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Made by Eleanore Duplay (aka. Yuiko) –
First Version 1.0 – 27th March 2008


This is an old guide I made for the game Forbidden Siren 2 around the time 
it was released here in Europe (i.e. back in late 2006). I never got to 
upload it back then though because I had no idea how to write an 
introduction credits. But now I thought I might as well give it a shot. 

In this guide I’ve included transcripts of all the 100 achieve items you 
can obtain in the games and how and one to get them. The layout should be 
simple enough to understand and I’ve made little notes if something is 
unclear at how to get them. 

All information should be correct but feel free to contact me if you find 
any typos or misleading notes. This FAQ probably won’t get any special 
upgrades unless I might also do a Dialogue Transcript too to go with it. 

Now I wont delay you any further so please enjoy the guide~


No. 001 Shintokumaru Magazine
Character	/Takeaki Misawa
Time	/2 years ago
Place	/Hanuda Village/Landslide Site
Required	/Rescue schoolgirl 
Notes	/Automatic

August 9, 2003 Issue
Earthquake hits Misumi county!
Grade school girl miraculously survives!

…located directly above the earthquake’s epicentre, Misumi County’s Hanuda 
village suffered extensive damage from landslides. A grade-school girl was 
rescued three days following the disaster. With no sign of any fatal 
injuries, rescuers voiced their surprise at the girl’s miraculous survival.

…the girl’s rescue was handled by an elite team of the Ground Self-Defence 
Force, who were deployed in the area for search and rescue operations.

No. 002 Ryuko’s Dairy
Character	/Yuri kishida
Time	/-31:00
Place	/Tokyo/Kawai Apartment, Room 203
Required	/Murder of Ryuko Tagawa
Notes	/Automatic, from Ryuko’s -31:00 video

July 28th (Thursday)
A year has passed since I awakened from my long sleep. I spend everyday 
like this surrounded by caring people. Soji and the people at the 
restaurant accept me as I am. I sincerely hope that all can be forgotten, 
and that I can continue with this life that I lead now.

July 29th (Friday)
Sometimes I feel pain, like I’m being ripped apart. It’s at times like this 
that my memory comes back in bits and pieces. I shouldn’t really be here. I 
think that my mother hates the fact that I’m living here like this.  

July 30th (Saturday)
Akiko called today, but Soji hung up the phone. He really seems to detest 
her. Soji thinks I’ve been discussing things with her. I want her to always 
be the same. I’m sure that for happiness, a deep sleep is preferable to 
being awake.

July 31th (Sunday)
A vague uneasy feeling. The other me is


No. 003 News Paradox (Video)
Character	/Akiko Kiyota
Time	/-29:00
Place	/Tokyo/Yumemi Salon
Required	/Listen to the news
Notes	/Automatic

News Paradox
The news program that separates fact from fiction. 

News reader:  Moving on to the next news. A woman’s body was found in an 
apartment, it appears to be Ryuko Tagawa, a waitress. We have a reporter at 
the site.
Reporter: A woman was found in her APT, having been beaten to death with a 
blunt object. The police issued a warrant for Soji Abe, the prime suspect 
in this murder case. Neighbours say that the woman and Abe had been heard 
quarrelling several times.  They also heard it on the night before the 
murder. The suspect is most likely still at large in the area and the 
police are searching for him now. 
News reader: Moving on to the local news

Text during clip: Shinjuku, Tokyo. Woman’s body found in apartment/ Ryuko 
Tagawa (18)/Shinjuku, Tokyo. Reporter: Meiner Matsuda/ Soji Abe (24) 
Unemployed/ After 44-year hiatus the Holy Hairy Chest Festival is held 


No. 004 National Times
Character	/Akiko Kiyota
Time	/-29:00
Place	/Tokyo/Yumemi Salon
Required	/Subscribe to the National Times
Notes	/Automatic

National Times
August 1st, 2005 evening edition
Woman Beaten to Death
Roommate Sought for Questioning

…around 4 p.m., the body of a beaten woman was found in an apartment in 
Tokyo’s Shinjuku District. An employee of a local restaurant, the woman was 
identified as 18-year-old Ryuko Tagawa. The body was found by Tagawa’s 
employer who went to her apartment when she failed to return during working 
hours. The restaurant owner called the local authorities when he discovered 
a suspicious man in the apartment where Tagawa was lying face down in a 
pool of blood, her head badly beaten.

A warrant was issued for the murder suspect, Soji Abe (24), an unemployed 
man who refused to accompany the police for questioning, and escaped the 
scene of the crime.

Further investigation revealed that Abe had resided with the victim for 
about a year in the same apartment room where Tagawa met with her untimely 
death. Neighbours also reported hearing them arguing on the previous night 
of the incident.


No. 005 Radio News (Audio)
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/-09:00
Place	/Chuu island/Sanzu harbour
Required	/Investigate routes to Yamijima
Notes	/Automatic, from Ikuko’s -09:00 video

Local radio news program. 

News reader: …Next on the news. Police announced that Soji Abe, the suspect 
in the murder of Ryuko Tagawa, local waitress… is believed to be somewhere 
in the local prefecture. Abe may be travelling with a female acquaintance. 
Prefectural police will continue their search for Soji.
No. 006 Voice Recorder (Audio)
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/-07:00
Place	/Offshore Yamijima/Shoseimaru
Required	/Investigate routes to Yamijima
Notes	/Automatic

An audio recording advice used in journalistic activities. 

*click* Mamoru: The time is 3:17 P.M. I’m checking to see if passing is 
available for Yamijima. *click* Look… Are you sure you can’t?
Sailor: Wha…? Are you still here? Take a hike!
Mamoru: Please!
Sailor: Show me about this much money and I just might think about it! Now, 
get out of here!
*Dog pounding Mamoru*
Mamoru: Whoa!
Shu: Are you okay?
Mamoru: Yeah… *helicopter passing overhead* Thanks. Ow…
Shu: Is this the boat to Yamijima island?
Mamoru: Yes. But no luck so far. This isn’t going to be as easy as I 
thought… *Shu walking* Wait a sec? Hm… Was that Shu Mikami? *click* The 
time is 4:02 P.M., I’m currently in the cabin of the Shosei-maru and… Hm? 
Akiko: Please! Wait!
Sailor: Hey! What do you think you’re doing?! Ikuko, stop them!
Akiko: This boat is going to Yamijima island, right? Please… Please…
Soji: Come on, man!
Sailor: get out of here or I’ll call the police!
Soji: Come on, let me get on the boat! I am begging you!
Shu: Let them aboard… I’m in a hurry…
Sailor: Right! Ikuko! You heard the gentleman, let’s take her out!
Akiko: Yes!
*Boat leaving*

No. 007 Mamoru’s company I.D.
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/-07:00
Place	/Offshore Yamijima/Shoseimaru
Required	/Head out towards Yamijima
Notes	/Automatic

Company: Advanced Science Co.
Employee no.: 00001044
Name: Mamoru Itsuki
Dept.: ASR Atlantis Editorial Department

This is to certify that the aforementioned is an employee of said company. 

(Open for Atlantis Magazine)

Bridging the gap between the real and the unreal! The magazine dedicated to 
solving the mysteries of today’s world. Special issue of Atlantis magazine 
August 2005

Special full coverage:
The Division and Multiplication of infinite space! Interpreting the wonder 
of multiple worlds!

No. 008 Akiko’s Pendulum and map
Character	/Akiko Kiyota
Time	/-07:00
Place	/Offshore Yamijima/Shoseimaru
Required	/Find Ryuko Tagawa
Notes	/Automatic, from Mamoru’s -07:00 video

Pendulum and map of Japan used for “dowsing”. A red “X” marks a spot on the 
map. “Dowsing” is a term used to describe a method for finding objects 
using items such as a L-shaped metal rod or a pendulum.

No. 009 Shikai News
Character	/Shu Mikami
Time	/Unknown
Place	/Unknown
Required	/Unknown
Notes	/Automatic, it’s from the video that’s in the -06:00 hours slot.

Shikai News
August 3, 1976 Evening Edition
Yamijima: Isle of the Lost
Undersea Cable Cut

On the midnight of August 2, the undersea cable supplying electric power to 
the isolated Yamijima island was cut, resulting in an island-wide power 

The following morning, a repair crew of Sanzu Electric Power arrived at the 
island only to find it totally deserted. The crew contacted the Prefectural 
police whose later searches failed to discover a single inhabitant.

The police have set up a special task force to investigate the mysterious 
disappearances of the island residents, and are also investigating whether 
there might be a connection between the incident and the severed undersea 

A spokesperson for Sanzu Electric Power reported that the undersea cable 
rests at a maximum depth of 310 meters, a level that would require special 
equipment and a large number of trained personnel to cut the cable, 
indicating that the cable could not have been severed by artificial means. 

No. 010 Shikai News (video)
Character	/Unknown
Time	/-05:00
Place	/Y. Gold dredge
Required	/Sight the Bright Win’s lights
Notes	/Complete Fujita Shigeru’s -05:00 second mission objective

Shikai News
August 3, 1986 Morning Edition
Bright Win Lost At Sea
Ship Disappears Following Mysterious Transmission

On August 2, at approximately 4:40 P.M., coast guard headquarters 
intercepted a distress signal transmitted from Bright Win, a passenger 
ferry owned and operated by Kisho Ferry Lines.

“Caught in storm… swamped in waves… Ship running aground… the girl…” was 
the last message received before the ship was lost at sea. 

As of yesterday morning, the Coast Guard has dispatched a patrol boat to 
search for the lost ferry. Their search continues.

The Coast Guard together with the local coast guard office has formed a 
joint task force to head the search for the lost ferry and its passengers, 
and to investigate the circumstances leading up to the disaster.


