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                 Terror at Amity Island - A Strategy Guide to
                  Jaws:Unleashed for the Sony Playstation 2.

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                        Written By: Wayne Pietra, Jr.
                              Version: 2.07
                               April 13, 2007
                     Copyright 2007 Wayne W. Pietra, Jr.

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                             Table Of Contents

   I. Author's Introduction

  II. Recommendations and Tips

 III. About Ability Points

  IV. Modes of Gameplay: Story Missions Vs. Open Ocean (Free Play mode)

                            THE WALKTHROUGH

   V. The Story - Story Missions

     M01 Stage  1   Tutorial (Also known as "The Arrival", in Open Ocean)
     M02 Stage  2   The Break Out
     M03 Stage  3   The Dead Of Night
     M04 Stage  4   Hunted
     M05 Stage  5   Predator In The Bay
     M06 Stage  6   The Angry Armada
     M07 Stage  7   A Taste For Blood
     M08 Stage  8   The Deep
     M09 Stage  9   The Facility
     M10 Stage 10   Blood On The Beach
     M11 Stage 11   The Final Chase

  VI. Open Ocean (Free Play Mode)

     Side Challenges

     SC02  SEAL WHIP
     SC05  DOG GONE
     SC09  SHEEBANG!
     SC10  THE BENDS
     SC15  UP A CREEK
     SC16  HEAD RUSH
     SC25  OH PUPPY

 VII. Collectibles, Rare Items and Rewards

     Tin Cans
     License Plates
     Rare Items
     Treasure Chests
     Unlockables/Game Cheats
     "Ultimate JAWS"

     100% Completion - How Game Completion is measured

VIII. Sightseeing and Points of Interest

VIX. Acknowledgments, Credits and Revisions

                           I. Author's Introduction

     I want to thank you for choosing this guide to Jaws:Unleashed.  It is my
intention to provide a clear and easy to follow explanation of what the
specific goals or tasks are in each Story Mission and Side Challenge stage.  In
this walkthrough, I will tell you exactly what the goals are and I will show
you how I completed each requirement.  However, there can be more than one way
to achieve your goals and as such, feel free to use my suggestions but also
have fun and experiment.

     This is my first attempt to write a walkthrough and I hope it will be as
useful and informative to you, the reader, as it was fun for me to create. If
there are any suggestions on how I may improve this walkthrough or other
important information that you think I should include, please contact me at the
above e-mail address. In future updates I will be sure to credit anyone who
submits any used suggestions. To have suggestions reviewed, please be sure to
include "Jaws:Unleashed Suggestions" as the subject line of your e-mail or your
submissions will be ground into chum with the rest of my unsolicited junk mail.
Also, any feedback positive or negative will be greatly appreciated.

                                      Thanks,  WWPJR

                          II. Recommendations and Tips

First:     For anyone who has not yet played Jaws:Unleashed or just want to get
           a better sense of what the game is like, this is for you. If you are
           extremely picky or believe that a game should not be released unless
           all the bugs and glitches are worked out - goodbye.  If you allow
           your own judgement or opinion of a game to be pre-determined by
           someone else's negative reviews - then don't bother.  However, if
           you can overlook a somewhat irritating camera (at times), and a game
           that does admittedly have quite a few bugs....then jump on in the
           water is fine.. the only thing to fear is YOU, because you are JAWS.
           You will find a game that features an easy to learn but tight
           control system with both structured (Story Missions) and open-ended
           (Open Ocean) game play based on the entertaining JAWS Movie License.

Second:    As I noted, this game does have a few flaws and glitches so, I do
           recommend that you save your progress anytime that you complete
           a Story Mission, Side Challenge, or upgrade an ability.  This will
           ease the pain of that unexpected but probably inevitable "game
           freeze" or "lock-up."

Third:     "Shark Vision" is not only a cool visual effect but a very helpful
           and useful tool.  When activated, the green glow will often high-
           light objects or items that may be helpful for solving whatever
           puzzle you are trying to solve.  In addition, I have noticed it will
           usually show fish that are safer to eat as opposed to harmful or
           poisonous.  So, don't overlook this useful tool.

Last:      Anyone who frequents the message boards already knows there are more
           rumors than you can count about the various hidden or secret boss
           creatures or fights.  As of this writing and to the best of my
           knowledge, any creature that you can view in the "ANIMAL BIOS"
           section of the "EXTRAS" menu can be found and viewed in the Open
           Ocean.  This does not necessarily mean you can directly interact
           with or attack these animals.  If I can reliably prove any of these
           rumors are true, I will include instructions on how to find and
           interact with these animals in future updates of this guide.

                             III. About Ability Points

As you progress through the game completing Story Missions, Side Challenges,
finding collectibles and/or treasures, and destroying property, you are awarded
points which can be used to upgrade your abilities.  The game instruction
manual explains what each of these abilities is for, but I think most new
players overlook the importance of one ability in particular, Hunger.  Your
"Hunger" meter will consistently deplete itself as you play and if it gets low
enough then it will begin to deplete your health as well, which can obviously
lead to an early death.  Whenever you take damage your health drops and if you
eat a creature or a person your "Health" bar is restored.  However, if your
"Health" bar is dropping because of your "Hunger" bar, you have to eat enough
to restore both your "Health" AND "Hunger" bar.  So, it is important to keep
this in mind as you progress later in the game.  You don't want to have to
worry about your own "Hunger" killing you while you're trying to fight a stage
boss or stronger enemies.

As you earn points, each ability can be upgraded a maximum of 4 times, as long
as you have earned enough points.  You start out with 1 upgrade in each of your
five abilities.  For the sake of explanation, consider each row of upgrades as
a level.  So, you have four additional levels for each ability.  Your upgrades
will cost as follows:

      First Level Upgrade: FREE, all five abilities start at level 1.
     Second Level Upgrade: 10,000 points each.
      Third Level Upgrade: 20,000 points each.
     Fourth Level Upgrade: 40,000 points each.
      Fifth Level Upgrade: 80,000 points each.

For your FIRST upgrade, It DOES NOT matter where you apply your points.  As you
upgrade your abilities you will be awarded more advanced attack moves based on
the following criteria:

First Upgrade: Buy ANY Level 2 upgrade and get: "BODY BOMB: CHARGE ATTACK OUT

When you purchase ANY Level 3 upgrade you receive:  "CORKSCREW ATTACK: ONCE
spinning attack if performed correctly.)

As soon as you have added a Level 3 upgrade to BOTH POWER AND SPEED, you will
(If this attack is done correctly it will cause instant dismemberment.)

After you add Level 4 to ACCURACY you will unlock: "SURFACE THROW & CATCH:
INSTANT DISMEMBERMENT"  ( A Neat thing about this trick is that if you are
fighting and use this move successfully, it also restores your Health instantly
as well.)

        IV. Modes of Game Play: Story Missions Vs. Open Ocean (Free Play)

In Jaws:Unleashed there are two distinctive game play modes Story Missions and
Open Ocean.

In Story Missions, which is available from the beginning, the plot or story of
the game is revealed by cut scenes and progressing through each mission.
Each Story Mission can be found by traveling to the red dot indicated on the
in game map of Amity Island.  As you play the game, you can choose to ignore
the Story Missions and just roam around exploring the area, attacking whatever
you want or attempting the Side Challenges found in the Open Ocean; but this
option does not become available until after you complete Story Mission 2 "The
Break Out."  If you choose to continue the Story Missions and complete the
"Story" of the game, you will still be able to play in Open Ocean and finish
any Side Challenges you missed, search for collectibles you may have missed,
revisit the completed Story Mission areas or just continue to terrorize the

Once Open Ocean becomes available, then you gain access to the whole map of
Amity with a few exceptions.  You will not be able to access areas that have
story elements related to them until you have completed the Story Mission for
that specific area.  While the Story Missions must be completed in a specific
order, the Side Challenges can be completed in any order you see fit.  The Side
Challenges are only accessible in the Open Ocean by revisiting completed Story
Mission areas or by visiting certain Non-story related areas (See sections on
Side Challenges or Sightseeing for more info.)  They offer a series of mini-
games which give specific challenges that are designed to help to develop your
skills and techniques and reward you with points to upgrade your abilities.  I
found it beneficial to work on some of the Side Challenges as I played so that
I could upgrade my abilities as I progressed through the story but, that is a
choice left up to you....  Be aware that in Side Challenge, Story Mission, and
Non-Story specific areas your in game map of Amity Island is unavailable.  You
can only use the map while in the Open Ocean.  In Open Ocean you can also
explore and look for Treasure Chests or revisit previously completed Story
Mission areas in case you missed any of the hidden collectibles.  You also have
the option to attack boats, swimmers and sea life, causing terror and
destruction.  Remember, destroying physical property = more points to buy
upgraded abilities.  If you cause enough damage, then innocent civilian craft
may be replaced by/or protected by armed Coast Guard or Police vessels, and if
you have progressed far enough into the Story Missions, this armed response can
escalate up to, and include a Coast Guard Cutter and Armed Helicopters.  I will
give a description of the different levels of retaliation in the Open Ocean

                          T H E   W A L K T H R O U G H

For each Story Mission, I will show you the objectives, tell you at least one
way to complete those objectives and show you where to find all the hidden
items as you complete the level.  ANY items not collected, or if you just chose
not to gather them during the Story Mission, CAN BE FOUND if you return to the
completed Story Mission area from Open Ocean.  In some cases, their location
may change due to the events of the story and if this occurs, I will tell you
the new locations.  Additionally, for the purpose of this walkthrough, as I
completed each Story Mission, I returned from Open Ocean and completed the Side
Challenge that became available once that particular Story Mission was
completed.  At the end of each Story Mission walkthrough you will find the

      Level Summary: Lists all hidden items that can be collected from this
                     area, and any new capabilities earned by finishing the
                     Story Mission.

   Open Ocean Notes: Explains how to return to this area from Open Ocean and
                     lists if any of the hidden items have been relocated to a
                     different position than where they were in the Story
                     Mission.  This section will also list the Side Challenge
                     that is available if you return to this area from Open

    Game Completion: This section will tell you what game completion percentage
                     you earn by completing this Story Mission and finding all
                     the hidden items in this level.  It will also include an
                     adjusted earned completion for completing the Side
                     Challenge found in this area by returning from Open Ocean.
                     The final listing will be your Total Game Completion, up
                     to and including this Story Mission and Side Challenge.
                     (These completion percentages will be based on two very
                     specific points:  1. You DO NOT collect any Treasure
                     Chests while in Open Ocean, AND  2. That you DO NOT com-
                     plete ANY ADDITIONAL Side Challenges, yet.)  If you do
                     collect any Treasure Chests or complete any other Side
                     Challenges then your completion percentages will not match
                     the progression totals given throughout this walkthrough.
                     A full explanation of how these percentages are calculated
                     can be found in section VII: Collectibles, Rare Items and
                     Rewards under the sub-section "100% Completion - How Game
                     Completion is measured."

                            V.  Story Missions

In summary from the game manual - It is now 30 years after the events of the
original JAWS.  Larry Vaughn, Jr., (son of Mayor, Larry Vaughn from the
original JAWS movie) now Mayor of an "economically booming" Amity Island, has
formed a partnership with Steven Shaw, CEO of EVIRONPLUS, a large corporation
that will bring a lot of jobs and money into Amity's community.  Michael Brody
(oldest son of  Police Chief, Martin Brody of the original JAWS movie) is now a
marine biologist studying and protecting the waters of Amity.  As Mayor Vaughn
prepares for the "Gala 4th Of July" celebration, you arrive ...and the Terror
AT Amity Island can begin....

M01 Stage  1: The Tutorial (also known as "The Arrival" in Open Ocean)

    A brief cut scene will set up the above story and then you will appear in
    a small waterway with rock walls to the West and East of you.  The Tutorial
    is pretty straight forward with on screen instructions.  Generally, all you
    have to do is proceed toward the South.  There are 9 tips located through-
    out The Tutorial and as long as you head in a southerly direction, you
    should find them without any problems, but I will still guide you to each

    As you start out, if you try to turn around and swim North you will come to
    an area where "the current is too strong" which is game lingo for "you've
    reached the end of the game map" and you may notice several very large
    Whale Sharks.  At this time and place you cannot attack them, but you can
    find them later in Open Ocean and show them your teeth ... but back to the
    walkthrough, for now.

    The Tutorial is generally divided into two main areas and is relatively
    safe.  Begin by using "X" to swim directly ahead and aim for the white
    swirl in front of you - in this level these swirls indicate Tutorial
    Messages and you should try to find all 9 that are in this level.  So,
    proceed to this tip.


    Continue South (straight ahead) at about this depth and you should come
    to the next Tutorial:


    Proceed to the South through the arch shaped rock formation.  Look at the
    glowing item at the top of the arch as you pass through, this is a License
    Plate.  There are 45 hidden throughout the Story Missions and each one is
    worth 1,000 points and adds .1% toward your game completion.  Collecting
    all 45 will also unlock a bonus which I'll detail later in the walkthrough
    so, go ahead and get this one now by using your Bite (R1).  Then continue
    to the South and on to the next Tutorial.


    The boat is slightly in front of you on the surface of the water.  It will
    take two good Charge Attacks to sink the boat then if you want, you can
    eat the boat's driver.

    Again, further South you will run into the next Tutorial.


    As you are still a weaker version of the shark you will later become, be
    cautious of the diver in the shark cage; too many hits from his spear gun
    CAN and WILL KILL YOU.  But you should have no problem using the Tail Whip
    to hit the cage and if you want, use the Headbutt (Charge Attack move)
    also, to destroy the cage.  Once the diver is outside the cage, it's in
    your best interest to make sure to kill him so he won't keep attacking you
    from a distance with his spear gun.  Divers are also armed with a knife so,
    if you try to eat him, he will try to stab you.  A little reminder, all
    sharks are drawn to blood in the water, even from great distances.  In this
    game the same is also true so, when you attack the diver, expect company as
    his blood is spilled.  Just be mindful of your health and if you need to,
    backtrack and eat some fish or seals to recharge your health meter.  To get
    some extra points towards ability upgrades you can also destroy the boat,
    but it is not required.

    Once you have devoured the diver from the cage you can proceed South to the
    next Tutorial.

    Take notice, Seaseekers (small robotic mini-subs) increase the rate that
    your hunger bar drains.  They also have the same effect on other sharks
    in the same area and this makes those sharks more aggressive, as well.  If
    you encounter Seaseekers and intend to remain in the same area that they
    occupy, then it is to your benefit to destroy them, as soon as possible.
    Also, later in the game once you've completed a few of the Story Missions,
    the Seaseekers become armed and will actively attack you if they are in
    your vicinity.

    In the earlier stages before you become real powerful, your Charge Attack
    seems to be most affective against the Seaseekers.  So attack and destroy
    that Seaseeker and be aware, because there are some sharks other than the
    Whale Sharks in this area that CAN and WILL attack and you, even if left
    alone.  Once the Seaseeker is destroyed, the next Tutorial is to the South
    just below the surface of the water.

    POSSIBLE BUG NOTICE:  "TUTORIAL 6 BUG" - As you approach the area with
    Tutorial 6, you will also trigger another on screen instruction set that
    tells you how to target an enemy.  On repeated playthroughs while gathering
    additional data for this walkthrough, I noticed that Tutorial 6 would not
    display.  You should actually see on screen "TUTORIAL 6 OF 9..." if not,
    you will not receive credit for finding it.  Don't panic, there are several
    easy fixes for this problem if this happens to you.

      1. Just continue with the on screen lessons and keep following this walk-
         through up to the BUG REPORT: RETURN POINT, and then return to
         Tutorial 6 to see if the message will display.  If so, just return to
         the BUG REPORT: CONTINUE POINT 1 to continue the walkthrough where you
         left off.

      2. If however, the above step does not work, go back to the BUG REPORT:
         CONTINUE POINT 1 and do the following.  Continue through the cave
         where you are instructed to do so.  This loads the game data for the
         next area of this level.  Now, come back through the cave (this will
         force the game to reload this area again) and go back to the Tutorial
         6 swirl.  By reloading this area again, it normally clears up the bug.
         After you receive the Tutorial 6 message, you need to swim back out
         through the cave to continue your walkthrough.


    As you proceed South, you will see several divers and some on screen
    directions will explain how target lock and target selection works.  You
    can then kill the divers or continue South, if you wish.  You will approach
    an area where the rock formations appear to close in but you can fit
    through the narrow area directly in front of you, just swim closer to the

    When you enter the next section, another prompt will explain that green
    markers on your sonar indicate "Points of Interest."  These are also often
    key to finding solutions or help with the game's puzzles, as well.

    Directly ahead you will see the next Tutorial marker.


    You can destroy the cage any way you see fit but my choice is the Charge
    Attack move, 2 or 3 good hits and the cage will be destroyed.  After
    destroying the cage, you will see a cut scene of the diver being eaten and
    a device falls into the water and lands on a ledge slightly to the South-
    west.  If you pay attention to your sonar you will notice the new red
    circle (main objective), which is to indicate that you should destroy the
    device (a non-mobile form of the Seaseeker), even though it is not directly
    spelled out for you.  Go ahead and destroy the Seaseeker as you see fit so
    that your hunger does not continue to drop and then go eat something to
    restore your health, if necessary.  Don't proceed into the newly opened
    cave, just yet.

    BUG REPORT:  RETURN POINT: If you experienced the "TUTORIAL 6" bug listed
                 above, this is where you should return to Tutorial 6, as
                 suggested in the bug fix.

                 CONTINUE POINT 1:  Resume your walkthrough from here after
                 completing either step 1 or 2 to fix the "TUTORIAL 6 BUG."

    From the cave, face North and look down slightly and you will see another
    License Plate 2/45, and if you Headbutt into the top of the wooden galleon
    found at the bottom of the cove you will find another License Plate 3/45
    inside the hold.

    Now it's time to head through the cave and into the second half of the

    As you enter the new section, you will be facing South and directly ahead
    will be your next Tutorial marker.


    Notice the red circles to the Southeast of your position (slightly left),
    if you haven't moved yet?  These are the swimmers that the tip is referring
    you to attack.  As you approach the swimmers, the tutorial will give you
    on screen instructions to perform specific attack moves that you are
    supposed to attempt.  This is not a direct test or requirement, but the
    game's way of showing you some basic moves.  However, if you fail to per-
    form the moves accurately or quickly enough, you may encounter one of the
    game's minor design bugs.

    If you successfully pull off each of the four suggested attack moves, the
    red circles that indicate your next main objective will immediately  re-
    locate to your Southeast.  If however, all the remaining dots move in the
    direction of the beach, this indicates that the swimmers have escaped and
    you will have no way to perform the rest of the attacks.

    (The bug is that the game does not generate the next set of red circles to
    lead you to your next objective if you do not complete all the attack moves
    or, if the swimmers all escape.)

    If you completed the four different moves and the red circles reappeared
    behind you to the Southeast, then head towards them until you can see the
    final Tutorial marker.  On the other hand, if you were unlucky and the
    swimmers escaped, turn towards the South and just follow the wall on your
    left side until you reach the next Tutorial marker.


    Now that you have successfully found all nine of the Tutorial messages, you
    will receive an update message and bonus of 10,000 points that can be later
    used to buy upgrades for your abilities.  CONGRATULATIONS!.

    Since there is nothing extremely dangerous in this area, I would suggest
    finding the remaining collectibles in this area before you destroy the
    piers and finish the tutorial stage.  True you could always return after
    you unlock the Open Ocean, but they are easy to get to, and you are already
    here, also, the points you earn will help you upgrade your abilities
    sooner.  So, follow the pier and swim East under the boat, and to the last
    set of pier supports.  If you look carefully in center between the middle
    supports of the pier, that dark object is a "Body Bag" worth 3,000 points.
    The Body Bag is just one of several Rare Items hidden throughout the Story
    Missions in the game.  In addition to the points awarded for finding these
    Rare Items, finding them is necessary to achieve a 100% on your game com-
    pletion.  Each Rare Item is worth .2% towards your game completion score
    so, gather the Body Bag with your Bite maneuver.  If you get stuck, don't
    panic, just use a Charge Attack or repeatedly bite one of the wooden sup-
    ports until you can break free, but only break what you need to get loose.
    There are still two more items to pick up before you finish this level.

    After you collect the Body Bag, turn North and swim forward until you see a
    large rock "tower"-like formation sticking out of the water.  To the left
    side or West of this 'tower' you will see another License Plate 4/45 to

    For the last item, proceed away from the tower by following the South
    trench back to where you found the Body Bag.  Now turn slightly Northeast
    and you will be lined up with a boat.  Continue in this direction and go
    into the next trench you come to, but keep going Northeast and you will
    come to another License Plate 5/45.  Now, you can return to the piers and
    destroy them.

    Attack the wooden supports of the piers with whatever moves you want.  The
    Charge Attack is easiest, but then several Bite attacks will also take out
    the pier supports.  Once you've destroyed enough of the supports under any
    one of the piers, it will collapse, and you will be given the next task to
    destroy the rubber rafts.  There are still two piers and some dock sections
    that you can (but do not have to) destroy, if you want to collect more
    points for your ability upgrades.

    Charge and Bite attacks are both functional, just be careful, because the
    men on the rafts are armed with rifles this time and can do  more damage
    if you hang around the surface too much.  The red circles (main objectives)
    indicate which boats you HAVE to destroy but you can earn additional up-
    grade points for any other boats that you do destroy.  You will need to
    destroy 4 rafts.

    After you destroy the final rubber raft, the game will go to a cut scene.
    Here you will see Michael Brody arrive in a large boat, the "Aurora II", in
    response to a distress call.  You immediately charge his vessel and manage
    to take a crewman right off the deck, only to be captured minutes later...
    and the level ends.

    At the conclusion of this level, the game will give you a message about
    being able to buy ability upgrades.  Due to a game glitch, sometimes if you
    try to buy your upgrades at this time, they will not be updated when you
    start the next level.  The good news is that you will NOT loose the points
    that you attempt to spent on your upgrades.   This is a minor bug.  When
    you begin Story Mission 2, just press the "START" button and choose
    "ABILITIES" from the menu.  If you don't have your new upgrades, just
    re-buy them at this time.

    If you try to buy the upgrades and the end of Level 1, it does SOMETIMES
    work correctly.  Just make sure to pay attention to the required buttons
    used to buy your ability upgrades. If you, like I did the first time I
    played, automatically assume "X" accepts your choice, you will exit out of
    the purchase screen, and need to buy your upgrades later.

    One final note on upgrades, once you have completed Level 1, you can buy
    Ability Upgrades at anytime, as long as you have the required points to
    pay for them.  You do not have to wait for the beginning or end of a level.
    Just make sure to do a game save so that you will still have your upgrades
    in case of a game crash or you die.

      Level Summary:  You should now have: 5/45 License Plates, and a Body
                      Bag (3,000 points).  You will also have access to this
                      area later in Open Ocean Mode.  You can now also buy
                      Ability Upgrades at any time as long as you have the
                      necessary points.

