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Asked: 4 years ago

Can't recruit Alicia..? D:

I've followed Elwen into the sewers twice already, and both times she has not talked about some guy named Alfred. I've found that she needs to in order for me to have the chance to battle Alicia and then recruit her after winning. Is there anything specific I have to do in order for this to happen? DD: Please helpp. Oh and I'm over level 27.

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From: 123persona 4 years ago

To get Alicia,
When Jack is level 27 or higher, follow Elwen into the sewers at night and talk to her once shes in the altar room. Alicia will arrive a couple of hours later. Talk to her in the same room. Duel her and win.

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First answer is true but you can't do this until after you choose the human side

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