Kaibashira: Good evening and congratulations, Riko! Your song has leaped 
into the charts at # 4! Where are you right now? It’s so dark. I can’t see 
a thing. But I’m guessing you’re outdoors somewhere. 
Riko: Good Evening Ms. Kaibashira… Hokki…
Kaibashira: Whatever are you doing out there? You’re on location, right? 
Shooting your TV series.
Riko:  Good evening, Ms Kaibashira…
Kaibashira: How’s everything going? I understand that you will be appearing 
in a very popular TV-drama. You’ve been very busy and very successful!  
Riko:  Good evening, Ms Kaibashira…
Kaibashira: Your sister, Eri, is watching from heaven. Smiling down at you 
right now!
Riko:  Good evening, Ms Kaibashira… *Azteca Queen starts playing in 
Kaibashira: And now, will you do the song for us…
Riko:  Good evening, Ms Kaibashira…
Kaibashira: Now, this week # 4 hit…
Riko:  Good Evening. Good evening, Ms Kaibashira…
Kaibashira: Good evening, and here’s Riko Azuma with this weeks # 4 hit, 
Azteca Queen!

Text: Breaking News. Today at around 6:10 P.M., a survivor of Bright Win 
was found off the coast of Yamijima. The only survivor is a female student. 
Further details are not available. 

No. 011 Ohta Family Picture
Character	/Tsuneo Ohta
Time	/-04:00
Place	/Aonoku Settl./Ohta’s house MH
Required	/Secret meeting at Ohta’s house
Notes	/Automatic

A framed picture of Tsuneo Ohta and his only daughter, Tomoe Ohta. 

The Ohta family is Yamijima Island’s Amimoto (Fishermen’s boss). An Amimoto 
hires several fishermen, lending boats and equipments like fishing nets to 
the hired help. 

No. 012 Missing Person Poster
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/-03:00
Place	/Yamijima Harbour/Dolphin Pier
Required	/Inspect articles washed ashore
Notes	/ Only obtainable in the second mission objective. It’s right 
down the stairs at the start of the stage.

Missing: Yuri Kishida

Yuri Kishida was last seen at Sanzu Harbour on August 10, 2003 around 4:00 
in the afternoon. Despite intense search efforts ms. Kishida remains 

Name: Yuri Kishida
Date of Birth: February 23, 1985
Age at disappearance: 18
Bloodtype: A
Height: 175cm
Weight: 42kg
Shoe size: 23cm
Stature: slim build
Last seen wearing a red cardigan and camisole.

If you have any information or may have seen Yuri, please contact the local 
authorities or Police Headquarters at the number listed below. 


No. 013 Yamigame
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/-03:00
Place	/Yamijima Harbour/Turtle hole
Required	/find Yamigame
Notes	/You have to save the turtle in the turtle hole in Kanae’s -
01:00 stage mission objective 2. Then in Mamoru’s stage you have to get to 
the turtle hole within four minutes. Only obtainable in the second mission 

Yamigame (yamigame family)
Turtle inhabiting the coastline of Yamijima Island in the Shikai Region, an 
area known among seafarers as the site of several shipwrecks. This 
location, coupled with the markings on the turtle’s shell which are said to 
resemble a facial expression of rage, has spawned a myth that the turtle is 
inhabited by the vengeful spirits of those that were lost at sea. 

In the past, fishermen feared that the turtles were cursed. Hence, they 
were known to go so far as to cut their precious fishing nets to release 
any Yamigame turtles that were snared in them.

No. 014 Turtle Jelly Noodles (Video)
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/-03:00
Place	/Yamijima Harbour/Press. Mach. Rm.
Required	/Inspect the dump
Notes	/Only obtainable in the second mission objective. 

An instant noodles product released only in the Shikai region by Green 
Turtle Foods. The product, Turtle Jelly Noodle, featured an abundant amount 
of turtle jelly toppings, claimed to be a miraculous ingredient for beauty 
enhancement. Advertised with the slogan, “take off 10 years just with a 
single mouthful…”, the product was slated for national release until it was 
plagued by a series of strange events wherein heavy consumers disappeared, 
mumbling words to the effect of, “I want to go back to the sea.”

These incidents triggered a full recall and nearly resulted in the 
product’s cancellation. Huge losses brought about reduced production and a 
tainted brand image that forced the company to reconsider the products 
nationwide release.

However, to this day, there are several who think highly of “the ultimate 
local snack.” What’s more, a shortage of the product has resulted in a 
heated shopping frenzy among beauty-conscious housewives.

The television advert featuring Naoko Mihama, the missing TV reporter 
during her early years as a pop idol, continues to enjoy limited airplay in 
certain areas. 

Ad voice: A relaxing moment… spoil yourself. Collagen infinity! A turtle 
jelly noodle from Green Turtle Foods. 
Text: A moment that’s all yours… with something elegant. 
It makes you beautiful and healthy	160 yen (tax included)!!

No. 015 Kastori Weekly
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/-03:00
Place	/Yamijima Harbour/Press. Mach. Rm.
Required	/Inspect the dump
Notes	/ Only obtainable in the second mission objective.

Packed with news that you don’t need to know! The news magazine that will 
drain your brain.
The Kastori Inquirer No.139
Published July 29, 2005

(Press X to open)

Special feature:
The Curse of Yamijima Island

Unveiling the mystery surrounding Yamijima Island! The strange 
disappearance of the island residents! The severed undersea cable! The last 
voyage of the Bright Win! Yamijima UMA sighting! An exclusive look at the 
forbidden island known as the “Isle of Hate” and the “Island of the Dead.”

Presented in cooperation with the Urban Folklore Society

No. 016 Exposition Medal
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/-03:00
Place	/Yamijima Harbour/Turtle Hole
Required	/find the antiqued medal
Notes	/Obtained when completing second mission objective. 

“Earthware and Peace” International Exposition.

An international exposition featuring 44 pavilions sponsored by 79 
countries that gathered under the slogan of “Earthware Peace by Piece.” The 
exposition featured as its symbol what many consider as the world’s 
greatest earthware creation, the “Jomon Tower.” However, contrary to 
expectations, the theme park failed to garner any interest among family 
audiences. As a result, the exposition closed its gates with an 
unprecedented financial loss.

No. 017 Mermaid Princess Story
Character	/Shu Mikami
Time	/-03:00
Place	/Aonoku Settl./Mikami’s House 2F
Required	/Inspect the Bedside area
Notes	/ Only obtainable in the first mission objective

A fairy tale masterpiece that tells the story of a mermaid princess’s 
tragic love.

A mermaid princess falls in love with a human prince. Making a pact with a 
sea witch, she is changed into human form in exchange for her beautiful 
voice. But the deal came with a price. For should she fail to win the heart 
of her true love, she would be cursed and doomed to die. Without her voice 
to profess her love to the prince, the princess grew desperate as the 
prince promised to wed the queen of a neighbouring kingdom. Told by the 
witch that the only way to lift her curse was to kill the prince on the eve 
of his wedding, the princess was faced with a distressing decision. On the 
morn of her prince’s wedding day, the mermaid princess returned to the sea, 
fading in a burst of shimmering bubbles…

(Opened book)

When the mermaid princess awakens, she finds that her fishtail is gone, 
replaced by two legs. And staring into her lovely eyes is her on true love, 
the prince. The prince softly whispers, “What a beautiful maiden.”

For the prince, it was love at first sight.

No. 018 Fisherman’s Note
Character	/Shu Mikami
Time	/-03:00
Place	/Yamijima Island/Aonoku Settl.
Required	/Check the fish box storage shed
Notes	/It’s in front of the fishing shack, towards the sea bank. Only 
obtainable in the second mission objective.

I won’t be back tonight since Old Man Ohta has ordered us out. It’s his 
decision, and we have no choice. It’s up to us to protect our island from 
defilement. Whatever you do, do not go out tonight. Leave the lights off. 
Don’t listen to anything. Make sure you follow these instructions to the 

I’ll be back in the morning.

Tomorrow is Yasuo’s birthday. I’ve hidden the bicycle he wanted in the 
storage closet. I can’t wait to see his face when I give him the bike. 

No. 019 Robo Beast (Audio)
Character	/Shu Mikami
Time	/-03:00
Place	/Aonoku Settl. /Mikami’s House 1F
Required	/Inspect the closet
Notes	/ Only obtainable in the second mission objective.

Sushibon Toy Company’s “Robo Beast,” the first in a line of super-combo 
toys. Unable to cope with the diversifying preferences of kids, Sushibon 
Toy was faced with plummeting business results.

In a last-ditch effort to save its failing business, Sushibon developed a 
new line of toys, melding “robot” with “beast,” a combination believed to 
be highly popular among young boys. Employing the latest technology of that 
day and age, the company equipped their “Robo Beast” with a voice synthesis 

Armed with this state-of-the-art product, Sushibon launched a massive sales 
campaign, flooding the airwaves with television adverts of their new wonder 
toy. Unfortunately, the product gathered dust on the shelves, an overnight 
relic that couldn’t compete in an age where die-cast toys based on 
animation characters had become the norm.

No. 020 Helicopter Transmitter (Audio)
Character	/Yorito Nagai
Time	/-02:00
Place	/Yamijima Island/cape Hidaru
Required	/Crash landing on Yamijima island
Notes	/Automatic, from the video stage.

Onboard Transmitter JARC-S40

Wireless transmitter installed in Ground Self-Defence Force aircraft.

Used for surface-to-air communications between aircraft and base, as well 
as air-to-air communications with other aircraft.

