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More like shadow of a colossal pile of crapBloodFalcon641/10
An experience that may change the way you look at games.Cabalos1410/10
Masterful. Everyone must play this game.Gnomestone10/10
The game sounds great on paper, but the execution gives you nothing but a game full of problems.KnightsoftheRound4/10
Bigger doesn't always mean better...Raistlyn4/10
In the running for worst game ever made. At the very least, it's the most overhyped game ever made.UltimaterializerX1/10
Colossal Disappointment47pik1/10
16 Colossal Boss Battles and They're Amazing...antemuckos8/10
An avant-garde experiment in minimalist game design gone horribly, horribly rightAPBadger18/10
Listen to the hype, NOT the hate. Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most rewarding and emotional experiences in gaming.Archmonk Iga10/10
A Lonely Warrior, A Barren World, An Epic Questaubradley849/10
Calling it art doesn't justify its shoddy design...BloodGod654/10
A great new adventure for the PS2CardigansFan9/10
I would do anything for love...but I wouldn't do thatCrestfallen Dreamer9/10
State of the artDestination10/10
Son, you've got a way to fall...discoinferno849/10
Some mountains are scaled, others are slain, and some are reviewed.Dorkmaster Flek9/10
Love or hate, it depends on your taste.Eddo8910/10
If you have a love for sheer adventure, epic scale, and engaging exploration, you will not be disappointed.flex_ible20009/10
Colossal world, yet barren and forsaken.Galactus218/10
A hit-or-miss platformer that must NOT be missedGaMeR_NuT9/10
A true work of art.greyfox10210/10
Stylishly designed and epic journey - unfortunately marred in some areas.HYD8/10
Mystical World, Mysterious Characters, Dazzling plot and Gripping GameplayJechtman10/10
I suddenly feel like killing a mountain...just_blaze_2168/10
Standing in the shadows of titanskefka9898/10
An exercise not in minimalism but in sheer laziness.KMAnsem2/10
The most beautiful experience on the PS2.LynnJynh931510/10
Epic & beautiful, but why so short ?MarkusIII9/10
A great game, though not without it's problems.Meh-ness_basic8/10
This game is so awe-inspiring; most praise for it is an understatement.Misfit1199/10
An Excellent Game Marred by Technical Issues.mista_janga8/10
A wonderful fantasy adventure that really gives a sense of epic scale.Nekoduke10/10
Journey through a dream...OmegaOpt510/10
Different doesn't always mean betterowen_webley5/10
The ultimate graphics over gameplay experience!RemTheRetroPlayer4/10
A Colossal achievement from the makers of ICORubyDragon33879/10
These things are huge!ryliru9/10
Finally an original game!Ryphis_Demeanor9/10
Colossal Originality *no spoilers*sdsusnowboards9/10
Haiku in the form of a gamesmokyghost9/10
A One Trick Pony!smuc905/10
A colossal gaming experience that is out of this world!so3fan10/10
One of the most visionary titles to hit the PS2StormRaiden10/10
An Incredibly Epic and Beautiful Game.Sunny_Reviews9/10
BEST GAME EVAR!? Quite possibly not, but still a great one to bring home to mom.The_Slyder7/10
A colossal masterpiece, or just another shadow among millions?Tithenion8/10
Lost in its own conceptVMerken6/10
Style over substancewolverinefan7/10
Simple yet brilliant.YourWorstNightmare9/10
Could have been, but it is not. (Spoilers)Ytmh5/10
A perfect example for a game that you either love or hate. Personally I love it.Zylo the wolf10/10

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A colossal waste of timemangoman724/10
Big, sure, always perfect....ehbeckonthemoon7/10
Approached with an open mind, this could be the best game you ever play.Bigdoug149/10
The perfect game to give you that "grand battle" feeling!Bkstunt_319/10
Pure Gaming Bliss (long)Brent961210/10
A beautiful world and excellent gameplay.Cablevision210/10
A game unrivaled.cessirah10/10
Best horse-back riding simulator ever!Corvus_Dei9/10
A polished jewel...that shines bright enough for most people.Darkstalker_CvS8/10
Colossally AwesomeDawnoftheGamers10/10
Epic, Original, Ground-BreakingDiscoStoo10/10
The best combination of artistry and entertainment in yearsEcho73810/10
Some mountains are scaled..... Others are slain.Element509/10
Great game definetly deserves your attention!ExsoldierCl10/10
One of the best games I have ever played, if not THE best.furymaster10/10
A Colossal DissapointmentGerman Dragon3/10
One of the BEST unique gaming experiencekuaikukia10/10
Less is more again in Fumito Ueda's latest creationKuja105 Reborn9/10
Mark this one down as one of the best games of this generation.metalgearpanda10/10
Shadow of the Colossus Reviewpaleselan9/10
Spectacular game, but not for everyone...Peacemaker5329/10
Sixteen Huge Colossus VS. one lil dude with enchanted weaponry and a trusty steed.peterwolf839/10
Breathtaking, unique, not your average videogame.Rune10/10
Sixteen colossi, one great game.ShadowGuardian99/10
An incredible story mixed with immersive gameplay.SotC1179/10
Now I know what Beowulf must have felt.SpiralSage10/10
Stand Tall and Shake the Heavens!unltimategamerf8/10
The BIGGEST PS2 game I've had the joy to play!unrlmgachmpn10/10
Certainly uniquexchamp15179/10
Perfection in less than 15 hourszeshin_reloaded9/10

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