps...
    - The game now features 3-sided fighting
    Q:  So then what's Xtreme Legends
    Xtreme Legends is an expansion.
    Remember Diablo II which lets you choose from 5 characters to play with and 
    has 4 "Acts" of gameplay. And it had an expansion, Lord of Destruction, which 
    includes 2 new characters, and an extra Act of gameplay and lots of 
    improvements and new features? Xtreme Legends is exactly like that, only you 
    don't HAVE to have the original Samurai Warriors to play!
    Q: Do I have to have the original Samurai Warriors?
    A: No.
    Q: So if I have the original Samurai Warriors, can I throw it away?
    A: Not quite. You need to have both SW and the XL to have access to all the 
       features, especially unlocking of the new 6th weapons for old characters,
       it's only available if you have both units with you. So don't throw SW away
       too fast even if you have unlocked absolutely everything in SW.
    Q: An expansion that can be played without the game it is supposed to 
    be expanding!? So what's the deal?
    A: Well, that's better than the opposite, where you MUST have the original 
    with you, isn't it. So it's a good deal. Simple.
    Q: Can you create your own Officer in XL?
    If you only have SW:XL, you cannot.
    If you have both SW and SW:XL, you can. See 2.1 for details.
    Q: Didn't KOEI already release Dynasty Warriors 5? Isn't that newer and better?
    Newer, definitely. Better, in some ways, sure; in some other ways, not so much;
    and that doesn't mean you won't have fun with SW:XL:
    There's no ninjas doing double jump in DW5 for starters; 
    or 2 unique weapons for each character; 
    or gold rush mode;
    or split path story mode...
    Q: So I am getting SW:XL, while I'm waiting...
       What should I definitely do in SW?
       - get all character over level 10.
       - do all you need to do with Kunoichi's stage 4 and every stage you need to 
         beat Tadakatsu or Hideyoshi
       because these things will get harder after, and
       - spend all your skill points
       because skills are more expensive (and require higher stats) in XL.
    Q: That isn't much. So What other things will help if I got time left?
    - Max Keiji and get his 5th Weapon (he's still going to be the champ for lots 
    of things you want to do in XL)
    - Get Battle Drums and Matsukaze (or an extremely high levelled common saddle)
    - Get as many officers you can to level 20.
    - Unlock things for bonus points when you import your save to XL, learn about 
    Battle Points to see what bonuses you want to go for
    Q: What should I NOT do if I am about to get XL?
    A: I'll put a "NOT" in front of each point so you don't get confused:
       - NOT reset your characters - in XL you gain nothing by going back 
         to level 1
       - NOT play too much, especially not the boring parts. They can wait 
         until you get XL, which makes everything better.
       - NOT worry about "maxing" your characters anymore - in XL, having 99999 
         exp will no longer stop characters from gaining stats and skill points. 
    Q: The Tweaks?
    A: Game play tweaks
       - Ability to unlearn skills
       - Skills with 3 levels now have 4 levels
       - Scaling of difficulty is no longer keyed to your own level, but  
         back to the stage number
       - some item bonuses and weapon bonuses now go up to +75
    1.3.1  What will I find in Xtreme Legends (in general)?
    Q: Do Xtreme Legends have more/fewer characters than their not-so-Xtreme
    A: That's actually 1 of the most complicated things about the series.
    You see, every original game in the series let you start with a certain number
    of characters (5 for SW, 9 for DW4, for example) and require you to play the 
    game to unlock the rest.
    However, with any XL, ALL the characters in the game will come unlocked.
    So the number of starting characters:
            DW3   DW3:XL   DW4   DW4:XL   SW    SW:XL   DW5   DW5:XL
             9      41      9      42?     5      19     9      48
    And this is the total number of characters available in each game:
            DW3   DW3:XL   DW4   DW4:XL   SW    SW:XL   DW5   DW5:XL
            41      41     42      42     15      19    48      48
    But then again, an XL on its own does not give you FULL access to characters
    that were already available in the original, so if you only have the XL, the
    number of characters you can use for every game mode (e.g Story) is:
                  DW3:XL         DW4:XL         SW:XL         DW5:XL
                     7             0              4              0
    So what the heck do all of that mean?
    It means "yes" XL do come with more characters. But most (or all) of them
    will be missing their story mode.
    1.3.2  But I already don't like SW...
    Q: But I already don't like SW because of the scaled difficulty.
       It makes no sense to have ALL enemies stronger when you get stronger.
       It's especially insane when enemies get stronger more than you do.
    A: You are in luck. Koei have addressed it. In SW:XL difficulty depends on 
       stage number alone, much like most DW games. In other words, enemies in the 
       first battle of a story mode are always easier than ones in a second battle.
    Q: But I already don't like SW because once a character gets 99999 EXP, he 
       stops growing. All my characters are gimped.