(Can’t discern who’s who)
This fog… The clouds… I don’t like the looks of this… I can’t raise anybody 
on the other end… we are off-course… No land in sight… verifying current 
position… Where are we? …Got no idea… We have a situation, sir. How would 
you like to handle it? This is an emergency. We’ll just have to land 
wherever we can… I’ve got no communication… nothing at all… I… Land! 
There’s land up ahead! I’m taking us down! Prepare for emergency landing… 
Wait! You can’t… *prolonged scream and then just the silent sound of the 

No. 021 Mermaid’s Tear
Character	/Shu Mikami
Time	/-02:00
Place	/Yamijima Island/Aonoku Settl.
Required	/Wash ashore Yamijima Island
Notes	/Automatic

“Mermaid’s Tear” Vol. 1&2
An outstanding romance novel depicting the miracle of a love both painful 
and transient!
Writer: Shu Mikami
Publisher: Tangensha

No. 022 Shu’s Drawing
Character	/Shu Mikami
Time	/-02:00
Place	/Yamijima Island/Aonoku Settl.
Required	/Discover treasure
Notes	/You’ll get this one automatically while playing the second 
mission objective.

An illustration drawn by a young Shu Mikami, which was put in a can and 
buried as treasure. The centre of the drawing shows a girl in a blue dress, 
and at the top is a black cloud instead of a sun.

No. 023 Shu’s cassette (Audio)
Character	/Shu Mikami
Time	/-02:00
Place	/Aonoku Settl./Mikami’s House, 2F
Required	/Inspect the bookshelf
Notes	/It’s in Shu’s bedroom.

A cassette tape containing voices of the Mikami family recorded 29 years 

Ryuhei: Shu! I told you not to play with that!
Shu: Kanae, sing me that song, please? I want to hear it! *Kanae laughs*
Ryuhei: hey, Shu!
Kanae: Dance, Maiden, Dance… Wave the crown upon thy head… *Ryuhei running*
Ryuhei: …That song… Would you sing it one more time?
Shu: Daddy! You ruined it! Kanae won’t sing for me!

No. 024 Letter to Ryuhei
Character	/Shu Mikami
Time	/-02:00
Place	/Aonoku Settl./Mikami’s House, LR
Required	/inspect the bookshelf
Notes	/LR = Living Room

A stack of letters addressed to Ryuhei Mikami sent by Omihito Takeuchi.

(Open one of the letters)

Dear Mikami,

I was shocked to learn of your wife’s passing and can only express my 
belated but heartfelt condolences for your tragic loss.

I have come to realise the reason why you sold your home in Tokyo and 
decided to settle down in Yamijima Island. I’m sure that she will 
appreciate the fact that you wish to continue your research near the sea 
that claimed her life.

Raising young Shu on your own is not likely to be an easy task. The 
distance between our mutual residences means that we shall only be able to 
meet at the occasional study conference held every few years. However, 
please note that my wife and I will be happy to be of any help, so please 
do not hesitate to write.

Once again, my deepest condolences.
Our prayers go with you.

April 7, 1973 – Omihito Takeuchi

No. 025 Takeaki’s I.D.
Character	/Yorito Nagai
Time	/-01:00
Place	/Y. Amusement Park/Coffee Cup Ride
Required	/Inspect the bench
Notes	/It’s in the green military bag. Only obtainable in the second 
mission objective.

This is to certify that the individual mentioned below is an officer of the 
Ground Self-Defence Force.
- Chief of Staff Ground Self-Defence Force

Rank: Major
Name: Takeaki Misawa

No. 026 Signboard graffiti 
Character	/Yorito Nagai
Time	/-01:00
Place	/Y. Amusement Park/Ferris Wheel
Required	/Inspect the Ferris Wheel’s fence
Notes	/None

Ten seemingly meaningless diagrams drawn on a signboard using black paint. 
(The text reads “Seven Gates”.)

No. 027 Portable Radio (audio)
Character	/Kanae
Time	/-01:00
Place	/Yamijima Harbour/Gd Mining Co. 1F
Required	/Put batteries in the radio
Notes	/You have to get this in the second mission objective.

A radio left behind by an employee when the Yamijima Harbour facility was 
closed down.
… Misumi County is now experiencing heavy localised rain… …weather station 
has now changed the warning of heavy rain to… …the warning of heavy rain 
and flood… …currently…


No. 028 Employee’s Journal
Character	/Kanae
Time	/-01:00
Place	/Yamijima Harbour/Gd Mining Company Co. 2F
Required	/Inspect the desk
Notes	/ Only obtainable in the second mission objective. 

A journal that was kept by an employee of Yamijima Gold Mining Co., Ltd.

(Open with X)

May 27, 1970 Entry by: Ikeda
Remove every last sign put up by the anti-development group, and issued a 
strict warning to their representative, Tsuneo Ohta.

May 29, 1970 Entry by: Ikeda
Rumours of a wildcat that walks on two legs are spreading among the staff. 
All this pressure from the anti-development group may be taking its toll, 
resulting in overactive imaginations among the members of the staff.

May 30, 1970 Entry by: Ikeda
An inspection team from the head office arrived today. Apparently, they’re 
here to study the recent decline in mining volume.

June 4, 1970 Entry by: Ikeda
Due to the significant decline of the mine’s output, the head office has 
finally decided to shut down operations. Preparations are underway to close 
the Yamijima Harbour facility. The last transport ship will be departing 

We’re going home! The whole family is very happy to go back. No matter how 
many buildings and recreational facilities they build, it will never be 
enough. I’m happy to say that I can finally kiss this weird island goodbye!

No. 029 Protest Sign
Character	/Kanae
Time	/-01:00
Place	/Yamijima Harbour/Under Walkway
Required	/Inspect the Signboard
Notes	/You have to do this to complete the second mission objective. 

A sign calling for island residents to stand up against the Yamijima 
Harbour construction project.

Say NO to construction!
Keep our sea clean!

The Yamijima Conservation Society 
Tsuneo Ohta, Chairman

No. 030 Shikai News
Character	/Unknown
Time	/00:00
Place	/Unknown
Required	/Unknown
Notes	/Automatic, you get it after viewing Ichiko’s 00:00 stage.

Shikai News
August 4, 1986 Morning Edition
Sole Survivor!?
Bright Win Remains Lost At Sea.

A spokesperson for the Coast Guard joint task force reported that their 
search efforts for the Bright Win passenger ferry – lost at sea on the late 
afternoon of August 2nd – Were finally rewarded with the discovery of a 
single survivor. Around 4:00 p.m. yesterday (August 3rd), rescuers 
miraculously found Noriko Kifune (14), a student of Kameishiro Prefectural 
Middle School, floating of the coastal waters of Yamijima Island. The girl 
was immediately rushed to a local hospital upon rescue. 

No. 031 Old Scroll-Chapter 1
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/00:00
Place	/Yamijima Island/Uryuga Forest
Required	/Experience a “vision”
Notes	/Automatic, it’s from the playable stage.

The agonising vision:

The ancient ones that dwell below the earth gaze at the world above through 
the eyes of those whose souls they seek to bend with dark thoughts. Those 
who feel the touch of evil will be marked and tormented by visions. 

No. 032 Police Notebook
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/00:00
Place	/Y. Gold Dredge/Incline Ctrl. Rm.
Required	/Check the floor near the window
Notes	/None

Police Officer’s Notebook

Rank: Police Sergeant
Name: Shigeru Fujita

(Open book)

1951	Left Yamijima Island alone. Mother passed away the following 
1970	Yamijima harbour shut down. Father passes away the same year. 
Never returned to Yamijima Island since then.
1975	Yamijima Grade/Middle School burned down.
1976	massive power outage due to severed undersea cable. Mass 
disappearance of Yamijima Island residents. For reasons of 
safety, Yamijima Island closed off to visitors.
1986	Rumour among the fishermen that a young woman was spotted on the 

…Rumour needs to be investigated. 

No. 033 Stone Ball
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/00:00
Place	/Y. Gold Dredge/Ore-processing Pit
Required	/Obtain a stone ball
Notes	/Need to get this one in the second mission objective. 

While mining for gold, a stone sphere was unearthed from stratum located in 
the eastern area of Yamijima Island. A near-perfect sphere, the shiny ebony 
surface of the stone is carved with a grid-like pattern. 

Theory had it that the stratum from which the sphere was recovered predates 
the Ordovician period, a fact that excited both geologists and 
archaeologists alike. However the excitement was short-lived. With the lack 
of any additional scientific evidence, the discovery was soon condemned as 
some sort of prank. 

No. 034 UMA Encyclopaedia 
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/00:00
Place	/Y. Gold Dredge/Guardhouse (rear)
Required	/Inspect bloodstain on stone ball
Notes	/You obviously have to throw the stone ball down the ventilation 
shack before you can get this. Only obtainable in the second mission 

Encyclopaedia of Japanese UMA
Publisher: Advanced Science Research Co.

Writer: Shinichi Amamoto

Chapter 44	Isolated Islands and Archipelagos.
Isolated islands in Japan are a treasure trove for Unidentified Mysterious 
Animals! Giant Yamipikaria Cat sighted on Yamijima Island.

Based on reports that the cat has a tendency to collect bright objects, 
traps were prepared to ensnare the beast.

Fact or fiction?
A boy, the younger brother of twins, claims his cheek was torn by the 
razor-sharp claws of a Yamipikaria Cat. 

No. 035 Tomoe’s Hair Ornament
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/00:00
Place	/Y. Gold Dredge
Required	/Check under broken duct screen
Notes	/You get this when completing the second mission objective. 
An expensive hair ornament purchased by Tsuneo Ohta and presented to his 
daughter, Tomoe Ohta. A lovely piece featuring hand-crafted flower petals. 