   Open Ocean Notes:  This area is found in Open Ocean: South by swimming into
                      the Red Reef Valley area from the South.  You can access
                      Side Challenge 12: TROUBLE AND STRIFE at this location.

    Game Completion:  All Items found and Level completed you'll earn:    5.2 %
                      With Side Challenge 12 completed: (This side
                      challenge cannot be accessed until completion of
                      Story Mission 2 "The Break Out")  (See Stage 2
                      Game Completion).:                                  N/A

                      Total Game Completion: (Only include Story Mission
                      for this level, because Side Challenge will be
                      unavailable until completion of Story Mission 2
                      "The Break Out.":                                   5.2 %

M02 Stage  2: The Break Out

    As this level opens, you will see an overview of a very large Seaworld like
    aquarium known as South Shore Aquarium.  Mayor Vaughn and Michael Brody
    are arguing about their newest addition...you.  Brody says he can keep you
    in a research tank, but does not want you moved to a showroom tank.  While
    they are discussing this, another man, Steven Shaw (CEO of ENVIRONPLUS),
    approaches and demands that The Shark, who killed his son in the diver's
    cage back at the cove (TUTORIAL 7 OF 9: EAT THE DIVER IN THE CAGE), be
    killed, immediately.  As the scene closes you will see a scientist walk
    onto a platform and use an ID Card to lower a gate and lock you into the
    research tank area...and,  the level begins.

    After the screen displays your first objective, "FIND AN ID CARD TO OPEN
    THE GATE..", it would be a good idea to press "START" and verify if the
    Ability Upgrades you purchased at the end of Story Mission 1 were properly
    saved.  If not, or if you chose not to try and buy them at the end of Story
    Mission 1, now would be a good time to upgrade your abilities.  Then you
    can begin the level with at least one new attack and some improvement in
    your abilities.  For more information on what attacks can be unlocked and
    how, check section III. "About Ability Points."

    You begin the level facing a room behind a large glass window, you cannot
    break this glass; the gate that you need to open is to the Northeast.  As
    you begin this section, you will get hungry very soon, which will "eat", no
    pun intended, into your health so, you should try and eat one of the fish
    found at the bottom of this tank in order to reduce your hunger.  Also,
    there are several caged areas to your left and right sides as you face the
    Northeast.  The center cage on each side has a diver with a spear gun
    inside of it.  To preserve your safety, you should try to kill the divers
    first, even though this is not a requirement.  It will make it easier for
    you to get the ID Card without getting killed.  Initially, the divers won't
    actively attack you until you attack one of them, but they will also attack
    as soon as you begin to attack any nearby humans.  Destroy the side of the
    cages with your Headbutt (Charge) attack.  You don't need to, but you can
    also destroy all the remaining sides of each cage, which will increase your
    points. (Always remember destruction of property gains you more points.)
    Plus, if you destroy all the cage sides, it will make it a little more easy
    for you to maneuver around.  Shortly, you will be instructed to grab a
    scientist and drag him to a Card Reader.  To get the ID Card, you need to
    try and grab one of the scientists from around the edges of the tank.  Re-
    member, you can't break the glass window in the Southwest so, these are not
    the scientists that you are trying to catch.  Catch a scientist by using
    your "L1" button to help you leap from the water and then press and hold
    the "R1" to bite and grab hold of your intended scientist.  Once you hit
    "R1," keep holding it, so you can keep the scientist in your mouth.  Now,
    while still holding the scientist with "R1," swim to one of the Card
    Readers located at the Southwest end of the tank on either the left or
    right side.  If you are having trouble seeing the scientists, press the
    "TRIANGLE" button to turn on your "Shark Vision," which will help them
    stand out from the background with a glowing green outline.

    Once you get close enough to either Card Reader, a klaxon horn will sound
    as the security gate is raised.  Now quickly swim to the Northeast and exit
    the research tank.  If you take too long, the gate will re-close and you
    will have to grab another scientist and try again.  Until you get out of
    the gate, you could just keep holding the scientist that you already have.
    If you don't make it out in time, then you only need to swim back to the
    Card Reader with the scientist still in your possession, instead of having
    to recapture another scientist.

    You've exited from the research tank and now you are probably being shot at
    by the guards who patrol the walkways around the indoor show-pool that
    you've just escaped into.  If you quickly swim across the room and get
    under the large, heavy, indoor pier or platform to the Northeast, as soon
    as you enter this area, you stand a chance of not being hit or even shot.
    You need to decide if you want to get the hidden License Plate in this mini
    area now, or come back and get it later, once you've gained access to the
    Open Ocean.

    Because I like tension and challenge, I chose to get it while I was already
    here.  If you choose to come back later, just read my Open Ocean Notes at
    the end of this level walkthrough.

    Your primary goal (escape), lies to the Northeast, but we're going to get
    the hidden License Plate, first.  So, from underneath the heavy pier, turn
    to the Northwest (slightly left) and look near the surface of the water.
    You will see a small narrow canal or channel; quickly swim through this
    canal, and into the next small room.  Stay deep and swim clockwise around
    the bottom of this round room and you will less likely be shot.  On some
    occasions, there will be a guard that will follow you into this room from
    a catwalk that surrounds the pool.  When you get to the West side of this
    room, you will find License Plate 6/45.  You can then quickly exit from the
    canal that you came in through and now focus on getting out of this area.
    If you are feeling particularly vicious or would like an interesting
    challenge, with well executed jump attacks, it is possible to grab the
    guards from the surrounding walkways as they attempt to shoot at you.  Be
    careful however, because it is very easy to get caught on the walkway when
    you jump out of the water and you will die if you can't get return to the
    water fast enough.

    The Northeast wall is entirely made of BREAKABLE glass.  Just repeatedly
    Charge Attack until the glass gives way.   Repeat this approach for the
    glass on the other side of the new room that you break into.  Another short
    cut scene shows the glass shattering as you and all the water from this
    tank spill out from this room and fall into the larger main showroom
    aquarium tank below.  This particular area (research tank, and indoor
    show-pool) is now no longer accessible.

    The main showroom tank offers you a lot of options.  The are a number of
    destructible gazebo-like islands and some bridges on the surface, if you
    don't mind the risk of being shot.  Careful jump attacks can again allow
    you to catch the guards who are firing on you and if your lucky, they may
    even fall into the tank or try to swim across the water to escape your
    wrath.  If you take some risks, you can earn quite a few upgrade points for
    trashing the place.  All of this of course, is extra.  Your primary goal is
    still to escape.

    In addition to the armed men on the surface, there are also some new
    dangers for you to contend with.  White Tip and Hammerhead sharks also
    share the artificial coral reef inside the tank with you.  While the
    Hammerheads are larger, I found the White Tip sharks to be more dangerous
    because they are a lot more aggressive and move relatively fast, despite
    their smaller size.  I normally try to kill all the sharks I see so that
    they don't become a problem, but that's not really a necessity, just a pre-
    caution.  They do make a good food supply to replenish your health if you
    would decide to attack the surface, but when you're damaged and bleeding
    from the gunshots above, the other sharks are drawn to your blood and pain
    and will tend to gang up on you.  Therefore, I would kill them, and prey on
    the smaller fish in the aquarium if I needed a health boost.  There is one
    License Plate in this tank, and if you choose not to find it now, just
    check my Open Ocean Notes at the end of this level.

    Whether you choose to kill sharks, people, or destroy the surface items is
    up to you, I'm just going to lead you to the License Plate and out of this
    area for now.

    From where you start this area, turn to the East and you will see two large
    painted concrete supports.  Near the base of the left support you should be
    able to see the glow of License Plate 7/45.  As you swim around, be careful
    of the diver who is in the tank with you, other sharks and the men who are
    still capable of shooting at you from the island areas above the water.

    After you get the License Plate, just approach the underwater walkway that
    runs through the glass tube and Charge Attack it, like the glass from the
    last section.  You can attack the glass tube at any location, it does not
    have to be the exact location of the red "Main Objective" indicator on your
    sonar.  Once you break the glass tube open you will see another short scene
    where people caught inside the tube try to run as the water rushes in and
    you swim by into another area of the aquarium, and into the second half of
    this level.

    In this part of the aquarium, your recent activity has released some very
    dangerous piranhas, who will very quickly and easily turn you into a dead
    shark if you're not cautious.  Your choice is simple, either fight or flee.
    To engage the piranhas, it is VERY important to KEEP MOVING AT ALL TIMES.
    If you don't keep moving, you will most definitely die, because they will
    attack and try to kill you, even if you don't attack them.  The Charge
    Attack can be very useful because it gives you a burst of speed to move out
    of danger, but it also appears to stun the school of piranhas so, you can
    take a bite.  Just keep charging and biting until you thin their numbers
    and kill them.  Once they are dead, you are relatively safe.  Also, if you
    need health after killing and eating the piranhas, the guy from the cut
    scene of the tube being flooded should be swimming in the tank with you, as
    long as he didn't escape or already get killed.  Again, just for points,
    you can destroy the glass fronts of all of the wall tanks. However, you
    can't seem to break the cylinder shaped tanks.  Just be aware, that by
    breaking the additional wall tanks, you will also be releasing some more
    piranhas, but you know how to handle them now.

    Fight or flee, whatever you chose, the way out is relatively simple.  From
    the doorway where you entered this part of the aquarium, swim North past
    the cylinder tank that will be your right side, and then turn East (right).
    After you swim east past the cylinder tank, look to the North (left), and
    you will see an exit covered by debris.  Just keep Charge attacking the
    junk on the exit until it is clear, and then swim on through the doorway.

    This small area includes a few small fish that may attack you, but they are
    no where near as dangerous as the piranhas were.  You're only goal is to
    once again find the exit, but you can still break the glass wall tanks to
    earn some more upgrade points, if you wish.

    To get out, swim past the four cylinder tanks and go behind the wall par-
    tition that you find directly past them to the Northeast.  Charge Attack
    the double-door exit and as soon as it's destroyed, you will see another
    cut scene showing a huge wall of water pouring out from the side of the
    aquarium as you are washed into the outdoor dolphin pool complex, and into
    the final area of this level.

    The outdoor dolphin tank consists of 4 pools, each separated by a wall that
    has a set of bars that can be broken with your Charge Attack.  As you
    travel from pool to pool in a counter-clockwise direction, you will en-
    counter slightly stronger enemies until you reach your first stage boss
    in the final pool (Pool 4).

    The first pool (Pool 1) just has some harmless fish which can be eaten to
    restore your health if you are damaged or hungry.  If you purchased an
    upgrade earlier, this is also a good area to practice your Body Bomb move,
    just don't accidently enter the pool to your South (Pool 4) or you'll be-
    gin your encounter with the level boss early.  Also, you can check your
    point totals to see if you can add any extra ability upgrades to help you.
    As you advance from pool to pool, you may also be able to grab spectators
    from the crowd, that either get too close to the edge or just happen to
    fall into the water with you.

    Okay, the next pool (Pool 2), traveling counter-clockwise can be entered
    by Charge Attacking the bars in the square shaped grill, which is located
    in the wall to the East, that separates this tank from the next.  Dolphins
    which are natural enemies of sharks, are also in among this series of
    outdoor pools and will sometimes leap into your pool and attack you, so be
    on guard.  Alone, they aren't too dangerous, but their rapid, repeated
    attacks can add damage to your health bar quickly.  In this new pool, you
    will encounter several seals which are not really powerful, but they do
    provide a good meal.  I like to remove any creature which could be any
    threat, however small.  If left alive, they could try to attack you or be-
    come an unwanted distraction during your boss fight ahead.  So, I would re-
    commend eliminating the any dolphins and seals that occupy this tank.

    In the Southwest corner of this tank, you will find License Plate 8/45.

    After you remove the seals and or dolphins, or when you're ready to con-
    tinue, head to the Eastern wall of this pool and bust through the bars,
    like before, to gain access to Pool 3.  If they didn't come over the wall
    earlier, there should be three dolphins in this tank.  Dolphins can cause
    more damage than the seals, and should be delt with because, they will de-
    finitely get in your way when you least expect it.

    License Plate 9/45 is located in the North side of this tank.

    The final pool, Pool 4 is entered through the Southwest wall of Pool 3, by
    once more, smashing through the bars.  This final pool has two dolphins and
    an Orca, also known as a Killer Whale.  There are also two collectible
    items in this final pool, as well.  If you complete the fight with the Orca
    before you grab the collectibles, you will have to revisit this area later.
    If you win the fight, the game will take over with a new cut scene and the
    level will automatically end.

    Before you enter this last pool, you can break the grill just enough to
    make a small hole, and at least one of the two dolphins might try to come
    through to attack you.  This way you have less to worry about during your
    confrontation with the whale.  You could also choose to break right
    through, and jump into the fight, right away.  As you fight the Orca, you
    can find License Plate 10/45 located near the Northwest edge of the pool
    and a "Nautilus" (3,000 points) on the South edge, next to the tunnel that
    leads to the exit from this level.  You can try to grab these items as you
    swim around the edges of the pool, while you are fighting the Orca, or you
    can just return for them later from Open Ocean.

    ORCA STRATEGIES:  I have successfully used two different ways to kill the
    Orca, one is very timid and takes a longer time, but it does work.  The
    other method is a lot more aggressive but can end the fight much quicker.
    For either attack strategy, you need to try and stay behind the Orca.  If
    you loose him while chasing him or after a failed attack, do your best to
    get behind him again, as soon as possible.  I have not ever had a success-
    ful head on attack against him, and the results are usually not pretty for
    JAWS, if the Orca gets a hold of him, instead of the other way around.
    So, for the long method, just keep swimming behind the Orca and use your
    standard Bite attack when in range.  You can attack the tail, or try for
    the sides towards his rear, but if you choose to attack his sides, he can
    and does sometimes dodge or change direction suddenly, followed by a power-
    ful counter-attack.  Keep attacking from the rear with your Bite and this
    will do a small amount of damage with each successful bite, but you will
    usually not get in harm's way, as easily.

    My preferred attack is to swim behind him while holding "L1" to fill up my
    Charge Attack and when I get close enough, I release the "L1", then as soon
    as I strike the Orca, I quickly hit "R1" to Bite.  When successful, this
    attack stuns the Orca with the Charge, and does a fair amount of damage
    with the following Bite, and sometimes, I can even get a second Bite off
    before the stun wears off.  Several of these Charge/Bite combos will finish
    Orca very quickly.  It takes some practice, but it's not hard once you get
    used to it.  (It also is very effective when returning to do the Side
    Challenge for this area.)

    After your gruesome display of power over the Orca, you swim out of the
    pool and escape into the OPEN OCEAN.

    Mayor Vaughn assures reporters that there is no danger to the public, and
    that everything possible is being done.  Brody backs him up by claiming
    that The Shark, will be easily tracked and recaptured by his Aurora II
    research vessel.  The scene and level concludes with Steven Shaw claiming
    that his men are on alert for The Shark, and that Brody better find it
    first, if he wants it alive...

      Level Summary:  You should now have: 10/45 License Plates and a Nautilus
                      (3,000 points.)  You now also have access to Open Ocean
                      (Free Play) ability.

   Open Ocean Notes:  You can now re-enter this area from Open Ocean.  Look in
                      Open Ocean: South for South Shore Aquarium which is on
                      the southern shore of Amity Island and North of Red Reef
                      Valley.  Side Challenge 26: ORCA REVENGE is now available
                      when you return.  Please note that if you missed any
                      items during the Story Mission, they will be relocated
                      into Dolphin Pool 1 when you return.

    Game Completion:  All Items found and Level completed you'll earn:    5.2 %

                      Now with Open Ocean Open you can return to Story
                      Mission 1, and to this level to complete Side
                      Challenges: 12 and 26, respectively.
                      This will earn:                                     2.0 %

                      Total Game Completion:                             12.4 %

M03 Stage 3: The Dead Of Night

    In Mayor Vaughn's office we find Michael Brody indicating that EVIRONPLUS's
    Seaseeker machines are causing the local shark population to become more
    aggressive and move into more populated areas.  Vaughn claims Brody is
    "crying wolf,"like his father (Brody's father), and that ENVIRONPLUS is
    dumping "millions (of dollars) into the community," so the machines will
    stay.  The Mayor believes that the Amity Shark Tournament being held on the
    next day, will lead to The Shark being captured before anything else

    You now find yourself inside South Beach Cove.  There is a low tide so
    once you've entered this area, you cannot retreat and must complete this
    level before you can leave.  The first objective is to find a way through
    the underwater netting that is blocking your progress to the East.  Before
    progressing, I would turn North and grab the Tin Can (500 points) 1/4
    (in this level), that is along the shore and to the West slightly.

    Now, back to the netting.  On the North and South end of the netting you
    will find a Seaseeker, which should be eliminated, but be careful not to
    hit the net because it is electrified and will hurt you.  Hitting the net
    will also trigger an alarm and alert the people in the cove to your
    presence.  Once you have destroyed both Seaseekers, you should notice the
    power junction box on each pole at opposite ends of the netting.  Use your
    Bite and Hold maneuver to grab each pole and pull them away from the net.
    If you do this successfully, you will disconnect the power from the net and
    be able to break through undetected.  I find it easier to swim parallel to
    the net when I try to grab the poles, this way I am less likely hit the net
    with the pole or swim into it myself and trigger the alarm.

    If you DO NOT set off the alarm,  you can then tear through the netting by
    using your charge attack, and you will receive the instructions to "Sneak
    up on the swimmers," or if you DO SET OFF the alarm, the Party-goers will
    be alerted and you will be told to kill as many swimmers as you can before
    they can get to shore.  If you can kill the swimmers without being detected
    or letting any make it to shore, you will not get the objective to "Destroy
    the Party-goers' boats."

    If you either set off the alarm, or are detected by the swimmers, you will
    receive a new objective to "Destroy the Party-goers' boats."  The boats
    will appear on your sonar as red circles (main objective) so you can tell
    which boats NEED to be destroyed.  Among the party boats you will also
    encounter a new adversary, heavier style Police boats with armed officers
    who will shoot at you.  If you keep moving and try to use stronger attacks
    like Charge Attack or charged Tail Whip, you should be able to take the
    boats out without too much trouble.  If your health gets low, just turn on
    "Shark Vision" and grab something to eat, or grab a person off a boat; just
    stay deep and keep moving.

    When all the party boats are destroyed you will see a small cut scene, or
    if you kill all the swimmers without being detected, you will get the same
    cut scene a little sooner.  A truck with some men drives up onto a bridge
    and they begin dropping barrels into the cove.  Then, the men then shoot
    the barrels and they explode.  You will be shown a refinery draining toxic
    waste into the water, and you are then told to destroy The Refinery.

    At this time, it would be a good idea to start grabbing your collectibles
    from this area, because once you destroy The Refinery, this level will
    be over.  As you conduct your search, or follow this walkthrough, just be
    careful of boats with armed men and watch out for the exploding barrels
    when you get close to the bridge area.  There are also a few Seaseekers
    around so just keep alert.

    Assuming you did not grab them as you saw them, follow these steps to get
    all of your remaining items from this level.  Return to the netting in the
    West end where you began this level.

    As you travel Southeast from the net, look inside the depression at the
    bottom of the water for License Plate 11/45.  If you didn't destroy it yet,
    there will be a Seaseeker in this area.  East from here, past the sunken
    row-boat wreck, inside another small pit, is License Plate 12/45.  Now
    return to the sunken row-boat.  Turn South and look for License Plate 13/45
    in yet another small pit-like area.  Head toward the East and approach the
    shore.  Follow along the shore (keeping the shore on your right-hand side
    and proceed until you see License Plate 14/45 to the left of the broken
    row-boat on the shore.  Go East, keeping the shore on your right, and you
    will find Tin Can 2/4 along the bottom.  From this spot, turn Northwest and
    you should be able to see the glow of Tin Can 3/4 on the bottom, far ahead
    in the distance.  You should now head in the direction of the green "Point
    of Interest."  This is where the explosive barrels are being thrown into
    the cove from a bridge.  In addition to the exploding barrels, there will
    be a Seaseeker near the base of the bridge, as well as some very irritated
    sharks.  Take out the Seaseeker while avoiding the explosives, then swim
    under the bridge and get License Plate 15/45 from the small alcove that is
    behind the bridge.  Be alert, because of the tight space it can be diffi-
    cult to maneuver JAWS and for some reason the other sharks seem to attack
    inside this area, even after destroying the nearby Seaseeker.  JAWS's size
    makes it hard to attack or defend yourself while in this alcove.  If you
    forget to take out the Seaseeker first, then the shark attacks will be more
    intense. Once you have the Plate, swim out from under the bridge and get
    Tin Can 4/4 (1,500 points, and also unlocks a movie clip) from the base of
    the bridge support on your right.  For the last item, continue along the
    shore as before, keeping the shoreline on your right and you will come to
    the toxic runoff from The Refinery.  Avoid the spotlight or the guard in
    the tower, and the guard on the dock will shoot at you.   You will find a
    Human Skeleton (3,000 points) at the base of the pier.

    Now, with everything collected from this level, you can destroy The Re-
    finery and get out of here.  I would first kill the guard on the dock while
    you are here, so he won't bother you later.  It is very difficult, but with
    a perfect Charge Attack jump, it is possible to sometimes knock the other
    guard out of the tower, but I've only pulled this off like 3 out of 9
    tries.  (Being able to do this is most likely related to where you've added
    your upgrade points.  As I was working on this guide, I did a lot of test-
    ing and did not really pay attention to what upgrades I had bought each
    time I went through the level.)  If you want some destruction points, you
    can bust up the pier, docks, and nearby boat.

    Next comes the fun part...you need to return to the bridge where the men
    were dropping the explosive barrels, this is marked by the green mark on
    your sonar.  What you need to do, is wait for one set of barrels to ex-
    plode, then quickly swim up and use your Bite and Hold (press and hold
    "R1") to grab one of the unexploded barrels.  Make sure to hold "R1" so you
    don't loose the barrel, and take it back to the toxic runoff from The Re-
    finery.  Try to avoid the spotlight if you didn't get the man in the tower,
    swim up to the runoff pipe and use "L2" to throw the barrel at the pipe.
    When done correctly, the barrel will ignite and a chain reaction will de-
    stroy The Refinery.  If you miss, go back for another barrel and keep try-
    ing until The Refinery is toast.  As you attempt this, it is possible that
    more rafts or Police boats may appear...just be alert.

    As the Refinery explodes, the tide rises and you swim off into the night as
    another level ends...

      Level Summary:  You should now have: 15/45 License Plates, 4/4 Tin Cans
                      from this stage (unlocks 1st of 6 movie clips), and
                      a Human Skeleton (3,000 points).

   Open Ocean Notes:  This area can now be accessed from Open Ocean: South.
                      On the map it is labeled as South Beach Cove.  You
                      also have Side Challenge 16: HEAD RUSH, available.
                      Any missed items can still be found at their original
                      location from Story Mission 3, but when you return it
                      will be daylight instead of nighttime.

    Game Completion:  All Items found and Level completed you'll earn:    5.6 %

                      With Side Challenge 16 completed you'll earn:       6.6 %

                      Total Game Completion:                             19.0 %

M04 Mission 4: Hunted

    TIP:  Upgrades to Health and Hunger are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED before you start
          this level, if possible.

