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Shadow of the Colossus
Walkthough/FAQ written by Clinton Slater
Copyright 2005 by Clinton Slater
Version 1.0
Table of Contents
I. Intro
II. Versions
III. Basic Info
IV. Walkthrough
V. Extras
VII. Other Stuff
VIII. Contact/Credits
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I. Intro

This is my first official walkthrough, so don't be too harsh.  I probably won't
spare plot details, so don't be reading this if you don't want to know what
happens.  That was a double negative, so read if you wanna know what happens.
Since there wasn't already a full Shadow of the Colossus walkthrough, I decided
to make my own.  E-mail me if there are problems or any suggestions you have. 
Yadda yadda, on to the good stuff.
II. Versions

1.0 - The first version.  I'm reading the "How to make a walkthrough" as I make
this.  Included all sections, and Colossus 1-3.

1.1 - No major upgrades.  Added Colossus 4-8.  The first edition on GameFAQs.

1.2 - Nothing major, again.  Added Colossus 9 and 10.  Also added a few
directions that I was too lazy to write the first time.

1.3 - Colossus 11, 12, and 13 were added.  I read all my email, and added 
contributed information to the walkthrough.  Also, I rearranged sections 7
and 8. Updated walkthrough on GameFAQs.

1.4 - Finished up the Colossi.  Beat the game.  Not sure if there will be
another update, unless I decide to change the layout.

1.5 - Included extra stuff (time attacks, hard mode).  All I have left is the
Secret Garden (if there is one) and I beat the game 100%.

1.6 - 100%!  That is, besides directions to two of the Colossi, but oh well.
If I update again, it's just going to be because I changed the way the FAQ
III. Basic Info

The following will be taken (or quoted) from the instruction book, with my
comments (for clarification or otherwise) in parenthesis.

	A. Plot
	B. Controls
	C. HUD (Head's Up Display)
A. Plot

Taken right out of the instruction book...

"...in an undistrubed land, protected by a bridge of unimaginable design and a
temple of untold fear, a legendary myth ofcolossal beings exists.  Miles of
peaceful land plays host to these creatures resembling mountains, both in size
andintimidation.  As these Colossi roam theunbound land freely and peacefully,
it is said that within each Colossus holds a secret to an unimaginable power of
bringing the dead back to life..."

The game starts off with the main character (who remains unnamed to me, at 
least) riding his horse to an altar in the middle of a temple.  After placing
a girl onto the altar, he is talked to by black figures collectively known as

After some conversation, the game begins, and your quest is to revive your
girl friend by slaying the 16 Colossi that roam the world.

B. Controls (Default)

Triangle - Jump, press and hold while climbing to build power and jump higher
Circle - Action (differs per weapon)
X - Control horse (or call horse, if not on it)
Square - Attack
R1 - Grab while jumping, crouch while walking
R1 + Triangle - Roll
L1 - View Colossus (or free look, if no Colossus around)
Left/Right (D-pad) - Change weapon (L for back, R for forward)
L2 - Reset Camera
R2 - Zoom Camera
L-Joystick - Used to move
R-Joystick - Used to control camera (you can do this during movie scenes)
Start - Brings up map
Select - Hold to bring camera to eye level (is this the only function?)

While on horse
R1 - Crouch
R1 + L-Joystick Up - Stand up
Square - Attack

The actions change depending on the weapon, I presume.
The sword's action is reflecting light, which is used to locate Colossi.


The HUD appears whenever you take an action (jump, hold up sword).

Red Circle - this is your stamina, basically.  The longer you hold onto
something or stay underwater while swimming, the smaller the circle gets.  When
it disappears, you will either fall off of what you're holding and possibly
receive damage when you hit the ground, or you'll presumably die if you're
underwater at the time.

Icon (right of circle) - Displays the current weapon.

Red bar (below icon and circle) - This is your health.  It regenerates when you
stand still, depletes under certain conditions (you fall, you get hit by 
something), and when itdepletes fully, you die.

Grey bar (top left) - Only appears while fighting a Colossus.  Depletes when
you hit the Colossus in its weakspot or flesh, and when it depletes fully
the Colossus dies.
IV. Walkthrough

This section will expand as I continue further into the game.  This will be
seperated by each Colossi, and further subsections if needed.  Also, I will
give each Colossi a name.  Please contact me if they have official names.  If
you want to skip ahead to a specific fight, just 'search' the document with the
Colossus' name in caps.  Be sure to click 'match case'.

	A. Minotaur
	B. Dog
	C. Knight
	D. Dragon
	E. Falcon
	F. Giant
	G. Eel
	H. Lizard
	I. Turtle
	J. Snake
	K. Bull
	L. Monolith
	M. Sky Snake
	N. Ox
	O. Warrior
	P. Last Colossus
	Q. Aftermath
A. Minotaur

First, listen to Dormin and he will explain the general controls.  Go outside
and lift your sword up to the light (circle).  Use the L-Joystick until you
find the area where the light converges (hint: it's right in front of you).  
You can either go there by foot, or use your trusty steed, Agro.  I prefer
using Agro since he's faster.

Head back inside the temple and use the staircase to exit.  When outside, press
X to call Agro if he's not already near you, and then Triangle to mount Agro.  
Now, while on Agro, press X to speed him up, and hold X to keep him that fast.