    A: You are in luck. Koei have addressed it. Both skill points and stats will 
       keep growing even after EXP caps, until they reach the character's max.
    Q: But I already don't like SW because of the joint musou gauge in 2p.
    A: You are in luck. Koei have addressed it. You may now switch it off.
       ALTHOUGH, I have found that they have actually improved it. Now either 
       player can fill the guage up all by himself AND I think it fills up faster
       when the gauge is set to shared; but you can always just switch it off and
       forget the whole thing.
    Q: But I already don't like SW because you can't save in the castle stages.
    A: You are out of luck. You still can't save :D   
    1.4    Which one do I need if I want to do such-and-such...
    Naturally, I recommend getting both. But if you won't get both for any reason,
    this will help you decide which to get:
    Get SW:XL if you
    - like a (much) easier/more balanced game
    - prefer variety of features over quantity of playable characters
    - like to have access to all 19 characters (and don't mind the "access" being
    - like the idea of Gold Rush - the most interesting survival mode ever in the
      history of the Warriors series
    Get SW if you
    - really like ninjas - both ninjas are fully accesible in SW and only
      partially accessible in XL
    - want to create your own character
    - like better stories (there are more story modes in SW and the drama is 
    - Like to own 1 of the coolest opening movies ever
    - Like a real challenge when it comes to perfectly developing and maximising
      your characters
    You can also see my tidy lists eanr the end of the FAQ for more details.
    Either way, you lose (almost) nothing by picking up the other one later.
    1.5    Which Xtreme Legends is the best?
    Q: How many Xtreme Legends are there?
    A: 4 to date - DW3:XL, DW4:XL, DW5XL and SW:XL.
    Q: What do they have in common?
    Koei has decided to be a pain in everyone's recesses and make them all
    slightly different. For most things there's 1 XL that has to be the odd one
    out when all the rest have it in common. Let's see what they are:
                                            DW3:XL  DW4:XL  SW:XL   DW5:XL
    Unlocks all characters from the original  O       O       O       O
    New characters                            X       X       O       X 
    New Story Mode for characters             O       X       O       X
    New unique weapons                        O       O       O       O
    Feature for improving weapons             X       X       O       O
    New items                                 O       O       O       O
    Xtreme Mode                               X       O       X       O  
    So we did find something the XLs have in common. The first thing in the table,
    however, is extremely confusing:
    In Dynasty Warriors, every character has a "story mode", and to make it more 
    confusing, they're called Musou Modes in DW3 and DW4.
    While firing up an XL will let you use every character in the game. Their
    story mode is never available with just the XL. It can be made available via
    a disc swap feature (aka "Import" aka "Load Original" for even more confusion)
    which means firing up the XL then somehow switch in the original disc briefly
    to satify the minions of Koei that you possess both the XL and the original.
    Unfortunately for xBox gamers, since this disc swap is not possible on xBox,
    no XL has been released for that system.
    Another implication to this is that when you don't have these story modes, you
    don't have the stages required to unlock the new unique weapon for the 
    original characters. That's true for all 6th weapons in SW:XL for original 
    Q: Can I use everything I unlocked from SW when I play XL?
    A: Yes. And frankly, I don't think many of us would buy if we couldn't.
    Q: How?
    A: Step by step:
       1. Make sure you have your SW save on your memory card.
       2. Make sure you DON'T have any SW:XL save on your memory card.
          (i.e. if you somehow have a fresh SW:XL save there, delete it)
       3. Fire up your XL.
       Upon detecting the presence of the former and the absence of the latter,
       your XL will ask you if you want to make an XL save from your SW data.
       ! If ^ this didn't happen, go back to step 1 (and 2).
       4. Choose "yes". And Voila!
       *Note 1: From now on the XL save is a completely different and separate
                thing from your SW save.
       *Note 2: For as long as you have and XL save in your memory card, XL will
                ignore your SW save. 
    Q: Will I still need my SW save?
    A: Not really.
    Q: Is it better to go ahead and use Xtreme Legends with the original game 
       even though I haven't leveled anyone up at all?
    A: Yes. It is. All the extra features (and of course, extra characters) are 
       worth the trouble. 
       Most notibly:
       - You'll gain battle points for just about everything you do just for 
         being in XL. 
       - You'll gain a lot more skill points.
       - You can go for the 6th weapons and new items and kick original butts 
         with them.
       The worst of the troubles is that every time you play (switch on your 
       PS2) you'll need to swap your discs to 
       Spend all the skill points you have earned so far though. While you can 
       earn more, skills also cost more (and have higher requirements) in XL.
       Another good time is to wait until a few characters have maxed and stopped 
    Q: I fired up my original SW but everything I got in XL isn't there!
    A: SW is made before SW:XL, so 1 consequence is that SW will not understand 
       your SW:XL save, ever.