    A tugboat pushes an unstable barge into a harbor as barrels of toxic waste
    fall overboard.  Later, we see two fishermen on a pier discussing what all
    the searchlights are for.  The fishermen expect to catch The Shark during
    the Amity Shark Tournament.  After all, they have the right bait, and a big
    enough net...

    This level begins with poor visibility as large fishing vessels troll back
    and forth trying to catch you in their nets.  There are also large baited
    hooks hoping to tempt your appetite.  Seaseekers, and to make matters
    worse, barrels of toxic waste are scattered around as well, and getting too
    close to either will not be good for you.  If you look at the toxic
    chemicals leaking out of the barrels, it should be obvious Keep Away from
    cloudy area near the barrels.  I find that the most difficult part of this
    area is a lack of anything that is safe to eat.  If you take damage here,
    there is no way to restore your health. (SEE REVISION UPDATE)  So. do your
    best to avoid any spotlights, because they will alert the boats and
    Seaseekers to where you are, and try not to get too close to the toxic
    waste barrels because they can be deadly.  As always, since Seaseekers
    cause your hunger bar to drop more rapidly, eliminate them with haste when
    you spot them.  They are also now armed with semi-powerful missiles that
    can do more damage, so try to stay to the side or behind them when attack-
    ing to preserve as much health as possible.  If you can avoid the dangers,
    this level is not too difficult, and can be completed in a very short
    amount of time.

    REVISION UPDATE:  Upon revisiting the level, I found out that it is
    possible to attack and destroy the larger fishing boats on the outer
    part of the harbor.  Then you can attack the people who fall overboard
    as a source of food.  On testing, I destroyed all the boats before I
    entered the "inner" harbor area, but you could probably leave them here,
    and return from the "inner" harbor if you need to replenish your health.
    Just make sure you have enough health to attack the boat.  Also, in
    the "inner" harbor, I do not believe you can sink the Coast Guard boats,
    I repeatedly attacked one with strong, upgraded attacks, and it did not
    even move or show any signs of damage when I attacked it.

    The first thing you need to do is find a way into the harbor, what I refer
    to as the "inner" harbor because it's inside of a large concrete walled
    area.  You can work on that as you gather a few collectibles that are in
    the area outside of the "inner" harbor, first.

    To begin, swim to the Southwest until you come to a row of glowing white
    marker buoys which actually indicate the edge of this level area.  When
    you reach the white markers, turn to your left so that the markers are on
    your right-hand side.  Staying near the bottom, and to the left of the
    markers, follow along until you reach a rock wall and then keep to the left
    as you continue to follow the wall.  You will eventually come to a Pirate
    Ship (3,000 points.)  I've noticed that when I approach the Pirate Ship, it
    usually appears to be near the surface of the water, but when I turn to
    grab it, it is actually on the bottom of the harbor.

    Continue along the wall, and next you will come to License Plate 16/45.
    Now turn East and you should see a cable attached to an electrical box.
    Destroy the box, and a cut scene will show a guard tower explode with a
    shower of sparks as it is short circuited.  This reduces the number of
    spotlights that you will have to avoid.  From the electrical box, swim
    East and around the outside right edges of the larger rocks until you see
    another License Plate 17/45.  It is likely you will run into a Seaseeker in
    this are so be prepared to fight, if it appears.  Go East a little further,
    and you will come to another electric cable.  Follow this cable to the
    Southwest and destroy the electrical box, just like before, to put out
    another guard tower.  Keep following  this cable to the wall, and collect
    Tin Can 1/4.

    You are now at the entrance to the "inner" harbor area, but the main gate
    is still closed.  Look to the Northwest and you should find one last cable
    and another electrical box, you should know what to do, just be careful of
    the large fishing nets as the boats pass through this area.  Just a note,
    if you haven't already realized it, each of the electrical boxes you de-
    stroyed was represented by one of the green "Point Of Interest" marks on
    your sonar display.

    After another shower of sparks, the harbor gate is now opened, and your
    next objective is to destroy the Toxic Barge.  Inside this area there are
    at least 3 Seaseekers armed with missiles, and a lot more searchlights to
    avoid.  Getting spotted by a light will almost certainly be deadly, because
    the Seaseekers will find you very fast, and there is still no safe food to
    eat, so you cannot restore any lost health.  (Hopefully you've added at
    least 1 upgrade to your "Hunger" before this level, or by now, your pro-
    bably close to losing "Health.")

    So, enter the gate of the "inner" harbor to the Southwest, and then turn to
    your right and swim along the wall.  Follow along the wall and when you
    reach a corner in the Southwest, you will find Tin Can 2/4.  Travel along
    the wall further and you will eventually come to a large pipe going through
    an underwater fence.  Under the pipe you can get License Plate 18/45, but
    look out for the nearby Seaseekers and still be careful to avoid the spot-
    lights.  After you get the Plate, enter the pipe and swim through.  Inside
    the pipe you will find Tin Can 3/4 at the right-turn bend.  When the pipe
    ends, just as you pass through the fence, there is usually a Seaseeker to
    the left, but once you've destroyed it, you want to resume your travel
    along the wall to the West.  Avoid the toxic waste, and find another
    License Plate 19/45 in a far corner along the wall.  Keep following the
    wall and you will find the last Tin Can 4/4 directly under the Toxic Barge.
    You'll be back for the barge shortly, but for now, follow the wall until
    you get to the last License Plate 20/45.

    Reverse direction, following back the way you came along the same wall and
    you will come to a blue (explosive) barrel underneath of another barge.
    You need to take this barrel using your Bite and Hold technique, and then
    throw it onto the deck of Toxic Barge.  It will take two direct hits to
    destroy the barge and complete your objective and this level.  If you need
    more barrels, just Headbutt (Charge Attack) the barge where you got the
    first barrel.  It is indicated as a "Point of Interest" on your sonar, just
    in case you get lost.  Aim for the large tanks at the end of the Toxic
    Barge and after two good hits the barge will explode in a ball of flames,
    followed by a cut scene showing you weaving your way through the hail of
    explosions as you escape once more into the night.

      Level Summary:  You should now have: 20/45 License Plates, 4/4 Tin Cans
                      from this stage (unlocks 2nd of 6 movie clips), and a
                      Pirate Ship (3,000 Points.)

   Open Ocean Notes:  Gain access to the area from Open Ocean: West.  Head for
                      the Grand Occasus Harbor on the Southwest side of Amity
                      Island.  Side Challenge 31: LIGHTS OUT  is now available
                      also.  All unfound items will be in the same location as
                      in the Story Mission.

    Game Completion:  All Items found and Level completed you'll earn:    5.6 %

                      With Side Challenge 31 completed you'll earn:       6.6 %

                      Total Game Completion:                             25.6 %

M05 Stage  5: Predator In The Bay

    The opening cut scene of this level shows a view of some oil platforms lo-
    cated at Old South Beach, as viewed from an unseen helicopter.  Next, some
    divers near shark cages are seen diving near the wreckage of an old sunken
    submarine.  Finally, a small shipyard (Avril Bay) with Coast Guard Boats, a
    large underwater fan, and another view of the oil platforms is shown as the
    level begins and you find yourself in the middle of a very deep bay.

    There are several threats to your safety in this new level.  Dolphins will
    seem to constantly appear out of nowhere and will attack you when you are
    near. Even though they are not the biggest threat in this new area, the
    dolphins can still issue a fair amount of damage if you don't stay alert to
    their presence.   There are also divers armed with spear guns, which can
    also cause quite a bit of damage if you stay in their range or let them
    keep shooting at you, instead eliminating them.  On the corners of the oil
    platforms are automatic guns that follow the beams from the searchlights,
    and are extremely accurate.  One final noteworthy new enemy you will en-
    counter as you explore this level, is a very large and powerful Coast Guard
    Cutter, which will follow you wherever you go until you find a way to stop
    it.  Unlike any other enemy you've encountered so far, the Coast Guard ship
    is impervious to your physical attacks alone, so it needs to be delt with
    in a different manner.

    The first objective given to you as this new level begins, is to destroy
    the oil platforms (there are three in all).  This level consists of two
    main areas, the open bay, where the oil platforms are, and the old ship-

    You should swim towards the green "Point of Interest" to the North, which
    is actually the sunken sub seen in the opening cut scene of this level.
    Needless to say, the shark cages and divers must go.  There are two divers
    inside two shark cages and a boat on the surface.  If you attack one of the
    divers, the other one will sometimes escape, and the boat will disappear.
    I assume he decided to split before he became the next meal.  If this
    happens, you will loose the opportunity to gain points from destroying
    their boat.  Therefore, if you intend to kill the divers, take out the boat
    first, and there won't be an easy escape for either one.

    The sunken submarine will be your "home base" as you stage your attacks on
    each of the three oil rigs.  From the center section of the wreckage, the
    three oil platforms lie generally to the Northwest, West, and to the South-
    east.  Inside the central section of the sub, pick up License Plate 21/45.
    Look in between the center section and the tail (located to the South) of
    the sub, and you can see some torpedoes scattered on the ocean floor.
    These will be very helpful in destroying those oil platforms, and that
    pesky Coast Guard Cutter.  Be aware, that dolphins seem to concentrate
    around the sub, and also near the oil rigs.  It's like they are trying to
    try to protect the humans.  Stupid mammals.

    So, it's now time sink a ship.  Swim down and grab one of the torpedoes by
    using your Bite and Hold (Tap and hold "R1") move, then surface to look for
    the Coast Guard.  Usually, if you just swim in a large circle in any
    direction, you should find it without any problem or it will just find you.
    While still holding the torpedo, try to approach the ship from either side
    (this will give you a larger target to aim at), and use "L2" to launch it
    at the boat.  Return to the sub, rearm yourself and repeat.  It should take
    three hits, and this Coast Guard vessel will be no more.  When you are
    carrying out your torpedo attacks against the Coast Guard, be sure to avoid
    the oil platforms (red circles on your sonar) because the guards on the oil
    rigs will shoot the torpedo you are holding and the results won't be good.

    With the Coast Guard out of the way, you can begin your attacks on the oil
    platforms.  It does not matter what order you attack the platforms, but
    there are 3 basic steps that should be followed with each one.

    First, on each corner on the platforms, there are searchlights which must
    be put out before you try to bring a torpedo to the platform.

    Second, not actually necessary but helpful, is to eliminate any divers who
    are in the water around the platforms.  Their spear guns won't detonate the
    torpedo, but they still cause damage when they repeatedly shoot you.

    The third and final step is to actually attack and destroy the platform.
    You can use the torpedoes from the sunken sub, or in the open water you can
    also find small canisters (sometimes indicated as a "Point of Interest")
    that will explode when thrown with force at the oil rigs.  I personally
    prefer the torpedoes, they are always easy to find, and relatively easy to
    aim and throw at your target.  Each platform is built on four large support
    columns.  Using either torpedoes or the explosive canisters, you need to
    destroy two of four the supports, on each platform, in order to complete
    this objective. If you use torpedoes as your weapon of choice, it will only
    require two hits.  One for each support that you need to destroy.

    (Suggested Order For The Attack Run)

    First head to the Southeast oil platform.  On each corner of the platform,
    above each support, is an automatic gun that follows the beam of the
    searchlight.  You need to destroy at least one of these, but not all of
    them.  I prefer to take them all out because if you are accidentally caught
    in the beam of light, the guns will instantly shoot you, and if you are
    holding a torpedo, this will cause extreme damage.  Also, there are usually
    some divers armed with spear guns; you should kill them so they don't keep
    shooting at you.   Now, with the immediate dangers (the divers and the
    automatic guns) eliminated, return to the sub to get your torpedo.  With
    the torpedo in your mouth swim back to the oil platform and use "L2" to
    throw it at one of the supports.  If you hit the support correctly you will
    hear a small explosion and smoke will begin to pour out of the damaged
    support.  Go back to the sub for another torpedo and repeat the attack on a
    different support.  After successfully destroying two of the four supports,
    you will get a mini cut scene of the upper section of the oil platform

    One down, two to go.  The procedure is the same for the remaining two oil
    platforms.  At the platform to the West of the sub, you can find License
    Plate 22/45 at the bottom of the ocean, near the platform's base.  Also,
    there is a medium sized Coast Guard boat at the West platform as well.
    This boat can be destroyed by any direct attack, or for fun, you could just
    torpedo it like the Coast Guard Cutter or the oil platforms.

    After all three platforms have been destroyed, you will be given another
    task, "Find the entrance to the power generator (the large fan shown in the
    opening cut scene) below the shipping yard."  Your next destination is to
    the East.  As you travel to the East, you should run into a large wall,
    when you do, turn to your North (wall will be on your right now) and swim
    in this direction until you see Tin Can 1/4.  If you reach the white buoys
    that mark the boarder of this area, and you don't find the Tin Can, just
    turn around and follow the wall in the opposite direction.

    With the Tin Can collected, turn back to the South.  Follow the wall, but
    do not turn into the opening of the shipyard when you pass it on your left.
    Instead, stay near the wall and keep following it until you come to License
    Plate 23/45 floating next to a breakable set of bars in the wall.  Take the
    Plate and continue along the wall to the South and you will see a large
    rock on the right that forms a narrow channel between the wall and it's
    base.  Now surface and swim clockwise around that large rock and you will
    see a Mermaid (3,000 points) floating just above the surface of the water.

    Return to where the bars were in the wall and smash your way into the
    shipping yard.  (Yes, you could have just swam into the opening a few yards
    to the North, but this way you get a few points for breaking the bars.)

    Inside the shipping yard, first turn North (to your left).  You can destroy
    the two large water towers that you will find, and of course, take Tin Can
    2/4 from underneath the one to the North.  Stay inside the shipping yard
    and continue to follow the wall and you will come to License Plate 24/45 in
    the corner.  If you proceed along the wall in this direction, you will come
    to an area that has five medium sized Coast Guard boats (like the one found
    near the Western Oil Rig) that can be destroyed for points.  Just don't
    stay near the surface, because even though the boats aren't manned, there
    are Coast Guardsmen who will shoot at you from nearby.  After destroying
    all of the boats on this side of the shipyard, reverse direction and swim
    back along the wall to where you came through the barred opening.  Now,
    swim along the wall to the South and you will find License Plate 25/45.

    If you see the opening in the wall, that's one of two entrances into the
    power generator.  You can go in through either entrance, any grey shutter
    doors will open automatically, you just have to break the bars with your
    Charge Attack.  When you enter the power generator room, be prepared to
    swim along the outer edge of the inside of the room, and do your best not
    to get drawn into the fan.  As you swim around the room be sure to grab Tin
    Cans 3 and 4.  You will need to attack bot the black and the red column
    that feed power to the fan.  I do not know the cause, but your health will
    begin to drop steadily as you swim around the room so try take out both
    tubes by using your Charge Attack, as quickly as possible.  Once the tubes
    are destroyed, pay attention to the message and get out of the generator
    room immediately.

    Exit the generator room fast enough, and you will safely swim away as the
    power generator explodes and rains debris all over the shipping yard.

    If your health is low, try to get something to eat as soon as possible.
    As you swim away from the shipyard, you will get a new cut scene, Michael
    Brody is tracking you down from the Aurora II research ship, the same one
    he used to capture you with at the end of Story Mission 1.  You will need
    to put an end to his pursuit.  Head for the sub wreck, and eliminate the
    Aurora II the same way you did the Coast Guard Cutter earlier.  The
    Aurora II will sink after three torpedo hits.

    As the Aurora II sinks, an EVIRONPLUS helicopter swoops down and rescues
    Michael from his sinking research vessel.  It seems ENVIRONPLUS has hired a
    professional Shark Hunter to kill you.  Mayor Vaughn has also put a new
    bounty on your head as well, and the Shark Hunter intends to collect...

      Level Summary:  You should now have: 25/45 Licence Plates, 4/4 Tin Cans
                      from this stage (unlocks 3rd of 6 movie clips), and a
                      Mermaid (3,000 points.)

   Open Ocean Notes:  The area can be re-entered by traveling to the Old South
                      Beach Piers (Avril Bay) in Open Ocean: South.  You can
                      also access Side Challenge 32: SWIM FOR LIFE.  When you
                      revisit this area from Open Ocean, the power generator
                      room is no longer revisitable.  Tin Cans 3 and 4 will be
                      relocated outside the former location of the generator
                      room.  They can be found in the Southern section of the
                      shipyard as you swim toward the generator entrance.

    Game Completion:  All Items found and Level completed you'll earn:    5.6 %

                      With Side Challenge 32 completed you'll earn:       6.6 %

                      Total Game Completion:                             32.2 %

M06 Stage  6: The Angry Armada

    Early morning finds two small sport fishing boats setting up for a hunt.
    Two men on one boat in particular are talking about being the first crew
    out this morning.  One fisherman says to the other, that The Reward is as
    good as theirs.  The second man asks the first if the gear is ready, be-
    cause as he puts it, he "...Don't want to end up like that science guy,
    Brody"...then you arrive and all hell breaks loose...

    Trying to explain the objectives and how to finish this level is very easy.
    However, due to the design of this area, explaining how to find all of the
    hidden items is extremely difficult.  In order for my explanations of how
    to find the hidden items to make sense, you MUST NOT MOVE as soon as you
    begin the level.   Just read ahead...

    This level is quite simply several waves of boats that get progressively
    larger and stronger, until the final "boss" encounter at the end.  This
    area has very little in the way of distinguishable landmarks, so I'm going
    to do my best to explain where to find the hidden items, but two are very
    hard to find, and even harder to direct you to..

    As soon as the level begins, dive straight to the bottom, and look to your
    Southwest, and you should see a License Plate 26/45.  After taking this
    plate, turn to your Northeast and head in this direction slowly, and you
    should see License Plate 27/45 a few yards ahead.  The next plate is a
    little more difficult to find.  Generally, head North from plate 27 and,
    stop and look to your right every few yards; you should eventually see the
    plate glowing on your right in the distance.  While searching for this
    Plate, move slowly so that you do not bypass it accidentally.  Now, with
    this Licence Plate 28/45, in your possession, proceed to the markers at the
    end of the area to the North.  Once near the white buoys which mark the
    boarder of this area, look to your Southwest and you should see a large
    pole sticking out of the water, with an observation platform mounted on the
    top.  At the base of this pole is License Plate 29/45.

    All I can tell you about the last Plate is that it is somewhere near the
    other end of this area.  Avoid the boats, and carefully swim along the sur-
    face to the South.  As soon as you can spot the other (Southern) observa-
    tion tower, begin your search slightly below the surface, and to your
    right.  The tower should be barely visible when you start your search, if
    you can clearly see the tower, you are too close.  This plate is not at
    the bottom of the ocean, but only a few feet below the surface.

    Also somewhere near the center of this area, is a Message In A Bottle
    (3,000 points).  It is very small and is literally floating on the surface
    of the water,  I usually luck into finding it while fighting the boats
    above.  It's actually easier to spot if you are below the surface because
    the faint glow is more visible. I just suggest that you keep an eye out for
    it as you swim around.  You may find it necessary to return from Open Ocean
    after you complete the level.  As long as you pay attention to your health,
    and don't aggressively go after the boats until you find the last two
    items, the only thing preventing you from finding them will be your own
    patience.  If I can find a more accurate way to give the position of the
    last two items, I will include updated instructions in a future update of
    this walkthrough, just check the Revision section to see if I have updated
    the item locations for this Story Mission.

    The good news is that there are NO TIN CANS in this level.

    So, wave after wave of fishing vessels will attack you, and you can take
    them out with any attacks you see fit.  I find well placed Body Bombs and
    a fully charge Tail Whip will make short work of most of the boats without
    any problem.  Try to avoid the nets, and as always, stop to eat if you need
    to refill your health.

    When you get near the end of the level you will see sport fishing boat with
    orange trimmed paint designs on it's sides.  I believe this is supposed to
    be ENVIRONPLUS'S Shark Hunter, who is trying to collect the Mayor's Reward.
    His boat does not require any particular strategy, it just seems to be more
    durable than the rest, so it will take more hits to sink it.  Once you've
    caused enough damage to his boat, you will get a cool cut scene.  Similar
    to Quint's death near the end of the original JAWS film, the co-pilot of
    the Shark Hunter's boat gets devoured as you leap onto the deck the sinking

    Unfortunately, the Shark Hunter escapes by jumping onto speedboat that
    comes racing by to rescue him, at the very last second.  As you give chase
    to the escaping boat, a Coast Guard Super-Cutter cuts in between you and
    your intended prey.

    This Coast Guard ship is a lot more powerful than the earlier version that
    you faced before.  Be careful of the orange canisters that it throws at
    you, because some of them emit a strong electrical discharge that both
    damages and stuns you, making you more vulnerable to attack.  Additionally,
    it brought backup.  Newer, stronger mini-sub Seaseekers will also join in
    the fight.  Use your sonar to locate explosive canisters and make repeated
    attack runs at the Coast Guard ship.  It will take eight direct hits to
    destroy your enemy, allowing you to escape and end this level.

      Level Summary:  You should now have: 30/45 License Plates, and a Message
                      In a Bottle (3,000 points).

   Open Ocean Notes:  Enter Bridgeport Sound, found in Open Ocean: East to re- 
                      turn to this area.  Side Challenge 29: THAR SHE BLOWS can
                      also be found here.  All unfound items are in their
                      original Story Mission locations.

                      NOTE: When you return here after you've completed the
                      Story Mission, Large Coast Guard Super-Cutters will
                      patrol the areas beyond the boarder markers in this area.
                      So, while swimming around inside this Story area, avoid
                      the edges as much as possible because they will launch
                      shells at you and you cannot fight back.

    Game Completion:  All Items Found and Level completed you'll earn:    5.2 %

                      With Side Challenge 29 completed you'll earn:       6.2 %

                      Total Game Completion:                             38.4 %

M07 Stage  7: A Taste For Blood

    On board a sport fishing boat a drunken fisherman is talking to himself
    about catching some fish, "Smokin' dang shark-fish."  As his boat is
    rocking in the waves he drops an explosive barrel over the stern of his
    boat.  While talking about what he'll buy with the reward, he fails to
    notice a loose explosive rolling toward him... until it's too late.
    Nearby some unfortunate divers are injured in the resulting explosions
    and you are drawn to the scent of fresh blood in the water....

    "Shark Vision" in this level is almost a NECESSITY, and it will SAVE YOUR
    LIFE.  Be sure to use it to it's full advantage.

    Once the level begins, you will find yourself in a very small cove with
    rows of mines chained to the ocean floor all over the place.  Since it was
    the blood that drew you to this area, your objective is to find a way
    through the minefield, and kill the four divers who are hiding inside.

    The most deadly thing in this area is accidentally hitting one of the
    wrong type of mines.  When you activate "Shark Vision" with the "TRIANGLE"
    button, and look at the rows of mines, some of them will be surrounded by
    a green glow.  Hitting ANY of the mines that DO NOT GLOW will result in a
    chain reaction explosion and INSTANT DEATH.  One way or another, you will
    have to get past the mines, and if you return from Open Ocean, they will
    still be here.  So, prepare to get your collectibles as you go, because
    when you return for the Side Challenge later, you probably won't want to
    stay around any longer than you need to.