No. 036 Akiko’s Driver’s License
Character	/Akiko Kiyota
Time	/00:00
Place	/Houya/Gold Mining Co. Housing
Required	/Conversation with Soji Abe 
Notes	/Automatic, you get this during the first mission objective

Driver’s Licence

Name: Akiko Kiyota
DOB: August 3, 1976
Permanent Residence: Kiyoshi Bldg., Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Current Adress: Same as above.
Issued: July 30, 2005
Expires: September 3, 2010 


No. 037 Robo Zoo (Audio)
Character	/Akiko Kiyota
Time	/00:00
Place	/Gold Mining Co. Housing/A-203
Required	/Inspect the closet
Notes	/This is the item you get the key from so you can continue the 

Sushibon Toy Company’s “Robo Zoo” line followed in the wake of the 
unsuccessful launch of its “Robo Beast” toy, a product that placed Sushibon 
on the brink of bankruptcy.

In a desperate effort to revive the company’s failing business, Sushibon 
set its sights on the ever-growing popularity of panda bears among kids.

Keeping production cost at a minimum Sushibon “re-equipped” the Robo Beast 
with a new panda head, and programmed the voice synthesis gimmick with the 
voice of a panda.

Convinced that they had a winning combination, Sushibon launched a massive 
sales campaign, pouring the bulk of the company’s advertising budget into 
television adverts. Unfortunately, children’s interests shifted away from 
panda bears, pushing the company over the brink into bankruptcy. 

No. 038 Yami Akebi
Character	/Akiko Kiyota
Time	/00:00
Place	/Houya/Gold Mining Co. Housing
Required	/Inspect the wire screen
Notes	/It’s outside building B, a good bit to the left of the exit of 
the first mission.

Akebi is a delicious climber. This particular variety is only found on 
Yamijima Island. The vine is noted for its distinct, bittersweet fruit. 
Ingestion of the fruit requires some caution due to its hallucinogenic 
effects as well as its strong laxative properties. 

No. 039 Ichiko’s Student I.D. 
Character	/Ichiko Yagura
Time	/01:00
Place	/Bright Win/Freight Room
Required	/Regain consciousness
Notes	/Automatic

Student I.D. #444

This is to certify that the following is a student of Kameishino 
Prefectural Middle School.

Grade: 8th
Name: Ichiko Yagura
Date of Birth: May 10, 1972
Issued by: The Principal’s Office 


No. 040 Origami Letter
Character	/Ichiko Yagura
Time	/01:00
Place	/Bright Win/Second-Class Cabin 1F
Required	/Inspect the Bunk
Notes	/None

A complexly folded letter that was a popular way of communicating among 
Middle School girls. Similar to origami, this letter was folded to 
represent a girl’s school uniform.

(Press X to open)

Dear Noriko, 

Are you alright? 
You didn’t look too good today and didn’t eat much at dinner either. Ichiro 
looked pretty worried too, you know. Maybe you’re seasick? The way this 
ferry rocks around, I’m surprised I’m not seasick!

Remember When the Ferry stopped today? I heard they found a woman’s dead 
body! That means we’re sharing this ferry with a corpse! Kind of scary, 
isn’t it?

Oops! Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned all that when you’re not feeling too 

Sorry. Anyway, I hope you’ll feel better soon.

I guess now that the tournament’s over, it’s back to the grind! I hope 
those matching bracelets bring us luck! With our high school entrance exams 
coming up, we’ll need all the luck we can get!

Your best friend,

No. 041 Riko’s Record (Audio)
Character	/Ichiko Yagura
Time	/01:00
Place	/Bright Win/Wheelhouse
Required	/Inspect the office desk
Notes	/It’s on the same desk as the keys

Riko Azuma: Where is she now?
Riko was the younger sister of Eri Azuma, the legendary princess of pop who 
met with a fatal accident while on her way to the Top Pop Music Awards 

Following in her late sister’s footsteps, Riko debuted with her sensational 
single, “For the Love of Mendoza.”

She followed that with several record-breaking hits that paved her way to a 
U.S. debut which would have led to a world-class stardom. However, she 
shocked her fans when she announced her marriage and subsequent retirement. 

Riko’s fans were even more surprised to learn that her husband was the 
driver of the car that had run over her sister, Eri. Apparently, the  two 
grew close when her husband repeatedly visisted the Azuma home to apologise 
for the loss and grief that he had caused. 

Right now, Riko is the proud mother of one, and spends most of her days 
either nursing her baby or training on the dance floor. 

Riko is best remembered for her vocal masterpiece, “Azteca Queen”, which 
held the number one slot for 13 consecutive weeks.

…feel the divine breath now in my soul… In the age of the sun, two… are… 
killing… …killing… each… other… dying… dying… Close your eyes… lost to a… 
ki-lling… kill… k-illin-g… ki-lli-n-g…

No. 042 Trophy
Character	/Ichiko Yagura
Time	/01:00
Place	/Bright Win
Required	/Defeat Shibito holding the trophy
Notes	/He’s standing in the second floor entrance. If you come close 
he will start to run away, so you will have to be prepared to chase him. 
He’s as fast as those Shibito Brains from the first game, so it could take 
some tries, at least if your playing on a hard difficulty level.

The runner-up trophy for the 44th Annual Middle School Tennis Tournament. 
Measuring 107cm in length and made with a strong alloy, the trophy’s bold 
design makes it look more like a champion’s award.

Some years ago, a student who accepted the trophy on behalf of her team, 
expressed her joy by throwing the award in the air. Failing to catch the 
trophy on its way down, the award smashed down on her head, instantly 
killing the unfortunate girl. 

From that day on, the trophy has been known among Middle School students as 
the “Cursed Trophy.”


No. 043 Tomoe’s Dairy
Character	/Tomoe Ohta
Time	/01:00
Place	/Yamijima Island/Aonoku Settl.
Required	/The death of Tomoe Ohta
Notes	/Automatic

Dairy kept by Tomoe Ohta.

(Press X to open)
August 1
When I took my father his eye medicine this evening, I saw him staring at 
the ocean with a frown on his face. I just know he was thinking about that 
witch. That creature! She may try, but she can’t fool us. She may look like 
one of us, but she fears the sunlight. That witch isn’t one of us! 

August 2
Father finally came to a decision. As the head of our family, it’s up to 
him to do what must be done. 

I gave the maids a day off this morning just in case. Three years ago, some 
outsiders unknowingly entered the confinement area and left it in ruins. 
They have no idea how much harm they’ve caused.

I will stand by my father’s side. For I am an Ohta, and it is our family’s 
duty to protect this island. 


No. 044 Ikuko’s Licence
Character	/Ikuko Kifune
Time	/02:00
Place	/Yamijima Harbour/Rocky Area
Required	/Wash ashore Yamijima Island
Notes	/Automatic

Maritime Forth-Class Radio Operator 
Name: Ikuko Kifune
DOB: November 26, 1986
This is to certify that the individual described on the left is a licensed 
marine radio operator authorised by the Communications Commission. 


No. 045 Heart-shaped Letter
Character	/Yorito Nagai
Time	/02:00
Place	/Bright Win/2F Cabin Passage
Required	/Inspect along the passage
Notes	/It’s close to the open cabin door. 

A complexly folded letter that was a popular way of communicating among 
Middle School girls. Similar to origami, this letter was folded in the 
shape of a heart. 

(Open letter)

My dearest Ichiro,

You looked soooo good out there on the tennis court! As for your serve, you 
looked fantastic!

As the team manager, I’ve never been so proud! And as your girlfriend, 
well--- let me just say that you gave me a day that I’ll remember for the 
rest of my life!

You know you’ve always been the one for me. I’m so happy that we’re 
together now. I hope we can be this way forever and ever.

But maybe that won’t be possible.

There’s something that’s got me really worried, and I don’t know what to 
do. I can’t talk to Ichiko about it, and I’m even scared about what you 
might think.

Meet at our usual place by the stairway, ok? I’ll be waiting for you.



No. 046 Tournament Announcement
Character	/Yorito Nagai
Time	/02:00
Place	/Bright Win/Second-Class Cabin 2F
Required	/Inspect the side of the travel bag
Notes	/none

Announcement: The 44th Middle School Prefectural Tennis Tournament

Our hours of hard work and practise have finally paid off. The Kameishino 
Middle School tennis team will be competing in the Middle School 
Prefectural Tennis Tournament (National Preliminaries) to be held on July 

All members of the team are to meet on the school grounds on Tuesday (July 
29th) at 7:30 a.m.m. . From there we will be departing for the tournament.

We’ll be returning home – hopefully with the championship trophy in hand – 
on Saturday (August 3rd).

We’ve dreamed of winning.
Now, we’ll make that dream come true!


No. 047 Passenger’s Videotape (Video)
Character	/Yorito Nagai
Time	/02:00
Place	/Bright Win/Entrance
Required	/Inspect reception area’s shelves
Notes	/you’ll have to crouch down to be able to inspect it.

A videotape recorded by a passenger on the ferry. 

Keiichi & Tomoko’s Memories

Keiichi: It’s nice to see that the weather’s improved. 
Tomoko: But with the cold wind, it’s still a bit chilly.
Keiichi: Yeah, you’re right. It looks like the ferry stopped… 
Tomoko: I wonder what’s going on?
Keiichi: I didn’t hear any announcement, did you?
Tomoko: The other passenger’s seem exited about something.
Keiichi: Really? What? Let’s go take a look.
Ship staff: Please, everybody stay back! Over here! Keep those people away! 
Will everybody keep back, please.
Keiichi: Hey….? Is that a body?
Ship Staff: I’m sorry… No cameras!


No. 048 Shikai News
Character	/Yorito Nagai
Time	/02:00
Place	/Bright Win/Third-Class Cabin 1F
Required	/Inspect Underneath the TV
Notes	/None

Shikai News
July 31, 1975 Evening Edition
Yamijima Island: Closed School Burns Down!
Arson Suspect Arrested!