Head towards the area where the light converged.  You can hold up your sword
while mounted, but be warned, you will steer Agro as you look around.  You'll
know when you reach the right area because you'll see a movie scene and the
music will become dramatic.

The on-screen instruction will tell you what to do, so practice the controls 
for jumping and climbing by making your way to the top.  You can grab onto any
grassy/vined area, whether it be a wall or Colossi.

Also, the game doesn't mention, but when you want to climb ontop of a ledge,
when you reach the edge, press triangle once and you should jump up.

When you reach the top, you see your first Colossus, the Minotaur.  Time for a


Your first Colossus.  The first thing you see of him is his gigantic club.
Feeling lucky?

Dormin will tell you to shine your sword onto the Colossus to find his
weakpoints.  Do so, and you'll notice that the light converges on his head and
his left foot.  Obviously the left foot is closer, so go for that.

Be careful when you near the Colossus.  You'll know when you're close when you
see a big cloud of dust from his footsteps.  Also, if for some reason the
Colossus is facing you, watch out for his club.

On his left foot, you see a patch of fur.  Grab onto it and stab away, building
up your power with the square button before you press it again to attack.  Make
sure you press square when the red circle flashes for optimum damage.

After two attacks, Minotaur should collapse to his hands and feet.  Feel free
to climb up his hindquarters now.  By the time you reach the first platform, he
should be getting up.  Regain your stamina by standing still and holding R1 so
you don't fall off.

Climb up to the next set of platforms, and regain stamina again if need be.
These platforms have 'rollcages' so that you won't easily fall off (though it
may still be possible).  Next target is the head.

Latch onto his back and climb over its shoulders onto the glowing glyph on
his head.  Build up power and stab, watching out for his attempts to shake you
off.  When hi shakes, hold R1 so you don't fall.

In the event you fall, watch out for his feet for he will try and stomp you,
and repeat the climbing process all over again.

Repeat the steps until the life guage is fully depleted, and watch as your
first victory is claimed.
B. Dog

You awaken back at the temple and are told by Dormin the general location of
the next Colossus.  After going outside to determine via sword the area where
the next Colossus roams, jump down from the ledge.  It's okay, trust me.

You'll learn of save altars.  To use them, press circle while in front of one.
You'll want to save plenty of times in case you die, wind up in the wrong area
and don't want to backtrack, or want to replay your favorite Colossus.  All
depends, but you'll probably want to save at least once (general experience).

Mount Agro and head towards the rear of the temple when you're ready.  Just to
the left of the giant bridge directly behind the temple (the white one that has
a high altitude) is the place where you can cross the canyon.  There is a dirt
path leading you there, in case you can't find it.  

After crossing the bridge head towards the lower path and you'll witness a
movie showing your destination, a rather omnious looking cave.  Take note
towards the music change, as well.

Continue all the way down to the bed of the canyon.  When you reach the bottom,
make a U-turn and head past the columns supporting the Temple bridge.  When you
approach the cave, Bull, your next Colossus, emerges.


Your second Colossus is a quadripedal bucktooth giant, to say the least.  Use
your sword and determine that its legs and forehead are its weakpoints.

Now, you'll want to circle behind him and dismount Agro, if you haven't done
so already.  Take note to its feet.  

Since you can't attack his feet with a sword, you'll want to use your bow and 
arrow.  A well placed shot will drop it to its knees.  Climb up the front of
whichever leg you shot at and climb up.  You don't have to hold on anymore once
you reach its back (noted by the stoney protrusions).  Here, you can run and
jump over the stone barriers barring you from the head.

Once you reach the head, latch on and stab a few times.  If you fall off,
shoot one of its legs again and repeat.

After taking off half of its life, the glyph on his forehead disappears. You
can either use your sword again, or simply search the Colossus.  I did the
latter, not wanting to reclimb.

You'll locate the new glyph on its read end.  It is easier to attack than
before, in my opinion.  Take down the second Colossus and claim your victory.
C. Knight

After you awake at the temple, another statue is destroyed.  Only fourteen more
of these beasts to slay, and your love will be saved.

Follow Dormin's directions, as well as your sword's light.

Go around to the back of the temple once again.  If you're facing the bridge 
you took to fight the last Colossus, travel to the left and you'll find another
bridge (it'll look like it's made of clay (orange dirt)).  Cross it.

Pull out your sword, and aim it towards the mountain where it should converge,
except head to the structure that is to the left of it.  It should resemble a
black diamond from a distance.  This'll be your first save point away from the

After reaching the temple, head into the ravine.  It's the big, black,
suspicious looking path leading through the mountain.  The path will be narrow,
so there's only one way to go until you reach an opening.  Take a sharp right
and head down another narrow path (if you can't find it, it's in the direction
of the reflected light).  I had some trouble finding this my first time.

You should come to two forks, take the right path and then stick to the left.
Then, you'll come to a lake with a spiraling bridge, as well as a complimentary
movie scene.

After the movie and the music change, swim out to the bridge and use it to
reach the top of the platform.  You'll have to jump onto a block, shimmy to the
other side, and jump off to proceed.

Approach the stone mass and the third Colossus comes to life before your eyes.


This one looks rather funny because it has a Tetris peace for an arm.m  His
only weakness is his forehead (seeing a pattern?).

