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Urban Chaos: Riot Repsonse
FAQ by Rikki H.
Version 0.50

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*~*Version History*~*

0.50 - Halfway through the FAQ. Still got half of the missions to do, but
       everything else is pretty much finished.

0.55 - A small update. One more mission complete and a couple of touch-ups
here and there.


1. Intro (urbint)
2. Controls (urbcont)
3. Weapons (urbwep)
4. Team mates (urbteam)
5. Special objectives (urbspec)
6. Walkthrough (urbwlk)
7. Unlockables (urbunk)
8. Cheats (urbcheat)
9. Outro (urbout)

Note: To jump to a particular section, use the search feature and type in the
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*~*Intro*~* (urbint)

One of the more finer FPS out there, Urban Chaos revolves around Nick Mason, an
officer in T-Zero, out to stop a gang called the Burners from destroying the
city by any means necessary. There's a lot of fun to be had in this game, and
some parts can be quite challenging, which is why this FAQ is here. To take you
through each level bit by bit. Hope this helps you.

*~*Controls*~* (urbcont)

left analogue stick - Move
directional pad up - Action order
directional pad left - Follow me order/heal
directional pad right - Take cover order/don't heal
directional pad down - Open orders (if teammate is present)
X - Reload/skip cutscene
[] - Cycle through firearms
() - Cycle through melee weapons
Triangle - cycle through projectiles
L3 - Crouch
R3 - Zoom/aim
L1 - Use riot shield
L2 - Use thermal breather
R1 - Fire
R2 - Use secondary fire/use flashlight (where available)
Select - View objectives
Start - Pause

*~*Weapons*~* (urbwep)

Nick Mason has quite an array of weapons available to him, and they come in
three categories, firearms, projectiles and melee weapons. Some weapons can
only be picked up from dead Burners, but some can be very useful. As you
progress through the game, you'll aquire new prototype weaponry which will be
upgraded and become more powerful. Below are all the weapons you can find, 
within their category, and whether you start with it or if you have to pick it 


Pistol - Your standard pistol. You probably won't use this much when you aquire
better weapons, but to start with, this gun is valuable for getting headshots.
As it upgrades, it aquires a scope to snipe Burners with, but by the time you
get that, you'll alreay have the assault rifle, which is a LOT better. One
thing that makes the pistol useful is that you can use your flashlight with it,
allowing you to see in dark areas. (Default Weapon)

Assault Rifle - Essentially, you'll be using this to snipe far off Burners and
for getting loads of headshots. You can either use continuous fire or a 3 shot
burst. As it upgrades, it's scope will be able to zoom in more, allowing you to
pick off even further away Burners, and when it gets to Mk 3, it has a built in
grenade launcher too. An essential piece of equipment. (aquired through 
emergency missions)

Shotgun - A real powerful gun. This little beauty can blast heads clean off in
one shot. Unfortunately, the further away you are, the less accurate it becomes
and so, it's best to use this in close range situations. As it upgrades, it has
a built in flashlight attatched to it, very handy. (aquired through emergency

Sawn off Shotgun - Aquired very early on in the game, this is easily one of the
most powerful weapons in the game. It's secondary fire fires off both barrels
at once, and it can literally send Burners (or team mates) flying all over the
place. You'll definitely want to use this a lot. (picked up from Burners)

Machine pistols - You always dual wield this weapon. It's not the most accurate
weapon ever, but it's rate of fire kinda makes up for it. Personally, I would
stick with your assault rifle, as it's a lot more damaging and accurate. 
(picked up from burners)

Custom assault rifle - The burners assault rifle. It doesn't have a scope, but
it seems to be slightly more damaging than your own. By the time you get this
though, your assault rifle should have maximum scope capabilites, which makes
this version obsolete. (picked up from burners)

Grenade launcher - Only found later in the game (until you upgrade the assault
rifle that is.) The grenade launcher is one of the most damaging weapons, and
can take out a large group of burners with one blast. Ammo for this is scarce,
so use it only when you need to. (picked up from Burners)

Mini Gun - Aquired after getting all 204 medals in the game, this is THE most
powerful weapon in the game. With this in your arsenal, the Burners won't stand
a chance, so watch as they get mowed down. It's secondary fire keeps the gun
constantly roatating, so you don't have to wait for it to fire.


Smoke Grenade - These things release a large cloud of smoke, making it hard to
see, which can be good or bad. It makes it so enemies can't, but it can also be
hard to see them too. Personally, I don't use this very often. (aquired through

Riote Grenade - These are vital for taking in Burners alive and earning medals.
They release a bright flash of light that stuns enemies. Don't get too close
though, or you will become disorientated. (aquired through medals)

Molotov Cocktail - Throw one of these, and it sets whatever or whoever it comes
into contact with alight. You can also smash the bottle over someones head if
you're close enough to him. You have to be pretty accurate with the throwing
for it to have any effect though. (picked up from Burners)

Nail Bomb - This is a pretty damaging weapon. It sends out hundreds of nails in
all directions and causes an explosion, which can set someone alight. Don't get
caught up in the blast or a large chunk of health will be taken off. It's real
handy for taking out a large group of Burners. (picked up from Burners)

Cleaver - Slice and Dice. This simple piece of equipment, usually used by 
butchers has become a grim weapon of death. You can either throw it or use it
as a melee weapon up close to chop enemies into bits. Realistically, it's not
that good of a weapon, but it's still a lot of fun to use. (picked up from


