Question from blackheart_669

Asked: 5 years ago

How to recruit Gareth and Lily?

Anybody can help me find a way to recruit gareth and lily?
Now i'm became a seargent, yet can't recruit gareth.
I read chasew333'faq, what it is recruit phase on lily's recruitment?
If i lv 28, can i still recruit her?
Thanks a bunch

Accepted Answer

From: happypor100pre 5 years ago

to recruit Lily just follow Elwen when she goes to the shrine in the sewers once she gets there wait outside the entrance to the shrine until Lily shows up and crouches at the entrance then talk to her until she fights you when you win she joins.

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sorry to double post forgot to say that you can recruit Lily from level 22 or higher and you can recruit Gareth by talking to him and beating him when hes training at Vancoors training facility.

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