Well, this one took me a little to figure out what to do.  You have to run
around the platform until you locate a stone disc in the center. It's pretty
big and it's glowing, so it's kinda hard to miss.

Here's your goal: you have to get the Colossus to attack you using his Tetris
arm (the long one) and he has to his the stone disc.  This will in turn break
off all the discolored armor that he is wearing, granting you a path to his
head.  My strategy was to lure him all the way to the other side of the
platform, run between his legs, and stand on the disc until he turned around
and attacked me.

Now, you'll have to have him attack you with his Tetris arm one more time in
order for you to climb up it.  You can't climb up it if he attacks you with
the arm vertically, he has to slam it down onto the ground and you have to
recover from the fall (if the shock knocked you down, just press triangle a 
few times), run up the arm, and grab onto his elbow fur before he starts
swinging his arm around.

It is possible to stay on his arm while shaking it around if you grab onto
the edge or you're crouching the whole time, but it's rather complicated and
hard, so why bother?

Now that you're attached, you'll want to scale his elbow onto his forearm area
and use the platform to regain your stamina.  After doing so, scale the rest
of his body and go for his head.

Attack his head a few times with fully powered sword stabs and the glyph 
will change places.  Now, you must fall down onto his torso.  This is kinda
tricky, and I can't really explain how to do it.  I climbed as far down as I
could, waited for him to stop shaking, then just fell onto the platform.

After doing so, circle around to the front and attack his abdomen.  Finish him
off and claim your third victory.
D. Dragon

Wake up again, note the destroyed statue, head Dormin's voice, and leave.
This time, head directly towards where the light converges.  You'll go through
a rather long canyon and emerge in a foggy plain with trees and such.

This one is rather easy to find.  After the movie scene, hug the right side of
the cliff and follow it all the way down.  Just keep going straight, checking
the reflection when you reach a sunny spot and you'll come across a big
clearing.  Here, you'll meet your next Colossus.


This guy is a big Chinese-dragon-esque Colossus.  He walks with crab-like feet,
and his only weakness is his head.

Here's the trick.  You have to lure him out into the open (away from the area
where you start out) into the empty field where there are 4 little hills.
If you search around, you'll find them.  They're kinda hard to miss.

Well, what you have to do is have him follow you, hide inside one of the hills,
and, using the caves, come out the other end.  The cave is just a big square,
so take two right or left turns (depending on your direction) and you'll
come out behind him.

Don't let him see you, and just wait for a bit.  He'll duck his head into one
of the mounds looking for you.  Now's your chance to jump onto him.  Climb up
either his tail or his face-tassels and go for the head, holding on whenever
he tries to shake you off.

In the event you do fall off, beware of his feet, for he'll try and stomp you.
Repeat the cave sequence and you can climb back on.

If you climbed up using the tail, there is a weak spot at the back of his
neck that, after attacking two times, he will bow his head, allowing you to
climb over his neck-piece.

On the head, chances to attack are sparse.  Everytime you stab him he'll rear
his head back and forth, and will continue to do so for quite some time.  I had
to let go and regain stamina bit by bit between shakings just so I didn't fall

His glyph will not change locations, and remains on his forehead the entire
battle.  After depleting his life bar, you claim your fourth victory.

25% of the way there!
E. Falcon

When you wake up, do the normal routine.  Now, your destination is to the left
of your previous one.  Go around the far left edge of the cliff and hug the
edge the entire way.  

When you see a save spot, pull out your sword and check your direction.  It's
in the same general direction you were travelling.  When you reach the right
area you'll see a few towers and a black fence all surrounded by water.  Jump
into the water and swim beneath the middle of the fence by holding R1 
(it's broken in half so it's easy to distinguish) and continue to the platform
directly in front of you.  Climb the platform, and walk down the only path.

You'll see a movie, and the Colossus will be revealed to you.


This is an ariel battle, and due to the bird's distance, it's hard to use the
sword to find it's weakspot (but that's why I'm here).

Swim towards the large tower a little to the right of the starting
point (there are vines growing on the closest side).  Go through the path
that is on the side of the tower and jump to the middle of the three floating  

Then, shoot the Colossus with your arrows, and he should take flight.  He'll
try to ram you off of your platform, but jump in his direction and latch onto
his shoulder.

From here, slowly climb all the way back to the tail (if he's flying in a
straight path, you can let go and start running).  Stab until the life bar is
a little more than half depleted, and the glyph will move.  

Climb all the way back to the bird's body.  On the right wing's tip there will 
be the glyph, attack it and it'll then move to the left wing.

Attack it again, and claim your fifth victory.
F. Giant

Go outside and shine your sword.  The light should point you to the right of
the castle.

Mount Agro and head towards your next Colossus.  You'll enter a forest.  Make a
left turn and head straight.  You'll pass a save temple on the way.  Here's
the part that confused me.

Open your map and check your bearings.  Get yourself to face southwest.  That's
the direction you need to go.  You'll come across several exits, take the one
that has desert on the other side.

Shine your sword and you'll see that it points towards a monument.  Upon
reaching the monument, you have to dismount Agro.  Follow the only hallway
all the way into a gigantic room.  Fall (or climb?) all the way to the ground
and the sixth Colossus is revealed.


This Colossus is a giant man-like creature with a beard.  His only weakspot is
his head.