    On a side note, another neat feature of the "Shark Vision" in this level,
    is that it seems to enhance the blood trail left by the divers, making
    it easier to see.  Easier to see, means easier to follow.  Sort of...

    Throughout the area, you will also find plenty to eat, seals, sharks and
    smaller fish inhabit this area.  Don't hesitate to backtrack to a "safe"
    area and restore your health.  You may survive detonating a "green" mine
    but you will still take a medium amount of damage, so it's best to try
    and keep your health at a maximum.

    One final note, be very careful as you swim through this area until you
    reach a safe area.  Even changing direction with the "Left Analog Stick"
    while trying to look around, will propel you forward, whether your press-
    ing the "X" to swim or not.  So when trying to line up a target, you can
    very easily cause yourself to drift into a mine.

    As the level begins, there will be a long row of mines on the South/South-
    western direction.  Swim east until you see some barrels on the bottom of
    the cove.  Now, if you turn on your "Shark Vision" and turn to the South
    (your right), you should see a glowing mine near the surface.  Progress
    through this level will be made by blowing up the green mines to make a
    path for you to swim through.  There are three different approaches to
    destroying a "safe" or green mine.  You could throw an object at the chain
    attached to the mine, you could throw an object directly at the mine it-
    self, or you could swim into the chain near the bottom.  (Actually, you
    could also swim directly into the mine, but this causes extreme damage and
    would not be advisable.)  You will suffer less damage if you attack the
    chain, and you will suffer more damage by directly attacking the mine.  It
    is not necessary to remove the mine to the South, but you could destroy it
    for practice, if you choose to attack the chain, make sure you are aiming
    at the correct chain, as hitting the wrong one is fatal.

    After you practice on the mine, or not,  swim up to the Northern wall.  If
    you stay real close to the North wall, you will be able to swim East and
    pass a row of mines.  Once your are past the mines, you should be able to
    see a License Plate in the corner ahead and to your left.  This one is not
    that difficult to obtain.  Turn right and you will see a large rock.  You
    want to swim past the rock on it's right side as you face it, but stay as
    close as possible and you won't hit the chains or trigger any mines.  Past
    the rock you will come to a small open area, and see another rock ahead of
    you.  Carefully look to the East (left) and you will see that there are
    some gaps in the chains.  Ease yourself through the second gap (the one
    further south) while heading Southeast. (The "N" for North on your sonar
    should be at about the 8 o'clock position.)  If you are lined up correctly,
    you will be able to swim forward all the way to the wall in front of you.
    You may have to make slight adjustments, but there should not be any mine
    chains in your path.  Once you reach the far wall, you can turn North
    (left), and while staying against the wall swim to the Licence Plate 31/45
    in the corner.  (That wasn't too bad).

    This next part is tricky, but it will save you the trouble of having to
    blow up some mines.  However, it will involve some very precise swimming.
    Turn South, and prepare to follow the wall on the East (left).  This is the
    same wall that you just followed into the corner to get the License Plate.
    Before you start swimming, look to your right and you will see a mine on a
    very short chain.  Begin counting with the next long chain that is closest
    to you, on your right.  As you swim carefully to the South, you should pass
    4 chains.  The last chain will be relatively close, but you will safely
    pass between it and the wall.  Now, you should notice that the seabed is
    beginning to rise.  Turn slightly to your right, and you should notice a
    nice wide gap in the chains, almost like a path.  This gap in the chains
    should be obvious, but to be sure, the "North" indicator on your sonar
    should be at about 5 o'clock.  Slowly swim through the gap and slightly ad-
    just your direction to the right, so that you can see the large rock.  You
    will see another gap in the chains that will allow you to swim toward the
    left edge of the rock, so slowly head through, but be careful not to hit
    any of the chains near the rock itself.   Avoiding the chains on the rock,
    carefully swim clockwise around the rock until you see a License Plate
    glowing in the distance, among the chains.  You will be facing almost
    directly to the West.

    If you do this next section carefully, you will reach a checkpoint, and
    be past the hardest part of this area.  While facing the Licence Plate to
    the West, carefully aim in between the chains that are slightly to the
    left of it.  By tapping your swim button "X" just enough to give a little
    forward speed, you can practically "glide" or coast through the chains.
    The space is tight, but as long as you don't hold "X" you will fit through.
    (Tapping the "X" prevents you from thrashing your tail widely back and
    forth, which could set off the mines.)  Successfully pass through the
    chains, and you will reach the mid-level checkpoint.  (If you die now, you
    will just restart from here, instead of having to travel past all the
    other mines.)   Take a breath, you've earned it.

    License Plate 32/45 lies very close to the chains, so swim parallel to the
    line of chains and face up the slope, this way you're less likely to swim
    into the chains and blow yourself up.

    Before you make your path through the minefield to the South, turn to
    the West and swim past the sunken ship.  You will find Tin Can 1/4 on
    a rock in the Southwest corner, near the surface of the water.

    This area makes a relatively safe hunting area if you need to replenish
    your health while you continue this level.  Stay alert for th other sharks
    because they will attack you, and for some reason they don't detonate the
    mines, but if you're knocked into the wrong type - BOOM!

    Now, you need to get past that minefield to the South.  Luckily, there are
    quite a few barrels on the sea floor below you.  You do not have to destroy
    all the mines,  or any at all to get through.  If you've practiced, you
    could actually perform a Body Bomb move and jump right over the mines, but,
    this isn't really practical because you'll probably want to come over to
    this area to feed, if necessary.  So, the best thing to do is grab yourself
    a barrel, take aim, and knock out a mine.  When you take a barrel, it will
    only be replace if it actually detonates a mine.  In other words, if you
    keep missing, the barrels will not be replaced where you got them from.  If
    this happens, you need to try and recover one of the barrels you missed
    with, or take a little damage and swim into the chain as close to the
    bottom as possible.  So, do you best not to miss too many times.  Make
    yourself as big of a path as you wish, or need, but don't hit the mine
    on the extreme far left.  That mine is not green and will result in a messy

    After creating a suitable path through the mines, you can prepare to get
    the rest of the hidden items, and of course hunt down those elusive divers.
    Grab another barrel, and swim South through the opening you made in the
    minefield.  Once past the mines, if you turn to your East (left), you will
    see an airplane on the bottom, laying between two boats.  Beyond the air-
    plane will be 3 green mines toward the left (North) side.  Carefully, de-
    stroy all three of the mines.  Near the chain of one of the mines, you will
    see another barrel, but I usually just run back and forth through the mine-
    field, since it's less likely I'd detonate another mine and injure myself.

    Slowly swim over top of the ships in a Northeast direction.  As soon as
    you reach the far edge of the last ship, turn East and look down.  On the
    deck of the ship should be License Plate 33/45.  Next, turn toward your
    left, and while staying as close as possible to the ship, swim over the
    outside edge of the hull and to the ocean floor.  Now, turn toward the ship
    and you can swim underneath and around the front edge to find Tin Can 2/4
    hidden in this small area.  Swim North, out from under the ship, and then
    turn west staying between the hull of the ship (on your left) and the row
    of mines (on your right).  When you reach the end of the ship, on your
    left side will be a smaller boat wedged between another ship and this one.
    Swim to the top deck of this smaller boat to collect Tin Can 3/4, and if
    you're careful you can keep swimming up between the ships (heading East
    away from the mines) and turn right, to get to the South side of the ships
    where you started from.  Hopefully, you will be pretty close to where you
    started to swim over the wrecked ships.  The airplane should be to the
    West, and if you look toward the South, you should see another "green" mine
    floating in front of another boat.  There should be a barrel below you,
    take it, and destroy the mine.  Turn to the East (left) and you will see an
    area of sunlight shining through the water (Try to remember this area, it
    will be important, later.)  Swim toward the sunlight, but stay closer to
    the boat on your left, so you don't hit the mines that are ahead on your
    right.  As you approach the Eastern wall, you should see glow between the
    wall and the boat directly in front of you.  Swim down into the gap formed
    by the ship on your left, the front left edge of the boat that is in front
    of you, and the East wall.  You will see the Diamond Necklace
    (3,000 points).  This area is very tight, and can be easy to get stuck in.
    Try to put yourself between the Necklace and the wall and face the West as
    you grab the Necklace.  This way you just have to swim up over the edge of
    the ships to get out.  Be careful of the mines that will now be on your
    left side as you exit the gap.  Head West and grab the barrel as you swim
    by.  Turn left at the first boat you come to, and in the distance you will
    see two "green" mines.  On the ocean floor, between these mines you will
    find License Plate 34/45.  If you look to your left as you approach the two
    mines, you will see what's left of the end of a large ship.  There is a
    barrel in there that you can use to detonate the second mine, so that you
    can safely get the License Plate.

    Now, it's time to get ready to catch the divers, and end this level.  But
    there is a little prep work to do first.  There are still about a dozen
    mines to remove so that you can hunt the divers without getting blown up.

    From the location of the last Licence Plate swim back toward the North, and
    as you past the ship wreckage on your right, go in and grab the barrel.
    Exit the end of the wreckage heading West and  you should see another mine
    on the far side of the boat that's on the right.  Destroy the mine,  and
    go back for another barrel.   Now, as you exit toward the West again swim
    until you pass the debris that is directly in front of you.  Turn South
    (to your left) and you will see two more "green" mines in the distance.
    Again, destroy one mine, get another barrel, and then destroy the second
    mine.   With the second mine destroyed, go back for another barrel, and
    then return to the this location.  With your new barrel in mouth, turn to
    the West so that your lined up parallel to the ships that make up the
    Southern edge.  In the distance you should see the end of a large ship
    ahead and to the right, and a wall back behind that ship.  Cautiously
    swim past the end of the ship, and then go between it and the wall.  You
    will see a row of mines, all "green."  You need to remove enough mines
    to allow you to enter the open side of the ship which is now on your right.
    You will need enough room to swim in fast, and not have to weave in between
    the chains.  So keep grabbing barrels, and eliminating mines until you can
    safely enter the opening in the side of this ship.

    Time to start killing the divers.  As you were traveling back and forth
    clearing the mines, you may have noticed where some of the divers were
    hiding by their green glowing outline.  The problem is that you aren't able
    to physically get to most of them where they are hiding.  So, you have to
    get them to come out of hiding, so that you can catch them.  If you're near
    the side of the ship opening, return back to the wreckage where you've been
    getting your barrels, otherwise follow the directions below to complete
    the diver hunt.

    DIVER 1:

    From inside the wreckage where you've been getting your barrels, swim to
    the surface and look slightly to the right.  You will see the glow of the
    diver on the boat mast sticking out above the water.  Charge Attack the
    mast, and knock the diver back into the water.  Now, attack and kill the

    DIVER 2:

    From the "barrel" boat, where you grab your barrels, swim West until you
    see what looks like an old wooden tugboat, then turn slightly to your
    right.  You should see a large grey colored hull that has a round opening
    in the end.  Smash through this opening with a Charge Attack and get the
    diver inside.

    DIVER 3:

    After killing Diver 2, exit the grey hull on the West end.  Turn to the
    South and approach the ship that is in front of you, then follow it's hull
    to the Southeast.  Directly ahead, you will run into a pile of metal debris
    that is laying against the side of a ship.  Through the metal, you may or
    may not see a diver.  Further along this ship toward the East, is another
    pile of metal scraps.  Look in through both piles of debris until you find
    the diver.  When you find him, Charge Attack the debris.  You will not see
    any damage, but keep Charge attacking and eventually, the diver will scream
    and he will swim to the debris pile at the opposite end.  Follow the diver
    and again Charge Attack the debris until the diver screams and flees again.
    The diver will now try to escape at the West end of the shipwreck and you
    can then attack him.

    DIVER 4:

    With Diver 3 dead, turn to the North and you will see the bow end of a
    large ship.  On the other side of that ship there is a large crack at the
    bow and at the stern.  Swim around to the other side of the ship and look
    inside the cracks to find the last diver.  Once you've found him, you need
    to scare him out like Diver 3.  Repeatedly Charge Attack the opening where
    he is hiding, and watch for him to try to swim away.  As soon as he begins
    to flee, you will need to swim around the ship to the side with the hole
    in the hull (opposite side from where you are) and swim into the open hull.
    You should find the diver trying to swim through hull to the opposite end
    of the ship.  Attack him before he can get to the safety of the end of the
    ship.  If you come around the ship too fast, or too slow you will miss your
    chance to catch him, and have to try again.  When you approach the opening
    in the hull, try to see if the diver has come out of his hiding place.  If
    you don't wait until he is in the open area, the diver won't risk coming
    out of safety, when he sees you.  Also, when you attack the diver, pull him
    to the outside of the ship, that way if he gets loose before you kill him,
    he won't be able to make it back to the ends of the ship where you can't
    attack him.  In case you haven't realized it yet,  this is the area where
    you were supposed to remove enough mines so that you could safely and
    quickly swim into the opening of the hull.  If necessary, recheck the area,
    and remove any mines that may still be in your way.

    After all the hard work of navigating through the mines, and killing those
    divers, you get to see a cut scene of a careless shark bump into a few
    mines and trigger an explosion.  As some of the wreckage is displaced, a
    new opening in the wall is revealed.  So, it's time to leave.

    You need to head back to the area where the sunshine was shining through
    the water, and where you found the Diamond Necklace.  Turn Southeast and
    follow the wall, as you swim out from behind the ship, where you killed
    Diver 4.  When you get to the next ship, turn to your left so that the red
    main objective indicator is at the 12 o'clock position, and continue for-
    ward until you see the boat hull where you were taking the barrel from.  As
    you approach the "barrel" boat hull, turn a little more left and swim past
    it.  As you pass the hull, turn right and swim in between the two boats in
    front of you.  You should now see the golden patch of sunshine beaming into
    the water.  Swim past the bow of the right boat, over top of the wooden
    ship that is on it's side, and down to the floor of ocean.  Do not try to
    enter the cave, yet.  Turn right and swim under the overhanging rock ledge.
    Continue into the alcove ahead and to the left (Southeast), and you will
    see Tin Can 4/4 laying on the sand underneath of another ship.  Collect
    the last Tin Can and turn to your right.  Now, swim up and inside the hull
    of the overturned ship to find License Plate 35/45 at the far end.  With
    the last of the hidden items collected,  swim back out of the ship, turn
    left, and head for the cave.   Charge Attack the wooden beams blocking the
    exit and this level is complete.

    A reporter is seen interviewing Mayor Vaughn.  Vaughn explains that the
    recent Shark Attack reports have been greatly exaggerated and that there
    is no cause for concern.  He expects this to be the best 4th of July
    celebration ever, and doesn't see any reason to change his plans...

      Level Summary:  You should now have 35/45 License Plates, 4/4 Tin Cans
                      from this stage (unlocks 4th of 6 movie clips), and a
                      Diamond Necklace (3,000 points).

   Open Ocean Notes:  Side Challenge 19: GET MR. STRIPES is found at this
                      location, by traveling to Misty Ridge at the Southeast
                      island found in Open Ocean: East.  All unfound items are
                      in their original Story Mission locations.

    Game Completion:  All Items Found and Level completed you'll earn:    5.6 %

                      With Side Challenge  completed you'll earn:         6.6 %

                      Total Game Completion:                             45.0 %

M08 Stage  8: The Deep

    Welcome to ENVIRONPLUS's underwater mining operation.  The cut scene shows
    you an overview of the outside of the mining facility, and the large suc-
    tion tubes which draw the rocks up into the grinding mechanisms.  As you
    will see, anything that gets beneath those tubes will be drawn into the
    mining machinery.  (What you won't see is the grinders at the top of
    the tube, which if you encounter, will be the end of your life.)  You will
    also see a trip through a series of tunnels which wind up inside one of the
    four control rooms.

    If you watch the whole cut scene, a minor bug in the game will prevent the
    text for your first objective from appearing on screen.  The text that
    should appear is shown below:


    You can just choose "RESTORE CHECKPOINT" from the pause menu, and when the
    cut scene begins, hit the "X" button to interrupt it.  Once you interrupt
    the intro cut scene, then the objectives text will appear on screen.  This
    is not necessary for the game to play correctly, I just mention it, in case
    you would actually like to see the message.

    In this area you will find extremely low visibility, a lot of sharks, and
    some very powerful Seaseekers armed with missiles.  Despite the low visi-
    bility, and the overwhelming size of the mining structure, it won't be too
    difficult to find your way.  Thanks to your trusty sonar.  Also, once you
    make it into the mining tunnels, there are signs inside which will guide
    you to each control room.

    So, to begin, head North to the large tower that is sticking out of the
    water straight ahead of you.  Once you get to the tower, begin to dive
    down over the North edge of the dome that is below you.  One of the green
    "Point of Interest" indicators should be directly in the center of your
    sonar display.  As you descend, you should see License Plate 36/45 sitting
    on the top of the North "suction tube" support, so go ahead and get it.
    Now, face North, dive over the edge and continue to dive straight down, and
    you will begin to enter a very large mining pit.  Try to stay as close to
    the outer edge of the pit until you reach the bottom, do not stray near the
    blue suction tube.  If you are too close to the end of the tube when you
    dive past it, you will be sucked up into the "grinder" and turned into
    ground shark.  Once you reach the bottom of the pit, turn to your right,
    and follow the outer edge of the pit clockwise until you come to License
    Plate 37/45.

    It's time to begin exploring the mining site, and shut down the grinder.
    There are three green "Point of Interest" markers on your sonar, each one
    representing one of the three "suction" tubes to the grinder.  If you
    were in the center of the mining pit, their positions would be generally,
    North, Southeast, and Southwest.  If you carefully swim around the outer
    edge, on the inside of the mining pit you can examine each tube.  Between
    the outer pit wall, and the each of the tubes, you will see a gap, and be-
    hind that gap is a circular opening, a "Cave Entrance" that leads to the
    inner tunnels.  DON'T TRY TO ENTER, yet.  If you look at the three tubes
    one more time, the North tube has only one tunnel entrance near the bottom,
    the Southeastern tube has only one entrance near the middle, and the South-
    western tube has two entrances one near the middle and the other near the
    bottom.  These tunnel openings or Cave Entrances are identified as follows:

    Cave Entrance 1: Located  near the bottom of the Northern suction tube.
    Cave Entrance 2: Located  in the middle of the Southeastern suction tube.
    Cave Entrance 3: Located  in the middle of the Southwestern suction tube.
    Cave Entrance 4: Located  near the bottom of the Southwestern suction tube.

    If you watch one of the openings, you will eventually see some rocks being
    forced out the tunnel, and into the suction tube where they are carried up
    into the grinder.  When you get ready to enter one of the tunnels, you must
    wait for the rocks to be forced out, and then enter the tunnel while the
    rocks are being sucked up the tube.  If you don't wait for the rocks first,
    you may be forced out with them and then sucked up and into the grinder
    above.  If you get caught in the suction, there is no way to escape from
    it.  When you are in the tunnels, if you do get caught by the rocks being
    forced out to the tube, DON'T  PANIC.  Simply turn around so you're facing
    away from the rocks and being pushed forward.  As soon as you see the
    opening that leads to the suction tube, begin aiming for the gap on the
    left or right side of the tube and swim through it as you're being forced
    out of the tunnel.   You may have to reenter the tunnel again, but at least
    you will still be alive.
    The four control rooms can be destroyed in any order, and once you enter
    the tunnels behind the suction tubes, there are actually signs which will 
    lead you to the control room.  I will list the directions for each control
    room separately, so that it will be easier to lead you to the hidden items
    within the tunnels.  Even though the signs show you the way to the control
    room, they won't lead you to the hidden collectibles inside.  As you follow
    the directions for each section, if you become lost or miss a turn , it's
    pretty easy to find your way.  RED signs will lead you to the control room
    for the tunnel that you are in.  Just keep following the RED signs and turn
    in the directions that the signs point you to.  GREEN signs lead you back
    out to the mining pit.  IF you try to exit, make sure to aim for the side
    gap between the wall and the suction tube, because the suction will still
    be on, even after you destroy the control room.  ALL FOUR control rooms
    must be destroyed before it will be safe to swim inside the suction tubes.

    Inside the tunnels you will find sharks, divers, and mini-subs.  In addi-
    tion, you will also run into some sea snakes (or eels , I'm not exactly
    sure which) that live within the walls of some of the tunnels.  If they
    strike you, you will become stunned and momentarily loose control.  Try to
    avoid them if you see their yellow-green heads sticking out of the walls.
    The divers offer nothing new as far as their attacks, but the mini-subs
    do now have missiles.  Avoid attacking  the subs from the front, and as
    a rule-of-thumb, destroy all mini-subs that you encounter.  (They still
    drain your "Hunger", just like the Seaseekers do.)

    In case you get forced out of the tunnels, I will include a shorthand
    "SPEED RUN" direction list for each control room level, so you don't have
    to re-read through the full level walkthrough text. With the shorthand
    walkthrough, if you avoid all enemies except those that are absolutely
    necessary, you could complete this whole area very quickly.  Find the
    SPEED RUN directions near the end of this section walkthrough.


    After waiting for the rocks to be ejected from the tunnel, enter Cave
    Entrance 1, located at the bottom of the North suction tube.  Swim North
    as quickly as you can and turn to your left (West) when you get to the
    intersection.  Follow the tunnel,  slowly forward and eliminate any mini-
    subs, or divers that get in your way.  If you see any green heads sticking
    out of the walls avoid them.  If you get bit, by one of these creatures,
    your control and vision will be distorted for a few seconds.  Carefully
    watch both walls as you follow this walkthrough, so that you don't acci-
    dentally miss an intersection.  Some intersections are dark or may not have
    a brightly lit green or red sign that make them stand out.  So, slowly
    follow the wall and go past the first right-turn tunnel that you see.  Keep
    following the tunnel and you will pass another intersection that has a
    right turn on one side, and a red "Control Room 1" sign on the left.
    Continue along the tunnel, and look for the next right hand turn.  Once you
    get to the turn, go right and follow the tunnel to find License Plate 38/45
    in front of a mining drill.  Exit this corner and follow the tunnel back to
    the intersection, and turn left.   You should be facing roughly a Southwest
    direction, and heading back down the long tunnel you just came through.
    Head back along this tunnel, but take the very next Left turn that you come
    to.  When you reach this intersection, you will see a red "Control Room 1"
    sign on the right side wall, where you want to turn left.  Swim forward in
    this direction (Southeast) and turn right (Southwest) at the next inter-
    section.  A little further ahead you should come to another left turn, and
    at the end of that path you will arrive at Control Room 1.  In each control
    room, there are normally 1 or 2 divers, and a mini-sub.  Control Room areas
    will also run your  Hunger meter down faster also.  You will see a tank
    that looks like it has a glass window on it, and another solid tank that
    has a sign that reads "DANGER Explosive Material," on it's side.  Look be-
    hind the tank to the Northeast and take Tin Can 1/4  off the floor.  You
    will NEED to Charge Attack the solid tank until it explodes, but you can 
    break the glass on the other tank, or the square shaped section next to the
    solid tank first, if you want the extra points. With Control Room 1 now de-
    stroyed, you have cleared 1 checkpoint.  Leave the control room from the
    way that you came in and follow the tunnel to the intersection. Turn to the
    left (Southwest), swim forward to the next intersection and turn left
    (Southeast), again.  Travel through this tunnel until you get to the second
    right turn, but don't turn yet.  This right turn, will take you out to the
    entrance that you used to enter the tunnels.  You need to be aware that if
    the rocks are forced out when you swim out the entrance tunnel, you could
    be forced into the suction tube and to your death.  You can either stay at
    this intersection, until you see the rocks forced out down the tunnel, or
    you can just swim for it.  If you wait for the rocks, after the gray 
    "cloud" follows the rocks wait about 5 seconds before proceeding.  This way
    you're not caught by the suction that's drawing the rocks out.  The only
    thing you need to do to survive, is be ready to aim for the right or left
    side gap as soon as you get to the suction tube, and you will be able to
    get out safely, whether the rocks come out behind you or not.  If at any
    time you get lost in the tunnels, look for the green "Cave Entrance" signs
    and follow them to the exit, then just reenter the tunnel if necessary.