Stun Gun - This will be your main weapon of choice for using non-lethal tactics
so you can take Burners and their gang leaders in alive. It also upgrades,
allowing for a longer reach. If you become too overexcited though, you'll wind
up cooking the poor sod to a crisp, so don't be too itchy with that trigger.
(Default Weapon)

Riot Shield - Without this, you'll most likely be dead in a matter of seconds.
The riot shield protects you from incoming bullets and projectiles, and is a
real godsend. It upgrades and becomes tougher too, allowing you to withstand
more ferocious attacks. It WON'T, however, protect you from things like
grenades, so be aware of that. (Aquired in a mission)

Chainsaw - This is a real nasty weapon. If you can get close enough, the
chainsaw can easily decapitate enemies, and it's a pretty sick way of killing
them too, although it isn't the most practical of weapons. (picked up from

*~*Team mates*~* (urbteam)

Throughout the course of the game, you'll run into people in the emergency
services who can lend you a helping hand. Each type of person can help you in a
certain way, but all are beneficial to your survival. You can give them orders
to follow, but some can only be used in a certain type of situation. All of the
team mates have the follow or take cover order, so if things get too heated,
tell them to take cover to avoid injury. Be aware that if they die, you fail
the mission, so keeping them alive is imperative.

Paramedics - These people can heal you if you're badly injured. They only carry
three halth packs however, and once they're finished, you won't be able to heal
again. They're also used to heal civilians in certain stages.

Firemen - These guys can help put out fires or clear obstacles or break down
doors that stop you from proceeding any further. They can also help rescue
civilians in certain stages.

Policemen - These guys provide extra fire support in tough areas and can also
provide you with extra ammo if you need it.

*~*Special objectives*~* (urbspec)

In order to earn medals, which in turn unlock better equipment, you need to
perform special objectives within each stage. Sometimes it's impossible to
do every objective in one sitting, so you'll have to replay stages in order to
aquire the ones you missed before. There are five special objectives in total,
they are:

Non lethal enforcer - In order to aquire this medal, you have to take down a
certain number of Burners using non-lethal weapons, like the stun gun or riot

Sharp Shooter - To get these medals, you have to kill a certain number of
Burners by getting headshots on them, which is where the assault rifle comes
in very handy.

Survivor - To get these medals, you have to go through the entire stage without
restarting from a single checkpoint. This can be quite tricky on the harder

Detective - Hidden within each stage are five red and yellow gang masks. You
need to find them all to get the medal.

Gang Leader - Gang leaders allow you to unlock energency situations, which in
turn can provide you with more powerful weaponry. Gang leaders are bald,
shirtless and wear a balaclava type thing around their mouths. If you take
them down using non-lethal methods, you'll unlock more emergency missions.

Remember that you'll ultimately have to play on the hardest difficulty in order
to get all 204 medals in the game.

*~*Walkthrough*~* (urbwlk)

So, here's the main section of the FAQ, and possibly what you came here for in
the first place. Please note that if there's any important notes that you need 
to know, I'll mark them with <!> so please read them, as it'll help you further
Right, let's get cracking.

Hope Street

Primary Objective - Defend Hope Street police station from the Burner gang

Watch the cutscene showing T-Zero making a nice little entrance to the scene,
then get ready for some fun. 

Objective added - Follow Sgt Wolf and defend the exterior parking lot

Follow Wolf out of the van and be careful you don't run straight into the van 
that'll crash through the wall in front of you. Stick with Wolf for now and 
pick off the burners that come over the wall. Watch out for the guys with 
cleavers as they will throw them at you, and seeing as you don't have a riot 
shield yet, you'll take damage. After popping a few caps, Wolf will tell you to 
follow him, so do so, and wait behind the small wall with the other officers. 
Pretty soon, more burners will appear over the wall, take them out, and don't 
forget about the two that appear on top of the tall building in the background.
After taking care of them, Wolf tells you to go to the motor pool, so follow 
him down the slope into the car park. On your way there, make sure to pick up 
the first gang mask in the area, which is in plain sight of you.

Objective added - Follow Sgt Wolf and defend the lower motor pool

Wolf and a couple more officers will be shooting at a couple of burners on top
of a police car. Watch out for the molotovs they throw and take them out, as
well as the ones on the balcony above you to the right. Follow Wolf to the
locked door, which he will open, but then inform you the way is blocked by fire
(nice spotting there captain obvious!) 

Objective added - Pick up a shield from the rack

Wolf compliments you and tells you to go into the next room and pick up a riot 
shield, so do so, it doesn't matter which one you pick, and don't forget to 
pick up the second gang mask off of the desk. Follow Wolf back into the car 
park and dispatch any burners you see, that is, if Wolf doesn't before you.

Objective added - Locate Fireman Doug Johnson

Go back up to the exterior parking lot, where you'll meet Doug, who'll tell you
he can break down the door behind him, so long as you protect him.

Objective added - Protect Fireman Doug Johnson

As soon as Doug starts towards the door, a burner will appear over the wall, so
quicky kill him before he can hurt Doug. When he finishes breaking the door
down, he'll inform you there's another burner in the room. Before you enter, go
back to where you started the mission, where you'll see a police officer, who
will give you a sawn off shotgun with four rounds in it, that's nice of him.
Go back to Doug and take care of the guy inside by any means necessary.

Objective added - Order the fireman to break open the door

Doug will let you know that you can give him orders, like breaking doors down,
so look at the closed door and press up to order Doug to break it down. The
next area is pretty dark, so switch to your pistol and turn the flashlight on
to help you see better.