When the battle starts off, quickly run to the wall behind you.  Climb over it
as fast as you can or you'll be squished.  Climb over the next two walls until
you reach the other side of the room.

Alternatively, you can wait for the Giant to step on and break the wall down,
and then climb over the rubble.

In order to climb onto the Colossus, you must hide in the alcove located
at the opposite side of the room in which you started (but you should already
be here).  Just hang out in the alcove until the Giant decides to peek inside
and see what's going on.  When he does, latch onto his beard.

Climb the beard and jump off (key: you must jump off) onto the body.  I haven't
been able to reach the body without jumping off.

Attack the glyph on his head until it disappears, then climb down onto his
back to the next glyph and finish him off.
G. Eel

-directions to come-

The sword reveals the only weakspot is the forehead, as usual.

At the start of the battle, swim out into the water and just hang around until
the Eel decides to attack you.  You'll see an electric circle appear in the
water.  Swim away, and wait for him to poke his spines out of the water.

After all 3 spines surface, his tail will also surface.  Latch on, and prepare
to be dragged underwater.  Hang on until he surfaces again.

When he does surface, let go and run as far as you can until he submerges again
until you reach one of his spines.  Then, grab on and attack the blue spot
behind each of the spines, shutting them off permenantly.  If he is about to
go underwater and you're near a spine, retreat or take it out quickly, or you
might die from the electricity underwater.

After taking out all three spines, safely make your way to his head and attack
the glyph.  He'll start thrashing his head around near the surface.  When
you surface, charge up your attack as far as you can without risking being
thrown off, or you'll have to traverse the entire length of his body from the
tail again.

About four fully charged stabs will take him out, claiming your seventh
Colossal life.  Feeling guilty yet?
H. Lizard

-directions to come-

The sword reveals that the legs are its weakspots.

I died a few times here before I learned exactly how it attacked.  When it
rears its head back and its mouth starts to glow, run away or you'll be
attacked with an electric cloud that quickly depletes your life without

What you have to do is go to the second or third story (I prefer the third)
and shoot it with your bow and arrow.  After catching its attention, wait
around for a bit while using L1 to track where the Lizard is at the moment.

He'll climb the wall, and stick his head into one of the windows and try to
shoot you with electricity.  What you have to do is attack his feet.  I
found it easier to attack the feet to the left and right of the head (as
opposed to the one on the lower floor).  Sometime, only the top of the head
will be in the window, which means the Colossus is too low for you to attack
the feet.

Alternatively, you can go to one of the higher floors, shoot the Colossus,
run to the other side of the arena and run down a few flights of stairs.  Go
to the large opening and shoot its feet while it's still a few stories up in
the air.

Either way, after taking out two of the feet it should fall onto the ground
belly-up.  You'll see the glowing glyph on its underside.  Jump down to the
base of the arena (unless you're on a high story, you might want to consider
climbing down) and run up to the glyph using the Lizard's tail as a ramp.

The glyph will move after about half of the light bar, but it only moves
farther up the body, giving you less time to attack it.

Once you found which method you prefer to knock it down, you shouldn't have too
much trouble finishing it off.

After 2 or 3 knockdowns, he should be finished, making it your eigth victory.
I. Turtle

The next Colossus lies to the north, across the left bridge behind the temple.
You'll have to head towards the canyon where you've been before, right next to
the save spot.

Head striaght and make a left turn at the dead end, passing three columns.
When you exit the canyon, stick to the left and you'll see some geysers off in
the distance.  Look for a bridge to cross the gorge and stick to the left.

You'll see your new best friend lurking in a cave.


As soon as the battle begins, run, roll, dodge, do whatever you can to avoid
the Turtle's bullets.  When in the sunlight, your sword reveals its weakpoints
to be its forehead and its feet.

Throughout the battle, he will fire ground-ripping bullets from his... muzzle?
I found the easiest way to dodge the bullets while on foot is to roll in the
direction the bullets are being fired (away from the Turtle).

What you have to do is lure the Turtle onto the geysers located around the
battlefield.  The geyser will push the turtle up onto two legs, and then it
will collapse.  While collapsed, you must shoot the bottom of its feet and it
will then roll over onto its back.

NOTE: It takes time to lure the slothy Colossus onto the geyser, so be patient.

Also, I have found it best to ride the horse and wait on the opposite side of a
geyser until the Turtle comes into sight, then just take off running in the
opposite direction of the Turtle, so he follows you.  When the Turtle stops
over a geyser, run around in front of him to make him jump up and stomp you.
If the geyser is erupting while he jumps, he'll collapse.

After rolling over, run (or use Agro is he's around) to his underside and grab
on.  Climb up to the middle of his shell, and keep climbing all the way up.
By the time you reach the top of the furry part, he should start climbing to
his feet.  Jump up to the back of his shell and carefully make your way to
his head.  YOU DO NOT want to repeat the whole process of climbing up, do you?

Once you're on his back, avoid being thrown off by pressing R1 to crouch
and jumping every so often.  Once you reach his head, it's a clear shot.
The glyph won't move around, so just grab hold and hack away at his health.

Watch as the Turtle falls for your ninth victory.
J. Snake

Go outside and shine your sword.  The light should point you in the direction
of Colossus 6. (repeated directions for the most part)

Mount Agro and head towards your next Colossus.  You'll enter a forest.  Make a
left turn and head straight.  You'll pass a save temple on the way.  Here's
the part that confused me.

