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------------------------ Shadow Of The Colossus -----------------------
--------------------------- FAQ/Walkthrough ---------------------------
---------------------------- Version 1.35 -----------------------------
------------------------ Author: Zenithwillrule -----------------------
------------------------- AKA David DeGregorio ------------------------
--------------------- Email: Invertedd@gmail.com ----------------------

Table of Contents

1) About me: Description of the author of this guide.
2) Spoilers: My view on spoilers and why I never use them in my guides.
3) Getting started: Some details about the game.
4) Getting used to the controls: Control details.
5) Walkthrough: The walkthrough.
   a)   Colossus number one
   b)   Colossus number two
   c)   Colossus number three
   d)   Colossus number four
   e)   Colossus number five
   f)   Colossus number six
   g)   Colossus number seven
   h)   Colossus number eight
   i)   Colossus number nine
   j)   Colossus number ten
   k)   Colossus number eleven
   l)   Colossus number twelve
   m)   Colossus number thirteen
   n)   Colossus number fourteen
   o)   Colossus number fifteen
   p)   Colossus number sixteen
6) Version History: history of this FAQ.
7) Legal Information: Copyright info.

About me:

Hello, everyone. My name is David DeGregorio and I am currently a
sophomore in College. I wrote this guide because Shadow of the Colossus
is an amazing game and I felt like playing it again. This is the first
FAQ that I've ever submitted so I spent a lot of time making sure there
are no errors. If you find any errors in this FAQ just email me at the
above address. I look forward to writing more FAQ's in the future.
Anyway, enough about me. Let's get this FAQ started.


I will refrain from spoilers in my FAQ's. The game is for you to
experience and this guide is supposed to add to the experience, rather
than ruin it for you. This is easy for Shadow of the Colossus, though.
The only real plot development comes at the end and I will not spoil
that for you because it is quite shocking.

Getting Started:

First, you will need a copy of the game. I'd assume you have one
already if you are reading this FAQ. Ok, now pop that disc into your
PS2/PS3. (I'm assuming you have a system to play the game on. Also, if
you have a PS3 I'm assuming it's backwards compatible.) If you are
using a PS3, then you can go into the setting menu. Under "game
settings" is the option to turn on PS/PS2 smoothing which improves the
quality of the graphics, if only slightly.

Once the disc is loaded, you will be treated to an opening cut scene
featuring a young man (Wander) riding a horse across a truly gigantic
bridge. (Seriously, it's about as long as the sword you use to defeat
Ares in God of War) The bridge leads to a temple of sorts. After
descending a bunch of stairs, the young hero stops in front of an
altar. He lays an unconscious woman down upon the altar. (Apparently
she had been riding on the horse too. It's kind of hard to see in the
intro cut scene.)

Now you're finally in control of your character. Your mission, in order
to revive the girl that you love, is to destroy the 16 Colossi. As the
name suggests, these creatures are enormous and won't be easy to kill.
It's a lot like fighting 16 bosses, albeit with an insanely awesome
twist: you scale these monstrosities, personally delivering the
finishing blows. You get an insanely exhilarating feeling when you
topple a monster larger than a skyscraper. Anyway, I'm getting off
track again.

Getting used to the controls:

Now that the mysterious creature (Dormin) is finished talking about
your quest, you can get used to the controls.

Button                   ~   Function
Left Analog Stick        ~   Move Character
Right Analog Stick       ~   Rotate Camera
Triangle                 ~   Jump
Square                   ~   Slash with your sword
Square w/ bow            ~   Shoot arrow
Square (hold) w/ bow     ~   Charge arrow shot
Circle (In sunlit area)  ~   Focus light on sword to find Colossus
D-pad (left or right)    ~   Switch between your sword and bow
R2                       ~   Zoom in the camera
L2                       ~   Turn camera the direction you're facing
X                        ~   Call Agro to you
Triangle (next to Agro)  ~   Mount Agro
X (while riding)         ~   Speed up Agro
L Analog Stick (riding)  ~   Slow down Agro (pull back LAS)
Square (riding)          ~   Focus light
Circle (riding)          ~   Focus light
Square (riding w/ bow)   ~   Shoot arrows
Triangle (riding)        ~   Dismount Agro


   Colossus number one:

Now let's beat up those monsters, eh. Exit the temple and mount Agro.
Focus the light with your sword. The light will direct you to a cliff
almost directly across from the temple. Ride to it. You will see two
short sets of stairs and a cut scene will occur, showing you a path up
the cliff.

Jump off of your horse and walk towards the mossy wall to your right.
Here's where things get interesting. Press triangle to jump, when
you're next to the mossy walls, and hold R1 to grab on to the moss. Use
the left analog stick to continue climbing until you reach the top. You
can also jump while climbing by holding triangle and releasing, making
sure to hold R1 so you don't fall back down. When you reach the top,
press triangle to jump onto the pathway above you.

While you're climbing, notice the pink circle at the bottom right of
your screen. That's your fatigue meter and let's you know how long you
can hold on to an object without falling. Get used to climbing because
that's a huge aspect of this game.

Another note: if you press start you can pull up your map. This shows
you where you are and also where you've just come from (There's a
yellow dotted line that indicates the direct path you've just

The red meter on the bottom right indicates your health. Watch it
carefully during colossus fights. The picture indicates your current
weapon: sword, bow, or bare hands.

Now continue along the path to your left. Jump the short gap and look
up. You will see a ledge above you. Jump up, grab the ledge, and pull
yourself up. Turn right and continue walking. Go across the makeshift
wooden bridge and jump the next small gap. Dive roll under the log by
pressing R1 and triangle at the same time.