Objective added - Locate the other shut-off valve

The next area is blocked by jets of flame. Doug tells you to find a valve to
turn them off. In order to get past the flames safely, use your riot shield
while facing the flames to get past them. Don't bother with the door as it's
locked. As you head down the next corridor, a burner will appear right in front
of you. Kill him, and them press X next to the valve to turn off the flames.
Follow the corridors round to another locked door, and order Doug to break it
down. This is where you and Doug part for now, as you're rwquired in the
locker room.

Objective added - Locate the locker room

Open the door and you'll see you're above the motor pool. Shoot the burner on
the other end of the balcony, and then the other one on the other side.

<!> - You can shoot the red gas canisters you see to make them explode and
take out whoever's in the vicinity of the blast, pretty useful.

Go through the door and you'll see a paramedic tending to a police officer.
She introduces herself as Jane Dellaney, and says she can heal you if you need
it. If you do, select the tick to be healed fully. In the next room, kill the
burners on the other end of the room

<!> You can shoot the fire extinguisher to disorientate the burners, allowing
you to get a clean shot in. 

Before going on, enter the shower room on the right and get the third gang mask 
on the bench. As you get close to the police officer, a truck will crash 
through the wall, killing him.

Objective added - Locate the administration wing

Be careful in this next area, as the two burners in there have sawn off
shotguns that do a lot of damage. Use your shield wisely and taken them down,
then go to enter that door to see a short cutscene showing the gang leader in
the next area. The cop informs you to take him in alive. Before heading to him,
go to the end of the room and turn right to pick up the fourth gang mask. Now,
head down the corridor, using your shield for protection. Kill the guy that
appears on the left, get close to the gang leader and incapacitate him using
your stun gun.

Objective added - Locate the cell block and prevent Estevez from escaping

Kill the two Burners above you if you want, then head straight ahead from where
the gand leader was located and pick up the final gag mask behind the pillar
on the right. After that, head through the closed doors you see to a cop that
tells you Estevez is holding his partner hostage.


<!> DON'T kill the burners in the cells. They count as prisoners and you'll
fail the mission if you do so.

Head down the corridor to watch a police officer get shot by Estevez. Now it's
payback time. This is your first hostage situation, and you can't just rush to
the guy, otherwise he'll kill the hostage. The trick is to whip your pistol out
and hide behind your shield until Estevez starts reloading. The camera will
turn slow-mo and zoom in on him, now's your chance to shoot him in the head.
Estevez will retreat round the corner, so follow him and repeat the process.
He'll retreat one more time. Wait until he reloads, then watch the fireworks as
you finish him off once and for all. Good job, you've done your first mission.

Emergency: Downtown

Emergencies are a bit different to normal missions. The main objective is 
always to rescue a hostage, but the biggest difference is that you're against
the clock, so you can't hang around. For this particular emergency, you have a
time limit of 3 1/2 minutes.

To begin, head down the street and kill the four burners that appear. After 
this, turn right, kill the burners and head up the stairs. Dispatch the burners
chucking molotovs from the windows and head straight. When you reach the other
side, kill the guys that come round the corner, and head where they came from.
Kill all molotov wielding burners at the end of the road and on top of the
building, taking care of the guy with the cleaver. When they're all dead, head
up the stairs to the left of the building in front of you. When you reach the
top, kill the burner threatening the hostage, then head back down the stairs
with him. Kill the burners that have appeared in the courtyard and head back
down the street. Kill the guys at the end and head right to successfully escort
the hostage to the helicopter. First emergency mission, complete.

Westside Canals

Primary Objective - Clear the Westside canals of all gang activity

So some idiot prank called the emergency services and now the Burners have them
pinned down. Looks like this is a job for T-Zero. You're dropped next to 
Forrester who will inform you there's a medical crew trapped.

Objective added - Locate the medical team

Drop down through the gap in the wall and kill the Burner that appears. The guy
in the chopper says he's located a medic who is under attack from Burners, so
you need to hurry and get to her. Shoot the lock on the gate and go up the ramp
where a police car followed by Burners will appear. Kill the burner that goes
after the police officer, then turn around and head into a small alcove on the
right to pick up your first gang mask. Head back and shoot the Burner
tormenting the medic, then kill the other three that come over the ambulance.
Once theyre disposed of, Hart tells you that the Burners chased Jane down the
slope to a warehouse. So that's your next destination.

Objective added - Gain access to the warehouse

Get Hart to heal you if you need it, then head down the slope and kill the
Burner that drops down in front of you. Two more will then appear, take them
out as you see fit. As you head onto the boardwalk, another Burner will show
up. You can shoot the gas canisters to make him go out with a bang if you want.
Keep heading along and enter the building.


Objective added - Locate and rescue the captured medic

Kill the guy at the top of the ramp, then head up there yourself. There will be
a Burner to your right, so get rid of him. Go whichever way you like and head
up the stairs on your left. Kill the Burner that jumps out from behind the 
boxes, then kill the guys that appears from the entrance to your right. Turn
around and shoot the Burner on the other side of the warehouse, then enter the
room that they came from to pick up your second gang mask. Head along the
gangway and you'll hear Jane cry out. Two Burners will rush you, so kill them
quickly. On the other end of the room is a gang leader, so get close to him and
use your stun gun to capture him. Thankfully Jane is ok, and she'll tag along
with you. She tells you there's a guy located near another warehouse.

Objective added - Locate the missing civilian

Pick up the molotovs from the desk and head back the way you came. When you get
to the stairs, a car will crash through the gate at the bottom, and two Burners
will attack. Kill them and head through the now destroyed gate.