On July 31st, Yamijima Grade/Middle School building was burned to the 
ground. Masumi Ushiro, 28, unemployed, no fixed address, was arrested on 
suspicion of arson by the Prefectural police. 

The suspect arrived on the island on the previous day. After gaining 
illegal entry to the premises of the abandoned school building, he 
allegedly set fire to some old curtains, resulting in a blaze that 
destroyed the building. 

During questioning, the suspect stated that while sleeping in one of the 
classrooms, he was assaulted by “a dark crimson creature” and that he threw 
his lighter at the creature to ward it off. While the investigation 
continues, police are considering the possibility of holding the suspect 
for psychiatric observation. 


No. 049 Shigeru’s Apology Letter
Character	/Shigeru Fujita
Time	/02:00
Place	/Aonoku Settl./Mikami’s House, LR
Required	/Regret past mistake
Notes	/Automatic

Letter of Apology

To: The Chief of Police

On May 3rd, 1986, in the course of investigating a burglary, a poor decision 
on my part led to a suspect’s escape. 

I deeply regret that my actions not only hindered the investigation, but 
also tarnished the department’s public image. 
In future, I will do everything possible to ensure that this will never 
happen again.

Please note that I will understand if any reprimand should be required for 
my error in judgement. 

May 4th, 1986
Shigeru Fujita, Assistant Police Inspector


No. 050 Scrap of History Book
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/03:00
Place	/Y. Amusement Park/Coffee Cup Ride
Required	/Conversation with Yuri Kishida
Notes	/Automatic

Dance, maiden, dance…
Wave the crown upon thy head…
Watch the flames and dance ---

Dance, maiden, dance…
Ring the bells upon thine earrings…
Ask the winds and dance…

Dance, maiden, dance…
Wave and shake thy necklace…
Peek the water’s surface and dance…

Dance, maiden, dance…
Cast off the brooch upon thy chest…
Imitate the head and dance…

Fly, Fly messenger bird…
Shake free from thy jewelled girdle…
Fly in search of soil…

Sway, sway the ark…
Thy bracelet beats the rhythm…
Sway gently, eagerly awaiting the bird…

Dance, maiden, dance…
Dance about, clad in robes divine…
With the ark behind thee, dance…


No. 051 Kastori Special DVD (Video)
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/03:00
Place	/Y. Amusement Park/Rear Gate 
Required	/Inspect the end of the stairs 
Notes	/Go through the Park Rear Gate (check the map) and walk up the 
stairs behind that gate and check the dump. 

An exclusive DVD, no. 444, featuring unauthorised footage from Yamijima 
Island, the mystery island that’s been closed to the public!

UMA Sighting!
See the Yamipikaria Cat, the bipedal leopard with the razor-sharp claws 
stare out from the dark with glowing eyes!

Yamijima Island 
- The Cursed Underground Trench - 

Voice: The following astonishing footage was provided by one of our 
viewers. A few kids out on a dare… on an abandoned, forbidden island. Here, 
the camera clearly catches a frightful set of eyes watching them. Did you 
see it? (Text: Did you see it? Replay) let’s have another look. (Text: Slow 
motion replay)


No. 052 Mother’s Scale
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/03:00
Place	/Y. Amusement Park/Front Gate
Required	/Remove the wire from the gate
Notes	/You get this one you complete the second mission objective of 
this stage.

A light pink scale emitting a strange, dull light. Estimating from the size 
of the scale, it would have to come from a massive creature with a body 
length measuring over 10 meters.


No. 053 Yorito’s I.D.
Character	/Yorito Nagai
Time	/03:00
Place	/Yamijima Island/Uryuga Forest
Required	/Break off with Takeaki Misawa
Notes	/Automatic

This is to certify that the individual mentioned below is an officer of the 
Ground Self-Defence Force.
Chief of Staff Ground Self-Defence Force

Rank: Leading Private
Name Yorito Nagai

(Press X to see letter)

Dear Yorito,
Congratulations on our promotion. Your father and I were so worried that 
you might give up and come back home.

We’re so proud of you!

Did I tell you that I was learning how to use the… what do you call it, 
“internet?” Like you, I’m not going to give up until I’ve mastered it!

By the way, I sent a package of Mulukhiya to your quarters. Please share it 
with your friend, Sgt. Okita, and give him our best regards. 


No. 054 Afternoon Prince
Character	/Soji Abe
Time	/03:00
Place	/Yamijima Island/Fort Ruins #1
Required	/Conversation with Shu Mikami
Notes	/Automatic, you get it at the start of the stage

The Lunch Hour Show!
The Afternoon Prince

Romance novels are big!

Heart: No matter where or when romance novels continue to capture the 
hearts of maidens. 
Text: Romance novels are big! 
Heart: For these ladies, a new love story is always a welcome read! And 
what exactly is the romance novel of their choice? Mermaid’s Tear by Shu 
Mikami!  We’ll take a look at the world of Shu Mikami, modern missionary of 
Text: Suzuka’s street interview in Omotesandoh!
Suzuka: Hi everybody! This is Suzuka coming at you live! 
Text: street interview on Shu Mikami!  
Suzuka: Hello! Do you recognize the gentleman in this picture?
Girl 1: Shu Mikami?! Of course I do. I’m his biggest fan! I have all his 
Suzuka: Well, Shu is in the studio right now. Do you have anything you’d 
like to say to him? 
Girl 2: I loved “Mermaid’s Tear”! I couldn’t stop crying! 
Girl 1: I’ve been your fan forever! Love you, Shu!
Suzuka: Looks like the Novel’s not the only thing that’s popular out here. 
Back to the studio!


No. 055 Da Gama Magazine
Character	/Soji Abe
Time	/03:00
Place	/Yamijima Island/Fort Ruins #1
Required	/Conversation with Shu Mikami
Notes	/Automatic

Da Gama Magazine, August Issue
Published: July 1, 2005

Special issue featuring Shu Mikami’s “Mermaid’s Tear.”

(Press X to open)

An Exclusive Interview with Shu Mikami. 7 Keys to Understanding “Mermaid’s 

Shu Mikami, best-selling author of “Mermaid’s Tear” reveals his past as he 
talks about the secrets of his latest novel and the message written between 
the lines. 

My father was an archaeologist who was smitten by the island. He decided to 
live there with my mother, who was carrying me in her womb at the time. 

After I was born, my mother passed away at sea. In that sense, “Mermaid’s 
Tear” is almost autobiographical. 

…I don’t recall much about the incident. I was told that I didn’t speak a 
word at the time I was found. Up to that point, I saw normally, just like 
everyone else, I think there was a lot that I lost as a result of that 

Shu Mikami’s Official Site:


No. 056 UMA Fossil
Character	/Shu Mikami
Time	/03:00
Place	/Fort Ruins #1/Weapon Storage #2
Required	/Destroy the wall
Notes	/It’s in Abe’s stage for this time. You get it by completing the 
second mission objective. 

Kanae	she told me
The ruler died
Her mommy was born
Lots of them were born

Shu Mikami 4 years old


No. 057 Military P.R. Magazine
Character	/Takeaki Misawa
Time	/04:00
Place	/Houya/Gold Mining Co. Housing
Required	/Tormented by Trauma
Notes	/Automatic, get this at the start of the stage.

Winter Biathon Asian Tournament
Captain Takeaki Misawa wins first place in the men’s division! 

A page featuring a photo of Takeaki Misawa displaying his award. The page 
is covered with drawings of outstretched arms. 


No. 058 Yaminabe
Character	/Takeaki Misawa
Time	/04:00
Place	/Gold Mining Co. Housing/B-104
Required	/Inspect the kitchen
Notes	/Only obtainable during second mission objective. Check the 
empty place on the stove in the B-104 apartment (you can get there after 
you blow up the door).

A local speciality of Yamijima Island featuring ingredients obtained from 
the mountain and the sea. Local etiquette recommends that the dish be 
prepared without slicing or dicing, and that it be enjoyed under the light 
of the moon. The delicious meal contains Yami Akebi, a delicacy that 
induces intense euphoria which – depending on the luck of the eater – can 
also result in a very unpleasant morning.


No. 059 Soji’s Cigarettes
Character	/Soji Abe
Time	/04:00
Place	/Y. Amusement Park/Ferris Wheel
Required	/Take out a cigarette
Notes	/Automatic, It’s in Shu’s movie stage for this time. 

Okapi Milds

Tar: 44mg
Nicotine: 4.4mg

There’s a light blue business card between the cellophane wrapper and the 

(The business card)

Yumemi Salon

Pandora’s whisper ---
Your true self hides deep within your soul.


No. 060 Tsukasa’s Dog Collar
Character	/Shigeru Fujita
Time	/05:00
Place	/Yamijima Island/Fort Ruins #1
Required	/Inspect the tunnel
Notes	/Inspect the place where Abe and Shu were sitting earlier (at 
the start of the 03:00 stage). 

A leather collar for large dogs with a broken buckle. Attached to the 
collar is a dog tag with the following inscription:

Tsukasa of Jilldoll


No. 061 Letter to Shigeru
Character	/Shigeru Fujita
Time	/05:00
Place	/Yamijima Island/Fort Ruins #2
Required	/The death of Shigeru Fujita
Notes	/Automatic, It’s from Ichiko’s movie stage for this time.

Dad, I understand you’re being transferred somewhere close to your 
hometown. I wanted to let you know that Mom and I are staying right here. 
We won’t be going with you. 

I guess that won’t really bother you, because “the job” always comes first, 
doesn’t it? Work is all you ever think about. It’ll never go as well as it 
does in the cop shows, you know. You need to get your head out of the 
clouds. It seems you don’t belong in your workplace anymore. 

Poor Mom’s worrying so much and working so hard she’s becoming ill…

I’ve decided not to go to college. Instead, I’m going to get a job so we 
won’t have to depend on you.