Continue walking right and jump up to the next ledge. Continue right
again until you can't go any further. Above you is another ledge. Jump
up to it and look to your left. There should be a pillar with a small
rim in the middle. Jump up and grab it. Hold the grab button and sidle
left using the analog stick. When you can't sidle any further, hold the
analog stick towards the ledge to your left and jump. Grab the ledge
and pull yourself up.

Keep going to the left and you will see a cut scene. You finally get to
see a colossus and trust me you'll wish you hadn't because you are
about one eighth it's size. Make your way to this crazy creature

It doesn't notice you at first, which is good because you need all the
help you can get. At this point I would recommend pausing the game and
reading this next section.

Did you pause it? Well, anyway. It's important to know what you are
doing because if you don't you can die easily. OK, so these Colossi
aren't as invincible as they look. They all have a weak spot on their
bodies somewhere. The trick is to find it. (Note: some Colossi have
multiple weak spots.) In order to find a weak spot, you usually have to
scale them and, while holding on to their fur, hold up your sword and
reflect the light. It will reveal the weak spot.

There are different ways to find the weak spots of different Colossi.
You can figure it out on your own if you wish but then you are reading
this guide I will detail exactly how to topple each Colossus.

You can un-pause your game now. Hold up your sword and reflect the
light on the Colossus. It reveals that there's a weak spot on its head
and another on its left leg.

Run towards the boss as the music changes dramatically. When you get
close to it, the Colossus will start to attack. It has two different
attacks. Either it tries to step on you, which does some serious
damage, or it will try to smash you with its giant club (this is almost
certain death if you are hit).

Note: if you die during this battle, you will start back at the cut
scene where the Colossus enters.

Your goal right now is to get behind the Colossus, near the weak point
on its left leg. Look at the leg with the weak point. See how it's all
hairy? That means you can climb on it. Jump up, grab onto it, and, when
its leg stops shaking, hold the square button and stab it. Stab it a
second time and the beast will fall down.

Quickly jump back onto the hairy leg (when it falls it is likely that u
will be thrown off), and start climbing. You need to hop up two small
ledges and continue climbing up its back until you reach the first

At this point you probably should rest on the first platform. Hold R1
to crouch on the platform and do your best to stay in the center. Wait
until your meter is full and continue climbing to the second platform
(you can go on either side). You can rest if you want but at this point
it doesn't matter much. There's not much more this Colossus can do.

When you're ready, climb up to his head, hold square and then release
to stab it. Wait until blood starts gushing out of the wound and then
stab again. If it starts to shake too much you can take refuge on the
platforms or on its shoulders. Stab one or two more times and he goes
down in a satisfying cut scene.

Save your game if you wish (though I recommend saving every chance you
get. You never know when you're going to need that save file.

Time for Colossus number two.

   Colossus number two:

I'll try to make this less long-winded. After the statue blows up, it's
time to find the next Colossus. Use your sword to find the next
location. (Basically, leave the temple, turn around, and cross the
narrow bridge behind it.) If you keep going the right way, a small
scene will direct you to the path on the right that slopes downward.

Continue down it and head towards the cave underneath the path you just
came down.

If you're having trouble finding it, just remember that it's underneath
the giant bridge from the intro scene and to the right. If you continue
forward, the Colossus' hp bar will appear and it will break out of the

Time for another fight.

This Colossus is quite different from the last. It has four, very
powerful, feet which it uses to try to smash you into oblivion. Don't
let it do this. Back away to a safe distance and use your sword to
search for weak points.

There are weak points on the bottom of all four feet as well as the
head and the tail end. Now, remember the bow that you have but didn't
use before? We're going to use that now.

Equip your bow, get off the horse (you can do it on horseback but it's
harder to aim), and run in front of the Colossus. DO NOT GET CRUSHED.
^^ Slowly back away from it as it advances towards you. Eventually it
will rear back on its hind legs. The weak spot on its legs are now
vulnerable, so take careful aim, and fire.

If you hit it right, it'll fall faster than a sack of bricks. Now,
quickly run to the right side of the beast and climb up the leg closest
to u. Take a quick breather once you get to the shoulder blade, letting
your fatigue recharge. When you're ready, grab the beast's fur and
continue right until you reach the tail end.

Stab the weak spot until about 50 percent of its health is left. Now
for the other weak point. Go around the other side of the beast,
jumping over the bone on its back. When it starts to shake, hold on
tightly. Make your way to the other weak point and stab until you can't
stab any more. Watch the cut scene after you kill it. Now it's time for
Colossus number three!

   Colossus number three:

Time to take down the third monstrosity. After the second statue is
destroyed and you regain control of your character, head down the
stairs next to the altar. Turn left from here and follow your sword
further left, around the temple, under the gigantic bridge, and near
the stone bridge you crossed to get to the second Colossus.

Take the stone bridge (not the one to the North, according to the map,
but the one to the west which is the direction you're facing now).

Note: On the way to Colossus number three, you will pass by additional
save altars (similar to the one in front of Dormin's temple). On these
save altars, you will see white-tailed lizards crawling about. Some
alters have one while others have many. What is so special about these
lizards? If you eat their tail, you're stamina meter will increase.

Shoot a lizard off of an altar with an arrow and it will be stunned.
Shoot it again and you can eat its tail. You will find these save
altars all over the map. For a detailed map of each lizard location,
look in the maps and charts section on the previous webpage.

After crossing the bridge, hug the right side of the area which is next
to the ravine. Keep hugging to the right side until the path curves
north and a cliff appears on your left. Keep following that line of
cliffs and eventually there will be an opening to the northwest.

Note: If you ignore this opening and travel to the right a bit, you
will see a couple of fruit trees. If you shoot down the fruit and eat
it, you will increase your health bar. The more fruit you eat, the more
health you get. There are lots of fruit trees across the map, so you
can get a lot of health this way. For a detailed map of the fruit tree
locations, look in the maps and charts section on the previous webpage.