<!> You can knock off the snowmans head in this area, it doesn't do anything
inportant, but it's a laugh isn't it?

The guy you're looking for will collapse near the dumpster, and a Burner will
try to kill him. Get rid of the Burner quickly before he can do so.

Objective added - Use the medic to heal the civilian

More burners will show up, one is on top of the building throwing molotovs.
After killing the 4 or 5 Burners that appear, order Jane to start healing the
guy. Now Jane and the civilian are defenceless, so you need to protect them
until Jane's finished. Forrester will come to provide backup, as a number of
Burners suddenly appear. Kill them all, and Jane will finish patching the guy
up. Jane says that the guy's boss is being held hostage in the building up
ahead, so let's save him.

Objective added - Locate the warehouse owner

Head towards Forrester and help him take down the Burners trying to kill him.
Head right and pick up the third gang mask at the end of the alley, then head
the other way into the warehouse. Kill the guy that appears and head through 
the hole at the end. Use your flashlight in the next area and head through the
door on the far right of the storage area.


As soon as you reach the top of the stairs, all the lights will go out, so use
your flashlight to help you see. Around the corner are two Burners, but they
stupidly decided to take cover where gas canisters were, silly people. Kill
them and continue down the path. There's another hostage situation coming up,
so follow the same procedure as last time. Shoot him and he'll retreat. Kill
the burners on the other end of the room and follow the guy. Shoot him again
and he'll retreat onto a bridge, shoot him one last time and SQUISH!

Objective added - Escort the warehouse owner as he reconnects the power

Gee, you think he'd be more grateful for saving his ass, oh well. Head back
with him but turn left  instead of going straight on and go down the stairs.
Pick up the fourth gang mask on one of the crates, then order the guy to
use the switch on the wall. Finally, we have light. 

Objective added - Return to medic
The guy says he's going back to his office. Follow him, enter the room he 
unlocks and pick up the final gang mask and the sawn off shotgun off the desks.
Head back the way you came and press X next to the shutter to open it. Quickly
kill the Burners that were waiting for you and head back to Jane, killing any
remaining Burners. Job done, good work.

Energency: South Side Lot

For your second emergency mission, you have five minutes to complete your job.

Head down the ramp and kill the burners at the bottom, then head through either
entrance, kill the burners and head down the ramp. Watch out for the guys 
hiding behind the crates, they have sawn off shotguns. When they're dead, head
right down the ramp and through the door. Kill the burners outside, then head
right. Kill even more burners and head through the entrance that one burner
was standing in. There are three burners hiding behind alcoves here, so time
your shots wisely. Head down the alley and up the ramp at the end. There are
burners everywhere in this next area, so use your shield to protect you. When
they're all dead, kill the burners at the top of the ramp and head up it.
Some more burners will drop down ahead of you, os get rid of them, and the ones
that appear to your right. Head through the corridors and you'll eventually
find the hostage. 

Kill the burner harrassing him and carry on forward. Shoot the guys that appear
in front of you and continue on to a bridge. Before heading across it, get rid
of the guys hirling molotovs on to it. When they're dead, head across it. Turn
left when you enter the building, kill the burner and head up the ramp to
complete your second emergency mission.

Webster Street

Primary Objective - Protect the fire crews in the Webster Street area

The Burners have now started firebombing downtown. Time to get to work.

Objective added - Take out the alleyway defenders

The fireman says there's two Burners chucking molotovs in the alley ahead. By
now, you should have obtained the assault rifle, so use it to pick the two guys
off on top of the gangway. The fireman will then put out the fire blocking your

Objective added - Locate the fireman trapped in the alley

Head down the alley and pretty soon, an explosion will occur, and two Burners
will appear, along with a fireman. Take the Burners out quickly. Hey, it's
Hal's brother. He'll tag along with you for now to help you find his partner
who is also trapped. Kill the guy that appears behind the blockade then order
Forrester to break it down. Another burner will appear over the dumpster ahead,
so shoot him, then get Forrester to put out the fire. There's three burners up
ahead. Use your assault rifle to take them all out from afar. When the're dead,
continue on and anther burner will appear on the balcony on the right. Shoot
him and take out the other guy shooting at the fireman. Oh dear, looks like
Steve didn't make it. Mike says he needs a minute, so go on without him for

Objective added - Gain access to the burning building

Head back and go up the ladder where the burner with the cleavers came
from to pick up the first gang mask, then go up the ladder to the left of Jane
and Mike. Kill the burners tha appear to the left and right then break the
glass with your riot shield and drop down into the room. By this time, Mike
will have said he's ready, so open the shutter and order him to put out the
fire. While he's doing this, head up the ladder behind the building to pick up
another gang mask. When Han's done, order him to break down the door that's
barricaded. Mike tells you that the building is real smokey, and gives you a
thermal breather. Now you won't lose health from inhaling fumes and it also
picks out heat sources so you can find people easier. If you need to heal, go
back to Jane and do so, otherwise head into the building.


Objective added - Gain access to the roof

Get Mike to get rid of the wood that fell in front of you, then before you head
up the stairs, get him to put out the fire next ot them and pick up the third
gang mask. Well, looks like there's no way back now, so the only way is up.
At the top of the stairs, when Mike goes to break down the door, he'll tell you
that it's a backdraft door, and a huge wall of flame will come out when he hits
the door a second time, so when he does so, hide behind your shield to avoid
being burnt to a crisp.

