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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I beat Reed?

Hello,my name is brad.i just can not seem to beat reed!!! if anyone could give me some pointers or hints or ideas on how to do this(beat reed),i would very much appreciate it. thank you.

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Reverend Reed will typically run down to the beached riverboat area for awhile before retreating to the far ridge. Sniping him with the Remington at that point will bait him into returning again. Naturally, using quickdraw at close range can work too, but remember that his horse is armored and can't be killed in the same fashion as the normal types. Speaking of which, this semi-annoying battle can be exacerbated if Reed kills Colton's horse and there aren't any spares around -- save a few ponies from the reverend's cronies during the first half of battle.

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Hello, Brad......Keep shooting at him!! And if your horse dies then you killed an innocent animal!! but just keep following him and if you come to a point where you and your horse is dying than go hide behind something and find bottles (but you can also choose from a different horse) Also you can use your quickdraw but dont point it at the horse point it at Reed. (the horse is the BEST! (reeds anyway) and not even the best of weapons can kill it) And remember (you should do this) to do upgrades...!!! :D

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ok DONT let him hide he will regain health if u let him hide so keep shoot and following him.always shoot him never shoot his horse wont do ya any good allways i suggest the double-barrel shotgun if u have it and the rifle i think they work the best...good luck

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Okay fine, you cant hide behind any old rock or whatever. you have to hide where you first started off. there no one will find you.

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stick to him with the rifle and when his health is allmost gone use the deul peace makers to finish HIM off

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