Go through the opening in the cliffs and follow the path. At the end
there will be a cut scene showing the surrounding area.

You have arrived at a gigantic lake with a huge structure in the
middle. There is a path in the middle as well, curving upwards to the
right. Dismount Agro, swim to this path, and follow it to the end. Jump
diagonally onto the small ledge on the square block, hanging on for
dear life (trust me; you do not want to fall from that height). Shimmy
to the right.

While holding onto the ledge, hold the jump button and push the analog
stick away from the ledge you are holding. When you do this, Wander
will arch his back and start to reach for the next platform. Let go of
the jump button and, before reaching the other platform, press and hold
R1 to grab it. (This is a charged jump and allows you to reach ledges
that are further away.) Thanks to Shawn Roach and Google for finding
this out.

Pull yourself up onto the platform. Take this path to the left, jump
over the small gap, and run up the stairs. Enter the giant circular
platform to see the third Colossus rise from the ground.

Another battle awaits.

This is a pretty cool boss if you know what you're doing. At the very
beginning of the fight, walk to the center of the platform. There's a
stone circle platform here that is crucial. Stand in the center of this
circle and wait for the boss to come to you.

It will take a pause and then swing down its sword. When the Colossus
is about halfway through its swing, run like hell away from there. The
reason for this is simple. On its sword arm, the boss has a giant ring
of stone that you can't climb over. When it strikes the stone platform
with its sword, its bracelet brakes which allows you to progress

Now wait for it to swing it sword down again. The Colossus has two
different attacks. The first is when it plunges its sword into the
ground vertically. Avoid this and ignore it. The second attack is when
it swings the sword down horizontally.

When this second attack happens, immediately run up the blade and grab
onto the now-exposed fur on its arm.

Climb onto the broken bracelet and rest a bit. Now continue climbing up
its back and onto its head. Stab until the rune disappears and the boss
is at 50 percent health.

Climb down from the head until you reach plate around its back. Here
you need to drop down to the level directly below this (its
middle/stomach). Two things can happen here. Either you grab hold of
the fur around its middle or you fall onto the ledge directly below
that. It's unlikely that you will fall off. Anyway, climb around to the
front of the Colossus and stab the other point on its belly.

It will try to shake you off but hang in there and it'll go down in no

Now for Colossus number four.

   Colossus number four:

When the statue explodes, go down the temple stairs, head left again,
and continue going east. It's pretty straight-forward if you follow
your sword. As you head east, the two walls of mountains will rise on
either side and you will be in a dark, trench-like passage. Keep going
forward and follow the grassy area around, hugging the mountain on your

You will arrive in a wide, open, grassy area. If you keep going
straight, past the two bunkers, you will see the Colossus in front of

Time to fight.

This starts as a difficult fight but once you know the boss' pattern
it's not that bad.

The first thing to do is run back to the bunkers. (Those little hills
with holes on one side. They're all connected underground.)

Immediately run into the bunker and wait until all the attacks have
ceased. Go to the opposite side of the bunker and carefully watch the
Colossus. If it doesn't see you, then in a little bit it will resume
its attacks on the bunker entrance. Quickly sneak around behind it. It
will look into the open bunker door and its tail will lower.

You will know the right time to run and grab hold of its tail when the
health bar disappears for a bit.

Grab hold of the tail and make your way to the boss' neck. There is a
place you can stab once to lower the boss' neck. Run to its head and
stab repeatedly. This is the only critical zone, so just repeat,
repeat, repeat.

If you fall off, you'll have to repeat the pattern again by going in a
bunker. The boss is very smart so it may take a few tries to get back
on again. Once you finish him off, it's time to deal with, Colossus
number five.

Alternate Strategy

There is another way to climb to the top of this Colossus, although
it's more difficult. When the Colossus peeks into the bunker, looking
for your character, the two long tassels will drop in front of the
bunker opening. You can climb either of these to reach the top of the
beast. Thanks to Shawn Roach for pointing this out.

   Colossus number five:

After the statue breaks, mount Agro, and head out of the temple.
Following your sword, head east but not to where you fought the last
Colossus. Instead, travel more northeast. Soon, you will get to a point
where the cliffs rise up on your right and a ravine is on your left.

Follow the path as it gets narrower and curves around the cliffs. Soon,
the path will open to a field. At the other end is a path between two
cliffs. Take this and follow it until you reach a lake with a structure
in the middle.

Jump into the lake and swim up to the structure. It looks like you
can't go any further but we know better don't we. Press R1 to submerge
under the water. There is an archway submerged under the middle of the
obstruction. Head underneath and you will be in a small enclosure. On
all sides are walls and in the middle is a tower.

Swim to the tower. On one side, there are ledges you can climb. Climb
to the top and get ready to fight your first non-traditional Colossus.

At the top of the tower, walk forward to the fence and you will see a
cut scene showing you the Colossus. This is one of my favorites,
especially because it's a flying type. Later on in the game is the best
flying Colossus but we can't kill that yet, so settle for this one.

After the scene, look at the fence in front of you. There is a hole in
the fence, so jump down into the water around the Colossus.

There are a lot of structures in the water but not many you can reach.
Swim towards the boss. (If you want to know its location, just press x.
The x button focuses on a boss when you're in the water.)

To the Colossus' right is a structure with a small archway. Swim there
and turn around. You will be standing on solid ground so now you can
actually use a weapon. Target the Colossus and shoot it with the bow.
Now the boss notices you. Turn around and go through archway.

At the other end are three small platforms floating in the water. Climb
onto either the right or left platform.

Target the Colossus by pressing L1 and shoot until you hit it. The
beast will turn around, fly above you, turn around again, and then
swoop directly at you. It will try to knock you off the platform but we
have different plans.