<!> You can actually just move to the side to avoid damage. You can also tell
if a door if a backdraft door by the plume of smoke coming out of the bottom
of it.

Head in to the next room and kill the Burners on the other side of the broken 
wall. If you can't see them, use your thermal breather to pick them out.
Go into where they were and go through the door on the left. Kill the burner
that appears and head up the stairs. Get Mike to bust the door at the top, then
quickly kill the burner that tries to shoot him. As soon as you order Mike to
put out the fire on the right, five burners will arrive, so use cover and
your shield wisely and pick them off one by one. When they're all dead, get
Mike to finish off destroying the debris and head across the gangway. At the
top of the stairs is a gang leader, so don't kill him. When he's been 
captured, get Mike to break the door and you're finally on the roof.


Objective added - Rescue all trapped civilians from the burning building

Tera and a fireman will appear on a crane. She'll inform you that there's
civilians trapped in the burning building behind you. Doug will also arrive,
who will help you rescue the three guys trapped. Head back and through the open
doors on the right. Enter the room and get Doug to put out the fire by the next
door. As he does so, Burners will smash through the windows, so take them out.
Head down the corridor and kill the flaming burner that tries to assault you,
then kill the burner that's at the top of the stairs. This place can become 
confusing, so we'll start at the top and work our way down. Using your breather
or flashlight is vital here, as it can be very difficult to see where you're 
going. Head up the stairs and get Doug to hit the door, watch out as it's a
backdraft door. Ignore the hole in the floor for now and head to the right.
Follow the corridor and before you drop down the big hole, pick up the fourth
gang mask on the shelf. Drop down and you'll see your first civilian. Get
Doug to carry him on his shoulders, but here's a catch. As soon as you do so,
you'll have a limited amount of time to get the guy back to Tera before he dies
so you have to be quick.

<!> The easiest way of finding your way out is to head through doors with exit
signs above them.

Drop down another hole and head through the door, keep on going and head up the
first flight of stairs. Go through the door you see on the right and you'll be
on familiar ground now. Keep on heading through the doors and get right up
close to Tera for Doug to drop the guy off. One down, two to go. Head back
inside until you get to the stairs again. Head up them again and go back to
the room where there was a small hole to your left. Drop down it this time and
you'll see the second civilian on your left. Get Doug to pick him up, then
drop down the hole to your right. Go through the door and follow the corridor
round. You should recognise the stairs, so head up them and head back outside
and drop the guy off with Tera. Only one more to go. Go back to the stairs, but
this time head down. Go through the only unopened door you see at the bottom
and head down the corridor and watch out for the explosion. Use your shield to
get past the flame jet and head in to the room. There's your last guy. Turn the
valve next to him to allow Doug to get to him. Before you get him to pick the
guy up, look behind you and pick up the last gang mask. Now head back to the
corridor and kill the burners that appears. Go up the stairs to the left, then
drop down the hole. You should remember the area when you saved the first guy,
so follow the exit signs back outside and drop the guy off. Phew, that was
hard work, but your job isn't done yet.


Objective added - Defend the roof from attacking gang mambers

Well that's just great, there's a problem with the crane, and a whole horde
of Burners decide to show up. Never stay in one spot, or you're a sitting duck.
Watch out for a couple of Burners who will jump on to the roof you're on. The
T-Zero copter will arrive and ask for clearance to shoot. Until then, you have
to survive the assault on your own. After what seems like forever, the chopper
will be given clearance, so sit back and watch the fireworks. Mission complete.

City Hall

Primary Objective - Regain control of the city hall area

Objective added - Locate and rescue the medic

Right from the get-go you have to be quick to save Hart, as she is being
attacked by a gang of Burners up ahead. Follow Forrester and shoot the burner
trying to kill her with the cleaver, then kill the guy hurling molotovs from
the building on the right. More burners will appear to the left of you, so
shoot all of them that appear.

Objective added - Return first civilian to the ambulance

Tera will inform you there are two civilians trapped up ahead, so you need to
help her get them back to the ambulance at the beginning og the level. During
this bit, a never-ending spawn of burners will appear in several locations, so
this is a good opportunity to earn some easy medals, but it also makes your
life more difficult trying to protect the civilians AND Tera. Before carrying
on, turn around and head to the furthest left corner you see to pick up the
first gang mask. Head back past the monument and head left. The first civilian
is located behind a burning vehicle. Get Tera to heal the guy, and as you do,
more burners will appear behind you. Shoot any that appear. Now you have to
cover the civilian and Tera as you escort them back to the ambulance.

Objective added - Return second civilian to the ambulance

Once the guy is safe, head back and kill all the burners that appear from the
opening. Enter the same building they came from and kill the burner having his
fun with the second guy you need to rescue. As before, get Tera to heal him,
and cover her as two burners will arrive. Once he's healed, head back to the
ambulance, killing the burner that pops up to your right as you leave the

Objective added - Gain access to the store roof

Forrester will inform you that the burners have taken a civilian hostage in a 
store up ahead. Follow Forrester back to where you rescued the civlians, and 
the truck to your right will explode. Some bastards got a rocket launcher, so
quickly enter the building that the van was originally blocking. There's five
burners in here, all with sawn off shotguns, so be careful. Head to the back of
the store, picking up the second gang mask to your right in thr process, and
head up the stairs. Don't bother with any of the doors, they're locked. As you
head to the ladder at the top, a burner will drop down. Show him who's boss.


If you need to heal, go backdown the stairs, as Tera will be there now, if not,
then head up the ladder. Straight away you're in a hostage situation.

