• Hidden Game Rule (JP)

    At title screen push these button for the new game rule

    Evolve Energy Item RuleTriangle, Right, Down, Circle, L1, X, R1, X, Triangle
    Evolve Meter always Full RuleSquare, Right, X, Triangle, Left, O, L1+R1
    One-hit Dead RuleRight, Up, Left, Down, X, L1+R1

    Contributed By: ooh44.


  • Unlockable Characters and Levels

    When you select single player mode, you will see six columns at the end of the battle selections. The ones at the end are used to unlock charcaters and levels.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BlackAgumon (Character)Appears by surprise attack at random
    BlackGabumon (CharacterAppears by surprise attack at random
    BlackGuilmon (Character)Appears by surprise attack at random
    Chaos Wasteland (Level)Defeat any of these characters once: MaloMyotismon, Duskmon, Omnimon, Diaboromon, Neemon
    Diaboromon (Character)Defeat him at the battle below Omnimon
    Duskmom (Character)Defeat him at the battle below MaloMyotismon
    Ice Palace (Level)Defeat two (random) characters at Ice Palace, below Neemon battle
    MaloMyotismon (Character)Defeat him at the top battle
    Neemon (Character)Defeat him at the battle below Diaboromon
    Omnimon (Character)Defeat him at the battle below Duskmon

    Contributed By: ChickenBot.

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