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What is the code for darth vader?

He is the final caracter i need

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mandarkfff answered:

You need to beat the 4th door next to Ep III. Heres how.

1. get "True Jedi" in all 15 lvs
2. if u don't no how much u have go outside and go to the right side.
3. once u got "True Jedi" for all 15 lvs. You will get a 4th door near Ep III.
4. beat the door next to ep III and once u beat the lv u get "Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader)"
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pgpizzaboy answered:

Darth Maul- H35TUX Darth Vader you get when you complete eppisode IV.
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squarefood24 answered:

Unlock everything else(all minikits, etc) then go to the door in Dex's diner that had a ? on it and enter. Finish this level to get Vader and a stormtrooper
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mewx5 answered:

Sorry no there is not
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