    To get to the second control room, you need to enter the tunnels through
    Cave Entrance 2.  This is found near the center of the Southeastern suc-
    tion tube.  Go through Cave Entrance 2 into the mining tunnels.  Head for-
    ward (Southeast) until you come to a "T" shaped intersection, and then
    turn to the right (Southwest).  Proceed to the next intersection and turn
    to the right once more.  Head Northwest to the end of this tunnel to find
    a large dark room filled with sharks and other enemies,  and License Plate
    39/40 near the wall at the East end of the room.  Now turn Southeast and
    exit the room, then continue forward to the next intersection.  Turn left
    or Northeast and continue in this direction until you run into the wall of
    another "T" intersection.  Turn right at this intersection, follow the
    tunnel as it curves and turn right, again at the next intersection.  At the
    end of this tunnel make another right and follow the tunnel into Control
    Room 2.  Collect Tin Can 2/4 behind the tank to the Southwest, with the
    glass window.  Now destroy the solid tank to complete another checkpoint as
    Control Room 2 is shut down.  From Control Room 2 head out through the
    tunnel and turn left (Northwest) when you get to the intersection.  As you
    follow this tunnel you will come to a "T" intersection where you should
    turn left.  This new section will curve toward the Northwest and you are
    looking for the next Left turn you can make.  Finally, turn right at the
    next opening and exit Cave Entrance 2 at the end.


    Go to the Southwest suction tube, and prepare to enter Cave Entrance 3,
    which is located near the middle of the suction tube.  This particular tube
    has two cave entrances, one near the bottom, and one near the middle.  Make
    sure you are at the correct entrance, and as always, wait for the rocks to
    be ejected before you try to enter the tunnel.  Swim through the tunnel
    heading in a Northwest direction until you come to a four way intersection.
    You will see an object glowing on the floor, in the exact center of the
    intersection, ignore that object for now.  Instead, turn left (Southwest)
    and keep following this tunnel and you will come to a an intersection that
    has a right hand turn and a path that continues forward.  Turn right to
    find License Plate 40/45 near another mining drill.  Now, reverse course by
    leaving this area, and turning left at the intersection.  Continue all the
    way back to the four way intersection and now you can pick up the Megalodon
    Tooth (3,000 points) that is on the floor in the center of the inter-
    section.  Enter the tunnel to the right (Southeast) and swim toward the
    exit, but turn right at the next available right turn intersection.  As you
    enter this new tunnel, look for the round opening in the floor of the cave.
    Pass over the hole, and follow the tunnel until you come to a "T" shaped
    intersection in the distance.  Turn right, and this tunnel will lead you
    directly into Control Room 3, where you can pick up Tin Can 3/4 on the
    floor in between the glass fronted tank to the Southwest and a pile of
    platforms to the right of the tank.  As before, eliminate any enemies in
    the control room and then destroy the solid tank.  With Control Room 3
    destroyed, and your next checkpoint cleared, head Southeast to the next
    intersection and turn left (Northeast).  Swim through this tunnel until
    you come to the hole in the floor, this hole will lead you to the Control
    Room 4 tunnels, and out of this level of tunnels.  So, carefully swim down
    through the floor.


    With the shortcut from tunnel 3, getting to Control Room 4 and finishing
    this level will be easy.  All hidden items except for the last Tin Can in
    this Story Mission have been found, and that Tin Can is in Control Room 4.
    From where you entered this tunnel through the hole in the top of the cave,
    head to the Northeast.  Turn left at the intersection, and continue along
    the tunnel to the 4 way intersection ahead.  Turn right and proceed to
    Control Room 4 at the end.  Tin Can 4/4 is on floor in this room toward the
    East.  Destroy your enemies, and eliminate the last solid tank.

    A short cut scene shows the grinder shutting down, and the grinder "roller"
    part stops and lifts up revealing an opening.  Now, you are told to "Find
    your way through the output tunnels."  This is a lot simpler than it
    sounds.  Exit the control room and turn left at the 4 way intersection.
    Just swim to the end of the tunnel, and now that it's safe to do so,
    actually enter the suction tube that you've been so careful to avoid.  Swim
    to the top of the tube and into the center of the grinder through the newly
    available opening.

    SPEED RUN: This section includes directions through the mining tunnels, and
    to all hidden items and Control rooms located within.  Use this as a quick
    reference to the full detailed walkthrough of each Control Room area.  The
    intersection "count" is a running count of each intersection from the be-
    ginning of that particular section of the Speed Run.  So for example,
    "2nd intersection" is the next intersection you will run into since step
    1, it does not mean go two intersections from the last step.


    To get License Plate 38/45

    1. Enter tunnel through Northern suction tube. (Cave Entrance 1)
    2. 1st intersection turn left.
    3. 2nd intersection continue forward.
    4. 3rd intersection continue forward.
    5. 4th intersection continue forward.
    6. 5th intersection continue forward.
    7. 6th intersection turn right to collect License Plate 38/45 in front of
           mining drill.

    From License Plate room to Control Room 1

    1. Exit room and follow tunnel Northwest.
    2. 1st intersection turn left.
    3. 2nd intersection continue forward.
    4. 3rd intersection turn left.
    5. 4th intersection turn right.
    6. 5th intersection turn left and follow tunnel to Control Room 1.
           Collect Tin Can 1/4 from behind the Northeast tank.

    From Control Room 1 to Exit.

    1. Exit Control Room 1 to the Northwest.
    2. 1st intersection turn left.
    3. 2nd intersection turn left.
    4. 3rd intersection continue forward.
    5. 4th intersection turn right and follow tunnel to the exit.


    To get License Plate 39/40

    1. Enter tunnels through Cave Entrance 2 found at the Southeast tube.
    2. 1st intersection continue forward.
    3. 2nd intersection turn right.
    4. 3rd intersection turn right and follow tunnel to room with License Plate
           39/40 near the East wall.

    From License Plate to Control Room 2

    1. Exit room and head Southeast.
    2. 1st intersection turn left.
    3. 2nd intersection continue forward.
    4. 3rd intersection turn right.
    5. 3rd intersection turn right.
    6. 4th intersection turn right and continue to Control Room 2. Collect
           Tin Can 2/4 from behind Southwest glass fronted tank.

    From Control Room 2 to Exit.

    1. Leave Control Room 2 through the tunnel.
    2. 1st intersection turn left.
    3. 2nd intersection turn left.
    4. 3rd intersection turn left.
    5. 4th intersection turn right.
    6. 5th intersection continue forward to Cave Entrance 2 to exit tunnels.


    To Get License Plate 40/45.

    1. Enter Cave Entrance 3, from the middle tunnel in the Southwest suction
    2. 1st intersection continue forward.
    3. 2nd intersection (with glowing object on floor) turn left.
    4. 3rd intersection turn right, and collect License Plate 40/45 at the end
       in front of a mining drill.

    To get Megalodon Tooth.

    1. Leave area where you found license plate.
    2. 1st intersection turn left.
    3. Pick up the Megalodon Tooth from floor, in center of the next inter-
           section that you come to.

    From Megalodon Tooth to Control Room 3.

    1. From 4 way intersection where you found tooth, turn to Southeast tunnel.
    2. 1st intersection turn right.
    3. Pass over hole in floor and continue forward.
    4. 2nd intersection turn right and follow tunnel to it's ending at Control
           Room 3.  Collect Tin Can 3/4 from behind glass fronted tank on the

    From Control Room 3 to Control Room 4 tunnels.

    1. Exit Control Room 3 from where you entered and continue to next inter-
    2. 1st intersection turn left.
    3. Continue through tunnel and enter hole in floor to get to level 4
           tunnel area.

    If you wanted to just exit the tunnel, just go past the hole in step 3
    above, and then turn right at the next intersection.  This tunnel leads
    to Cave Entrance 3.


    From Tunnel 3 shortcut to Control Room 4.

    1. From the tunnel you entered through the hole in the ceiling, turn
    2. 1st intersection turn left.
    3. 2nd intersection turn right  and follow tunnel to Control Room 4 at the
           end.  Collect Tin Can 4/4 on floor to East in front of tanks.

    If you entered this area through Cave Entrance 4 located at the bottom of
    the Southwest suction tube:

    1.  From Cave Entrance 4, head Northwest.
    2.  1st intersection proceed forward.
    3.  2nd intersection turn right  and follow tunnel to Control Room 4 at the
           end.  Collect Tin Can 4/4.

    From Control Room 4 to end of level.

    1. Exit Control Room 4 to the Southwest.
    2. 1st intersection turn left.
    3. 2nd intersection continue forward to Cave Entrance 4.
    4. Enter suction tube and swim into grinder opening at the top.

    You will be offered a chance to save your game, and then immediately Story
    Mission 9 will begin.  Unlike most levels, you will encounter a "Boss
    Fight" at the beginning of the level.  So after you save, be prepared to
    begin the next to last Story Mission.

      Level Summary:  You should now have: 40/45 License Plates, 4/4 Tin Cans
                      from this stage (unlocks 5th of 6 movie clips), and a
                      Megalodon Tooth (3,000 points.)

   Open Ocean Notes:  Side Challenge 30: DEEP CHASE is now available upon re-
                      return from Open Ocean.  On the Amity Map this location
                      is labeled "ENVIRONPLUS Mining Site", and can be found in
                      the Northern area of Open Ocean: West.  All unfound items
                      are in their original Story Mission locations.

    Game Completion:  All Items Found and Level completed you'll earn:    5.6 %

                      With Side Challenge 30 completed you'll earn:       6.6 %

                      Total Game Completion:                             51.6 %

M09 Stage  9: The Facility

    With the four control rooms destroyed, the grinder has ceased its operation
    which allows you to slip inside the "Facility".  Unfortunately, something
    else has taken up residency here first, and you'll have to teach it some

    As you swim into the massive facility, a Colossal Squid drops down behind
    you, and you encounter one of the more difficult bosses in the game, that
    is assuming you don't know how to defeat him.

    COLOSSAL SQUID STRATEGIES:  The most important thing about this fight is
    to just keep swimming.  Stay near the outer edge of the room, and swim
    towards the giant squid.  You WILL NOT be able to stun him, or disable him
    with your attacks.   Try not to stay too deep, or you will either get
    pulled into, or knocked into the fan which will cause you damage.  Once in
    a while, the squid will charge at you and hit the wall.  For a few seconds
    after his charge attack he will be stunned or dazed, then he will be vul-
    nerable to your attacks.  The squid has eight regular tentacles (completely
    covered in suction cups), two "Slapper" tentacles that are longer and have
    thicker ends and two large eyes.  Concentrate on his main tentacles, and
    his two eyes.  Attack the tentacles near his head/body when he is stunned
    and you will wind up tearing them off.  You can also eat the tentacle if
    you need to restore your health.  As you follow the squid around the room,
    just be patient and wait for him to stun himself, then jump in and attack
    until it begins to swim away from you.  Also, don't get too close or he
    will sometimes grab you with his tentacles and pull you into his mouth.
    His other attack includes a hard slap with his longer, thick ended
    "Slapper" tentacles.  If you keep moving and keep your distance, you should
    take a minimal amount of damage as you work on tearing off the normal ten-
    ticles, and both eyes.  You won't be able to rip off the two tentacles with
    the thick ends on them.  Once you've torn him limb from limb, literally,
    and obliterated both of his eyes, the squid will begin to back off.  He
    will be a little slower, but he will still try to charge you every once in a
    while.  To finish this fight, you'll  have to get the squid to charge into
    the pipes around the outer edge of the room. (If you use "Shark Vision"
    they are the pipes that are glowing.)  He only has to knock down 4 of them
    and the fight will end.  You can try and "bait" him into charging you, but
    I find he'll normally do all the damage himself if I just keep swimming
    around the outer edge of the room.  It may take a little longer, but since
    my second fight with the squid, I've never been killed by it again, and the
    lowest my health has ever gotten was about a quarter less than full health
    during the whole fight.  You do not have to tear off all eight tentacles,
    but you do have to destroy both eyes before he will charge the pipes.  If
    possible try to take both of the eyes out as soon as you can, then after
    you've ripped off the required "minimum" number of tentacles,the squid will
    begin to charge at the pipes.

    With the most significant danger of this area, the Colossal Squid, now
    killed.  It's time to move onto the next objective.  "Destroy the computer
    that powers the facility's turbines.  The Control Room is on the bottom

    You are swimming at the top level of a three level section of the mining
    facility that became flooded when the squid collapsed the observation
    tower.  Your most common enemies in this area will be divers, a lot of
    them.  Additionally, you will still run into an occasional mini-sub as you
    explore deeper into this area.  To complete this part of the level, it is
    not necessary to kill any of the divers or destroy any of the mini-subs.
    However, any enemy left alive, is an enemy that can and will fight you.  If
    you intend to fight your way through, turn on your "Shark Vision" every so
    often.  The divers like to hide among the flourescent lighting fixtures
    near the ceiling and also along the pipes in the walls so they can be hard
    to spot.  What makes it worse, is they will keep attacking you with their
    spear guns, while you're still trying to find them.  The green glow of the
    "Shark Vision" can make the difference between dead divers, and a dead you.

    An alternate strategy, is to avoid fighting unless it is necessary.  As you
    will see, it's highly possible to just swim to each objective, until you
    finally get to the last fight of the level. I leave that choice up to you.

    Along the North wall you should see an open elevator shaft, which will lead
    down to the first floor.  You can swim straight down to floor one, or you
    could stop at each level and kill the divers.  Also, if you look at the
    floor towards the South, you will see an opening that leads down to the
    next lower floor (floor 2).  Instead of the elevator shaft, you could swim
    through the floor opening, and you will find another opening, this one to
    the North, on the second floor that will allow you get to floor 1.   So,
    advance down to the first floor by either path, killing the divers on each
    level, or just swimming straight through to the first floor.

    On the first floor look toward the Southeastern corner of the room.  You
    will see a set of doors that are stuck partially open because of an over-
    turned truck caught between them.  Go through the doors and you will enter
    a small room that has two divers hiding inside of it.  Dispose of the
    attacking divers and then look to the South and you should see an area of
    the wall that has collapsed and left an opening.  Swim through the hole in
    the wall, and turn to the left (East).  Now, swim to the first intersection
    you come to.  Turn left again, and you will now be facing North.  Forward 
    in a few yards you should be able to see a doorway on the West (left) side
    of the hall.  Face the doors, and Charge Attack the one on the right that
    is hanging slightly off the frame, until you can enter the room.

    Inside this new room on the North side you should see a large computer,
    this is your target.  Charge Attack the computer to put it out of service.
    The lights will go out, and your visibility will be more limited.  With the
    power turbines shut down, your next goal is to "Reach the Control Center."
    Find the room's exit which is to the East.  As you leave the computer room,
    turn to your right and swim South to the intersection.  Now, turn to the
    left and keep following this tunnel, eliminating enemies as necessary.  You
    will pass through another set of doors, and come to very large room.  When
    you near this room you will see a mini-sub that will try to kill you with
    it's missiles, so destroy it.  You will now receive a new objective, "De-
    stroy the Control Center."   DO NOT TRY THIS YET.  It would be very helpful
    to kill ANY enemies that you can find in this large room. There should be
    several divers both behind and ahead of you.  After all the divers in the
    room are wiped out, approach the control room enclosed by the large glass
    windows to the West.  Break the glass...

    Steven Shaw, backed up by two missile shooting mini-subs shows up rather
    upset that you've killed his son, and now his business.  He intends to kill
    you himself.  Get ready to fight....

    You have 120 seconds or 2 minutes to complete this fight.  Make sure to
    stay focused.  You have three required targets; the two mini-subs and
    Steven Shaw.  All three will show up on your sonar as red dots.  The mini-
    subs are your first priority, because they will cause the most amount of
    damage, in the least amount of time.  If you've been adding upgrades as
    you've been playing the game, the mini-subs can be delt with very easily.
    Swim up to a mini-sub and use your Bite and Hold, technique.  If your Bite
    misses, try again, it works best if you bite at the "wing" or side of the
    subs.  Keep holding the sub and it will blow up in about 5 seconds.  Don't
    forget about the mini-sub's missles, so try to stay away from the front.
    Find the other sub, and kill it also.

    Now, for the hard part.  You need to find and KILL Steven Shaw.  He is
    using a hand held electric propeller to pull him through the water and this
    makes him move very fast, so be sure to use your sonar to follow the red
    main objective indicator.  He attacks you with some sort of explosives
    (maybe a missile of some sort), and he dodges very easily.  Occasionally he
    will go under the elevator platform that is located to the South.  There
    will be new divers in the area also, so try to use your sonar to "lead" you
    to the correct one.  If in doubt, kill the divers that get in your way as
    quickly as possible, concentrating on the ones that are in the direction of
    your red objective mark.  You do not need to kill all the divers in the
    area, only Shaw.  Once you nail Shaw, a close up cut scene will show him
    being eaten, and then the whole facility will explode as you safely escape.

    Unfortunately, if you don't kill Shaw before the timer runs out, you will
    be caught in the explosion, and killed.  If this happens, you will restart
    at the top (third floor) of the three level part of the facility, and have
    to rework your way back to the Control Center and try to kill Shaw again.

    After the destruction of ENVIRONPLUS's mining facility,  Brody, Mayor
    Vaughn, the Shark Hunter, and some scientist who survived your attack on
    the structure are discussing your supposed fate.  The scientist claims
    that Mr. Shaw gave his life trying to destroy you, and was killed along
    with you in the resulting explosion.  Despite Brody's and the Shark
    Hunter's doubts, Mayor Vaughn believes his troubles are over and looks
    forward to the 4th of July celebration.

      Level Summary:  There is NOTHING to find in this area.

   Open Ocean Notes:  You CAN NOT return to this specific location.  There is
                      NO Side Challenge for this specific location.

    Game Completion:  Level completed you'll earn:                        4.5 %

                      Total Game Completion:                             56.1 %

M10 Stage 10: Blood On The Beach

    It's the 4th of July and the citizens of Amity have gathered at Amity
    Town Beach, The Pond, and Amity Public Docks to celebrate.  A Police
    helicopter patrols the nearby waters from above, while two Coast Guard
    Cutters have taken up a defensive position in the bay and at the entrance
    to The Pond.  Even Mayor Vaughn, is attending in his personal yacht, in
    order to help with the festivities.  So, it's time to join the celebration
    with a show of crimson red blood in the water, caused by your sharp white
    teeth, as you dominate the blue waters of Amity.

    This level will take place in two main areas, The Pond, and Amity Public
    Docks.  All but one hidden item in this area is located around Amity Public
    Docks outside of The Pond so, as you attempt your objectives, it's best to
    gather the items outside The Pond, first.

    The first task is to attack and kill 5 people before they can make it
    to the beach.  By now, this should not be any problem,  choose your
    favorite attacks and kill 5 of the swimmers located to the Southwest.  Just
    be aware, as soon as you are spotted, the rest will head toward the beach
    and you must kill 5 before they all escape.  So, don't play with your 

    Your next task will be to find a way into the pond, but that's not really 
    that difficult.  Instead, it would be wise to eliminate the two Coast Guard
    Cutters that are in the area.  They will constantly fire on you if you're
    in their range.  Fortunately, a truck as crashed into the bay, and it was
    carrying those blue explosive barrels that always come in handy when you
    need to fight the Coast Guard.  Follow your sonar to the green "Point of
    Interest" mark, and you will find the barrels lying on the bottom of the
    bay.  It does not matter which ship you attack first, but beware of the
    electrified netting underneath the bridge.  Until you take out the Coast
    Guard, don't break the netting or enter the pond.  As you fight the ships,
    there may also be Seaseekers in the area so keep your guard up.

    With the two Coast Guard ships now history, it would be a good time to
    begin to gather the hidden items, before you open the path to the pond.
    You need to return to the beach area where you began. It should be toward
    the West, but if you're not sure, just head to the bridge and swim to the
    Northern end.  Now, turn with the beach to your left side and follow the
    beach until you see it end at a rock wall formation.  Turn left at edge of
    the sand where it meets the rock, and you should see License Plate 41/45
    as you swim toward the surface. Now, reverse direction and follow the beach
    to the Southeast (beach will be on your right) toward the bridge.  When you
    arrive at the crashed truck, turn to the left so that the North indicator
    on your sonar is at the 8 o'clock position.  Swim in this direction and you
    should find License Plate 42/45 on the ocean bottom.  The Shore should be
    to the Southwest from here, so approach the shore and turn to the left so
    that the shoreline is on your right again.  Follow the shore and you will
    approach the Amity Public Docks.  You will eventually see a concrete
    foundation sticking into the water along the shoreline.  Also, you will see
    Tin Can 1/4 near this foundation.  Keep moving along the shore until you
    are at the far corner of the foundation and stop.  Turn directly to the
    East, and slowly swim forward under the large boat (The Amity Ferry), and
    you should see Tin Can 2/4 ahead and maybe slightly to the right.  After 
    you've gathered Tin Can 2, turn back toward the Amity Ferry to the West,
    and resume your course along the shoreline.  Near the waters edge, a little
    farther along, you will find License Plate 43/45.  Once you have the Plate, 
    turn to the Southeast, putting North at 8 o'clock once more, and retrieve
    Tin Can 3/4 in the distance ahead.  Continue in the same direction from 
    Tin Can 3 to intercept the shore, and follow the shore to the North, North-
    east direction.  Keep following the shore and you will come to the last Tin
    Can 4/4, both in this level, and of the whole game.  From Tin Can 4, rotate
    your position so that North is at about 10 o'clock.  This puts you in a
    Northeast direction.  Ahead you will find a Body Bag (7,000) points
    floating to the left of the shore.  This is the final Rare Item in the game.
    Continue along the shore, and you will find License Plate 44/45 hidden be-
    tween some rocks as you near the area boarder markers.  Follow the boarder,
    without accidentally exiting the area, and you will wind up at the beach
    area where you began.