Objective added - Rescue the hostage

This time it's a little bit different, as the hostage taker has become a little
bit smarter. Sometimes, when you think he's going to reload, he'll actually
throw a molotov at you, so don't fire whatever you do, or you'll wind up 
killing the hostage. After shooting the guy a second time, watch as he gets 
turned to mincemeat, yummy. If you need healing, head back to Tera who's on
the roof now, or just jump into the helicopter to have some fun. Now you get to
play with a minigun. You have unlimited ammo, so don't worry about running out.
Destroy all the burners on the first rooftop and you'll move to the balcony at
the start of the level. Annihilate anything in your path. You'll then get a
call from officer Daniels who needs urgent help. Time to save the day.

Objective added - Provide air support for the police on the ground

It's a little bit trickier to hit burners this time, as they're further away,
but you can zoom in with the minigun to make it a little easier. Kill each
and every burner that appears, then take the ones out on the bridge above you.
Crap, that guy with the rocket launchers back. You jump out just in time to see
the helicopter you were just in explode into flames in the street below. drop
fdown onto the rooftop below and pick up thet hird gang mask behind the 
structure on the left. Continue on and head down the ladders to meet up with


The guy with the rocket launcher has retreated into the sewers. Time for some

Objective added - Enter the sewers via the crash site

Head to the debris and drop down the hole you see. No going back now. Up ahead,
kill the burners appear all around you and head along the bridge. Kill the
burners to your left and straight ahead, then head up the ladder. Another
burner shows up ahead of you behind the bars. Kill him and continue along the
gangway. Kill the burner that drops down in front of you and head down the
ladder. Jane is back at the entrance if you need her, otherwise, head into the
tunnel. Kill the burner behind the bars and head left. There will be burners
all over the place here. Use your thermal breather if you can't see them, and
kill them all. Keep heading along the tunnels and take the first right turn
you see. At the end of this bridge is the fourth gang mask. Head back and turn
right. Watch out here, as you've finally caught up with the gang leader with
the rocket launcher. Strangely, your riot shield must be made of the strongest
substance known to man, as it can protect you from rocket fire, so use it.

Objective added - Defeat the gang leader

There are little alcoves as you head up the slope. Kill the burners hiding in
them and use them for cover. Wait until the gang leader has fired a rocket and
continue heading up. As you reach the top, the coward will retreat.go to the
alcove on the right and duck into the small gap to pursue him. Quickly kill all
the burners you see and head down the ramp. Take cover behind the crates,
and head to the right. The last gang mask is on your right, so quickly pick it
up and head towards the back wall. Like an idiot, the gang leader replaces the
rocket launcher with a sawn off shotgun, so wait until he drops down and
incapacitate him. Good job, if you can dodge rocket fire, you can do anything.

Emergency: Dockyard

Again you have five minutes to complete this emergency, but things are gonna 
get trickier from now on, so keep your wits about you.

From the start, head left and kill the burners on the boat and on the ground,
then enter the warehouse. More burners will rush in, but a quick shoot of the
gas canisters will see to them. Head up the stairs and through the entrance
they came from. More burners are in thie next warehouse, so dispatch them all,
then head down the stairs and through the entrance to the left. Watch out for
burners on top of containers here, as they can catch you out. When all the
burners are dead in this area, head through the gate and turn left at the top.
There will be more burners in the windows of the building ahead of you, so kill
them and their mates on the ground. continue forward and enter the building.
Kill the burners in here then go up the stairs and through the entrance at the
top and dispatch the burner guarding the hostage.

As soon as he's rescued, more burners will attack ahead of you, so kill them
quickly. Head down the stairs and head right. Turn around and kill the guys
behind you and head forward. Burners will appear everywhere here, so keep your
eyes peeled. Keep on heading around the outside of the building, picking off
the burners that appear round the corner and on top of the containers and that
will be another hostage rescued.
Eastside Dockyard

Primary Objective - Secure the dockyard

Objective added - Accompany the fireman back to his crew

This is where things start to get a little more tricky. The burners will become
smarter and have access to better weapons, which I'll inform you of later. As
soon as you gain control you will be instantly under fire from burners. Your
best bet is to stay where you are and pick them off as they appear. Once you've
dispatched of the nine burners that appear, head either way until you reach a
container that you can crouch under. Before going underneath, climb the ladder
behind you and pick up the first gang mask in the container. After that, go 
underneath and press the switch on the other side to raise it so Johnson can 
get through. As soon as you do, more burners will appear. If needs be, tell 
Johnson to take cover, and kill the  seven burners to come at you. When they're
dead, head either way again and turn left. Kill the two burners hiding behind 
the crates. Get Johnson to lift up the shutter you see and head inside. Head up
the ramp and kill the two burners at the top. Press the red switch on the wall 
to lift up a container outside. Before you tell Johnson to move, head outside 
and kill the burner that's patrolling and the one that appears after the 
explosion. When they're dead, head back up the ramp with Johnson and get him to
break down the door. Kill the two burners that are waiting for you on the other
side and head on through. Stay in this position and kill all the burners that
appear. When no more burners appear, head across the containers. When you pass
over the purple container, kill the burner that appears and pick up the second
gang mask behind the boxes to your left. Continue across the containers and
drop down to finally meet up with Tera. Before heading with Tera, go up the
ladder and pick up some machine pistols at the top and use them on the burner
that appears. When you're done, head to Tera and heal if you need to.

