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Canisters in droid factory?

I have all the canisters but #4 or 5 to complete the droideka kit. i have indicators on but they are not on the screen so idk where to look. i have a printout of the canister locations but it doesnt help much either.

Accepted Answer

jamieeng answered:

At the very start, move down into the screen to find the
canister at the end of the corridor.

LEGO Canister #2: As soon as you enter above the conveyor belt, double-
jump left to the small ledge. From there, use the chute
slide with a child character to reach the canister on
the ledge above you.

LEGO Canister #3: Where you build three vertical fans at the end of the
conveyor belt, go down from the middle fan. Use the
Force on the gear twice, then use the grapple point.
Blast the target, use the Astromech Droid Lock, and
enter the side room. Use the Astromech Droid Locks on
two of the three coloured pods to match the colour
shown on the lower circle of the rightmost pod.
Do this three times to raise the shield around the

LEGO Canister #4: In the room with the moving giant ore buckets, reach the
upper walkway around the middle of the room and go up to
the top of the ramp, where the canister is sitting.

LEGO Canister #5: Along the upper walkway in the room with the giant ore
buckets, use the Astromech Droid Lock in the upper wall.
Inside the room behind it, cross the moving platforms to
reach the canister on the right side.

LEGO Canister #6: In the room with the molten metal lake, use the grapple
points to swing across the back of the room. The
canister is on the upper level in the middle.

LEGO Canister #7: In the Geonosians' hive room, smash the gold grate in a
cave entrance at ground level. Use the Force on the
debris to build platform. Super-jump from the left one
into the alcove containing the canister.

LEGO Canister #8: In the Geonosians' hive room, smash the gold grate in a
cave entrance at ground level. Enter the cave behind
it. Have an Astromech Droid operate the panels in this
room, opening up new pathways through the forcefields,
until you reach the canister.

LEGO Canister #9: At the right end of the Geonosians' hive room, head
down past the exit to find the canister tucked around
the corner.

LEGO Canister #10: After exiting the Geonosians' hive room, use the
Astromech Droid Locks between the two short conveyor
belts. Use the Force on the debris that comes out on
the left to make a pump and a platform. Stand on the
platform with a super-jumper and wait for your partner
to use the Force on the pump, raising you up. Jump up
at the top to grab the canister high overhead.
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supercman9 answered:

All I know is that the 1st is by the door.
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samyluther answered:

Just explore and probably use R2-D2
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mewx5 answered:

When you go in the first door do not go forward on the moving floor go back.
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jamieeng answered:

And #1: At the very start, run down toward the camera. The canister will be with some studs.
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