    Now, return to the crashed truck and use the barrels to open up a path
    through the underneath of the bridge.  Once you short-circuit an area
    under the bridge, you do not have to destroy all the electrified sections,
    but I would recommend at least taking out two adjacent areas.  Enter the
    pond and you will be told to "Destroy 5 boats" within 50 seconds.  There
    will be four smaller boats, and one Police boat.  Use your sonar to lead
    you to each of the boats (red dots on sonar display) and destroy them all.
    Next, you have to find the Mayor's Yacht, and push it into one of the
    barges.  However, let's get your last item, and a big bonus first.  Return
    to the bridge and while staying on the pond side, swim to the Southern end.
    Turn to the east and swim until you get to the beach, you will see a very
    large rock. Look to the along the base of the shore and you will see a
    small group of rocks and hidden among them is License Plate 45/45.  Once
    you pick up the last License Plate you will have unlocked the "Level
    Select" option from the main menu, and will also receive a bonus of
    100,500 points.

    Coming up next,"Jaws Goes to the Mayor"...swim to the Public Docks area, 
    indicated by the red main objective dot on your sonar and a new cut scene
    will begin.  It seems there has been a disturbance at the pond, and the
    Mayor's escorts think they should leave.

    But wait, what's that ... a fin?

    Time to play "bumper-boat" with the Mayor's yacht and the barges.  The
    guards on the Mayor's boat, as well as on the surrounding boats will
    constantly shoot at you so it is important to keep an eye on your health
    and retreat to eat if necessary.  You will need to keep attacking the
    Mayor's boat, trying if possible, to push it into one of the barges.
    Attacking the boat will damage it, and eventually you will still get the
    same results, but pushing him into the barges causes a lot more damage and
    will end the fight faster.  The charged Tail Whip, seems to be the most
    helpful attack in trying to push the Mayor's boat.  If possible when you
    are attacking the boat, try to keep him between you and the barges.  No
    matter what attack you use, anytime he is "bumped" into the barge you
    are that much closer to the end of this level.

    After you successfully cause enough damage, or shove the Mayor into a
    barge, the resulting crash ignites the fireworks on the barge. This in
    turn, sets off the rest of the barges.  The Mayor's boat goes up in flames,
    as fireworks blaze in the evening sky, and thousands of Amity's citizens
    flee in a massive wave of chaos and panic.   The Shark Hunter and Brody
    have one more plan, to stop your carnage.  To be continued... in  Story
    Mission 11 "The Final Chase."

      Level Summary:  You should now have: 45/45 License Plates (unlocks a
                      special level select option, and grants 100,500 points),
                      4/4 Tin Cans from this stage (unlocks 6th of 6 movie
                      clips), and a Body Bag (7,000 points, This is also the
                      last Rare Item you need to find.)

   Open Ocean Notes:  Side Challenge 20 LOSING YOUR HEAD can be found by re-
                      turning here from  Open Ocean.  Head to the Amity Public
                      Beach at the middle Eastern section of Amity Island in
                      Open Ocean: East.  All unfound items are in their
                      original Story Mission locations.

    Game Completion:  All Items Found and Level completed you'll earn:    5.6 %

                      With Side Challenge  completed you'll earn:         6.6 %

                      Total Game Completion:                             68.8 %

M11 Stage 11: The Final Chase

    This is it... the final Story Mission of the game.  The one and only goal
    is to destroy the Shark Hunter's boat and survive.  This battle is mainly
    fought on the surface, but there are dangers both above and below the 

    On the surface you'll have Coast Guard Choppers with Brody directing them
    in order to shoot you from above.  There will be boats that try to shoot
    floating barrels into you with a cable.  If this attack succeeds, your 
    movement will suffer severely until you break the line or it comes just
    comes unattached.  Then of course, you have the Shark Hunter with his new

    Below the surface are your standard Seaseeker mini-subs, as well as the
    heavily armored medium-sized sub.  Both shoot missiles, but the medium-sub
    will take more aggressive attacks to destroy.

    In it's simplest form, you just have to destroy the Shark-Hunters boat,
    but there is an explosive new twist.   You've been connected to a bomb
    that is detonated by a radio-transmitter.  If you swim too far away from
    the Shark Hunter, your sonar will begin to beep more rapidly, and then you
    will instantly be turned into a shower of little-bitty shark pieces.  As
    you fight, and swim around PAY ATTENTION TO THE BEEPING OF YOUR SONAR.  If
    the speed of the beeping begins to increase, change direction until it
    begins to slow down.
    You can divide your attention between the attackers below the water and the
    "target" above the water.  But your focus should be to cause as much damage
    to the Shark Hunter's boat as quickly as possible.  If you attack the mini-
    subs, and the medium-subs they will keep returning.  So don't be distracted
    by them for too long.

    SHARK HUNTER STRATEGIES:  The Shark boat is extremely strong, but it is not
    impervious to your attacks.  If you're lucky you may be able to get one of
    the cube shaped "explosive" packs from a destroyed sub, and then you can
    try to throw it at the Shark boat.  I find that the Body Bomb and fully
    charged Tail Whip seem to have the most affect on the Shark boat's "health"
    bar.  Avoid the stern area where the propellers are because they do cause
    damage if you swim into or try to attack them.  When I fight the Shark
    Hunter, I give him 90% of my attention and only 10% to the mini and medium
    subs below.  If you can take the Shark Hunter out fast enough, the other
    enemies are not as big of a threat.  Just watch your health.  When you go
    below to feed, that is when the subs will be more of a threat, also you
    cannot swim too far away from the Shark Boat to feed, or you will explode
    and die.

    Destroy the Shark Hunters boat and survive... and you will have beaten
    ALL of the Story Missions.  Brody looks down at the blood and wreckage of
    the Shark Hunter's boat, The Orca II.  To make sure you didn't survive,
    he drops a bomb over the devastation zone.  As Brody, aboard the Coast
    Guard helicopter flies off into the sunset, a single dorsal fin rises above
    the water line and begins to follow as the Story Missions come to a close.

    By now you should already have ALL of the Rare Items, License Plates, and
    Tin Cans that were hidden in the Story Mission areas.  There ARE NO BONUS
    items to find here.. Just sink the boat and survive.

      Level Summary:  ALL ITEMS from Story Mission Areas have been found.

   Open Ocean Notes:  You CAN NOT return to this specific location.  There is
                      NO Side Challenge for this specific location.

    Game Completion:  Level completed you'll earn:  (NO % EARNED IN THIS LEVEL)

                      Total Game Completion:                             68.8 %

You have now completed ALL of the Story Missions, and should have found EVERY
item that was hidden in each Story Mission area.  Now you should head to Open
Ocean to complete the remaining Side Challenges, and locate the 50 hidden
Treasure Chests.

                                VI. Open Ocean

Open Ocean becomes available to you after you've completed Story Mission 2
"Break Out."   Once you have access to Open Ocean, you can pull up a map of
Amity and it's surrounding areas.  The Open Ocean is divided into 3 areas,
Open Ocean: South, Open Ocean: East, and Open Ocean: West.  You will have
access to almost all of the map with one basic exception.  Certain areas are
related to specific story events, and until you have completed the Story
Mission for those areas, you will not be allowed to enter them.  However, once
you have completed a Story Mission, the area it occupies will then become
available for you to re-enter, and, gain access to additional Side Challenges.
In addition to allowing you to travel between Story Mission areas, Side
Challenges, and Non-story related areas; you can also search for the 50 hidden
Treasure Chests, explore, or you can go on a frenzy and attack, kill, and
terrorize the waters of Amity.

All destruction you cause will increase your point total, thus making it easier
to get your Ability Upgrades.  There will be a cost for your dangerous ways
however, if you cause enough damage, local authorities will respond in force to
protect the water.  The type of response is based upon your level in the Story
Missions.  I have figured out the response types as follows:

  If you've completed Story Missions 1-3 - armed men on small inflatable rafts.
                      Story Mission 4    - small Police boats.
                      Story Mission 5    - Coast Guard in heavy rafts.
                      Story Mission 6-up - Coast Guard Cutter and Helicopters.

To save your progress in the Open Ocean, just head for the "Save Anchor" that
is located in the area of the ocean that you occupy.  There are three anchors,
one in each section of the ocean.

Side Challenges

Side Challenges, indicated by the white triangles on your map of Amity, offer a
variety of mini-game style challenges which will help you to develop your
skills.  Each challenge is offered in 3 levels, which get progressively more
difficult.  By completing each level of each challenge, you earn points which
can be used towards Ability Upgrades.  For each challenge, I will show you
where to find it, what your objectives are, and offer tips on how to meet those
objectives. Completing all three levels of each side challenge will add 1.0%
toward your game completion, per challenge.


     This Side Challenge is located all the way South, in Open Ocean: South.
     It is almost lined up with the Save Anchor.  In this Side Challenge, a
     fisherman will shoot you with a cable that is attached to his boat.  You
     must drag the boat to a buoy within 30 seconds.  In each additional level
     the buoy gets further away.  The boat that you need to drag will be shown
     on your sonar with a green "Point of Interest" indicator, and the buoy you
     need to drag it to will be represented by a red main objective indicator.
     Once you are shot, simply swim toward the buoy until the greed dot hits
     the red dot on the sonar.  I find it seems easier if I swim in a slight
     left to right zig-zag pattern.

     Level 1: Drag the boat to the buoy within 30 seconds.
              +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2: Drag the boat to the buoy within 30 seconds.
              +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3: Drag the boat to the buoy within 30 seconds.
              +.3% to completion score.


     Look in Open Ocean: South, and you will find this Side Challenge Southwest
     of Seal Island.  It seams that Martin Walker, some sort of seal lover
     wants to prevent you from feeding on the seals.  So your challenge is to
     kill a certain number of seals before Martin Walker can rescue 3 of them.
     It's like a race, to see if you can kill a certain number before he can
     rescue 3.  This challenge will heavily rely on your ability to follow the
     red marks on you sonar, as these represent the seals.  Martin Walker's
     boat is represented by the green "Point of Interest" mark.  I find that
     most difficult part of this challenge is the camera angles.  The camera
     cannot predict whether it should stay above or below the water surface as
     you hunt for the seals, and this can make it extremely difficult to see
     them, even with the "Shark Vision" feature.  If your point of view is
     above the water,  you can usually spot the seals by the white sprays as
     they break the surface.  Concentrate on areas where there are more red
     dots rather than chase after a single lone seal who is away from the rest.
     You can also watch your sonar, and if Walker's boat is near a seal, go
     steal it before he can rescue it.

     Level 1:  Kill 3 seals before Walker rescues 3. +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Kill 5 seals before Walker rescues 3. +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Kill 7 seals before Walker rescues 3. +.3% to completion score.


     In Open Ocean: South look North of the Save Anchor and South of Amity
     Beach to find this Side Challenge.  In a nice knock-off of the Bay-Watch
     theme, you see a busty female lifeguard jog across the beach, and then her
     companions jump into the water for a swim.  Your goal, kill a certain
     number of lifeguards before they escape.  The lifeguards will be indicated
     by the red dots on your sonar.  Use whatever attacks you want, just make
     sure you don't let all the remaining lifeguards get to the beach.  It's
     best to wait a few seconds and let them swim a little further from shore
     before you attack.  That way it will take a little longer for the others
     to escape as you kill your current victim.

     Level 1:  Kill 3 Lifeguards before they escape.  +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Kill 4 Lifeguards before they escape.  +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Kill 5 Lifeguards before they escape.  +.3% to completion score.


     Open Ocean: East is the location of this Side Challenge.  It is almost
     directly East of the Old South Beach Piers, and is the Side Challenge
     that is the farthest South, in Open Ocean: East.  A bunch of liesure-
     boaters have come to see the dolphins.  You need to make sure that a
     certain number of the boats don't escape within a set time limit.  The
     boats will be represented on the sonar with a red dot.  Just sink the
     boats until the challenge is complete.  Use whatever attack you like,
     but remember the higher the challenge, the more boats you will have to
     destroy in a shorter amount of time.  My favorite attack is the charged
     Tail Whip, because it will usually sink each boat with one hit as long as
     I'm close to the boat when I release the attack.

     Level 1:  No more than 2 boats can escape in 60 seconds.  (Destroy
               3 boats.)  +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  No more than 1 boat can escape in 50 seconds.  (Destroy 4
               boats.)  +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  No boats can escape in 40 seconds.  (Destroy all 5 boats)
               +.3% to completion score.


     North of Amity Town Beach, in Open Ocean: East is where this Side
     Challenge is found.  You will get to re-create the June 29th attacks
     from the original JAWS film.  This side challenge will have you attack
     specific targets, within a certain time limit.  The catch is, that you
     must use your stealth (R2) attack.  If you break the surface at any time
     you will immediately fail the challenge.  The best strategy is to tap
     "R2" after you've spotted your target, and hopefully used target lock on
     it.  Make sure you are below your intended victim and when you tap the
     "R2" you will automatically swim toward the target and drag it below the
     water surface and then you can use your Bite to finish it off.  Your 
     required targets will be indicated by the red dot on your sonar display.

     Level 1: Find and Kill the Dog unnoticed in 30 seconds.
              +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2: Find and kill the dog and the fat woman in 35 seconds.
              +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3: Find and kill the dog, the fat woman and the surfer in 40 se-
              conds.  +.3% to completion score.


     Another Side Challenge that recreates a scene from a JAWS movie.  Head to
     the Side Challenge marker Southeast of Cable Junction in Open Ocean: East.
     Similar to JAWS 2, you will have to destroy a helicopter that is trying to
     rescue some stranded people.  This Challenge is direct in telling you to
     destroy the helicopter, but it leaves out a few details.  First, the heli-
     copter has a ladder extending down to the water, and it drops down in an
     attempt to rescue the stranded men, don't let the men escape!  Taking 
     down the helicopter is very easy, and in the later levels, the helicopter
     gets a little faster and evades slightly better, but it's still an easy
     challenge.  As the ladder nears the water surface, Charge Attack and Bite
     the end of it.  Each time you bite the ladder, an on screen comment will
     appear.  As the ladder gets shorter from your attacks, the helicopter has
     to fly lower in it's rescue attempts, so as it gets lower then you can
     Charge Attack and eventually grab it and pull the helicopter into the
     water.  It will take three bites off of the ladder and then you should be
     able to grab the helicopter.

     Level 1:  Destroy the helicopter.  +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Destroy the helicopter.  +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Destroy the helicopter.  +.3% to completion score.


     In Open Ocean: East, swim Northeast of the South Amity Cliffs to find this
     Side Challenge.  A reality tv show, has challenged so brave individuals to
     bungee jump into the shark infested waters below the cliffs, your goal to
     catch the bungee jumpers within a time limit.  In the later levels, it is
     very important to get the jumpers off the cords as soon as possible, or
     else you may not be able to get to them.  Also, I have noticed sometimes
     other sharks are drawn to your activity and can interfere with your plans.
     As soon as the challenge begins, swim toward the water below the jumping
     platform and Charge Attack out of the water and bite a jumper.  Try not to
     jump toward the cliff wall, occasionally I have hit a bungee jumper into
     the wall where he got stuck.  He didn't die and I could not get him out of
     the wall and I would fail the challenge.  So, try your best to attack to-
     wards the side, so the jumpers can be either knocked or carried into the

     Level 1:  Kill 1 bungee jumper within 35 seconds.
               +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Kill 2 bungee jumpers within 35 seconds.
               +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Kill 3 bungee jumpers within 35 seconds.
               +.3% to completion score.


     Found from Open Ocean: West, near the Southwest side of Amity Island, just
     look West of the Grand Occasus Canals.  The goal in this Side Challenge is
     to simply destroy a boat within a certain given time limit.  The problem 
     lies in the fact that the boat is on the other side of a series of fences
     that you cannot break.  You will have to jump over the fence using your
     Charge Attack or Body Bomb to give you enough momentum to clear the top
     of the fence.  Also, if you take too long to make your jump, the boater
     weaves his boat through the gaps in the fencing making it harder for you
     to get to him, given the limited amount of time in the later levels of
     this challenge.  It's basically like jumping hurdles.  One last note,
     these fences have a consistency for getting you caught on top.  You can
     actually get stuck sitting on top of the fence if you don't clear the
     jump, and sometimes you won't be able to wiggle off in time to get back in
     the water before you die.  If you get stuck, you can forget about beating
     the challenge on that try.

     Level 1:  Destroy the boat within 60 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Destroy the boat within 40 seconds.  +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Destroy the boat within 20 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.

     In Open Ocean: South head Southwest of the Old South Beach Piers to find
     this Side Challenge.  This side challenge recreates the very first shark
     attack from the original JAWS.  You will be given a specific time limit to
     grab the swimmer with your "Surface Grab Attack"  (From underneath the 
     victim, press and hold "R2".)  Then, you need to smash them into the
     yellow buoy.  Speed seems to be your biggest disadvantage in this
     challenge.  Once you've grabbed the swimmer who is indicated by the red
     dot on your sonar, you need to smash her into one of the buoys indicated
     by the green dots.  I find that after I've grabbed the swimmer, I move so
     fast that I sometimes over-shoot the buoys.  Try to have an idea which way
     to turn as soon as you grab the swimmer.  Other than that, you just have
     to line up your victim with the buoy and smash them into it by swimming
     directly at it.

     Level 1:  Bash the victim into the yellow buoy within 20 seconds.
               +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Bash the victim into the yellow buoy within 15 seconds.
               +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Bash the victim into the yellow buoy within 10 seconds.
               +.3% to completion score.


     In Open Ocean: West, in the Central-Eastern area you will find the area
     called "The Underwater Caves."  This is one of two Side Challenges in this
     small Non-Story area.  This is the Northern Challenge marker when you
     enter the area from Open Ocean.  You will see some divers swimming around
     a sunken ship, and your challenge is to kill a certain number of divers
     before they can escape to the surface.  This is important, keep an eye on
     the general locations of all the divers during the challenge.  Even if the
     one your trying to kill is not dead, you cannot let ANY of the others
     reach the surface or you will fail.  These guys seem to be on steroids and
     do not seem to die as easily as they should, so try to drag them deeper as
     you attempt to kill them, that way if they escape they have to swim
     further to reach the surface.  "Shark Vision" is VERY helpful in being
     able to spot the divers, and when used in combination with your sonar it
     can make finding those escaping divers relatively easy.

     Level 1:  Kill 3 divers before any can reach the surface.
               +.3% to game completion.
     Level 2:  Kill 4 divers before any can reach the surface.
               +.4% to game completion.
     Level 3:  Kill 5 divers before any can reach the surface.
               +.3% to game completion.


     Look North of the Save Anchor in Open Ocean: West to find this challenge.
     Follow the red mark on your sonar to the diver cages, destroy the cages
     and kill the divers.  Pretty straight forward, destroy the cage with
     whatever attack you wish, but Charge Attacks are very effective.  Then
     kill the diver that was inside.  "Shark Vision" will help to relocate the
     diver should he get free and try to escape.  In level 1 there will only
     be 1 diver, but in the other levels there will be two divers.  I would
     not release the other diver until you've killed the one you've already
     attacked.  Just keep away from the spear guns.  

     Level 1:  Destroy the shark cage and kill the diver in 60 seconds.
               +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Destroy the shark cages (2) and kill the divers in 60 seconds.
               +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Destroy the shark cages (2) and kill the divers in 60 seconds.
               +.3% to completion score.


     This Side Challenge is available when you revisit "The Tutorial" area in
     Open Ocean mode.  The area, renamed "The Arrival" is located in the Open
     Ocean: South by approaching Red Reef Valley from the South side.  Your
     goal here is to locate and kill the TV Crew within a given time limit.
     As you attempt this challenge the TV Crew will have a purple triangle
     above their heads, and as you kill each one, the screen should tell you
     how many are remaining.  I always try to destroy the docks to limit where
     the crewmen can run to because if you don't isolate them, the unattended
     crewmen can escape and you will fail the challenge.  If you strand them on
     the center area by the gas pumps, then you can use your Charge Attack to
     jump onto the surface and grab them.  You could also Bite the gas pumps
     and the resulting fire will make them jump into the water with you, but 
     look out for the flaming water it will damage you if you stay too close.
     Be careful, if you should fail, and attempt to repeat the challenge, be-
     cause the old bodies from the failed attempt may still stay on the screen.
     Make sure to look for the purple triangles to concentrate your attacks on
     valid targets.  Also, if you decide to Bite the gas pumps, it's very easy
     to get caught and not be able to return to the water.

     Level 1: You must kill 2 TV Crew in 60 seconds. +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2: You must kill 3 TV Crew in 60 seconds. +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3: You must kill 3 crewmen in 40 seconds. +.3% to completion score.


     This Side Challenge is found in Open Ocean: East, by looking to the far
     East, and to the South of the compass located at the top of the map.
     In this challenge, you need to make the Narwhals angry, and then try to
     stay alive for a specific amount of time, which gets longer in each higher
     level.  Narwhals are a medium sized fish that have long thin projections
     out of the front of their faces.  Like swordfish, except they are not part
     of the sailfish family.  They try to stab you with this pointy horn that
     sticks out from the front of their face.  This challenge is not as hard as
     it may seem.  Simply swim into the school of Narwhals shown by the red dot
     on your sonar, and then keep swimming in wide circles until the timer runs
     out.  After you've "angered" them, the Narwhals will try to attack you and
     the timer will begin to count down.  Just keep moving, and only counter-
     attack when necessary to discourage them, and you should have no problems.

     Level 1:  Anger the Narwhals and survive 35 seconds.
               +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Anger the Narwhals and survive 50 seconds.
               +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Anger the Narwhals and survive 60 seconds.
               +.3% to completion score.


     North of the Water Ski Park, in Open Ocean: West.  This Side Challenge
     borrows from both JAWS 2, and JAWS 3-D, by having you attack water skiers,
     but you have to attack them as they are jumping off of the ramps.  You
     will fail this challenge if you attack the boat, attack the skier before
     they jump, or if you don't attack the skier before they land.  There are
     three ramps that are used in this challenge.  The skiers travel from
     South to North (right to left) at the farthest ramp, North to South
     (left to right) at the middle ramp, and North to South (left to right)
     at the closest ramp.  I've listed the order of the ramps you should
     attack in order to succeed at this challenge.

     Level 1:  Kill 1 skier.  +.3% to completion score. (Far ramp)
     Level 2:  Kill 2 skiers. +.4% to completion score. (Middle, then Far)
     Level 3:  Kill 3 skiers. +.3% to completion score. (Middle, Far, Closest)


     Go the Grand Occasus Canals found in the Southern part of Open Ocean:
     West. In each level of this challenge you must swim into the canals and
     kill a certain number of people, and then return to the buoy.  Each trip
     is of course under a time limit even though the initial description of the
     challenge does not tell you.  The first time I played this challenge the
     timer never displayed on screen and I kept running out of time.  It wasn't
     until I made to level 3 that the on-screen timer actually appeared.  For
     the later levels I swim past some people and work my way back towards the
     buoy, that way I can find it more easily.  Your targets will mainly be in
     boats, but there are a few people that you can grab off the shoreline,
     just don't get grounded.  Also, if you haven't been here before, the Salt
     Water Crocodiles also inhabit the canals, so be aware of their presence
     because they do like to attack if you're in their range.