As it charges towards you, notice that on either side of its head is a
patch of fur. When it gets close enough, jump and grab onto the fur and
hold on tight. The boss will do everything in its power to knock you
off at first, so hold on until it finally stops.

Now it's time to do some actual damage. This Colossus has weak points
on both wings, which account for 50 percent of its health (25% plus
25%), as well as a weak point on its tail.

Let's go for the wings first because they're harder to reach. Wait
until the boss stops flapping its wings completely. Now run to either
the right or left wing quickly (there's no fur on the middle of the
wing) and grab hold of the fur on the wing tip.

When you're ready, stab the symbol once. Quickly grab hold of the fur
as the boss will fly upside down. This will deplete your fatigue
quickly but you should be able to hang on until it flies right side up
again. Stab it again, hold on again, and the symbol will disappear.

Repeat the process with the second wing. Now it's just a simple process
of walking down its tail to the symbol and stabbing as much as you
want. It doesn't even fly upside down again.

If at any point you fall off the boss, just look around closely. The
platforms should be close by. I never got dropped far away anyway.

Watch as the Colossus falls. Now for Colossus number six.

   Colossus number six:

When the statue explodes, leave the temple and follow your sword. It'll
lead you slightly right of where you beat the first Colossus. Keep
following your sword and you'll arrive at a path in between two cliffs
again. Follow it, through a forest, making sure to stay on the right
side of the forest.

Keep trekking and you should see an opening to your right. Follow that,
over the stone bridge, through the cave, and out into a giant field.
Keep following your sword and you will see a temple jutting against a
cliff. Dismount Agro and go to the entrance.

There is a lot of debris blocking the entrance but there's a hole big
enough for you to enter. Enter the building, follow the hallway to the
right, jump over the debris, turn left, jump over the debris, descend
the stairs, and you will see a scene.

You are very high up at this point, so slowly descent the ledges on the
cliff in front of you.

Once you reach the bottom, half of the wall you just climbed down will
descend into the ground, revealing the next Colossus.

Get ready to fight.

Ok, now this isn't a terribly difficult fight but you have to know what
you're doing. Turn around and run from the Colossus. In front of you is
a short wall. There are three walls you must get over in this area.

There are two ways to do this. You could either climb over them using
the little ledges (although the boss might catch up to you and start
the pain) or you can use the boss to take out the walls (I don't really
recommend this. I'd rather risk the boss catching up to you than being
cornered between a wall and the beast.)

The choice is yours. When you reach the other en of the room there is a
small area where the boss can't reach you. Hide here and the boss will
crouch down to try to find you.

Run up to it and climb up its exposed beard. It will try to shake you
off but it shouldn't be too hard to climb up. I got up pretty fast by
jumping in short bursts which doesn't lower your fatigue that much.

If you need to, you can rest a bit on its shoulders but it's much
harder than any other boss. When you're ready, run to its head and
stab. Now old on because it jerks its head like crazy and it's better
to save your fatigue.

A few more stabs and the symbol disappears. The boss refuses to die
though, so we must find the next symbol. Climb down its back until you
see the symbol on the lower left part. This is the last one, so stab as
much as you can. It doesn't matter if you fall off. You can just climb
its beard again.

Now it's time for Colossus number seven.

   Colossus number seven:

This one's a little tricky to find so I'll do the best I can. Do you
remember where you fought the third Colossus, atop the gigantic
coliseum? Return to that place.

You can use your map to return there or you can follow these
directions. After the statue is destroyed, leave the temple, turn right
and follow your sword to the stone bridge going west.

Cross it, hug the right side of the field next to the drop-off, and
turn north once you reach the cliffs. Hug to the cliffs on you left and
follow the path until the opening on your left appears. Take this and
you will emerge at the lake you fought the third Colossus.

From here, go around the edge of the lake until you see an opening on
your left. Follow the dark ravine, making sure to watch the right side
of the path. There will be a right turn eventually. Take it.

Continue to follow the path until you reach another field. Follow your
sword to the left and go forward until you see a stone archway.
Dismount Agro and walk forward across the castle-like structure.

Jump down from the stone block and jump onto the spiral slide that
resembles a snake. Run to the bottom and jump in the water. Now its
time to fight another fun, non-traditional Colossus.

Essentially you're fighting a giant, electric, water snake.

This is a fun fight and it may seem difficult but it's not that bad.
The only real way this boss can hurt u is with the electric spikes on
its back. They can only hurt you while it's underwater though (when
it's above water they are dormant).

Jump into the water and press x to find it. You should see electricity
in the water, indicating the boss is around. Follow it and wait until
it comes at you. Swim to the left to avoid the bursts of electricity
and then swim back so you are directly over it. Hold R1 and you will
grab onto its tail as it slithers past.

Now that you're on the boss it's time to bust it up. This is the easy
part. Wait until it surfaces, then run forward a bit and grab on again
as it goes under the water. You don't really need to worry about oxygen
as you resurface frequently.

Continue running forward in bits until you reach a different colored
patch of fur. DO NOT RUN ONTO IT YET.

You see, the area directly around the spike is colored differently for
a reason. This is the range of the electricity. Wait until you
resurface and quickly stab the weak point near the spike. Now it can't
hurt you.

Run forward and repeat this for the second spike. At this point, the
boss will most likely dive underwater and won't resurface for a while.
Let go, surface, and look for the boss. Get on it again with the
previous method.

Once you're on, run forward again, remembering to grab on when it
dives. Take out the third spike. Finally, the weak point is revealed.
Go to the beast's head and stab. After a few stabs, the beast should be

Now for Colossus number eight.

   Colossus number eight:

Mount Agro, ride out of the temple and follow your sword yet again.
This time it leads you to the southeast and through another path
between cliffs. The path will open up a bit. Follow it to the left. In
front of you is a cave-like opening.