Open your map and check your bearings.  Get yourself to face southwest.  That's
the direction you need to go.  You'll pass a few exits.  When you come to the
one with desert on the other side, go to that one.  Ride through the desert
and you'll come to a big plain with another save temple.  You should also see
a bridge off in the distance.  Cross it.  There will be 2 gaps, either jump
them manually or get Agro up to speed to jump them.

After the bridge there will be a wide open area.  Continue onto the other side
through a few narrow paths.  You'll be going uphill.

Soon, you'll come to another save temple.  Directly behind it will be a cave.
Enter the cave and follow it until you come to a sandy, circular room.  Head
towards the light in the middle and you'll see your next victim.


In my opinion, this is one of the easiest Colossi.

When you begin the battle, you should be on top of Agro.  Have Agro ride around
the arena while you equip your bow and arrow.  As your riding, aim towards the
Snake's face.

The Snake will pop his head out of the sand and open both of his eyes.  Shoot
an arrow into his eye and he'll start spinning out of control.  If you're close
enough to a wall, he'll run into it head first and scream in pain.

Here's your chance.  Ride up to the Snake, jump off of Agro, and start
climbing.  You should have enough time to destroy the first glyph before he
pulls his head out of the sand.

Repeat the process again, except now the glyph is on his upper back near his
face.  Destroy this glyph and the Colossus will fall, making it the tenth
case of narcolepsy the main character has suffered since the game began.
K. Bull

You'll now be heading north, as shown by your sword.

Mount Agro and go the pair of bridges behind the castle.  Cross the right one,
and follow the temple bridge north quite a ways, checking your sword once in
awhile to make sure you didn't stray for some odd reason.

As you enter F1 on the map, you'll notice a humongous gaping gorge.  Problem?
Not at all.  On the far east side of the gorge you'll notice some pillars.
Search in this area and you'll notice a lowered part of the ground.  Slightly
further down the gorge, there is another one that you can jump down onto.
There is a path leading all the way to the bottom.

At the bottom, there is a lake.  Swim across to the other side, and walk up the
path on the right side.  Follow this path all the way down.  There will be an
exit on the left.  Take it, follow the path some more, and jump (note: jump or
you will fall) onto the platform.  The battle ensues.

When the movie is over, roll out of the Bull's way.  There is no light to reveal
his weakpoint.

Notice the four stone altars located around the platform?  Climb up the side of
one (you can't climb the front, only the sides) and wait for the Bull to ram
the side.  You will fall off, along with a stick.

Pick the stick up using circle and climb back up the altar.  Press square to
swing the stick into the fire, lighting it.  Use the fire to scare the dog off
the edge of the platform with light and pillars.

Watch the movie as the Bull falls and breaks all of its armor.

Jump down after the Bull and attach to its back.  It will begin 
L. Monolith

Head north and take the right bridge.  When you cross, you'll want to take a
right (don't enter the desert) and head towards two columns sticking up on top
of a hill.  It's northeast of where you fought the Dog (Colossus 2).  Cross the
stone bridge in front of you.

When you enter the forest, stick to the right and come out the other side.
Take a left and follow the path all the way.  You should come to some stones
that Agro can't pass, so jump off.  Attach yourself to the column on the left
and shimmy your way around to the other side.  Jump off.

You should see a huge lake with an archway.  Jump into the water and swim
through the archway.  Swim out the the platform in the middle of the water,
your next Colossus appears.

This huge Colossus (aptly named Monolith) is one of the weirdest ones I've
yet to face.  The weakspot is somewhere under the water, as shown by your

The opening move will probably be shooting bullets at you, so dodge them the
best you can (I always get hit :( ) and jump into the water.

The only way to climb up is to swim around to its back and climb its fur.  Its
legs are unclimbable, although they look as though they could be climbed.

When you're on its back, thwart its attempts to shake you off and make your
way to its head.  Up here, you'll see three sets of blue rocks, one on the
left, the right, and in the middle.  If you attack them with your sword, you'll
notice the Monolith moves in that direction.

What you have to do is guide the Monolith towards one of the three shrines
located in the water.  When you're close enough, jump up on top of it, and then
climb to the little raised area in the middle.  The Monolith should jump up
on its front legs, exposing a patch of fur on its chest.  Jump on and you'll
see the glyph.  Attack it twice and it should sink back in the water.

It will destroy the shrine and you'll be thrown back into the water.  Repeat
this process once more to claim your twelfth Colossus.

M. Sky Snake

To begin, head to the area where you fought Colossus 10 (Snake), except instead
heading out into the horizon, swing a left into a vast desert.  You'll see the
light focuses at an isolated shrine.  Approach the shrine, and the Sky Snake
will emerge from the ground.

The sword will reveal that somewhere near its tail is its weakness, as well
as other spots further up the body.

What you have to do is mount Agro and whip out your bow and arrow.  Chase down
the Colossus, who will be swiftly flying throught the air.  On it's underside
you will see three sets of air sacs.  You'll have to try and shoot an arrow
into each set, which will be hard considering how fast it is moving through
the air and how far away you air.

My method was to ride directly under the Colossus in the direction it is moving
and shoot a little ahead of the sac, so that the Sky Snake would fly into the
arrow.  It wasn't sure-fire, but it worked best with me (still took awhile).