     Level 1:  Kill 3 people and return to the buoy. (120 seconds).
               +.3% to game completion.
     Level 2:  Kill 5 people and return to the buoy. (120 seconds).
               +.4% to game completion.
     Level 3:  Kill 6 people and return to the buoy. (120 seconds).
               +.3% to game completion.


     You can reach this Side Challenge by returning to "The Dead Of Night", the
     Story Mission 3 area.  From Open Ocean: South head to the South Beach Cove
     located on the South side of Amity Island.  In this challenge you have to
     grab swimmers from the surface of the water and then throw them at the red
     and white striped tents on the beach, or hit the people walking by on the
     beach with the swimmer.  The swimmers are located to the left of the
     Challenge marker, and there are a limited number, so you have to be care-
     ful not to miss.  On the last challenge level, you will only have enough
     to complete the challenge.  If you miss, you will run out of swimmers to
     throw.  If this happens you can just wait for the timer to expire and then
     retry the challenge, or if you still have a lot of time left, just swim
     far enough away that it says you left the area.  As you attempt this
     challenge make sure you are actually grabbing the swimmers, because there
     are sea turtles and I believe porpoises that will break the surface some-
     times.  On several attempts I wasted time by trying to grab non-human
     swimmers or just accidentally grabbed a nearby turtle and this can be a
     pain when you fail the challenge because you ran out of time.  This is a
     skills only challenge, so there is not much I can tell you.  Approach the
     swimmers and press and hold "R1" to grab them, then while still holding
     "R1", swim toward your intended target and tap "L2" to throw your victim.
     It helps to try and get your head almost level with the top of the water
     surface to so you don't throw your swimmer too high.  I find I usually aim
     better if I swim toward the beach at full speed, and then coast in the for
     the last few yards before I throw my victim.  The momentum helps to keep
     me near the surface while I get my head level to throw straight out,
     instead of up in the air.

     Level 1:  You must hit 2 tents/people within 30 seconds.
               +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  You must hit 4 tents/people within 60 seconds.
               +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  You must hit 6 tents/people within 90 seconds.
               +.3% to completion score.


     In Open Ocean: South, go to Fishermen's Isle in the South central area
     of the map.  Here you will find a very large Blue Whale carcass, and
     you've decided to claim it for yourself.  So, you must defend it from the
     other sharks who want to take a bite out of your prize, literally.  You 
     must simply attack or kill any shark that approaches the whale, until the
     timer runs out.  There will be a "health" meter at the top of the screen,
     you must prevent the other sharks from eating the whale and reducing the
     health meter.   If the meter empties before the timer expires, you will 
     fail the challenge.

     Level 1:  Defend the whale for 20 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Defend the whale for 40 seconds.  +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Defend the whale for 60 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.


     South of the Amity Ski Park, in Open Ocean: West. This challenge focuses
     on your ability to throw explosive barrels accurately.  The target is two-
     fold this time.  You first need to throw the barrels at the house of an
     ENVIRONPLUS executive, and then kill the executives before they can escape
     to safety.  In each challenge level, you will have to hit more houses, and
     kill more executives.  As you face the beach, there are three houses.
     Each house has two executives.  The level of the houses (which is harder
     or easier) gets higher from left to right.  The executives from the house
     on the far left will run down to the beach, and you can directly attack
     them by reaching on shore.  However, for the center, and right house the
     executives do not get close enough for a direct attack, so you have to
     also throw the barrels at them.  When the barrels strike the ground, they
     will ignite and burn a small area for a short time.  If you hit the ground
     close enough to the executives, they will catch on fire.  On the third
     level of the challenge, I work from right to left, because I would rather
     fail earlier, than later as I work on the challenge.  Also, the barrels
     will reappear, but they are not unlimited so try to aim carefully.  It is
     really helpful to practice throwing at the beach so you can learn to aim
     without lofting the barrels way over the houses.  You have to be able to
     aim straight in front of you and low. It's helpful to try to build a small
     amount of speed as you swim toward your target, and keep your head level,
     and just barely above the water surface when you hit "L2" to throw the

     Level 1:  Kill both executives (2), before they escape.
               +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Kill 4 executives (from left house and center house) before they
               escape.  +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Kill 6 executives (2 from each house) before they escape.
               +.3% to completion score.


     Return to the Story Mission 7 "A Taste for Blood" area to attempt this
     Challenge.  This area is found in Open Ocean: South at Misty Ridge. 
     Look at the small Island all the way to the South East on the Amity Map.
     This challenge has you pursue three injured fish through the minefield,
     while attempting to catch them within a specific time limit.  The
     challenge is located near the large rock, with the airplane on top of it,
     in the center area of the minefield.  Because JAWS has a tendency to try
     and follow "targeted" enemies, this could make it very easy to
     accidentally swim into a mine.  So, avoid the target lock, it can cause
     more problems then help.  Try to look for the blood trails of the fish,
     and try to swim ahead of the fish.  Bite them where you will have enough
     room to maneuver without bumping the mines.

     Level 1: Kill 3 fish in 90 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2: Kill 3 fish in 70 seconds.  +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3: Kill 3 fish in 50 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.


     Go to the Amity Public Docks, which are located near the Amity Town Beach.
     This area is located in the middle Eastern side of Amity Island, in Open
     Ocean: East.  Story Mission 10 "Blood on the Beach" was located here.
     To complete this Side Challenge you have to drag a banana boat to the
     piers, knocking the riders off, and then kill them within a certain time
     limit.  The actual concept of this Side Challenge is very easy, but there
     are a lot of things that can go wrong.  You should first check out the
     area, so you know where to find the piers, even though they will show up
     on your sonar as a "Point of Interest."  This area is frequented by Sea-
     seeker mini-subs, and other sharks.  I recommend killing any sharks in the
     immediate area around the piers, and destroying the Seaseekers which are
     attracting them.  Frequently while attempting this challenge, the sharks
     would kill or drag the people away, and if they kill the people before you
     even bite them, you will not get credit for the kill.  Additionally, you
     only have 4 people on the boat, if the other sharks steal one, you won't
     be able to complete the challenge.  The two piers closest to the challenge
     marker, along the shore to the Southeast seem to be the best choice to
     knock off your victims.  Do not needlessly destroy the piers, you need
     them to finish this challenge.  Also, do not attack the boat in any way,
     if you attack the boat you will immediately fail.  You can push the boat
     with your nose, or bump it by swimming into it, but this really won't be
     too helpful.  When the challenge begins, the boat will be to your South-
     west, a few feet in front of the North end of the boat, you will see a
     wooden handle at the end of a rope.  You need to grab this handle with
     your Bite and Hold technique, and then while still holding it, swim toward
     the piers.  It is best to approach the piers with as much speed as
     possible, and try to head at an angle, so as you swim around the posts
     that support the pier, the momentum will help to run the boat underneath
     the pier, and knock the people off.  It can be difficult to swim through
     or between the pier supports, and it will be sometime necessary to break a
     few to get through, just don't go crazy and trash the whole thing.  As
     soon as the people fall off the boat, kill them as quickly as possible,
     and try to keep them away from the other sharks.  If you use "Shark
     Vision" to keep an eye on your prey, as you start killing them, make sure
     you are focusing on the living victims, not the previously killed or body
     parts of former victims.  Once you pass a level, if you've damaged the
     piers too badly, just use "RESTORE CHECKPOINT" from the "pause" menu, and
     restart the current level of the challenge.  This should replace the
     piers, and you will not lose your previously completed level.

     Level 1:  Knock 4 people off the banana boat, and kill them within 180
               seconds.  +.3% to game completion.
     Level 2:  Knock 4 people off the banana boat and kill them within 160
               seconds.  +.4% to game completion.
     Level 3:  Knock 4 people off the banana boat and kill them within 140
               seconds.  +.3% to game completion.

SC21 SCAVENGE - Map NOW AVAILABLE at gamefaqs.com

     In Open Ocean: East, travel East from the Coast Guard HQ to find the
     location of this challenge.  You are given a time limit to find a specific
     number of tires.  When the challenge begins, there are three concerns
     other than the time limit that you need to consider.  Directly below you
     in the North end of the pit-like area  is a Seaseeker that will siphon off
     your "Hunger" meter, there will be a mini-sub nearby, and a Coast Guard
     Heavy Raft type boat above you.  If you get too close to the surface they
     will open fire on you.  You can do this challenge without destroying
     the boat, besides it will just reappear in each additional level of the
     challenge, so I don't normally kill it.  Also the mini-sub will drain your
     "Hunger" also but it's like a double edged sword.  I followed it trying to
     catch up to destroy it, and while following it I seemed to find more
     tires.  I'm not saying it leads you to them, but when I don't destroy it
     right away, I tend to find the tires more easily.  However, I do recommend
     destroying the Seaseeker at the bottom of the "pit" where you begin.
     There really is no easy way to describe the locations of all the tires.
     At this time I am working on a location map, which I'll post in one of my
     future updates.  Just slowly swim a circle around the pit, going in be-
     tween, over and around any rocks or mounds that you find.  The first level
     is the hardest actually, it seems that in the last two levels the tires
     are easier to spot, and there will be more of them.  You will still have
     to look for them but you should find them easier.  A lot of the tires are
     partially buried into the soil on the bottom, but you should see them
     sticking out, and don't forget, after swimming once or twice around the
     pit, reverse direction because the change in perspective might allow you
     to see something you missed earlier.  Also, in the later levels, a lot of
     the tires will be where you found them in the previous level, so you only
     have to find a few "new" ones.

     Level 1:  Collect 6 tires in 180 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Collect 8 tires in 160 seconds.  +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Collect 10 tires in 140 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.

SC22 THE GAUNTLET- Map NOW AVAILABLE at gamefaqs.com

     This Side Challenge is located in the Non-Story area known as "The
     Underwater Caves."  You can find it in the Central-Eastern part of
     Open Ocean: West.  Your challenge is to safely navigate your way through
     an apparent maze of underwater caves and reach their exit within a given
     time limit.  The dangers are many - getting lost in the caves, schools
     of stinging jellyfish, dart-like viper fish which sting and paralyze you,
     and underwater thermal bubbles which can boil you.  The key to navigating
     your way to the exit is ALWAYS TAKE THE LEFT PATH. and you can find the
     exit, as long as you survive the trip.  In level 1, your biggest problems
     are the jellyfish and thermals, but in level two the viper fish are added.
     When the vipers hit you, you are momentarily stunned, and your vision goes
     hazy, which not only slows you down, but can easily disorient you and get
     you turned around inside the caves.  If you get stunned, stop trying to
     turn or "steer" until your vision start to clear enough that you can tell
     where the walls are.  Also, try to swim through the gaps in the jellyfish,
     and if you're health starts to get low, depend on your "Shark Vision" to 
     show you "safe" fish, the jellyfish won't glow, so you don't harm yourself
     by eating something bad.  You need to time your trip past the thermal 
     bubbles, even the ones that don't appear to be over glowing orange areas,
     all thermals will harm you.  On the last two levels, you need to try to
     avoid the viper fish, they tend to hide in the walls and then dart out to
     hit you.  I constantly just keep "charge" dashing, by Charging up my
     Charge Attack, and then releasing the button to give me a slight boost in
     speed.  This does not protect you from the vipers, but it can help you get
     past some without getting hit.  So avoid the jellyfish, time your way
     past the thermals, and KEEP TO THE LEFT FORKS and you should make it
     through in a couple of tries.

     Level 1:  Run the Gauntlet in 100 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Run the Gauntlet in 75 seconds.  +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Run the Gauntlet in 60 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.

SC23 MANIC MAZE- Map NOW AVAILABLE at gamefaqs.com

     At North Amity Keys, located to the far North in Open Ocean: West is 
     where to find this challenge.  Kill a certain number of swimmers within
     a given time limit.  The swimmers however, are swimming inside a maze
     made out of shark proof netting.  As you face the maze, there is an open-
     ing on the right hand side, which will give you access to the swimmers
     inside.  As you advance in the levels, there will be a higher number of
     swimmers, and you will need to travel deeper into the maze.  Failure in
     this challenge can result in bodies and body parts being left inside the
     maze.  Unfortunately, these remains still show up in "Shark Vision" so
     make sure your target is a "live" target if you have to keep repeating 
     this challenge.  Also, don't mistakenly attack the other sharks that will
     be drawn to your carnage, just kill human swimmers.  

     Enter the maze from the right,  go forward to first turn and find 
     Swimmer 1 ahead of you.  Go around the next corner and you will find 
     Swimmer 2, and a long path with an opening to your right.  Take the
     right turn followed by a left at the end, and you will see Swimmer 3
     in a small boxed in area. As you face the box with Swimmer 3, go around
     the wall to the left, and as you exit the maze, make a left and find
     Swimmer 4 near the coast guard boat.  Swimmer 5 is back inside the maze,
     you should be able to see him by turning to the North. These positions are
     specifically for the Level: 3, but in the earlier levels the swimmers are
     relatively close to the same areas.

     Level 1:  Eat all the swimmers (1) within 30 seconds.
               +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Eat all the swimmers (3) within 45 seconds.
               +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Eat all the swimmers (5) within 60 seconds.
               +.3% to completion score.


     This Side Challenge is located in Open Ocean: East, North of Amity Town
     Beach, and to the West of Bridgeport Sound.  This is a really easy
     challenge that has you flip the catamarans (two-hulled sailboats) within
     a specific time limit.  The catamarans will show up on your sonar as red
     dots, and as long as you've been upgrading your abilities, they can be
     dealt with fairly simple.  Swim at your target at full speed and just use
     a Bite attack, try to attack the boat broadside (from the sides) and it
     should flip easily.  Then, just follow your sonar to your next boat.

     Level 1:  Flip 5 catamarans in 45 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Flip 6 catamarans in 40 seconds.  +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Flip 7 catamarans in 35 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.


     South of Red Reef Valley, in Open Ocean: South is the locatin of this Side
     Challenge.  This is basically a hunting/sonar skill challenge.  You need
     find and kill a specific number of white seal pups before they can make it
     to Seal Island.  There are other sharks in the area as well as Orcas or
     "killer whales".  Follow the red dots on your sonar, and try to use your
     target lock ability to single out the white seal pup from the black or
     brown adults.  Your targets are "white", not any other color.

     Level 1:  Kill 3 white seals before they make it to Seal Island.
               +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Kill 4 white seals before they make it to Seal Island.
               +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Kill 5 white seals before they make it to Seal Island.
               +.3% to completion score.


     This Side Challenge is located by returning to "The Break Out" level area.
     In the Open Ocean: South area of the Amity Map, look for the South Shore
     Aquarium.  It is on the southern shore of Amity Island and just North of
     the Red Reef Valley.  In this Side Challenge you have to kill the Orca
     (Killer Whale), just like at the end of Mission 2.  The only difference is
     that you have to do it within a set amount of time.  The same attack
     strategies from the Mission 2 walkthrough will work, but because you have
     a limited amount of time you must utilize stronger attacks than just
     trying to bite the tail.  Be sure to use the Charge Attack so you can stun
     the Orca, and inflict maximum damage.  If you do this you will have plenty
     of time, even on the final level.

     Level 1:  Kill the Orca in 180 seconds. +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Kill the Orca in 120 seconds. +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Kill the Orca in  60 seconds. +.3% to completion score.


     Travel to the far Southwest of Open Ocean: West to participate in this
     side challenge.  This challenge is very much the same as Side Challenge
     28 below, except your goal is to kill sharks, instead of dolphins.  The
     only trick to this challenge is to make sure you are attacking sharks, not
     the sail fish or other larger fish that frequent this part of the ocean.

     Level 1:  Kill 5 sharks in 60 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Kill 7 sharks in 60 seconds.  +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Kill 9 sharks in 60 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.


     Go to Open Ocean: South and look Northwest of Misty Ridge, which is in 
     the Southwest corner.  This is a timed killing exercise.  You must kill
     a specific number of dolphins within a time limit.  Be careful, this 
     challenge can be deadly if you don't treat the dolphins as a potential
     threat to your safety.  When you attack a dolphin, the others will try
     to attack you, and gang up on you.  If enough attack at the same time you
     can die quickly, so make sure to keep moving as you perform your attacks.
     Another key to succeeding, especially at the higher levels, is to kill the
     dolphins as quickly as possible.  Remember to wiggle your left control
     stick when you bite your victim in order to quickly kill it.  At the last
     level, you need to kill fast in order to be able to kill enough within the
     given time limit.

     Level 1:  Kill 5 Dolphins in 60 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Kill 7 dolphins in 60 seconds.  +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Kill 9 dolphins in 60 seconds.  +.3% to completion score.


     Found in Bridgeport Sound, which is located in Open Ocean: East, this was
     the Story Mission 6 "The Angry Armada" area.  This challenge has you blow
     up a certain number of boats within a set time limit, depending on the
     level of the challenge.  Use the explosive canisters (indicated by green
     "Point of Interest" markers on your sonar.)   Throw the canisters at the
     boats by grabbing them with "R1" and throwing them  with "L2."  If you can
     attack the lead boat, the other boats will pause while it sinks.  You can
     use this to your advantage, so that you don't have to keep chasing the
     boats as far.  Also, keep an eye on your sonar, so that you know which way
     to turn to get more canisters.  Being too close to the boats when you
     throw the canisters, or if you actually run into a boat while carrying a
     canister can hurt you.  There are fish around if you need to rebuild your
     health, just don't waste too much time.

     Level 1:  Blow up 4 boats in 90 seconds. +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Blow up 5 boats in 85 seconds. +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Blow up 6 boats in 80 seconds. +.3% to completion score.


     Return to the ENVIRONPLUS Mining Site located in the Northern area of
     Open Ocean: West.  This is the location of Story Mission 8 "The Deep."
     This Side Challenge will have you chase several divers through the 
     tunnels of the mining facility.  All normal enemies from the area will
     still be present, such as sharks, and mini-subs.  So, as you chase your
     divers, don't get distracted.  This challenge is not timed, but if you
     don't keep up with the divers, you will fail the challenge if one of your
     "required" divers escapes.  Once you catch a diver, try to keep up with
     the other divers as you kill or eat the one that you've already caught.
     As you attack the divers, the others will spit up and some will hide.
     They like to hide against the walls and ceilings of the tunnels, so your
     "Shark Vision" will help them stand out from the background.

     Level 1:  Kill  divers before they escape. +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2:  Kill  divers before they escape. +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3:  Kill  divers before they escape. +.3% to completion score.


     You need to return to the Story Mission 4 "Hunted" area to find this Side
     Challenge located in the  "inner" harbor area.  To find this spot, you
     will need to travel to Grand Occasus Harbor in Open Ocean: West.  This
     challenge has you throw explosive barrels at the guard towers which shine
     the spotlights into the harbor.  Grab the blue barrels located in the
     Northwest corner of the harbor and throw them at the guard towers that
     have spotlights shining on the water.  You could also get a barrel from
     under the barge at the far Southeast end of the harbor, but that's a
     little out of the way.  There are two towers on the Southwest wall near
     where you grab the barrels, and  more towers along the Southeast wall on
     the other side of the harbor.  Even though there is only one barrel,
     another one will take its place after you throw the one you took.
     Remember,  press and hold "R1" to take the barrel, and then tap "L2" to
     throw it as you aim at the towers.

     Level 1: Destroy 2 Guard Towers in  60 seconds. +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2: Destroy 4 Guard Towers in 100 seconds. +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3: Destroy 6 Guard Towers in 160 seconds. +.3% to completion score.


     This Side Challenge is found in the Story Mission 5 "Predator In The Bay"
     area.  Head to the Old South Beach Piers (Avril Bay) from Open Ocean:
     South in order to enter this area.  This is simply a test of your ability
     to hunt using your sonar.  In each challenge you must Kill the prey
     (a white seal pup) before it can escape.  Each harder level of this
     challenge gives the Prey a shorter distance to travel before it escapes,
     so you have to be sure to find and kill it faster.  As soon as you can
     spot the seal, try to lock onto it with your target lock, this makes it a
     little easier to see your target as it tries to evade you.  On all three
     levels, the Prey will start off right next to the sub, so as soon as the
     challenge begins make sure to get your perspective underwater and
     immediately turn toward the sub to begin your hunt.  In level 1, the Prey
     usually runs to the Shipyard, and then tries to swim out past the West
     (from the sub) oil platform.  In level 2, the Prey swims from the sub,
     directly toward the West oil rig.  Level 3 about the same pattern as Level
     2., but I've noticed he will try to evade by swimMing through the center
     of the sub, as you chase him.  In all 3 levels, the depth might not be the
     same, but the Prey always seems to start from your immediate left as the
     challenge begins.

     Level 1: Catch the Prey before it escapes.  +.3% to completion score.
     Level 2: Catch the Prey before it escapes.  +.4% to completion score.
     Level 3: Catch the Prey before it escapes.  +.3% to completion score.

                    VII. Collectibles, Rare Items and Rewards

Throughout Jaws:Unleashed as you explore both the Story Mission areas and the
Open Ocean, if your careful and observant, you can find various "Rare" Items
and treasures.  Whenever you discover a Tin Can, License Plate, Treasure Chest
or other "treasure" you will always be awarded with points to help you upgrade.
By collecting all of each type of item, you will be able to unlock specific
bonuses, but finding every item is also necessary if you whish to obtain a 100%
game completion.

This section will explain what your reward is for collecting all of each type
of collectible, as well as give a general description of where each item can be
found, but for more specific directions look in the walkthrough section of the
area where the item your looking for is found.


There are a total of 24 tin cans, 4 each hidden in 6 of the Story Mission
areas.  Once you find 4 cans in a particular area, you will be able to access
a movie clip from the original JAWS movie.  These movie clips can be found by
selecting "MOVIE" from the "EXTRAS" menu.  Each Tin Can also adds .1% to your
game completion.  You are also awarded the following upgrade points as you find
each of the Tin Cans in an Story Mission area:

First Can    500 points
Second Can   500 points
Third Can    500 points
Fourth Can 1,500 points

The six movie clips you can unlock are:

Clip #1  Scene where the two fishermen are trying to catch JAWS with a tire and
         chain, and get pulled into water along with the end of the pier they
         are fishing from in the middle of the night.
Clip #2  Matt Hooper examines Ben Gardner's boat and gets a surprise.
Clip #3  Martin Brody, "You're gonna need a bigger boat" scene.
Clip #4  Matt Hooper is attacked by JAWS while inside the shark cage.
Clip #5  JAWS decides to join Quint on the deck of the ORCA...for lunch....
Clip #6  Martin says to JAWS, "Smile you Son of a B...." - kaboom.. THE END.

Tin Can Location Summary

Below is a summary of the location for each of the Tin Cans, but the walk-
through for each level is more detailed, and will lead you to each can.