Objective added - Protect the fire crew

Quickly dispatch of the four burners trying to chop that poor fireman to bits.
When he's safe, he'll let you know that Frank went into the nearby building to
look for casualties. No sooner does he say that, that the same building 
explodes into flames. Fortunately Mike is ok, but there are still people 


Objective added - Find and return casualties to the medic

Enter the building that just exploded and get Mike to get rid of the rubble
blocking your way. This next area can be quite confusing, so stay focused. Head
straight ahead and get Mike to put out the fire to your right. When it's out,
go inside and through the door to the right. The next door is a backdraft door,
so stand clear of it. A burner will immediately burst through, so kill him.
Go into the next room and through the door straight ahead of you. The door to
your right leads back to the courtyard, so it can come in handy later. Head up
the ladder ahead of you to get some more machine pistol ammo and the third gang
mask. Head back down and up the ramp. Get Mike to bust the door down and head
along the metal gangway to your left....ah, guess you couldn't save that guy,
oh well, continue round the gangway and as you get to the next corridor, two
burners will attack, so dispatch them. There's another backdraft door here, so
once again stand clear or use your shield. In the next room is a fireman who
eeds assistance, so get Mike to haul him up and head back the way you came.
Unlike last time, you don't have a time limit, so you can take your time.
When you've dropped the guy off at the medic, head back to the same room and
go through the now opened door. Go straight through the next room into the next
one to find a civilian. As you head back with the guy however, the floor
collapses ahead of you. Looks like the only way is down.


Wait around for a bit as Mike calls for help. Pretty soon, a burner with a
chainsaw will smash through the door. Quickly kill him and the guys with
machine pistols on the wall. There's a neverending wave of burners here, and 
all of them pack machine pistols, so be extra careful. 

Objective added - Find a way into Pier 5 warehouse

Head down the ramp and Hal will tell you he'll provide backup for you. Quickly 
head round the corner and down the slope ahead of you, killing any burners
along the way. Go up the stairs to the right and kill all the burners. A
civilian will join you and will help you lower the bridge to the next area.

Objective added - Escort the civilian to the crane control room

Escort him back up the slope and up the stairs to the left. The guy will open
the door to the control room. Press the switch to lower the bridge.

Objective added - Storm Pier 5 warehouse

Head across the bridge and kill the burners on the other side. Before going in,
head right and pick up the fourth gang mask. Now head inside and kill the
burners hiding behind the crates. The gang leader will make a run for it, so
follow him. Go down the ramp and pick up the last gang mask behind the row of
crates in front of you. It'll suddenly get dark, so switch to a weapon where
you can use your flashlight. Two burners will jump out at you so pop a cap in
their asses. The gang leader is hiding behind the pillar in front of you, so
get close to him and incapacitate him. Good work, another successful mission

City Metroline

Primary objective: Clear the subway station of all gang members

Objective added - Protect the train occupants from further attacks

This mission starts off tough, so be prepared. Tera tells you to check on the
driver, so head up the carriages to the front of the train. A burner will
drop down in front of you, so pop him in the head. You have to be quick here,
as a burner will start unloading on the driver with machine pistols, and he
won't last long, so leg it to the front carriage and dispose of the guy.
After speaking with the driver, a second train full of burners will pull up
next to the one your on, and they'll start shooting at Tera, so quickly head
back to her, dealing with any burners on the other train along the way. Once
you've dealt with the burners shooting Tera, the train driver will come under
attack again. Once the train driver is safe, Tera will come under attack again.
After this onslaught, the train opposite will pull back, allowing you to
recover health if needs be. Don't relax too long however, as another train will
arrive. Some burners will be on top of the train this time too. Do the same as
last time, and don't stop for anything, as if either Tera or the driver die,
it's mission over. After what seems like forever, the train will pull back.


Owch, that's gotta hurt, and after all that, the driver gets killed anyway!
Figures. Before heading on, go behind the fireman and pick up the first gang
mask, then head to Jane

Objective added - Defend the medic and fire crew

Not long after, more burners will arrive to cause trouble. It can be hard to
see where they are here, so use your thermal breather to pick them off. When
all the burners are dead, head through the entrance to your right. There's
some machine pistols along that dark corridor ahead, but if your ammo is full,
head up the stairs and along the roof of the destroyed train to meet up with
Mike. For this next area, it'll be very handy to use a weapon with the
flashlight, as there's a lot of dark areas. Drop down and head left for now and
get mike to put out the fire. Head back and get him to break down the rubble
as well. While he's doing that, pick up the second gang mask to your right.
Head along the corridor until you get to two cops

Objective added - Break through the Burner gang defences

Don't head into the next area yet, wait for the cop to finish talking, and 
some burners will arrive. There's a gas canister right next to them, so shoot
it to take them all out at once. When their dead, head onward and get Mike to
break the barricade down. As you reach where you killed the burners, another
one will show up, so kill him and head into the next room. A chainsaw wielding
burner will charge through the door, so show him a piece of your mind. 

Objective added - Reach the subway platforms

As you round the next corner, some more guys will jump you. Some will be hiding
behind the pipes ahead, so wait for them to pop their head up and blast them.
Go to where the guy with the chainsaw came from and pick up the third gang 
mask, then head along the rest of the corridor. Soon you'll come to a locked
door, so get mike to break it open. Some burners will be attacking a cop up
ahead, so kill them before he dies to get a little backup. As you head along
this next passageway, some burners will hang down from the cieling, so don't
get caught out by them. Order Mike to put out the fire at the end of the
passage. In the next area, burners are assaulting a cop, but before you help
him, quickly run across the generator to your left and pick up the fourth
gang mask. If you're not quick enough, you'll be fried, like that poor bugger
just was. After picking it up, quickly drop down and deal with all the burners
here. Drop down and head towards the door.