No. 062 Old Scroll-Chapter 2
Character	/Yuri Kishida
Time	/06:00
Place	/Underworld
Required	/Return of the Yamibito
Notes	/Automatic

And the earth was a chaotic seed, without form and void; and darkness was 
upon the face of the deep and the creatures that crawl upon the face of the 

And God said, let there be light: and there was light. In a state of chaos, 
the darkness and creatures swept to the depths, away from the flooding 

And there they melded as one with the darkness.

And those who failed to find shelter from the light, took form deep below 
the surface of the water. 

And for those locked in darkness, they sought to regain their place in 

Sending one of their own in the form of a maiden, they wait for the day 
they can rise from the depths. 


No. 063 Amusement Park Pamphlet
Character	/Ikuko Kifune
Time	/08:00
Place	/Y. Amusement Park/Flower Plaza
Required	/Inspect the Park Map
Notes	/It’s at the big map beside the flower bed, close to where the 
sniper’s standing. 


1 Ferris Wheel
Hours of operation: 09:00 – 16:30
Children: 1 ticket
Adult: 2 tickets

2 Coffee Cup
Hours of operation: 09:00 – 16:30
Children: 1 ticket
Adult: 2 tickets

3 Flower Plaza
A delightful garden plaza featuring tulips in spring, sunflowers in summer, 
and cosmos flowers in autumn.

4 Fountain Plaza
A refreshing playground for summer fun. 

5 Ticket Machine
Amusement rides require admission tickets (¥50 per ticket). 


No. 064 Mbembe Cola Bottle Cap
Character	/Ikuko Kifune
Time	/08:00
Place	/Y. Amusement Park/Fountain Plaza
Required	/Inspect the soda stand counter
Notes	/Make sure to continue to pick them up until you get a “winner” 
one. It’s on the counter near the fountain. 

Quench your thirst with Mbembe Cola! “Space Cold War” Instant Prize Bottle 
Caps! Peel the seal under the cap and you may be a lucky winner of one of 
the many prizes offered in our “Space Cold War” campaign! 

(Inside bottle cap)

You’re a lucky winner!
Just follow the instructions and claim your own “Space Cold War” prize!


No. 065 Space Cold War Poster (audio)
Character	/Ikuko Kifune
Time	/08:00
Place	/Y. Amusement Park/Rear Gate 
Required	/Inspect the Park Map
Notes	/You have to have picked up Archive Item 64 and checked it 
before you can get this one. No. 64 had to be a “winner” one. It’s beside 
the “key” near to the rear gate. 

“Space Cold War” (1972)
Produced in Japan
An Akinasu Films release 

Political deadlock shakes the Space!

The Story
2 million light years from our solar system, Galactic Republic elections 
are being held on the planet, Bentroh. The results are close, threatening 
to offset the delicate political balance of the republic.

To secure a majority and gain a foothold in his plans to conquer the 
universe, the evil galactic governor, Metango, looked to the planet with 
the casting vote. A planet called Earth. 

Under pretence of galactic harmony and interstellar prosperity, the 
governor demands the hand of Tomomillia, princess of the third planet. To 
counter his bold move and stall for time, the controlling factions commence 
fruitless negotiations at the highest administrative levels. With the 
republic hanging in the balance, a final bill is proposed…

About the Movie
“Space Cold War” was a tense film with a surprise twist: the governor was 
one of the princess’s robot servants, Kitabeppu No. 4! Way ahead of its 
time, “Space Cold War” featured absolutely no action scenes, relying on the 
tension of speeches and negotiations. 

Needles to say, the movie was not well-received, bombing at the box office 
after a brief four-day run. 

Our manifest is to conquer the universe. The dirty negotiation is second to 
none! I am in love with a princess in the galaxy, Tomomillia, I ill marry 
you.  “Finally, It’s time to hold elections” I am Metango, the galactic 


No. 066 Yamijima History Book
Character	/Ichiko Yagura
Time	/08:00
Place	/School/Stage Storeroom  
Required	/Inspect the hand cart
Notes	/ It’s just inside the stage storeroom, through the open front 
door. Be wary of the shibito walking around if you’re playing on hard. 

A Study of Yamijima Island Folklore/Culture/History
The Yamijima Resaerch Group
Spring 1963

(Press X to open)

The History of Yamijima Island

There are a number of theories regarding the origin of the island’s name, 
Yamijima. The island is also known as the “Isle of hate,” the “Island of 
the Dead,” and the “Island of the Dark.” Given the isolationist nature of 
the island’s residents, either of the names would seem appropriate in terms 
of context.

Over the years, the island residents have developed their own unique 
folklore and customs, pretty much closing the door to outsiders. However, 
the discovery of gold on the island has brought about a drastic change as 
evidenced by the recent influx of outsiders from the mainland. 

(the next page is torn from the document.) 


No. 067 Student’s Picture Dairy
Character	/Ichiko Yagura
Time	/08:00
Place	/Shiofurihama/School 
Required	/Inspect the incinerator
Notes	/It’s actually slightly beside the incinerator.

The charred remains of a picture dairy.

Yamijima Grade School, 4th Grade
Kumiko – Yukiko

(X to open it)

June 3

Yesterday was the funeral for our next-door neighbour. Did you know that 
they stab sticks into dead bodies? Everyone on the island has a stick with 
their name on it for their own funerals. I asked my dad why and he said 
that if they don’t do that, then their spirit can’t go to heaven and that 
something evil will enter their empty bodies.

June 4

So, id you don’t have a stick, you turn into an evil spirit? I don’t have a 
stick so that’s kind of scary. But I guess I won’t have to worry because 
I’m leaving the island pretty soon. 

I heard my mom and dad talking and they said that there’s no more gold here 
so our family is going back to the mainland. It looks like all the other 
kids are going back as well. I’m going to miss you Yuki, but I’ll write you 
from the mainland!


No. 068 Ikuko’s Yearbook
Character	/Ikuko Kifune
Time	/11:00
Place	/Aonoku Settl./Mikami’s House, LR 
Required	/Conversation with Mamoru Itsuki
Notes	/Automatic

Sanzu High School Yearbook 2005

(press X to see photo)

Photographs of school activities.

There’s a photo of Ikuko Kifune with a dark expression on her face, 
standing amongst a group of smiling students.


No. 069 Photo of Soji and Ryuko (first version)
Character	/Soji Abe
Time	/12:00
Place	/Yamijima/Shinari Mountain Trail 
Required	/Remember Ryuko Tagawa
Notes	/Automatic at the start of the stage. OBS! When you get archive 
item no. 98 this will change, so make an extra save-file if you want to 
keep this version. 

A snapshot taken in a dimly lit room using a flashbulb. Soji Abe and Ryuko 
Tagawa are sitting together in the photo. Contrary to Soji’s playful smile, 
Ryuko is wearing a dark expression on her face.

No. 069 Photo of Soji (second version)
Character	/Soji Abe
Time	/24:00
Place	/Yamijima Lighthouse 
Required	/Collapse of causality
Notes	/You will get this version of archive item 69 when you obtain 
archive item no. 98. The previous version will disappear. 

A snapshot taken in a dimly lit room using a flashbulb. There’s only Soji 
Abe in the picture.


No. 070 Message Bottle
Character	/Soji Abe
Time	/12:00
Place	/Yamijima Harbour/Turtle Hole 
Required	/Inspect articles washed ashore
Notes	/It’s the bottle lying floating in the water, same place as 
where Kanae saved the turtle baby. This can only be obtained during the 
second mission objective. 

Help me. 
I’m being held in Warehouse #3 in Sanzu Harbour. If you find this note, 
please contact the police and my family. My name is Yuri Kishida. 

The woman who locked me in here left with my clothes and things. She is not 
me! Don’t be fooled by her face! Her real face is…


No. 071 Ke-uke-gen
Character	/Takeaki Misawa
Time	/13:00
Place	/Fort Ruins #1/Basement 2F Corridor 
Required	/Ignite a smoke candle in the dark
Notes	/ It's in the small corridor between Weapon Storage #2 and #3. 
Throw in a smoke candle and then run towards the end of the corridor and 
inspect the end of it. This can only be done during Mission Objective 2. 

A ghastly apparition covered in long hair. The creature dwells in dark, 
humid places where there’s very little sunlight. It is said that when a 
home is haunted by this creature, the residents fall ill. Its appearances 
are very rare and seldom witnessed. Hence, any documentation of its 
appearance is usually written off as an “unusual event.”


No. 072 Golden Ohsho
Character	/Akiko Kiyota
Time	/14:00
Place	/Yamijima Harbour/Old Road 
Required	/Conversation with Soji Abe
Notes	/Automatic

Change your luck with the next move! 
- Life is one big chess game - 
Shogi (Japanese chess) traces its roots through India to Egypt, and is said 
to have its origins in Atlantis. In the lost city, 20 warriors representing 
a clan dressed as moving pieces and were manoeuvred on a playing field in a 
massive coliseum as two opponents engaged in a battle of wits. 

Now the power of these ancient Atlantean warriors can be yours! The Golden 
Ohsho (King) is a unique charm that draws on the powers of El Dorado, 
infusing the owner with uncanny luck. And now, the Golden Ohsho can be 

Get it now and change your luck forever!

Designer: Nobunaga Bonaparte
With a former model for a mother and a foreign ambassador as a father, 
Nobunaga was raised as a gifted child. Following his achievements as a top 
model in Paris, he tried his hand at designing. He is now a ten-time winner 
of the Annual World Luxury Grandprix, and is currently a representative 
director of the Geeman Ohshu Group. 

“I heartly recommend this product.” Shogi Fortune-teller: Jennifer Miho “No 
fortune-telling is complete without the purest materials and perfect gold 
content. With the Golden Ohsho, my predictions are now 100% accurate. Tp 
prove my point, here’s a prediction for you: The world will end next year.”