Dismount Agro, go inside, and head around the path. It curves around to
the right. Keep following it, over the stone bridge and into the
clearing. In the middle of the pond is a house-like structure. Go
inside, down the stairs and you will be in a small room.

There are pillars on either side. Look at these. They have ledges you
can climb on. Climb as far as you can go and shimmy to the other side.
Jump over to the path and go to the next small room. Climb the rubble
and you will see a cut scene revealing the boss.

Get ready for a fight.

This is possibly one of the hardest bosses in the game. It is the
hardest boss to date anyway. It is a lizard-type creature with powerful
attacks. This boss can actually kill you real quickly so pay attention.

Don't try to climb on its back. The electricity will kill you. It spits
out electric projectiles that hurt initially and cause clouds of
harmful gas to appear. Run if you get hit because you need all your
health for this. Don't get too close to it or you will be kicked.

Now, first thing, roll (R1 + triangle) through the bars of a window and
try to grab each ledge you fall past to lower the damage you receive.
Rest a bit. Now whistle and get the boss' attention.

It will notice you now. Immediately turn around and run through one of
the four doors. Run up the stairs to the second floor. On the second
floor are three opening where the windows have been blasted off. Make
note of which side each opening is on.

Go to one of these and shoot an arrow at him. It will then climb onto
the walls. Go to a different opening and take aim.

It all depends on how good you are at aiming (I suck at it but I'm
getting better) at this point. It's better if the Colossus is next to
you because you can target and hit it faster.

Ok, so see those glowing things on its legs? Those are small weak
points. While it's on the wall, you need to target and hit two of them.
It will then fall and be, very temporarily, vulnerable.

Once you shoot it down, quickly switch to your sword and drop into the
center of the arena. Don't worry about your health; you're going to
deliver far worse damage to the enemy.

Run to the downed enemy and climb onto its stomach via the tail. There
are two main weak points here. One is near its stomach, the other near
its heart. Go to one of these and stab it around three times until it

At this point the boss will roll over and resume the fight. Just repeat
this method and it should be down again soon. This is a hard fight for
most so don't worry if it takes a few tries to master the pattern. Just
remember that being quick is very good in this fight.

Once you deal the final blow it's time for Colossus number nine.

   Colossus number nine:

Ok, this is both a difficult boss to fight and a difficult boss to
find. I will do my best to explain and if you have any questions just
email me.

Mount your horse, leave the temple and turn right. Follow your sword
and it will lead you north and then west across the stone bridge you
took for Colossus number 3. Continue west for a while. The sword wants
you to go northwest to your destination but you can't because of the
giant ravine. Instead, head directly west, past the mountain on your
right. When you pass the mountain, turn right and head behind it.

You are in a dark land that is very barren. Continue forward, crossing
a brown land bridge to the land that is encircled by a ravine. The boss
is in the northern part where trees are beginning to grow.

Get ready to fight it. This isn't easy but compared to the last boss
it's not so bad.

The boss has two types of attacks. One is where it tries to crush you
underfoot and a shockwave incurs damage. Not too hard to avoid, just
jump. Next, it has projectiles that do massive damage. Run, jump, roll;
do anything you can to avoid them.

Now to damage it. This is the hard part. It can't be damaged yet, due
to its thick coating. There is a way, though (otherwise this game would
have no point). You need to lure the boss over to one of the geysers,
using Agro's speed to run away from the blasts.

When the Colossus is over the geyser, stay close to it. If you are
close, then it won't fire projectiles. It will only do the stomp attack
which isn't that hard to avoid (just jump over the shockwave). If the
Colossus is caught in the geyser blast then it will be lifted up and
two of its fee will be flailing in the air.

What I thought at first was to shoot the flailing feet but that's
wrong. Shoot the symbols at the bottom of the feet that looks exposed.
Do this enough times and this will cause the boss to flip over.

Quickly run to the bosses belly side and you will see ledges. Climb
them, grab onto the fur on its belly and climb to the top. Wait here
and the Colossus will turn back over. Climb to the top of this giant
turtle. Follow the path left (or right depending on what side you
climbed up) to reach the tail end. From here, follow the linear path up
its spine and to the fur on its head.

It will try to stop you from reaching the head by shaking and there is
nothing to hold onto so be careful. Once you reach the symbol stab like
there's no tomorrow. It can't hurt you any more.

Time for Colossus number ten.

   Colossus number ten:

To reach the next Colossus, mount Agro (make sure you do this. He is
essential for the fight.), and head to the stone bridge you used to get
to the last boss.

Cross the field, continuing west as far as you can go. Eventually you
will reach a line of cliffs to the southwest. Turn north, following the
cliff wall, and a path will appear to your left. Follow it and take a
left into a cave.

The cave is filled with sand and this is where the Colossus appears.
Get ready.

This Colossus is a giant sand snake. What you will need to do is ride
Agro around until the boss spots you. Wile riding, take out your bow
and shoot the oncoming Colossus in the eye.

This is hard but you will get it with practice. It's really all about
managing multiple tasks at once. Now, ride to the downed boss and stab
the first weak spot as much as you can.

Repeat the riding and shooting and it will eventually crash into the
cave wall. Climb the tail until you reach the second symbol. Stab it
until the Colossus is defeated.

Time for Colossus number eleven.

   Colossus number eleven:

This Colossus is quite easy to find. Leave the temple and head north,
using the stone bridge you crossed for Colossus number two. This time,
instead of going down the right path, take the upper path and head
north. Follow the gigantic bridge until you reach the giant ravine.

Head east, under the bridge, and follow the ravine until you see a path
leading down. Dismount Agro and take the path into the ravine. Follow
the path west and turn left into a temple.

Turn left and jump over the gap.

Get ready for a fight.