Yikes, it's a hostage situation again. Fortunately, the guy doesn't put up
much of a fight. Squish!

Objective added - Locate and rescue the second subway worker

Jane will deal with this guy, you need to go and find the second guy. Don't
fall on the tracks here or you'll be electrocuted. Head along the platform and
the lights will go out, followed by a wave of burners coming down the stairs
ahead. Take cover if you need to and pick them off one by one. When they're
all dead, head up the stairs and to the left. Go down the next set of stairs
and kill all the burners on this platform too. Head through the door at the
end to another hostage situation. This guy is a little smarter, and will throw
nail bombs at you at random. After shooting him once he'll retreat round the
corner, this is where he'll meet his end. Fry burner fry!

Objective added - Locate and clear the ticket office

Before heading back with the guy, look behind the generator to pick up the
last gang mask. Flick the switch on the wall then head back all the way to the
stairs. The guy will be on the left of you, and he'll open up the shutter for
you. Head right and kill the burner harrassing the cop and he'll help you out
for this last area. Go back to the escalators where the gang leader is located
at the top of them. He's the middle guy, so don't shoot him. When you shoot
his cronies he'll retreat so follow him. Kill all the burners here, then
apprehend the gang leader who's cowering in the corner. Phew, that was a tough
mission, but you got through it ok.

Emergency: Sewers

Frank's Auto Parts

Primary objective:

Forshaw Plaza

Primary objective:

Emergency: Thompson St.

Angel Heights

Primary objective:

McMillan Street

Primary objective:

Safe House

Primary objective:

*~*Unlockables*~* (urbunk)

As you earn medals you'll aquire new and more powerful weaponry. Below is the
list of unlockables, and the aquired medals to obtain them:

2 medals - Extra pistol clip
4 medals - Riot shield Mk. 2 (protects you from heavier attacks)
6 medals - Pistol damage upgrade
8 medals - T-Zero Body Armor (allows you to take more damage)
10 medals - Smoke grenades
12 medals - Stun Gun Mk.2 (incapacitates enemies quicker)
14 medals - Riot grenades
16 medals - Extra pistol clip
20 medals - Shotgun damage upgrade
24 medals - Grenade Belt (allows you to hold more grenades)
28 medals - Extra shotgun clip
32 medals - Assault rifle damage upgrade
36 medals - Pistol Mk. 2 
40 medals - Extra assault rifle clip
45 medals - T-Zero Battle Armor (allows you to take even more damage)
50 medals - Extra pistol clip
55 medals - Upgraded grenade belt
60 medals - Pistol damage upgrade
65 medals - Extra shotgun clip
70 medals - Stun Gun Range Upgrade
75 medals - Pistol Mk. 3 (has a scope attatched
80 medals - Extra Assault Rifle Clip
85 medals - Shotgun Damage Upgrade
90 medals - T-Zero Assault Armor (even more damage can be taken)
95 medals - Extra Shotgun Clip
100 medals - Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade
105 medals - Extra Pistol Clip
110 medals - Extra Assault Rifle Clip
115 medals - Pistol Damage Upgrade
120 medals - Upgraded Grenade Belt
125 medals - Extra Shotgun Clip
130 medals - Pistol Mk. 4
135 medals - Extra Assault Rifle Clip
140 medals - Stun Gun Range Upgrade
145 medals - Shotgun Damage Upgrade
150 medals - Maximum Grenade Belt
160 medals - Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade
170 medals - Infinite Pistol Ammo
180 medals - Infinite Shotgun Ammo
190 medals - Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo
204 medals - Mini-Gun

As well as earning medals to unlock stuff, you can also unlock other things by
doing other objectives in the game:

Emergency Misiion 1 - Incapacitate 1 gang leaders
Emergency Mission 2 - Incapacitate 2 gang leaders
Emergency Mission 3 - Incapacitate 4 gang leaders
Emergency Mission 4 - Incapacitate 6 gang leaders
Emergency Mission 5 - Incapacitate 8 gang leaders
Emergency Mission 6 - Incapacitate 10 gang leaders

Terror Mode - Unlocked by completing the main game once. This is the hardest
difficulty, and you'll take the most amount of damage from enemies

Thermal Breather - Aquired during the main game. This helps you see in smoky
buildings and stops you from losing health from the fumes.

*~*Cheats*~* (urbcheat)

There are certain cheats that you can input to make the game more fun for you,
or to unlock everything right off the bat. In order to access the cheats menu,
at the main menu press up, up, down, down, circle, circle, down, up, circle,
then input the code given below for the desired effect:

DANCINGFEET - Disco Mode - lights give off multiple colours
WHATWASTHAT - Squeaky voices (pretty funny to hear insults thrown at you by the
KEEPYOURHEAD - Headless enemies
BURNINGBULLET - All bullets set enemies on fire
BURNERSREVENGE - Unlock terror mode
MINIFUN - Unlock the minigun
FRYINGTIME - Unlock long range stun gun (you can pretty much hit an enemy
at the end of a long corridor with this)
ZEROTOLERANCE - Unlock pistol Mk.4
ULTIMATEPOWER - Unlock assault rifle mk.3 and unlimited grenades
ISEEYOU - Unlock thermal breather mk.2 (you can now see through walls)
KEYTOTHECITY - Unlock all mission (this code can't be turned off)