No. 073 Fortune-telling File
Character	/Akiko Kiyota
Time	/14:00
Place	/Yamijima Harbour/Old Road
Required	/Conversation with Soji Abe
Notes	/Automatic

Name: Ryuko Tagawa
Birthdate: 1986/11/26 (Sagittarius)
Time of Birth: 6:44 p.m.
Place of Birth: Sanzu City, Shikai Region

Past: Torn in two. Hardship. Despair.
Present: 	Awakening. Major change.
	The appearance of backup support
	-> A hoodlum?
Future:	August  will see major movement 
	In the stars. Beware! 


No. 074 Jasper Bracelet
Character	/Yorito Nagai
Time	/14:00
Place	/Gold Mining Co. Housing/Bldg-A 
Required	/Inspect the entrance of Bldg-A
Notes	/You will have to pick this up if you want to finish the second 
mission objective.

A bracelet inlaid with a blue-green stone. The initials “N.K.” are carved 
on the inside of the bracelet. The bracelet’s catch is damaged, as if a 
strong force pulled it apart.


No. 075 The Story Treasure Chest
Character	/Yorito Nagai
Time	/14:00
Place	/Gold Mining Co. Housing/B-303 
Required	/Inspect the cupboard
Notes	/The cupboard is in the second room from the door. The book lies 
beside a TV.

Scholastic Mini-Book
“The Story Treasure Chest”
Special Issue 1972, part 2

Strange Phenomena From Around the World

(Press X to open)

The Stolen Girl
This is a story about what happened in a small village in Japan during the 
war. There was a young girl who went to the beach to gather some seaweed. 
But she never returned. The family desperately searched the area. But when 
they were unable to find her, they gave her up as a victim of the sea. 

On the day of the girl’s funeral, members of the family gathered at the 
front door where they heard a loud noise. There, they were shocked to see 
the missing girl standing outside the door with a blank expression on her 

As the girl’s relieved parents rushed to bring the girl into the house, the 
girl’s elderly grandmother softly whispered, “No. It’s not her.” With those 
words, the girl melted away. All that was left behind was the clothes of 
the missing girl and a puddle of water.

The grandmother explained that the sea is the home of a monster that steals 
the appearance of the dead, and that the creature must never be welcomed 
into the home.

In the village, to this day, victims of drowning are never brought into the 
home. Instead they are cremated and laid to rest. 

(Just who was the girl they saw?!)


No. 076 Time Capsule Map
Character	/Yorito Nagai
Time	/14:00
Place	/Gold Mining Co. Housing/Park 
Required	/Inspect the sandbox
Notes	/It’s actually in the corner by the sandbox in the Children’s 
Park. You need this item to be able to fulfil the second mission objective 
requirements for Nagai 23:00, in the Nagai 22:00 stage and to be able to 
get archive item number 91.

A map showing the location of a time capsule buried by final graduating 
class of Yamijima Grade/Middle School.

Starting at the turtle’s tail, go forward 3 steps, turn left for 5 steps, 
then go 2 steps to the right.


No. 077 Vermilion Bracelet
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/15:00
Place	/Bright Win /Second-Class Cabin 2F 
Required	/Inspect the bunk
Notes	/Only Obtainable in the second mission objective. 

A bracelet imbedded with a vermillion stone. Carved on the inside of the 
bracelet are the initials “I.Y.”


No. 078 Security Monitor (video)
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/15:00
Place	/Bright Win/Engine Control Room 
Required	/Inspect the security monitor
Notes	/none. 

A monitor for viewing images from the security camera units located around 
the ferry. Currently, the camera units for this monitor are feeding images 
from locations in the passenger passageways, and one location in the crew-
only passageway. The monitor automatically switches from camera to camera, 
displaying the images from each area. 


No. 079 SN-AG1999 AGE MANIAC
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/15:00
Place	/Bright Win/Third-Class Cabin 1F 
Required	/Inspect the TV stand
Notes	/ Only Obtainable in the second mission objective. Makes 
Kunitoris mini-game available from top menu. 

A videogame console released by an overseas manufacturer, 3G MANIAX, in 
1982. The machine featured an awesome 3D graphic chip capable of generating 
full 3D images. However, a shabby sound chip which couldn’t produce the C, 
D and E notes proved to be the machine’s downfall.

Several games were released on the platform and are still sought after by 
game collectors.

(Press X to check Kunitoris)

A review of “Kunitoris”
3G MANIAX’s launch title for the Japanese market is a hybrid game combining 
Shogun feudal wars with puzzle action. Unfortunately, the idea of matching 
titles to conquer territories fails to generate any of the excitement 
associated with war simulations. Rating: 6 points.


No. 080 Ryuhei’s Notebook
Character	/Akiko Kiyota
Time	/15:00
Place	/Aonoku Settl./Mikami’s Kitchen  
Required	/Inspect the refrigator
Notes	/ You need to find the “backdoor keys” in the flower pot in the 
front yard of Mikami’s House before you can enter the kitchen. Watch out 
for Ryuhei’s who’s patrolling the area. 

July 29th
Decided to remove Yamijima artefact B.54 from my records of the digs. 
Unearthed eastern grid the artefact differs from the other relics. To date, 
I’ve been unable to determine the materials, the period, the style or any 
other identifying characteristics. Could it be a modern piece of work that 
somehow got mixed in with other relics? Or is it some sort of prank or 
hoax? At this point, I can’t accept this piece as an official artefact of 
the dig.

July 30th 
Kanae’s resemblance to my wife is uncanny. Even my son, Shu, who’s never 
seen his mother seems taken by her. I know this is all wrong, but I can’t 
bring myself to do anything about the situation. 

July 31st
Somebody smashed the rear window again. How can they be so blinded by their 
customs? Maybe this is the only way they can express their anger at the 
developers who’ve polluted their waters. I was never accepted even from the 
very first day I arrived on this island. The hatred that the islanders feel 
towards outsiders is something that will probably never change in the years 
to come.

(Press X to see photo)

Photo of Ryuhei Mikami’s late wife, found between the pages of his 


No. 081 Ryuhei’s Research Notes
Character	/Akiko Kiyota
Time	/15:00
Place	/Yamijima Island/Aonoku Settl. 
Required	/Hear the call of Shu Mikami
Notes	/ You get this automatically while completing mission objective 

Individuals born on the island are gicen a branch from a holy tree called 
“mekkoju.” The name of the newborn is carved into the branch and offered up 
in a unique ceremony.

According to ancient writings, the Mekkoju itself does not exist, although 
its branches do. The ceremony for finding the branches in Shinari Mountain 
is referred to as “The Mekkoju Walk.”

For generations, the head of the Ohta family has been responsible for 
finding the branches and granting then to the island’s newborn.

This faith surrounding the Mekkoju seems to be a variation of the belief 
that holy trees are capable of cleansing evil and unclean things. 


No. 082 Photo of Father and Son
Character	/Unknown
Time	/15:00
Place	/Yamijima Island/Aonoku Settl.  
Required	/Cleanse the soul of Ryuhei Mikami
Notes	/ You get this when completing the first mission objective of 
Akiko Kiyota’s 15:00 stage.

Looking for treasure with daddy

Shu Mikami 4 years old


No. 083 Atlantis Special Issue
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/18:00
Place	/Shinari Mountain/Pylon #4
Required	/Conversation with Yorito Nagai
Notes	/ You get this at the start of Yorito Nagai’s 18:00 Stage.

Latest Observation Result Hints at the Existence of a Parallel Universe!

Have you ever imagined the existence of a world other then the one we live 

The idea that there is another world beyond ours that looks pretty much the 
same is referred to be the term “parallel universe.”

The number of these worlds are said to be equivalent to the alternative 
paths that were not treaded in our world.

Recently, the existanvce of a parallel universe was suggested by the latest 
space observation results. 

Arguing the existence of a parallel universe may seem bizarre to some. 
However, when taking into account the relationship of time and space, and 
the very fact that we are here in this “reality,” there is clearly a link 
that may reveal the very mysteries of life!


No. 084 Pylon Drawings
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/18:00
Place	/Shinari Mountain/Pylon #4 
Required	/Inspect the wall of Office Bldg. 
Notes	/ In Yorito Nagai’s 18:00 stage, while playing as Mamoru, check 
the wall in the room where you beat Tomoe.

Drawings rendered by the crew involved in the pylon’s construction. This 
strange phenomenon in which these individuals drew the same image at the 
same time resulted in a certain degree of uneasiness among the personnel.

This sort of event wherein coincidence seems to be related to the extent of 
being on the same order as causality is referred to by the psychological 
term, “synchronicity.”


No. 085 Dog Whistle
Character	/Soji Abe
Time	/19:00
Place	/Y. Gold Dredge/Breakroom Storeroom 
Required	/Encounter Shu Mikami’s spirit
Notes	/ You have to get this one to finish mission objective 2.

Dog whistle carried by Shu Mikami. The whistle emits high frequency 
soundwaves that can only be heard by canines. It is commonly used to issue 
“silent” commands to dogs. To the average ear, the whistle sounds like a 
faint breeze. 


No. 086 Soji’s Lighter
Character	/Soji Abe
Time	/19:00
Place	/Y. Gold Dredge/Near Guardhouse 
Required	/Use dog whistle to call Tsukasa
Notes	/ You get this automatically when finishing the second mission 

Soji Abe’s favourite vintage oil lighter. The surface, which features an 
engraving of some sort of fiery character, is marred by burns and traces of 
bite marks. 


No. 087 Yamijima Folklore
Character	/Ikuko Kifune
Time	/20:00
Place	/Pylon #4/Mine Tower Storeroom 
Required	/Inspect the desk
Notes	/ It’s on the desk beside the shelf where you find the gun

A collection of Yamijima Folklore
Compiled by the Yamijima Folklore Research Group. 
Published 1967.