       To access features that are only available in SW from your XL progress,
       use the "import" feature. See new question for details.
    Q: What's "import"? My machine can't play imports!
    A: Yes, in the normal PS2 world we use import to mean playing a Japanese
       version of a game outside Japan, etc. The "import" in SW:XL is something  
       else completely. You will not need a special machine. See the question  
       below for details.
       NOTE: They have finally noticed this is confusing. In Koei's next XL -
             DW5:XL, they have changed this to be called "Load Original".
    Q: How do I use features and game modes that were on SW but not in XL?
    A: You will need to "Import". To import you will need both XL and the 
       original SW in your possession. Simply fire up XL, find and select the 
       "Import" option under the "Fight" menu and follow instructions.
    Q: How come I can't create an officer like I did in SW?
    A: You need to "import". See the question above.
    Q: How come I can't play story mode for any of the original 15 characters?
    A: You need to "import". See the question above.
    Q: Will I be able to unlock 5th or 6th weapons for the original 15 characters?
    A: You need to "import". See the question above.
    Q: That's a lot of things that requires "import". Do I need to import
       to use characters/items/weapons I unlocked/created in the original?
    A: Items and weapons, no.
       You already have _some_ access to all the original characters and 
       characters you created. You can:
       - Use them in free modes and challenge modes
       - Use them in story mode if you're Player 2
       If you want to access their story mode, you'll need to "import".
    2.97   A Tidy list of what you get if you only have SW
    - 15 Characters: You start with 5 and unlock the other 10
    - A story mode for each of these characters
    - You can unlock a selection of unique items and a unique (5th) weapon for
      each character
    - New officer mode where You may create your own character. There is also a 
      5th weapon for each  type of new-character weapon (sword, spear and 
      naginata) for you to unlock
    - Versus modes: Showdown, Pursuit, Strike
    - Survival modes: Abyss and Tower
    - Challenge modes: Melee, Musou, Combo, Archery, Deflect, Burst and Riding
    2.98   A Tidy list of what you get if you only have SW:XL
    - 4 new characters
    - A story mode for each of these 4 characters
    - You can unlock 6 new unique items and unique (5th and 6th) weapons for
      each of these 4 characters
    - All of the original 15 characters unlocked for your use***
    - Let you use any characters you have created in SW
    - New stage and challenges in battles (Landmines, signal missions, etc)
    - A new challenge mode - Gold rush: Collect gold and blow it on pumping up 
      your weapons and items
    - Ina - 1 of the 4 new characters, is the first fully developed 
      ranged-attacker in Koei's history where you can really play the
      entire game using ranged attacks
    - New versus modes: Duel, Sumo and Gatekeeper
    - New difficulty levels: Novice and Chaos
    - Earn battle points for every battle you fight and purchase cool extra 
      features like alternate costumes
    ***NOTE: and this is the most confusing thing in the whole FAQ
    They ARE unlocked, but XL itself does not let you play their story mode;
    also, since you don't have access to their story mode stages, you cannot 
    acquire their 5th or 6th weapon without "import" either.
    2.99   A Tidy list of what you get if you have both SW AND SW:XL
    - All of the 19 characters and their story modes
    - New officer mode where You may create your own character
    ->Only when you have both SW and SW:XL you can unlock the new 6th weapons
      for the original characters
    - So you may unlock all the items and weapons in both games
    - All the Versus and Challenge modes
    - All 3 survival modes, plus you may find gold and new twists in the
      2 original modes - Abyss and Tower
    - Cash extra battle points for everything you have done/yet to do in the
    2.99b  A Tidy list of What is not really new in SW:XL but has changed
    - "Improved character growth" A boosted skill system where you can learn
      new skills and take old skills to new levels
    - New levels for items and weapons (+75 now for most stats)
    - Option to have separate musou gauges for 2 players
    - Imporved game balance
    3.1    Closing Words about this FAQ
    In making this FAQ, I have experienced a difficulty I have not experienced in
    my other FAQs:
    This FAQs is a catalogue of questions. And while I try my best to categorize
    and order the questions. Some of them seem to fit in more than 1 category
    and that's what causes troubles. I still have doubts as to how the questions 
    should be organized.
    Similarly, depending what you already know and what you want to know, you may
    find the question listed in all sorts of wrong orders for you.
    3.2    Contact Info
    Due to the large volume of emails I receive, the best way to contact me
    is to make a thread in one of the major gaming forums for my attention.
    If you don't catch me on one site. Try another. For best results, 
    include something along the lines of "Zubbus is the God of FAQs!", 
    "Zubbus's stuff is the best!", etc, in the thread title.
    3.3    Version History
    1.0    Phail'ed.
    1.1    Didn't.
    1.2    A few minor corrections, clarifications and new questions. 19Mar06.