This Colossus is different from any you have faced before. It is small
and quick and VERY annoying. Its main attack is to ram you with its
horns and send you flying. It takes an insane amount of time to get up
from this and the boss has a nasty habit of ramming you just as you get

The first thing you need to do, as soon as the cut scene is over, is
head diagonally to your left and hide in between the wall and an altar
with a fire on top.

You are safe here from its attacks but there's another reason for this.
Climb on top of the altar via the ledges on the side. The boss will ram
the altar and a stick will fall down.

Wait until the boss rams the ledge again, jump down, and pick up the
stick with R1. Run back to the altar and climb up. Swing the stick with
square and it will catch on fire.

This is the turning point of the battle. The boss is afraid of fire, so
jump down and walk towards it slowly. It will back away from you. What
you are trying to do is have the boss back off the cliff at the other
end of the room (not the one you came in).

Walk slowly or the boss will attack you. Don't swing the stick or the
fire will go out and the boss will ram you to pieces. Once, the stick
went out on me when I wasn't swinging it but I'm pretty sure that was
because I took too long to back the boss off the cliff. If this
happens, use the altar closer to the cliff.

Once you back the boss off of the cliff it will fall and the armor on
its back will crack off. It hits the very bottom and is stunned for the
next minute.

Immediately switch to your sword by pressing left on the d-pad. Jump
down and you should be directly over the boss. Ok, here's the tricky
part (for me at least). You need to jump on top of the boss before it
starts moving again. There is a perfect spot on the cliff to jump from
but it's very hard to describe and you have to jump just far enough.
This is particularly tricky.

If you landed on the Colossus, charge up two stabs and that's enough to
finish it while it's stunned. If it wakes up, just wait a bit and you
should be able to finish it off with a few quick stabs.

If you missed the boss, (I did, every time) then you have a couple of
options. First of all, go directly behind it and jump. Your goal is to
jump high enough to grab onto its back. Keep pressing R1 after each
jump so that you can grab onto the fur on its back. Again, it's hard to
say exactly where, so keep jumping until you get on or the boss stops
being stunned.

If it wakes up and starts trying to ram you, roll behind it and
continue trying to jump onto it. If your life bar is big enough, you
don't really have to worry about the attacks of this Colossus. Just
keep trying to jump on.

If none of this works, let the boss kill you and knock it off of the
cliff again. Instead of jumping off of the cliff, turn around and go to
the edge of the platform. Wait here and the Colossus will return. It is
easier to jump on the Colossus from here. Thanks to Shawn Roach for all
of his strategic tips and input on this Colossus.

When it's dead, it's time for Colossus number twelve.

   Colossus number twelve:

This one isn't hard to find. Mount Agro and leave the temple. Head
northeast, crossing the stone bridge between two pillars.

Continue north across the field until you come to another bridge on
your right. Cross it and you will be in a dark forest.

Hug the right side of the forest and turn right as soon as you can.
Essentially, you will be making a u-turn. When you emerge out of the
forest again, head left, following the path around the cliffs.

At the end of the path, you'll see a circular pillar to your right.
Jump and grab on to this. Shimmy to the right and jump onto the land on
the other side. Continue to follow the path until you reach a dead end.

Jump into the water and swim forward, under the archway, and climb onto
the structure in the middle of the lake.

Get ready for a fight.

At first, this Colossus seems difficult. A lot of FAQ's I read
mentioned that this boss was hard. However, there are a couple of
tricks you can use to bypass a lot of the difficulty. I'll list all of
methods here. You can do what you want.

The boss only has one attack: electric projectiles again. You can
easily avoid these by diving underwater.

Semi-Hard Method: This method makes half of the battle easier although
the second half remains just as difficult. Start by swimming behind the
Colossus. DO NOT SWIM UNDERNEATH or the camera will go haywire. There
is a gap between the Colossus' legs and its body. Swim to the gap and
you will see its tail. The tail is actually a grass-covered ladder.
Climb it and you will reach the top of the Colossus. Thanks to Shawn
Roach for pointing this out.

You will see three sets of teeth on its head. Hitting the teeth will
turn the Colossus in a specific direction. The left set turns it left,
the right set turns it right, and the middle set will make it go
forward. Direct the Colossus towards one of the buildings. Jump from
the Colossus to the building.

Other methods: Swim to one of the buildings in the area, avoiding the
electricity. Crouch behind the circle inside the structure and wait for
the boss to get close. Switch to your bow.

Now, shoot the boss' facemask or the glowing teeth on its face. It will
lower its head. Grab hold and climb onto the facemask.

Hard method: Climb its face to the top of its head and rest a bit. Hold
on when it shakes. Now, see those tooth-like objects on its head?

These control which way the boss turns. If you hit the front teeth with
your sword it goes forward. If you hit left it turns left. If you hit
right it turns right.

Direct the boss close to a structure and jump off on top of it.

Easy method: I find it hard to jump from the beast's head to the
building so I found a way easier method. When you first climb onto the
facemask, hold on and pull yourself onto the small ledge. The boss will
lift its face up and down but it's not too difficult to stand.

Now, when the boss raises its head again, jump over to the top of the
structure and hang on. It's far easier to do this and you don't have to
mess with directing the boss.

Now, however you got onto the top of the building, hide behind the
large circle and wait. The boss will raise its arms and try to get at
you. This is a bad idea on its part.

When it does this, the boss' belly is finally exposed. Switch to your
sword and you will see the symbol on the green hair on its belly. This
is the only symbol. Jump onto its mossy fur and stab.

I had enough time to stab four times, which greatly depletes its
health. Either way, you can't kill it one go.

Repeat the above process and you will kill the boss without much
frustration. Now it's time for Colossus number thirteen.

   Colossus number thirteen:

This is my favorite Colossus besides the last one. Not only is it fun
to kill, it's quite easy to find which makes it high on my list of
favorite bosses.