Tin Cans  1 through 4 are located in the Story Mission 3 "The Dead of Night"
          area and unlocks clip #1 above.
         TC 1/4 - Northwest when facing electric fence at start of level.
         TC 2/4 - East, along bottom  just past broken row-boat found on shore.
         TC 3/4 - From TC #2, Northwest along the bottom.
         TC 4/4 - Near base of bridge support.
Tin Cans  5 through 8 are located in the Story Mission 4 "Hunted" area and un-
          locks clip #2 above.

         TC 1/4 - Left side of entrance to the "inner" harbor.
         TC 2/4 - Inside "inner" harbor, in South-West corner.
         TC 3/4 - Hidden inside pipe, in "inner" harbor.
         TC 4/4 - Underneath the Toxic Waste Barge inside "inner" harbor.

Tin Cans  9 through 12 are located in the Story Mission 5 "Predator In The Bay"
          area unlocks Clip #3 above.

         TC 1/4 - Follow outside shipyard wall to North.
         TC 2/4 - Under Northern water tower just inside entrance to shipyard.
         TC 3/4 - Inside generator room.
         TC 4/4 - Inside generator room.

NOTE: If you missed, or didn't get Tin Can 3 or 4 during the Story Mission, 
      they will be relocated to the Southwest section of the shipyard.  Just
      re-approach the Generator Room and they will be visible.

Tin Cans 13 through 16 are located in the Story Mission 7 "A Taste For Blood"
         area and unlocks clip #4 above.

         TC 1/4 - Head Southwest along sunken ship, as you approach ship
         TC 2/4 - Underneath front end of ship that is against East wall.
         TC 3/4 - Deck of smaller boat that is wedged between to ships.
         TC 4/4 - Southeast of exit, underneath end of ship.

Tin Cans 17 through 20 are located in the Story Mission 8 "The Deep" area and
         unlocks Clip #5 above.

         TC 1/4 - Inside control room 1. Behind "solid tank" to Northeast.
         TC 2/4 - Inside control room 2. Behind "glass fronted" tank to South-
         TC 3/4 - Inside control room 3. Southwest, between tank and platforms.
         TC 4/4 - Inside control room 4. On floor in front of tank to East.

Tin Cans 21 through 24 are located in the Story Mission 10 "Blood On The Beach"
         area and unlocks clip #6 above.

         TC 1/4 - Along shore as enter public docks area. Near concrete piers.
         TC 2/4 - Slightly Northeast from Amity Ferry boat, near top of water.
         TC 3/4 - From Licence Plate #43 (see walkthrough), head Southeast.
         TC 4/4 - Along shore, heading South as near end of public docks area.


There are also 45 License Plates scattered throughout 9 of the Story Mission
areas, 5 each per area.  Each License Plate is worth 1,000 points and adds .1%
to your game completion score.  When you collect all 45, you will gain access
to a special "Level Select" option.  Level Select allows you instantly start
over, or go to any Story Mission in the game, go back and replay Side
Challenges, or go to any other visitable area on the map.  You will start with-
out the benefit of any abilities that you have already upgraded or the points
that you currently have.  However, you will be given a certain number of points
to start with,  based on the level of the area you choose to revisit.  All
items will be returned to their hiding spots, as well.  It's almost like re-
starting the game, except you can play any level in and order that you want.

To access this feature, quit the game in which you have found all 45 License
Plates.  At the "MAIN MENU" press the "SELECT" button on your controller to 
access "LEVEL SELECT."  Additionally, after you collect the last License Plate
45/45 you will receive 100,500 points instead of the normal 1,000 points.

License Plates 1 - 5 are located the Story Mission 1 "The Tutorial" area.  This
               is also called "The Arrival," in Open Ocean.

 #  1.  At the top of the "rock arch" or "ring" shaped area on the South side.
 #  2.  Near the wooden galleon, to the North and just above the boat.
 #  3.  Inside the hold of the wooden galleon. (Use Charge attack to break into
        the hold.)
 #  4.  Slightly to the west of the "rock tower" that extends out of the water.
 #  5.  At the end of trench, North East from pier that had the Body Bag.

License Plates 6 - 10 are found in the Story Mission 2 "The Break Out" area.
               If you did not get them during the Story Mission, the locations
               will be different when you return from Open Ocean, because part
               of the story area will be permanently closed off after you com-
               plete the Story Mission.

 #  6.  Hidden area located to Northwest after you escape from the research
        tank area.  Near bottom on West Side of room.
 #  7.  East from starting point, near base of left concrete support.
 #  8.  Inside Dolphin Pool 2, in Southwest corner.
 #  9.  Inside Dolphin Pool 3, in the North end.
 # 10.  Inside Dolphin Pool 4, near Northwest wall where you fight the Orca.

NOTE: If you missed and of the License Plate during the Story Mission, they
      will be relocated to Dolphin Pool 1 when you return from Open Ocean.
      Smash through the bars in the walls, and this will be the last tank 
      as you travel clockwise through the pools.

License Plates 11 - 15 can be found in the Story Mission 3 "The Dead Of Night"

 # 11.  In depression at bottom of ocean just South-East of electric fence.
 # 12.  East of #11, past sunken row-boat, and inside small pit.
 # 13.  South of sunken row-boat in another small pit area.
 # 14.  South-East along shore near wrecked row-boat.
 # 15.  Inside alcove area behind the bridge.

License Plates 16 - 20 are in the Story Mission 4 "Hunted" area.

 # 16.  In outer harbor area, just past where Pirate Ship was found.
 # 17.  From Western Power Box, swim around rocks toward the East.
 # 18.  Underneath pipe in "inner" harbor area.
 # 19.  Follow along West wall of "inner" harbor, area after the pipe.
 # 20.  Follow West Wall past the barges, found in corner area.

License Plates 21 - 25 are located in the Story Mission 5 "Predator in the
               Bay" area.

 # 21.  Located in the center section of submarine wreck.
 # 22.  Located at base of Oil Platform to West of submarine.
 # 23.  Located near breakable grill, South of shipyard entrance.
 # 24.  Inside shipyard area, in Northern corner area.
 # 25.  Inside shipyard area, follow South wall to find this plate.

License Plates 26 - 30 are hidden in the Story Mission 6 "The Angry Armada"

  #26.  Go strait to bottom, head Southwest from starting point of level.
  #27.  Head Northeast from Plate #26.
  #28.  From Plate #27 Head North and keep looking to the east.
  #29.  At Base of Observation tower in Northern part of area.
  #30.  When barely in sight of Southern Observation tower, search to right
        halfway down between surface and bottom of ocean.

License Plates 31 - 35 can be found in th Story Mission 7 "A Taste For Blood"

  #31.  Northeastern corner of area, in beginning section past mines.
  #32.  North of mines that block off ship graveyard area.
  #33.  Inside ship graveyard, on deck of ship near Eastern wall.
  #34.  Between two mines inside ship graveyard
  #35.  Inside hull of upside down ship to the Southwest of exit.

License Plates 36 - 40 can be found in the Story Mission 8 "The Deep" area.

  #36.  Top of support to North "suction tube" of mining facility.
  #37.  At bottom of mining pit, near outside edge.
  #38.  Mining tunnel "level 1" - Near mining drill in Northwest.
  #39.  Mining tunnel "level 2" - From entrance, 2nd Right, then right.
  #40.  Mining tunnel "level 3" - From entrance, 2nd Left, then next right.

License Plates 41 - 45 can be found in the Story Mission 10 "Blood On The
               Beach" area.

  #41.  Along beach near beginning of level, head North along shoreline.
  #42.  Southeast from the truck that is found underwater along the beach.
  #43.  Near edge of water by public docks, slightly past Amity Ferry boat.
  #44.  Follow shoreline (keep shore on right) away from docks, near boarder.
  #45.  From inside the Pond, travel East away from Southren end of bridge,
        look in rocks along shore.

Level Select/Points Breakdown

When you exit a from a game where you have collected all 45 License Plates
you can access "Level Select" by pressing "select" from the main menu. Level
select will let you return to any Ocean area (South, East, or West), Replay
any Story Mission and re-fight the bosses and the end, Replay the Side
Challenges, or revisit the Non-Story Areas (Grand Occasus Canal, Fishermen's
Isle, or The Underwater Caves).  When you use this feature, you will no longer
have your earned upgraded abilities or accumulated upgrade points.  The game
does however start you with a set amount of upgrade points, depending on where
you go to.  The following is a list of choices from the menu, as well as how
many upgrade points you will start with.

OPEN OCEAN: SOUTH - Begin as if you just finished Mission 2:      20,000 points
THE TUTORIAL                                                      20,000 points
THE BREAK OUT                                                     40,000 points
THE DEAD OF NIGHT                                                 60,000 points
HUNTED                                                            80,000 points
PREDATOR IN THE BAY                                              100,000 points
THE ANGRY ARMADA                                                 120,000 points
A TASTE FOR BLOOD                                                140,000 points
THE DEEP                                                         160,000 points
THE FACILITY                                                     180,000 points
BLOOD ON THE BEACH                                               200,000 points
THE FINAL CHASE                                                  220,000 points
OPEN OCEAN: EAST                                                 240,000 points
OPEN OCEAN: WEST - Same as if you finished Mission 11:           260,000 points
FISHERMAN'S ISLE                                                 280,000 points
GRAND OCCASUS CANAL                                              300,000 points
THE UNDERWATER CAVES                                             320,000 points

Rare Items

The following Rare Items should also be found in order to receive a 100% com-
pletion.  Each Rare Item also counts for .2% of your game completion score.

Body Bag (3,000 points) adds .2% to completion - found under pier in second 
         half of Story Mission 1 "The Tutorial."

Nautilus (3,000 points) adds .2% to completion - found along the South edge of
         Dolphin Pool 4, where you fight the Orca, in the Story Mission 2
         "The Break Out" area.

Human Skeleton (3,000 points) adds .2% to completion - found at base of pier,
         under the refinery drain pipe in Story Mission 3 "The Dead of Night."

Pirate Ship (3,000 points) adds .2 % to completion - found along wall in outer
         harbor of Story Mission 4 "Hunted."

Mermaid (3,000 points) adds .2% to completion found floating above the water
        behind the large rock, if you head South along outside wall of the
        Shipyard in  Story Mission 5 "Predator In The Bay."

Message In A Bottle (3,000 points) adds .2% to completion.  On the water
        surface near center of the Story Mission 6 "The Angry Armada" area.

Diamond Necklace  (3,000 points) adds .2% to completion.  Found underneath
        a pile of wrecked boats, near East wall in the Story Mission 7 "A Taste
        For Blood" area.

Megalodon Tooth (3,000 points) adds .2% to completion.  Found at the second 
        intersection to the Northwest after you enter Cave Entrance 3  in
        the Story Mission 8 "The Deep" area.

Body Bag (7,000 points) adds .2% to completion.  Found along the shore, heading
        generally South from the public docks in the Story Mission 10 "Blood on
        the Beach" area.

Treasure Chests- Map NOW AVAILABLE at gamefaqs.com  

There are 50 Treasure Chests worth 1,000 points each which are hidden through-
out the Open Ocean and in the Non-story areas.  Each Treasure Chest found adds
.1% to your game completion.  Once all 50 Treasure Chests have been found, you
will receive two very nice rewards.  First you will earn 1,000,500 points, and
second, GOD MODE for that game save.  Just imagine what you could do with an
invincible JAWS.  But finding these Treasure Chest will take a lot of work, and
possibly a few lives.  I've broken the locations down by Non Story Areas, and
by each Open Ocean Area (South, East or West).  As you use these location
guidelines, realize that your position may appear correct on the map, but you
still may have to search a little.  These descriptions are to be used as a
point of reference.  Also, in Open Ocean: East, particularly near the center
and Northern area there are a LOT of mini-subs with missiles.  They can even
shoot you from areas where you cannot get to them, like where the current is
too strong.  So, if you hear them, keep an eye open and try not to get caught
off guard.  One last pointer, do not attempt to search Open Ocean: East unless
you have at least 1 upgrade to HEALTH and HUNGER.  You will not survive getting
shot by the missiles more than 2 or 3 times (if your lucky).  If you search an
area and can't find the Treasure Chest, try swimming away and then re-approach
the area, I've noticed that particularly in Open Ocean: East sometimes a Chest
will seem to be where it wasn't the first time I swam through.  Even having a
good idea where to look, it still takes me at least 2 hours to find all the
chests, and that's if things go really well.


Fisherman's Isle

# 1.  Swim around the edges of the area with the piers and boats.
# 2.  South side of the main island area, against the base of the island.
# 3.  Next to the beached shipwreck on the shoreline.

Open Ocean: South

# 4.  Even with the South edge of Seal Island, and Far West past the menu icons
      shown on the top of the map.
# 5.  All the way Southwest, then slightly to the North.
# 6.  South of and even with the Open Ocean: West save anchor, and West of and
      even with the Northern edge of Misty Ridge.
# 7.  Between the "R1" button picture and the "Z" of Zoom on the map.  Even
      with the bottom edge of the "R1" button picture.
# 8.  South of the "LE" part of "Left" at the bottom of the map, hidden against
      a rock ledge.
# 9.  In the channel between Amity Island and Red Reef Valley.  Look North of
      the "VA" in the word "Valley" on the map.
#10.  Even with the Eastern edge of Red Reef Valley, and South and even with
      the Side Challenge 17 marker.
#11.  Southern edge of a large rock that is located off shore, South of the
      "H" in the word "South" of "South Beach".
#12.  Inside the hold of a sunken ship, Southeast of Side Challenge 3.
#13.  Against the Southern base of Amity Island, South of the "H" in the work
      "South" at Old South Beach.
#14.  North of Side Challenge 17 and even with the North edge of Misty Ridge.
#15.  South of the space between the "k" in the word "Stick" and the "P" in
      the word "Pan", at the bottom of the map.
#16.  Southwest edge of Misty Ridge land mass.
#17.  North by Northeastern edge of Misty Ridge Landmass.

OPEN OCEAN: EAST (This area features a LOT of mini-subs armed with torpedoes.
      and even with the descriptions below, the Treasure Chests in the open
      areas can be hard to find.  Don't give up.  GOD MODE RULES!)

#18.  Even with Side Challenge 17, and East even with the end of the East tip
      on the compass found at the top of the map.
#19.  East, even with the point halfway between the Southeast Tip and the East
      Tip of the compass, and South even with Side Challenge 32.
#20.  East side of Amity Island, slightly South of the Coast Guard HQ.
#21.  East side of Amity Island, directly East of the Coast Guard HQ. This one
      is halfway up on the rock ledge, not on the ocean floor.
#22.  East side of Amity Island, slightly North of South Amity Cliffs.
#23.  South and even with the save anchor, and East and even with the center
      of the compass.
#24.  Eastern edge of Bridgeport Sound, at 3 o'clock on the circular outline.
#25.  East edge of Amity Island, West  of and even to Side Challenge 4.
#26.  East side of a rock formation, off the Eastern edge of Amity Island and
      equal to "Eastside Homes."
#27.  Northern edge of Cable Junction.
#28.  Underneath the tip of the West point of the compass.
#29.  South and equal to the space between the East and Southeast points of the
      compass, and East even with the tip of the East point of the compass.
#30.  Northeast of the Northeast point of the compass, North equal to the end
      of the North compass tip.
#31.  East and even with the save anchor, and North even with the end of the
      North point of the compass.
#32.  North of the "er" of the word "Crater" in Crater Pass.
#33.  Northeast edge of Amity Island, North East of "Brody's House".


#34.  Eastern edge of North Amity Keys.
#35.  Southern edge of North Amity Keys, between the piers and wall.

The Underwater Caves

#36. North from the shipwreck, next to giant skeleton.
#37. South of the shipwreck, between natural underwater vents.

Open Ocean: West (continued)

#38.  South of the word "Save" from the map key, and even with the Southern
      edge of Side Challenge 11.  Underneath a rock arch, in jelly fish area.
#39.  West and even with the space between the icons and words of the map
      key located at the top of the map.  South and even with "Amity" of 
      Amity Island. Also, underneath rock formation.
#40.  South even with the Northern edge of Seal Island, and to the far west.
#41.  West even with the space between "Save" and "Point" of Save Point on the
      map key at the top of the map, and South even with Side Challenge 27.
      Best approached from the North, because chest sits on North side of a
      rock pile.

Grand Occasus Canals

#42.  Northern end of area boarder, along base of land.
#43.  Turn right at first fork in canal, take next right, at bottom of area
      at the end.
#44.  Northern edge of the Island located at the far end of the canal.

Open Ocean: West (final)

#45.  In a small pit, South of "Amity Swamp"
#46.  West edge of Amity Island, in an alcove North of Amity Swamp and even
      with Side Challenge  (31/11).
#47.  North edge of Amity Island, Southeast of Side Challenge 28.
#48.  Underneath the Amity Ski Park building.
#49.  Base of rock formation that is North of Side Challenge 28, and even with
      Eastside Homes.
#50.  Inlet at extreme North end of Amity Island, behind rock to left as you
      swim into inlet.

Unlockables/In Game Cheats

The following is a quick list of the unlockables, and in game Cheats for
Jaws: Unleashed

Movie Clips   - Collect all four Tin Cans hidden in specific Story Missions
Level Select  - Collect all 45 Licence Plates hidden in the Story Missions to
                earn this unlockable reward.  If you quit a game where you 
                have unlocked Level Select, and then create a new profile, 
                you will have Level Select for that new profile as well.  So,
                you could combine this trick with the "BLOOOOD" code, and 
                start the game with 1 million points and level select. Just 
                begin the game like normal (NOT WITH THE LEVEL SELECT MENU) or
                you will loose your million points.

GOD MODE      - Find all 50 hidden Treasure Chests, located in the Open Ocean
                Grand Occasus Canal, The Underwater Caves, and Fisherman's 
                Isle.  Grants GOD MODE for this game save.

Enter "BLOOOOD" as your user profile to start with 1,000,000 upgrade points.

Enter "SHAAARK" as your user profile to have Level Select available for the
beginning of this profile.  The benefit is that you can begin the game from any
point, but you can only select the starting location before you actually start
playing with this profile.  Once you've actually started playing, you will
loose level select until you later unlock it by finding all 45 Tin Cans.  The
best starting location (if you intend to play through the Story Missions) 
would be Open Ocean: East.  This will allow you to still play Story Missions 
3 through 11, and begin with 240,000 points towards upgraded abilities.  For 
more info on starting and points, see the section "Level Select/Points
Breakdown" above.


Begin the game with the "BLOOOOD" code, so that you can add all your upgrades.
Then, complete Story Missions 1 and 2 to gain access to Open Ocean.
Now, go get all 50  Treasure Chests.
Be INVINCIBLE for the remaining 9 Story Missions.


100% Completion - How Game Completion is measured

This is a summary of how your game completion percentages are calculated.

  Completing a Story Mission:    (1-10)          4.5 % x 10 Missions     45.0 %
  Completing a Side Challenge (All 3 levels):    1.0 % x 32 Challenges   32.0 %
  Each Tin Can found:                             .1 % x 24 Tin Cans      2.4 %
  Each License Plate found:                       .1 % x 45 Plates        4.5 %
  Each Rare Item found:                           .2 % x  9 Items         1.8 %
  Each Treasure Chest found:                      .1 % x 50 Chests        5.0 %

NOTE: In Story Mission 10 "Blood on the Beach," you are awarded a bonus
of 6.1%, after finding all of the hidden items in this level.  This is
also, only if you have found ALL of the hidden items in the previous
Story Missions.

  Story Mission 10 "Blood on the Beach" Hidden Item Bonus:                6.1 %
  Finding all 50 Treasure Chests and unlocking "God Mode" BONUS:          3.2 %

  Total Completion:                                                     100.0 %

There is also no completion percentage awarded for completing Story
Mission 11 "The Final Chase".

                 VIII. Sightseeing and Points of Interest

As you play JAWS: Unleashed, there are several locations that are fun to visit.
You should have visited a few of them in order to get your 100% game com-
pletion.  But the other locations have some interesting sights.

Fisherman's Island

This small Non-Story area is located in Open Ocean: South, and is the second
small island from the lower right hand side of the map.  This area contains
3 Treasure Chests, and a Side Challenge so it is necessary to visit if you wish
to get a 100% completion on your game.  Also, it is the site of a Blue Whale
carcass that you can see up close.  Even though it's dead, the whale helps you
appreciate their immense size when compared to JAWS.  It also helps you to
realize how far away they must be when you spot them in the Open Ocean and
can't seem to get close enough to attack.

The Grand Occasus Canals

The canal is another Non-Story area, one of two actually located in Open Ocean:
West.  This one is near the Southern end of Amity on the West coast.  The Grand
Occasus Canals features a Side Challenge, and three Treasure Chests which are
required for a full 100% game completion.  Also, it is an area where you can
find the Salt Water Crocodiles listed in the "Animal Bios" section of the
"Extras" menu.  As you travel into the canals, the crocs seem to like the
small side areas that are on both sides of the canals.  You can tell these small
areas because they have small bridges crossing over the canal. 

The Underwater Caves

Whale Sharks can not only be observed, but hunted if you travel to Open Ocean:
East, and head North until you are under the Western point of the large compass
on the map of Amity.  The whale sharks are neat to see, and very easy to kill 
because they don't fight back.  The particle effects are pretty gruesome as you
tear one apart.

Sperm Whales

Head to the far North West, of Open Ocean: West to find this species of whale.
I find if I head to the North Amity Keys, and then just swim along the North
"current too strong" area and work my way West I eventually run into these
whales.  They have the squared off shape of the illustrations of whales from
literature like Moby Dick, or even the whale that swallowed Pinocchio.  Still
neat to see in the game though.

Blue Whales

Just for fun, if you visit the extreme eastern edge of Open Ocean: South by
swimming around Misty Ridge, you can find live Blue Whales swimming in the
"current's too strong" area between Open Ocean: South and Open Ocean: East.  No
you cannot get to them , even if you go to Open Ocean: East.  But they're still
cool to see.

Whale Sharks

Can be found in Open Ocean: East to the North around the areas underneath of
the compass.  These large brown plankton eating sharks are very docile.  They
do not and will not attack even if you attack them.  The in-game graphics of
their slaughter is pretty gruesome.  

Orcas (Killer Whales)

You can find Orcas roaming the areas surrounding Seal Island in Open Ocean:
South.  These Orcas are much smaller than the one encountered at South Shore
Aquarium. In the wild, they are also much easier to kill.

             VIX. Acknowledgments and Credits and Revisions
Thanks to Majesco for attempting to make a good JAWS game.  While it may not
be perfect, it's still a very fun game, and hopefully will spawn a much better,
less buggy sequel.  Besides, it's still 100% better than that Nintendo version
that came out many years ago, (talk about crap...)

Thanks To Spielberg, and Universal for giving us the first, and greatest 
original JAWS.

Original JAWS:Unleashed story, characters, and excerpts from the game are owned
and copyrighted by Majesco.

"Terror At Amity Island" strategy guide, concept, layout, and presentation 
Copyright 2006 Wayne W. Pietra, Jr.

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                Updated posting authorizations.

               2.00 July 5, 2006
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