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How do i get to the secret garden!?

I know you have to climb the wall or beat the game multiple times but how many times and whats the steps to climbing up the wall???

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Ok maybe i am just a dumb **** but i still aint getting it. Also if i just go the long way and just beat it 4 times then can Argo come up?

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Mumblingmichiko answered:

Look it up on YouTube.
Here's a video:
You gotta have patience when watching it, if you skip it you'll miss an important part. I did that and I got stuck halfway up.
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SmurfWithAStick answered:

The minimum number of play-throughs is four, but beating the game once more or eating a few lizard tails will help out a lot. As for the "steps" to climbing the wall, it is a fairly defined path. You just climb straight up the mossy wall, then along a horizontal ledge, and finally jump across to a mossy pillar and climb up again. There are a few breaks in the horizontal ledge which can be crossed with a horizontal jump. After you climb to the top, just walk up the stairs and into the garden.
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Sonic_Hero_007 answered:

On the mossy wall, don't just climb or jump. Hold the left stick left or right then jump. If you did it right, you should jump diagonally. You'll notice that BARLEY any stamina was used up.
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Jae132 answered:

uhm, I've been up to the secret gardens without having to beat the game. And it's not necessary to get your health up either (although it helps)

Just practice it. You need to do the vertical jump right when he swings his arm, you'll know what im talking about once you do it. Oddly, this takes away NO stamina whatsoever. When you feel ready, go for it.
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Sonic_Hero_007 answered:

No. I'm giving you a answer.
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