After you take all three out, the Colossus will start hovering close to the
ground with its front two sets of wings touching the ground.  You must ride
Agro close to the head and jump onto one of the wings, which all of ridges that
you can grip.  Carefully jump up to the body.  

Traverse towards the tail.  Behind each dorsal fin (like the fin on a dolphin)
is a glyph.  There are three glyphs total (head, middle, and tail)
Every time you take out a glyph, the Sky Snake will try and throw
you off by turning upside-down.  Just hang on and you should be able to stay
on, or you'll be thrown off and have to repeat shooting the air sacs.

When you destroy two of the glyphs, the Sky Snake will dive into the ground,
forcing you off.  Just hang around and it'll reappear.

COOL NOTE: You can use your sword to follow it and try and guess where it'll
resurface it.

When it's time, the Sky Snake will emerge from the ground (like it did at the
beginning of the fight) in a giant spiral.  While spiraling, take out as many
air sacs as you can.  They're easier to hit because they're extremely close.

It'll take flight again.  Shoot down the remaining air sacs, climb onto its
wing again, destroy the last glyph, and victory is yours.
N. Ox

The next Colossus lies to the north, across the left bridge behind the temple.
You'll have to head towards the canyon where you've been before, right next to
the save spot.

Go straight until you reach a left turn (there will be no other turns) and
you'll cross three columns.  Take a right and follow the path until you see
another path littered with columns.  Follow this new path all the way until
you enter the ruins of a city.  You'll see a movie.

Jump off the platform and go through the only exit you see.  You'll see a
column lying on the ground jump on top of it and keep going forward, you'll
see your next Colossus come in with a dramatic entrance.

At the start of the battle, roll out of his way.  Your sword will reveal a 
glyph on his back, but it's covered by armor.

What you have to do is make the Ox run into the towers located around the arena
by standing on top of them and shooting him with an arrow.  To do this, you
have to climb up onto the fallen tower (it's across the arena from where the
Ox came down the steps).  Jump from that fallen tower onto the archway, then
make your way to the tower.

Jump onto the tower and climb to the top.  The Ox will ram the tower once, and
lose interest.  Shoot him with your arrows and he'll ram the tower once more,
making it collapse and opening up another area for you to climb on.  You must
keep climbing up on things and making the Ox knock down towers until you see a
movie in which a tower knocks down a large portion of a wall from the entrance
to the city.

Run to the wall on the opposite side of the destroyed wall and climb up to the
first platform you were on when you entered the city.  Stand up on the little
altar here and shoot the Colossus.  He will be angered and knock down the
supporting beam holding up the entire platform.  The platform will collapse on
top of him, destroying his armor.

Now, you can latch onto his back and attack his glyph with your sword, except
it won't be as easy as it was with the Bull.  In order to successfully attack
the glyph, you must stand on top of something else, have the Ox ram into it
(you shouldn't have to shoot it this time, he's angry and should follow you)
and then climb onto his back while he is on his knees recovering.  You should
be able to squeeze in one fully charged stab and another half-charged stab
before he regains his stamina.

Repeat the process until his life bar is depleted, and enjoy your colossal
victory. (haha, a play on words...)
O. Warrior

To get to the warrior, head to the area where you found the giant gorge in
which you fought the dog.  Instead of heading down the gorge, head east and
you will find ruins.  climb the ruins and follow the linear path.  You'll
find an area that looks like a colosseum.   Walk all the way to the ledge and
the you'll see the next enemy.

The Warrior's weakspots is it's hand with the sword and it's head.

At the start of the battle, run away from the Warrior becasue each of his
footsteps will shake the ground and cause damage to you.  Jump up on the
side of the arena (the stone ledge) near one of the lowered platforms and wait
for the warrior to lumber over to you.  

He'll step up on the ledge to try and squish you.  Dodge him, and look at the 
platform.  You'll notice that one of the edges is now raised.  Use it to climb
up on the platform.  Walk to the middle of the new ledge and stay near the
wall.  The Warrior will sooner or later swing his sword at you, knocking a
ceiling tile loose.  Climb up on the tile and jump into the hole from which
it just fell from.  Climb the little ladder on the inside and you'll be on
the third story.

From here, run to the ramp on one end of the ledge and you'll be on top.
Run to the ramp on the opposite end of the ledge and you'll be on a 
bridge linking both sides of the arena.

Walk out on the bridge and the Warrior will intently watch you.  He'll swing
his sword at you, destroying the bridge.  This will grant you access to his
head, which you soon promptly jump on top of.  

Pull out your sword (if you haven't already) and destroy the glyph on its
forehead, holding on whenever he tries to shake you off.  Then, travel down his
body to his hand with a sword.  Attack the blue spot above his elbow and he'll
drop his sword, revealing the last glyph.

Jump off the body onto the ground.  He'll swing his hand down at you.  Just
climb on and attack the glyph whenever he stops moving long enough for you to
power up your stab.

Viola!  You have one Colossus left.
P. Last Colossus

You're heading towards the southernmost part of the land now, as is it's the
only place on your map with clouds in the direction of the light.  Make sure
you bring Agro with you (or at least not to lose him)

Go through the southeast mountain path (on your map, it lead to the southeast
area, easy to spot) and just continue southwards.  You'll see a giant door with
pillars in front of it.  You can't miss it.