Mount Agro (he is essential once again), and head southwest, through
the path in the mountains, and through the forest. This is the same
path as the Colossus you fought underground in the temple. Take the
right path out of the forest again, across the stone bridge, through
the cave, and out into the field again.

Head left from here, following the sword, and towards the small
structure in the side of the desert. Dismount Agro and enter the ring.
This amazing Colossus will burst out of the sand.

Get ready to fight.

This Colossus is the biggest you have seen so far. It is a giant,
flying, snake-like monster.

To begin this fight, mount Agro, and hold L1 to find where the boss is.
Throughout this fight, you want to hold L1 because the boss moves fast
and you have to task manage again.

Take out your bow and target the sacks of air on the bottom of the
boss. There are three of them. Shoot them carefully. Take your time,
the boss isn't going anywhere.

When you shoot a sack, it will emit a dark gas, indicating it's
destroyed. Once all three are destroyed, the boss can't fly high
anymore, so now it's time to get on.

Ride to the front of the boss. It isn't too hard, although the boss
will keep changing direction. Once you reach the front, you will see
two pairs of wings. Since the sacks have been destroyed, the wings are
trailing in the sand and guess what: there are small ridges on the
wings you can climb up.

So what you need to do is, ride close to the wings, as close as you
can, and jump close enough to grab the ridges. Quickly jump up to the
middle, so you don't get thrown off by the sand, and take a small rest.

Now, climb to the top and jump onto the monster. Switch to your sword.
Now, run to the flap on its back that's raised up a bit. Underneath
this is the first symbol. Stab a few times and it will disappear.

Run further down to the second flap but watch out. The boss will flip
over at one point and you need to hang on. Get to the second flap and
you should be able to stab it once before the flap closes.

Now, the boss will dive into the sand and wait a bit before
resurfacing. When it does, simply repeat the process of shooting the
sacks and climbing onto the boss. You have to do this process about
three times (once per flap) and then the boss goes down.

Now it's time for Colossus number fourteen.

   Colossus number fourteen:

To find this next boss, exit the temple and head northwest, over the
bridge that you took for Colossus number three.

Continue northwest, through a path between cliffs. Eventually you will
reach a small open area a few trees. Head slightly left, then
immediately north as you reach the next path. Follow it north, paying
close attention to the left side of the path.

Eventually, the path will curve left. Follow it then turn left when you
can't go any further. There will be stone poles coming out of the
ground all around you. Keep going forward and to your left will be a

Inside the cave, there's a pond and an island. Dismount Agro, cross the
pond and continue following the path.

You will reach a huge city underground. Head to the left and descend to
the next level. Go forward and there will be a wall in front of you.

There is a small opening here. Go through it, down the stairs, and to
your left is a fallen pillar. Climb it, follow the trench forward, and
climb the stairs. The boss will reveal itself.

Get ready for a different type of battle.

This fight isn't so much a fight as it is a process. You have to
navigate through the city to get to a point where you can find a way to
defeat the boss.

From the very beginning, look to your left and spot a fallen pillar.
Climb onto it and run to the end. Look left and there is a stone
pathway above u. Jump, grab onto the edge, and pull your self up.

Run to the end of the path and you will see another one in front of
you. Climb onto that one. Turn left and run to the end of the pathway.

Look to your right. There is another path on a slightly lower level.
Jump over onto it. In front of you is a pillar. Climb onto it and climb
the ledges to the top.

Take out your bow. Shoot the Colossus and it will ram the pillar and
knock it over. You will be knock off but don't worry. Climb onto the
pillar you just knocked over.

In front of you is another stone path. Jump up to it. Turn right, run
to the end of the path, jump to the next one in front of you, and run
to the end.

There is another path above you. Jump up to it. Turn right and go near
the end. If you turn left you will see a stone pathway. Jump onto that
and run to the end.

To your right is a pillar. Climb it, shoot the boss, and, before it
rams the pillar, grab on the edge so you don't fall off. Do this again
with the pillar in front of you and the third pillar.

To your left is another stone pathway. Jump onto it and run to the end.
Climb the pillar and shoot the boss again.

After the pillar falls, look right and jump onto the stone pathway.

Now, to your left is a building with ridges on the side. Jump over,
climb the ledges as far as you can go. Shimmy to the right, and
continue climbing on the right side.

To your right is a pillar. You need to climb to the ledge that is near
the pillar. Now jump over onto the pillar and shoot the boss.

The pillar smashes through the wall and the second part of the battle

Before you do anything else, run forward to the series of ledges in
front of you. Climb them and rest a bit. Shoot the boss and it will ram
into a new pillar. This cause a bunch a stone blocks to fall down on
top of it. Its armor crumbles off.

After a short while, the Colossus will run off.

Go back into the city and find it. Climb onto a fallen pillar. Shoot
the boss with an arrow and it will ram the pillar.

The boss will be momentarily stunned, so jump on top and stab. If you
fall off, just climb on another pillar and repeat. That's one more
Colossus down.

Time for Colossus number fifteen.

   Colossus number fifteen:

This isn't too hard to find as long as you don't pay attention to your

Exit the temple, turn around, and head north. Cross the stone bridge
and head northeast, under the giant bridge. Turn completely north and
keep going until there is a wall on your east side. Follow this wall,
turning northeast, until you see a building. The entrance is to the
west, above the archways.

Enter the building and follow the linear path around and up the stairs.
Run to the end of this giant arena and the Colossus will reveal itself.

Get ready to fight.

This Colossus isn't that bad but he is hard to figure out. What you
want to do is head to the east side of the room and you'll see a small
ledge that you can't quite climb up to. Instead, wait for the boss to
step on the tile you're standing on, so that the tile angle's up and
you can reach the next level. Hey, thanks man.