(Press X to open)

A creeping evil on the beach

An old woman on the island relates the tale of an impoverished couple who 
lived on the shores of Aonoku. One day, the pregnant wife wandered out to 
the beach to wait for her husband’s return. Heedless of a warning handed 
down by generations of islanders in which a cursed child would be born of 
any pregnant woman who is touched by the sea, she stepped into the waters 
as she waited for her husband. 

Hearing of her transgression, her husband was furious! The wife was advised 
by the certain member of the Ohta family that her newborn child should be 
dismembered, sealed in a barrel, and buried in hallowed ground. 

The wife ignored the advice. 

As the infant grew, the mark of the defiled appeared on the child’s skin. 
To save the child, that certain Ohta family member performed a ceremony 
using the holy tree to exorcise the child. Shortly thereafter, the mark of 
the defiled faded from view, cast to the winds. 


No. 088 Mamoru’s Digital Camera
Character	/Ikuko Kifune
Time	/20:00
Place	/Shinari Mountain/Pylon #4 
Required	/Inspect the Office Bldg Storeroom
Notes	/ You get this automatically when completing the second mission 

Pedegon “Ogo Pogo” Digital Camera GW-C99Z

Featuring a 21mm-160mm Tridest optical zoom lens and Muse Engine II for 
clear resolution and rich colour expression. 

Easy to handle, water-proof, and solidly constructed for the active 

(Press X to view number 44 of 150)

A photo image of Mamoru Itsuki taken at Sanzu Harbour. The picture was 
taken by pointing the camera at himself, and shows a girl in a red cardigan 
and a fisherman with a vacuous expression on his face in the background.


No. 089 Mamoru’s Notebook 
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/21:00
Place	/Shinari Mountain/Pylon #4 
Required	/Reconcile with Ikuko Kifune
Notes	/ You get this automatically from Ikuko Kifune’s 21:00 movie 

Company granted my business trip request. My first sole assignment: 
Yamijima Island! I’m tense and excited. Unable to sleep.

I never thought I’d see that dream again. Why do I have to worry like this? 
I feel like I’m an exceptionally cold person. Maybe the dream’s a result of 
stress from all this tension. I’ve got to make this assignment a success. 

(Press X to check letter)

Dear Mamoru,

I used to think you were different. Unlike everybody else, you didn’t 
ignore me. But I guess you were no different after all. 

Just like them, you thought the bruise on my chest was gross, didn’t you? 
That really hurt… 

But I guess I should at least thank you for being nice up to now.



No. 090 The Ohta Family Code
Character	/Mamoru Itsuki
Time	/22:00
Place	/Pylon #4/Ohta’s House
Required	/Inspect the alcove
Notes	/ Only Obtainable in the second mission objective. It’s on the 
same side as the annaki remain but further into the building. 

The task of protecting Yamijima Island is the duty of the Ohta family. It 
is up to the members of said family to keep to the following:

- Never desecrate the hallowed land.
- Be not tempted by those who fear the light for they be the instruments of 
the ancient ones.
- Forbid those with child from entering the sea.
- Carve the name of the newborn on the Mekkoju branch.
- Conduct funerals using the Mekkoju branch. 


No. 091 Time Capsule
Character	/Yorito Nagai
Time	/22:00
Place	/Shiofurihama/School Playground 
Required	/Locate the buried time capsule 
Notes	/ You need to have archive item 76 before you get this one. 
Follow the instructions of that item to find this one. (Starting at the 
turtle’s tail, go forward 3 steps, turn left for 5 steps, then go 2 steps 
to the right.)

The “time capsule” is a vinyl bucket packed with toys and other junk. The 
mud that’s seeped into the container over the years smells stagnant and 
foul. For the school kids who buried the capsule, each item was meant to be 
a treasured memory, but none of the contents appear to be so.


No. 092 Annaki
Character	/Kanae
Time	/22:00
Place	/Singularity 
Required	/Self-inflicted by Annaki Remains
Notes	/You automatically get this while doing Mamoru Itsuki’s second 
22:00 stage.

Big 	heavenly fish		Die

All bones 		Dust

Small	Many fish 		Born

Deciphered words from sentences based on an unknown language. No other 
existing records. Genuine or fake?


No. 093 Photo of Shu and Kanae
Character	/Shu Mikami
Time	/23:00
Place	/Singularity 
Required	/Reunite with Kanae
Notes	/Automatic, you get it from Mamoru Itsuki’s 23:00 movie stage.

I love Kanae so much
I hope she stays with us forever and ever

Shu Mikami 4 years old


No. 094 National Sports
Character	/Yorito Nagai
Time	/23:00
Place	/Yamijima Island/Shiofurihama
Required	/Inspect the ship’s name
Notes	/none.

National Sports
August 7, 2003
Japanese Bermuda Traingle?
Hanumaru Missing!

Hanumaru, a tuna boat fishing off the coast of Yamijima Island disappeared 
at 4:40 a.m. on August 6, adding yet another chapter to the mysterious 
disappearances that have plagued that particular area of the sea. 

In 1976, the entire population of the island disappeared following the 
night when the island was plunged in darkness by a severed undersea cable. 
In 1986, the Bright Win passenger liner went missing. Given these 
incidents, many have come to refer to the waters off the coast of Yamijima 
Island as Japan’s Bermuda Triangle.


No. 095 Old Scroll-Chapter 3
Character	/Otoshigo
Time	/23:00
Place	/Underwater
Required	/Rise up from the deep
Notes	/Automatic.

The Denizen of the Deep

Otoshigo is one of the ancient entities that escaped into the ocean depths. 
Though it screamed to its fellow, who sought shelter deep underground, its 
call went unanswered. The grief-stricken cries of the Otoshigo shakes the 
seas, bringing disaster and misfortune to any who wander in its path. 


No. 096 Letter to Ikuko
Character	/Ikuko Kifune
Time	/24:00
Place	/Shinari Mountain/Pylon #4
Required	/Return to reality
Notes	/You get this automatically when you get the Mamoru ending.

Dear Ikuko, 

Congratulations on your graduation from high school.

I know I haven’t been much of a mother to you, and I can only apologise.

As you may know, I moved to Tokyo right after you were born, and was barely 
able to squeeze out a living for myself. The best I could do at the time 
was to take Ryuko with me.

But that’s really no excuse, is it?

The other day, I was going through some old boxes and came across a torn 
picture of the two of you together when you were little girls. I’m sure you 
were always on Ryuko’s mind. I’ve enclosed the remaining half of the 
photograph with this letter.

Now more then ever, I sincerely regret separating you from your twin 

I’m really worried about her. She’s still missing, and nobody’s heard from 
her at all. 

Should she show up at your door, please let me know right away.



No. 097 Yamibito’s Picture Dairy
Character	/Yorito Nagai
Time	/24:00
Place	/Unknown
Required	/Unknown
Notes	/You get this automatically when you get Yorito Nagai’s ending.

A picture diary containing an odd drawing and diagram.

(The text reads: “A scary monster fell from the sky”)


No. 098 National Times
Character	/Soji Abe
Time	/24:00
Place	/Yamijima Lighthouse
Required	/Collapse of causality 
Notes	/You get this when you watch Soji Abe’s ending. You get the 
ending when you complete all other 99 archive items except this one. 

National Times
August 1, 2005 Evening Edition
Man Beaten To Death
Roommate Sought for Questioning

…around 4 p.m., the body of a beaten man was found in an apartment in 
Tokyo’s Shinjuku District. An employee of a local restaurant, the man was 
identified as 33-year-old Ichiro Nakajima. The body was found by Nakajima’s 
employer who went to his apartment room when Nakajima failed to return 
during working hours. The restaurant owner called the local authorities 
when he discovered a suspicious woman in the apartment where Nakajima was 
lying face down in a pool of blood, his head badly beaten.

A warrant was issued for the murder suspect, Noriko Kifune (33), an 
unemployed woman, who refused to accompany the police for questioning, and 
escaped the scene of the crime.

Further investigation revealed that Kifune had residing with the victim for 
about a year in the same apartment room where Nakajima met with his 
untimely death. Neighbours also reported that the two were heard arguing on 
the previous night of the incident.


No. 099 Missing Person Poster
Character	/Unknown
Time	/33:00
Place	/Yamijima Island
Required	/Wander the Netherworld
Notes	/You get this by playing the extra 33:00 stage, which become 
available when completing the game (i.e. all the regular playable 

Kyoya Suda was last seen leaving home, riding on a foldable mountain bike 
on August 2, 2003 (Saturday). Mr. Suda remains missing.

Name: Kyoya Suda
Birthdate: July 26, 1987 (16 yrs. Old)
Blood type: 0
Height: 170cm
Weight: 60kg
 Last seen wearing a moss-green short sleeved shirt over a white tee-shirt, 
jeans, and white sneakers. 

If you have any information or may have seen Kyoya, please contact the 
local authorities or Police Headquarters at the number listed below.


No. 100 Portable Stereo Player (audio)
Character	/Kyoya Suda
Time	/33:00
Place	/Yamijima Island
Required	/Wander the Netherworld
Notes	/ You get this by playing the extra 33:00 stage, which become 
available when completing the game (i.e. all the regular playable 

Portable headphone stereo cassette player (playback only). 


This Guide was written over a year from now when I’m doing the touch ups. 
I’m terribly sorry that I don’t remember all names But I need to say thanks 
to the Siren 2 Gamefaqs Board regulars who helped me out when the game was 
new. You probably know who you are. 

Also thanks to Shin at for making 
speedruns that could be used for references when I had no idea were an item 

And of course SCEJ and SCEE for making and brining the game over to Europe. 

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