Shine your sword upon the door, and enter it.  Follow the path (I highly
suggest you save at the shrine) and mount Agro if you aren't already on him.

Ride him all the way up the stairs.  When you reach the top, run as fast as you
can straight and you'll jump onto a platform.  It will begin to collapse, but
after a touching movie scene, you will be on the other side.

Climb the wall in front of you and head to the right.  Climb the stones and
then the grassy wall.  Keep scaling the stone ledges and then you'll be back
on top of the temple.  Go down the short hall and up the stairs.

A storm will begin to brew.  Climb the pillar on your right and prepare
yourself for the most epic battle of the game as the final Colossus is

He will point his finger at you.  Hide behind a column before he shoots and the
gigantic bullet he fires won't affect you.

Slowly approach him, hiding behind columns as you approach so as you don't die.
You can withstand a few hits before you die, but if your life starts to run low
while you're still approaching him, hide behind a column so you can replenish.

ATTENTION: He fires homing bullets, so DO NOT jump out of the way, or you will
be blown back quite a bit, and receive quite a bit of damage.

Stay to the right side of the temple.  When you get to a set of columns where
the left one is erect and the right one is broken, (it should be directly
up the stairs, memory isn't my best asset) go to the right of the broken one 
on the right and you should see a hole.  Jump in and follow the passage to come
out of another similar hole, but closer to the Colossus.

Jump out and stay behind the wall.  He'll continue firing at you.  When a shot
hits the wall, quickly run to the right and stand behind the next wall.  Keep
doing this until you come across another hole.

Take the long passage until you come out the other side, and head towards the
Colossus.  Jump on the column and grab it, then shimmy to the other side.  Jump
off onto the platform (remember to hold down on the left-joystick to make him
jump backwards, don't hold right like you probably want).

Walk around the cliff and go into the passage surrounded by columns.  Come out
the other side.  Stay behind the walls and head towards your right.  Jump into
another hole.  When you come out of this one, you'll see another movie
revealing the entirety of the Colossus.  He's not a little fellow.

NOTE 1: From here on in, try and keep your stamina bar as full as possible.  You
don't want to fall down and have to rescale the entire Colossus.  It's a
tremendous time waster.

NOTE 2: There are many ways to climb the Colossus.  I only go over one of the
possibilities here.

Climb up the wall in front of you.  From here, you can either go right or left.
With Wanderer facing the Colossus, I chose right, though I presume they are
both the same.  Shimmy (or jump) across the gap and climb up the 
one-ledge-ladder.  Head around to the Colossus' side and scale the wall.

Jump off of the wall to your right.  Climb this wall (it looks like its cut in
half, but you can still climb it if you charge your jump) and then the one that
is right in front of you.

Run around to the back of the Colossus and climb its back.  You should see a
blue spot.  Attack it, and the Colossus will reach around to its back.  Jump 
on its hand and it will then carry you to the front.  

Climb up to the forearm and you'll see another blue spot.  If you're having
trouble climbing, you can stab its hand and it will stop what it's doing and
just stare at you. Attack this spot and it'll reach his other hand out, jump 
onto it.  Attack the top of its hand and it'll reach around with its left hand
to watch you better.  Be careful, he could let go at any moment and if you're
not holding on, you'll fall all the way to the bottom like I have many times.

While it's watching you, shoot an arrow into its shoulder, and it will grab
the shoulder, finally granting you access to its head.

Pull out your sword and climb to its forehead and attack.  If you run low on
stamina, jump off of its head onto its shoulder and stab it.  The Colossus
will grab its shoulder granting you enough time to regain some stamina.

Keep at it, and enjoy the movie scene!  I must admit though, the humanlike
qualities of this Colossus makes me sad to kill it.
Q. Aftermath

Use the left joystick to move around and press square to smash the ground.  
Have fun while it lasts.

Watch the ending and then save after "End" comes up on screen.

When you beat the game, you'll unlock time attack mode as well as hard mode for
a new playthrough.  If you beat hard mode, you unlock hard time attack.

In time attack, you get one item for every two Colossi that you beat within the
time limit.  To get the item, go to the room with the giant spiral staircase
with the pool.  The items will be in the pool.  Press circle to pick them up
and Dormin will give a breif explanation.

The items unlocked in the following order:

Normal Time Attack:
1. Whistling Arrow - distracts Colossi
2. Cloak of Force - increases attack versus Colossi
3. Mask of Strength - increases strength even further
4. Lizard Detection stone - shows where Lizards are on the map
5. Fruit Tree map - shows where trees are on the map
6. Mask of Force (also noted as Mask of Power) - even more strength
7. Cloak of Deception - makes you invisible to Colossi
8. Flash Arrow - causes damage against Colossi (and the animals)

Hard Time Attack:
1. Harpoon of Thunder - arrow's attack equal that of a stab
2. Sword of The Sun - reflects light even in shadows
3. Fruit Tree Map - same as above
4. Shaman's Cloak - more defense against attacks
5. Lizard Detection stone - same as above 
6. Shaman's Mask - more defense against attacks
7. Cloth of Desperation - acts like a parachute while falling
8. Queen's Sword - Lethally damages all Colossi

In order to use the items, open up the map and activate the items through
the menu.