Walk down the hallway and wait here. Attack the Colossus with arrows
until it attacks and makes boulders fall from the ceiling. Now you have
a path to climb up.

Jump onto the boulders, climb up the ledges on the wall, and pull
yourself up to the next level.

Go to the other end of the room, run up the stairs, and make your way
onto the giant bridge. Don't go into the middle as the Colossus will
destroy the middle of the bridge in a moment.

Wait here and shoot arrows some more. The boss will walk over to you
and destroy the middle of the bridge. Then it will walk closer.

Make sure that its close enough to you and jump on top of its head.
Take out your sword and stab until 75 percent of its health is gone.
Now you must find the other symbol.

Crawl down its right arm and you will see a weak spot. Stab it and it
will drop its weapon and you will fall off.

Now, wait until it gets ready to punch you and dash forward. This way
it won't hit you. Now, quickly grab hold of its hand and you will see
the last weak point. Stab until it's dead.

Now, its time for the final Colossus!

   Colossus number sixteen:

This is the final Colossus! Mount Agro and leave the temple. The sword
is trying to lead you south near the first Colossus but that's not
where you need to go. Instead, he southeast, through the path in the
cliffs, and turn right when you can.

From here, just head as south as you can. You will eventually arrive at
a building with a giant door. The door has a light shining out of it.
Dismount Agro and reflect light back into the circle on the door. It
will then open.

Mount Agro again and head through the doors. Ride up the stairs on your
left and cross the floating bridge.

After the scene, continue forward. Climb the ledges to the top. Head
right and climb the stones. Climb the mossy wall and head left. Follow
the path, jumping over gaps and climbing, and head right into the stone

Follow the hallway, up the stairs and around and up the next staircase.

It looks like you've hit a dead end but that's not true. Turn right or
left and you will see pillars with ledges you can climb. When you reach
the top you will see the Colossus.

Get ready for a crazy battle.

This Colossus is more than twice as big as any other before it and it
has crazy attacks. In fact, it's a task just to get near the boss.
Follow these instructions carefully.

Head up the ramp in front of you and quickly duck behind the fallen
pillar. This will prevent you from being obliterated by the attack.

Look to your right and you will see a hole in the ground. Jump inside
and follow the path to the end. Jump onto the small block and wait a
few seconds.

On the ground above is a stone block. Climb up and hide behind it.

There are a line of these to your right. Wait until the boss attacks
and then roll to the next one. Continue this until you reach the end of
the row.

To your right is another hole. Jump inside and head to the end of the

You will end up on a ledge to the side of the Colossus. It can't hurt
you here because of the cliff walls.

Head right and shimmy along the ledge. Jump to the next path. Head
right, slightly past the cliff. In front of you, you should see the
entrance to another tunnel. Immediately duck inside.

Run down the path and climb the ledges up. Turn around and you will see
a ramp. In front of that is another stone block. Hide behind it.

There is another line of these so progress to your right slowly.

There is another hole here to your right. Jump inside and the tunnel
will take you directly underneath the Colossus.

Get ready to fight.

Start to climb up the ledges of its armor. There's no real path to
follow. You can climb wherever you feel like until you reach its waist.
When you get here, you need to make your way to its back.

Climb onto the fur of its back and stab the small weak point.

It will bring its hand back to figure out what's causing the pain. Jump
onto its hand. Hang there for a moment and it will bring its palm up.
Make your way over the ledges on its arm and hit the weak point under
its bracelet.

It will now bring its other hand to the place you just stabbed. Jump
onto it.

Stab anywhere on the back of its hand and it will raise the back of its
hand to see what's going on. It will be flat so you can stand on it.

Take out your bow shoot its left shoulder (to your right). Grab on
again as it raises its hand to its shoulder in pain.

Climb onto its shoulder and rest on the back of its head.

When you're ready, go up to its head and stab. It won't be easy because
it thrashes like crazy but you will eventually kill it. If you start to
get low on fatigue then just climb to the platform on the back of its
head again.

Congratulations! You have beaten the game.

Enjoy the shocking ending sequence.

At this point, you can choose to continue the game to play hard or time
attack modes. There's not too much difference in these modes, except
you get new weapons. Note that once you beat the game, the Ico symbol
can be seen on Agro's forehead. Nice, huh.

Version History:

Version 0.25 11/17/08: Started FAQ. Wrote about me section, spoiler
section, getting started section, and control basics section. Also
wrote walkthrough for Colossus numbers one through four.

Version 0.75 11/18/08: Wrote walkthrough for Colossus numbers five
through eleven.

Version 1.00 11/19/08: Wrote walkthrough for Colossus numbers twelve
through sixteen.

Version 1.01 11/19/08: Wrote in version history and legal information.

Version 1.11 11/20/08: Separated sections using a different format to
make guide more user-friendly. Sections should now be easier to find.

Version 1.21 12/11/08: Wrote in alternative strategy to beating
Colossus number four.

Version 1.35 12/15/08: Modernized the controls section so that it is
simple and easy to follow. Shortened the width of the entire document
to meet site requirements (the first version of this guide was too
wide). Added credits section. Added info on charged jump when reaching
Colossus 3. Added info on white-tailed lizards and fruit trees.
Separated note sections from walkthrough with asterisks. Wrote in more
strategies on defeating Colossus eleven. Wrote in an additional way to
defeat Colossus twelve. Changed wording in one section of Colossus
fourteen to make it clearer.

Version 1.40 12/23/09: Updated email address. Fixed a few minor errors.


Thanks to Shawn Roach for his suggestions and input on Colossus numbers
3, 4, 11, 12, and 14. Also thanks for information on the white-tailed
lizards and fruit trees.

Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this strategy guide.

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This guide is copyright (c) 2008 by David DeGregorio AKA

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