Also, upon beating both time attacks, you unlock a new color for Agro.
If you beat normal time attack, hold down square at the title screen and Agro
will be brown when you load/start a new game.  For hard, hold down circle and
Agro will be white.
V. Extras

Reminisence Mode - you can replay any of the Colossi you wish by going to
their dead carcass, pulling out your sword, and pressing circle.  Select yes
and you'll replay the fight scene.

More Stamina - Around the world map, you'll see little lizards crawling around.
Take out your bow and arrow and shoot it.  It may take a few tries to hit it.
When/if you do, run over to its body and press circle.  You'll claim its tail
increasing your stamina slightly.

NOTE: It seems brown lizards do nothing, yet white-tailed lizards increase 

White doves - Every time you kill a Colossus, a white dove will appear in the

Birds on the map - If you're going in the direction of the next Colossus, birds
will appear and start flying above you.  This is helpful when you're out in the

Pet Agro - If you don't have a weapon in your hand, Wanderer will pet Agro and
say "Good boy."

Just ask me a question and I'll post it, no matter how frequent it is.
VII. Other Stuff

This section will be stuff that other people contributed to the walkthrough
that didn't really have a place in the actual guide.

	A. Wanda
	B. Regarding the Glyphs
	C. Agro/Agro
	D. Requests from Me
	E. Alternate Monolith (#12) Strategy
	F. Secret Garden Request
A. Wanda

In the original version of this walkthrough, I noted the nameof the girl to be
Wanda.  This is wrong, however.

"Wanda is *not* the name of the hero's girlfriend. Neither the hero,
nor his lover are named; "Wanda" in the Japanese title means
"wanderer" and refers to the hero. It is a coincidence that Wanda is a
name in English-speaking countries, which is why the title was

I personally refer to the hero as Oscar (O.S.C.A.R, odd sneaky
charismatic adventuring rogue), his lover as Lisa (L.I.S.A, lying
incapacitated on stone altar) and the horse Agro, (awesomely ridable
and gunning for officer).

-- taiq-white"

Thanks, Taiq, for pointing this out.
B. Regarding the Glyphs

TankGirlTango points out that the glyphs don't move, but they all exist at
once, letting you choose in which order you want to destroy them.  The guide
will still contain the order I destroyed the glyphs, though.
C. Argo/Agro

In the original version, I noted the horse's name as Argo, but it in indeed
Agro, as you can clearly hear if you call the horse while it is near you.
Numerous people pointed this out, and thanks to all of you who did so. ^_^

UtanMaster points out that if you watch the beginning movie twice, you can
watch Agro move around the world while your character sleeps at a save spot.
D. Requests

I would appreciate it if someone could write up directions for Colossus 7 and 8
for me.  I just need to know how to get to them, mainly due to laziness on my

Also, if someone would like to reformat my walkthrough with some cool ASCII
art or make it look nicer, that would be much appreciated.
E. Alternate Monolith (#12) Strategy

I have an alternate, and might I add, much more fun way of getting up there.  
From the platform you start on, shoot the stones on his head to guide him to 
your position, making sure to duck behind the middle chunk when he shoots at 
you.  Once he is right up on top of you (pretty much) make sure to duck as 
close to the middle piece as possible to avoid being blasted.  After a little 
while of trying to shoot you, he will go underwater and come up with his front
legs on the platform your on, much like when he reveals his weak spot.  As 
soon as he goes underwater, jump up on the middle platform, on the side 
farthest from him (so you can get a good run at him.)  Now heres the tricky 
part.  As he is coming up out of the water, his head swings in pretty close 
to you.  If you time your running/jumping right, you can actually grab right 
onto his face.  After he swings about a bit, you can easily jump right up to 
the top of his head.  If you miss your chance to time the jump right (it takes
some getting used to) its pretty tough to make it.  The key is to start running
towards him as he starts to swing his head towards you (you'll see what I'm 
talking about), and jump at the last possible second to ensure maximum 
F. Secret Garden 

If you go to the back of the temple near the temple bridge, you will see an
area of the wall covered with vines.  Climb up it.  I used short diagnol jumps
to make it all the way up.  When you reach the top of the climbable area, look
on the right for a ledge.  Take this ledge and keep hopping from ledge to ledge
until you are able to climb up more.  You should be on the west side of the
temple when you are able to climb up to a platform.

From this platform, you can either take the temple bridge all the way to the
entrance of the forbidden land (which you cannot leave due to wind gusts
pushing you back, or you can take the stairs to the secret garden.

The garden is just a big area full of trees and flowers.  The trees contain
fruit which, if eaten, reduce your stamina and healt.  Also, there is a gaping
hole at one end which leads all the way down the spiral staircase room and into
the pool at the bottom.  If you jump off, mind you, you are more than likely
going to die.

That is all the secret garden contains.
VIII. Contact/Credits

E-mail me at FLLMTLCHCB at YAHOO dot COM

Thanks to the makers of Shadow of the Colossus for making a cool game.
Thanks to CJayC for making a coolio website.
Taiq-White for clearing up the Wanda/Wanderer situation.
TankGirlTango for informing me about the glyphs.
If you contribute to my walkthrough at all, I'll add you here, as well.

Also, I extend my personal thanks to everyone who sent me emails.  That really
makes a guy feel loved to let him know people read his stuff.  ^_^